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  1. I find the depth meter is the last thing on the Equinox that I count on...it has never seemed accurate.
  2. I also have had some amazing instances of people paying me back money I had loaned them. Four years ago a man paid me back (with interest), a considerable sum he had borrowed in 1985. Another close friend (at the time) paid me back a multi-thousand dollar loan from an even earlier date. That kind of thing does spark one's faith in people and made me feel I had made the right decision at the time. So kudo's to Moe.
  3. When I found my largest nugget I still remember my first thought: "Finally..." Don't give up Julie I can almost promise it will come out of nowhere. It will sound perhaps like another birdshot hit, or a piece of junk, but instead, there in your scoop, will be a beauty.
  4. Yes Dubious, I was essentially "down" with no bluetooth working, so I had plenty of time to go through the (re)pairing process in inches...it was essentially that the headphones needed a good old fashioned charge-up.
  5. Hi, yes, I ment to say I plugged the cable that came with the Equinox into a quality usb plug. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. I wound up using another tip that I read somewhere; it said to 'shock' the earbuds by plugging them into high quality chargers (I used what came with the Equinox). That is what I did and when the earbuds were fully charged, they paired and worked just fine. The same with the wireless headphones. Go figure... So a slightly false alarm...I will take it down Steve if it is not useful
  7. I looked all through the Equinox tips here and didn't find anything that addresses this. I was detecting using wireless bluetooth earbuds that have worked fine for months. I walked out of range for a few minutes and when I came back the detector was running, the headphone symbol was showing on the control panel but there was no sound coming to the earbuds. I turned the detector off, turned the headphones off. Then turned the detector back on, the detector was working I could hear it, then turned the earbuds back on, the headphone symbol showed, the sound disappeared from the Equinox speaker but would not come through on the earbuds and it was the same thing when I repeated the sequence with wireless headphones that came with the detector. I also did resets on the headphones, re-paired with the detector - but the same thing happened. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. This is a killer post. It says more in a paragraph than whole threads. Detecting is hugely comprised of judgement calls. Anyone who thinks it's a matter of empirically following tones and vdi's is missing a gigantic area of detecting knowledge; experience, judgement and many times intuition and sometimes flat out guessing.
  9. I beach hunt frequently. I've never had an issue with GB in any of the Modes.
  10. Thank you for the updates guys. I can see this is not a done deal and am not surprised about the lack of specificity.
  11. Hi Clay, yes I understand it's (much), more than CA, it's just that CA is where I hunt so I concentrated on that. Your post was spot on and I did read the Washington Post, it helped some. Best...
  12. That was a fun post to read Jeff, thanks for taking the time. You also had some of the best SW detector pro's giving you advice. Looks like you listened. Continued good luck.
  13. Thanks (again) Swamp, I have been doing that with no luck - yet. It will be interesting especially as it relates to several good detecting areas that are right adjacent to Joshua Tree, which you probably are aware of...best.
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