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  1. Awsome suggestions! I guess a rifle case would scream "something" of value. Thanks!
  2. Traveling to let's say, Mexico, Cabo or Cancun. Going to be using an Equinox 800 on the beach. Going by airline, I assume a hard case, ie: rifle case? Maybe a Pelican. Is this overkill? Do airlines allow this? Is it expensive? Do hotels allow you to hunt on their beaches? Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the input. It's certainly not a that I "dislike" the machine. It has a learning curve that takes a little time and I've only had it for a couple of years. It seems, like any minelab product, that this machine is high quality and will find the "stuff". Where I live in the desert, my hunting area is 30 min away and not a lot of trash, mainly have to deal with bullets. I use my 5000 and 7000 here exclusively for the last several years. The last discriminating machine I had was GM 2, 15 years ago and it would drive you crazy hitting on hot rocks and black sand, and I was a nov
  4. Sorry for the type O's on my original question. I'm at work and had to, dictate / voice input, my message. Not a very fast typer. It's pretty awsome to see all the guy's with Youtube channels on here. Any how, thanks!
  5. Steve, thanks for the reply. I think we think alike in regards to Getting new stuff. It seems Amazon packages come to the house everyday and it's like Christmas when they come!
  6. Well I guess I got called out on this.....HaHa. No fake name just kind of a private person. Can I get some Opinions? Greetings, I'm really new to your site and love it!. Not so new to prospecting prospecting. I have a 7000, 5000, NOx 800 and a ctx 3030. I mainly nugget hunt in so cal deserts and use my 7000 90% of the time. I bought the CTX for a trip up north to do some river hunting, I even took my SCUBA equipment, but when I got there the water was to fast and couldn't do what I wanted. So I took it to the beach a couple of times since then and it was just ho hum. I have some patches
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