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  1. Most people are sheep, the rest of us are lucky that we do things they don't,😁 but it is OK to have a "Baba" now and again.
  2. I'm very bias to Bougainville chance's of becoming a world leader in gold and copper mining again. https://www.bcl.com.pg/revisit-panguna/ And this is after 40 years away from the island that really set me up for life, as well as being the best years of of my life. I wish the Bougainvillian's the best of luck that they deserve.👍 Some facts of the mine In the 17 years prior to 1989, the mine produced concentrate containing three million tonnes of copper, 306 tonnes of gold and 784 tonnes of silver. The production had a value of 5.2 billion Kina (K) which represented approxi
  3. Well grasshopper (Simon) you are have past me in your google search abilities but is it a disappointment that profit is more important than good service. After all they are only batteries why do the have to rip of the uninformed to keep in business. By the way you will get an email from me for advice on avoiding rip offs on local tours in the land of tiny nuggets.😁
  4. Keep up the good work ,it not the detector (those it does adds to the results) it is the effort, and keep the rest of us hyped up.
  5. But not looking forward to the last 2. A Man's Age - as Determined by a Trip to Bunning's (Bunning's is an Aus. large retail hardware outlet.) You are in the middle of some kind of project around the house --. Mowing the lawn, putting in a new fence, painting the living room or whatever. You are hot and sweaty, covered in dust, lawn clippings, dirt or paint. You have your old work clothes on. You know the outfit -- shorts with the hole in the crotch, old T-shirt with a stain from who-knows-what and an old pair of tennis shoes. Right in the middle of this great home im
  6. A gold bonanza is not easy unless all the factors line up. If you try different tactic and put in the effort it can be very rewarding. You have the reward that we enjoy your effort and to gold reward.
  7. I went to a nude beach near Noosa Qld by accident. It was uneventful as the wife said they have no pockets to lose any coins, I agreed before any evident showed that I thought it was a nice beach.🤣
  8. Joe if you want her to lose some weight ( not saying that she should 🥺) uses the dryer on extra high. It works with most women.😁
  9. I liked the quotes below, should I look for the specimen or the 1 ton coin on my next trip.😕 While spectacular in nature, none have come close to replicating the Father's Day Vein, which produced more than 27,000 ounces from an area the size of a lounge room. King Henry adds to the 122-year-old mint's existing collection of rare gold specimens and its famous Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin, estimated to be worth more than $60 million.
  10. Ran out of likes must be a good day.......Valens Legacy is on the ball a bikini it is the best fit for the occasion.
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