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  1. JP, I've followed every one of your reviews and tips way back to the first GPX and I well remember the heat you have taken on each new Minelab release. The old Finders Forum was a hoot because for me it's a hobby and the unbridled opinions and malice expressed by its members defied logic. My post was rhetorical, just bringing some of the various internet comments and questions to one place for a little pre-release exposure here in the US. Me and most of the DP members are anxiously waiting for your unrestrained views and experiences with the new 6000. Your expertise is always
  2. I'm trying not to fall into the NursePaul philosophy of buy high/sell low and what don't get stolen you can give away. If I had 20% of the value Paul's stuff that's been stolen, I'd buy 2 6000s.
  3. You know me, I've got to have all the right tools for the right jobs. Unfortunately, I've got a champagne taste on a Pabst Blue Ribbon budget. I've got to keep that Doodle Dog in tennis balls, she destroys 2 a day and I'm buying them by the gross.
  4. I've got some Girl Scout Cookies about to mature. We'll do some horsetrading.
  5. Hey Chuck, I only need to sell a kidney if I can't possibly get by with one or the other of these high dollar Minelab tools. I've already held on to a Deus, a Tarsacci and an Equinox. Maybe I need to cut back on my detector addiction.
  6. Are JP et al trading in their Z7000s in favor of the 6000? Is this the "Go To" machine for everyday prospectors? From initial reports it would appear the 6000 excels at sub half gram nuggets in OZ soils, but isn't expected to compete with the 7000 on bigger/deeper gold. Here in the US, will I have to sell a kidney for the luxury of having both detectors? It may be some time before us CONUS prospectors even see the availability of such a machine, do I sell the 7000 before the market is flooded? Does anybody know what the recovery time is for a kidney donor?
  7. I don't know, new gloves, new pick? Do we know this prospector?
  8. Summers here really suck and last summer we spent all our time on the road prospecting anyway. There's no way I could be cooped up in the heat. I only moved back to Yuma to provide logistics and support for my son to finish his college degree at the NAU extension. He's finished, got a great job and his own place, so my work here is done. I'll come back in the winter, my girlfriend and I both have family and friends here. When I get up there I'm going to put one of those trackers on Lundy and plot his movements by satellite to find all those secret patches.
  9. Not at all through with Baja, but the Covid restrictions kept us out. You could fly down to the tourist areas, but you couldn't drive down Baja. The border areas were open for shopping and medical, but further travel inland was restricted. Next year hopefully we'll get back down there.
  10. I should have tried the pinpointer, but generally their sensitivity to small matchhead nuggets is wanting, you have to get right on them. I had this big pile of softball sized overburden rocks and big chunks of rotted granite to contend with so I opted to stick with the 7000 coil and plastic scoop. I just got my new Coiltek coil for the NOX yesterday, that would have been a great test.
  11. We caught a break in the 90+ temps in Yuma for one last trip. Ostensibly, it was to be a quick trip to the spot we found the bigger gold in Feb and to test the X-Coil 15" Concentric coil over the ground we had covered extensively with the X-Coil 17x12 and stock coil. It's about a 1/2 mile walk to the spot but I pulled up short to detect a wash we were about to cross. My friend with the Concentric coil went on to the target area. I am using the 7000 with stock coil while waiting for some re-work on my patch lead for the X-Coils. I had worked the lower sections of this particular wash
  12. Over the years we've touched on the difference between High Impedance vs. Low Impedance headphones. Historically, the headphones designed for detecting have been High Impedance, and all were equipped with 1/4 inch headphone plug. Everyone developed a preference for their brand because of the way they fit and sound. These days more detectors are set up for the 1/8 inch headphone plugs and a few detecting headphones have offered that choice. The technology is clearly moving away from all wired headphones in favor of wireless. The market is really directed at music and communication devices
  13. With one of those keepers I might well have to buy another pinpointer. I hate to highjack the thread, but what are we considering the best pinpointer for nugget hunting these days.
  14. I like the bright orange because I'm careless and seem to lose a half dozen every year. I've already lost 2 of the green ones in the past month. I've quit buying Pinpointers for the same reason. I think I got these from Rob's Detectors.
  15. This is the same area you and I looked for a couple months ago. My mistake on that trip was "you can't get there from here" on those old roads we used. They were all washed out from that approach and the old USGS description probably mistaken as to location.
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