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  1. Could be a faulty coil. Was the detector new sporting the old style coil, which some have a problem? Contact Dilek at Nokta with the serial number of the coil.
  2. Did you do the latest update to 2.77? If so have you tried re-installing the update?
  3. Not a feature on the Simplex. Only Fixed tone breaks. But, the tone breaks are somewhat different between Park 1 and Park 2 modes.
  4. All because some idiot couldn't get it thru his head shovels in local parks is a no-no. Signs recently went up.
  5. Testers might be bound non-disclosure clause. But, allowed to make teaser videos........to keep up the hype and interest. Past the original release date.....
  6. Unfortunately, not sure Blisstool is even building any more detectors. So warranty issues could be a problem, don't know. They are keeping the UK forum website, and company website online as a courtesy as they are chock full of good info. The Blisstool owner a number of years back went down another path, more lucrative one than detectors. Was kind of curious what Ahmed Merchev the owner was doing these days. https://alienohypercars.com/ Ahmed Merchev founded ALIENO in 2015 at the age of 31, with a mission to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present. To this end, he develops the basic technologies of the ALIENO hypercars and provides the initial funding for their creation, investing in ALIENO his own money that he has made in his other successful businesses in the field of robotics and electronics. Ahmed Merchev discovered in his early childhood his passion for electronics, robotics, cybernetics, design and automobiles. At that time, he mastered the basics of electronics on his own and designed his first devices. Subsequently, developing professionally in these fields, he made his first inventions ranging from hobby metal detectors to full-size humanoid robots.
  7. Think there is only a few V6's that made it over. From the Blisstool website: LTC64X v6 is better than v5, with that this LTC64X v6 is: - with improved work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, beach search (on the coast, moist soil, dry sand, wet sand, mineralized sands); - with mode ORE, optimized for work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, terrains dotted with hot rocks and stones, highly contaminated with iron terrains, beach search in highly mineralized sands; - with mode SOIL, optimized for work at low and medium mineralized terrains, terrains dotted with stones and rocks, beach search in low and medium mineralized sands; - with higher detection speed and higher recovery speed in mode ORE; - with improved depth of detection and improved comfort when working on any type of terrain; - with automatic stabilizer with a very high degree of stabilization.
  8. Just keep finding clad. Charged up the Blisstool V5 last night for a morning hunt before the heat set in with a blazing hot sun starts baking me. Since most areas are pretty dry, not wanting to ruin any grass areas. Went back to a well hit spot where the ground would just damp enough to make for some easy digging and the ground would not dry out. The place is a good choice because the sprinkler system keeps the grass nice and green. This morning. True to form, the sprinklers came on, the grass at my spot was still wet. The rising sun and warming heat soon dried the grass. Made for a clean hunt. Ground balanced the V5 to perfection. Ran smooth with a nice stable threshold all morning. Used the 7x9 search coil again, which is just going to stay on this detector. Since I haven't used the V5 in several weeks, as I was testing out the new Simplex coils, it did take about 1 hour to get back in the swing of things. So a lot of trash was dug, just to get a feel of the audio responses between trash and good trash ( Canadian clad coins). Made for some good education today. There are a couple things I can say about the V5, it loves deeper Canadian clad coins. Pretty much already cleaned the place of surface to 5" deep coins. Finding there sure is a lot more at the 6-8" range than I thought. The V5 just sees them loud and clear, quite surprised how many are dug at the 7" range. Noted all those pesky dimes came from that depth. The only coin that came from a shallow depth of 4" was the Toonie. It sounded like a large surface target. Have to remember that for next time. Hunted from 6:30am to 11:15am, at that point it was too hot to continue, packed it in and drove home, guzzling a bottle of warm water. Yeah it heated up a bit in the cars trunk. This was only my second hunt, the more I use the V5, the more I like it.
  9. Sad to hear, he had some input when the Mirage Pi was original circuit was being designed.
  10. I am sure Dilek at Nokta would be interested in this issue.
  11. Haven't used a MK in a few years. What I noticed with the Simplex. When in Park 1 because of the tone breaks, my gold wedding band sound the same as canslaw. In Park 2 the gold ring and canslaw tone report is different, due to the tone breaks. Just guessing, the tone breaks are as such to make it easier to determine canslaw from other targets in trashy areas.
