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  1. GB_Amateur....Basically, in both cases, it is always a good signal-graph target... a clearly vertical straight line of the signal is the best option..👍...
  2. at minute 1:57 in the video, a low-conductivity target is tested... take the video window and you can see very well how the target signal is graphically represented... a straight vertical line of the signal means that it is a good fixed target... if the signal graphic is heavily scattered across the screen, this usually means a lower-quality "Non coin" signal, especially for checking the target by sweeping the coil by 90 degrees.. I dug up most /15/..of my 18 best signals.. based on accurate VDI with accurate hodograph graphic display...with Rutus Alter 71 and Rutus Atrex detectors...
  3. I am one of the detectorists..who prefer detectors that display not only VDI targets..but also show some graphic information..regarding the signal from the detected object... such a graphic display of the signal/signagraph, spectrograph or hodograph has, for example, Whites Spectra V3 detectors, Aka Signum and the new Aka Intronik as well as my favorite detectors *****Rutus Alter 71 and the new multi-frequency detector Rutus Atrex... One more thing needs to be said here... and that is that modern multi-frequency detectors can already give accurate VDI of targets and the correct graphic signal on various conductive targets - this means that deep low-conductivity targets these detectors will display exactly the actual zone of low-conductivity targets and with accurate VDI of the target as well deep in the mineralized terrain.. and medium-conductive and highly-conductive targets are also shown with very accurate VDI of medium and high conductors - and this enables very effectively only targets with VDI that we want to dig... I will post the Rutus Atrex test that I did with my colleague Prymek7 on his mineralized mountain test field... ...during this test of the Rutus Atrex multi-frequency detector, monitor not only the VDI of the target, but also the quality of the graphic representation and signal of the target on the hodograph.and ...turn on the subtitles...!!! ...at minute 1:55 in the video, a low-conductivity target is tested..
  4. to search for coins in Europe, use a VLF detector - which has 3 important properties.. 1. on the deep program - it has a good depth of detection.. and good VDI on deep targets.. 2. it has a fast program - really good separation in the iron... and in the ideal case... it can give a really correct VDI even when unmasking the target 3.. detector ...do not give too many false signals to iron targets....and it is also important that the VDI of these false signals from iron is not, for example, in the VDI zone of the searched coins.. keep in mind that you can dig up a lot of non-ferrous waste... but you have a better chance of finding good coins...
  5. Simon... Manticore will have more power and sensitivity to small targets..,than Equinox..., and to what extent it will be shown soon...,and more TX in Manticore ..and .will provide good sensitivity to small targets gold also on 11" and 12x15" coils...
  6. You can use Mxt pro, Spectra V3, Garret GTI2500, AKA Signum,... or Rutus Alter71 or Atrex... these detectors are made and have very well adjustable Allmetal, or Mix Mode... the basis of an all-metal detector is a very stable threshold and Sat and VCO settings... and of course a strong static mode ....is important... I personally mostly use Mix mode in these..- which is a combination of static and discriminative mode...-
  7. I think that an 11" coil like... the standard Manticore coil is a good and especially effective compromise between depth and separation.. which is really visible in modern technically advanced detectors with recovery speed settings... .., where the 11" coil... it will really do its job in detection... because it is very effective in detection... .. Of course, if Minelab Manticore will have other additional coils available at the time of its release - that will be another plus...which will increase the sales of this detector even more. As Simon mentioned... for example, a Manticore package with two coils might be a really good idea..
  8. MULTI FREQUENCY 2.0.0 & coils Based on the comments and suggestions of users, we have modified the algorithms in Multi Frequency work. In the following programs: Beach, Swamp, Basic and User1, Multi Frequency is optimized for trouble-free operation on wet ground. In other programs, the Multi Frequency algorithms have been built to minimize iron masking and maximize sensitivity to very small objects. We are changing some technical solutions in Atrex coils. The standard of digital transmission between the coil and the detector is changing. Currently produced coils will no longer be compatible with Alter71, Argo NE, Ultima and will not be supported by Atrex with older software versions. The Multi 2.0.0 and Basic 2.0.0 software automatically recognizes the type of connected coil and supports both old and new types of coils (also Mars MD coils). Software and manual are ready to download. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ..The Rutus ATREX detector... now delivers the new multi-frequency software 2.0.0 - Multi Advance as well as the new multi-frequency software Basic 2.0.0 - with Smart Audio ... ..This software has been tested for a long time../..even by me../..and I personally think that it will pleasantly surprise every ATREX user..
