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  1. ....Count RUTUS detectors and AKA detectors that also work in MIX MODE with these detectors,,,
  2. Do not forget the CC and DD prototype coils for Goldbug2, ... I still think this detector has a lot of power in using another alternative... round 6"-7" CC or DD coil...
  3. I think Ace will still be on the market .. and a lot of people will detect them with them ..- I use ace 400i ... Put it on the telescopic pole and it will be sold again. Simplex .. according to me, there will be a country ground balance .. but waterproof, telescopic rod and 11 "coil are good things ... for 300 euros. don't forget the new Rutus ... and Wanquish is a direct response to Simplex ..
  4. Not to forget to evaluate the 7 "CC Precision coil: It's also a great coil for the Mojave .. it still finds and separates the good things from the iron. From the sensitivity set to max,.. its range in the airtest: is almost the same with the 6x8" SEF coil set to Sensitivity 5 ... Therefore, even the Sef coil when set to Max sensitivity has a 1-2cm better reach even in the mild and heavily mineralized ground. But if you detect in a very strong mineralization.... still use the Tesoro mojave some DD coil - will allow you to effectively and reliably detect under heavy conditions.
  5. To prepare 7bar BlackSand use 75kg sand and of 3 Kg=6x 0.5kg bottles technical Magnetite. But I will still check it on Teknetick G2 and 11 "DD Coil, and also on the Whites SpectraV3 detector, there is a Ground probe on 3F multifrequency to set the minimum RxGain-1 = from 13% -26% mineralization according to the type coils.. I will add a few more comments from the test: In medium and high 4bar mineralization enough to forgive the setting of discrimination and the movement of the coil, At the extreme high 7Bar fe3O4 blacksand mineralization : the best results you get by setting the discrimination on I-Iron... and also adequately reduce the speed of sweeping coil.
  6. Tesoro Mojave test update and 7 "CC precizion and 6X8" DD SEF. As I wrote the coil DD in all the tests still had a little more about 1-2cm deph, so here only write coil 6x8 "DD Sef Coil.. Mojave Test Coil 6x8 "DD: 1. Hammered Coin Parvus: air-test 13.5cm 4Bar Fe3O4 liapor test 10.5cm 7bar Fe3O4 BlackSand test -7.7cm 2.Au heart: air - test19cm 4bar Fe3O4-liapor test 13.5-14cm 7bar Fe3O4 blackSand test -10.5cm 3.Au ring 3gram: air-test24cm 4bar- FE3O4 liapor test 18cm 7bar FE3O4 BlackSand-13cm .. 4. 1FT SILVER Coin: AIR-test 23 cm 4BAR Fe3O4-Liapor 18cm 7BAR Fe3O4 BlackSand test-13cm 5. GOLD brick 1GRAM: AIR test-16cm 4BAR Fe3O4 Liapor Test 12-13CM 7BAR Fe3O4 BlackSand Test-10CM .. The results I have achieved in the tests show from the Tesoro mojave range on the set objects with a percentage equivalent for some type of mineralization terrain where:. Airtest means 100% reach .. . At 4bar Fe3O4 strongly mineralized terrain we reach only max75% -77% of Airtest reach. At 7bar Fe3O4 extremely strongly mineralized BlackSand terrain we get only a max of 55% -57% reach in Airtest .. 7Bar Fe3O4 "Blacksand test" 4Bar Fe3O4 Liapor test"
  7. LE.JAG ... I would have one question .. is it possible to market AQUA-Pulse and TERRA-Pulse in the same time period ..? Another question would be when will I start pre-orders for AQUA-Pulse and TERRA-Pulse detectors? I admit to TERRA-pulse is a detector that is personally interested in me ...
  8. Calabash.... Will You Test Deeptech Vista-X ...Against Minelab Equinox? ... I kind of expected it .... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kac ... The advantage of Iron Audio is that it can be manually adjusted to your needs, for example, the Low Iron Audio setings in separation... and the high setting of Iron Audio can be used for maximum depth detection.
  9. Initial tests of CC coil vs DD coil on 4bar -0.4%FE3O4 strong mineralization and also 7bar-4%FE3O4 extremely strong mineralization on Tesoro Mojave .. already in progress: First observation: 1. Coil 6x8 "SEF has a little more reach 7-11% in airtest-and ground tested at low and maximum sensitivity.. than 7"CC Precizion coil.. 2. .. I was surprised by the 6X8 "SEF coil with extremely mineralized BlackSand already at the setting of the switch Ground balance to LOW ...- and is extremely silent ..- stable work Standard Concentration 7 "Precizion coil has a problem with debugging GB as well as setting GB to HIGH ..- and sweeping is a sense of cracking, and sometimes false signals from the ground. it is independent of detector sensitivity setting ... and virtually makes it impossible to detect normally in this black sand test ... 3. Practical deep tests on various subjects show a little more deep range in the 6x8 "SEF coil, and "+ " ..has a "wider" / 7-8cm / maximum signal detection window = easier and more powerful detection. On a concentric 7 "precizion, you have a "point"-to-detection window - you need to get it to the target very accurately to detect it. 4. DD Coil 6X8 "Sef Extremely Fast Separate Objects Leading Each Other Coil 7 "precizion has a much worse side target separation here. 5 .. more details about the test write later and divide this test into: A. ranges and both coils in airtest, and in low mineralized terrain. B.testing coils for deep detection on 4Bar liapor mineralization, C.Testing and reach of the same objects at 7bar Black sand -extreme Mineralization .. 6.Optimal setting of the Tesoro Mojave detector to the conditions - and the effect of the setting on the detection ..
  10. 2 tone is not just a simplified version of 50ton or 5ton - but it is similar to sound reproduction ... as with analog detectors ... you are more familiar with the details of the signal ... and -the location and the edges of the objects- in the ground- over target - here help 5-6-7..settings recovery speed ...
  11. Since I have a Tesoro Mojave 7 "concentric coil that works great ...It is not a deep demon, but it can unmask signals in a reasonably good depth even behind many Top Detectors .... I decided to buy a DD coil of a similar size to it ... which will work well at extremely strong mineralization. Finally I ordered a 6x8" Sef coil. . Because coil 7 "DD tesoro widescan is no longer in the seller's offer .. ...From my experience ...my the coil not the V-rated Sef 6x8 " on the Whites Spectra V3 detector will not separate so well in a 2D nailbord test as a round 6" coil, or 5x10 "coil .... but in practice in the field.... it will unmask nicely... Signals ..It's a lightweight coil - on the Spectrum V3, it's a weight with a coil with a cable and coil cover of = 400 grams. That's why I bought it - I needed a lighter coil for detecting in the hills and rocks.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the Sef 6x8 "coil comes to Mojave, I will test it and write my observations..
  12. From my observations and also the measurement of mineralization -may say from a medium-sized 23x20cm CC coil it shows 2x a higher mineralization value as well as a 23x20cm DD coil. When comparing dimensionally larger CC and DD coils, I feel the differences will be even more important ..
  13. Noah (FL) .....Thank you for your advice,... "I ordered a 7"DD - widescan coil....I'll let you know how the coil will work in strong mineralization..
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