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  1. Is it not what is quoted about each new release.
  2. The load anti everything are in the minority, but I think the large silent majority know and respect it's true meaning.
  3. What are 3 facts about the Eureka flag? The flag was first raised at a Ballarat Reform League meeting at Bakery Hill on 29 November 1854. (today) It was then moved to the Eureka Stockade where it was flown until torn down after the battle on 3 December, only five days later. The flag is 2.6 metres high and 4 metres wide – more than double the size of a standard flag. The Ballarat miners revolt. 168 years ago. The Ballarat Reform League came into being in October 1853 and was officially constituted on 11 November 1854 at a mass meeting of miners in Ballarat, Victoria to protest against the Victorian government's mining policy and administration of the goldfields. More than 10,000 angry miners rallied at Bakery Hill in Ballarat. The Southern Cross ('Eureka') flag was flown for the first time and gold licences were burned. https://www.oldtreasurybuilding.org.au/political-unrest-on-the-goldfields/ for more history.
  4. 1¼ Troy Pounds (16 Oz) in Carol's hand all from separate patches. I was lucky I got it back off her. 😁
  5. My rule of thumb since 1979 is four ounces of gold for the best GOLD Detector available. The question is what is the best for your skill, endurance, size and depth of the gold where you will detect. If you intend to pay for your new TOY a lot of work or play is required to come out in front.
  6. Nice display of your WORK and a good total of gold. Your last photo shows the amount of WORK that had to be done well done.
  7. klunker How much did MineLab pay you to write their Patent's 🤣
  8. Jason report should make GPX6000 owner a lot happier. Garrett Australia now has a big problem trying to sell the AXIOM at an unreasonable price in Aus and NZ as ML has up their game.
  9. 🤣 I think this might be help those that can't afford lithium batteries for their detectors 🤣 .............LINK...........
  10. Back in 1980 at Wedderburn Vic. Aus. most of us hated the built in speaker there was so much beep, beep, beeping going on, even the birds were mimicking the the beeps. I can see the benefit of the UR40. I made my own Earphone setup to do the same with the best earphone that were available for stereo that I could get, and made a cage (like in a safety helmet) that allowed ventilation and keep the Earphones very close to my ear.
  11. It's good to see the Monument photo. When I saw the location back in 1980 there was not much to see. I never detected more than 2 days in Kingower but one of my mates got a 2½" flat square nugget about an ¼ " thick that weighed 11 Oz on the other side of the sealed road from the spot about ½ mile in.
  12. Erik an I have an understanding he keeps of my beach *GEOFFREY BAY" and I keep of his. November I will be taking all of Phrunt gold in NZ so Erik will have full access to my beach during that time. 😜
  13. Lynk well done thanks for the effort. It would be great if you can post a copy of your work in an excel file. I am sure there is other data that can be extracted from yours's and Jeff McClendon detail project. Got Au suggestion was a great idea.
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