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  1. Au4Gold2, I know that area very well. I grew up around Turlock, CA and had relatives in the Snelling area. I remember the big bucket dredge that was sitting there forever. A Co. bought the dredge and hauled it up somewhere in Canada. I remember the huge piles of river rock. I figured that someone bought all that property and made it off limits to anyone. I know that the Christopherson family snatched up a lot of the land in that area. The Christopherson's owned a turkey packaging meat factory in Turlock and I think also in Livingston or Atwater area's. I always wanted to hunt the Snelling area. I live in Oregon now and not sure if I'll ever get back there. You can drive from Snelling to Placerville up old HI way 49, which goes through all the old 49'er mining camp towns in the lower Sierra's.
  2. Garrett’s ACE and Notka Simplex have stiff competition. Simplex is waterproof, that’s a plus.
  3. Looks like a re-configured, stripped down Equinox 600. At least that’s what it appears to me. That may be a good slot for someone between the Xterra and Equinox decision on purchase.
  4. Face of a Garrett AT, shaft and grip of an XP, back of a X-Terra, color of it’s own. It'll sell, depending on price.
  5. I was curious. I don't think I want to own one. That beautiful GMT that I got from you will suffice!
  6. Maybe they knew about the new Simplex and had to act fast!
  7. I saw a White's High Sierra metal detector the other day for sale. I've never hear of that one. Looks like a very deep searching detector with no discrimination.
  8. Will running higher voltage wear harder on the processor?
  9. Has anyone used “Land Matters” website to look for a prospecting site? I recently did, and today I went out to the selected spots. None of the topo photos were the same, some roads and trails don’t exist anymore. I also forgot to take my GPS...Those photos must be ancient!
  10. You should post your invention on here, with a video!
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