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  1. When setting the Alter * 71 reaction, you must take into account that this setting affects 2 things. 1. work in various mineralized terrain ... where the higher setting Reaktion 3-4-5 will work well even in high mineralization. 2. The reaction setting also affects the separation speed of the detector ... with the reaction setting 6 you will get excellent separation results. Here it is necessary to add that the separation is also affected by the frequency used ... the frequency around 13-14khz will already have excellent separation properties ...
  2. In any case, I would not underestimate the depth capabilities of the Whites Spectra V3 even on a small 7 "coil .... when you use 3 F multifrequency with a Tx bost or a separate 1F 7.5 khz ... they are really deep and with a good ID ... The weight of the Spectra V3 on this small 7"coil is 1900 grams with a Lithium Battery pack ... but the balance is so perfect that you can't feel the weight ..
  3. For equinox you can still use 1F -20khz and 1f 40 khz ... to improve the separation in certain cases.. Apex ..this has a 6x 11 "coil and it helps separation ... we'll see in practice.
  4. Whites MXT All detection combat versus Minelab Equinox 800 on gold programs ... on the Top Digin test field. Who will win? Will it be a 20-year-old Single-Frequency Sophisticated Detector Whites MXT ... or a Modern Multifrequency Detector Equinox 800? .. The terrain of the test is mineralized and the target detectors are masked with iron .. so the task for these detectors will not be easy ... This test is from my colleagues from Top Digin ... both colleagues Jack and Mike have already had something to do with various detectors, among others, in recent years with Equinox, both of whom I consider to be an excellent detector. You can see for yourself which detector can play a better result ....
  5. 7 "ultimate gives a much better signal to 0.05gram gold ... than 5.3" CC on tracking .. sensitivity and depth on the field test is the ultimate practically identical to the 6x8 "SEF coil. but when I do a Trick on a 5.3 "Concentric Coil..and I manually remove it in a locktrac at +2, the numbers above the tracking value are the sensitive ones and it also has a depth .. if with MXT it was possible to manually add +1 + 2, + 3 / or minus...additional numbers to the tracking, it would be great=Super....... .. because such a setting does not yet negatively affect the correct ID ... and adds a better signal as well as a deep ID......
  6. 7 "Ultimate coil... I tried it on MXT yesterday .... and it detected my hand ... The 7 "Ultimate coil itself has a diameter of 19 cm with a cover ... and a total weight of 445 grams... With black sand 7Bar Fe3O4 = 4% magnetite ... test I can set Gain to 9.5 for this coil without overload ... it's the same as for SEF 6X8 "- it also works on MXT to a gain of 9.5 .. The range of the 7 "Ultimate and Sef 6X8" coils is very similar in terms of sensitivity, depth and ID on the MXT .. but in my opinion the 7 "ultimate will be better separated from the point of view of its circular design also because its detection window is narrower than the SEF coil... Black sand box= 4% magnetite..
  7. Mr. Steve ... are you proposing ...... that Fisher make a replacement long-shaft lower shaft ... as an accessory ?.. It's clear to us that the U-shaped coil holder is specifically..and only the manufacturer can solve this thing...
  8. Now that i tested the coil of 7"detech ultimate i tried to pass my hands in front of the coil ... yes it detects minerals in my hand .. it's a very sensitive coil .... and I have incredibly good parameters V rated on Spectra V3 ... I have multi 3F .. and 1F 22.5khz is the best Gain 15 ...
  9. One of the good alternatives for maintaining a 2-piece construction for a Fisher IMPULSE AQ for people who have a higher height ... is to use a longer bottom rod. Thus, it maintains the planned strength and durability of this construction of the Impulse AQ detector. ...modified TEK.G2 from a 2-piece construction with long bottom carbon rods...
  10. Thank you Jonh ... the coil 10x14 excelerator will be in my wish list ..... ,, mainly because my colleague has a very good experience with a similar type of Mars Tiger .. Today I tested the coils 4X6 "shooter, 18" detech excelerator II and again the coil Sef 6X8 ".... as a comparison coil .. Coil 18 "Detech excelerator ... will detect coins ... but not enough gold ...
  11. Thank you John ... I believe ... that the 5.3 "coil of concentric coil is the most sensitive to the smallest gold ... ,, I have a similar observation in the 4.5" CC Sniper from Garrett ,,, I know you are one of those .... ..... who have the most experience with different coil..... for Whites MXT ... And I really appreciate your opinions ....👍.... The main task of my comparative Test is to find the coil that gives the best signal and also the numerical ID at 0.1 gram .... All the coils that I could try so far did not give any numeric ID to this tested target, even though the sound signal gives very good ... Coils I tested on Whites MXT ALL Pro are: Coil 6X8 "SEF, .. 2x coils 12X10" SEF, ... 2x coils 10 "DD Whites, coil 5.3" Concentric Whites Eclipse, coil 6x10 " Whites Eclipse, ... coil 6X10" Mars Sniper ,, ... coil 13 "Detech Ultimate ... and coil 13.5" Taktyk Rainbow ... Such a coil must also pass my 4x4 field test correctly for various deeply tested objects ... 50 eurocent in 37cm whit ID... I want to find the optimal coil to make it ... what the Whites MXT itself can do For the detector can be seen in this test ... which, although not in English ... in the test shows the quality of the MXT ..
  12. Since I have had an MXT ALL Pro detector for a few days now ... I tested a pretty nice pile of coils on my test field ..... Does anyone have experience with the 7 "Detech Ultimate coil? .. I'm looking for a coil ........with the best ratio of sensitivity - and a range of 0.1 grams of gold ... Any relevant answers will be welcome ..👍 6x8" SEF Coil in test...give a nice signal but no ID... 5.3" CC Whites Eclipse coil... in Test...very weak signal without ID... 6x10" DD Whites Eclipse coil ..in Test...give a nice signal but no ID... 0.05 gram gold in 10cm....
  13. I tried the reaction of the magnet to 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins .. The 1 Euro coin is slightly magnetic, but the 2 Euro coin is much more attracted to the magnet.
  14. I believe that out of 100 detectors in the hands of users in the USA, a strong discussion will develop very quickly and, first of all, experience with the use of Impulse AQ in the detection itself ... I wish these users success ... And I am very pleased to receive direct information on the Impulse AQ team directly from Mr. Steve Herschbach as well as other members of the Detector Prospector Forum ... For detectors who don't live in the USA..and waiting for this detector to come to Europe and further to the world .., I just want to say ... First of all .. that Fisher is not sleeping and continues to develop Impulse .. that Impulse is also solving for Terra detection ..., and also Gold prospecting detection ... so we have something to look forward to ... Very it pleased me ..👍 I believe that there will be a really strong communication about Impulse, both on the part of Team Fisher and also from Impulse users. As Mr. Steve noted ... maybe it's a good idea to give a little more openness in Fisher's Information.. regarding the delivery of the first 100 Impulse in the US ... It will help any other interested parties in the world to properly accept this fact..and prepare in time and money for the possible 2 wave of distribution of Impulse detectors ..., or even the Improved Impulse model ..
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