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  1. Some time ago I compared several detectors with small coils in a classic monte nailbord test..wherever the aim was a small and thin silver hammered 14mm -0.44gram coin ..- I will say a relatively demanding test..on separation .. One of the detectors tested was Equinox with a small 6 "coil on the new firmware 2.0.12 .... and this detector, when properly set up in Park 2, discrimination at 0, and iron bias F2 to 0 to set3 ..., recovery speed 7 .. achieved excellent results. .., 6.5point from 8-point max .. if you change the discrimination setting above 0, or change the iron bias FE above 3, you will lose a lot of the Equinox separation benefits ... the correct setup of Equinox is essential .. Another detector that achieved similarly good results was the Vista gold gains 5.7 "coil at a suitable setting and iron audio settings ... 7 points from 8 points max ...but the 5.7 "coil ... is nearly 1cm closer than the 6" coil of Equinox..
  2. nordic .. you get the G-B value in your terrain ...?, because GB = 1 for equinox is balancing for ferrite .., have you tried to apply discrimination on to 0,1,2 ...? in your tests ..? Equinox... the use of discrimination in difficult conditions is desirable ...,.... it is not necessary to rely on Allmetall .. it reminds me of the iron volume setting which is in some detectors - but in this case also affects the ID...
  3. 50 numbers of equinox IDs are sufficient .. for normal search .., here is more important accuracy and stability of ID in deep and more difficult terrain .., Of course, I would have liked if Equinox had the ability to set more in some programs for extended ID range on lower conductors, and more narrow ID range on high conductors. PS .. Equinox ..possible in next Update...
  4. Concentric coils of the Greek series will not work on F19 / G2 + - because these detectors are designed to work with DD coils only ..
  5. yes, it will be okay .. F19/G2+ and these coils are compatible between these detectors ..
  6. There is something like the optimum frequency and the optimum coil size of the detector ... the optimum frequency is, according to me, the multi-frequency ... because it has a wide range of sensitivity and reach to the various sizes of desired targets ... Separation properties of different frequencies I have already mentioned .. With a sufficiently strong TX multi-frequency wave, there is no problem to make a very deep detector .., it can also use this possibility, that not all transmitted frequencies are equally strong. This will have an excellent reach and also an excellent ID on different types of terrain. The optimum coil ... should have excellent range and sensitivity to a wide range of desired targets .. If too large a coil is applied to the detector - so on a normal VLF IB detector the sensitivity to the smallest items drops sharply, and in most cases the resistance to Emi and the interference from the ground also decrease. Some sophisticated detectors, however, have the features of TX Bost where the transmission voltage is increased as well as .. which removes these deficiencies in large coils, balancing the sensitivity of the detector and the resistance to Emi at the level of normal coils. In this case, we can also expect some impact on reasonably large targets. Spectra V3 : 18" excelerator coil , multifrequenci , TX bost ON...
  7. The detector's range is to some extent from the frequency ,,, but the frequency of 7-30khz can still have a deep reach on various types of target ... but in the com is relatively high frequency rearch ... it is mainly separation in the iron .. where the frequency is higher helps separating ..
  8. What First Texas is missing is an 11 "round coil... add.. deep, yet it is a lightweight coil and is still sensitive enough for small items .. while this type the coil ...also strongly supports 3D deep separation . ...it is no coincidence that many detector manufacturers use such a coil as a standard coil.. 13" Ultimate coil.. Surprise...,it is deep coil..for coins.. I'm afraid many Gold bug pro / G2 users will consider upgrading to the Bounty Hunter Time ranger-Pro .. if it has the right price ..
  9. One thing is for sure... In this state-of-the-high technology, First Texas has the prerequisites to create new high-end metal detectors, even in large series, .... The work of the new PI detector on the Aqua and Terra IMPulse is an illustrative example. So I have no doubt that there will also be some new type * VLF Detector .. ˙¸ shifting your current high-end detectors to a lower price level suggests this.
  10. Steve...the detector itself is one of the best ,, ...yes and the price I am also interested .. ,, monentally still the price and availability of the detector is not known, but this information on availability and price will be updated .. As a Tek-G2 user, I am pleased that this detector concept goes further ... and new features are added...
  11. yes ,, it has a backlit display .. under the name "Podsvíceny Displej"
  12. It has all functions like F19 ... picture is edited in czech language ..
  13. It looks like the F19 - what I evaluate very positively ... Is there any closer information? Link to the leak. Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector - new for 2020
  14. Kac ... very good perception, 6-7 "concentric coil for multi-frequency minelab Equinox would very well reveal the other detection capabilities of this detector ... Steve.... is also right .. aluminum if it is in a certain size already can mask the good targets that are under them ..
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