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  1. If you selected Mono on the Older MineLab with a DD coil you will see what happens. The detector will pick up smaller nuggets easier switching back to DD if you lost the signal it was shallow but if you got a good signal it was at a good depth for the size of the nugget however if you swapped to a the same size Mono you would get deeper nuggets (in most ground) than the DD if the Mode switch can be used in that location. As I have said in my above post the rule of thumb is, the area of the same style coil will have the same amount of current driven by the same amount voltage (FET discharge). If the area is half the field is doubled. For a 14" coil (Area 196 sq inches) half that area is equivalent to a 10" coil (Area 100 sq inches) so if the target is close it will have twice the signal generated. If the signal received is small then the larger coil will not register on the detector. If the target is deep and large then the half strength field will generate a large enough signal for the detector to pick up the target. Another rule of thumb is for the size of target the coil is design for is related to the width of the coil of the same design. In the early days of PI detectors Coiltek made a very small small 8" by 6" DD Elliptical coil. As the smaller coils are harder to use in hot ground the DD was very capable of finding Flysh!t nuggets that most coils had no hope of finding. Later on Nuggetfinder made a similar size coil in mono ( Sadie) that was also deadly on small gold. The wife found the size and weight of both these coils was the best coils for her. In the worst ground the DD was best but in most grounds the mono was better for depth. So to compare coils remember who (you) is using it, the nature of the nugget size, depth of ground and size and weight of the coil. I was going to said the manufacture and reliability, but this post was started by "COILTEK" and they are looking at alternative coils for your detector so give them a fair go when deciding your choice. Remember these guys make coil for a living and should be able to answer what is best for you if you work out what your requirements are. I forgot to mention the speed that the coil is used at. The faster covers more area but slower gets more depth so go slow if using a large coil to get extreme depth on larger nuggets and the reverse if it has shallow gold spend wide and sparse.
  2. I will not say what I and other Aussy have put up with in Aust. but if you are worried about that list DO NOT COME TO AUST and steal our GOLDπŸ˜„ ☠️😁
  3. What is the best Coil. When will people know that that it depends on the job that it has been selected for. (ie size of nugget targeted, the depth of that size nugget, the amount of ground that has to be covered to be payable (value or satisfaction), the amount of time being used, the person using it (ie Skill, strength or size of user), the shielding needed or type used. Most know that the smaller the coil the smaller or shallower the nuggets can be detected. The larger the coil the bigger and deeper the nuggets can be detected. Small coils can find big nuggets and large coils can find small nuggets it all depends on the depth and size of them at the location being used. The comparison of coils are more the about Area of the coil not the diameter of the coil for a given design (ie mono,DD,DOD and Concentric). So what does all this mean to Coiltek , Nuggetfinder, X-Coil and for that matter MineLab. is that a different coil is required for Me in Victoria and West Aust. a different one for Steve in different states in USA, a different one for JP in Queensland and WA and not leaving out NZ Phunt will require different ones too. To sign off I use a coil in the Mono type elliptical about 14" by 8" the most and found the most gold with that range, however my larger Mono and DD coils have found more gold than "the normal coil" per hour but the hours used are very low and they are used for cleaning up not finding the gold locations.
  4. Remember the Big Foot Coil. It covered a wide sweep but shallow depth (larger deeper nuggets not the best) With today nuggets that have not had steroids pumped into them (flysh!t size) this design would give good coverage and could access tight spots. By the way smaller nuggets spread out a lot more than those above a pennyweight. What is Your's and Coiltek view. I think this add was made by some of the former ML marketing guys. 😜
  5. 17 oz that is nearly a pound and a half troy. That is a solid centre piece for any display.
  6. Felt it here in Latrobe Valley, it was a good shake. I had one in PNG that I could not walk down the hallway to the kids bedroom without being bounced from one wall to the other. About 1977 had another in Guam that knockout the Island TV receptions. The Old Power Stations Transformers in my Area used a Gas/Oil surge protection that would of tripped with todays shake. 50 years ago I inspect the high voltage electrical equipment after an Earthquake in Morwell and found damage to the the cables exiting the 11,000 V Generator that had to be shutdown till repaired.
  7. No Aluminum Aussie coins 92.5% or 50% silver with the kings head most likely 92.5% but 50% from 1946 to 1966.
  8. I once saw a Garrett wrapped around a tree on the gold field. Here was a chance to get some spare parts for my Garrett how ever he must of been upset as nothing was salvable. 😭
  9. I am sure that is not right, wait till the new generation of Minelab detectors come out that go 40% deeper and does it all for you.😁
  10. You was too quick, don't every thing grows faster in the sun.πŸ˜€
  11. I have the best support bushwalking boots here in aust. that I use when off-track. The main reason I have them is while detecting during the 80's I did a small jump across a loaming trench and hear a load shot like sound. It was my Achilles heel tendon snap. I took 6 weeks to be able to walk normal. luckily it was still connected, but over 30 years later I can feel that scare that it caused. SO WATCH OUT for your footwear choice.
  12. I thought it was you Jen. miss your post here but they did treat you bad on some forum here in Aust. A good find, by the way I came across an illegal grading here in Vic. many years ago that they had not detected on my way back from a patch I was doing at the end of the day. To cut the story short I got 3 nuggets in 10 minutes weighing over an ounce total. That made me happy seeing they were giving the rest of us a bad name.
  13. Like the token. Aust tokens are very rare, those the value does not show this. Expect about $100 to 300 for yours. Great finds.
  14. Liked the bowl and those buttons were real eye candy as being in Aust. I have not seen your USA buttons. Thanks for the photos.
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