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  1. I went to the Poseidon area in 1980 but saw it was private land, and thought it was too much trouble to get permission, as there was a lot of virgin ground in the bush elsewhere in those days.😪
  2. The Poseidon Nugget’ was unearthed in the Parish of Waanyarra. The huge nugget weighed 953 oz gross and 703 oz net. Woodall and party found the nugget 10 inches underground, 2 inches above bedrock with much quartz. This find began the last of the big rushes to the area.[1906] On private land. This [Poseidon] was the last great alluvial rush in Victoria. 3000 were camped here in 1906 with store established catering for all the miners’ needs. One storekeeper was charged and fined for selling sly grog. The reef above and opposite the gully had been rushed in 1859, but this side neglected. It was nearly fifty years before John Porter testing the ground with a hand auger, found wash and sank a shaft onto nuggets. From its size, more large nuggets have come from this lead than any other in the world. 703 oz, 675 oz, thirteen others over 100 oz, nineteen from 50-99 oz, fifty two from 20-49 oz and two hundred and eight from 1-19 oz. ... the Premier awarded [James Porter] £500 for the discovery. He was the last man to receive a reward for the discovery of a new goldfield in Victoria.
  3. This is the smallest my mate got that I know he detected, but whether he got any other nuggets is unknown as he left the area.🤩
  4. It is the first of March, Ten day till you can spill the beans on all the gold you have found be it jewelry or Nuggets hope it not fly sh!t.
  5. One problem with HV power lines is ozone. Ozone interference can be reduced by detecting up-wind of the line and selecting a low humidity day.
  6. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a strange acid. It does not give you any 'warning pain' when you get it on your skin, but is deadly once it gets in. Back in 1981 I can remember Work using many 1000's of gallons of HF to remove the milling scale on a large Boiler. It arrived in steel road tankers not what most people expected. HF really likes Silica so don't store it in glass. Not HF but a link to the most strongest acid .......The Strongest Acid
  7. The biggest problem with the flies is that they gang together and lift your eyelids and start drinking the moisture from your eyes. They also see how many of their mates can join them in your mouth. If you want revenge you can use a electric zapper racket and feed them to the ants, if you can tolerate all the smoke from their fried bodies and wings.
  8. The best detector would be two box detector. 2 box detector Look at this LINK.
  9. Fred some use the chain to find their way back to their car not to find gold.🤣
  10. https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/two-nuggets-are-better-than-one-prospector-s-dual-delight-in-wa-outback-20181121-p50hi3.html ........Link........
  11. Low and slow is great if you are trying to get gold that was left behind by other detectorist. If you are trying to live off your finds, then you need (say 1 ounce a week or may be 1 gram a day) then you have to cover enough ground to get that amount. If the ground is good you are best to slow down if poor then you have to go faster to cover enough ground to get your yield. In poor virgin ground you are not getting what other people have missed be cause they have not done it. The main thing to do is use the lightest chain (or marker) that will give you a workable grid line that will disappear quickly so as not to attract any one else to your pay packet.It pays to over lap evenly and keep at a constant low working height with your appropriate coil. Some of my good patches, I gridded were over 800 meters long and wider than 100 meters when the gold yield dropped off I then hit the best spots LOW & SLOW in the opposite direction. It all depends on your decision how to work the ground. What is best, leave a few crumbs behind or leave most of your patch behind? You have to be as cunning as a 🦊
  12. Fred you should use a Oz $2 coin in your photo it will make them look bigger as you know it is a lot smaller than a $1 coin and you can use more zoom. 😀
  13. Jan 23, 2015 - The temperature has hit a scorching 49 degrees in the small Western Australian outback town of Marble Bar- just 0.2 of a degree below the highest temperature recorded in the town. If you are tough enough (Like us Oz) this map might help.
  14. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-05/how-to-survive-in-the-outback/10463852
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