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  1. flakmagnet

    Equinox Good For Trashy Parks Or Not???

    Chase, thanks for pointing out that you need to shift to 5 tones in programs that default to 50 tones, if you are going to use Dirtfishing's video which imho is one of the clearest and most easily implimented ways of learning the Equinox.
  2. flakmagnet

    Equinox 800????

    I love it's versatility. I can have the detector in the vehicle and not worry about where I decide to detect That's quite a luxury. Multi-frequency is amazing. The Eq. has its own tonal language - it's a fun machine to learn and to run. I do not like the handgrip, it's too big around (you can always make it bigger if it's too small but not the other way around), and the shaft wobbles even though it does not really affect my hunting.
  3. I think I read somewhere that it looks like Oct/Nov. but can't back it up with any hard info.
  4. flakmagnet

    Managed To Find A Small Patch

    I'm late to this discussion but you are finding more gold while waiting for hip surgery than most of us find while having the luxury of good health. Continued good hunting and here's hoping you heal quickly there's lots of gold in your future.
  5. flakmagnet

    Software Update Under Progress

    Yes Chase being able to flash back to "square one" is a must. I had a great experience with the GPZ software update process but would have been more hesitant if it couldn't have been flashed back since it was working well before the update - my opinion about an Equinox update is the same; I expect it will work and work well but there has to be a way back jik.
  6. flakmagnet

    Software Update Under Progress

    Yeah, I like what I have. I don't have any problems that I can't overcome. And, if it ain't broke I don't want to fix it (until the update is proven out by experienced users to their satisfaction).
  7. flakmagnet

    Went Hunting With With AT Pro Users

    Good post. I also find 50 tones a challenge but am hoping to get better with time. I have probably 300 hours using 5 tones and have come to trust what I hear. With 50 tones all the sounds are at different notes, which makes it confusing to switch back and forth - at least for me.
  8. flakmagnet

    3 Rings On The Beach With 6 Inch Coil!

    You have your beach hunting wired. Very fun account to read. Continued good luck. I will look for you on the beach, I live near-by (and fill my holes).
  9. flakmagnet

    It's All I Need

    Mark, I agree.
  10. flakmagnet

    Beach Ground Balance

    Good post NSC.
  11. flakmagnet

    Got My Nox 800 Today Two Coil Questions?

    It really isn't very hard to take the coil cover off and get sand etc. out. I didn't like it at first, but as I worked it into my after-detecting routine, it has become normal.
  12. flakmagnet

    How Much Gold Did They Actually Find?

    In a place like that, as you might imagine, they're always looking for gold. I have read that much of the fill was brought by railroad and much of that was gravel from gold-bearing areas. The area itself is also gold-bearing to some extent as well. During the building of the dam there were times when they had to shut down the building so people could look for gold uncovered in the process. I am sure there are other posters here who can fill in better and more up-to-date info. fwiw
  13. flakmagnet

    Need A Settings Check Please...

    I have to read most of Chase's posts twice, but it's worth it...
  14. flakmagnet

    Sand In The Coil Cover

    I take the coil cover off and clean it at the end of each hunt day. It's easy and it's necessary.
  15. flakmagnet

    Question On Recovery Speed And Iron Falsing And Depth

    Not sure if this is the right thread to comment in, but I have found that cranking the sensitivity to 25 has given me about two or three more inches of depth at the beach here in So. Cal. There is a little more falsing etc. but I really like the difference.