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  1. Many years ago Fisher supposedly had a detector project with the name Mosca under development. People kept waiting for it to appear but it never did. Fisher may have run into a problem with this current project, and it may or may not enter production. Testing prototypes plus talking about their features and performance is NOT a guarantee that the product will ever be produced. Throughout the world there are electronic prototypes sitting on dusty shelves that never made it to market. You may be waiting for a product that will never be sold.
  2. Well if it turns out to be a loss leader then things are going to be interesting about a year from now, and not just for other companies but for NokMak themselves.
  3. So.....will the Vanquish series have the equivalent of the Nox FE1 or the new FE2? Or possibly a hybrid? I suspect that there's better than a 50/50 chance that this new FE improvement was realized during the Vanquish development, and ported to the Nox code with increased adjustment range. A low priced detector with good bottle cap rejection would be a boon for sales.
  4. Text below bottom pix says two frequencies but not simultaneous. I don't know if that is accurate as they seemed to have made a real point of splashing the coil around in saltwater in their video.
  5. A little more info on the 6000. But no transmission info yet vis-a-vis frequency(ies). Super fast switch on and go. No tuning etc Main settings visible on screen at all times without delving into a menu. Detect and adjust at the same time. Manual and Auto Ground balance plus Auto Ground Track. Built in LiPo rechargeable battery – Up to 3 days use on a single charge. Bluetooth APTX L built in. Low latency, no delay. Comes with wireless headphones but any APTX L Bluetooth headphones can be used. USB C port for charging and software updates. Pinpoint – Single button press no need to hold. Currently the control box is weatherproof but C.Scope hope to make it fully waterproof before launch. 2 Years Parts & Labour Warranty. Estimated launch first quarter 2020.
  6. The Vanquish is simply an update to the X-terra lineup. They've added Multi-Freq since they planted that flag and are going to defend it. They also added some water resistance and wireless. So they are not the Nox 400, 300, 200 as maybe some had hoped. Likewise the Simplex is not the Anfibio Lite. I do find the screen Iconography of the Simplex interesting, kind of Nox-ish.😊 The Nox 600 is still the mid-priced Bully that other manufacturers are going to have to take on at some point.
  7. Both companies are following the old marketing maxim of "Good, Better, Best". They are wedging into the lower tier market with Minelab using Multi-Freq, and Nok using an enhanced feature set to poke the competition. As most online forum participants are more serious hobbyists I doubt that they will find these releases as interesting as the models in the flagship tier. Their price points might make them interesting as loaners, but with the prices in the used market what they are, more economical choices can be found. Unless of course you are a Kiwi and purchase a unit as a Phantom detector for the wife. πŸ˜‰ Those Kiwi's can be quite clever!
  8. It looks like C-Scope has something new on the Horizon. What I found interesting was that twice in the linked video they make a point of showing the coil in saltwater, the second shot shows it being moved quite vigorously apparently to emphasize resistance to fals-ing. Could this be a Multi-Freq or PI?
  9. While we are on the subject of Dilek...........firstly I have never purchased a product from Nok/Mak and therefore I am agnostic about what they offer. But I have read many forums and posts about the company and to/from Dilek herself. She has always comported herself very well in her public dealings with customers and I would believe that it likely carries over to private communications. I do have one concern for Dilek in her position at Nok/Mak and that is burnout. I was in a similar position in Consumer Electronics for several decades before retirement. Being on the road for multiple days per month in a high stress trade show environment takes it’s toll. Trying to juggle family life especially as a young mother simply magnifies that stress. I would hope that once a month she takes 15 minutes to clear her mind and re-assess her priorities as we all get to make life’s journey one time.
  10. Welp.....if they make it "too good" they'll undercut the sales of their higher tier(margin) products. So it's time to thread the needle and be competitive against similarly priced products without cutting their own throats. Meanwhile back at the ranch they need to keep looking over their shoulders at what Minelab is going to release from the chute. This Fall looks to be interesting!
  11. Another question for MDT experts. In three saltwater location scenarios, very wet sand where wave action is washing over it, tidal pools 1" to 6" deep, and out in the water say knee deep. Does adjusting the Salt Balance lessen sensitivity to small gold targets(chains, earrings, etc)? In other words are you Ground Balancing(Salt GB) out the smaller items in order to achieve stability?
  12. I thought Gerry had a Batphone on his desk with a line straight to Ozland.?
  13. This is a matter that I have been considering since the announcement of the Manta. With the various Eric Foster variants there has not been a free lunch with this issue So is there still a traveling hole or other gotcha with the Manta. Is it simply a warmed over Foster design which accomplishes an improvement to certain targets but has unknown weaknesses? The amount of time that is being spent to bring it to market points to some technical issues that are turning out to be difficult to resolve. Likewise as you stated Saltwater is essentially liquid metal like mercury but not quite as conductive.? So you can GB it out which is essentially just a discrim filter for the ground. But get down into the 5us-7us territory and conductivity response of small conductors gets lost in the salt fog.
  14. Perhaps this is the fabled "Mosca"? Alas the "Minelab Mosca" with dual simultaneous frequencies, lightweight, and waterproof.?
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