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  1. I had an MXSport and sold it due to it’s weight, 4lbs +. This is the same apparently, with the 24k inside. Great idea though.
  2. I have been pondering this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EE6GHU8/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 But I wanted to see if something was better and at a decent price point/
  3. Anyone know the best bang for the buck for weigh scales, from experience? I’ve been looking at re-loader scales.
  4. Maybe some guru will create an app for the Deus to use on the cellphone.
  5. This is a nice concept. If works I can see a lot of interest.
  6. I had a chance to go out and use the NF 12x8 evolution coil. Holy @#*%! That is one powerful coil. Down on the river I was going through some bedrock. I found a nickel that’s probably been there for quite awhile. The detector was snorting, grunting and going into overload at a nickel at 5 inches. Found some bits of small sinkers, but no gold! 😫 I had to keep the mini pick at least 30” away to keep it from picking it up. I was able to run the sensitivity up to max without problems.
  7. I have an Equinox lower shaft, but it’s outside diameter is larger than the TDI upper shaft. So, Doc’s detector shaft will work, apparently?
  8. Has anyone found a lower shaft for White's TDI to adapt to Minelab coils or coils made for Minelab correctly without extra rubber washers? Tecknetic's lower shaft comes close but is too short.
  9. I have not found any USA comparisons to date in my searches. Only the one called ridge runner says 7.5 dual field is blind as a bat.lol Detech doesn’t list the 8” for TDI, just gpx, sd, Minelab detectors. That’s confusing! I’m in southern Oregon. The soil can get nasty with hot rocks, serpentine, and other types. It is a big dive at the prices that they want without being sure that the improvement will be worth it. The Detech is waterproof, the Sadie isn’t apparently.
  10. How would the 7.5" White's dual field coil fare with the 8" Detech mono?
  11. Au4Gold2, I know that area very well. I grew up around Turlock, CA and had relatives in the Snelling area. I remember the big bucket dredge that was sitting there forever. A Co. bought the dredge and hauled it up somewhere in Canada. I remember the huge piles of river rock. I figured that someone bought all that property and made it off limits to anyone. I know that the Christopherson family snatched up a lot of the land in that area. The Christopherson's owned a turkey packaging meat factory in Turlock and I think also in Livingston or Atwater area's. I always wanted to hunt the Snelling area. I live in Oregon now and not sure if I'll ever get back there. You can drive from Snelling to Placerville up old HI way 49, which goes through all the old 49'er mining camp towns in the lower Sierra's.
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