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  1. Completely underwhelming. Without starting a whole new coil war, I sure would like to see the XCoil over those same targets.
  2. Dave, I doubt we could have done that well without the pointy finger from you and Gone Bush. Most of this gold came from the same spot that both you and Gone Bush recommended. From there we met up with MadTuna, who you know well, and he was again ever so helpful with his time and resources. We could not have organized this adventure without Tony in Perth who handled all our mail order gear and helped outfit our Ute. He was unfortunately called away before he could swing a coil, but he was instrumental in getting us on our way. Bravo Zulu to all of you for helping us hapless Yanks out with kindness and generosity. A special thanks to Steve H. who keeps this forum honest and civil so that this kind of fellowship is possible. Now, all of you go find gold and keep the spirit alive.
  3. Final Results 134 total nuggets: 41.2 grams 10 biggest: 13.3 grams Biggest: 2.8 (actually less, still needs more time in the acid) 10 Smallest: .3 grams total The Smallest were probably all found with the GPX 6000 and Coiltek 14x9 coil. However, I only used the 6k for 2 days. There's a shit ton of tiny gold I found with the Z7k and Xcoil 17" Concentric. I had about 21 days of detecting after discounting the travel days and rain days. Most of the gold came from the 2nd worked out patch containing small deep gold. The final 6 days were a calculated risk for making a move to find bigger gold and new patches. I talked to 2 Aussie prospectors who detect nearly full time. A 5 gram a day average is considered successful, especially when you factor plenty of skunk days. Considering the time and cost, prospecting Australia reinforces our manta: "it's not the probabilities but the possibilities" that keep us on the hunt for gold.
  4. Update: We spent the past week prospecting a gold area with a history of multi ounce patches and bigger nuggets. We made use of some fairly detailed geological maps and Google Earth to identify mineralized zones likely to produce gold. Those resources in fact worked all to well because most of those places ended up hunted to death over the past 10 years. We saw scrapes and dig holes in all but one of the areas we identified. The gold in these areas was shallow enough that they were cleaned out by the GPXs and the GPZs long before we showed up. We found 1 spot that was relatively untouched and found 2 very small patches in the zone that should have produced gold. One patch produced 15 or so small nuggets, nothing over a gram. The 2nd patch produced 6 nuggets for a little over 5 grams. We gridded and expanded our search out to about 1/4 mile for no joy. Every day we did a lot of walking and swinging with 1 mile loops through anything that looked like it could hold gold. Mornings we cool and breezy, afternoons warm and fly ridden. Any little cut or scrape on hands or arms was the fly's favorite dinning delight. Damned irritating for us lightweights. The quandary for anyone in our situation is whether to leave the known small gold 200 miles behind and go looking for lunkers. We hunted the small gold patch pretty hard, but we probably could have eked out another 2 or 3 grams a day with low and slow detecting with the Concentric coils. I think we made the right choice because I'd always look back and wonder what we might have done. The one bright spot was we met up with MadTuna and his faithful canine sidekick Kevin. He was a most generous host and gave us the benefit of his local knowledge and history of gold producing patches. Well another adventure coming to an end and I'm sitting in the airport dreading 23 hrs of airports and airplanes to get home. I'll get the gold cleaned up and weighed when I get home. The total is probably just over an oz total.
  5. I thought about selling the 7k when I finished this trip, until I started working with the big Concentric. It is an amazing coil and brings new life to the 7k. Now I'm anxious to return to my old spots in Yuma to give them another go.
  6. It rained for 4 days, got in a couple hrs detecting for about 1 gram. It stopped raining on Monday and I got in a full day for 7 grams, biggest 1.4 grams about 14 inches deep. Tue we did some exploring on some old leases, nothing but trash. We still got in half day back at the local patch for just shy of 4 grams, all crumbs. Yesterday a full day on the patch looking for deep targets. I got the lunker of the trip so far, 3 gram nugget close to 18 inches deep. Ended the day with 9 grams, the photo includes the half day finds. I would have to dig a moon crater without the 6000 for a pinpointer. The 17" Xcoil concentric is my go to for deep targets and it doesn't miss much of the fly specs either. We're packing up and moving 200 miles to some 40e ground today. We're hoping for an opportunity at bigger gold. The first photo of 14x9 coil in the dig hole was the 1.4 gram gram nugget. The 2nd with the scoop beside it was the 3 grammer. My photos always end up sideways from my phone, but you get the concept. So far I'm just over an oz for the trip. I have about 4 more detecting days left.
