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  1. Great report Condor and once again you prove that people who find gold in your area usually do because they work for it.
  2. One of the few benefits of being 5' 7"... Good luck.
  3. Pretty amazing machine even without the low price. I love that these guys are able to design so many features into an "entry level" machine. I am hoping they have a huge success with this beauty of a machine. It will be fun to hear how it does but I will bet right now, it's good.
  4. A cool article and an eye-opener as far as using technology, knowledge and effort goes. No wonder these guys find gold, they work for it.
  5. Hi Steve, thanks for posting that thread. I have only used it a bit, but haven't had any problems with the locks, or the fit of everything, or any wobble in the shaft. I look forward to using it more and more now that the weather is beginning to be safe enough to not have to worry about bursting into flame getting out of the car in the desert.
  6. Since people are chatting up new stems, I would like to recommend a three piece telescoping replacement for the stock Equinox stem. I received it today and love it. It is super lightweight, simple to assemble (I did it so it's simple), it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I don't make a habit of putting up ad's for equipment unless I am pretty sure they are first rate and I believe this shaft meets that standard. I took a couple of quick shots of it after I closed it up to it's shortest length. They also included a nice cover for the Eq. control box which I also have shown. Take a look at their website and see what you think https://www.detecting-innovations.co.uk/TELE-KNOX_Detecting-Innovations_Telescopic_Stem/p6292256_19741720.aspx
  7. I love that trip to N. NV. as well but have you ever tried taking Hwy. 6 out of Bishop and then turning N. on Hwy 360? It's sort of the back way and is shorter if your are going above Lovelock. There are some amazing views and side trips to mining areas that are little prospected. fwiw...
  8. Bill's outing. There we go. Thanks Steve. I was just messing with Rob.
  9. (laughing…) If Rob doesn't know there's a Minelab outing, somethings weird.
  10. I completely agree Fred. I am always surprised how many people think nothing of dollying. I have only done that with one group of specie's I once found. The matrix was so ugly. Perhaps if I found more samples that needed it, I might try it.
  11. This is a pretty significant bit of information. It will be helpful to hear if anyone has a problem GB'ing with the replacement ring, or if the GB is correct when using it.
  12. I understand your reticence JW, my half sister was born in NZ and has recently visited and said the same thing. If it's any comfort (and it won't be), the price of housing in the US is just stupidly high. That, combined with the whip-saw economics and politics, makes NZ seem like heaven. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts after your US visit.
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