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  1. flakmagnet

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Hi Mitchel, I agree with dig (almost), everything especially when the signal is unusual. I have found many interesting things by digging a signal that was out-of-normal. Continued good luck, let's see what the storm(s), brings.
  2. Jasong, that was a killer post.
  3. flakmagnet

    Nox 800 Gold Mode

    Yes Chase, the function I miss the most on the 800 is a lack of vco pitch in other modes besides gold.
  4. flakmagnet

    Interesting Comment About Iron Bias

    Thanks Steve, I wasn't sure that was the case.
  5. flakmagnet

    Discriminator Or Detector?

    Nice post Mitchel. I am having similar results with the 15 coil on beaches you are familiar with. I am impressed with the coil's sensitivity on smaller items and I have been adjusting what signals I dig. I find listening to how "solid" (for lack of a better term), the signal is no matter what the number on the vdi, has made a difference. Nice work!
  6. I read this in another forum and thought it was interesting. I asked the poster for permission and he said yes. Mark Carter Iron bias just alters a threshold that determines if a signal will be classified as iron or not. It’s not a filter per se and doesn’t affect depth. The benefit of a low iron bias has been correctly explained. But that is not the whole situation. In ground that is trashy and/or heavily mineralised, especially then the nox can be chattery even when noise cancelled and ground balanced. Raising the iron bias will then cause the chatter to be classified as iron and reduce the false alerts accordingly. That should be part of your routine if you want to quieten you machine. This effect happens in all metal and discrimination modes. But in all metal mode, the false will become an iron grunt and in disc it will be silent (assuming you have the audio set up that way). Yes, a high iron bias may lose you some masked objects. But the advantage is you won’t go crazy and you can perhaps cover more ground because you’re not having to double check false signals to see if they reoccur. 1 Manage
  7. The just-under-two-ounce piece that I found could have been found with a Radio Shack detector.. Don't wait for the new detector to come out - get one now and maybe when the new one comes out you'll have found enough to pay for it. We all face this choice at one time or another. But in my opinion, get one now...A used 5000 is an amazing detector. Obviously so is a used 7000. I never understand what waiting does except to miss opportunities for finds that exist right now. Best of luck with your decision,
  8. flakmagnet

    Beach 2

    Hi Vez, yes I am using it out of water and I do dial it back a pinch if there's a lot of black sand and stuff. Thanks for the tip. I think the mineralization must be quite a bit different in the parks I hunt. I don't have too much problem running a similar sensitivity in Park 1 or Field 2.
  9. flakmagnet

    Black Sand Beach Detecting

    Chase, just for fun over the last week, I have been going back (four times) to the same patch of beach and hunting it to see what the successive visits produce. I have been fascinated by the results. While the initial visits produced the most for the two obvious reasons that the cut was fresh and the first time naturally tends to produce the most, but each new visit also resulted in a number of finds. I am a fairly meticulous hunter if I find an area that seems good and I try to pay attention to what is going on under the coil. Although the finds were not as impressive each new time, I always came away with something that I had either missed or had hit from the wrong direction and didn't get a diggable signal. fwiw.
  10. flakmagnet

    Black Sand Beach Detecting

    Typically, if I find a spot that is producing, I hit it from both directions and have found that each direction has benefits
  11. flakmagnet

    Beach 2

    I would only say that after the update I have found the smallest and most 'valuable' items. Now some of that is luck of the draw, true, but...I found them after the update so I have confidence in what was either changed or not changed as far as the Beach programs go. fwiw...
  12. flakmagnet

    Beach 2

    Hi Chase, yes I agree with everything you posted. Here is what surprised me; I did this over about ten "hits" and each one was pretty close in results, and one of the hits was really deep, over 12"...the Beach 2 signals were more definite. I can't explain it. I do note that this beach does not have much black sand...at least accumulated to the extent that it affects the signal. Anyway, I will mess with it more, I was just surprised. Thanks for the comment, I always pay attention to what you post.
  13. flakmagnet

    Beach 2

    I recently decided to "learn" Beach 2, I had been using Beach 1 on dry sand and down into damp sand. I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive this setting is even in dry sand. I had the Sensitivity at about 23, Iron bias at 3. Has anyone else found this setting interesting?
  14. flakmagnet

    Equinox Up Date

    Now that I think of it, many of my best finds with the Equinox have been from signals that were "different-sounding."
  15. flakmagnet

    2019 - A Look Ahead

    Thank you Steve for putting together a website and forum that reflects an intelligent and balanced approach to so many things. We are all better for it. Happy New Year and sincere best wishes for a better year ahead for everyone.