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    Whites Spectra V3 &V3i-multi-3F, Teknetics G2-19khz, Rutus Argo 6.6 khz&Optima 16khz,Golden Mask C-K 15khz, Minelab Equinox 800 multi-5F, Garrett ACE 400i -10khz ,AKA Signum MFD ,Tesoro Mojave-12khzCC

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  1. EL NINO77

    VLF Detectors And Depth

    If I compare my air-test tests with my less mineralized ground "1Bar Fe3O4-Tek.G2" -range in the ground, it will be at most lower by about 10-15%,to 20% ... for different types of objects compared to airtest ... on DD coils ...
  2. The large 10"-12"-15 "Concentric coils show a lot more mineralization in the signal from the ground , but they still have a 30-50% scanning surface to their size, so the concentric coils are very good for me when they are small and medium in size 4.5 "-8" coils they have a very good deeph, and symmetry sensor field ... and also have a great sensitivity to small objects .... In case of strong terrain mineralization-sweep the CC coil 3-5cm above the ground as usual- you will get better results in detection - you get a better signal-to-ground ratio than the subject's signal in the ground - the detector detects better.... -That's why the big CC coils are not on the market, but the male CC coils are still on offer ... ...Large 10"-13"-15" DD coils do not have such a problem-they have a large scanning area of 70% -100% -the length of a coil, and the mineralization mainly in the adjustable detectors - I'm working on the contrary : The large 12"-15"DD coil in the mineralized field sees less mineralization-in proportion to the response from the target in the ground- and has a range as well as a medium 10"DD-and 5-8" small DD coil ... under the same conditions ...and setinngs..-you get more depth .-of targets "coin size"... The DD coil's disadvantage is an asymmetric scanning field - so often you get a signal and it is idle - when it is swept by a 90 °- other side ....
  3. I did similarly deep 3D tests on my detectors, so I can say that all DD coils smaller than 9" do not passed such a test, but coils of size from 9 "and more -the10",11", 12",13 "coils ... pass such a test well enough or excellent -that is from the detector model and also from the detector setting ... And on the other side of the 2D "Nailboard Test" again, this nailboard test will win small,and medium CC and DD coils up to size 9",......The size 11",12",13" coils will be much worse to separate. What makes the Elipse DD coils,the -Whites Eclipse,, Nel Snake, Mars Sniper coils -less deep targets front and rear of the coil easier to separate as the center of the coil...-It's like a concentric coil can also separate the target from the edge of the coil ... how will the Concentric Coil separate? , Small and medium concentric coils will significantly improve the separation properties - but will not replace the DD coil in every situation... My advice is to have 2-3 different coils in your detector. Every well-selected coil means you have a "New detector".. ...
  4. Pinpointer Profind 35 is on sensitivity 3 - equally more sensitive and has the same - more range than older Profind 25 ... at maximum sensitivity - 5 .. I have slightly mineralized terrain that is changed from often working with Profind35 on sensitivity 4-5 without any problems ... on more difficult terrains I have a sensitivity of 3-4 ... and it's ok .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test:- Frequency response - In strong mineralization ... I tried to do similar tests of 9.6-gram silver coin :-2 pesetas 1882 Alfonzo XII .. in depth 3.5 "= 9cm in Black sand ... very strong mineralization is 7 bar Fe3O4- measured on Teknetics G2 .. Testing Whites Spectra V3 detector and 6x4 shooter coil .., - detector settings Whites Spectra V3: best data, program Hi-pro,recovery delay 70 ,,7.5hz-12.5hz band groud filter ,optimal Rx gain= 1- 2 max..., .. DS 70-95 ... The test was done on 3F multifrequency, but I also did the tests on separate 1F frequencies: 2.5khz- 7.5Khz- 22.5khz ... Multifrequency pointing to 3F signagraf- as good signals on 22.5kHz and 7.5kHz, ... but for 22.5kHz - no positive signal ... Practicals similarly hit tests on 1f frequencies ...- on tests on 2.5khz and 7.5khz i got nice signals ... on at 22.5khz frequency I could not get any reasonably positive result. A similar test is repeated on 3-gram Gold ring of 3.5"-9cm depth in black sand.... I will see the results of the gold test .. Due to the strongly mineralized 7 bar Fe3O4-Black Sand I used the same setting for Spectra V3 as in the silver coin test: 3F multi fa tiez 1F. Frequencies, Hi-Pro program, best data, 7.5hz-12.5hz band filter, recovery delay 70, optimal Rxgain was 1-2 ... because setting Rxgain to 5 = caused overload, Ds 70-95 ... In Spectra at 3F multi frequency this test in the gold ring was shown as the best signals on the 22.5khz signagraf and also the 7.5khz frequency ... On the 2.5khz frequency they were practically not well signals ... also the signal control on the 3f pinpoint showed as the strongest the signal was at 22.5 khz, then 7.5 khz and the weakest response had a signal at 2.5khz ... With the 1F Frequency Test at the frequencies, the best frequency was 22.5khz, then 7.5khz. and at the lowest frequency 2.5kzh I practically received no response to the gold ring ... Test Summary: Using the correct frequency on the metal detector greatly affects the correct detection of the signal from the type of the subject in the ground ... The Spectra V3 in 3F- multifrequency has been shown to be the most versatile of both types of gold and silver ... in the highly mineralization conditions. In the 1.F- test, the average 7.5khz frequency showed the universal frequency - with good signals on the silver coin and the 3-gram gold ring - on medium size objects.
  5. EL NINO77

