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  1. Next week, I will run out of one more pinpointer .. it's Whites BULLSEYE II which works at 36 khz .. So I will compare it directly with MI6 and Profind 35..in comparison test ,,. where I will add this one more mineralization test on Hematite ...
  2. ......each mint had its own designation .. in the case of Santo Domingo it was very often a designation ... S-D and S-P... https://www.coinarchives.com/w/results.php?results=100&search=domingo
  3. ...Maradevis found by Calabash .... bears the mark "S-P - the Mint of Santo Domingo ... http://www.coinfactswiki.com/wiki/Santo_Domingo_(1516-55)_4_maravedis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maravedí In any case, Maradevis found by Calabash .. we can mark it as a very old mintage of ..American origin..and we can say that it detects in older territories .. It ......will also be interesting to watch further, ...what other interesting signals it will find in these places....👍 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. https://franklinmint.com/products/spanish-american-4-maravedis The coinage is quite similar to this hammered coin - the Spanish-American Maradevis....
  5. If the new GPX 6000 will replace the two previous PI detectors for sensitivity and range on small and large gold ... then I see some good progress in that ... Automation of settings according to the terrain .... that's the future of detection ...- who would did not want the excellent PI detector "Turn on and Detect"? The construction of the detector looks like it is durable, in the specification it is called waterproof against rain .. ... Finally, the first tests show ... what detection results can show GPX6000 .. I think it will be the most important ..
  6. It looks like that unboxind video ... that the GPX 6000 will have low weight. I was looking up data .. the weight of the detector is 4.6 lbs / 2.1 Kilogram... source: https://detecthistory.com/news/minelab-gpx-6000-new-2021-minelab-metal-detector/
  7. let's take this case quite a demanding case of iron camouflage ... you need 70 khz for such unmasking .... 30 khz has no effect here .. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at 30 khz you will go somewhere here ...
  8. If we place on the table some specific parameters of the new minelab detector, such as IQ multifrequency up to the limit of 100 khz, it will open another door .. to improve separation, unmasking and identification of targets ... Physical limits, limits and rules for IB VLF We can't cross the detection ..., but we ask ourselves the question .... what percentage of this maximum has the manufacturers managed to use for the serial production of detectors ... in my opinion there are definitely some reserves - at least 10 to 15 percent. more ..while maintaining the current size of the 11 "coil
  9. Although nowadays there are several coin detectors on the market with the ability to work efficiently at frequencies of 30 khz, 40 khz and more khz ... ,, so I think that Gmt working on 48 khz - without the possibility of identifying VDI and other other necessary the detector setting function would be a bit behind .. when detecting a coin -aj when using a larger coil ... In Steve's GMT Review you will find what coils were made for GMT ...
  10. Luca .... if you want to make the Spectra V3I something similar to Mxt pro with 2 tone mix mode relic So you will have to adjust the program Relic or Hi for mix mode at Spectry .... especially for speed and separation, as well as for sufficient sensitivity and impact on small objects ... as well as sufficient resistance to more mineralized conditions .. First of all, get used to using the 3F multifrequency with TX bost ON ... as the standard multifrequency setting for Spectra..then then, Spectra has excellent sensitivity and range ... Further regulation of the stability of the de
  11. By setting the Threshold, you adjust the audibility of the static and dynamic signal from the field as well as the targets ... 1. when the threshold is set too low, it may lose the audibility of weaker signals ,, because I will be below the level of the detector's sensitivity zone .. ,, - and the sound of the crack is also very low or inaudible ... but this is how you limit the maximum range of the detector ... 2. with approximately optimal and correct setting of the threshold - the readability of weak signals will be better than and also the volume of the Threshold sound will not o
  12. Concentric coils have their own specifics, at least from my point of view, here we can count on properties: 1. concentric coil may be more sensitive to small gold compared to another coil of another type and the same size ... 2. when working in slightly mineralized terrain, the detection range may be good, but in heavily mineralized terrain, you must use more intense signal filtering - to achieve good detection results ... 3. according to my experience with difficult mineralized terrain, it is sometimes better to have a concentric coil at least 3-5 cm and higher above the m
  13. Setting .. the height of the threshold value depends to a certain extent on the mineralization of the terrain ... which means that on less mineralized terrain you can increase the level of the threshold more .. and this level will still be acceptable for detection ... my favorite treshold setting is normally somewhere between 4-8 ... and I give a maximum of 10 ...
  14. Certain functions that the new coin detector from Minelab, presented by Mr. Tom Dankowski, could have are based on documentary testing of these functions, as well as possibilities .. and are strongly based on specific physical rules but also technical parameters ... that the detector must have incorporated in detector hardware and software .. I myself consider such a direction to be highly innovative .. it is a development of a possibility .... which can bring multifrequency ..
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