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  1. Thank you, I join you in wishing everyone good health in a safe place.
  2. I am on my second coil cover if that says anything (I am not out all that often until lately). I also remember JP recommending having the coil off the ground i.e. not scrubbing and there was a reason for it but I can't remember if it was to keep the detector from being oversaturated. JP?
  3. I would rather defer to more experienced people than me as to what is best. For myself I vary what I do. Sometimes I basically scrub the coil and sometimes I keep it 1/2 of an inch or so off the ground. I don't know which is better, I find gold using both methods.
  4. I agree, that tracks closely with what I have experienced. But your explanation is much more concise.
  5. After sheltering in place for over a week, my son and I escaped to the desert to refine our social distancing. Instead of playing with settings on the 7000, I decided to work on my personal hunting technique concentrating on swing speed, 'range of motion' as JP calls it, coil control and listening for faint, vague changes in a steady threshold. My son took off to hike while I clambered down a boulder strewn and treacherous hillside with all my gear. I tuned up at the bottom and began to slowly cover ground I had already gone over in a previous post. Almost immediately I got what sounded like a small EMI tone-change in the threshold. But as I made my first boot scrape I saw my son waving from the top of the hillside and motioning for me to come up. I took off my headphones and heard him calling to me to come and help him. Now I am advancing in years and that hill is not for sissy's but he was insistent. A few minutes later I stood beside him out of breath and slightly put out, but when he pointed at a near-by prospect hole and said "can you help me get him out?" I was honored that he had asked me to come and help. Somehow a desert tortoise had fallen into the excavation. My son clambered down, lifted him out and handed him to me. We put him in the shade for awhile to let him calm down after being lifted and carried around. After awhile, refreshed and emboldened, he took off, snacking on Spring flowers and grass shoots as he went. My son continued his hike as I made my way back down through the rocks and resumed my hunting. My first faint change in the threshold produced a flake so small that, if it didn't go off on the detector, I would not have believed it was gold, it looked more like a slice of silica, but it was gold. (0.01g). The next flake was beside a basalt rock and I made out the signal in the midst of the sound the basalt was making. That's where swing speed (slow), and coil control makes the difference between finding a bit of gold or passing it up and moving on. Anyway, all in all, 5 stupidly small flakes - but all of them were found because I had decided to focus on what I was doing rather than what the detector was doing. Best to everyone in this strangest of times.
  6. Sometimes it seems as though the signal jumps out on the third or fourth swing. It's been faintly repeatable up to that point which why you're on the third and fourth swing. My experience many times.
  7. Reg your suspicion's were, of course, correct. Those shows are tightly scripted. Have many friends who used to work in 'reality' shows, there is nothing real about them. Best...
  8. If you are talking to me, I wasn't meaning you, I was only answering Fred. Best...
  9. Yeah Fred, the concept of not ganging together doesn't seem to have caught on quite yet. It's starting to come tho. Hope you are doing okay.
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