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  1. It's a shame NF has some difficulties, I have never used better coils and I've had a bunch of them.
  2. yes, that's the problem with being a long distance traveler to RP…I don't know the area well.
  3. Some of your usual beautiful gold Gerry. It is inspiring to see how regularly you come up with beauties. I wanted to add that anything Maureen Johnson wrote is usually among the finest in the category, she was amazing.
  4. I heartily agree Nordic. In addition to those traits I would add excellent coil control coupled with fanatical ground balance, but you know that…all the best.
  5. Nah, I'm attracted to detectors and detector companies that actually work. Sadly, MineLab is notoriously NOT forward-facing as far as customer satisfaction goes, it's a shame. And Reg, I tend to agree with you as far as the earlier days of gold discovery being over - at least in the easy-to-get-to known gold areas, but I am willing to be there is still substantial gold being found if one is willing to do the research and get off the beaten track…does anyone remember Chris Porters posts from a year ago? And how about the Gold Hounds, whose posts I sorely miss. Many of the posters like those folks are, in todays climate, keeping the results of their hard work out of public view. Who can blame them?
  6. I solved that air gap noise with an X of very thin insulation foam that didn't add to the gap between the coil cover and the coil itself. I have been pretty aggressive with the coil (a white one) and except for high wear on the coil cover, there are no cracks or problems with the coil itself. And as well as being excellent for small gold it also seems to have very good depth sensitivity for its size.
  7. What is it about the first version that you think is improved/changed in the grey version?
  8. I have never found anything to surpass a HipStick. It needs minimal adjustment while you are hunting and definitely saves back and shoulder damage from being furthered. In addition, I use one of Chet's always-smart recommendations and attach the HipStick to the topmost strap on my shoulder harness. This adjustment made a small but noticeable difference. IMHO it is one of the best add-on's for detecting comfort.
  9. I think so Lunk, I got the black decal-version very early on from Rob Allison. This coil has been a revelation both in sensitivity and its lighter weight. I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to work with especially when compared with the stock coil; it seems to balance out the GPZ. I don't know whether the subsequent coil decal releases mean changes in how the coil works, but if they are an improvement on this early one, I would jump at the chance to get one. The soft coil cover is it's only drawback but I have had good luck with using non-metallic epoxy on the edges and it still remains noticeably lighter.
  10. Like we say Jim, the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it's limits. good story...
  11. Yup Bob, that's where I panned and where my friends used to dredge. I never understood why the forest service closed the road. They kept it closed after that last big fire out there too. I tried to drive out and have a look, but couldn't even get close. Ridiculous when you aren't allowed to access own open land.
  12. I used to pan on Piru Creek decades ago. Only found flakes, but I knew folks who dredged at a certain little campground there - when there was water - who had some quite good days. They were using 5" dredges. Have fun if you ever give it a try.
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