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  1. GB Amater .. in the summer darkened my display from high temperature in the summer above 40 degrees Celsius in Spain, because I left the detector in the field in the sun for quite a long time lying ..... But everything returned quickly to normal ... after a slight lowering the detector temperature in the shade. Regarding a recurring reset at Equinox ... I would try to connect the detector to a powerbank ... and test the Equinox Stability like that .. If there is a connection error at the detector coil itself ... then the detector should turn itself off ...
  2. Even though there was somewhat different opinion from minelab Vanquish 340 users on how well this detector can detect in the iron and divide these views into two groups of views. some are very satisfied with the detectors.......and also those users for whom this detector has only average separation properties.... My latest comparison of Vanquisha in the "Monte" nailbord separation test on a low conductive 5 gram nickel coin and a 5 gram high conductive silver coin revealed the fact .... both sides are right. Detetkor Vanquish 340 -a V10 coil I tested on all 3 programs..Allmetal, Jewerly, and also Coin program. The results of the separation test are surprising. The 5 gram silver high-conductivity coin gained only a "Average result" in the nailbord test .... 5.5 points of 8 point max...! 5 grams of nickel low-conductivity coin got " excellent result" in nailbord test 7.5-8 points out of 8 points Max .. !!! This detector is excellent for separating low conductive objects .... !!! The detector worked best on separation in All metal y Jewerly ...Jewerly program in some cases ... it helps better to highlight good signal between iron and iron than Allmetal ....but I wouldn't take it as a rule, rather as an alternative ... for a better verification of a suspicious signal .. The Coin program was significantly weaker in the separation. .
  3. Steve .... can you write a more detailed review of Whites Goldmaster 24K ...and add your individual coils view to this detector?
  4. Rivers rat.... Spectra V3 is designed as a multi-frequency detector with a multi-frequency that has a smaller range than the Spectra mode operating on only one frequency ... From a practical point of view, such a multi-frequency, even if it is not as deep as possible on a slightly mineralized soil. ..and here the advantage of being able to work very well on a wide range of terrain mineralization .. while having a balanced detection range on all kinds of conductivity of the object .. even in relatively heavily mineralized terrain ... its main advantage ... However, the maximum detection range can be increased quite simply by using a larger size coil such as a standard 10 "coil, for example, a 12x10" sef coil achieves good results ... and a 12 "or 13" coil gives you even better depth. if the terrain allows you to also use TX bost .... which can, for example, compensate the depth difference Sef 12x10 "coil versus 13" round coil - that's the difference in range on a very deep a medium coin size target .. about 3-4 cm ... Spectra also becomes a deep detector in multi-frequency. Spectra has a lot of settings ,,,, but in practice use and change a maximum of 3-4 settings according to the type of detection and terrain .. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectra V3 on 13 "coil ... reaches the prerequisites for deep detector ..
  5. Spectra V3 ... the detector is like a "Rolls-Royce ".....quality metal ... and... high quality piece of Analog and Digital detection technology and embedded engineering thinking ..., the color display of this detector has never surpassed ... Choose the right coil for the detector and Spectra can truly .. excellently and deeply detect ... The weight of the detector ... with a lithium acu-pack and a 6x10 "Sniper coil I feel that this detector is well balanced and feels relatively lightweight .. really lightweight .... On 13 "and 18" coil ... on straight shaft .... again metal box in the back ..still provides relatively good balance even when detected with relatively heavy coils ... 700-1050 grams ... Keeping the original ... the possibility of software update of the detector as the was planned this detector would become very good....polished ..." diamond ".. I agree with Mike ... that's why I have 2 x whites Spectra ... V3... and ...V3i ... ..I still believe in Whites can come up with a new Spectra .. Because the world and detection technology also goes further .... I even expect it ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spectra V3 -18"DD excelerator II coil..+TX Bost...
  6. settings Alter71...Tomorrow I will write something about the real and efficient Rutus Alter71 settings for the bare, and also on the rough terrain.
