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  1. I’ve always used a cover. Beach sand is very much akin to sandpaper.
  2. The remote by far but...I'm grateful that XP gave me the option if the need ever arose.
  3. This looks to be a real winner for Deus users! 😀
  4. I never look at the clock because it’s so small. I use my smart watch which gives me lat/long information as well as time…much more useful and easier to see. just the view from my foxhole….
  5. I use a modified General program when in fresh water lakes. Nice and smooth, quiet and effective.
  6. 100% Agree Chase. I'll wait and see what is shown after verifiable use in the field. Recall the advertising hype over the Equinox's waterproof capabilities? How'd that turn out for the user in shallow water applications? Didn't quite live up to the hype did it.
  7. Tracking is my default setting for the east coast Florida beaches I hunt. Our beaches are pretty much uniform in mineralization so I find the tracking option stable and easy to use. Works well for me here but certainly not on all beaches everywhere.
  8. Outstanding work in every regard! Military class rings are exceptionally meaningful to all of us who have them. They mean much more than just a reminder of the education and training we went through. You did a magnificent thing in my view. Your dedication and total effort means much more to the recipient than you'll ever know. A salute to you sir!
  9. Yes, mine keeps perfect time but I never use it. I rely on my smart watch which is much easier to see and gives me a lot of useful information.
  10. I’ve had them out 3 times for around 3 hours each time and they ran strong throughout. It’s the coil that uses battery power more than anything.
  11. Yes, I have those and they're very nice. Comfortable, excellent sound, link up with the remote is flawless. Waterproof to 1 meter....not a dive set of headphones. Keeps out ambient beach noise very well. Folds up conveniently for packing. XP build quality is apparent. Those attributes are ones I very much appreciate. I can unreservedly recommend them.
  12. I did not adjust the sensitivity setting below 95. My test objective was to limit the number of variables in this particular case to just the salt sensitivity. However, a test that maintains the salt sensitivity constant at a given level and adjusts only the sensitivity setting would certainly be worthwhile.
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