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    prior AT Pro, now Equinox 800, Simplex+ and just recently bought Vanquish 440 and sold the Simplex+. Good machine, but just wanted the 440 because it was more familiar to me.

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  1. It has to be an engagement ring with a fat diamond for her to try that hard. No one would work that hard for a cell phone.
  2. This is for the person who has no experience in metal detecting on what to buy and how to get started. Today's modern metal detectors are more like computers (or more exactly modern signal processors). They are very powerful and often complex. Buying one the best detectors out there, the Minelab Equinox 800 is a real mistake if you have never metal detected. Quite honestly it is too complex for you to learn in addition to learning how to metal detect. Instead buy the Minelab Vanquish 540 for $379 for a packaged deal. Why? It is simple to learn and it uses the same Target Id numerical range and tones as the Equinox 800. Use the 540 to learn the theory of metal detecting. The physics behind metal detecting is the same for all detectors for the most part. Use your 540 for the first year. Once you are proficient (eg finding some good targets on a regular basis) then and only then consider the Equinox 800. But be prepared for a steeper learning curve. But it will be made easier by your year's experience with the Vanquish 540.
  3. totally agree with F350Platinum and Ridge Runner. After reading theses four books, I tried to put into use in the field and most clicked for me. But sometimes I had to re-read certain parts I was still unclear about. The absolute best source is the forums. This forum is tops, and I have a friend on another forum who is great at answering any question I have about metal detecting regardless of how technical it may be.
  4. You have basically four books on the Equinox metal detector to choose from. 1) The Minelab Equinox 600 800 Metal Detector Hand book by Andy Sabisch $23.95 - 176 pages 2) Minelab The Equinox Series from Beginner to Advanced by Clive Clynik $19.95 - 111 pages 3) The Minelab Equinox: “an Advanced Guide by Clive Clynik $22.95 - 101 pages 4) Skill Building with The Minelab Equinox by Clive Clynik $21.95 - 119 pages There may be more, but these are the ones I actually purchased. I have no relationship with either author other than some email questions. I also run two very technical book review web sites on college level books and above. Andy’s book is well edited, with slick photographs and a large easy to read format with some general information on the Equinox detector. However, in my opinion it is padded with photos and testimonials that really don’t add much to the Equinox knowledge. Clive’s books are more expensive if you buy all three of them. Smaller format and yes, there are some spelling mistakes Clive did not catch. But, for the amount of pure Equinox knowledge (especially for the 800), these books are packed from cover to cover with very useful Equinox information. I find myself highlighting quite a bit in each of Clive’s books. I have many years of metal detecting experience with various metal detectors under my belt. Nothing prepared me for the 800. My previous detector was the very good Garrett AT Pro. Prior to the Equinox, I feel the AT Pro was the best mid-range metal detector available. That all changed in the Spring of 2018 when detectorists started buying the 800. Most people at that time could not or refused to believe the 800 was as good as Minelab and a few others were saying. Big caveat here, this was not your father’s detector. It is a very powerful and complex mid-ranged metal detector. Until you tame it, you will be frustrated unless you learn to just use it as the Minelab engineers designed it and that is to use the standard modes until you have at least 50 hours on the 800 or 600. And that brings me to Clive’s three books. They will show you how to get the most out of your equinox. If you are content with hunting in the standard modes maybe buying just Clive’s first book. Bottom line, I kept all three of Clive’s books and sold Andy’s book. But the safe choice would be to purchase all four books.
  5. More curious than anything else. I would imagine if you were retired and were drawing social security or you and your wife drawing social security you could earn some nice extra money prospectng for gold with a decent gold metal detector. Maybe selling your paid up home and buying a nice truck and trailer and hit the road with wife and of course the dog. Any ideas on what kind of average monthly income could be generated hunting say 4 hours per day, M-F?
  6. Tried to get mine (just received yesterday) to repllicate your problem. Mine seems to work fine. Maybe you need to send yours back to Coiltek for repair or replacement.
  7. I have a Lesche and Predator and I consider them of equal quality.
  8. And I thought it was hot in Atlanta at mid 80's in morning and mid 90's in the afternoon. Oh, but in Az 117 is not hot because it is so dry you don't feel the heat. My dad said don't believe it, it is hot in AZ no matter what in the summer.
  9. Nice find! I can see how the coin got there. Heck if I was using an outhouse now, I would probably lose lots of coins, since now with my jeans around my ankles, coins always fall out of my pockets.
  10. During my deep research of the Civil War action in Georgia, the many stories of lost or stolen confederate payroll wagons pop up often. Interesting to read, but almost always you never hear tell of anyone finding a single silver or gold dollar of such shipments. So basically I Then there are the many stories about the buried or hidden gold from the Indian tribes located in North Georgia. Hidden before they were forcibly moved out of the state to Ok. Again, not actual stories of anyone finding these hidden caches. The only story I believe is one from a retired Georgia State geologist who personally told me he personally saw this gold. A canadian came to north Georgia in the 70's and hit a pot hole in the Etowah or Chestatee River (cannot remember which) with his dredge. He recovered enough gold to cover a single bed from pillow to foot area. He saw the gold spread out on the bed. The guy went back to Canada the next day. Who could blame him to scram before the word got out. Just imagine what that would have been worth.
  11. RS Yeman 2019 has it at MS-60 or MS-63 $400 to $700. Find of a lifetime!!!! Stuff like this keeps me hunting. You just never, never know what the next dig will reveal.
  12. Took my adult son out and he used my Vanquish 540 and I used my 800. Showed him how to turn on, select mode and start hunting. Soon he as what do all the numbers mean. So I gave him the run down on typical numbers for different coins. and cautioned him to be aware that being co-located with different trash targets can alter the numbers display. So he said well then how do I know what these numbers mean. I explained if he was lucky and swung over just a coin the numbers would mean something. He just kept digging all sounds and number and had a blast.
  13. anyone know of some public land between Atlanta & Chattanooga that you can hunt Civil War relics? I have yet to figure out how to get good permissions in that area and wonder if there are some public lands up along the I-75 corridor between Atlanta and Chattanooga where Civil War relics may be located.
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