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  1. Around 2002 I looked up every states mining data and filtered out every historic non gold mines and set up a site were they can be accessed. ..................Link.............. Read the first post and select the state you want and see if your area has any historic gold mines. Hope this gets you started.
  2. ...1 ... No as have been unable to chase the gold for a few years now, due to health problem that the wife has got. Not counting mine (I'm over my health problems now) When I made a PI detector back before SD-2000 was out in the mid 1980's I constructed a spiral coil for it out of (mainframe computer terminals connecting wire) silver wire. The coil worked great The PI detector had very good depth, but it was too slow and the clicking ( geiger )sound of the audible signal was hopeless for my type of prospecting. ...2 ... The Sadie coil was a great coil. I won mine when Rohan ran a competition for its name before it was released. I did not use it much as the wife claim it and would not let me get my hands on it.
  3. One of the best coils that I ever used was 14 x 7 inch that I used in shallow virgin patches or on well hit spots that had a lot of area to cover to find the ones that they missed.
  4. As the area looks shallow to me. I would do what I said before but I would use a coil of the elliptical type for coverage as the good size pieces will come up with little problems but the smaller bits will be easier to hear with the narrower width of a elliptical than round coil of the same size. Wish you luck, from what you have said it looks like the previous prospectors were chasing scattered gold. So cover a lot of ground around the workings.
  5. If you are going to submerge your coil make sure it is the same temperature or colder than the water or else you will cause a vacuum in the coil that will suck in the water from any hole, crack or faulty seal on cord entry or pressure relief valve.
  6. I would be in cruise mode around the edges of that area.
  7. Has it got a mint mark Simon https://goldsovereigns.co.uk/1910sovereign.html The Modern Sovereign As a consequence of the coin shortage faced by the British government following the Napoleonic Wars, the British Coinage Act of 1816 specified that the gold sovereign would once again be produced. However, unlike the 1489 gold sovereign, this modern itteration weighed under half of the original at 7.9881 grams, stamped into 22 carat gold, the same specifications used today. The first modern sovereign was produced by the Royal Mint in 1817, featuring the now iconic engraving of St George and the Dragon as envisioned by designer Benedetto Pistrucci, and the obverse revealing a portrait of ruler George III.
  8. Lacky you should be able to just click on the link without a onedrive account.
  9. All the cold weather and the rain is hitting us here in the Latrobe Valley. (it must be because of all the Lignite (Brown Coal) Power generation being shut down 😀 )
  10. This looks versatile and compact. https://www.gerbergear.com/en-us/activity/explore/explore-collection/folding-spade-30-000075
  11. You are not allowed to do anything these days here in Australia now I know why. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AqiKyrTQ2zQ3rAYN5Y7CSS8YkNVd?e=7Dj8Yp
  12. For something that GOOD it has to be US $ as the value of the Aus$ is too low surely.🤑
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