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  1. Recovery Speed for spectra V3 for jewelry and coins ... Multifrequency 3F and Best data ON ... 1. use Mix-mode ... it works faster than discrimination ... Sat at 20 and more, and 2 tons .. The response speed of the detector is quite derived from the Grunt filter ... so use 10hz, Band / High or 12 hz Ground filter- Band. The 12 hz high Ground filter will be the fastest and best separates, but the detection range will be significantly lower ... 2. Set the "Recovery delay" for fast separation to 18-20 max ... but not less if 18 ... because you will lose a good signal for
  2. Steve .... Can you do a more detailed review of the Fisher Gold Bug detector with a 3.5 "concentric coil? ... and also a comparative comparison with some other gold detectors? ... on your more mineralized terrain? I believe that this coil will bring increased sensitivity to very small gold ,,, I think it would be an interesting topic ..
  3. X.... may not be the best in 3D..Test according to me this Gold gain 30khz will do better ... Now for the test .... Andrew you did another excellent comparison test of several detectors in your field ... The truth is that not every detector also has a 3D separation predisposition and some detectors will do it better and others do not have such good assumptions. 2 D tests ... also show well the possibilities of separating a good surface signal in iron..and here is also important the ability of the detector to separate in this type of terrain .... in this type of separation, a sma
  4. The fact that at 22.5 khz escapes upwards .. is a fairly common phenomenon..because the most demanding on the V-rated standard is the very high frequency ... you can usually use such a coil very well on Mxt / Dfx detectors very often without the slightest problems. . I have the same problem on the SEF 8x6 coil, which was designed directly on Mxt / Dfx .. On the Spectra V3, you can also use this coil quite often on a lower level at 3F multifrequency ... in Best data..because the next 2 correct frequencies out of three ensure the correctness of detection on coins. it's not perfec
  5. I think you have a detuned 10DD coil from the point of view of the phase .. ,, higher wires like nickel are running away with your ID to iron? .. try to do an air test with a coin on the edge .. so the coin id should still be left in the territory of the non-ferrous ID .....
  6. The "Spectra Circle "has closed ... I got the Spectra Vision ... I think it is one of the few original Visions available in Europe. .so I will be able to make some direct comparison of Whites Vision from Spectra V3 and Spectra V3i ... Are there any differences in performance ....? I heard from a colleague that the "Vision" has the most raw power and therefore 15-20% is the deepest .. Is that true? ... We'll see ... and maybe we'll be surprised ... Another thing that is of great interest is the wireless transfer of programs between detectors Whites Vision and Spectra V3 - i
  7. Tom ... I'm glad you're here again .. ,,, and I think ... that with you ..... Whites should have a better chance of keeping moving ... I'm waiting for your stories about Whites as well as about the detection itself .. and I believe that these stories will be interesting ...
  8. ..... Mike/Top Digin/ calls .... that this detector looks good ... but at the moment he only has a short time in his hands .... But what this detector can prove will soon be shown in another video from the Comprehensive Test ... on this Top Digin test field ..., and later also in the Iron test ... in the deep 3D separation test ..
  9. By all accounts ... Vista X is designed as a deep detector ... and more or less is situated in the US detection condition ..and 2D or 2.5D separation.. Vista Gold Gain 30khz is more designed for detection in European detection conditions ..and is really deep at 30khz .. and 2D or 3D-deep separation... For Vista X and Vista Gold Gain 30khz detectors, the "Iron Volume" in low setting .... is super effective in separating ...
  10. Colleague Mike from Top Digin .. got one piece of Gaus MD detector to test on his Test Field ... first impression ..... it looks like it's quite a deep detector .. and the detector balance is good ..
  11. RickUK ..Thank you for the good information.....👍, because several colleagues asked me how it will be from the repair at our place in Europe ... So now I'm happier ....
  12. RickUK ... do you have any information about Whites detector fixes for Europe ...? I think this question will be of interest to many detectors here in Europe,,,,,
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