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    I compared how the discrimination setting works to accept from-2 to +40 ID ...- and its influence on the ID display on the Equinox screen versus ID in allmetal - horseshoe ... Tested in strongly mineralized Black-sand -7bar Fe3O4- measured Teknetick G2-11DD "coil at 50 eurocent coin in depth 3.5" - 9cm ... Equinox 800 -and 6"coil- in Ground Balance : is value 2GB.., recovery speed4-5-6,...sensitivity 17-18..,iron bias 0.... and programs Park1,Park2, Feld1,Field2, Beach1.. After testing the Equinox 800 on a 6 "coil ..say : To set a certain degree : IN ...Discrimination:.. in my case from the Accept of -2 ID to + 40 IDs : Signal -Its still, ..much better,... and more visually stabble-, non-ferrous+ID.. in the range...of +20- to +25 ID... and also nice "non-ferrous "sound ... IN... Allmetal : I also received a non-ferrous sound ... but the ID on the screen very often and regularly showed the iron ID .. = - 7 ID, -6 ID and .. sometimes positive non-ferrous 20-25ID also appeared. So after this test... : I verify ..."Fully open discrimination = Allmetal" : can limit correct display of "non-ferrous +ID "- when it comes to complicated signals - while in an audio signal you are still hearing a nice non-iron signal ... So the appropriate setting of Discrimination - certainly helps in such a situation .. - Limit the negative impact on defining the correct ID in complicated terrain conditions. So this setting of discrimination from -3, -2 to +40 ID will still be perfect separating properties ...
  6. EL NINO77

    Metrotech 220

    Phrunt, my advice to you is: do not buy it -Metrotech 220..Buy some proven classics that you can use for your coin search or gold nugget,and jewerly ... I bought Gold bug2- classic but still very powerful detector ... think from such a detector would you be happy ...
  7. EL NINO77

    Field 2 And Ground Noise Help

    Groundscanner....if you have signaled from a permanent iron accent - modify the program to discriminate to accept from -3 ID to + 39-40 ID ..- you will substantially clean the audio signal of the Equinox signal... In the next step, you can adjust the recovery speed by one step upwards - it also helps ...
  8. MarkG has done very good work ....for what I also want to thank
  9. EL NINO77

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    I started to modify my G2 teknetics - as a base I used my modified bottom carbon fiber rod, and I roll up the Equinox minelab ... The next step in tuning will be using a 3-position switch - like Whites Spectra V3 - for fast switching between Allmetal - Discrimination -Discrimination from RXgain.- so I use a 3-pole switch. On the photography is also my yesterday's random acquisition of a 2-handed detector-but a virtually new Fisher GoldBug2..6.5 "coil, a 10" coil, and for that new headphones Nugget Bosters, all for a price I could not refuse. So soon we will have a comparison of iron separation on the Teknetics G2 19khz-coil of the snake 6.5 "DD coil into Fishera Goldbug2 -71khz on the 6.5" CC coil.
  10. EL NINO77

    Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    the price of transport from the Czech Republic to Slovakia is 8.08Eur, so I usually order something for example what I need, let the costs be divided into less ....
  11. EL NINO77

    Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Yes, there is also this option - I've bought it together with the golden Mask shaft.. https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/eshop/produkt/teleskopicka-tyc-pro-detektor-minelab-equinox
  12. EL NINO77

    New Minelab MicroNox

    pay for adapter and shipping through pay-pal ..