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  1. But why would someone with a GPZ want to pay $3750 for essentially a smaller coil? I guess that's considered "good business" but I don't necessarily agree.
  2. I'm still mystified by this decision - and clearly it was a decision, that's not something you 'forget' to do. ML would have made quite a bit of money imho, I can't imagine anyone with a GPZ who wouldn't want one.
  3. Rob, I do notice that you usually come up with good sized gold. I can remember when I was dredging in the late 70's with an older fella, he constantly used to throw away everything left on the carpet after he took off "the pickers." He would say "well Dave, it's fine gold, who wants fine gold?" I always remember that when I'm out there in 90 degrees scounging for a flake or two so I won't be skunked. In other words I totally agree with you. A small coil would be great for rocky or tight areas, but your point is well made.
  4. I just had an idea. You know those gps trackers (see pic below), like "Tile pro" and so on? What if you taped it onto the handle of your pick somewhere? Then if you "misplaced" it, you just track back to it. (I think it has a smartphone app that it works with.) Just a thought.
  5. Reflective tape and fluorescent tape has saved a lot of my equipment. Nice work Norvic Good tip JP I go to school every day in here...
  6. I think the threads are important. There are very few forums that have the level of input this one does and the level of input is what informs us all, even the experts. There are a lot of people in here that have known each other for years either in person or in text (I have followed many Australian members for years on at least four different Oz. forums as well as the people here in the US that I am familiar with), and like all long associations they generate bumps along the way. Differing experiences provide boundaries to learn in but the personal differences aired here, do not work in the context that Steve has set up - so it's each of our responsibility to stop it.
  7. Wow…(that was a comment about the coil)
  8. Yeah Dave, that basically is the only time I use it…and I have it set in the User Button as well. It works.
  9. So Mitchel in other words; if they go over exactly the same ground, in the exactly the same way, are they going to find more if they ferrite balance this way?
  10. Hi AussieDigs, I have a question that perhaps was covered earlier in your thread. Have you gotten with a friend who can perhaps lead you over a target he has found that he thinks is gold and then has you find it? That is one of the most amazing ways of tuning yourself to hear the subtle sounds. I have shown a couple of people - people who have spend a lot of time detecting too - what a target sound comes through like and they have been amazed. Best wishes
  11. Phrunt, I know you don't need any (further), advice. But I can say from a lot of years of first-hand experience that the one thing that upped my finds was slowing down - especially with the 7000. I am not trying to come off like some big expert but it's the first thing I look at when I find I haven't been hearing those subtle signals -I stop and have a short talk with myself to slow down. It's completely antithetical to my whole way of being, I love everything fast, but there you are. Best...
  12. I agree Northeast. The 7000 is complex in it's make-up but surprisingly simple to use. I was laughing the other day with an acquaintance who was saying that you could screw up almost every setting and find gold with it. Don't be intimidated by the highly technical talk; for the end user there are a few simple steps and if you go over gold you will find it. Obviously you need correct technique - and, yes, a lot depends on that - but it can be learned. I am sure there are others that post here who will agree with Northeast as well.
  13. Chet you have blown my mind. AND I think I can intuit (rather than understand), what you are saying. You, Jason, and Andyy are in a realm of your own but it's intriguing to try to decipher. JP probably knows what you are talking about and some other's, but it's rarified air you guys are breathing.
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