  7. First, I can explain what differences and enhancements bring Alter 71.v2 software ..... compared to v.1 .. Since I have been a Rutus Detector user since 2012 and I own 4 Rutus detectors I will write my view of the new version of Rutus Alter v.2 Alter 71 in software version 2 ... brings some very good practical improvements ... Enhance improvements are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st improvement: Adjustable iron volume ... a really good thing in iron separation .. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd enhancement: There are 2 options to set the ID display depth. "Normal ID" and "Deep ID" 1."Normal ID" will be used for normal detection .... 2."Deep ID" ... is very useful for detecting very deep coin and relict signals ... From a practical point of view, it works, for example, that ... for a small 13mm 0.5 gram silver hammer coin buried at a depth of 9 "what is / 23cm / in low mineralized terrain I get to set" ID Normal "nice sound signal from the coin - but no ID ...it is a practical option if you are trying to detect medium-deep objects - the bonus is very accurately ID and graphically show the ID of the signal ... For the "Deep ID" setting, I get a nice sound signal from this 13mm silver coin with a good number ID. !!!-I took a deep ID and I was used to the previous Rutus detectors.... In a similar way ... it works on all deeply buried objects .. on large-scale objects .. coins, bizuteries, and relics ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd enhancement: you have 2 options to change the ID range: 1. Flood Range Alter ID: .. 0-120 Numbers ID ... 2. Classical range / 181 ..ID numbers / with wide range ID -90..0 .. + 90 ID .... which is appreciated by relict hunters and militaria hunters .. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.Enhancement: Now you have your 4 user programs at your disposal .. which you can set and optimize ... according to your preferences .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Enhancement ... The main display is completed with the detector sensitivity set indicator .. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 ... Warning and identifier ... correct setting..GB ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another new feature of the Rutus Alter 71.. is now a wide range of coils for this detector ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the next part of the paper I will focus on setting Alter71 to low and medium mineralized ground ..... as well as effective setting Alter 71 on very strongly mineralized terrain with mineralization strength 7-bar Fe3o4 ... and more .. Here, we are only optimizing 6 essential settings: 1.Select frequency. either the optimal frequency according to the type of detection ... or the universal frequency .. for a wide range of searched objects .. 2. Reactivity .. what it means -recovery speed ... optimization for terrain mineralization ... but also separation .. 3. Correct Mask setting ... setting very similar - iron bias filter ..., 4. Hot-rock correction .. eliminates hot-rock, helping to detect high-conducting objects .. but these allow excellent meteorite detection ... 5. Audio gain .... weak signal amplifier ... 6 .. Setting Mix -Mode ..,. excellent helper for detection and localization of very deep large and small objects ,, - according to the type of detection ..You can also use the full Static Detection Mode ...
  8. I can confirm David's /TNSS.../results using 1F 40 khz frequency separation ... in the field ... according to my observed start to separate signals at 1F frequency at least 15khz ... ,, but at 20 khz will separate in the iron better and better ... and achieves the best results when using 1F frequency 40khz .. in the classic " Monte Berry 2D nailbord test" on a silver and nickel coin of the same size .. and the weight reaches 1F frequency of 40 khz - the best results in separation. tested in Park2, recovery speed 6, IronBias F2 set to 5. at 1F frequency 40 khz reaches 7.5-8 points from 8 points max ... on the multi-frequency it reaches only 6-6.5 points from 8 points max ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using 1F frequency of 5 khz you get "very bad results" in this test ... it's only 2.5 -3 points out of 8 points max .. !!! On the 1F frequency of 10 khz, the results are much better and you get 4.5- maybe 5 points ... of 8 points max, ... But for a really acceptable separation you need to use at least 1F 15khz frequency .. 5.5-6 points-out of 8 points Max. You go further to 1F 20Khz and 40 khz and it will be only better ... 1F 40 khz surpasses multi-frequency here ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multifrequency can produce better results in difficult depth 3D separation detection .. in-unmasking-. The only frequency that is also in this 3D separation detection is still partially and reasonably effective is 1F frequency 40Khz . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equinox Park2 -using 1F-40khz frekvenci..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23mm 5 gram -Nickel ... and 23mm 5 gram - Silver coin ... using in "Monte Berry Nailboard test "....coins are the same size even if it looks different in the picture ..
