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  1. geof_junk


    Jan 23, 2015 - The temperature has hit a scorching 49 degrees in the small Western Australian outback town of Marble Bar- just 0.2 of a degree below the highest temperature recorded in the town. If you are tough enough (Like us Oz) this map might help.
  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-05/how-to-survive-in-the-outback/10463852
  3. geof_junk

    My Detecting Update

    Phrunt being where gold has/is being found is not time lost. It is amazing how some areas look good (so are hit more often) and other look like you are wasting your time(and are rarely hit and the gold is easy found). With this built up knowledge like KiwiJW your hit get better, and never forgotten.🐘
  4. geof_junk

    What Detector Did You Buy In 2018 And Why?

    I have not got a new detector since I got 2 new GP-3000 since 2003 as they have not failed yet. Since I am only looking for easy gold in bad ground. I also have a wide range of coils to extend my depth after I have got most of the gold from the new patch. When both of the GP-3000 break I will have to find $20,000 to get 2 new GPZ-9000.🤩
  5. geof_junk

    Feel Like Selling My Machine....

    I have been chasing gold since 1964 and found about 5 oz before I started detecting in 1980. Spent 8 weeks 12 hours a day detecting in the golden triangle victoria at the start of the detecting rush. I knew about panning and dredging for gold but those 8 weeks detecting was only a learning activity (NO GOLD).I was not hunting in the right spots. As for lead I have over 35 kilos from bullets and sinkers (Thats would be over 1000 oz if it was gold.) I have found over 100 oz of gold and I still do not know what is worst finding heaps of targets or spend days trying new ground and finding no targets at all, but finding a virgin patch sure makes up for it. My advice keep trying and changing your methods till you find what suit you, then refine it. I will not say best of luck as luck only goes so far but persistence pay off better.
  6. It is nice to know that I got passed 70 doing all that stuff. They all said I would not make 21. Thank for the adventure. 👍
  7. Here is an article I was involved in. Link to PA forum
  8. Thanks for the LINK above JW. As a bushwalker here in Oz I found the link http://www.gang-gang.net/nomad/ has some great info on NZ walks.👌
  9. Thanks for the video JW, it brings back memories of my rides in Papua New Guinea with a Mick Andrews Ossa Trials bike along the native walking tracks on the top of razorbacks in the early 1970's. The only way you could get off the bike was to do a mono an slip of the back of the bike, as both sides of the track was to steep to reach the ground. It was great being in your 20's with no FEAR.😬
  10. geof_junk

    Any Good Advice For Southern Oregon?

    It is nice to see a forum and it posts working like this one. Great Guys keep it up 👍
  11. geof_junk

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    I guess go slow was forgotten,😀
  12. WWII Metal Detecting - German Waffen SS - Traces of War on the Eastern Front It might interest thoses who are sick of finding tiny target
  13. geof_junk

    Nugget Finder 12" Round Vs 12x8" Elliptical

    I found Elliptical coils were best for ground cover when the target is a strong signal. That is 14" x 7" coil will give you about the same penetration as a 7" round coil and a similar ground cover as a 14" round. If the signal is very soft (very small target near the surface or very deep good signal were you have to over lap your swings a round coil wins hands down. ). So a correct size elliptical for patch hunting an a appropriate size round for working a patch.
  14. geof_junk

    Short Day Out

    It would be hard to do an accurate SG on that sample due to the other impurities with the Quartz. I would put it in "muriatic acid" (hydrochloric acid) for a week/month and see how it cleans up (rinse well).
  15. geof_junk

    Nevada Nugget With Goldmaster 24k

    IN GOLD WE TRUST 😄 should be below your nugget in the photo above.