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  1. I guess I was typing at the same time as you to what Chase was saying .Have you run 5khz where you detect and what were your thoughts' I ran 5khz and it seems to be more prone to falsing . sube
  2. Chase I tried that first because of it's lower frequency same results tab at 5 inches only now the ctx runs at even lower frequency and the tab is the only thing that shows after 5 inches must be a muti thing don't know . As el nino 77 pointed out 5 khz does separate to depth not like muti or fbs apparently by being in 5khz giving full power to that frequency it is not as sensitive to the tab so dime well win .Where as muti even though it's weighted to high conductors it still weighted some what to the lower conductors there by making it still sensitive to the tab same can be said of the ctx and fbs . I almost know enough to be dangerous so don't take anything as fact .I can do test to see how the detector acts to give me a ideal of what it's doing in the ground .Now rx +xyzx =dfrt would be the same as dfrt=xyzx+rx tech stuff . Above me don't have time to understand what I care about is what I see when I do a test Results from testing will let you choose the best settings for site type . Thanks for the post Chase were all here to learn by sharing what we see. sube
  3. EL nino 77 said Sube If the equinox worked the same ctx on mixed various conductive targets....it would be quit possible that it achieved comparable separation results with the ctx . El NINO 77 the ctx still suffers like the nox when the pull-tab is with the dimes same fate as nox can't separate I don't no if it's a muti thing fbs thing or what but even though ctx runs at a lower frequency than the nox the tab still is seen as the only target passed 5 inches . Now when iron is used instead of tab the results change the ctx will be within 1 number of the true id of the high conductor The nox well see 14 to 16 maybe a 20 now and then. . Nail and nickel nox smokes it solid 12 to depth ctx all over the place random numbers same as nox with dime and nail .Looks like we need both detectors or maybe they could put lower frequency for the nox in park 1 don't know. sube
  4. Thanks for doing the tests it is true as you seen that 5 khs does separate to full coil height giving full power to high conductor and making it less sensitive to lower conductors (tab) but iron is a different problem running 5khs more falsing and not being able to adjust iron bias . Tit for tat I could of just bought a straight vfl and achieve the same results .But I thought running muti would do the same because it is running 5khs also learn as you go I guess . Most people would say the ctx is complicated to run it is just as complicated as the nox a lot of people dumped there ctx for the nox now there in the same boat they (actually have to learn the machine to get the most out of it ). When the ctx came out people learned the controls and ran it like there other detectors sound was there biggest concern it's in the tones they say don't need to look at the fancy bells and whistles screen I go by sound this how far they advanced . Well I say it's like listening to a ball game on the radio as to watching it on tv so much more imfo They never put the time in to understand what was going on the screen .This is half the advantage of using a top end detector screen and sound so much more imfo to make a choice .Now the nox well be learned in time just like the ctx and people well get better at it just takes time it's still new but we still need that baseline of what it can do and what it can't . The test I did was to show muti has a problem with separation at depth something to remember when using it .It's good people do test gives a person a base line to make a more accurate choice when confronting different sites . Do I like the nox yes I do just have to find where it fits in my detecting and sites will take time just like other detectors .I appreciate the time you took running the test thank you .sube
  5. Steve said actually already answered the question, it’s just not what people want to hear. It should be obvious machines don’t separate as well at depth as in the shallows. Nothing improves with depth. This is what I wanted for a answer honest reply when I bought the detector I was thinking this was what I needed for hunting in trashy spots and the separation was what I needed but not at 2 to 5 inches won't do me any good .I still think as you go deeper say 10 inches the dimes have to be 6 inches away to get a ID that leads me to think the coils field is getting bigger thereby encircling both targets . This is a 2d target situation which would be easier than a 3d situation .Tom D from another forum says the nox will shine in a 3d situation who am I to not believe him but if it does not pass a 2d situation then how can it pass a 3d situation . Chase the test was done in the ground same thing happened did not matter air test or in the ground .Steve I want to thank you for your honest reply and all the other posters that contribute to this tread thank you all . sube
  6. Jeff said So if your Nox coil is over a small iron target and say a small gold nugget, the nugget will get two or three shots at being detected while the iron target only gets one. Depending on what mode you are in if you have a dime and pull tab at roughly the same depth and orientation, the pull tab is more than like going to drown out the dime so to speak and blur the target response since they are roughly the same size and one is a low to mid conductor and the dime is a high conductor. Just my two cents Yes read your post thanks for the reply but the ? remains it does this fine to 5 inches and then becomes blind to the dimes .My untech mine is seeing no separation past 5 inches fact .I think it has to do with the coils field getting bigger and bigger as you move away from the target a ( physical thing can't be changed ) and maybe all detectors would act the same way .Maybe it's just not possible to change the out come at depth of course this is just my low tech observation . sube
