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  1. I want to echo Mitchell and Northeast…that ibuprofen is seriously nasty stuff. Taper off it asap. The damage it causes is permanent. Glad things are getting a touch easier.
  2. Whoa Dave…not sure if that was common knowledge. Glad you are on this side of all that and look forward to your return to the goldfields.
  3. Rob you have a nose for gold there is no doubt. You make it hard to remember... it's hard work.
  4. Couldn't say it any better than that. Thanks Wes.
  5. Wes, does that mean that Newmont (or whoever the mining company is), doesn't worry about the surface finds so much? I had once heard they like it if you let them know where you find stuff…but that was awhile ago.
  6. Sounds like you have a plan and that you are working out how to best handle the inevitible pain of your post surgery. It's certainly not for sissies. Keep us up-to-date, there are lots of folks pulling for you.
  7. I am in awe of both of you, Chet and Phrunt. Your thoughtful and clear posts are an education. There is no way I could pull off what you guys have done. I am still hoping NuggetFinder is able to get their coil out but it's been pretty quiet. In the mean time I read your posts and learn.
  8. Yay for you and your doctors. Keep posting about your progress.
  9. I think anyone would be nervous and hope on the other side of it you will be relieved and happy. It will be fun to hear of your recovery and subsequent return to the hunt. Best wishes!
  10. If you live in LA you're basically screwed unless you have some of what Mitchel runs on. His pre-dawn runs are getting to be legendary but he's right, if you want to go somewhere with better odds, that's what you have to do if you live in a city where you drive almost a hundred miles just to get out of town. Nice one Mitchel, you earned that piece.
  11. Exquisite gold and a good story. Thank you for posting.
  12. …one of the reasons I put all sorts of tape with garish, loud colors on mine. It's really helped when I walk away from it.
  13. Chase, when you try one, I'd be interested in reading your opinion. Especially as it relates to a GPZ with an sP01.
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