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  1. ATX is definitely an interesting detector, I like the compactness and robust construction of this detector ... although the overall weight of the lower rods and the balance of this detector could be even better nowadays .. -but here it is necessary to take into account its water resistance and meeting military criteria for strength and durability .. The control of the detector function can be mastered quite quickly...
  2. ColonelDan ....you did very well ,,, such tests of detectors and coils will move you quickly in the acquired knowledge of the detection capabilities of their detectors as well as various coils very forward ... This is mainly because you have created a certain standard in the test room, which you can then repeat 10 times for verification to accurately verify the results obtained. Thus, from randomly good settings of the detector or a suitable coil after repeated testing .... very stable detection results are obtained, which you can really rely on in field detection ...👍
  3. During the tests I used discrimination set to 0 ... and audio 2 tone .. so it is good to see how the detector works ... in such a test ... This way it is good to see what quality of the unmasked signal can be provided by Equinox with different Iron Bias F2 / FE settings ... the test shows that setting F2 to 0 works best on unmasking, and setting F2 to 6 still provides acceptable separation ...., while setting FE to 6 already severely limits the quality of Equinox separation.
  4. Other tests for setting Iron bias F2 vs FE this time it's original Monte Performance Nailboard Test ..
  5. I have now done 2 short tests separation tests, namely 3D separation test and Monte performance nailboard test to compare the Iron bias FE and F2 settings. In the first test-in the deep separation test, the nail is at a distance of 20 cm from the coin .. and Equinox is set in Program Park 2 at recovery speed 7. The first test / 3D test / shows that equinox did quite well with the separation also on the setting of Iron Bias F2 -9 max .... which is a really good result .... while in my opinion the setting of Iron Bias FE is a safe setting somewhere at the level FE1-2 m
  6. Iron bias is primarily a silencer of short signals ,,, and not for nothing fho some manufacturers refer to as a silencer ,, or as a iron mask ,, or *Bottle cap reject ...because it can eliminate the very short beep of the color signal at the iron signal ...
  7. Here it is necessary to realize, that the use of Iron bias brings a certain compromise in detection ... for example, with a higher setting of Iron bias you can better distinguish certain iron, but it is usually at the expense of impaired separation..good signals in iron .. However, it is also clear that the low value of setting iron bias F2 to 1-3 will continue to retain good separation properties.
  8. From my point of view .. if you have Iron bias FE set to 0 and Iron bias F2 set to 0 - so it's hard to find any difference between them in signal quality ... in this case it means that the iron bias at Equinox is Off ... However, the large difference between Iron Bias FE and F2 is set when you change it to setting 1 ... in this case the setting Iron Bias F2 already wins in terms of separation or signal quality ...- the difference is strongly visible ...
  9. Mike ....best place to store will be shaded / uv radiation / place in a small temperature fluctuation that is still above freezing-because some of the lead-free solder materials do not like too low temperatures ... ,, with adequate air circulation..to limit the local humidity development which has a negative effect not only on the electronics of the detector but also on various leather and synthetic materials .. We store detectors and hearing aids without batteries - but I would recommend inserting the batteries again every 1/2 year - to check and test the functionality of detectors, coil
  10. Yes .. They are Russians ... who make these modifications to the coils on Equinox .., I give a link to this page ... it's an interesting option in case .. if you need a coil of a certain size .. http://foxmd.ru/index.php?route=product/category&path=20_44_93. ....On the other hand, there is Coiltek who started producing 3 new different large coils for Equinox ...- you are buying a new coil ... without additional costs.
  11. It is a surprisingly very strong blade made of high quality durable steel .... and the handle is made of a polymer - reinforced with fibers ..... Fiskars Army can be used as a pure digging tool after a simple turning of the blade by 90 degrees ... And a big plus is extreme compactness in the closed position ,,,
  12. I recommend a powerful Fiskars Army folding shovel..
  13. It's a really nice video work of a 15 "X concentric coil in detection .. by Simon .. and the results of such detection are really satisfying ...👍
  14. Yes, this effect of reduced sensitivity is also visible on the standard 11 "Equinox coil ..... but this is a shortcoming in all DD coils..which are larger in size ...
  15. The test shows that this is a mineralized terrain .. where the maximum possible ranges of the detector are reduced ... Thanks for the test .... Ghound ...👍
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