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  1. I can see the calluses forming. The only way to treat them is to stop using your pick and leave some gold for the rest of us.
  2. That is big lost to all of use, and I think many more here in Australia will agree with me. All the best wishes to his family.
  3. All this publicity about GOLD FINDS seem like the early day when Nuggets showed up just before Easter, Xmas, school holidays and the release of a NEW Detector.. I remember when a new detector was released and a photo of mine turned up in a major Victorian News Paper. At least the photographer had got the rights from me two years early for use of the photo. I still have a copy of the article with my gold memories.
  4. This might help you with Beechworth and Victoria Gold Mines. The link below will take you to my old post in another forum. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t2273-historical-gold-mines-in-google-earth In the Table in the first post under GoogleEarth Compressed Files Select "HistoricalGoldMinesVic.kmz" When the page turns up Click on the Blue Download button and select Direct download you should find the file in your download folder. Click on the file. GOOGLE EARTH if installed will zoom in on Victoria. In the SEARCH field type in "Beechworth VIC, Australia" zoom in and pan around your area. I have included a direct link below which can be dragged to your desktop. HistoricalGoldMinesVic.kmz
  5. The Sadie is a great coil, I won one when R.J. first released them in competition naming the coil. I did not call it Sadie, but got a runner up coil. I did not use it very much as the Wife claim it and it was hard to get much of a go with it
  6. Midnight Gold is a term meaning claim jumping here in Australia, the haul you got is great mate.
  7. It a real pity that Garretts have not kept up with their products. The old Deepseeker and then the A2B were the reason for the electronic gold rush in Australia back in the late 1970's . I started with Garrett then Whites and later with Minelab I will not update to a new Detector until someone comes up with a decent advancement .
  8. The only consistent noise a tiny nugget makes,is the rattle in the keep jar.
  9. It sounds like you might have a bit of Kiwi blood in you Reg.
  10. " The areas that i would be concentrating on is Beechworth and the Buckland Valley etc, " Most of this area is either Mountains or Rivers (Dredge Rivers). Dredged Tailing would most likely be the target area but my look at the spot, showed most areas either covered with blackberries or private farms. I have two ML3000 great machines but some of the latest higher frequency VLF have some good feed back in East Victorian for creek sniping for specks and specimens. By the way the Golden Triangle is still the best bet and the ML GP's or better is the way to go.
  11. They all say the first is the hardest nugget to get, but it's the second that is the hardest as the first is mostly just luck. So you have been bitten and it is easy from now on.👨‍🎓
  12. I went to the Poseidon area in 1980 but saw it was private land, and thought it was too much trouble to get permission, as there was a lot of virgin ground in the bush elsewhere in those days.😪
  13. The Poseidon Nugget’ was unearthed in the Parish of Waanyarra. The huge nugget weighed 953 oz gross and 703 oz net. Woodall and party found the nugget 10 inches underground, 2 inches above bedrock with much quartz. This find began the last of the big rushes to the area.[1906] On private land. This [Poseidon] was the last great alluvial rush in Victoria. 3000 were camped here in 1906 with store established catering for all the miners’ needs. One storekeeper was charged and fined for selling sly grog. The reef above and opposite the gully had been rushed in 1859, but this side neglected. It was nearly fifty years before John Porter testing the ground with a hand auger, found wash and sank a shaft onto nuggets. From its size, more large nuggets have come from this lead than any other in the world. 703 oz, 675 oz, thirteen others over 100 oz, nineteen from 50-99 oz, fifty two from 20-49 oz and two hundred and eight from 1-19 oz. ... the Premier awarded [James Porter] £500 for the discovery. He was the last man to receive a reward for the discovery of a new goldfield in Victoria.
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