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  1. The Simplex will be Nokta/Makro's----Tesoro's famous cult status Compadre. Popular, inexpensive-affordable, an excellent performer. With a smaller coil the Simplex............................
  2. The Vista X has a new home as of last Xmas. Waited 10 months for DT to make a 7" concentric they said that was in the works--for us North Americans.. Nothing. Large stock coil was too large for my trashy sites. The small 5.7" DD coil was excellent all the way around, just too small. Got tired of waiting while the X sat on the shelf most of last year. This year they finally came out with a 6x8 DD coil, a bit too late and still not a 7" concentric. Over all the Vista X is an excellent detector and does like tiny gold nuggets down to 12 grains. Yeah regarding the Cibola and Vaq., remember that the programmed IC chip needed to be replaced, for tone change.
  3. Had this in my file folder. Attempt at your own risk, cannot verify this actually works. ============================= Does anyone know what Tesoro does to change the tone from low to high? I heard they re-program a chip? Or do they just put in a different chip that has a diff. resistor capacitor value somewhere in it? ------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, The -ve voltage is generated using a 4024 divider chip and a push pull stage (as per all their other machines). On THREE of the outputs of this chip is a diode OR matrix which combines the outputs into one then to the audio amp stage. Move ONE of these diodes along ONE leg on the chip so instead of dividing Ftx by say 64 to give the audio base tone, it divided by 128 (half the frequency as an output) and thus a lower overall tone. Like this; Find pin 5 and move the end of the diode that is connected to it to pin 6. Job done three minutes = LOW pitch mod (and NO profit for rip off modders) Disconnect the ANODE of the diode which is connected to PIN5 of the IC and connect it instead to PIN6. This will LOWER the tone. IF you want a higher tone, then disconnect the ANODE of the diode from PIN 9 and connect it to PIN 11. This will give a HIGHER tone. No advantage EXCEPT that the standard tone is around 800Hz, the higher one around 1600 (or something like that). The mod moves the tone into the range where the ear is usually most sensitive to small changes in amplitude, thus, in theory, giving the user better aural sensitivity to small signal changes https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/26861/TI/CD4024.html
  4. Looks like Garrett Marketing Team is willing to listen to what detectorists actually want in a detector instead of what they think we want. Maybe they learned something from Nokta/Makro.....................
  5. Isn't Garrett one of those companies that only use in-house field testers?
  6. Steve, just shared your Facebook site with some of the groups I visit.👍
  7. Ever wonder where he is off to after leaving Tesoro a few years ago. Looks like he's been busy prospecting. He's on Facebook
  8. Do you see the battery in the picture of the insides of the control box? No. I think they mentioned the small cellphone like battery is in the compartment area that attaches the control box to the shaft.
  9. Just waiting for the waterproof Apex Pro...............................near future.
  10. Face book watch party count down. I will be at work and miss it.
  11. Covid and limited company operation per Turkish gov't has caused delays. Dilek did indicate next year. She does give clues if you follow Nokta on Face book and the live treasure talk shows she is on. https://www.facebook.com/noktadetectors Right now I think us Simplex owners would rather see the smaller accessory coils come out soon than worry about the Multi-Freaker they are working on for next year.
  12. I briefly had the Outlaw, if you pretended there was no pinpoint button and went detecting, found it was an excellent performer. Really should have kept it.
  13. Manuals http://web.archive.org/web/20150813221556/http://jb-ms.com/Detectors/Manuals/ Plus you can access Tesoro from the web archives last recorded Dec 12, 2018 http://web.archive.org/web/20180909124230/http://www.tesoro.com/product/detectors/
  14. Cheaper at Mouser if your in the US. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Amphenol-LTW/12-08BMMA-SL8001?qs=kbAEz%2FAXNVTMhf2%2F%2BQf9fg==
  15. No, somewhere in between L. Ontario and L. Erie
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