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  1. LeighB Below is a post from a topic that I did 2½ years ago that might be what you are after, if so just click on this link .......LINK...... There is a few Google Earth images that shows some more nugget spread found with a detector in some areas that show the draining paths when the desert gets flooded as the ground is fairly flat and are mainly dry. Copy of the post This spread was south of a large reef area and digging hole sloping down to the north. The area in the circle is sloping southwards. About 40 nuggets were found and about half were sitting in the sun having a tan. Most were about 2 or 3 grams in weight. At the bottom of the slope about 400 metres south I got a quarter ounce (8 gm) fairly deep. If I get back that way I know that there is a good prospect for a week or two in untouched ground. I guess everyone want to keep their runs of nuggets to themselves. ­By the way I will be unable to post anything till the end of February. I forgot to say the circle is 300 meter across.
  2. You will earn more as a council worker for the year than detecting except for short bonuses with a good nugget. It takes a lot of skunk days finding a patch, than even with a dozen nuggets at 0.4 grams (not 0.04) each day, you just beat the ounce a week and how long does the the patch last. Let face it, it's a far more enjoyable than working for a boss those.
  3. Pity you could only get 10% of them in that photo, Aureous. 😞
  4. You are a brave man. 😎 and don't forget your thongs and do I have to remind you to take your detectors. 😁
  5. I am not sure Jen is saying it is hot or that it is her hair dryer that she uses on the gold fields. 😀
  6. I see you have included the most important COOLER but what is the GAS CRACK VAC more details wanted.😁
  7. I found the same with USA postage charges. A small drive band 3/8 " and 10 " long that would fit in a matchbox cost more than 6 times the price of the tiny belt.
  8. Thanks NorthEast for your detailed report it nice to see some real prospecting going on. I liked your photos and your Apple Maps showing the gold spread of your finds. The concentrations of nuggets are fairly close together, most of my GPS nugget spreads have a distance of more than 20 meters apart, as you can see in a post (This forum ) I did before COV-19 reared it ugly face ............LINK.........
  9. More than 30 years ago I hit a paddock next to a catholic nunnery where an old school was nearby was closed and removed about 1930. It was a sliver mine for silver coins, all were pre 1922 but there was dozens of them most in good condition. Not all spots done 30+ years ago was as good. I was hoping for a 1923 threepence but to no avail.
  10. I wonder if that was the owner birth year, if so it would be sterling silver coin / pin if owner was was born prior to 1946 instead of 50% silver. Great and unusual find. 🤩
  11. That is what i like to see. Blisters or Callus on the hands is proof that they were well earned. 🙂
  12. As for my 'progress'....I'm now at 24.8gm, 156 bits of gold. 125 hours detecting. Pic is of last 4 grams found.. That is a tenth of a penny weight per target average. That's an excellent result 200 bits to make an ounce it won't take long to reach your goal.
  13. Valens Legacy the only draw back is the metal in the shoes and Helmet. 😉
  14. Red back soft toe is the best bet for wear, comfort, and detecting. NB ½ sizes are a wide fit. https://threadandink.com.au/products/redback-soft-toe-slip-on-elastic-side-boot-ubok?variant=31283000213602&currency=AUD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhKecxdKx-AIVUilyCh2sOwXoEAYYASABEgIZSfD_BwE
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