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  1. Happy The admin. placed this post here in the Metal detecting for Jewelry as it will be seen more by the members that are dedicated to this style of detecting, more knowledge can be shared. As for the dry sand " Almost all good finds were within 15 metres of the step/path leading onto the beach." and "Money was most frequently found within proximity of bottle tops (new money) has been my experience. Let hope some more insight is posted on the topic. Metal Detecting For Jewelry
  2. The old and flatter ground the bigger the gold spread, the reverse applies. Have a look at my post "Nugget spread" ....LINK....
  3. I was under the belief that minelab was an Aust company and there for if they were going to favour and country it would be Australia (Shaking my head Minelab) As I don't scrappage old site of other prospector there is no need for me to have the last edge detector to hit their spots first as my spots are not known by people I don't trust. I have found the second generation of a new model is the best once the have outed the bug that they did not know off until the get feed back from their customers.
  4. The best mod I did was convert the Whites 6000d VLF to SAT in 1980 for the wife together with hip mounting it as in this old photo.
  5. Northeast I had no trouble detecting in salty ground (It was worst when damp) if the VLF detector had pure TR discrimination (not motion disc. and could be set to balance the detector in this mode by using the discrimination to ground balance the detector and stay in TR every signal had to be dug. I was fortunate that most were gold and very little junk.
  6. Simon the body adjust to the Climate if you spend so time in it. When I spent 6 and a half years in New Guinea tropic I found Cairns QLD cold, but had no trouble taking days on end at Wedderburne detecting in 100°F plus when most were suffering from the heat in 1980 summer. Back to concentric coils, when I was looking into building a coil for a PI detector (about 1984) that I had built that the size ratio of the Transmit coil to Receive coil. If I remember correct The bucking coil for a 50% receiver coil made design easier, however a 80% ratio gave the best performance. I imagine that y
  7. Simon does the concentric coil pin-point on the edge like a normal mono coil, or is it mild in comparison. Lot of good topics today and out of likes. That ground has too much grass coverage at the moment for me to grid properly. You need to try ground that I like, but I will not say how much gold I got there. I am posting a photo of one of my favourite one for you.
  8. I have found a large number of gold jewellery but have only found a small number of non 9 & 18K ones plus a few 22K rings. So if you get the same ratio as me you will be more than happy when you get the 9,18 & 22K rings, best of luck. Gold Hallmarks • .999 or 999 - 99.9% gold - 24 karat • .916 or 916 - 91.6% gold - 22 karat (917 is used too for 22 karat gold) • .833 or 833 - 83.3% gold – 20 karat • .750 or 750 - 75.0% gold - 18 karat (18ct 18kt 18k) European market. • .585 or 585 - 58.5% gold - 14 karat (14kt 14k) European market. • .417 or 417 - 41.7% gold - 10 karat
  9. At the beach sand dig all as JOE said is best way to go BUT on good lawns discriminate is the way to go if there are a lot of signals.
  10. It only takes one target to make the day especially if it an unexpected one.
  11. That looks great and a good idea for ferrous junk. If I made one I would use a super magnet and stick it on the underside of the Frisbee to make it easier to remove junk.
  12. I will be looking forwards to seeing your new posts. Best of LUCK.👍
  13. Port Philip Bay side tide drop will be less and more sheltered due the size of Melbourne's bay. The Bass Strait Ocean Side is exposed to wild storm waves and has full tidal swings. Take note of your finds locations in water and hit it again on Good Friday low tides.
  14. It is too long ago to remember detecting Sorrento, but popular beaches provide more completion from other local detectorist. Your logic seem right with the exception " young people who do a bit of surfing, body boarding " has been better for me as they tend to have lost more and more value than family groups. However my beaches have been one and all from Smiths beach Cowes Area to Lakes Entrance in Victoria but have found more gold rings in one old beach in Queensland in greater Brisbane. Your choice of Equinox 800 will be good for eliminating junk.
  15. Gm90403 I usually rest from detecting in West Aust. in QLD. Gympie is one of the spots that I really like. Way back in the early 1980s I met and saw some very nice gold that a local jeweller had found in the region.
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