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  1. So Simon are you only half a REAL Oz 🤣 marmite vs vegemite ..... Google Link
  2. The 2023 of Queen Elizabeth 11 and 100 years of VEGMITTE
  3. I like the green pull tab it really stands out
  4. The pin in the third photo make me think it is to hold a wooden pole/handle in your find. Very interesting piece.
  5. To me it looks like the gold has not moved very far. I personally would be expecting that it has came down the slope above or very close up stream on the slope. A good locking piece of gold and would be great on a gold chain for your loved one.
  6. There is an art in discriminating, but I have seen a lot of failures with it. Most of my spots are virgin areas and not much junk and when it is fully of junk I conserve my time walking away from it. In the photo below got gold right up to the junk (It is not the junk you can see that is the problem it is the small bits) and I walked ½ a mile away I got my largest specimen 3.5 kilos with 16+ gold in the second photo.
  7. An I thought is was one of these. Butt (no pun intended) it would hurt. 🤣
  8. At least Simon the GPZ coils can be sold to make a patch coil, if they don't trust damaging their own coil.😜
  9. What makes me mad with Minelab coils is I have to buy their coils with each detector even when I know it will remain unused, as my choice of detecting does not favour the most general ML size coil. Most of the committed prospectors over the "Minelab era" that I have known had to pay for a ML coil that they did not want and the resale of them is very low as most customers have one also sitting unused.
  10. This YouTube shows the work done, the effort put in by the gold diggers and the change to the environment that occurred during the 1850 - 1890 ......LINK.... for video below.
  11. I had a similar good fortune at and old county football building, where the coins had fallen through the wooden floor gaps of the members private elevated and enclosed grand stand.
  12. Just guessing but it might be in pinpoint mode and not search mode and vice versa due to software update or incorrect wiring for selection of the mode that you choose.
  13. The only thing more important (than the highlight) is that gold has to be there, and research and experience helps in picking the right location.
  14. You can see with the amount of over lapping, he is going for depth no ground coverage.
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