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  1. Goldbrick, Daniel has a nox 600 and in his red dirt, the 600 does the best of all the vlf machines he has ever used . Daniel knows his stuff, been detecting for a long time and tells it like it is.
  2. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,152652,page=28 Here it is, read the post by Daniel. Nasa Tom that responds is helping market the unit. Maybe had some design input also.
  3. On the Dankowski forum about a month ago, 2 guys were testing a Tarsacci in the Tennessee red dirt, and it did not do well at all. I would wait for more testing before I would part with $1500 . Now maybe they did not have it set up right, or the machine was defective, , or it does not do well in mineralized dirt? It seems to do well in salt environments.
  4. Redneck

    New Minelab MicroNox

    If the overseas seller would put them on Ebay, that would make purchasing/ selling so simple.
  5. Thanks for the explanation , Steve. The only pulse I ever owned was a few decades ago, the Garrett XL200. It ignored all bad ground, but then it was not a deep machine. I did find a bunch of gold rings with it though.
  6. Sounds like a good one. Forgive my ignorance, I was under the assumption that pulse detectors ignored the ground. Does anyone know why this unit is not suited for mineralized ground, but only salt water beaches? TIA
  7. Gold is starting to take out the $1300 level, next stop $1360. Pretty good resistance level at 1360, it may take a while to break thru that level. When it does, it should garner a lot of attention from the chart watchers.
  8. Once the item sells, the link is no longer useable I believe.
  9. type in " Minelab equinox waterproof earbuds", and they should come up. The seller is in California, " ailen07"
  10. I just received a pair of corded waterproof earbuds I bought on ebay for $46. Comes with the 90 degree end that screws into the control box. Im very satisfied with the volume on these. Maybe even slightly louder than the pelsos' . I probably will not be under water much, but will use these on hot days .
  11. Micheal Oliver just posted another short article at King world news if you are interested. This guy is pretty sharp. Yeah, I am invested in detectors also, no gold fields near by though. I think its been a few years since I dug up some gold jewelry. Lots of fools gold though, tungsten, titanium , buckets of aluminum.🤢
  12. The jury is still out on the Tarsacci. Not hearing a lot about the results on that one. I hear rumors its a flop in highly mineralized soils. Some positive posts on the Great salt lake beaches. I 'm taking a wait and see attitude about it. Not gonna be a guinea pig on that unit. I'm curious to see how the manta performs. Seems to hold some promise, as there are some videos out.
  13. Redneck

    Equinox Up Date

    When the ID flashes a good number or two, along with undesirable numbers, I dig it. So many times I have dug up coins and bits of trash in the same hole. The detector was correctly ID' ing all the items. Its so fast and seperates so well, it took a bit to get used to this type of performance ! Love my EQ800!
  14. Redneck

    Equinox Up Date

    I did the update when it came out. My next trip to the beach , on my first signal, the ID was all over the place. Jumping from 12 to the high 20's and everything in between. I thought, man this update sure sucks. I dug up the target anyway, and it was a 12 coin spill in a 6" area. Nickels, pennies, dimes and quarters. OK no wonder why the ID was all over the place!! LOL. Update is working fine. I get a laugh every time I think back to my first target with the new update!