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  1. I also admire not only her ability and her attitude, but her video's are really well done and anyone who has tried to film themselves hunting knows what I mean. JP understands more than most of us because he basically taught himself video production in its entirety from filming to post production with titles, stingers and music and then mass producing the most successful metal detecting videos ever attempted. Krissy is a great representative for all of us.
  2. I like the search. If it's out in the middle of nowhere, so much the better. It is the most unencumbered feeling I have ever experienced. For some reason gold is a symbol of something more that is indefinable - it's all about the subtleties.
  3. This is actually first time I have ever read that not finding gold can be equated with having my manhood slipping away. This means I have had my manhood slipping away for decades. Ah well, I suppose the trick is to not worry about it. Pretty funny comment tho...
  4. Nice to see the kid in you is alive and well Gerry, that's another aspect of detecting that isn't talked about too much but I think it counts for a lot. Enthusiasm. Nice find.
  5. Yup, that was probably the guy…in his 70s? And, yes, he was a nice guy.
  6. In the Merced River up by Briceberg…why? (I got all his fines...😉)
  7. I am spoiled. I dredged for 5 years in the late 70s and early 80s. Happily I was lucky, I found quite a bit of gold. At one time I had five troy pounds of gold in a can in my garage. My kids thought the tooth fairy brought gold nuggets and I was able to buy several detectors with it. When I was dredging, I can remember a 70 year old - who I thought was was an old timer at the time (I am older than him now), - who dredged near me, who used to literally wash the carpet of his dredge in the river after taking out all 'the pickers.' I asked him why he didn't pan out the remaining fines and he said "but that's just fine gold, who wants fine gold?" And he'd keep rinsing his carpet. Those days are gone. I switched to detecting and of course that changed things, the gold wasn't found in cracks or in pockets under a boulder any more. Now I have put in a couple of decades of detecting and as you say Gary, the plentiful gold has been pretty much picked off unless you are in a relatively virgin area and that requires the luxury of time which most hobbyists like me don't have. I love my 7000 but reading your account I seriously wonder whether I should be rethinking my original decision to keep it. I also don't live near areas that were known for bigger gold so the pickings are usually quite small. Anyway, you and others here have gotten me thinking…thanks for taking the time to post.
  8. Full moon gold hunting fever. One of the few beneficial illnesses one can catch. Nice hunting and another inspiring write-up.
  9. Yes, a great choice but they're too heavy for me to carry around all day.
  10. Two brave gents…you deserve the gold you got. Thanks for recounting your trip, it's always fun to hear your adventure.
  11. That's just jaw-dropping. That couple hit the jackpot.
  12. Been wanting to hunt there my whole life and have never gotten to it. Now I just hope everyone up there is safe and healthy.
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