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  1. The knowledge of how the "Recovery Speed" function works with Equinox .. I have gained the practice of using detection ... but also 2D and 3D separation tests and detector depth tests: Whites Spectra V3 and Rutus Argo v3: Separate Ground Filter Settings and Personal Recovery Rates. Also put an effective sweeping speed of the coil .. into the equation and Size of coils.. However, these detector settings require some practice and knowledge, so detector manufacturers have combined these two functions -1. Ground filter.... and 2. Ground Filter Recovery rate -.. to the more simple In the "Single Recovery Speed Setting " .....for detectors : XP Deus, ...Rutus Alter71, ...Whites MX Sport, and ...Minelab Equinox.. Even though I would not be hampered by the manufacturer's ability to use a combination of high ground filter.... and low-medium refresh rate.... in Equinox, for example, as a than new" 6+," "7+", "8 +" recovery speed setting that could have a better reach and ID.. for heavy mineralized terain...
  2. The "Recovery speed" feature of the Equinox detector consists of 2 parts (Ground filter + a certain filter refresh rate): this is determined by a predefined Ground Filter associated with a certain - Optimal Recovery Rate of the used Ground Filter - for a given "Recovery speed" ".. The ground filter of its used grade is responsible for the depth, but also for the mineralization work - while the higher ground filter stage filters out more ground mineralization. The High Ground Filter is shallower, but it also feels less sensitive to side signals from the iron. + allows a faster response from the Ferous to Nonferous ..- This, combined with the + high-speed recovery of the given Ground Filter, allows excellent separation in both the iron and the 11 "large coil. .... It works as if the detector used a smaller coil.... Conversely (Low Ground Filter + Low Recovery Speed Groud Filter) = Low "Recovery Speed"Equinox ..setting ...allows you to reach a deeper depth - but at the cost of a lower detector speed but a weaker Separation .. But the practical depth of such a low setting will also depend on the mineralization of the terrain. therefore, the lowest setting may not be the deepest. Therefore, use "Recovery speed" 4-5-6 in Equinox ... at the beginning of "Universal" on different types of terrain. Later you have the option to set it to lower or increase the "Recovery Speed" settings according to your own experience of detection on that terrain...
  3. Cal ... Maybe I try to upgrade Equinox to an older firmware version 1.5.0 and then again to a new Firmware 1.7.5. If that doesn't help ... then Minelab's service will help...
  4. Perhaps the perception of shiny Gold is a lasting and high value - a wealth that also represents the seal of governance, status in society ... and power. It is also interesting how many different civilizations appreciated gold as a standard of wealth .., or as a currency of the highest value...
  5. Program ... Park1 really works in the multi-frequency mode: I have no doubt about it....
  6. For these Spectra Ground Probe measurements, set ... RxGain to 1 ... - because the mineralization value you get in the Ground probe is directly dependent on the RXgain setting ... To explain: As you can see in the picture, my low mineralized terrain still has a value of 1-2% mineralization in the Groud probe even with Rx gain = 13 ... At... 4bar Fe3O4- mineralized terrain - at 1/2 setting RxGain = 7 mineralization value of 17% ... W extremely mineralized "black sand" -7bar Fe3O4 I get at minimal setting RxGain = 1 to 16% mineralization ... In practice, this means setting the detector to Rx Gain = 5 and more ..... SpectraV3 goes overload .. But you can work well with the RXgain 1 to 3 ... Equinox 800: The detector does not see mineralization layers - it shows the total mineralization of the given terrain site under the coil. Factory setting of Ground Balance = 0 is very close to setting on ferrite. -high mineralization .. With very variable and varied mineralization, it would I kept Ground balance = 0 If you have places where extreme mineralization occurs, I would use these places to set the right sensitivity and stable Equinox work. If you have salted and also use the Mineralization of Field1, Beach1, Beach2 ... these programs work well on salt and Fe-mineralized soil. Beach1a Beach 2 programs also have a function of overloading my TX performance - to achieve detection stability - during work with a lowered Tx performance, the Equinoxa Triangle Icon is displayed. I'll try to do some tests on pure magnetite ...- how does the sensitivity setting work with Equinox ..
  7. In the Ground Tracking menu, press the "ZOOM / VIEW" button to go to the screen that is in the photo ...: 1.then press the "MENU / TAB" button -to activate the "ZERO" function - on the Autocalibration Detector coil ... Hold the detector coil high above the ground ... 1-1.5meters .. 2. Then press the "ENTER" button, and then place the detector coil on the clean ground ... -Then get the correct reading Phases and mineralization ground in%
  8. Rivers rat....,.... it's a/15kHz/ Golden Mask "C-K"detector - with a 5"spider coil...
  9. Steve .. I like to help, and I'm glad you're satisfied with the Adapter .. I weighed my equinox 800 -6 "coil with the adapter-on the telescopic Golden Mask shaft and weighs exactly 1226 grams ... the backrest which is on the golden mask shaft suits me very well, and according to me it promises a good balance of the detector ..
  10. As you have the V3i Spectra, you could find out the value of the phase and mineralization of your terrain using Ground Probe.
  11. He is a trustworthy guy on his internet site, even in English : http://hobby-detecting.com/fisher-impulse-aq-a-new-pulse-metal-detector-with-metal-discrimination-2019-novelty-first-photos/
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