  9. will Manticore be better than Equinox and other other detectors.... Yes, that's really a question for 1950 euros.... ...since several of my colleagues will have Manticore from the first shipment, I will see how Manticore can perform in comparative tests and also in Detection.. my colleague Mike from Top Digin.. had the opportunity to test and briefly detect Manticore at a presentation event in the Czech Republic.. so he ordered it..
  10. FisherSari.... 1st question is.. can multi-frequency give better results than a single-frequency detector?.. Everything will depend on the terrain... because you also have conductive and mineralized terrain... So multi-frequency should give better results as a rule... The second question is... can there be a significant difference between the current multi-frequency detectors? ... ... Yes, this difference exists.., and on certain types of terrain, one multi-frequency detector can be significantly better than other multi-frequency detectors... The last time it was confirmed to me was this weekend on a mountain mineralized test field.. where my colleague Prymek7 recently buried a kind of target line at a depth of 24 cm... - at the limit of detection .. for current multi-frequency detectors.. ......Here it must be said... that this test showed differences in the detectors... also between different multi-frequency programs and also in single-frequency mode... .... some multi-frequency program will provide a greater advantage,, over another multi-frequency program or a single frequency.. also from the point of view of signal detection,, as well as from the point of view of the accuracy of VDI imaging of the deep target.. This was shown with the Rutus Atrex,,, where one type of multi-frequency worked a bit better and best on this type of terrain,, compared to the other multi-frequency mode or 1 frequency.. It was the same with Equinox.800, where it was shown that the Field 1 program really worked better and more stably in this mineralized terrain... compared to the Field 2 program. in the test you can also see... how a large 15" goliath coil can really increase the depth of detection with the Atrex...,., and the detector was able to pass and detect targets just fine... even at the limit depth of 24 cm - for this terrain. .. So we will make an even more difficult line of 3 targets that we will bury at an extreme depth of 27 cm.. read this 3-4 bar mineralized terrain....
  11. I made a translation of Kostas' contribution.... My research is more focused on finding British pounds from the 2nd world war, in this research in addition to metal detectors, geophysical machines are also required to locate caves and warehouses used in those years. by no means can I say that I consider any of my machines as backups, I can say that I have a mixture of machines that cover each other depending on the occasion. The machines I work with are as follows. Ground Penetration Radar 1.MALA GX 160Mhz... 2.MALA CUII RTA 100Mhz. 500-200Mhz... 3.resistivity tomography.4.4 point light 10W...5.Proton magnetometer. PPM Mark VII...6.Pulse inductive metal detector.7. lorenz deepmax Z1. MINELAB GPX 5000...8.vlf metal detector. DEUS 1...
  12. If... Manticore will be a class better than the other best detectors from other manufacturers and will exceed the detection performance of today's detectors, then the price of 1900-2000 euros can be fair considering the depth performance of the detector .....and improved separation...which according to several direct tests of Manticore..my colleague "Mike" from Top Digin,, suggest...that Manticore can be a "game changer".. Current high-end detectors from good manufacturers under 1000 euros are really well-made detection machines..in which I have full confidence..especially when you own 2-3 such well-adjustable detectors...and various coils.. Of course, the best thing will be what Manticore can do on a heavily detected terrain.. and how many other good targets it can detect on such a terrain... and for me that will be the deciding factor.. Manticore will have to surprise with its performance in the field...
  13. https://www.lefouilleur.fr/manuels/comparatif-detecteurs-hautdegamme.pdf
  14. You are right Alain..., the first silver hammereds struck in the given territory,, really has its own charm,,, and such a find is really pleasing.. probably because they are small and delicate works of art.,, but it is also with nice Roman and Celtic coins.. ...I wish you good luck with Deus II in the next detection....👍
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