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  1. 1 hour ago, NCtoad said:

    Btw, all the old rusty nails sounded good in deep hc.  I had my disc at -6.4 so no disc at all.  I think my reactivity was at 2.  I’ll eventually figure out the tone nuances of rusty nails!   Lol

    Great finds, but why torture yourself and run no disc?  Let the disc work for you to better ID and filter the iron (using the horseshoe display).  If you want to hear the iron you can still use iron volume WITH disc (except in full tones - in that case I try to run with disc between -2 and 0).

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  2. 3 hours ago, Dug said:

    V.7 has some great features indeed and I believe that you may never have an issue if you’re just hunting in clean fields or strictly by tones. However, if you’re wanting to investigate a patch of close targets with the VID, v.7 ain’t gonna work out (yet). 

    It's more than just TID dwell/responsiveness, the video above by TNSS showed there was something odd happening with visual TID numbers depending on what type of tones were selected (full tones vs. pitch vs. multitones) despite all performance settings being constant throughout the test.  That should NEVER happen.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Dug said:

    Now we get to try the rollback feature😀

    One thing is that you will roll back to the “original” Jan-2022 ver 0.6 without the “big TID” feature because I believe they got rid of the 3-11-22 variant of ver 0.6 in the updater that had big TID.  Not fatal, but if you became accustomed to and liked big TID, you might be a little bummed.

  4. 16 hours ago, Naildiggerpro said:

    I did the 7 update today , I had version 6 before didn’t want to update because of all the issues people was having before. Anyways I took it out this evening and it’s frikkin  awesome , I went to a cellar hole and found two  ih pennies and three old wheelies and a nickel all surrounded by TONS of iron, and also this old round eagle plate (not sure what it is)  I was nervous about doing update but it seems good so far 👍


    Interesting find and has me stumped.  If you could show the fasteners on the back of that Eagle piece might be able to ID it for you.  Seems too small and wrong design to be a CW era cartridge box breast plate. It looks like a military hat, cap, or collar device.  Definitely pre 1902 (not the standard US Army Great Seal emblem).  But I have not come across anything that has anything that resembles that specific emblem.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Calmark said:

    Two steps forward, 1 step back.  Still, XP is making progress overall.  Work out these tone issues and things should look generally good overall.

    You took the words right out of my mouth.  The features added in the update are fantastic:  live/reactive threshold, iron tone level adjust in FT, 00 tone fix, BC reject and silencer filter enhancements, notch in GF and Relic and I like the big number display that was pushed out in the “updated” 0.6 firmware.  I saw no need to mess with TID dwell and I am not sure if that is causing the tone-related TID weirdness or a combination factors, but hope they address it soon as I really want those other features.  Gotta keep reminding ourselves that this is still really a beta SW build until we get to the ver 1.X final release.

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  6. 20 hours ago, Calmark said:

    It looks like the v0.7 update released today matures the D2 by quite a lot.  :biggrin:

    Goodbye "00" id hot rocks signaling while out prospecting, a real prospecting/relic threshold and perhaps less iron target falsing like I saw using DeepHC program.  Those are areas that needed improvement from what I noticed in my few weeks with the D2 and are welcome changes along with the long list of other tweaks.  Exciting times for D2 users.  

    It appears to have issues on TID being affected by tone selection.  That should not happen.  I’d wait until the dust settles on this update to see if the issue is real glitch that would need an update or a corrupted upload or…nothing.

    See this post…


  7. 2 hours ago, relicmeister said:

    Looking at post from another forum, at least one reported they didn’t like the delay in the target ID which as you know folks here wanted a longer dwell of the TID, so XP lengthened the TID delay and now there’s complaint that they acquire multiple targets before the old target ID times   Out. This sounds like a problem to me as I often have a rapid swing. I like that with 0.6 the TID refreshes quickly. What do you think? Did they overcompensate? Could someone estimate how much the TID dwell is with 0.7 versus 0.6.? Is it longer by 50%? 100% ? 200%. Maybe someone can swing back and forth between 2 targets and see if the TID dwell makes you have to slow down your swing to ID each ? 
    maybe for TID dwell there should be user choice between V0.6 speed and V0.7 speed?


