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  1. geof_junk

    GPS Recommendations?

    The rhino is the GPS i got when they were first released in Australia brought 4 of them 1 for the wife,1 for me, 1 spare and my son paid for the 4th for his trail bike riding. Garmin was giving a good deal for a twin pack.The built in radio and partners location ability together with the graphic screen were the deciding way back then. Still happy with the Rhinos.
  2. Note that soils/lawns that have been top dressed are a good spot to try with a deep seeking detector.(The cheap detectors have left good targets behind)
  3. geof_junk

    GPS Recommendations?

    Stick with the Band you know, you know it's software. Garmin has BirdsEye option for for satellite imagery so get one of their GPS that can use it.
  4. The same rules apply to jewelry. My brother in law lived inter-state near Brisbane QLD he told me to bring my detector when I was due up next. He had found over 200 gold rings. I found that most of the rings were sitting on a hidden clay layer. I was lucky he left me 50+ gold rings. I got them at low tide during the king tide period in Easter.
  5. On flat ground or near a river, silt from floods. Or tides and storms at the beach. I found this knowledge is handy near swimming locations.
  6. geof_junk

    Detector Vs Backpack Dredge 1 1/2"

    I was more interested in dredging when gold detector hit the scene in the late 1970's. In 1980 I found detecting was too much hit and miss but dredging was more constant and had found gold constantly and got 4 ounces in 1980 and nil detecting. 1981 things turn around and I got more detecting, 1982 a four ounce nugget. The big problem for me was the restriction on dredging laws and with detecting it was a day trip to and from the detecting locations. I have found more than 100 ounces detecting part time, the largest specimen yielded 16 ounces largest nugget 6 ounces, To answer your question when you have found a spot to dredge and the returns are fair you have site for quite a while getting gold. Detecting is hit and miss at the start, but experience will pay off in the end
  7. geof_junk

    2018 New Look For The Coin And Nugget Hunter

    Try some electrician overalls no metal buttons or zippers the light weight one are great in the summer.
  8. geof_junk

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good catch not breeding size, so you can take it back to USA.😀
  9. geof_junk

    My First Detector

    I know it's not going to pick up the tiny gold but i would rather spend my time with larger nuggets anyway. How true but ask most prospectors how many small ones they got before they got an ounce plus nugget You may have to crawl before you Walk, but that said my Brother Inlaw first was 2 ounces so luck can be on your side👍
  10. geof_junk

    Okay Time Travelers Back To The Early70’s

    Back in the late 1960's I was happy if I got a speck in the pan for the day...How things have changed
  11. geof_junk

    Our First Dusting Of Snow

    I love detecting in winter, it is too hot in West Australia in summer 😏
  12. geof_junk

    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    I hope this is gold related
  13. Ditto fred but i include more than the wife.
  14. I liked dredging better than all other method of chasing gold. The rule in victoria is no go at all, fortunately I took up detecting a couple years before they changed the rules here back in the early 1980's. and added over 100 ounces to my dredging collection. Anyway best of luck in California 🙏