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  1. For the last few months, I've been detecting with Atrex .. and .. I'm also testing ... But lately I've also used XP ORX, Equinox 800, AKA Signum, .. Rutus Alter71, Etrac ... and Whites for detection. Spectra Vision .., As part of a serious and direct comparison and .. however, I use a much larger number of detectors, especially to compare certain specific detection properties .... for different detectors .... I take the detector as a detection tool ... for various detection situations ... and in this case I put my trust and experience in a given model that may be the best in the given situation .. In the end, Rutus ATREX himself did not disappoint me at noon ... and he brought really nice finds ....ATREX ..software 1.0.2 whit Multifilter.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ps: Alain......Eliptical coil "HF" in ORX will be good for 2D separation..as also for work ... as well as good content in red hematite soil for low-conductivity targets ..
  2. ...Cipher... I got this cover for RC panel..for ORX / Deus as a gift from my colleague Mike ..z Top Digin ... I will return to ATREX .... .. this detector offers another unique feature ..... namely the ability to choose what software oftwer experienced detectors will load into ATREX Pro software Advance .... and a beginner or less experienced detector can choose to begin with upload software BASIC -... and from later on it can go to Pro software ADVANCE .. Pro Software ADVANCE ... it offers more options for setting up the detector .. but it also has more power.
  3. The detection capabilities of Rutus ATREX are definitely interesting ... MULTIFILTER works really well .... I had the opportunity to work and detect with Rutus ATREX for some time ...
  4. I think we can now see another product from Whites at Garrett ....it's another good step ..👍 https://garrett.com/accessories/recovery-tools/garrett-razor-relic-shovel ..
  5. Rutus ATREX...., as the world's first manufacturer, brings several important innovations in the world of metal detectors ... https://www.rutus.com.pl .... wait a moment to change the main image to other images with an explanation of the new innovative features .... that Rutus ATREX brings .. Maybe in a moment I will be able to say about ATREX .. something more ..👍
  6. Whites' 6 "concentric coil has an actual size of 6.5" -6-6 "so this coil is visibly larger than a 6" coil from Equinox ... I expect this coil to be very sensitive to small gold ... because concentric coils can maintain this sensitivity with increasing coil size ... significantly better than DD coils ... This 6.5 "GMT coil should have an excellent ratio between sensitivity and range for very small targets .... and the size of this coil is still quite compact. Simon .. I'm very curious about your GMT testing with different coils in your New Zealand terrain ... and I wish you nice and productive gold prospecting in these areas....👍
  7. ...you need to give the reactivity to 2-2.5 to get optimally deep results ... Top Vlf detectors are able to capture in light terrain 13mm hammered -0.5gram silver.... at 9 "...it is a little less for a normal search...
  8. Inductively-Balanced .... detector coils still have great potential for improvement ... and with the advancement of detector electronics and advanced software, we can obtain significantly better detection capabilities from an equally large coil ... whether separation or depth ... The IB coil technology itself certainly has the boundaries of physical rules ../ IB / through which it is theoretically impossible to cross ...- whether it is a closed circle of physical ends ..... today, however, I already know .. that in a certain direction we can also this area has been moved further ... and only the electronics and software of the VLF detector are set to the limit ....to the limit of technical possibilities-which needs to be moved again .. My MXT Pro, on a special coil can already withstand 97% magnetite ... what I consider to be an excellent result .. This area is of great interest to me .. because it can push the boundaries of detection capabilities again ...
  9. Mxt Pro is after the correct setting / in the video / my deepest Vlf detector for targets of the type 1gram of gold .. in heavily mineralized terrain Golden Forest ... 6-7 bar Fe3O4 / magnetite / .. If you have even more mineralization than 7bar ... then you can reduce Gain to the level of stable detection ... Program Prospecting...and Iron Grunt -ON...so you have a certain form of iron discrimination Hyper-Sat does a good job of eliminating the signal from hot rock and difficult terrain ....without Hypersat you will not get so good results .. Set the Threshold to a minimum of .... and Adjust the detection stability by setting Gain ... While many Top Detectors achieve good results on targets at a depth of 6 "/15cm/..for targets at a depth of 8"-20cm / 1gram of gold / ...and 9"-23cm depth /4.6gram of silver coins / ..from they do not have enough reach .... or can no longer work stably in such terrain at a higher set sensitivity ... If it were the best separation between the iron .. for targets of 5 grams..on milder terrain, then I might use another detector with Mix mode on a 7 "coil ... which separates perfectly ... But that's a different story ... that I sometimes tell....
  10. Simon..the concentric coil is very important..to the winding of the coil itself is at a certain distance from the surface of the mineralized terrain ... because when the coil winding is too close to the mineralized surface .. then the VDI target of the low-conducting target passes into the VDI iron zone .. This is especially true if you work with a set discrimination ... and so you can cross such a target ... If you move the coil to 3 cm or more from the surface of the mineralized terrain. The VDI of the low-conducting target returns to the Color + VDI zone. on All metal it may not be so visible ,,..... DD type coil does not have such a problem .... test CC and DD coils on mineralized stone... and low conductors...
  11. According to the picture of the 12 "DD coil .. I type that this coil has a size somewhere around 8.5" x12 "or 9" x12 ".. The practical depth of detection will be significantly greater than the older 11 "DD coil measuring 7x11" .. because the 9 "wide coil will still be deeper than the 7" width coil .. I'm talking about practical detection..because in addition to the depth of detection, the 3D depth separation will also improve from the width of the coil ... which will ultimately bring a number of detectable targets ... even on variously mineralized terrain .. ... note that all modern strong and fast detectors excellently separate 3D on 9 "-11" coils ... and therefore these coils are used as standard coils ... also for their depth and separation .. properties .. The shape of the new Fisher 12 "DD reminds me of a coil of 10x12" SEF ..what I consider a good design ...
  12. Steve..from your comment I have the impression ,, that the sensitivity setting - works with the 24K goldmaster also as an RX Gain setting ... And you're right .. for a properly IB balanced coil it will work with even more sensitivity settings on really more mineralized terrain .. .without interfering overload .. I would be interested in how much a change in the Threshold setting will also affect the sensitivity and range of the detector in practical detection at a lower and mid setting of Sensitivity / RxGain / ...
  13. ...I have already ordered the Goldmaster 24K .... so now I am waiting for the deadline of 1 shipment of these detectors to Europe .... Today I ... Found a new Video on Goldmaster 24K from Garrett .... ...I would be very happy .. if "Steve "... could explain in more detail the function of the individual settings of the Goldmaster 24K from his practical experience in detecting with this "gold detector."..👍.. In my opinion, his advice and experience with this detector will be very beneficial for every Garrett Goldmaster 24K user, ... experience..which already be balanced with gold ..👍
  14. https://www.detectorprospector.com/files/file/33-whites-spectra-v3i-advanced-user-guide/ .....to download this advanced manual, use the "download this file" the window marked in blue...👍
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