    It shouldn't dwell if the machine is acquiring another target, the TID should refresh immediately in that instance.  Haven't d/l'd and tested the update yet but if it is behaving as described, that sounds like an implementation botch.


    19 minutes ago, Dug said:

    I updated to .7 last night and briefly swung over some coins and buttons with small iron next to them.  There’s definitely something strange with the TID response in seemingly all tone modes except full tones from what I noticed. 

    Can you be a little more specific?  Are you saying the visual target ID response (delay as discussed above?) is also affected by the tone ID option selected?

  8. 4 hours ago, Johnnysalami1957 said:

    With the recent freezing developments in D2 I'm in no rush to buy one now, or a Legend for a few months. I'll let someone else beta test for me. Not in and rush to be sending things back and forth for fixes.

    Understandable.  But I will note that so far things have generally been resolved with downloadable updates that mitigate the risk of having  to send hardware back and forth.  This isn't a Whites MX Sport or Fisher F75 DST, or even a Nox leaky head unit or wobbly shaft situation requiring returning HW back to the factory for hardware mods, firmware updates, or wholesale replacement at least not yet...  But these new detectors also don't suddenly render your go to detector obsolete, so waiting until the dust settles is prudent.


    3 hours ago, midalake said:

    Or not...

    2 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    I looked at mine:20220410_135534.thumb.jpg.556844f580da703bd761038fb931145e.jpg

    Yep, one might perceive that as a crack. 😬

    However, my guess is that it is an injection molding anomaly, merely some pigment. It magically disappears when photographed from the side, a real crack would not. The clue is in the shiny plastic.20220410_135736.thumb.jpg.d84ce38038c2e01fa5af2a1e700ce412.jpg

    I cannot feel a "catch" with a fingernail or pin. 🤷‍♂️ 

    I have no doubt some will blow up their units from the "bends" by not paying attention to which pressure plug is in use in and out of the water.

    I'll bet everyone has this little bit of pigmentation here, I wouldn't be so quick to judge it a massive flaw. 🙂


    Agreed.  A deep dive into the thread linked by Dave put this one to bed pretty quickly.  Appears to be an across the board cosmetic issue with the molding process and a non-issue from a structural integrity standpoint.  This is backed up by TNSS verifying that both  Calabash's RC's show the same cosmetic "flaw" (as does mine) and that hasn't affected watertight integrity on the unit he's racked up 40+ hours in depths greater than 10 feet and up to 28 feet.

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Bill (S. CA) said:

    Well put, Chase.  I will second what Chase is saying here and put it a different way: let's everyone please let Nokta/Makro get the Legend out of the gate.  Every time that they issue an update these unsubstantiated rumors seem to surface.  Personally I would be very surprised if any manufacturer would release an update on a detector that reduced the depth to 1/2.  Look at the Deus II.  When a software revision was issued only to create larger TID numbers, immediately stories about reduced performance surfaced that ultimately turned out to be bunk.

    So please everyone, with the Legend, if you install the update, use it first.  For more than an hour in a test garden.  Then post some relevant testing or better yet, how about posting what you found?  That's what I'm interested in, what the thing finds.


    Bill - DSMITH followed up with some great specific information on what people, including himself, were seeing during the update and afterwords which shed some light on the possible issues being reported.

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  10. 1 hour ago, DOOGY-MD said:

    Hello Rick and Palzynski,


    How do get to the Tone Break menu, and how to make adjustments on the Q30?

    Thank you!

