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  1. Initial tests of CC coil vs DD coil on 4bar -0.4%FE3O4 strong mineralization and also 7bar-4%FE3O4 extremely strong mineralization on Tesoro Mojave .. already in progress: First observation: 1. Coil 6x8 "SEF has a little more reach 7-11% in airtest-and ground tested at low and maximum sensitivity.. than 7"CC Precizion coil.. 2. .. I was surprised by the 6X8 "SEF coil with extremely mineralized BlackSand already at the setting of the switch Ground balance to LOW ...- and is extremely silent ..- stable work Standard Concentration 7 "Precizion coil has a problem with debugging GB as well as setting GB to HIGH ..- and sweeping is a sense of cracking, and sometimes false signals from the ground. it is independent of detector sensitivity setting ... and virtually makes it impossible to detect normally in this black sand test ... 3. Practical deep tests on various subjects show a little more deep range in the 6x8 "SEF coil, and "+ " ..has a "wider" / 7-8cm / maximum signal detection window = easier and more powerful detection. On a concentric 7 "precizion, you have a "point"-to-detection window - you need to get it to the target very accurately to detect it. 4. DD Coil 6X8 "Sef Extremely Fast Separate Objects Leading Each Other Coil 7 "precizion has a much worse side target separation here. 5 .. more details about the test write later and divide this test into: A. ranges and both coils in airtest, and in low mineralized terrain. B.testing coils for deep detection on 4Bar liapor mineralization, C.Testing and reach of the same objects at 7bar Black sand -extreme Mineralization .. 6.Optimal setting of the Tesoro Mojave detector to the conditions - and the effect of the setting on the detection ..
  2. 2 tone is not just a simplified version of 50ton or 5ton - but it is similar to sound reproduction ... as with analog detectors ... you are more familiar with the details of the signal ... and -the location and the edges of the objects- in the ground- over target - here help 5-6-7..settings recovery speed ...
  3. Since I have a Tesoro Mojave 7 "concentric coil that works great ...It is not a deep demon, but it can unmask signals in a reasonably good depth even behind many Top Detectors .... I decided to buy a DD coil of a similar size to it ... which will work well at extremely strong mineralization. Finally I ordered a 6x8" Sef coil. . Because coil 7 "DD tesoro widescan is no longer in the seller's offer .. ...From my experience ...my the coil not the V-rated Sef 6x8 " on the Whites Spectra V3 detector will not separate so well in a 2D nailbord test as a round 6" coil, or 5x10 "coil .... but in practice in the field.... it will unmask nicely... Signals ..It's a lightweight coil - on the Spectrum V3, it's a weight with a coil with a cable and coil cover of = 400 grams. That's why I bought it - I needed a lighter coil for detecting in the hills and rocks.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the Sef 6x8 "coil comes to Mojave, I will test it and write my observations..
  4. From my observations and also the measurement of mineralization -may say from a medium-sized 23x20cm CC coil it shows 2x a higher mineralization value as well as a 23x20cm DD coil. When comparing dimensionally larger CC and DD coils, I feel the differences will be even more important ..
  5. Noah (FL) .....Thank you for your advice,... "I ordered a 7"DD - widescan coil....I'll let you know how the coil will work in strong mineralization..
  6. If I wrote ... that minelab Vanquish will be a multi-frequency detector - that's the information that's approved by Minelab : I quote .... "Minelab wants to offer its new multi-frequency technology to the widest possible audience...."
  7. New Information.....: Vanquish will be a multifrequency detector.....
  8. From my observations Tesoro mojave - coil 7 "precizion works on setting GB to" Low "works well on 4 bar - Fe3O4 mineralization, and on setting GB to" High "here he is missing something to stable work - detection at 7 bar BlackSand mineralization ... My question N1. is - will Tesoro Mojave to set GB - "High" in such a situation ... to -extremely strong mineralization better to work on DD type coil than to its Concentric 7 " Precizion coil?
  9. Something else, .... in this 7-Bar Fe3o4 Black Sand test my optimum setting Equinox 800 on programs Park1 and Park2... was .. : 1."Discrimination" from +1 to +40 ..-you get a great and exact ID.=reading "11-12"ID -for small gold pendant its - perfect.. If you only discriminate on accepting from +0 to +40-you get too much reading or "0 ID "or "+1 ID"- for small gold pendant to mean non-accurate read ID .. 2. "Correctly set the Recovery speed 7-or 8".-very important setting .. -to make miracles At lower settings ..Recovery Speed 1-6 ... you will not get almost any number ID even at the highest sensitivity -...25 .. even if you still get the correct audio signal .. On optimal recovery speed 7-8 .. you get right number 11-12 ID and good signal..from sensitivity 15.... and it works well on sensitivity up to 25-max .. 3 ."Sensitivity ".. good signal and correct ID I got at the sensitivity of 15 I tried it on both 11 "as well as small 6" coil. What is more interesting ... Equinox correctly detected 1.2gram gold pendant up to a maximum sensitivity of 24-25 in this test. This is a difference from other detectors where you have to reduce the "Gain" or "Sensitivity" setting so that you can properly detect the 7-Bar Fe3o4 mineralization. 4. "I tested 11 "and 6" Equinox coil" - ..and found the correct Equinox detector correctly and the same for 11 "standard and small 6" coil. 5.. Another observation ... it is definitely good to change ground balance - again in such a rough terrain when changing the Recovery speed.
  10. Simon ....one of the gold benefits of the one-tonne-mode is if you have enough open discrimination still a nice ton though you are getting minus-vdi. Can it be mineralization .... Have you tried other 2 ton mode like Park2? .If the program isn't as deep as the Gold modes. It's a bit out of the way, but it has a definite ... well with gold prospectus .. Today I am at 7 bar Fe3O4 -extremne mineralization for Black-sand tests. -tested several detectors and coils between the other and Equinox ... Tested item "N.4 " was 1.2grams gold pendant about 12cm deep in Black sand. When testing equinox, I noticed a non-ferrous audio signal - which was sometimes a bit worn out ... but Vdi is almost still in the minus VDI numbers -2, -3, sometimes at 1a just occasionally jumping to the right 11-12 ID .. So I tried all the programs and the best work here was Gold Programs .. enough better audio and more correctly VDI 11-13 ... but it was still not 100% OK .. So I changed the 11 "standard coil on a small 6" coil. The signal detection work was further improved, but Vdi on a small coil was still very often on minus VDI ... So I tried to change my discrimination that I use / accept -3 to + 40 / to +1 to +40. After such a change in discrimination, Equinox detection has improved dramatically and I have been practically + VDI .. very often with the correct VDI 11-12. At the end I put on the Equinox standard 11 "coil and tried to test Equinox again on the new discrimination settings. The new discrimination setting worked great ... even on the 11" standard coil. Lessons learned from the test - in too harsh conditions, it may be too open to discriminating and allmetal has a great impact on working and displaying the correct VDI on Equinox.
  11. Metal Detection in Poland has been severely limited for the past 2-3 years .., Because it does not define exactly what is historically valuable from a common find ....- so practically you should not dig anything out of the earth ..- even when excavating common objects .... Even though there are exceptions to detectors who have special field detection permits that are not marked as archaeological sites ... So ..for the ordinary detectorist there is only a place to detect it is Beach ...
  12. I agree with Chase .., with Equinox you won't find classic ground tracking, Equinox has its own ground tracking solution ...- balancing the ground balance. Watch yt video with subtitles turned on for now, and you'll find answers to many queries.
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