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    civil war relics, lake beach, creeks, ocean beach
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    Now I use CTX3030 & Vanquish 440. prior AT Pro, Equinox 800, Simplex+ and sold the Simplex+ was a good machine, but just wanted the 440 because it was more familiar to me and let family members use.

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  1. Nice ring. My kind of detectorist. Spends his vacation hunting the beach with a buddy and fist thing back home a 4 hour hunt in the park. Yes, you do have a great wife. My wife is tolerant of my detecting hobby, but I know deep down in side, she would rather me be working in the yard. She loves yard work, me not so much. My dog gives me a dirty look when I grab my CTX and backpack. He knows his is not going with me. Tried it once with the dog, but our interests on that trip were completely different.
  2. That is about what I am doing now. Still having fun. I have started digging way more iron and am finding some interesting relics which is better than nothing. Last week found a unique hand forged 8" square nail. Did not even think that they existed that long. But I guess a good black smith could make pretty much nails to order for their customers.
  3. I don't have a picture. But at an Antique shop in Chamblee, GA the owner's father was a Whites dealer and detectorists in the 1970's. He had on display (behind a locked glass case) a large clear salad bowl about 20" across and 10" high filled with his coins he found and I am not talking clad coins either. It was filled almost to the brim with silver and old copper coins. Never thought too much about it since back then I was taking a 20 year break from using detectors looking for gold nuggets in North Georgia. But know looking back, it was an amazing amount of finds. Probably why we don't find much silver left in the parks around metro Atlanta. The White detectors must have been quite the detectors back then.
  4. On eBay or thrift shops, buy it when you see it, good stuff will be gone soon.
  5. anyone not hunting Atlanta now, or did hunt in the past that is willing to share with my come Civil War relic hunting site in north Metro Atlanta? In spite of extensive research, hard to find good CW relic sites any more. please respond with private message.
  6. try the heel and toe method, it works on virtually and DD coil.
  7. Is there a meteor dance? Probably is, like the gold dance. We want that on film also.
  8. Good job on your research. I am sure it meant a lot to him. Out of your gold inventory and into your Karma inventory.
  9. Just think of all the home owners of 1800's homes now digging up their floors.
  10. The only clues we have are visual. 99% of the secrets are in the software and microchips. Just have to wait. You have to admit since the introduced the Equinox two other mfgs have stepped up to try and surpass the Equinox as the king of the detector hill and done a pretty good job competing or even beating the 800.
  11. yep, Tim is right. Over time the waves, tide, current and wind on an ocean beach will re-arrange items according to weight and maybe size. Keep looking.
  12. If you don't discrim you never know when you will find a nice gold ring or heavy silver bracelet. Hunted this totlot off and on for several years and a month ago found a man's 14K wedding band. Same for a volleyball court. Hunted it for several years finding mostly clad, junk jewelry. Then one day on the first swing found a heavy Tiffanys silver bracelet worth $400. With every swing, you just don't know. It is like gambling but cheaper.
  13. In the past you could find some really nice cash the next morning after fri & sat nights in bar and strip club parking lots. You could find the bills in the lot back when guys had to fish out their car keys before keyless entries. Also look around bushes, weeds and chain link fences because the bills went as far as the wind would blow them until they got tangled up and stopped moving. Knew an older gentleman that claimed to make about $200 - $300 per weekend back in the late 1970's. I have no reason to doubt him, because I tried it and found between $20 - $50 in bills plus coins. But he seem to have a better route and worked it all weekend.
  14. Nice when you can swim and pull bills out of the water.
  15. put the plugs back, water and then spray with deer and rabbit repellant. That will keep the critters away.
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