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  1. Diesel fuel went up as soon as more people began switching to diesel years ago and has steadily kept pace with gas prices…it's kind of like everything else isn't it...
  2. I stand corrected. Glad you did it anyway.
  3. Writing of any sort is hard work. Writing historically accurately adds to the difficulty. You obviously put a lot of time and thought into your journal and hooked a bunch of us. thanks...
  4. Way to go Doc, getting anything published these days is difficult at best. Hearty congratulations, I'm sure it's a worthy read.
  5. I am retired from feature film production and also in the midst of having a manuscript published - I heartily second what tboykin said above. The amount of idea-theft everywhere, but especially in the entertainment industry, is incredible and this story has lots of possibilities in it. Get it copyrighted, and have a lawyer do it. It will be worth it to have not just legality but peace of mind.
  6. No, it's not a mistake. Just do what you want to do, it's taken you (and us), this far. Everyone always has their own opinions - so when they get their journals, then, and only then, they can do what they want. You are doing just fine.
  7. I want to make it absolutely clear that this was a joke only. A joke that has no specific reference to anyone on this forum. That's why I labeled it as a joke fwiw. Anyone who has a problem with the comment, PM me and I will remove it.
  8. A tv miner is an interesting term. Is that akin to an internet miner? (Just havin fun…it's a great read).
  9. Very unlikely. This is the kind of thing I would expect of a sleazy used car dealer, not a metal detector dealer. I hate this kind of naked dishonesty, especially with people who are newbies. I have to say Condor, you go up a notch in my book with every post you put up.
  10. Firstly a comment, at least to me, amounts to a super "like." Secondly those two pictures are the best of the bunch so far, really intriguing and interesting. Now, just in case it's not obvious, I'm hitting "like" in your post. 👏
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