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  1. Interesting topic. I just received my Vista X yesterday, with 11 and 6 x 8 coil. I replicated the test above with the 4 inch dime, and 2 -3" nails each 4" from the dime on the surface. I put on the 6 x 8 coil, and I set the first disc level at 20. It low tones on the iron nails perfectly, but I could not get a squeek out of the dime. Moving the nails away, it hammers the dime. Now if I turn the coil 90 degrees, It detects the dime almost every sweep with the nails in place. Next I removed the nails, and laid a staple on a piece of plastic directly over the dime, and the detector nails th
  2. Thanks Kitz, thats the answer I was looking for. Lots of nuances in the audio. I just placed an order for the X. I need a good " in the iron" machine. Also getting the 6 x 8 and 14".
  3. Years ago, i had the Vista Gold. It had very telling audio. After some use, I was able to tell alot of trash from coins, just by the fuzziness or clarity of the audio. Is the audio pretty much the same on the X? thanks for your responses!
  4. How is it working out for you? U hunt relics or coins? Your thoughts appreciated!
  5. I had a 71 a few years back. I did not have the time to detect alot , so I never got the entire machine, downpat, so to speak. BUT , its an awesome machine. In beach sand, I buried a $5 gold piece, , 17" deep,and it hit it. I also loved the 120 segment meter, I could pick out alot of rings amongst the aluminum scrap in parks. The rings would lock in very tight on the numbers, where as most alum . tabs and trash would have bouncy numbers. You have a good machine there.
  6. Its not too late to invest in mining stocks. Gold probably doubles from where its at in a year or two. Causing most of those stocks to go up much higher .
  7. I have a pair of LS pelso uw phones also , bought thru ebay, direct from Hungary, they are awesome on the simplex. Have to turn the volume down in the simplex.
  8. The main driver of the gold prices is the shakey banking system, excess dollars printed, and the social unrest in the big cities.
  9. Steve, gold is going alot higher. Gold and silver are in bullmarkets right now. Bullmarkets end on a huge up spike. Look at the chart of gold in 2011 I believe. Gold doubled in 3 months, then slowly died out. How about bitcoin, hitting 20K on its blow off spike. Then rolling over. The fun is just beginning if you are a possessor or investor. The key is to sell out during the last up spike. Take the profits and run.
  10. Alot of the big US banks put a $3000 target on gold per oz last year. Before the Covid and all the money printing. It could easily surpass that price. And silver, $100 +. Silver is currently the biggest bargain out there at Less than $20 an oz.
  11. Hi Colin, Those charts look pretty complicated for me! The metals and miners are on a roll. When gold goes higher than the old high of $1920, It could really move. Also silver when it cracks $21 or so, should move pretty quickly to $30 an oz. The miner stocks tend to move about 3x faster than the metal, both up and down. So far my miner portfolio is up about 110% for the year. These bull markets are fun when you hit them right. Good luck all.
  12. I bought a set of pelso's from the maker also. Excellent sound and volume!, at an excellent price. Your book on the anfibio is awesome.!
  13. Clive , I just received the book and the bonus today. I just glanced thru it tonite, lots of good tips in it. It should cut down the learning curve quite a bit! Thanks for the great customer service! Reminds me of the good old days! Redneck Daryl
  14. I just brought 15 lbs of yellow brass to the scrap yard last week, and was paid 90c a Lb. If you are digging larger brass, that beats digging clad!
  15. KAC, Gold is a safe haven investment. When fear is high , gold does well. The main driver for gold is all the money printing going on in so many countries. In china, with the Covad 19 virus so heavy, its forcing businesses to shut down, as it is so highly contagious . Auto sales have dropped 90% in china. Their economy is grinding to a halt. The government is cranking up the money printing presses to keep the whole country from going bankrupt. Who can pay their mortgages when no one is working? So the govt is stepping in to keep the money flowing. Otherwise the whole country would collaps
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