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  1. I got another good knowledge about Equinox coils .... in the new Black Sand box I mixed 3x more magnetite = 12% magnetite than in the first test box ... Tests are done at 10 cm depth of 12% magnetite Black sand .. The first tests showed: 1. Test result ... small 6 "coil at multifrequency ... / except Beach programs / no longer manages such mineralization and ... overloading ... secret weapons are here working at 1F at 5kzh, 10khz, 15khz, 20khz. ..by me there is a lower Tx performance so the received signal for the coil is still at an acceptable level .. But don't expect much deep reach ... Detection of tested coin size targets is impossible through 10cm black sand .. 2. Surprise ... is of 11 "standard Equinox coil works well ,, and detects even at multi-frequency without problems coin size target ...- but 12% magnetite mineralization no longer breaks strength and accuracy of multi-IQ ID .. showing ID is more like a classic Vlf detector ... shows higher and high ID numbers ... In previous tests on 4.4% Magnetite mineralization, the strength of Multi-IQ ID is still maintained. I think after these tests I get closer to the definition of how big should be the optimal coil for VLF or Multifrequency detector ... according to me it can be "DD coil" size from 8-9"to 11" ..
  2. Simon .... you have a good idea., .. all you need to do is repack the V340 electronics and coil into an improved GO-Find body.
  3. This is a good question Chase .., although Minelab does not inform about it in manuals, it is possible that in extremely strong mineralization lowering TX to 1/3 of ... maximum TX, can also work the same as with Equinox ..
  4. I just want to say that earth tests are fair...especially if you add other competitive detectors to the test to compare real-time performance... ... Do not forget that all the detectors are tested on various test fields during the development. Never go straight from the lab to the field for detection .. .And then these detectors are real tested in the terain. In different situations ... where the detector is still tuned ... I consider both tests essential. It shows the technical quality of the detector ... And ... Finally, the practice of satisfied users will decide on the success of the project ...
  5. David... This coil...vista X is practically a 9 "coil ..... but a length of 11" ... I consider them a progressive design and a very good idea ... according to me the shape of this straight side center part of this coil will provide a good deep detection window, while the tapered front and side tents will ensure good and better 2D separation over a similarly large circular , oval, or SEF..type coil ... .... if this 9 "x11" X Coil.. design is deeply the same with the 11 "DD Pitbul coil, ... it's hard to say ... but the impact on coin size things can be comparable .. This spool vista X is practically a 9 "coil ..... but a length of 11" ... I consider them a progressive design and a very good idea ... according to me the shape of this straight side center part of this coil will provide a good deep detection window, while the tapered front and side tents will ensure good and better 2D separation over a similarly large circular , oval, or SEF..type coil ... For an absolutely accurate comparison I could do .... if such an "X" coil was also available for Vista Gold gain 30khz. model .. What is the optimal size and design of DD coil is the best ...? See for yourself ... I'll write a little bit more about this in the topic "" Why is Airtest important? " This article will be devoted to Airtests on a variety of large and conductive objects -to a properly set detector and coil for a given type of terrain .... as well as its real reach ... in this terrain...
  6. Daniel ... as a strong magnetite mineralization ... has Black Sand in Tenerife? ..
  7. In my test field I can get a signal for a small 13.5mm - 0.5gram hammer silver coin at 23cm depth already at sensitivity 13-14 ... in Discrimination -a good signal -without ID ... Signal with ID get for sensitivity to sensitivity 17 and more ..- tested in Park2..recovery speed 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setting the right Threshold is essential .. increases detection depth, setting to 3 to 7 is considered optimal ... _________________________________________________________ Equinox....... For very deep weak signals ... Relying on the right ID on Allmetal is not right ..- because Allmetal is a little deeper .. but weakly filters the signal for the right ID ..- you can often get the signal from -9ID, - 8ID .... To verify such a signal, use Discrimination set to 0 or better to +1, .. and you will be surprised ..
  8. In this YT video is missing any emotion or enthusiasm for gold or treasure hunting, but maybe regularly digging 5kg gold nuggets per day is quite boring for them ..
  9. These coils / I think are from Fox MD / are for Aka Signum detector ... they are "Resonant Coils" - so I won't work on Equinox ..
  10. When I compared the Equinox 800 on a 6 "coil and the Fisher Gold bug 2 and a small 6.5" coil on 0.003 grams of gold in the airtest, they achieved relatively even results ... the range was 3-3.5cm in allmetal and 1.5-1.8cm in discrimination .. On the Fisher Gold bug2, I set a treshold on Max in this test ... on a small 6 .5"coil , I had a significant impact within reach.
  11. PimientoUK.. Now that I have 3 different coils available for the Aka Signum detector: 2x9 "OO -15khz coil, 12" -15khz SuperD coil and 13 "DD-khz coil I'll try to do some comparison of these 3 different coil types in my test field In a minute I'll add a picture of these coils ..in the picture you can release 2x9 "OO coil, 12" superD coil and in the back is 13 "DD coil to Aka Signum detector .. coils 13 "DD and 2x9" OO we use the coil for detection in the field .. work fine .. the Super D coil has not been used in conventional detection yet.....but be sure to give you a double signal on shallow objects...
  12. Simon yes here 40khz will work best .... at Equinoxu, in my finding me 40khz has on goals below 0.1gram of gold and less .... starts to have a superiority over 20khz ,, and a significant superiority at targets 0.02gram of gold ...
  13. My recent measurements and ground tests indicate that the best coil size is the one that has the best reach for the desired object at the real-time detector settings for the terrain ...- where you detect ... so it had a 5-6 "coil at the high frequency .. ..or a multifrequency detector may not have much reach, such as an 11 "standard coil for targets larger than 0.1gram gold or a 0.5 gram hammer coin ... on the contrary. Even my comparative tests of detectors in discrimination- in high mineralized Black-sand for 1 gram 24Kgold brick at a depth of 16cm ....... show that the 11 "standard coil is still far better than 6" coils ...off corse... I note the correct detector setup. .. The 6 "coil could not detect 1gram of gold brick 16cm deep ... its limit is somewhere at 12-14cm according to the detector ... Tested on Equinox800, Vista gold Gain 30khz, and Rutus Alter 71 ... all these detectors on 11 "coils detect 1 gram of gold brick at 16cm depth in high mineralized black sand=4%magnetit...
  14. Yes, if Minelab waits too long, eventually lose his time advantage ... I agree that the Vanquish coil body... already has enough to insert the wire winding and the Equinox coil electronics. And I have no doubt that some coils in Minelab made internally tested on Equinox ... - which is logical to me .. Equinox Gold1 program Equinox Gold 2 program
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