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  1. Chase, My Vista X does real well in my red orange, rocky clay here in the Ozarks. I get better depth than the Nox I had. Course it is a more basic, analog detector. If You ever get a mineralized plot set up, maybe I could loan it to you for your testing. I'd be curious to see how it would do in a head to head.
  2. I watched one of Cals videos where some feller sent him some nasty Pennsylvania dirt. The nox and deus could not hit a quarter at 8" in that stuff. Some dirt has its limits.
  3. http://dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/list.php?2 ####### Thread titled Minelab Equinox owners, page 12. ######### Tom Dankowski is looking for input , in performance and design on the next Minelab Flagship detector. Tom has input with Minelab. Pop on over to Toms forum and read the thread, and post your ideas. I started a post about 25 posts down on this thread, about new ideas for the new Equinox. Not realizing they are looking for ideas. Reading the post by Tom about being able to add target density into ID is awesome.
  4. i heard that the 5c nickel 's metal content is worth 7c? might want to hang on to your nickels , they may go the way of the copper cent and silver coinage, and be replaced with a zinc variation. I'll have to research that more later.
  5. Good warnings Steve. The compressors used for pumping clean air are diaphragm compressors. You don't want to be breathing air from a piston compressor! The Blu3 Nemos hookah systems are on sale black Friday weekend, 20% off. I think I'll order one. Wouldn't be able to use it for 6 months, waiting the warm weather to arrive. But I'm Dutch, I like a good deal! Hey Dan-NM , want to sell one of those extra batteries? ADD ON.... I ordered it today thru Blu3 Nemo website. Turns out Its assembled and distributed by Brownies Third Lung. They have been making and selling
  6. How about a hookah diving deal? Those units seem to be getting alot of interest in the detecting community. Blu3 is going to have a 20% off for black friday, sat and sun. Wonder if Kellyco will do the same?
  7. Ridge Runner, how you gonna remember to breathe under there when one of those mermaids show up and retrieve those targets for you? Poor gal is going to have to drag you to shore and revive you on the beach!😍
  8. Skull, the blu3 unit has extra batteries optional. About $100 each. If you are parked near the water, could possibly recharge one while diving. . I don't remember charging time .
  9. The dive blu3 requires an online test . That unit has a 10 ft hose, so not much concern about the bends. The Air Buddy can be purchased with a 40 ' ft hose, and they do not require any certification. BUT , it would be wise to be certified to go anywhere near that deep. A resort cert. course would be good, but full certification would be a big plus. I was tank certified in my younger days. Tank diving is out of the pic at my age.
  10. https://www.diveblu3.com/product/nemo/, There is also a unit sold by Air Buddy. 25 years ago I built my own hookah unit , using a 5hp gas motor, Thomas diaphragm compressor, wash tub, and all set in a big innertube. The dive blu3 unit only weighs 10 lbs. which is doable for me, as I approach retirement. Would love to dunk the Simplex in the shallows, looking for fresh drops. Our lakes here are all rock bottoms. If you have used these electrics, I'd love to hear your comments. While Im considering it, one of those propulsion units would be fun too! The only
  11. Last summer my knees started bothering me. It came to a point where I could hardly climb the stairs to go to bed. Very painful, and hardly ant strength in my knees. I am 61 and thought my career as a service tech were over. Couldn't they last another year so I could retire? I dreaded the thought of going to a doctor. I heard a commercial on the radio about a natural product called Relief Factor. It reduces inflammation, which in turn reduces pain . A three week sample supply is $20. I tried it and started noticing less pain in 48 hrs. Two weeks later , 90% of the pain was gone. Ma
  12. Winter will be starting to set in soon, and cabin fever will soon be running rampant , time to think about the next dream machine from Minelab. What improvements would you like to see over the Nox 800? Preformance is always a biggie. More depth, more Stable ID at that depth. Wider numerical ID system, 0-100. Better selection of optional size coils. Or, maybe an etrac or explorer features in the nox liteweight style? Adjustable handgrip pod. EMI elimination system. If you request it, maybe they will build it. 😁
  13. Come on Calabash, you just havent tried the Vista X yet, 🤩.
  14. If you dont need a ID meter, and want a deep relic hunter, look at the Deeptech Vista X. It Comes with a 11" coil, optional 5", 6 x 8" , 14" coils. It sells for around $550. The Minelab equinox units are good versatile detectors .
  15. Interesting conversation about 2d and 3d capabilities. Anyone know which detector does well in 2d and 3d detection? thanks in advance.
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