    Manual can be downloaded here: https://www.questmetaldetectors.com/file-share/86739c69-694b-4e48-8fd4-8683a129982d



    Hit the "gear" touchpad (touhpad "F" above) to get into the settings adjustment menus, each press of the gear touchpad cycles you to each of the settings adjustment icons.  Just keep pressing it until the appropriate settings icon is highlighted as shown below.  GL

    From the manual:


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  11. 1 hour ago, MSC said:

    When you see a picture of the moon you see what seems like un-countable number of craters. Due to Earths greater gravity more meteorites are suspected to have hit the Earth than has impacted the Moon. This puts on display how dynamic erosive forces are on this planet. Most impacts happened during the time called the great bombardment millions/billions of years ago which cleared out most of the meteorites from our orbit.     

    Moon also has no atmosphere to impede/burn up the impactors so that's probably a big factor as well.

  12. Thanks.  Couple questions on your test.

    What was soil mineralization as indicated on the mineralization bargraph?  If moderate to high, the TX power setting of 3 on the D1 could be counterproductive to depth performance.

    Hearing a lot of EMI on the D1, was the D2 on and operating nearby?  It probably would have been advisable to lower sensitivity on the D1 to just quell the noise and then lower the D2 sensitivity to match the D1.

    I missed whether you provided any information related to the metallic composition, mass, and diameter of the test target coins for context.

    Note that if the test targets were high conductors, 4 khz on the D1 could have possibly punched deeper than the default program 6 setting of 8 khz.  On the other hand, 8 khz corresponded better to the D2 Deep HC (Program 6) FMF profile that has a purported max frequency of 14 khz and perhaps a midpoint frequency of perhaps ~9khz (the mid point between 4khz and 14khz).

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  13. 8 hours ago, Commonwealthdetector said:

    Thanks for letting me in on what you obviously put effort in

    Thanks, but to be honest it was all of 5 minutes of effort.  I simply zoomed in on your pics, read that it was a GM Corp coin, and that clued me in to recognizing "Pontiac" and the "Chief of the Sixes" slogan and then Google did the rest.  I like doing the research on the whatzit finds and potential detecting locations.  Part of the fun encompassed in the hobby, especially relic detecting.

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  14. First of all, buying a coil that costs nearly as much as the Simplex itself is just throwing good money after bad, to be brutally honest.  So don't let your affinity for accessory coils warp your decision making (not a dig at you, as I have a weakness for them too 😉).   As good as the Ultimate coil series is, it will likely not improve anything you are complaining about, such as target ID, because that's primarily limited by the nature of it being a single frequency (SF) detector vs. Legend being Simultaneous Multifrequency (SMF).  Simply making Simplex a multiple/variable SF would significantly increase its utility at very little increased cost but that would gore Nokta's other mid range offerings such as Impact and Anfibio but that's a discussion for a different thread.

    Simon, you say you struggle to consider the Legend based on some of the issues you encountered with Simplex.  But as far as I'm concerned, the only DNA they share is the Nokta Brand and similarities in form factor.  Setting SMF aside for a moment, even the Legend navigation, button layout, and UI is improved vastly over Simplex to be more accessible to making changes quickly on the fly while in the field and I think it is actually set up in a more intuitive fashion for the detecting newbie/veteran than Simplex.  Legend addresses the issues you have with the Simplex by the very nature of it being SMF.   SMF vastly improves the target ID stability issue at depth and SMF creates a true salt beach machine for Nokta.  The various SMF profiles and variable single frequency features make it a truly versatile multi-situational machine at a cost delta that would likely be eclipsed by your Simplex accessory coil purchase (and appears to be a much better value than the Equinox 800).  My advice is to forgo the Ultimate coil purchase for Simplex.  Sell, trade, or donate Simplex to someone who is budding to get into the hobby and get yourself a Legend. 

    Simplex+Ultimate vs. Legend US cost analysis:

    Simplex w/ Green Wireless Phones: $340 + Ultimate Coil: $250 = $590 invested (I don't consider you to have two usable coils if you are getting the Ultimate coil just to get the Legend to operate the way you want it to FWIW).

    Legend Base Pack: $635*. 

