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  1. I used to hunt gold nuggets in the Georgia mountains with my two sons back in the late 80's. We had a firm rule, never go into any gold mines. I still obey that rule today. Not worth the risk especially since the majority of them are not hard rock tunnels but rather tunnels in the dirt or dirt and soft rock mixture.
  2. I have located two gold mines that I have access to after much research. one mine about 4 ft tall in the side of a hill and has a nice pile of quartz rock tailings pile. rocks are about 12" wide. Should I remove all of the larger quartz rocks to get down to the smaller rocks before I hunt with my 800 using a six inch coil? the other is in the side of a creek bank about 2 feet high. No sign of tailings pile, so I guess just hunt the creek with my Equinox 800 and 6" coil in front of the mine and down stream and on both sides of the creek in case they had their washer equipment set up at that location. both sites are rather remote so should not be much trash in the area. thanks for any help.
  3. Looking for anyone who has hunted Civil War locations in the 70’s, 80’ & 90’s in Dekalb county, Georgia that might wish to share locations and help me out. I am looking for Civil War camp sites, river or stream crossing or skirmishes that happened in Dekalb county in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Or if you know someone who has hunted those areas in the past that would be helpful also if you could give me their contact information. Please send me a private message with any info.
  4. do meteorites just land anywhere on the planet? or do they typically land in specific areas? For instance would Atlanta, Georgia USA have meteorites on the ground somewhere?
  5. I posed this same question on another forum and got blasted for the question from a lot of Garrett AT Pro users. Apparently over there quite a few AT Pro users are very sensitive and defensive. Glad to see the topic discussed openly here with out name calling. I have used many detectors including 3 Garrett detectors with 3 years on the AT Pro before I bought my Nox 800 in march 2018. Heck yes the AT Pro was a great machine, but not keeping up with the new technology. I suspect the big dog engineers at Garrett are on the security side. Almost every major concert or outdoor events that I have attended in the last 3 years that has security detectors use Garrett. They should spin off the hobby part in new separate company with a few top young engineers. Then and only then I feel we would see something to give the Equinox and XP Deus a run for the money.
  6. Hi Rob, I have owned my 800 since Mar 2018. "Gotta say the EQ600 I had earlier this year ran NOTHING like this unit. This thing is smooth and I can understand it." Just curious can you go into more detail about why you you think the 600 is nothing like the 800? Not trying to trash the 600 but never had one and I always wonder what the difference is from the 800. thanks john
  7. One can only imagine the number of Garrett AT Pro metal detectors sold because of the videos by Aqua Chigger, Nugget Noggin and Relic Recoverists. I am sure that Brad of Green Mountain Metal Detecting has help Garrett quite a bit with his very good videos. But I really don't think Brad is part of the Garrett Gang.
  8. Donut on another forum told me to only tighted the coil nut just where the coil swivels easy and not to crank down hard and get it super tight. This adds stress and then an accidental bump against a solid object can add just enough additional stress to break the ears. I guess that is what is happening. Now I am more careful since I was trying to get them very tight.
  9. “Equinox presets however in my opinion are among the very best designed for any detector, and the farther you get from the preset adjustments the less happy you are likely to be.” I can vouch for that. When I got my 800 in March 2018 I tried to learn and use everything and probably wasted 3-6 months of hunting and basically got confused and frustrated with the 800.
  10. Another non-metal detecting way to find recently lost jewelry. Take a good bright LED flashlight and at night walk the mowed areas and look for reflections. It has been known to work and faster than sweeping a metal detector.
  11. put a trailer on your ATV and mount the coil on the back and drive slowly back an forth. Use a wireless or long headphones cable. I remember many years ago about a guy that did just that with 4 -5 detectors attached to a trailer on his jeep and ending up finding a monster nugget worth millions of dollars he sold to a casino in Las Vegas.
  12. nice finds TN. the rains in the south have been off and on every week lately. ground is either wet or soaking wet. and the rain is cold to boot. Crimps my hunting time quite a bit.
  13. I think the key marketing phrase is "Multi-Frequency Range" and showing under it all 5 frequencies. What they should say is you can choose 2 frequencies from this range of frequencies or two combinations of frequencies from this range of frequencies. This is why we need smart guys to get down into the weeds and parse out the truth.
  14. Ok, use the 800 in gold1 mode with six inch coil to pinpoint area of boulder where gold was located. Knocked off this portion of rock and expected to find gold signal in the main rock or portion I knocked off. It was neither. smashed up some of the smaller pieces that came off and panned them. no trace of color. The 800 with the same settings did not show any gold in the main rock or pieces knocked off. so any ideas what was making the 800 indicate gold with 1 & 2 on the TID? Seems like it disappeared. Was there not gold there in the first place? I think that is likely, but what was the 800 sounding off on?
  15. when my boys were growing up 8 and 15 we spent two years gold hunting in an area around Dalonegha, GA. yes we always found a little gold but my best find was an 1800 hand forged mining pick. I was using a fisher gold bug and when I swung over the pick it sounded like a buried volkswagen. This is one of my finest finds. In addition my older son found a 400 year old fully intact alt alt point. The memories of our hunts are more valuable than the gold we found.
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