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  1. Awsome suggestions! I guess a rifle case would scream "something" of value. Thanks!
  2. Traveling to let's say, Mexico, Cabo or Cancun. Going to be using an Equinox 800 on the beach. Going by airline, I assume a hard case, ie: rifle case? Maybe a Pelican. Is this overkill? Do airlines allow this? Is it expensive? Do hotels allow you to hunt on their beaches? Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the input. It's certainly not a that I "dislike" the machine. It has a learning curve that takes a little time and I've only had it for a couple of years. It seems, like any minelab product, that this machine is high quality and will find the "stuff". Where I live in the desert, my hunting area is 30 min away and not a lot of trash, mainly have to deal with bullets. I use my 5000 and 7000 here exclusively for the last several years. The last discriminating machine I had was GM 2, 15 years ago and it would drive you crazy hitting on hot rocks and black sand, and I was a novice. Never found a thing. So I buy the the CTX for a trip to No. Cal and after that, use in the trashy areas of the desert, where I have found gold, and there's a ton of old cans in this small area. The CTX performance and useability compared to the 7000 is night and day, of course. So its a huge difference. I take the CTX to the beach and find some trash and I'm kind of liking the machine, just need to get the coil over a ring or Rolex. Then I hear about the CTX and its relatively inexpensive and Youtube is showing guys detecting in can patches finding nuggets! I buy one, take it to the beach and start finding my first coins! Man this is the stuff! So now I have 4 detectors. I take 3 of them out to the desert to test, 7000, CTX, and NOX. The plan is to use them all! Fire up the 7000 and I'm off. Find a couple of nuggets with it and I'm thinking why switch machines when I'm finding gold, I know I'm sick like that! At the end of the day I say to myself, well I will try the others someday in that trashy spot where I found gold by all those old buried cans. Haven't done it yet. So here I am, do I sell the CTX because someone said in a post that it's 7 years old and may be replaced this year and lose value? Or keep it in my arsenal, because I will use it more often someday or maybe a friend without a detector can use it on a hunt with me. The wife is tired of me spending money on prospecting stuff, " You need to sell something or you can't by anything else!". "Honey I Put the detector on ebay" ... and hope it doesn't sell... shhhh. She won't notice. Keep it stashed it in the garage. 3 weeks down the road order the cool, colored, counter weighted shaft for the NOX the guy on the forum has for sale. Wife notices on the next trip the cool looking NOX, Wellll Honey, there was this deal I couldn't pass up. It's a sickness I tell you!
  4. Sorry for the type O's on my original question. I'm at work and had to, dictate / voice input, my message. Not a very fast typer. It's pretty awsome to see all the guy's with Youtube channels on here. Any how, thanks!
  5. Steve, thanks for the reply. I think we think alike in regards to Getting new stuff. It seems Amazon packages come to the house everyday and it's like Christmas when they come!
  6. Well I guess I got called out on this.....HaHa. No fake name just kind of a private person. Can I get some Opinions? Greetings, I'm really new to your site and love it!. Not so new to prospecting prospecting. I have a 7000, 5000, NOx 800 and a ctx 3030. I mainly nugget hunt in so cal deserts and use my 7000 90% of the time. I bought the CTX for a trip up north to do some river hunting, I even took my SCUBA equipment, but when I got there the water was to fast and couldn't do what I wanted. So I took it to the beach a couple of times since then and it was just ho hum. I have some patches in the desert that are trashy and from reading posts on your site it looks like the equinox 800 did really well in trashy areas. Since it was relatively inexpensive I bought one. Some posts said that there was you or Detectors coming out next year and the CTX was a little bit long in the tooth and may be replaced. So I thought I might sell my CTX and keep the equinox. I love hanging on stuff I really don't like selling it but I don't want to have an out dated Detector either. Now I have a dilemma should I sell my ctx 3030? You seem like a Very nice knowledgeable guy and would like your opinion. Thanks Don P
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