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    prior AT Pro, now Equinox 800, Simplex+ and just recently bought Vanquish 540 and sold the Simplex+. Good machine, but just wanted the 540 because it was more familiar to me.

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  1. During my deep research of the Civil War action in Georgia, the many stories of lost or stolen confederate payroll wagons pop up often. Interesting to read, but almost always you never hear tell of anyone finding a single silver or gold dollar of such shipments. So basically I Then there are the many stories about the buried or hidden gold from the Indian tribes located in North Georgia. Hidden before they were forcibly moved out of the state to Ok. Again, not actual stories of anyone finding these hidden caches. The only story I believe is one from a retired Georgia State geologist who personally told me he personally saw this gold. A canadian came to north Georgia in the 70's and hit a pot hole in the Etowah or Chestatee River (cannot remember which) with his dredge. He recovered enough gold to cover a single bed from pillow to foot area. He saw the gold spread out on the bed. The guy went back to Canada the next day. Who could blame him to scram before the word got out. Just imagine what that would have been worth.
  2. RS Yeman 2019 has it at MS-60 or MS-63 $400 to $700. Find of a lifetime!!!! Stuff like this keeps me hunting. You just never, never know what the next dig will reveal.
  3. Took my adult son out and he used my Vanquish 540 and I used my 800. Showed him how to turn on, select mode and start hunting. Soon he as what do all the numbers mean. So I gave him the run down on typical numbers for different coins. and cautioned him to be aware that being co-located with different trash targets can alter the numbers display. So he said well then how do I know what these numbers mean. I explained if he was lucky and swung over just a coin the numbers would mean something. He just kept digging all sounds and number and had a blast.
  4. anyone know of some public land between Atlanta & Chattanooga that you can hunt Civil War relics? I have yet to figure out how to get good permissions in that area and wonder if there are some public lands up along the I-75 corridor between Atlanta and Chattanooga where Civil War relics may be located.
  5. no it is only rain resistant. not waterproof. They will save that for the AT Pro Apex later.
  6. I am happy for Garrett. Lot of innovations at the entry level, eg Simplex, Vanquish and the Apex. I agree with Phrunt that the AP pro Apex will be next. But good strategy to go the Ace Apex first. Lots of people buying first time detectors these days. And guess what you start with a good Garrett Ace detector you are likely to upgrade to the AT Pro (or new when released AT Pro Apex.) Just based on the features and design, i probably would pick the Apex over my Vanquish 540. Still like the 540 because of same tones and TID's as my 800. but good to see Garrett wake up and respond to the Vanquish and Simplex. They said they have sold over 1, 000,000 Ace metal detectors. Not many detector companies can say that about a particular series.
  7. This is what i know about Doc. In March of 2018 when the big boy dealers were quoting 3-6 months for the 800 I got mine from Doc in 3 days. A month ago when I wanted a unique configuration of a detector that no one was selling, dog arranged it for me in 3 days. He is my go to guy.
  8. It is a good book. The only part I caution people about is using the settings that he mentions from other 800 users. You need to lern to set up your own settings for each of your situations. Using other's settings in your situations can lead to a de-tuned 800. I fell into this trap in 2018 for 2-3 months before I saw the light and listed to many detectorists who told me to learn to set my own 800 up according to my particular hunting site. For instance a guy might be hunting CW relics in South Carolina with very mild soil and not much modern junk and give you his settings. Yet you may be in a CW relic site with much different conditions like soil and much more junk and his settings will just not work for you. LEARN TO UNDERSTAND AND SET YOUR OWN SETTINGS. ALL OF THEM. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT. Again this is the only part of the book I disagree with.
  9. How good is this for our hobby? From looking at new members each day here and other forums seems to be a lot of newbies. They have a bunch of great choices that won't break your bank account. They can pick from the Garrett Ace line, AT Pro, Nox 600 & 800, Simplex+, Vanquish series, the new Garret Apex and maybe several new detectors from Minelab next year. Maybe some old times can tell us if there was a similar period of great detectors to pick from.
  10. I had the same problem. I bought the Simplex+ as a backup to my 800 and for my boys to use when they are hunting with me. Sold the simplex+ because it was too different from the 800 in terms of TID and tones. Got the Vanquish 540 because tones and TID almost identical machine and easier to teach someone than the good but different Simplex+. Not knocking the Simplex in any manner, it just was a personal choice for reasons stated above.
  11. I am aware that in the field of actual hunting the air test and even test garden test don't serve us well. Posted the post mainly because a number of people have asked how do the Vanquish 540 TID's compare to the 800. Co mingled junk with good targets is the bane of my detecting existence in metro Atlanta. Not so lucky as Calabash digger hunting CW relics out in the countryside with less modern trash to deal with. In the field, I have not had much luck using discrim patterns, pretty much listen to everything. Would love to be able to have a solid and reliable discrim pattern, but have not found one for relics. Coin shooting in a trashy park is another matter. I can effective get rid of most junk, but give up chances on rings.
  12. Robnc, "i'm perfectly happy with the Equinox 800, so much that I even use the WM08 module and gray ghost headphones instead of the included wireless headphones. To me they just sound better." to me the wireless headphones with the 800 were dull and muffled sounding. I went with the Trond TD-BH01 wireless headphones which to my ears sound much better. They ARE Bluetooth 4.2 and pair fine with the 800 and the Vanquish 540. I am a happy camper with them.
  13. If you or anyone knows the numbers on the 600 and 800 they are almost the same. The farthest off on a lot of my air tests was one digit on two items.
  14. I bought a Simplex+ for that reason, to backup my 800. Simplex+ is a fine machine but way too different for me in tones and TID values. Sold it and bought the Vanquish 540 with an 8" and 12" coil. Love that machine. It does not see as much very small stuff as the Equinox so is not a noisy and gives more solid TID and signals over good targets. It is fun to use. No worry about if you have the right adjustments set properly. you just turn it on, select a mode and start hunting. Has rock sold shaft with no wiggle like the 800. The 540 was the perfect choice for me. And it is a very good multi-IQ detector. only drawback is I cannot use it in creek hunting for fear of slipping and dunking the 540 which is no way water proof. Of course I have the 800 for that and once even it leaked and I had to send it back to Minelab for a replacement.
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