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  1. Chuck I could post a shot of me wearing my minelab cap but I don't want to scare you…it's weird enough without me. (can't remember what I did to win this, but thank you Minelab)
  2. This is such a weird product roll-out. Come on MineLab, if you're going to have a contest, at least make it for something worthy, it's not like you can't afford it. Mugs and hats are give-away items. It's been fun and educational though, to read the speculation.
  3. I can speak to video production as well. I worked for 35 years on feature films and shot a number of documentaries on my own. That is I shot, edited, did the sound effects, wrote the narration and recorded it, did all the color correction, found and edited the music, and so on. I don't think it will come as a surprise that this is an incredibly time consuming pastime and requires a whole large learning curve of it's own - just ask JP who I am pretty sure had to learn all that to produce the amazingly high level of DVD's that he did. Each of his DVD's got better as his learning curve increased…
  4. That IS really unique. So glad you didn't yank it out. If you can maybe leave it as it is. You rarely see finds like that. As far as I know a sunbaked is a nugget lying on the surface. I have found two like that but I have seen guys in Australia find some incredible ones. Nice going!
  5. Hey Norm Happy Birthday! Hoping your recovery is going well…the vast outdoors misses you.
  6. OMG your guys really DO cook shrimps on the barbe…I'll be right down.
  7. I don't like the wind but it's rarely enough to make me stop detecting. There was once in the Dale where I honest-to-god got knocked flat by the wind as I topped a ridge. That is my one exception.
  8. You're right. I'm writing a book right now and a pdf is difficult to protect.
  9. Pulling for you Norm - the wide open spaces await your return.
  10. Good going - both of you. And I love that you have a partner who really is one. Those finds are exciting to see and inspirational for all of us I'm sure. Nice work.
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