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  1. LiPo rechargeable battery, and USB up-gradable alone could have done wonders. (Also free scuff covers. Can't expect people to buy Cadillac parts after buying a Jetta.) 0
  2. I have seen so many use FB as their own personal diary. It’s irritating. Anyway it could have potential with the right layout and rules, I suppose. But there’s too many ways for persona non grata’s to get your information.
  3. Facebook seems to be made up of 60% Voyeurs, spies, gossipers, vanity, trouble starters, keyboard warriors, and keep-up with the Jones' types. There's a bunch of good to it, but a lot of unnecessary BS. I mainly use it to keep in contact with family myself.
  4. Treasure Depot is shutting down tomorrow. Detector/Prospector may get an influx of people wanting to join, to trade and sell detectors.
  5. AUPine, I understand. I grew up in Modesto, CA area. Definitely have crazies down there! But, out of the all the places that I have lived, Idaho was the worst for break ins, from personal experience. And now from Covid-19, break ins have doubled here in Oregon.
  6. Steve, How did my title get changed? I just simply titled it "Simplex+". "Coils Coming" sounds like I'm trying to get hopes up.🤐
  7. I knocked the Idea around to find a Tesoro Silver Sabre or Eldorado, some thing in the 10-12khz range, so I could have something not too expensive to throw in the trunk, just in case. And if it gets stolen somehow I'm not out the price of an Equinox 800. After researching, I purchased a used Simplex+. I think it will fill the bill nicely! I asked Notka/Makro if there was more selection on coils available. I got an email back; Dear Randy, Thanks for showing interest in our product. Simplex compatible only with SP28 Search coil (11''). In the near future, we are planning to launch more coils for Simplex. Hopefully, the product will be added to the accessories soon. Best regards! Burak Tunc Regional Sales Representative
  8. I bought my first detector there. It was an old beat frequency oscillator type.🤣 I found a few old schillings and large one pence coins.
  9. Rick, I lived in Ipswitch (Chantry Estates), and Bury St. Edmonds.
  10. Some of those other forums on the net seem to bicker a lot and should shut down.
  11. RickUK, What part of UK are you in? I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Suffolk. 80 miles NE of London in 1977-1980. I left just before the Rhendlesham Forest incident with UFO's. I used to walk my dog through that forest.
  12. This is an interesting site for references on various and out of production detectors... https://www.treasurelinx.com/home1.html
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