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    civil war relics, lake beach, creeks, ocean beach
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    Now I use CTX3030 & Vanquish 440. prior AT Pro, Equinox 800, Simplex+ and sold the Simplex+ was a good machine, but just wanted the 440 because it was more familiar to me and let family members use.

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  1. These look like meta grain storage bins that were built into the ground. I am assuming for raw materials making moonshine. But I am not sure. I have metal detect a leveled out area upstream about 30 feet and found lots of rusted barrel hoops and a bent U-shaped small gauge rail road track about 4' long. This location is in a forest where an 1840's homesite is located. The still is about 1/2 mile from the house. So the question is were these metal round cylinders used for grain storage or something else? in the last picture you can see other depressions/holes which may indicate there were 5 or 6 storage bins at this location by the creek.
  2. Metro Atlanta is a tough place to find silver coins. I am looking for good coin or civil war relic hunting spots in metro Atlanta. If you used to hunt these areas back in the 70's and 80's and wouldn't mind sharing the locations, please send me a private message. Thanks
  3. Nobody with experience ever told me metal detecting would be easy, but it sure is a whole lot of fun.
  4. Well that is not what I wanted to hear for the simple reason old beer can ends are very abundant in the CW areas I hunt in urban Atlanta. But fact are facts so I will just dig more trash when hunting relics. Not much different that what I have always done. Thanks
  5. I am rather optimistic. Would like to adjust my relic tones on my XP2 to have a distinct tone on civil war belt buckles. Any know what they ring up or have a XP2 and CW belt buckle to get the TID?
  6. Good luck (not being sarcastic) with the rebuild and upgrade. I have run 7 web sites until recently and crap can happen. I recently move my remaining art web site from one ISP to another to get a better word press front in builder and it was worth it. But now I only have to wrangle one web site. I don't think many of us on FMD will leave because of this incident. We have too much fun jousting with the admins.
  7. very nice year you had there NC. congrats.
  8. Google failed me in my quest for an answer. Modern metal detectors are obviously based on some microchip(s) to be able to do all that they do. So I was wondering what chipset they use and what type of language do they use to make the detector do what it does. I am guessing that this may be confidential company information in some or even many cases and I am not asking anyone to break any laws. I am assuming other than the D2A and A2D chips/circuits it is probably mostly like any other programming language like C++. I know there are some very talented members on this forum who can dive very deep into the weeds in terms of modern metal detector designs.
  9. " After all, just because you own a set of Tiger Wood's golf clubs or LeBron James' shoes doesn't mean you can play like them." That is a thought, maybe Tiger should take up metal detecting and make videos. No doubt in my mind he could sell a ton of them. The guy is a pure marketing machine and for good reasons.
  10. very nice ring find. Rare to find in a field or anywhere besides, volleyball courts, totlots, beaches, swimming hole and parks.
  11. I just looked up him on linkedin. obviously not enough info to make this post about Steve. I apologize to Steve and anyone who knows a lot more about him than I do.
  12. they came in on the containers from Japan and Korea several years ago and have taken over north Atlanta. Bite is said to be somewhat like a bee sting. Not like a black widow or brown recluse. Females are huge, males are much, much smaller. I respect all living things and go out of my way to not injure or disturb them or their homes. But it will wake you up when you stumble into their webs. As I said before, you react quick and jerk back and typically will not disturb their web. I live in north Atlanta burbs and most of the people go ape when they see a joro web and broom it, spray it or otherwise destroy it. As long as it not over a walk way, I leave it alone.
  13. this has always been my strong belief. When a great metal detecting company loses its founder and is replaced by a financial person. Apple tried it with a CEO from pepsi john sculley who was a consumer brand wizard or Microsoft elevated steve balmer to CEO who was another consumer branding guru. I think the same fate has hit garrett with the current ceo. Zero experience in metal detector design. I wonder if he has ever gone metal detecting in the wild.
  14. I am happy that modern metal detectors have update features. Windows 10 seems to update itself a couple of times each week if not more frequently. But we ended up with a stable Windows 10 platform. Not like that Vista crap and everything after the Windows XP platform up until windows 10. Getting rid of Steve Balmer helped quite a bit. You don't have a non-IT person run and IT company and expect to see brilliant results. Apple tried that with the guy from Pepsi and Microsoft with balmer.
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