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  1. This spread was south of a large reef area and digging hole sloping down to the north. The area in the circle is sloping southwards. About 40 nuggets were found and about half were sitting in the sun having a tan.Most were about 2 or 3 grams in weight. At the bottom of the slope about 400 metres south I got a quarter ounce (8 gm) fairly deep. If I get back that way I know that there is a good prospect for a week or two in untouched ground. I guess everyone want to keep their runs of nuggets to themselves. ­By the way I will be unable to post anything till the end of February. I forgot to say the circle is 300 mt across.
  2. As far as I am concerned get a Garmin Rhino they have access to satellite maps you can upload maps and tracks. If you have a detecting partner you can communicate between each other as well as send/get location of each other. All of my year 2006 on records were done with the rhino (Magellan GPS before 2006 great unit) Have a look at ........Nugget-spread...........all of those nugget were record with the Garmin Rhino.
  3. "I don't know nothing" but this link might get you started. ................LINK...............
  4. Paul said "The Line of Strike---- That one lone duck is catching my eye---- --- i would like to go all around it to see if it extends that far or if it is a new cross fault... Help me out Trent..." Some times the lone duck is the one that leads to a new run of nuggets but not that time.☹️
  5. Those areas are the remains of dry blowing locations in West Australia that have been graded by full time prospectors. The only available reliable water source, is only from wind mills for many miles in WA.
  6. I like to detect in virgin ground. When I goto a new gold field-town I test the known spots to see what the ground is like.The screen shots below show that it has been bladed and detected. The first one is a 200 metre circle and the second is 150 metre across. Both spots are in a 2 km area. As these have been detected before it does not show the natural spread of gold, but shows the spread that I got.
  7. Try a water pistol with some water base food colouring and squirt the target spots.
  8. This is a patch already detected by a guy that sent us there to see if there was any thing left. We had ML 3000 the same as him. We got 40 nuggets most over a gram and a 8 gram bit. The scale is shown on the bottom for 100 metre. The circle is 400 metre across with an area of about 125,000 square metres. The smallest distance between nuggets is approx 6 metre and some nuggets were over 100 metres apart. As luck (bad) goes I got the first on the right hand side of the road/track and only got one more, on that side before I got to the left side of the road. For the sake of clarity of the screen capture I did not include one more nugget 100 metre SouthWest of the circle. This patch showed how you can miss nugget if you don't chain/grid a large area when you find or shown a spot
  9. In Australia most new detector are released just before major school holidays or after a massive nugget has been found or at lest displayed on the media.😉
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I only just had a chance to go on line today. Kiwijw the guy in the 4wd looked like an Aussie with his detecting thongs on, but the "gooday mate " in a yankee accent gave him away.🤐 I see no-one else has put up a map of their gold spread in a similar map so I guess I will have to put another one or two when I get time. At the moment I am getting setup for our 50th Wedding Anniversary on Valentine day (14/2/2020). Flying to Singapore to get on a cruise to Kelang(Kuala Lumpur), Peneng, Phuket, Bali and back to Singapore. I will see what I can do with another map if time permits. The small circle has an area as large as 3 Football playing grounds even though it is in the rich area a lot of time was needed to get those nuggets just try mowing that much lawn with a hand pushed "lawn mower". If you have found 2,3 or more nuggets anywhere please post a map/google screen shot of them with a scale to show how far they are apart.
  11. Some time you can be lucky hunting ground away from known patches. I have provided a couple of google screen shots of my West Australia patch number 2. The first one is of a circle of 1.250 Km with a 200 metre circle and a square of 1 acre in-side of it, to show the size of the spread of nuggets. The yellow small markers are nuggets that my wife and I found. The cluster of nuggets was found in the large circle with a casual chaining of the area.The nuggets out-side of the main circle were found exploring the extent of the spot and has not been chained yet. During this find we found no detector holes and only couple of pieces of junk for sum of over a kilo of gold. During this time (a couple of months) we only saw one 4wd and he was lost. The reason of this post is because of Gold Catchers "Hunting in undiscovered area" although hard to find it worth a go at hunting off known patches. I also would like to see some of you members showing screen shots of the spread of their spots. I am not giving GPS locations and neither should you as one day I will expand my chaining. The second shot is a of the 200 metre circle.
  12. When I find an old coin ,I wonder how much it would buy back then.
  13. I am sure the metal detector producers and retailers would like this type of advertising.
  14. Lastest news ............23Jan2020 Mine incident...........
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