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  1. Blurb is a perfect choice for your book Reg. You have a history few can match and Blurb will do a great job with your many priceless photographs. It's good to know you're recovered from your surgery, welcome back.
  2. Good going, the 6000 isn't worth a thing unless it has a persistent operator. Nice work.
  3. Sorry to hear about Chris, he is indeed a down to earth nice guy.
  4. I long ago realized that the gold most of us are seeking is all around us when we are out doing what we love. I have been lucky enough to have found my 2oz piece, I have dredged literally pounds of gold in mother lode rivers, and over the five decades I have looked for gold, I have realized that for me it is the impulse to search that is the real gold. Great write-up Gerry, thanks for taking the time. Good hunting.
  5. Good advice... If you have driven on ice you will immediately know driving on this stuff is definitely taking a chance. The illusion of control unexpectedly disappears in a heartbeat.
  6. Norvic, what do you think an update would be able to incorporate as it relates to a 6000?
  7. I also detect with a sunblock shirt, it buttons up, has a collar and long sleeves with ample pockets. VERY helpful in the sun.
  8. Thanks Condor, the three of you gave a well-rounded picture - i'm appreciative of the time taken to share with us.
  9. Now that would be a spectacular move by MineLab.
  10. Gerry, that's a great observation and I am sure there are many people who recognize what you are trying to get across to help all of us. Also happy that despite nay-sayers, you have continued to talk about these critical detecting details. Thanks...
  11. I guess it's not surprising that many are suspicious or disappointed in this article, a sign of the times. Instead why not view it - celebrate it - as a necessary step that is being attempted? Something that up to now, no-one has been willing or able to do. Should setting out the successful points they have accomplished be characterized as "teasing" dredgers? Or, are these necessary steps that have to be taken on behalf of all of us in order to overturn the ridiculous restrictions that have been placed on recreational dredgers? I guess time will tell.
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