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  1. I have a arranged a trip with my buddy to the desert on this coming Saturday. I followed him around carrying his shovel for 2 or 3 years, without a metal detector. He has a Fisher 75, but I'll give him some competition with my White MXT. I'm really looking forward to this summer. I'll be doing my nugget hunting in Northern Nevada. My friend and I know Nevada pretty well. He grew up in Nevada and I taught high school there in 1969-70. He attended the school where I was his football coach. We've been friends for about 45-46 years. Summer can't come too fast for me.
  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! It arrived today at about 12:30 noon. I've learned how to replace the batteries; that is done. And, I now know how to turn my "New" MXT White Metal Detector on/off. I have a manual, so now I'm going to learn how to operate my MXT. I like the sound of that "My MXT," thanks to the generosity, of Paul Vanurse, a man that went out of his way to help his fellowman. Thank you again Paul for giving me an extra Christmas this year. I may have a lot of faults, at least my wife and kids think so, but ingratitude is not one of my faults. I will forever be grateful for what Paul has done for me and when the time is right, I will follow in Paul's footsteps and "pass it on" to the next person. Besides being the person who benefited from Paul's gift, I have been in awe as I watched this process unfold. This is a story that I can tell my children, my grand children, and my great grand children and I hope that it inspires all of those who have read about it on this forum and those who learned about it second-hand. We all can be a little nicer, a little kinder, a little more generous, and be willing to step up to the plate and help our fellowman. Pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saying thanks does not cover how I feel in my heart, "Thanks Paul"
  3. I am having déjà vu, I feel like I did the day my dad brought home a brand new bicycle for me. That was 68 years ago. I hope I never grow up!
  4. That gave me a good laugh! A hoot !!!!!!!!!!!!. Do you remember his first name? If you know his first name, I may know him.
  5. We, the Hesters, originated in North Carolina in Lincoln County. My Great Grandfather was Col. Joseph Hester, born 1793. Since that time the Hesters have immigrated to Tennessee, Arkansas, Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas. Joseph has descendants spread out everywhere by now. Do you remember the first name of the Hester there in Kentucky?
  6. Thank you Paul and I will pay it forward too. You are a good man! Professor Donald N Hester 2520 W 450 S, #8 Springville, UT 84663
  7. Paul Vanurse, I don't know what to say! No one has ever been so gracious and generous to me before. To be honest, I had to go to my bedroom for a while and compose myself before I could respond. Thank you so much, I accept your offer. There was no way that a purchase of MXT was even on the horizon for me. I had not even researched the MXT because it so far outside of my budget. I'll make good use of it here in Utah and Nevada. My wife will not believe me, she will probably accuse me of robbing a 7-11. Thank you again!
  8. LARGO, Man, your advice below is the best I have heard yet. It was so smart, I should have thought of it myself. (LOL) Thanks I'll give it a try. Advice from LARGO: Often if you don't see an offering of a metal detector you can afford or would consider buying, the next best thing is to put your own ad in a free listing on most detecting websites and forums, stating what detector(s) you may be looking for. Many dealers or people have detectors collecting dust in a corner, that they would be more than happy to sell, but dismiss that notion, thinking it is an older model, and no one would want it. Dealers rarely advertise every detector they have in their shop.
  9. RickUK, I am retired living on a fixed income, on a budget. I can't expect my wife to spend within our budget if I am not willing to do the same.
  10. I want to give a sincere "Thank You!" to Steve Herschbach, Reno Chris, Ivans Garage, Snake Jim, Mike Hillis, RickUK, AZBlackbird, and Sourdough Scott who all responded to my dumb questions. I tried to match up the requirements, as you told me, of a metal detector for gold nuggets and coins: * High frequency * Ground balance But I could not find a metal detector in my price range of ($300-$350) that met those two requirements I am back to square one and I guess I will not be purchasing a metal detector at this time. At least I now know what to look for and I am no longer completely ignorant. I am disappointed but I will get over it. I will recommend your forum to anyone. You guys spent your own time to help me. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank again. Professor Hester
  11. Would a Garrett search coil 8.5x11 DD Performance, work on Bounty Hunter Tracker II?
  12. Bounty Hunter Tracker II has an automatic and manual ground balance, but it operates at 6.6 kHz and a 7” coil; it will only search 7” deep but it only costs $82 I looked but I couldn’t find any other low-cost metal detector with a manual ground balance. If you have to have "Ground Balance" to be able search successfully for small gold nuggets, this one has ground balance.
  13. Side Bar: I spent two years in England in 1961-1963, what city do you live in? RickUK, thanks for your advice! Getting Closer to a Decision At first I was leaning toward EuroTek Pro; however, it operates at 7.6 kHz and according to what I have learned so far, the higher the frequency the better the detector will find small gold nuggets. So now, I am considering Tesoro's Cibola because it operates bi-model, at 4.3 kHz and 14.7 kHz. I think you can change from one frequency to the other with a switch. Am I wrong? It has a 9X8 concentric coil and it is a VLF/TR detector type. It is a little above my budget of $300, but after reading a series of reviews, it is looking more like the one for me. At first I steered clear of the metal detectors that did not have LCD; but, I'll make an exception for the Cibola. One thing the reviews did not mention was whether it would find gold nuggets. But the reviews did have it finding gold jewelry. Not the same, but close. It works well on coins. Here is my question, will the Cibola work well finding small gold nuggets? The reviews were silent on gold nuggets. If you know this metal detector, let me know what you think. Gentlemen, what do you think of my choice.
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