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  1. It's all water... Phone, it doesn't matter. Even if the information output interface is implanted in the brain... The signal itself is important. Shape and once again the shape of the signal. How the device handles harmonics. The math of signal processing. Some manufacturers have to pay the bills ... They do it at the expense of those who do not know what the signal looks like. Manufacturers screw new wrappers to old, like mammoth, signal processing technologies. Twisting endless crutches. For one purpose.... wait until they come up with something that will save them. Or until they retire. See Root.... With respect.
  2. I welcome! There are beaches equipped with wave barrier facilities. I do not know if there is such in your location but in Russia in Sochi almost all beaches are such. The distance from the shore to the wave cut is a search collection of jewelry. During the storm, the wave enters the shore by only 3 meters and a small part of the jewelry ends up on this edge near the shore. Aluminium does not get into the tank behind the wave cut with a bonus. Where there are no wave barrier structures there everything is very bad. The wave comes to shore for tens of meters. Something pulls off the shore, something throws away and so many times. Concrete barriers under water pass along the edge of the boon and they are not visible, they do not project to the surface. Looking for or diving is now only where there are wave cuts. In the photo of alluminium from the shore where there are no wave barrier structures. Only 3 hours! It 's worse in the water! Good luck under the reel. With respect. ps: A, yes.. everything to the fact that if you look for where there are structures protective from waves, the search area is significantly reduced.
  3. I welcome! "Cell Phone On A Stick Detector Design" This is the future of the georadars. When from the soil is removed with the help of a cheap sensor, and expensive decryption is carried out through a mobile phone online by subscription. With respect.
  4. I welcome! Minelab is a hybrid MDS-10 Minelab multi-frequency metal detector and Ultra WideBand pulse radar from Chemring. In the summer of 2019, the Minelab MDS-10 project (version 2.0) was adapted to search for historical finds. For what I bought, for what I sell ( https://md-arena.com/sekretnyj-proekt-minelab-gibrid-detektor-georadar-novinka-2019/ ). Target sizes include coins and jewelry. Practical tests confirmed the effectiveness of the technology. In Russia expected that the novelty will be presented at the copy slate Detectival 2019. But alas... Does anyone know when? IMHO Minelab should enter the market of such devices.It is impossible to give the market all the time to LORENZ, MAKRO Detectors, Nokta, with ichony georadars. With respect.
  5. That 's yes. Any stone flying the cheraise atmosphere or surviving the blast furnace will have such a fast look. Without expertise, all this is not combing. Coins are easier, though there are forgeries. 18 century forged 17 and so on... It is good that the price of forgeries is often higher than the original.. With meteorites everything is wrong. Only indirect characteristics for the beginning and examination as a point. Thanks for the link. Good luck under the reel. With respect.
  6. No. It is not magnetized. If not for the wrong night mentioned md signum, with taken in minus soil. More than one normal device will hide him. He was lying in dry grass and groin garew. One edge was only dirty in the ground. With respect.
  7. I welcome! Thanks! Kac, we don 't have a lot of coke because we were toasted with wood or peat. So I didn 't see a lot of coke. But the one that happens in the ground he is very... not beautiful. The weight of this stone is 72 grams. It is on all sides at small points from the stuck grass. When he was hot, grass stuck to him. This can either be falsified! Or the hot stone hit the grass. UFOs flew and melted the stove.. possibly. In Russia, it is very easy to determine a meteorite or not. We need to peel the piece off and send it for examination. I don 't remember a percentage of the total, but he is. This sent piece remains the name. It becomes the property of the institute. They give a certificate if it 's a meteorite. There 's no strong interest in doing that. With respect.
  8. I welcome! Take Minelab VANQUISH 340, convert the coil into 15 dd through the adapter. Very good, and not expensive... With respect.
  9. Thank you very much! I apologize in advance for my English ale... Borat. With respect.
  10. I welcome! Steve, I 'm not an expert either. Usually the stones that signal me don 't interest me at all. But there 's no connection. Forest, pole, stink. Maybe a meteorite? Maybe not? There were no fires nearby... Think coke? Perhaps. I don 't insist it 's a meteorite, but... just wondering, what if? I 'll put some cool rooms in the korb, even if it 's coke. With respect.
  11. I welcome! Found it on a pole in the grass. The smell of a burner. MD Signum 9x12 20 kHz. The ground was taken strongly to the minus for better detection of copper targets. Very weak short tone. Would be buried in the ground would not pay attention and would confuse with the signal from the ground. Equinox 800 does not regulate on it on any program. X- terra 705 does not respond to 18 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 3 kHz. Signum on 3 kHz and on 7.5 kHz does not react either. With respect.
  12. I welcome! Often I search in places with a lot of garbage on top. Everything interesting below. I am oriented on the depth scale (800 with firmware 2 it became easier). If minelab turned off the voice of the upper targets, adjustable depth indicator would be much easier. It’s a bad idea to include such a setting in the box, but great in such places. Will minelab be interested? For marketing reasons... With respect.
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