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  1. If anyone decides that they don't need their 6" coil any longer, please let me know!
  2. What percentage of gold are the nuggets?
  3. Does anyone know the guy’s name? It seems like all a person would need to do is change a resistor or capacitor or both to change the tone. A schematic or someone with a before and after mod in pictures would suffice. But, the tone is not terribly bad, but unusual.
  4. It looks like that site doesn’t exist anymore
  5. Has anyone done a tone mod on their Vaquero or know how to DIY? Also looking for a schematic diagram!
  6. When the Equinox 6-800's flood the market, sales will drop, people will not be able to recoup most of their money spent, then ML will make an Equinox 600/800 II or SE. Maybe some improved programs due to complaints or wishes of the consumers. But it all still boils down to the detectorist/user's experience and learning abillities. I still do good with a Tesoro, which is a good machine to tune your listening ability to good targets, IMO.
  7. It is possible about the trash. But the soil under the grass is very rocky, and some of the rocks are magnetic. I will try to go to a lower sens. adj. Afraid of losing depth.
  8. My EQ800 sounds like there is a ton of small hot rocks under the grass when sweeping. Good signals will come through, but the chatter is annoying. If they only able to program in a volume control with the tone zones! that way what you don't want to hear would be silenced. I know there is the notch option. With silent search you would still have some ID going on.
  9. Jeff McClendon, What other complaints did you have that the upgrade fixed? I recently rolled back the upgrade and it isn’t as chattery; a bit smoother it seems.
  10. Maybe they’ll put helium in it. Or it possibly could be a really thin coil and a thin square for the ckt board
  11. Do you really find enough in parks to justify a CTX 3030? How much do you really find $ wise? Can be an expensive hobby. My MX Sport does great in parks for a third of the price of a 3030.
  12. I suggested to them a 9.5x5.5 or 10x6 elliptical coil, closed bottom and top would be nice. And solid scuff protectors would be nice for bottom and possibly top for existing coils for the dry dirt and rocky areas. I have noticed my open coil hanging up on rocks and short, stiff weeds. I also suggested in addition to the 5 tone zones that we are limited to, that 8 to 10 tone zones for the 50 tones option be added to a program change.
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