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  1. Right on Joe! Wet salt sand is a good signal conductor. Much better than dry sand or soil. Just the experience from my wet and sandy foxhole....😉
  2. The old adage that, " You get what you pay for." holds true in spades where sand scoops are concerned..and it's the next most important piece of equipment besides your detector that you have on the beach. At least that's been my experience and all I hunt are beaches. The best out there that I know of: Sunspot (Stealth) https://j9h.6d6.myftpupload.com/ Xtreme https://xtremescoops.com/ T-Rex https://thegolddigger.com/collections/detecting-adventures-sand-scoops (The T-Rex is carried by many dealers) Buy quality and you'll only buy it once. Just the view from my sandy foxhole
  3. I NEVER notch out anything. I let the tones and VDI tell me what can be ignored. You'll quickly find out that the minute you notch out those pesky targets, you'll walk by gold that falls into the same range as aluminum. Just fact....
  4. 🤔 Thanks. Sounds like a good solution but I think I've discovered an even easier approach....for me that is. My hunting buddy has a PC with Windows 10. I'll just make my way over to his house and update the Deus II from there when the time comes. 😁
  5. I'm hoping they soon offer updates based on n Apple Mac IOS platform. I grew weary of Windows long ago so I currently run Linux OS and have a Mac laptop.
  6. I certainly appreciate every one of these tests ol' Calabash is conducting for the detecting community. Thank you my friend
  7. Thanks Calabash. Rusty bottle caps have fooled more than one detector in my beach life...that's certain. It sounds like you'll be able to learn the stuttering associated with a rusty cap while it blocks the newer caps as you've already shown. Since the ratio of newer caps to rusty ones favors the newer caps by a wide margin, if I dig a few rusty caps while being able to ignore the newer ones, I'll be a happy beach hunter! Thanks again.
  8. Have one on order and sold my CTX today. My Excal is next on the fire sale block! 😊
  9. While overall physical build quality has been an on going issue, Minelab's software has been leading edge....until XP fielded the Deus II. As of now, Minelab is far behind in both build quality and software. From just a old Cavalry guys view point, Minelab is losing the war on 2 fronts...and badly! It'll be interesting to see how they answer the bell with a follow on detector...won't it?
  10. Well, they're either going into my hobby room or study as artifacts or if I do sell them it will be at fire sale prices. I'm at critical mass on metal detecting equipment! 🤣 As I said, I'll still have my two EQX 800s that I use regularly. Even if I'm on a LONG wait list I'll never lack for something to hunt with! 😉
  11. On display in my study perhaps... as a museum artifact? 😃
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