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  1. I still have and will keep my 3 Tesoro’s due to their simplicity and no nonsense operation. (Lobo ST, El Dorado, and Silver uMax). They’re also great to have around for other family members to use on occasion.
  2. I had an EVO, I didn’t notice anything superior, except for a little more sensitivity over the TDI 7”. The Coiltek should be similar.
  3. The coil should be around the price of the Eq 900 or 800 6” plus $30, would be agreeable. But at the price of an Axiom 13”, no way! If it is, then good bye Manticore!! It would be price gouging at its finest. 🤔 Don’t be a sucker. 🤪
  4. I've gotten 3 covers and a coil from them and none fit tight!
  5. Garrett has always been outstanding and generous in backing their detectors. I’ll just tape them.
  6. Has anyone had issues with the coil covers falling off? I have. Garrett acts like this is new to them. They sent me another cover for better fitment, but it fit the same. Then they sent a coil and cover, but there was no difference in fitment. NEXT ISSUE: I did an air test win a small gold piece. The Axion detected it at 2.5-3”. I air tested the same piece of gold with my GMX Sport, it detected it at 4-4.5”. This was also the case with the ATX. is the air test the issue?
  7. Maybe like before when the Manticore was not yet available, they’re trying to build suspenseful anticipation, while at the same time losing customers, this time. “IffySignals” received an 8” tester, so they have the coil setup finalized by now. Now, for me, it depends on pricing as whether to keep or sell.
  8. I’m looking to get the 8” myself. Iffy Signals posted a video on gold nuggets with it. It appeared to be more sensitive than the other 2.
  9. That’s crazy. Does Spain have high import taxes?
  10. I bought a Micronta in the mid '80's, I took it back the next day! It couldn't detect a dime at 1.5 inches. Then I bought a Tesoro and was happy for many years. ☺️ First Texas should drop the Teknetics and Bounty hunter lines altogether, Teknetics is just a redundancy to Fisher. They should vamp up the research on some new Fisher model types and capabilities, plus drop the "First Texas" name in favor of Fisher Research. Just MHO.
  11. It is $500 from what I’ve seen on 2 sites (out of stock, of course), it could be that they’re selling them at msrp. Even still at $350 with 30% discount, I don’t think I would buy one! I still have a couple Tesoro’s that I can hunt coins with. My Axiom will find artifacts and coins at good depths too.
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