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  1. Think many are not aware about the salt mist...... even 100 feet inland away from the water....until its too late.
  2. A few months back Carl Moreland made this post, prediction: "I suspect they will attempt to sell the assets, including patents. If not, the family will continue to own the rights. The only patent I believe that has any value is the one I wrote on truncated half-sine. Others either have little value, are easily circumvented, or are near expiration. Cost of manufacturing hasn't really been an issue for White's. Their labor market is exceptionally cheap and they do most everything in-house. What has hurt them the most is sales/marketing. They hung onto the distributor/dealer model for too lon
  3. From my experience with the Nokta/Makro units, AM mode is a bit weak in depth. I don't think it was meant to be a deep mode, like we are used to with US brands of detectors over the years with true all all metal mode which was threshold based. Digital software based AM mode, is for being able to penetrate soils that are highly mineralized or with in my case black magnetic sands. Where all other modes fail to provide proper target ID-falsing, mixed tones, downgrading towards iron, or wrapping around.....AM mode cuts thru the mineralized ground without too much loss of depth and still responds t
  4. How many detector companies marketing depts actually listen to what the consumer wants? You were spoiled by Nokta/Makro.
  5. Think most of us agree with a smaller coil being offered right from the start. Unfortunately, all the Simplex coils are a bit heavy and tend to make the Simplex a bit nose heavy. Also the control box above a handle with battery also tips the balance towards the coil. All this does make the Simplex feel heavier than what it is and unbalanced for land use. Since this is a dual purpose detector land and water submersible, it had to be designed this way. You don't want the coil having a tendency to float upwards, nor do you want the control box to float upwards, especially when hunting in salt wat
  6. If you can't gel with a particular detector and or in your case a particular coil. No sense keeping it. The best thing you can do for yourself is look at another brand model. If your not happy with what your using, you won't feel like grabbing that detector when going out for a hunt. A lot of people like the Nox 600 and 800, borrow your friends for a day, if he'll let you.................
  7. I am posting this for Jimmy, if you can help him, that would be great. Hi all I would like to get a a Compass XP pro to use for about a year. I have bone cancer and my time will be down to the last of winter or first of spring. I’m sorry but I be in chemo from 4/4/20 And until 12/20/20 and have not show any improvement yet. So I wanted to hunt with the first metal detector I owned. I have some to trade tesroro , Fisher F75 50+ Or cash if you got something drop me a line at wicked_wolf_@hotmail.com Thanks Jimmy Huff
  8. I doubt there will be a Simplex 2. But, the new Multi-Freaker by Nokta/Makro more than likely be an upper end model. I am sure Nokta took in consideration suggestions made by Nokta/Makro owners who bought any of their detector models when designing the new Multi-Freaker.
  9. Looking only for those who are Canadians that live in Canada. Become a Nomad, enjoy the benefits. https://www.noktadetectors.com/nomads-canada-application-form/?fbclid=IwAR275iMu9_c9tpaqGbOugciTTXS_nMadEBJyrRL82KDU875o01HcGczQvCI Visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/nmcanada/
  10. Gen All metal modes on all the Nokta machines punch thru black magnetic mineralized soils/sands much better. There's where I found the All metal modes more useful.
  11. I used 3 tone with Gain set at about 75-85 in the trashy schoolyards I hunted along with the 7" concentric coil. A perfect combination for that type of hunting. I preferred 3 tone for coin and jewelry hunting. Also, reset the tones to my liking. 2 tone 15-47 3 tone FE 15 47 70 4 tone 15-47-64-70
  12. Another thing, the different modes cover different hunting situations. All modes are not the same in the way of recovery speed, depth, and separation. Each mode has preset perimeters. And then throw into the mix the different coil diameters and what they are capable of....
  13. You sound like my friend Rick in the UK. Two true Coil-a-holics. I once knew a collector of records. His entire house on the inside was held up by tens of pillars of audio LP's and 45 records.
  14. You need an inductance and ohm meters also an oscilloscope. Many DD coils have a small circuit board in them. Best to join Geotech, they have a specific forum for coil building. Nokta/Makro use M12 connectors coil_data.pdf TGSLCoil Making.pdf
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