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  1. Sky355, Above I did the weight comparison between the standard shaft and the Golden Mask shaft.... the difference in weight was negligible... and it felt that way to me too before I weighed it. Check it out above... OOOPS maybe the previous page. Hope this helps, Gerry
  2. I looked it up. The Equinox weighs 2.9 lbs as originally equipped. The Minelab Equinox 800 on the "Golden Mask collapsible carbon fiber Equinox shaft" doing the conversion weighs 3.1125 lbs or rounding it to one decimal place... 3.1 lbs compared to an original/OEM shaft weight of 2.9 lbs. Gerry
  3. Cal, The weight of my Minelab Equinox 800 on the "Golden Mask collapsible carbon fiber Equinox shaft" with the 11" coil attached is 3 lb 1.8 oz. I weighed it 3 times same weight each time. Best of luck, Gerry
  4. Cal, Not at this time.... I'll get that for you tomorrow after work. Gerry
  5. Cal, i'd have to disassemble everything to do a comparison weight between the two... I should have maybe thought of doing that first off but I didn't. I can tell you, I, myself, didn't notice a discernible difference in weight between the two shafts. Gerry
  6. Taras, the seller of the Equinox to Golden Mask carbon fiber shaft kit. Sent me this link if you want to purchase the kit and send it to the U.S. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173787937281?ul_noapp=true BE FOREWARNED THE IMAGE IN THE ABOVE SHORTCUT DOESN'T SHOW THE EQUINOX SET-UP, IT SHOWS THE Xterra SET-UP. If you want see the Equinox set-up... It's here: To clarify for those that still may be questioning what you get in the kit, here it is: You get everything: The Golden Mask collapsible carbon fiber shaft with cuff, The adapter w/all the hardware to mount your Equinox 600/800 control box/head unit/hand grip to the thicker Golden mask shaft Nylon coil bolt and rubber washers. (I just used my Minelab nylon bolt) Essentially... the only thing you need is a Minelab Equinox 600 or 800 and nothing else. Best of luck, Gerry
  7. Glad to help. I think you'll love it. It took a month for mine to arrive so be patient is my advice. Gerry
  8. I've been in touch with Taras the seller of the shaft on and off... I will send him a PM through eBay and see if I can get you all a direct way of ordering it. Gerry
  9. Sorry Sky for the slow response, had to take a family member to the hospital... the non-US shipments was new, but I knew that there were ways around that. It seems you got that worked out your own. Let me know how you like it... Best wishes, Gerry
  10. Here's one of my videos showing my Ebay purchased, Minelab Equinox to Golden Mask collapsible carbon fiber shafts: The seller's information is also included in a couple of different links. Have any questions, ask, I'll be glad to help. Gerry
  11. My Equinox gets much shorter with this conversion kit: I had a chance to use it in the woods this past weekend. Let me tell you, the ability to collapse it to it's shortest length really comes in handy when you go off the path in thick (now leafless, thorny) growth. That I can attest to! I was able to break-out my phone and carry the Equinox tucked under my arm and look at the phone as I made my way out of the heavy brush and back to my vehicle before dark. Sincerely, Gerry
  12. ELNINO77, I just realized that you're not in the U.S. As I recall, I thought I checked that site you mentioned to possibly order that GOLDEN MASK SHAFT CONVERSION KIT for the Equinox and sending it to the U.S. was not an option. That's why I was glad to find that seller, falkone2001 on eBay. Best of luck, Gerry
  13. ELNINO... what was the cost, if I may, delivered to your door? Gerry
  14. Yes BigSky, Everything you need comes with the kit. The (larger) shaft adapter to mount your Equinox to the shaft, the (Golden Mask telescopic) shaft including screws and they are the torx head screws like the ones that your Equinox comes with originally, a nylon coil nut and bolt, the rubber coil washers.... so... yep... everything you need. The only thing you need is an Equinox 800 or 600. I tested it out in the woods yesterday.... I loved it. It made loading the Equinox in my standard cab F150 a breeze. It now takes up so much less space it's incredible and it feels better than the original shaft to me. No loose shaft anymore and infinitely adjustable between it's longest length and it's shortest length... no pop-up adjustment buttons to limit where you adjust the length to. Best of luck, Gerry I found this on eBay. The Golden Mask telescopic shaft conversion for the Equinox. Watch it here:
  15. I found this on eBay. The Golden Mask telescopic shaft conversion for the Equinox. Watch it here:
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