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    Now I use CTX3030 & Vanquish 440. prior AT Pro, Equinox 800, Simplex+ and sold the Simplex+ was a good machine, but just wanted the 440 because it was more familiar to me and let family members use.

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  1. The FBI hardly even go after the mob these days due to the homeland security threats which are real. I think the people at the FBI will be reading Jed's story and enjoying it.
  2. We have coyotes all over Georgia and in Atlanta. They can be shot and killed at any time by anyone as long as you are in a area where you can shoot firearms and the coyote season is open year round and you can hunt them at night. But you cannot poison basically any animals in Georgia.
  3. This is to you guys with CTX experience. I am giving up hunting Civil War relics for a while and concentrating on finding rings in tot-lots, volleyball courts and old baseball fields. Of course I will take any silver I find, but I am really after rings. Any hints, suggestions on determining rings from metallic trash? Skippy SH13 Friendly Metal Detecting forum has good luck finding rings in landlocked areas. He uses AT Pro and AT max now. He states: When you target gold, you consider each piece of trash you come across and rule out anything that is likely NOT to be Gold. Of course I know rings can ring up from 01 to 36 on the CO scale which makes hunting rings a challenge. Do you know of any tricks like determining silver coin from clad coin switching between FC & high trash and 50 tones? Always looking to the experienced CTX users for help. John
  4. GM keep up the good work. You have a huge amount of supporters. I have never seen a thread garner this many views on a forum. I do a lot of Civil War research and many of the maps and letters I use are just impossible to correctly read due to the age of the maps and letters and some lousy reproductions. My only recourse is to try my best to look at the surrounding context and fill in the blanks on what I cannot read. Even the bad penmanship can make it really difficult to cipher.
  5. When I buy your book, I will read it over a nice cup of copy (don't drink whiskey).
  6. When I buy your book, I will read it over a nice cup of copy (don't drink whiskey).
  7. Man a rattlesnake bite to the face? Cannot see many people surviving that. One thing that I watch for carefully in Georgia is Copperheads. I try to remember never put my feet or hands anywhere I cannot see carefully. Snakes blend into their backgrounds and snakes don't always run when you are near them. It is in their nature to stay hidden up to the last moment when they are within striking distance. Only had one close encounter with a Copperhead in my garage. A flat headed shovel separated his head from his body. Out in the wild, I let them alone and move elsewhere. But in my garage is a different matter.
  8. Jed was good at finding good people and keeping them. Of course Jack showed up, but I am sure that good way that Jed treated everyone had a lot to do with Jack being so willing to help. Even today, finding and keeping good people happy to work with you is the key to success. Not a trait that a lot of people have.
  9. I would have certainly left with Sarge & Ben gotten my gold in a safe place. I am sure Jed's share was quite substantial. Sarge and Ben earned their keep big time. Without them Jed would have been run off his claim long ago.
  10. It seems like the only people who held on the the wealth in the gold prospecting towns were the merchants and saloon girls.
  11. 0k gold was 34.87 per oz in 1936, so lets say $35.00 per oz for easier calculations. 1,000 oz = $35,000 in 1936. $35,000 in 1936 is worth $714,392.81 today. Not bad, not bad at all. One would think that if Jed survived all this he would have lived very comfortable in terms of having sufficient funds in the bank.
  12. Ok, have to ask a stupid question. did they just dig a 24 mile trench? The flumes I have seen in north Georgia gold mining area were elevated wooden structures maybe going 1/2 mile or so. I wonder if there is color in this trench since it cut through 24 miles of gold bearing areas.
  13. to me they look like the small washers used on spark plugs.
  14. That was my huge mistake moving from the AT Pro to the Nox 800. I thought I could use every advanced control without really, I mean really understanding what that control did and what it was designed for depending on hunt site conditions. That cause me waste lots and lots of hours hunting with a very much detuned Nox 800. It ain't hard to detune and Nox 800 through ignorance. If you don't know what you are doing with these advanced controls use the standard modes that the minelab created with their vast knowledge of metal detecting engineering.
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