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  1. rled2005

    New Equinox Coil

    He probably hadn’t had his coffee yet!
  2. rled2005

    XP Orx

    Not sure how this would fare next to the Equinox 800.
  3. rled2005

    XP Orx

  4. rled2005

    XP Orx

    XP ORX is shipping to some dealers at the end of Nov. 2018.
  5. Jeff McClendon, What other complaints did you have that the upgrade fixed? I recently rolled back the upgrade and it isn’t as chattery; a bit smoother it seems.
  6. rled2005

    New Equinox Coil

    Maybe they’ll put helium in it. Or it possibly could be a really thin coil and a thin square for the ckt board
  7. Do you really find enough in parks to justify a CTX 3030? How much do you really find $ wise? Can be an expensive hobby. My MX Sport does great in parks for a third of the price of a 3030.
  8. rled2005

    New Equinox Coil

    I suggested to them a 9.5x5.5 or 10x6 elliptical coil, closed bottom and top would be nice. And solid scuff protectors would be nice for bottom and possibly top for existing coils for the dry dirt and rocky areas. I have noticed my open coil hanging up on rocks and short, stiff weeds. I also suggested in addition to the 5 tone zones that we are limited to, that 8 to 10 tone zones for the 50 tones option be added to a program change.
  9. rled2005

    New Equinox Coil

    I got this email today... Hi Randell, Thank you for your enquiry, I have forwarded your suggestion to our engineering team and they will look into this. We are in the final stages of completing the 17X11” elliptical coil for the Equinox which will be available for purchase from your local Minelab dealership soon. Kind Regards, Minelab Service
  10. rled2005

    Is This A Good Prospecting Area?

    Isn't it possible that there are areas that haven't been discovered yet?
  11. rled2005

    Is This A Good Prospecting Area?

    I went back there with my detector. Not getting anything but iron and hot rocks, and steel scrap.
  12. Got this on Amazon for around $10. Not too bad! Nice size.
  13. rled2005

    Is This A Good Prospecting Area?

    Not really sure. I know there was miles upstream!
  14. Does this look like an area for gold prospecting? Lots of iron!