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  1. I use the Quest headphones. So far they have have been great. https://www.questmetaldetectors.com/product-page/aptx-low-latency-bluetooth-wireless-headphones-for-minelab-equinox
  2. Were I in your shoes, I would get him the Equinox 800. It's as simple as you want it to be right out of the box and he can grow into it as he gains confidence and knowledge of its capabilities. He can then tweak it to enhance/realize its potential. It's a great machine for either beginner or advanced detectorist.
  3. 1. True waterproof capability 2. Reposition side buttons to the face of the control box 3. Stronger coil ears 4. More substantial arm cuff 5. Contract with Steve Goss to design their shafts! 👍 🙂
  4. Steve and FloridaSon are on target. Gold will continue to sink in the sand until some denser, compact layer or obstacle stops it. If it doesn’t hit hard pack, it will definitely sink out of detector range. That factor is why we watch and hope for serious erosion...especially along the treasure coast. Once heavy tides have stripped away multiple layers of sand, previously undiscovered goodies can appear.
  5. I thought I’d try using a pedometer just to see how far I stroll along the beach on my hunts. The reviews I’ve read on many are not very complimentary. It seems the common complaint centers on accuracy and battery life. I’d appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks
  6. Personally, I always use a cover on the beach. Why? 1. Beach Sand acts like sand paper on anything it touches. The cover provides protection against those scratches. Just look at your cover after a few hunts and you’ll see what the sand does. 2. Covers don’t degrade performance. 3. Yes, it requires you to remove it to clean the coil but the protection benefits far outweigh the small hassle of a little cleaning time. For me, why wouldn’t I use a cover? Just the view from my sandy foxhole...
  7. On 9 August, I posted my initial impression of Steve Goss’ latest offering---carbon fiber scoop handles for the T-Rex, Stealth and X-treme series of sand scoops. I’ve been using his product exclusively now for over a month and thought I’d submit a few follow up thoughts. Bottom line up front: Does his handle still impress me as it did when I first got it? ABSOLUTELY. A few descriptive words/phrases come to mind when evaluating this handle after many beach outings: Stout: This handle is indeed worthy of the term. It leaves no doubt that what you have in your hand is a very stout
  8. Normally, very true. This spill however, was relatively shallow in the dry sand high on the beach near the dunes. My guess is that some fisherman unfortunately dumped his tackle box.
  9. We've all seen, heard of or found coin spills...particularly if you primarily hunt beaches. However, throughout all the years I've been walking our Florida beaches this is the first Sinker Spill of this size that I've ever found. These sinkers came from the same 3x10ft area of Bicentenial Park beach and it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't find all that was there! 😁
  10. Just a few words from my experience: Even in the low mineralized sand of central Florida beaches, Field 2 cannot compete with either of the Beach modes in wet salt sand or surf. I’ve tested the modes on my beach hunting areas just out of curiosity. Park 1 in 4kHz on dry sand does OK but again, I’ll stay with the beach modes in damp, wet and surf. just the view from my salty foxhole....
  11. This Mackinaw boat anchor from the Second Seminole War circa 1837
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