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  1. In West Australia it is not only the iron junk but also heaps of little hot rocks sticking to the magnet. What I did was to activate some car bog (chopped glass and resin) and put it over the magnet and while it was still soft placed a plastic bag over it, I then pulled down on the bag to shape a curved shell on the pick. This allowed us to simply wipe our hand over it magnet area, it was an effective solution to the remove the build up along the edge of magnet. I hope the photo helps to show what I mean, the grey area is the car bog.
  2. I like the chopped Spanish? silver coins from the days of value was the weight in silver. 👏
  3. Sometimes you have to admit defeat. My wife and I got a heap of nuggets here, but did not remove all of the junk. There was a lot of gold in the area (over a kilo) but I am sure there is more left for someone else.
  4. Simon try using a bit of cardboard or ice-pole stick, and stick your bird/rat shot to it when testing it
  5. The mounting on the coil look great. You won't need that extra pole on your Z with that coil.
  6. I like the demo, but be sure that the sample is very dry not moist. If not then do it in a puddle/bucket of water.
  7. ............LINK.......... Order to evict illegal miners in Amazon A Brazil court has ordered the Bolsonaro government to take action to remove illegal gold miners from the Yanomami indigenous reservation in the Amazon. A federal court has ordered the Brazilian government to expel an estimated 20,000 illegal gold miners from the Yanomami indigenous reservation to protect one of the most isolated Amazon tribes from the spread of coronavirus. The judge gave President Jair Bolsonaro's administration five days to come up with an emergency plan to protect the Yanomami by deploying agents from the indigenous affairs and environmental agencies and military personnel. Some 27,000 Yanomami live on a vast reservation twice the size of Switzerland and have been invaded for decades by gold miners who have brought diseases fatal to their people. With only 27,000 Yanomami and 20,000 Illegal miner I think it is over due??
  8. Mitchel had a moment with a ring. I had found 8 gold ones that day but could only find 7 when showed them to my wife. She told me to look on my finger. 😵 That one fitted quite good.
  9. As most of my gold is Eluvial and not Alluvial it is great to see a well worn piece of rock/quartz and the gold looks like it took a bit of hammering as it went down the waterway. It sure is a nice specimen. 🤑
  10. The snakes, crocodiles, and drop-bears here in Australia are all protected and most people don't have guns, a licence is required for those that do have a legitimate reason for one. I think it is to dangerous for you guys in USA to come and get our gold (vanursepaul is the exception) DEET 70+ is good for stopping the march-flies from stinging you also stops them from carrying you back to their den. 😀
  11. I just saw this post about FRED what can I say that has not been said before, and not a bad comment in 8 pages. I will surely miss him.
  12. My youngest son was 13 years old back then, he had no problems using it back then. Yes it says 1985 Apr 19 The goldmaster was so good that I did not go over to Minelab until the GP 3000 was released.
  13. Been away for a while, what a great post on page 13 in no time. My White was just great got it as soon as it came out here in Aus.
  14. This spread was south of a large reef area and digging hole sloping down to the north. The area in the circle is sloping southwards. About 40 nuggets were found and about half were sitting in the sun having a tan.Most were about 2 or 3 grams in weight. At the bottom of the slope about 400 metres south I got a quarter ounce (8 gm) fairly deep. If I get back that way I know that there is a good prospect for a week or two in untouched ground. I guess everyone want to keep their runs of nuggets to themselves. ­By the way I will be unable to post anything till the end of February. I forgot to say the circle is 300 mt across.
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