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  1. I was on during that problem, had me locked out of opening a topic in more than one forum but could go to my profile and back to forums but could not open any pages. Hope this helps.
  2. https://www.detectorexperts.com/products/nokta-rc29v-11-x-7-search-coil-for-racer-2-detector?pr_prod_strat=e5_desc&pr_rec_id=918880f0a&pr_rec_pid=1347324936256&pr_ref_pid=1347264413760&pr_seq=uniform
  3. This post reminds me of my early VLF days. I solved my problems with a broomstick which was the best that I have ever used. It was fixed length and a groove under the handle that I could rest the shaft on my little finger. Here is a photo of it in use 45+ years ago.
  4. Of the ten or so trips to that area over the years had not encountered that problem and Carol is a magnet for sandflies and mossies. Must of been the wet season.
  5. https://www.ramint.gov.au/publications/royal-australian-mint-unveils-bluey-commemorative-coin-collection-real-life Other side
  6. The only 100% guarantee discrimination is a divining rod in one hand and a target sample in the other. ? I think you are on the right track. The size of the target, the depth of the target, the response to the frequency of the target, the height of the ground of the coil, all tell a different story. Some people are better than others of reading them, but it is time for AI to catch up with us Experience Operators. ? Lets hope that we get most of the good targets before AI allows any first timer get that advantage.
  7. As shown the costs can be high..............SO SAMPLING IS ESSENTIAL BEFORE COMMITTING TO THE PROJECT.
  8. A few years back someone took an Aus. nugget, I think it was 2 or 4 Oz and tried to sell it as an English nugget that he found there.
  9. Reg I was not impressed with the 15000 but the GT16000 made me take notice of MineLab but their Hype restricted me from joining the band for some years.
  10. Eric it is a dream adventure/trip and take it as such. If you forget the gains that maybe found it is worth it, a cheap ship cruise is about is about $2000 to $5000 a week for 2 people with no return from luck or skill except on the pokies and cards. Just one thing I had all the historical mines locations and extensive GPS use and Knowledge before I went to West Aust in 2003 when I retired. A lot of local Pro. gold prospectors were asking me for gps location of certain mines which I help them locate. I found many unknown spots but someone else had been in the area. There was a few lucky ones that got most of the gold and fortunately a few unlucky ones that missed the gold that made my efforts more than paid off..
  11. If the hole is too big for the little pick, it is worth while going a mile or two to get the big pick. ☺️
  12. I only made one claim in Victoria for detecting. Vic rules were easy back then. I would not make another claim anywhere for detecting alone, as every one else knows where it is as JP said and to work the claim by hand had to have 200 Lt of water for fire protection if I had my vehicle parked on it. At one time we had a Miner Right a lot of that has gone. https://www.eurekapedia.org/Miner's_Right https://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/13628/download-report
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