  7. Chase thanks for your reply a little about myself I have detected for 50 years have used minelabs for over 20 years I only hunt thrash with a 6 inch coil (Sounds like you simply don't understand the concepts of recovery speed (which facilitates detection of separate closely spaced targets) ( the CTX, need the targets to be more widely separated to individually detect them than detectors with faster recovery speeds, like the equinox) (wrong) it's coil speed separate closely spaced targets) Like a dime 3 inches left of tab(SQUARE TAB OFF TODAYS SODA CAN) and a dime 3 inches right of tab . Ctx clearly separates the targets at 2 to 5 inches same as nox after 5 inches they both fail even running the nox at recovery 8 speed did not matter they both fail .If you spend one minute and do the test you will see forget about the CTX were talking about the nox It was sold as a separater because of the speed do the test then ask yourself why does it not separate passed 5 inches . As far as the minelab wiggle it won't do you a bit of good if you never hear the dimes and are only hearing the pull-tab nothing to wiggly on .As far as sweep speed fast or slow no dime signal . Do this simple 2d test and see for yourself the ? was why do I get id and separation from 2 to 5 inches and no separation from 5 inches and deeper . sube
  8. Steve why does the nox separate at 2 inches and not at 5 inches with the dime and tab at 5 it blends the targets .This test was done with the 6 inch coil on the 2 detectors .sube
  9. Trying to get some answers for over a year on why I need speed for separation I figured a tech savy group her could lead to some answers. Simple 1 minute test pull-tab with dime 3 inches away on left side and a dime 3 inches away right side of pull-tab same plane .At 2 inches nox and ctx hit with proper id .Now raise the coil 5 inches no separation nox will only id as tab 13 or 14 ctx same however ctx will id correct to 10 inches using side of coil nox no coil size did not matter . Replace tab with nail nox does better will id to depth but with id of 12 13 14 or 15 16 and 17 the ctx will give proper id as deep as it well go . What I think is happening is as the coil is raised the field becomes larger thereby encircling all the targets no separation now we have a blended signal . I get the speed thing where the audio is shorten letting you hear the targets separately instead of bunch up but all you have to do is slow your coil sweep to hear the targets . (WHERE"S THE SEPARATION) That 1 tab on the same plane kills the separation of the nox dead in it's tracks what about a 3d target situation can only imagine . Fairgrounds are the worst place you can run a detector nails big iron cans pull-tabs foil can slaw and every piece of junk know en to man. So I need id the ctx is far better than the nox getting back to the dimes and pull-tab at 10 inches with the nox the dimes have to be 6 inches away from the tab to get good readings of a proper id (WHERE"S THE SEPARATION THEY TALK ABOUT) wondering if the deus fairs any better . I seen all the guys whipping targets as fast as they can and say man that has separation yeah at 2 inches what about where the coins are good ones 6 to 12 now I could care less about separation at 2 inches i'm not looking for clad . All the test I have seen 2d 3d and on have been done close to the targets what about 5 inches I think they all would fail . sube
  10. Ever have one of those days not one stinking old coin just some assorted clad that was Saturday so I licked my wounds and went back Sunday so I finally got out to the fairgrounds to try out the nox . Sunday was better took the ctx and nox hunted with the nox the coins were 2 to 3 inches deep all had nails was running 7 for recovery speed park 1 iron bias The nox called the merc at 2 inches deep at 20 I had high tones set from 19 and up and nickels open at 12 to 13 the ctx called it iron except one sweep would give 12.43 more accurate ID than the 20 the nox called it but I don't think I would of hit it with the ctx it was a small window .The nox found the coin with every sweep at 20 there were nails with it had to bring down the ID because it could not separate it . The other 2 silvers came in at 26 and 21 both had nails with them ctx called 12.43 on one and iron on the other however it was a very small window to get a ID and only one way again . As far as nickels I am throwing in the towel the nox calls almost all tabs and a lot of caps 13s and 12s so I marked 10 solid 13s and 12s with the nox the ctx called them caps and pull-tabs one it called 12.13 which turned out to be a beaver tail which is one of the only things I dig or some tabs . Not like the nox which just loves to call everything nickels the only targets I marked were 12 to 13 maybe the 6 will work better don't know but I am done digging nickels with the 11 inch coil . It might find nickels deeper but not at a fairground unless I take up mining aluminum . I will still dig nickel signals but not at a cap and tab infested area with no depth reading to tell me how deep they are . If I get back to the fairgrounds I may just mark the nickel hit's with poker chips and rescan them all with the ctx save some digging .I will be running park 2 next time to see what the nickels well do but park 1 is not a nickel magnet at all . sube
  11. Cabin Fever I mainly got it for low conductors and trash hunting I know it well be a killer on nickels deeper than the ctx I would think can't wait for the 6 inch killer coil in trash . sube
  12. I ordered mine because I just happened to be home that day seen the post about cabalas and said what the heck I order one they do have a 90 day return policy on it . I don't need it till mid April but now I have lot's of time to get to know it . Hope someone else snags one I just got to get that horseshoe out of my a## now. sube
  13. I ordered my nox at 10.30 2/20 no tracking till yesterday came home today detector at front door 3 days wow only 250 miles from Chicago anyhow if your order was placed before 10.00 I think you will get it . sube
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