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  1. let's agree on the fact that Garrett, with the upgrade to the higher model of the Vortex, did it well ... and above all, much more intelligently than some detector manufacturers, who are running ahead of themselves in issuing a number of cheap detectors under different names. .you will remove options and functions.from .your flagship detector...with which they share the same electronics..but mainly without the possibility of the next upgrade of the detector... It goes without saying... that the Garret Process is miles... better
  2. first of all, let's take into account the price vs. the possibilities of the detector... here we can start comparing the possibilities of the Vortex 9...
  3. this software for EQ 700 and EQ900 is already in the world... https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/home/minelab-equinox-700-900-upgrade-softwaru-9820
  4. it would be best to see some comparative tests of Elite vs EQ 600 vs EQ700...
  5. I agree with Simon, I'm currently in the phase where I'm satisfied with the detectors I own and use... and I use their detection properties and advantages... and I'm satisfied, because I found some nice targets.... But if I have to buy new ones in the future so the detector has to surprise again, let me put it this way..With distinct detection properties with ..which surpasses my current detectors ...
  6. There is simple math...if you get 2 good signals in detection and you will find one 1-gram gold nugget and one ten-gram gold nugget....you also won't sell a 10-gram nugget for the same price as a 1-gram one....even both signals took the same time to dig... because you value your investments in detectors, equipment and the time you devoted to finding these 2 good targets... It is up to each detector manufacturer to set the prices of their detectors...according to quality and technical possibilities...,,and it is up to the customer to accept these prices or look elsewhere... don't forget that money is certainly needed for the operation of the factory, as well as for development and research... so that we can get better detectors in the future... because everyone wants to have a better and more powerful detector after a while... to find something more. .. on heavily detected and traversed terrains.. the very warning is the fate of Tesoro and Whites... who did not follow the path of investing in the development of new detector models
  7. If... you are satisfied with the 3.7NC software on the Rutus VERSA... then in the near future you can be even more satisfied... because the VERSA software is of course being worked on... to further improve the detection properties... which I can confirm now when testing new software... It is about several improvements of detection properties...in the new VERSA software.. here is a Testing of one of the enhancements..
  8. There is a new sign up now & “Get Ready For The Storm” video on YouTube. From the video: "By now you've probably seen some of our Storm teaser videos and some of you are probably wondering if the Storm's ever going to arrive. The answer is yes! It's going to be Tuesday June 18th 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time so mark your calenders. Better yet tune in live go to https://a-storm-is-coming.com and sign up. Everything will be revealed about the Storm. In fact we've even got a little video challenge there, three different options of a video you can submit, and from those we're going to pull a few winners and you could be one of the first to get this new detector for free! Sign up join us on June 18th - The Storm is Coming, Embrace the Storm!"
  9. I think one of my tested detectors describes the title of this thread quite well... sometimes I demand really good discrimination from the detector while maintaining really good separation... in certain detection, the number of excavated non-ferrous targets vs. the number of excavated iron that can fool the detector and give a non-ferrous signal is a really important detection factor... Sure...the tested detector still has to confirm good separation of the target /nickel coin/ under the iron carpet... we can clearly improve the separation at the expense of good iron discrimination..but still we can still maintain sufficiently good iron discrimination.. For comparison, I also supplied detectors tesoro Mojave, Deus1 at 29khz and Vista gold gain 30khz with small separation coils.. Tesoro Mojave Deus1 -Program Fast 29khz.. Vista Gold Gain 30khz
  10. I see it this way... If Garrett releases a good enough detector... then such a detector will find its fans... there is always a ratio between performance, possibilities and the price of the detector.. Let me put it this way...now we have several detectors on the market that have good performance, but are more difficult to set up and are quite expensive.... Steve... but I agree that the Equinox 800 can still be seen as a benchmark for detection capabilities versus price...
  11. Garrett knows very well that he has to come with a good detector... plus... if it has some other advantages over the competition, that could be another bonus... but I agree with Steve that we might see some the form of a highly innovative graphic indicator of the signal ...Spectrograph... That was one of the main advantages of the Whites Spectra V3..and Garrett could really use that..
  12. 1. First of all, I never evaluate the quality of a detector based on its price, but based on its detection capabilities, as well as the ability to reliably detect in difficult or challenging, for example, iron-contaminated terrain... 2. another important attribute of the detector is the quality of discrimination, proportional audio information about the size of the target, as well as the scale of the VDI target - which allows me, for example, to selectively select targets from the field, for example, from a certain VDI range... and thereby increase the effectiveness of detection even when searching very small hammered coins... and at the same time significantly limit, even eliminate, for example, the digging of various large aluminum, foil, lead shot, as well as other very small waste... Here we can assign, for example, a good identification of medium and larger iron... which often confuses many detectors... and considers it a good target... 3...the third important element is the technical parameters of the detector in the area of sensitivity and range of the detector, for example, to very small targets..., as well as the ability to unmask targets between iron,, or in a mineralized or conductive field or a field that contains ceramics, which it can strongly limit the deep detection of good targets in such a terrain,,,and this is another important detection factor. 4 ..an important factor in the detector is the assortment of different sized coils... because standard coils have their detection limits... in, say, more difficult detection situations... either in the maximum depth of detection or in better unmasking of targets... 5. Since I am also from Europe, and I detect in old places from 1000-3000 years old history... I condition my detection style to such demanding conditions... I have a really sufficient number of detectors in my portfolio and I have the possibility to publish in their detection detection capabilities as well as their good features as well as shortcomings... in a given type of detection... or type of terrain... 6.. for me, the important thing is to test my detectors for a specific detection situation.. which I have encountered, for example, in detection.. and digging a target and simulating the same conditions for the test... these are separation or tests in heavily mineralized terrain.. where I check the ability of detectors as well as various large coils to deal with such a detection situation.. It should be said here that I also focus on testing detectors to find the so-called universal setting of the detector - which can cope with different types of terrain as well as enable effective unmasking of targets without excessive loss of detection depth for the given detector. 7.. Finally.. the ability of the operator to correctly set the detector for the given terrain is often a decisive factor in the success of the detection.. because only very few detectors can correctly and universally detect on one program setting... - and here the hours spent with the given detector in terrain..
  13. Prymek... reminds in the video, that you can dig up iron from the field with a detector and thus clean the field of iron,,,,, for better detection of targets .. so ceramics that are still left in the ground because they are not detectable ... can still mask well the targets placed under it... It is an indicator of the possibility of 1 frequency in X terra, and multi-frequency in Equinox 900...
  14. I'm posting a video from my colleague Prymek... where he shows really well the technical possibilities of the 1 frequency X-Terra Pro compared to the multi-frequency in the Equinox 900 detector... The terrain is mineralized with magnetite..., that's why in X terra for ..even low-conductivity targets at 15 and 18 cm in the terrain ..they give a relatively high VDI in the zone of high-conductivity targets..., but there is also a visible difference in the work of the detectors if cover the target with a piece of ceramic... in easy terrain, and free weekend detection..these differences between the two detectors may not be that big,,,but when you go into difficult terrain conditions,,,you start to see the difference in the work of both detectors,,,
  15. I think that the Test of the New Versa software 3:7 NC took place really well, where VERSA shows its real detection capabilities ..
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