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  1. Land rights in Australia worth a read before you take a mining claim on privately owned land. By the way find out what rights and minerals a claim owner has. Dear yyyyyyyyyyy, I own my own property in Australia. I was wondering how much space directly above and below my land legally belongs to me? For example, do I own the land all the way down to the centre of the Earth, or does it become government/public property after a few feet? Likewise, does the airspace above my house technically belong to me? If so, how far up? Thank you, xxxxxxxxx. Dear xxxxxxxxxx, Usual caveat: we’
  2. My experience is the heavy objects only sink an inch or two,but the wet sand moves sometimes erosion maybe several feet deep releasing buried treasure (rings and coins) Those not found maybe covered up by sand when the sand is move and fills the area back up.
  3. What I did to a spoked coil was place a skid on the bottom then used an expanding foam to fill the area between the spocks and scaped of the excess to made the top level it worked but was not pretty but kept the weight down. A bit of self adhesive book covering stop build up of dust in the foam as no wear occurs on the top of the coil.
  4. Best to keep quiet till the trip is over. However if you have not finished with the patch wait till you have, as someone might of seen your vehicle at that spot or somewhere else. human nature will mean they will hit were you have been sighted. 😬
  5. That specimen shows a lot of gold and is a keeper. I found a 3.2Kg (7lb) specimen a few years ago that had over 16+ oz of gold when crushed, but note it did not show as much gold as Gerry's Customer. So now I don't feel too bad belting sh!t out of it for the gold. 🤑 By the way the signal was very broad, and 18" deep with a ML3000 and 14"Elliptical coil.
  6. Allen, I can't help you with a spot to test it, but my advice is locate someone with an identical Detector. Go to any gold prospecting area and bury a few targets of different sizes and depth.(NB Lead,Brass,Silver and most coins will do but not iron or steel.) If both detectors have a similar (+/- 5%) range on your target then your detector is most likely OK
  7. Erik have an elliptical coil in your collection with a 12 to 14" range, as it allows coverage, in hand with a high sensitivity for smaller nuggets ( there is more small nuggets than large ones in open ground.)
  8. I own a garmin VivoActive 3 watch, have had all previous versions. They have a pedometer built in that allows you to setup your stride length. As a bonus it has a GPS built in it. With this Unit you can count your steps, monitor heart rate and calories and your path on a satellite view with Garmin Express. By the way the GPS has outstanding reception in bushwalking conditions.
  9. That blade you found brings back memories of being on the other end with my dad. He used to go out cutting eucalyptus trees up for firewood to see us through winter. There were no chainsaw for the general public "In 1926, German mechanical engineer, Andreas Stihl patented the first electric chainsaw to be used for logging purposes. Three years later, in 1929, Stihl developed a gas-powered chainsaw version; however, Emil Lerp, founder of Dolmar chainsaw company, had already begun manufacturing gas-powered chainsaws in 1927."
  10. Most of our gold found before Mine Lab were with a Garrett's DeepSeeker, Whites Coinmaster 6000 and a Whites GoldMaster 1 (Aus Model) then we went to PI machines. The VLF were the best brands available at that time. Best of luck Garrett and lets hope this means big competition with our Aussie manufacture.
  11. He tried to save $10,800 I wonder if the gold was confiscated or a fine and sale tax had to be paid.
  12. Chocolate chip cookies - Taste www.taste.com.au › Recipes Ingredients. 150g softened butter. 1/2 cup brown sugar. 1/2 cup caster sugar. 1 egg. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1 3/4 cups plain flour. 1/2 cup milk chocolate bits, plus 1 tablespoon extra. 1/2 cup dark chocolate bits, plus 1 tablespoon extra.
  13. Finding any gold coin is an achievement by it self but one in that condition puts icing on the cake. 🧐
  14. Did you notice that the pinpointer change from orange to black on the last nugget, as if you would need one on the size of those fakes.
  15. First try another coil on the detector if that solves the problem it the coil, providing the test coil is ok and the problem is the same the fault is the detector. The problem you describe seems to be related to the shielding or its connection to me.
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