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  1. The vistas, the silence, the wildlife and the atmosphere make Northern Nevada one of the best places to hunt. There are few places that rival it. Yes the gold is getting scarce but like Lucky says nobody gets it all, there's always that next hillside. From Southern California where, in the spots nearby, 'pounded' takes on a whole new meaning, N. Nevada still looks pretty promising.
  2. What Fred said. Think if they were dry washing piles were might be more piles of smaller tailings…but only guessing.
  3. Thank you Chet. That's what I will do, although it is strangely difficult to find mild ground where I detect. Makes me miss Rye Patch even more than usual. Thank you again...
  4. Has anyone else had this happen? I was using the same settings I use in this area I go to. My tuning process was the same, but the last time I tuned, the ferrite wouldn't balance out. The detector still worked great but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't balance the ferrite out. Should I have done a factory reset or something and just put in all the settings again? Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Haha, yes those too.. Gold Mode: High Yield, Ground Type: Normal, Sensitivity: 8, Volume: 20, Threshold Level: 27, Threshold Pitch: 25, Volume Limit: 3, Audio Smoothing: High, Ground Smoothing: Locate Patch. Thanks Lunk
  6. I agree. If you tried to make it confusing, you would have a hard time doing better than the original... It reminds me of something a British Director told me years ago. He said he saw a box being unloaded in London by the military. It had stenciled on it: "Bottom marked top to avoid confusion."
  7. Are these the settings you are referring to? In summary, here are my audio settings back to back: Volume: 15 Threshold Level: 35 Threshold Pitch: 25 Audio Smoothing: High Volume Limit: 3
  8. Thanks for taking the time to show us your find. That's a deep target in anyone's book so nice work. I was wondering why you use Audio Smoothing on High? I am always interested in learning from you...
  9. A tiny square of foam across the mic would help a little. The wind obliterates what we all want to hear…lol. The mics are somewhere like shown below.
  10. Might I suggest a bit of closed cell foam over the mic? Nice piece...
  11. It's fun adding color to a detector. It not only sets it apart but black is easy to lose sight of if you leave it momentarily for some reason. Love that blue shaft, wow. Is it painted?
  12. That's an interesting approach to a consistent beach-hunting problem. Do you have any opinions about just running the coil without the cover? I have tried that on many hunts and find it works quite well with no damage to the coil.
  13. Hi Mal, thank you for clarifying those questions. I have not run a 5000 for years now but I always remember the needlessly misleading and confusing nomenclature that was so easily avoidable.
  14. Hi 2Valen, ( it's because I do wear gloves) best...
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