    Conclusion: Cut Simplex loose and invest in the Impact instead if you want a Nokta in your lineup.  Why bother if you already own Equinox?  It's a great value backup (or even primary to Equinox) has much better ergonomics and UI it's really a pleasure to swing vs. Equinox, has similar performance, and in some unique cases may actually outperform the Nox.  In this way you are getting something that might actually cover a performance/capability gap in your arsenal rather than trying to get Simplex to just keep up with what your other detectors already do.

    (*Note: Not seeing the value in the Legend $765 Pro pack as the extended battery pack is of limited value since it will just add weight and preclude use of hard wired headphones in water hunting situations, besides, the Legend built-in battery appears to have plenty of capacity.   Personally, not a fan of the 6" round coil form factor - so getting a great bundle savings on two accessories I'll likely never put into useful service is not really saving anything.  I would rather save the wasted (IMO) Pro Pack $ and get Nokta's forthcoming 5x9.5 DD for Legend which should cost about $130 ballpark based on Nokta's accessory coil cost benchmarks (the Legend 6" round is $120).  That's just me, of course.  Others obviously may find utility in the Pro Pack accessories that I don't as it is a popular option).

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  15. 31 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

    Thanks Chase,

    I didn't think this one was it. He says 0.7 big number update, but I have the big numbers at 0.6.🤔

    He does day "naught point seven".


    Right, we all got confused by it.  This was the video that was released right before XP issued the stealth 0.6 big number updates 3-8-22 and 3-11-22 (while Gary was referring to naught point seven and improved full tones).  Full tones is an acquired taste.  Not clear whether the latest 0.6 Big Number update affected FT from the "original 0.6 update".  Guess I'll never know because I can't roll back...:rolleyes:   Thanks XP.  Whatever.  Anyway, the 3-11 0.6 version works fine.

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  16. 17 minutes ago, DSMITH said:

    I will say I had issues when I tried to do the 1.06 update initially on my Legend

    I ended up having to delete the first download of the new 1.06 update and then go in and re download it a second time the first download acted like it did not download correctly so I deleted it and downloaded a second time once I re downloaded it, it installed but I had to use a different USB port on my laptop from the one I used to install the first 1.05 update.

    there is at least one thing I do not care for on the new update with the original 1.04 and the first update 1.05 I was able to pair several different sets of ear buds to the legend with no problems, all be it it will only connect to one pair at a time, it allowed me to carry 2-3 pairs of ear buds with me that I had already paired with the legend when out detecting once one set lost power I could pull another set out of my pocket and they would pair up and I could continue on detecting now with the new 1.06 version it will only pair with one set you have to delete the current paired set before a second set will pair up, which makes it a pain to have to stop and delete one set to allow pairing with the next set 


    Great additional info thanks.  

    I get what you are talking about with the bluetooth headsets.  It now works like the Equinox.  I guess the downside to the wild, wild west pairing with any headset it sees first was that users must have been experiencing issues with it connecting to bluetooth headsets they did not want it to pair with or old headsets they had previously paired it with.  Funny, I couldn't get it to see anything other than the headset it was supplied with.

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  17. 4 minutes ago, DSMITH said:

    here is one post I read on treasurenet.


    Sr. Member
    I installed the update, per the instructions. I turned the machine, off, and back on. I can see that it updated to 1.06. I go out to the test area, and run it through the modes. Field Mode read as Field 0, but would cycle through the single frequencies, and back to Field 0.
    Park, Beach, and Gold Field we’re normal. I turn it off, and on again, and Field Mode now has Field 1 & 2.
    However, it only has half the depth as before the update; no matter the discrimination, sensitivity, noise cancel, or ground balance.
    I’m a little perplexed. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
    I posed a question to this person and they have not responded back to my question

    Great info, thanks.  Sounds like the update is glitchy (the Field "0" thing) or there was some problem with how his machine loaded the update.  If I were that guy, I'd simply start over and attempt to reload the update.  Let us know if he responds to your inquiry.  Also, if we experience the Field 0 thing when updating could be a warning flag.

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