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  1. E6000 is good stuff, but has to cure as has been mentioned.
  2. Let's see, that probably means I'm driving a pretty good Formula Atlantic car. All the best Reg.
  3. I agree the 7000 has a definite warble over certain nuggets. I also agree (I think), with the shorter duration of a bit of gold vs a boot tack although they can both be eerily (and disappointingly), similar. I also remember hearing a warble-sound that was just a bit different but just as tell-tale on the 5000 on certain gold bits. fwiw.
  4. I agree, it's uncomfortable in the desert. But I have read written accounts of prospectors in Arizona near Quartzsite, who in the and early 1900s would routinely be out working in 120 degrees. Those guys would laugh at us.
  5. Yeah I've been watching that Jim. We have close relatives in Forest Falls too and that's a no-way-out place so lots of prayers going out to everyone affected.
  6. …but right now if you get out of your car in the desert, you self immolate...
  7. the upgrade also states that it has stability improvements…that is sort of important too.
  8. I just tried it Chet and I agree. In my opinion you have made a valuable point of information for using the Hipstick.
  9. Hi Chet, may I have a small clarification on this? I have the hipstick attached to a D-ring a few inches below the top of my shoulder, it's where it was sewn onto the harness, and it does pull a bit on the shoulder. Are you saying that if I attach the Hipstick higher up at the top of shoulder height, it will pull less on the shoulder? (I was lucky and had a slightly longer extra shaft to work with). I quickly tried it and it does seem to pull slightly less but I'm not in the field with all my junk on. Thank you!
  10. Can I have your workout program please?
  11. I don't think I have ever had an update that "makes no difference."
  12. Thank you Chet, after eeking out 13 dwt in 152 flakes over 11 trips to the desert, that was refreshing. The old timers would faint if they knew how easy we have it these days. How are your (shhhh)-coils working out?
  13. never mind lol.. it was another rant that will remain unacknowledged by ML…why waste everyone's time... (but thanks Klunker if you saw it…)
  14. I rank patience right up there in the tips department. No sarcasm meant in this at all. There doesn't really seem to be a way to effectively tune out hot rocks without losing both depth and sensitivity to gold. I am sure you are getting good at identifying some of the tell-tale sounds that signify hot rocks and that really helps, but sometimes those sounds are so close to what signifies gold that I, for one, have to go for it and dig. That's where patience helps a lot. Patience with yourself and patience with your machine. Good luck!
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