  12. Simplex update 2.77 with the new modes Park 1 gets better depth than Park 2. You have to swing slower to separate trash and get an ID Park 2 separates closer targets better you can swing faster as it recovers faster, drawback is less depth. Better in trashy areas with close targets, where depth is not real import but target separation and unmasking is important. Oval DD coils get less depth than a round DD coil. This is just an example, not true to form. 8.5" round coil Park 1---------8" Park 2-----------6" 9.5x5 oval coil Park 1---------6" Park 2-----------4" From the new updated manual: PARK MODES: These are the 3-tone discrimination modes designed for coin hunting especially in trashy sites such as parks. Park 1 It is relatively deeper but a bit slower than Park 2 mode. In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-15 IDs, a medium tone for gold and non-ferrous metals with IDs 16-69 and a high tone for non-ferrous metals with IDs 70-99 such as silver, brass and copper. Park 2 In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-15 IDs, a medium tone for gold and non-ferrous metals with IDs 16-42 and a high tone for non-ferrous metals with IDs 43-99 such as silver, brass and copper
  13. Simplex Hunt with the NEW 9.5x5” Searchcoil Part 2 By Sven Stau July 19, 2020 One week has passed since I field tested the 8.5” round search coil. Today, was the elliptical 9.5x5” chance to show what it can do. Headed back to the spot(s) hunted last weekend. Today, really wanted to see what was missed by the 8.5” coil. Compare ID numbers that appear on the screen to the dug target. Check its depth capabilities, and its ability to handle trash. Typically I am a coin and jewelry hunter so, extreme depth is not needed. Most places hunted targets are found within the 5-7” range. There is always an assortment of trash to wade through. Main goal today was not to see how many good targets I could find without digging much trash. They say you have to dig trash to find treasure. They called for rainstorms to hit the area by noon time. They came earlier than that, managed at least to get about 4.5 hours of digging in. First thing I noticed with this coil is, ground balancing was super easy. Next thing was, how stable the Simplex was. Very quiet when hunting with sensitivity at set at max. Only some light chattering when the detector is placed on the ground to dig a target. Simplex is running the 2.77 update. Last weekend I ran Park mode 2, did the same today, with only the first notch, notched out. Other modes were also used at times and used to compare targets found in Park 2. Targets of all sorts were dug and many target ID numbers would reveal some consistencies depending upon the target. The pinpoint button feature also comes in handy to classify a target. Finding some similarity to the Tesoro Eldorado using the pinpoint/detuning feature on classifying a target by listening to the audio. Dug trash and more trash than I have shown in the picture of today’s finds. Was pretty confident by the end of the hunt what targets I could pass on and what should be dug. The 9.5x5” coil works really well in the trash. Separates targets nicely and pinpointing is just about dead on, center of the coil if using the pinpoint button. Otherwise the pull back method is dead on as well. Really didn’t need the pinpoint button for locating the target precisely. The coils tip held up in an angle or edge helps locate a target, if an electronic pinpointer isn’t being used. Very, very nice coil….enjoyed using it. It is known that an oval coil does not get the same depth as a round coil. The 8.5” round coil is much deeper. Noticed that hunting in Park 2 with the 9.5x5” coil, to get the same depth as the round 8.5” in Park 2, you had to switch to Park 1 mode. When switching from Park 2 to Park 1,using the 9.5x5” coil, noticed that mode needed a slower sweep speed. Park 1 is a better option in areas with more trash, if you don’t need the depth. And Pasture mode needs a bit slower swing speed but, gives greater depth. Switched to Beach and All Metal a few times here and there. Preferred Park 2 for most of the time. One site, have hunted for the past 3 years, many, many times. Never found gold there, always hoped. Always had a thought there was at least one piece hidden away in there. Just so elusive, wasn’t giving up on this place until I find one. This mornings hunt panned out, almost passed on this particular target. It was dug with the notion it was just another pulltab. Saw a golden color in the dirt, it was gold, real gold. A golden colored ring. Figured it was just gold plated….Took a good look at it, saw a cracked band and the front had double headed eagle design on it. Right away I knew it was foreign from one of Europe’s Balkan countries. Looked inside the ring and spotted three number—585. Proves to be European and being 14kt. Pretty nice find. Finally this spot gave up some gold. About 20 minutes later, 20’ away, dug another target, saw that gold color again. A golden colored ring with a Mason’s emblem on it. Pretty cool, I am on a roll, two gold rings in one day. Took a good look at it, no gold markings and saw some silver color in some high spots where the gold was worn off. Magnet proved it was not gold. Overall, found the 9.5x5” coil another excellent search coil to own. Happy to have both Simplex accessory coils, on hand to choose from.
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