  7. This is a short one. We got a few hrs detecting in 2 days ago. I found 5 little crumbs before the rain came in. Rained all day yesterday and showing very little chance of letting up today. The tracks turn to mush so even if we could stay dry chances are we can't get out there. The atmospherics really give the detectors fits so it's bad luck all around. Sunshine should return on Mon, hopefully the tracks dry out quickly.
  8. Hey Dave, I need to share with you my settings for the Concentric. A lot different than standard, settings.
  9. Today finishes 1 week of detecting. We're still detecting the same patch and getting some gold every day. There are literally hundreds of dig holes on this patch, so we're trying to concentrate on deeper zones with the Xcoil Concentric. I ran the big 17" just as hot as I could in High Yield/Difficult. Fortunately, the Concentric runs pretty quiet in the hotrocks, but it's still a lot of audio to endure. I burned out after 6 hrs, but it was the most productive day so far. The tiny nuggets were killing me with pinpointing and hole size so after I had the hole opened up, I started using the 6000 as a pinpointer. The nuggets we're chasing are just out of range for the 6000. 1 more day on this patch then off to greener pastures. We're going to leave gold to find gold I think. 2 days of photos, I'm closing in on half oz. Biggest 1.87 gram
  10. Day 4 of detecting down under. I started the day running the big dog Z7000 with 18x12 XCOIL. Running High Yield/Difficult kicked a lot of hotrocks and no gold. I switched to the 17 Concentric coil and it ran really smooth in HY/Difficult, untroubled by hotrocks, but no gold. After I took a break and rested my back, I broke out the gold killer, 6000 with 14x9 Coiltek. I started finding tiny bits at remarkable depth with that machine. I worked the fringes to stay out of the hotrocks and found 18 bits for the day. Nothing big. All the big stuff has done been got, all that is left are the crumbs. Clearly you can't expect to find big gold if you're sticking to the same known patches, but it's early yet. Couple weeks to go, maybe some blue sky exploration to find that dream patch. Photo 1 is yesterday's finds Photo 2 is day 1 and 2 Photo 3 is today's bits
  11. I arrived in Perth with all luggage intact. Caught the Skipper flight to Leonora and my ride was waiting. We pitched camp between Leonora and Leinster and hit a well detected patch. The 6k and 14x9 Coiltek were awesome at sniffing out some incredibly tiny gold. I had 15 crumbs just shy of 2 grams. My partner had an extra half day of detecting and pulled close to 4 grams. We packed up to head north for some 40e spots we had logged. Unfortunately, my partner sprained his detecting wing while loading the truck. We've holed up in the lodge in Leinster, hoping for some mending time, however; we got some pointy fingers from forum members Gone Bush and Dave D. Their guidance produced another couple grams in the poke and we're just getting started. We could not have organized this adventure without our Aussie prospecting brothers on this forum. Bravo Zulu to Tony in Perth for storing our gear and helping us at every step. Bravo Zulu to Gone Bush and Dave D, for unselfishly giving us the pointy fingers to productive areas us poor Yanks might never find. I'll get some photos and nugget weights out tomorrow. I hear the beer time bell at the pub across the street. Don't want to be late for beer time. See you fukkas soon.
  12. I'm off to OZ on Sat to meet a fellow (but silent) forum member. Our plans included forum member Tony from Perth, but it seems he's been recalled halfway to the Goldfields. I won't actually get to the Goldfields until Wed which gives me about 3 weeks of detecting. I'm packing both the GPX 6000 and GPZ. I've got the new Coiltek 14x9 for the 6k and 3 XCoils for the Z. Looks like I'll miss NursePaul, he'll be about 300k further away. It's been tough to pack for this trip, airlines charge an extra $100 for a 2nd bag and the Skipper flight to the Goldfields charges $8.00 a lb for baggage over 35lbs. I've got the main checked bag down to 40lbs and my carryon at about 15 lbs. Bare minimums, 2 pr of underwear should be sufficient, amirite? I'm an old wildland firefighter, so 8 prs of merino wool hiking socks are a necessity. I don't want to travel halfway around the world and get caught up with blisters or a fungus on my feets. I'll check in periodically with some results and commentary on detector/coil selection. Tally Ho
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