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  1. I put white Gorilla construction adhesive on it to seal the coil bottom. Looks great. It works 10 times better now. By adding some closed cell foam in three points to equalize the cover pressure the problem went away. No bump problems now!
  2. Does anyone know what to use to reattach and seal the bottom cover back on?
  3. Thanks Simon. I’ll check into Garrett’s coil. I don’t think that I want to keep messing with this one
  4. Downward pressure on the rod causes it to sound off on mine also. The whole coil inside appears to be glued to the upper casing. I'm kind of fearful of trying to remove the foam and coil. It seems that the side bump problem is gone. I'm curious if the Garrett coils are a direct fit?
  5. I forgot, there's a metal foil strip that is very sensitive, (where the chirping or false signals may have been coming from). The bridge keeps the cover away from it. Going out away from town to test it further, too much interference in town.
  6. Well, I got the cover off. The repair guy said it could be the bridge. The black piece in one of the pictures is a foam rubber that keeps pressure on the bottom cover. I added some closed-cell foam under the bridge (foam rubber piece) and two other places to equalize the pressure. and the problem seems to have gone away. Apparently, they fill the coil a little. I originally bought the 24K as an open box from Whites. Looks like someone worked on it before.
  7. Do either of you know what they seal the coil with? I was looking at a White marine epoxy resin (JB Weld).
  8. Jim, should I fix it myself or send it to the repair guy he n Oregon? He want $50 to look at it, plus parts.
  9. Has anyone had problem with slight bumps on the 10” coil false firing? I turned the sensitivity down, but it still does it. It seems that the coil wasn’t filled with anything to stabilize the windings or internal wires. With the scuff cover off, the bottom seems hollow and flimsy feeling.
  10. When you dug into the ATX, did you notice if the 2 battery packs are in parallel or series, i.e., does it run on 6vdc or 12vdc?
  11. Sorry, I didn't catch that bad grammar. How are the Infinium coils working with the ATX circuitry.
  12. Does the infinium coils work just as good as the ATX coil? Also, will the new Axiom coils work with the ATX circuitry?
  13. Thanks! I have a GPX 6" round Plus a 10" elliptical. I just thought the 4x6 would complete my GPX. -Randy
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