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  1. Well, he did find your lost Toyota keys nearby. Presumably, some of those nuggets were the ones that fell out of your pocket with the car keys. People who know Paul would find it inconceivable that he could lose a set of car keys mere weeks after he let the local miscreants steal that same vehicle and our detectors. A curious coincidence indeed. Could be a conspiracy to defame Paul.
  2. There's one of those "Darwinian Theories" out there that suggests the noisy ones are more likely to get themselves killed by our less enlightened brothers and sisters with firearms. In my misspent youth I was a cop in Lake Havasu City for a very short time. We got dozens of calls each spring for rattlesnakes in yards and pools. The policy was to shoot them with a .38 snake load. I got disciplined for being reckless and killing them with my nightstick. As Burt Lancaster said in the movie Valdez, "that was before I know better".
  3. I got out for a couple hrs yesterday with forum member Beatup's brother. It's summer in Sunny Yuma, approaching 100 degrees around 9:00am so we started right at sunup. We were 30 minutes into a desert wash that had produced good gold for him this past winter. We split up at the first junction of washes I went left, he went right. I had taken about 10 steps and froze mid-stride as an 18" DiamondBack rattler slithered through my legs from behind me. He paid me no mind, and gathered himself up under a jumble of rocks 10 ft away. He never rattled, hissed or made any aggressive motion, early
  4. I haul it on the back of my F150 on a Motorcycle carrier that plugs into the hitch receiver. Leaves room in the truck bed without hauling a trailer.
  5. Forest Green with about 30hrs on a new Honda 200cc engine. The engine was lightly modded by ARC racing to produce 12 HP, stock Rokon is 5.5HP. Mods include removal of the Governor, Billet piston rods, high flow intake and exhaust header, strengthened valves and springs. I've added the aftermarket Auto Grab front fork and suspension with 1 yr on off road radial tires. I upgraded the front wheel universal joint and just put on a new rear chain sprocket. This thing will go anywhere, if you can hang on. I can deliver within 200 miles of Yuma, AZ
  6. I was sitting out the "Rona" virus and hunkered down near Quartzsite in my toy hauler trailer earlier in the month. I wasn't really hitting the detecting very hard, mostly exploring an area unfamiliar to me. I found a couple small bits, ran into a "tiger" rattlesnake (very unique coloration) and a Gila Monster during my travels. I've hunted the desert southwest most of my life and only seen 3 Gila Monsters, ever. Nasty acting creature, hissing and making half hearted charges. Black mouth and flicking tongue are pretty convincing to keep your social distance. Then disaster with the Rokon
  7. I tend to agree with Jason on the 17x12 X-Coil, I've come to some similar conclusions about the tip sensitivity. As I mentioned awhile back, I felt I was losing targets with a side to side sweep and had better success pushing the front section between the windings at suspected target signals. The hottest section seemed to be a full 2 inches off the edge directly between the windings. If that's the case and you're losing 2 inches off the front and 2 inches off the back, you're not pushing at 17" long coil. I've found some tiny gold with the 17" round, but it tends to be much more dens
  8. I for one have always paid attention to JP's advice and genuinely appreciate the new kinder, gentler version of his approach. Thanks JP, you're a gem.
  9. I've been getting out for a few hrs 3 or 4 days a week down here in Sunny Yuma, plus a weekend trip to Quartzsite. My thanks to forum member Will for showing me a new area in the Q where I found the 2 biggest nuggets. The 17" round X Coil on the GPZ has been my go to set up. I really like the ergonomics of the 17x12 coil, but the 17" round has really been finding some tiny gold at depth. I lost a few weeks of detecting after my GPZ started losing audio after a few hrs of detecting. I sent it in to the Detector Doctor and they couldn't duplicate my issue, since then its running fine.
  10. If you, the forum members, have not hosted a visit by NursePaul, you're missing a real education in absurdity. He can debate any topic and after a 12pack of Naty's, he starts to make sense. That Tennessee gene pool is a little muddled, I think he has a cousin that is his own uncle. Don't even ask him about the exploits of other his cousin "Pedro". It's the high point of my year to have NursePaul visit and share his wisdom, you just have to keep it all in perspective.
  11. I've been a little hobbled with the sore ribs from my misadventure in Baja. I hate being cooped up, so I was out poking around in the placer fields of Yuma despite really bruised ribs from my crash in Baja. Anyone my age has broken ribs in their misspent youth, but at 65 yrs old, they mend much more slowly. Nevertheless, I get bored and have to be outdoors. We had some rain in Sunny Yuma last week and in some locations in the desert canyon washes ran a lot of water. I went out exploring with the GPZ 7000 and the 17x12 X-Coil. I wasn't really interested in trying to dig deep targets with
  12. Dennis and I took a quick trip down to Baja MX for some detecting. No problems crossing the border at Algodones and no hassles at the military checkpoints. Day 1 is really just a travel day. A lot of Baja Highway 5 is still under construction from San Felipe south. The road got washed out from a storm 2 years ago and the repairs are slow going. Day 2 we got a good start taking my Rokon and Dennis's Yamaha Fat Tire bike about 3 miles up some tricky technical ground of gravel and calcrete bedrock. From there it's another 1.5 mile hike to some of the old placer workings. These placers have
  13. Thanks to Davesgold and the X-Coil manufacturer, I got a gifted 17x12 Spiral Wound coil. The manufacturer took notice of my multitude of problems with the connector modification and sent me a new coil from Russia. Bravo Zulu X-Coil for prospector support. The weather has improved here in Sunny Yuma so I replaced the 17" round with the new coil and took it for a spin. I balanced it over the ferrite with no problems and I experienced no bump sensitivity. The first thing I noticed is how well the coil balances on my modified hip stick rig. I do a lot of detecting in the walls of desert
  14. Yeah, at this rate I only need about 40 weeks of this kind of success to break even on my Patch Lead misadventures.
  15. I got my GPZ back from Minelab last month, which included a new 14" coil and lower rod. Only $3600.00 AUD lighter in my wallet. As you may recall, I bricked the detector after the Patch Lead was defective. It's still crazy hot here in Sunny Yuma, but I was bored and still curious about the X-Coil, so I shook off my concerns and cut the connector off my brand new coil and built the Patch Lead myself. I was extra careful with the heat from the soldering iron and did a respectable job of putting together the connection. I did a few practice runs on scrap wire and connectors so I was a little
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