  9. I would like to supplement this test with a field test Tarsacci MDT 8000 from Keith Southern.👍---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Today afternoon ... after work I did a short comparison of my Teknetic G2 detector separation on 13 "Ultimate coils and also a small 3.5x 7" coil Nel Snake / cors chrew / .. in my standard deep and separation test .. Detector setting :, sensitivity 100, discrimination 40 .. Results of depth and separation: Teknetics G2 + .. 13 "Detech Ultimate Coil .... has reached 4-to 4.5 points out of 8 max. On this large 13 "Ultimate coil you really only get the average separation .. But deep profits increase by 3-5 cm compared to the Standard 11 "DD coil ... for targets like small and medium sized coins .. /up to 23cm for small/13mm silver hammered/ ..and up to 35cm for medium sized /50eurocent/ coin..-but it is already a border signal with ID... Tek G2 + ..3.5x 7 "Nel Snake Coil ... achieved excellent separation results ... 7.5-8 points out of 8 max ... and works great with this detector in the iron. The depth of detection will be up to 14cm.. for small/ 13mm hammered/coin-...and up to18 cm on medium sized/50eurocent/ coins ...
  11. I give this info here only for demonstration, that the coil for Vanquish can be bought separately ...I'll delete those links in an hour ...
  12. Equinox in its basic programs focused on great stability and the elimination of coke and also black smoke ceramics .. .., therefore it has default discrimination and also tone break up to + 1, + 2 ID ... Programs set up this way ... but are not set to the best level of separation in the iron ... but only the average separation that Equinox can achieve on the 11 "coil. And just this YT video-the Tuomas Koivurova ..points out why ... it's not just good to work on Equinox core programs ... Experienced Equinox users can customize these programs according to their needs .. and achieve above-average separation. As for the separation between Deus on the 9 "coil and Equinox on the 11 coil" each of these detectors unmask their part of the targets ... But a really fair comparison would only be in that case ... if Equinox also had the same 9 "round coil as Deus .. And then we can say .. The king is dead ... Long live the king !!!
  13. SlavoM777Hace 2 años Equinox -Tone break is set to 2 in the Field 2 program, changed to 0, and open the Discrimination Accept -2 to 40 ... and this test goes to Recovery sped 5,6,7,8 ... Vanquish 340 does not pass this test, maybe even because of my small 7 "V10 coil .. . But according to me ..... the 9" V12 coil should work better in this test ..
  14. Vanquish ... was a really challenging task for Minelab because optimizing the detector for a customized multi-frequency multi-IQ program (beach type1) for a variety of environments and detection conditions requires a lot of effort..and it's not easy .... advantages of this technology .. ID quality in depth .., and working in various terrain mineralization .. It is also almost impossible to prove that Multi-IQ technology has been promoted in this price range ... because multi-frequency detectors have always been expensive in the past. I believe that this Multy-IQ technology will be further improved.
  15. My 3D deep separation test was the answer to this YT test ... Of course, properly set up Equinox has no problem to pass such a test. as well as many good detectors on the right coils. , because for this test enough detector with a frequency of 6.6 Khz ............. Over time, I have made this test even more challenging ... and more difficult ... it's a 0.6gram 9KT gold ring ... but you can also use a 17mm -0.6gram silver hammered as the same equivalent .. Here, it will be necessary to increase the frequency of the detector ...- but only increase the frequency ... here is still not automatically guaranteed only a good result .. This demanding test can handle only two of my detectors so far .. Equinox 800 at multi frequency and Rutus Alter 71 at frequency from 14khz -18.4khz ... Vista Gold Gain 30khz gives only partial and also and quite irregular signal ....- but it can already be considered a success .. in separation..
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