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  1. Nice hunting - especially with a Nox. That is no picnic up there and you have done well. I fully sympathize with the distances that have to be covered to get to good areas.
  2. It's good that you are getting all your bad luck out of the way now. That can only mean great success once you get to Meekatharra (a great choice of destination imho). You guys will have a huge cheering section during your travels.
  3. I envy Mitchel for planning and carrying out this wonderful trip. I don't envy him having to make where-to-hunt decisions on the fly in strange (to him), areas. That is difficult no matter how much experience you have. I don't have any advice except to echo Fred (focus), and everyone else who is saying enjoy your surroundings- which you seem to be doing. There are a lot of people willing you onto your next nugget.
  4. This last series of posts are some of the most important I have seen in any forum thread. Thanks gents you just hit the nail on the head. There is a lot to learn (unless you are walking your dog in a goldfield, then you don't need to worry...)
  5. Nice work, that is exacting detecting. Those coils look good, I'm looking forward to hearing how they do in more mineralized ground. Thanks for taking the time to show us your efforts.
  6. That's good to hear. I also completely understand about wanting ground coverage with the benefits of a smaller coil (and without sore arms. I am small in stature and without a HipStick I would not be able to put in the 6-8 hour days I am able to do on the GPZ.) Hope it keeps going for you. It takes patience and skill to glean those pieces you guys come up with.
  7. Yes, it's a rock. (Not being smart-ass, just meant it's not a meteorite or anything)
  8. Nice going Phrunt, that must have felt good. More is coming...
  9. Jim was a mentor either personally or with his writings to a huge number of gold hunters. 'Follow the Drywashers' is an enduring classic for anyone interested in metal detecting and prospecting. Thank you Jim, God speed, you will be missed.
  10. Relief! Good going Mitchel, you have a bunch of posters smiling at your first gold. The skunk has been banished. Keep it going...
  11. I agree about the weather being a critical factor, for sure...good point.
  12. I have had the same kinds of feelings with similar results. It would be interesting to hear if other's have had these kinds of feelings that are then borne out.
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