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  1. You will do fine with current 2.78. Myself and others like 2.77, because we like working the detecting into the noisy chattery zone. It's the fringe target depth area. basically your running the detector very hot, not suitable for many. Read more here
  2. Thinned down my herd, it became easier every time one went to a new home. Down to two detectors now. A Blisstool V5 with the 7x9 coil. And my Mirage Pi that I built with three coil sizes. Both are fun to use. Now I wouldn't object if some company or individual wants to send me a detector......
  3. It's not a wrap around. The composition of Canadian clad make it hard for many detectors to decide if its junk or good. Depending upon the year the composition was changed by the mint. Lots of the clad is now steel based with a chrome like plating. So the Id can bounce between numbers, maybe lock on to a particular number range. Or be seen as junk in the low iron range numbers. If the coin is on edge, will definitely be Id'd with a low iron range number. If your digging clad up here, you have to set up your disc to a min. setting that the clad will be accepted when lying flat. You can't hunt the same way here as you would in the US, you'll go away with empty pockets. Canadian clad give most detectors troubles when in disc mode!!! Also, your disc range has to go low enough to accept tiny nails and such to register the edge coins. If you hunt in a true all metal mode, not an issue you'll pick them up. Canadian Clad coin composition thru the years http://www.saskatooncoinclub.ca/articles/02a_coin_specs.html
  4. I think you will enjoy it. I had one of the first production models here in Canada to test and really had fun with it. If you like smaller coils, you can't be without the round 5.7" and or the Super 6.
  5. https://www.noktadetectors.com/nomads-team/ Siren Kimmie has excellent videos regarding the Nokta/Makro detectors, she's a Nomad https://www.youtube.com/c/SirenKimmie/videos
  6. Think part of it is lack of tarrifs, or very low custom and duty fees due to foreign trade deals with those having favorable country status.
  7. The Chinese T2 knockoffs were costing them $30 each to produce. Orig. Quest wireless headphones from the Chinese manufacturer, found could buy the Transmitter and headphones for $12 per set.
  8. Pretty much what I hunt in--all metal mode. By the audio can pretty much tell whether to dig or not. As you said a glance at and how the meter reacts gives up a final clue. Very accurate in locating modern Canadian clad coins as well, again by the way the meter reacts what may look to be junk is not.
  9. Decided to keep it after all. Did find me a $600 ring this spring.
  10. Yeah, some one better snap it up before I get sellers remorse and decide to keep it......
  11. This was originally a closet Queen when I purchased it. This is the last IDX that I have modified with Mr. Bill's Mods for myself. Excellent performer!! Reluctantly need to part with some of the herd. Added features: Fully adjustable SAT control, very slow to fast recovery sweep speeds . Precision RV6 sealed pot was used Ground Balance control. Precision RV6 sealed pot was used. Threshold Control. A few resistor changes on the circuit board as well as in the meter for better performance. Comes with operation manual and instruction sheet on how to adjust with Mr. Bill's mods. Comes with stock 950 coil and superb working used Blue Max 600 search coils. Picture 4 is upside down, don't know why it uploaded that way???? $335.00 shipped within the lower 48 US I accept Paypal.
  12. S-handle mod. The Blisstool angle of the handle I felt was a bit too steep. Which tended to put my wrist in an awkward position. Didn't feel that comfy after awhile. This is a quick mod. Bliss S-handle Mod Part 3.pdf
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