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  1. Gold hunting season has already started here in the Southeast U.S. I really hope this virus moves on into oblivion soon.Too many have died already.
  2. Read earlier threads, mostly about the coil. Does anyone have experience with this pulse detector and do they find it to be an excellent detector for prospecting the desert? Would love to hear opinions from users. Not a lot of reviews out there.
  3. What is the detector going to be used for? Prospecting? Relic Hunting? Coin Hunting? Can you tell us more about your intended use of the detector?
  4. It would be the same as any other sandy area. The higher the frequency, the more particles of trash you will also find. Sometimes the net poles and the border around the sand are made of metal or have metal in them, so be ready for some false signaling when you get close.
  5. Any pack will do. If you are in good shape and can carry the weight, a strongly made, heavier backpack would be optimal, make a GoRuck, Hazard 4, or even some of the Maxpedition packs. But if you are not travelling far on foot or don't want to deal with all that weight, a lighter pack would be the way to go, just remember they are liable to wear out faster. A lot will depend on what you plan to carry in it. Standard gold pans of 14" will have a problem fitting inside and will have to be strapped or otherwise attached to the outside. If you want a pan that fits in the pack, you are probably looking at a 10" pan. Don't forget room for your tools and lunch! Hope that helped a little.
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