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  1. It simple Steve, you have moderated posts before with your view of fairness. I would continue doing what you think is fair and keep this forum at it's high standard.
  2. I guess I will pull back on my Kiwi likes to give someone else a chance. By the way who the guy at the top, he must have a tie with the owner.
  3. https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/Mutiny-and-Rebellion-The-Eureka-Stockade/10188.aspx This is a must for Vic gold prospectors and may other prospector.
  4. More speculation. http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26580-new-gpz7000-aussie-made-coil-rumour
  5. Great post phoenix. The case of the boiler was a Health and Safety Team major project.
  6. In the early 1980 we got many tons Hydrofluoric Acid for internal cleaning of mill scale on newly constructed 375 MW Brown Coal boiler. It was shipped via road in steel tanks it concentration was 35%. I can't remember what it was diluted to. It was continuously circulated in a closed vessel for a couple of days. Most people would expect it to eat through the steel tanks at 35% Conc. but that is the normal process. The big problem with a Weak Hydrofluoric Acid is that it burns into the skin and attacks the bone with very little warning in pain till it very serious.Vapours into the lung is very serious. https://ehs.princeton.edu/book/export/html/197
  7. Gerry I was in the area 2006, with a couple years experience up my sleeve I cracked 32 oz for the winter. You did quite good for your first trip. I had three Yanks in my van begging to buy some nice size nuggets (2 oz in total) at a 25% above spot price. They convinced me to sell as they wanted something to show that their trip paid. By the way one Emu egg make enough for four hungry Men.
  8. JW I hope you had better luck than me with Grand Canyon. We stayed there for 3 Days but it was fogged in and plenty of snow, visibility was not good enough to see the bottom. Niagara Fall made up for it as stopped for us (froze over) Our USA, Canada and the South Pacific lasted 10 weeks and was the trip of a lifetime. If our cruise in August goes OK we plan a cruise to KiwiLand for our 50th Wedding Anniversary in mid Feb. Don't worry we wont steal any of your NZ GOLD supply. but hope to see your two main Islands.
  9. Any nugget over an oz close to the surface sound like junk to me and the larger they get the more they do. 👍
  10. What year was that (Kalgoorlie/Leonora) Gerry.
  11. I think the times quoted are for when you are on the gold.
  12. I only have the initial Spectra. V1 don't use it much now. My method was dig every thing except when the coil can not be swung without hitting targets. Your problem is gold ring vary in size,shape and gold content. This means there is a wide range of reading you will get. However pull tags and a lot of junk target were mass produced and have a uniform response get to know these and then decide if you dig or not. One bit of advice is to try to get a beep at the same volume by lifting the coil up a bit as I got more accurate signal doing this on my detector.
  13. The only trenches that I have came across that are that long are water races. Your description seems to fit that.
  14. "but i can be a persistent prick!" I know what you mean, I spent many weeks in Wederburn back in 1980 with no results except the experience I gained. I now have found several kilos of gold. I was known as the old Duracell Battery "Bunny Ad. " Bunny Ad.
  15. Lacky has got it right. A lot of new prospector have not heard a gold signal and the advice I gave would help in this case. I saw the mine and also the trench looks like a crosscut to find the reef. If that the case that slope may be worth a detect.
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