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  1. Final Flood Watch for Fire Affected Catchments in North East Victoria and East Gippsland Issued at 11:37 am EDT on Tuesday 21 January 2020 Flood Watch Number: 3 Localised flooding is no longer expected in fire affected catchments for this event. In the 48 hours to 9am Tuesday, widespread rainfall totals of 30-60 mm were recorded in the North East Victoria catchments and 25-100 mm in East Gippsland. Significant river rises were recorded at gauges in fire affected areas impacted by the heaviest rain in particular in the Snowy and Tambo river catchments. No significant rainfall is forecast for the remainder of today in the flood watch area. Flooding is no longer expected in the following catchments: Bemm, Cann and Genoa Rivers Snowy River Tambo River Mitchell River Upper Murray and Mitta Mitta Rivers Ovens and King Rivers The Bureau of Meteorology is continuing to monitor the situation and will issue catchment specific warnings as required.
  2. A firefighter was looking outside the fire station and noticed a young girl in a red cart. It had a garden hose rolled up in the back. She had a red helmet on, also had her pet dog and cat with her. The firefighter went out to talk to her when he noticed that the girl had a cord around the dog neck to pull the cart. He then noticed that the cat also had a cord, but it was tied to the cat’s testicles. He stopped in his tracks and suggested that the cart would go quicker if she put the cord around the cat neck as she had done to the dog. The girl said he was most likely right, but what should she do for a siren. Hope that has brighten your day guys. 🀣
  3. Simon we have seen the gold what about the silver coins? All we can see here is SMOKE.
  4. Lanny it amazes me how many videos show a person picking up a hand/scoop full of pay dirt then run the coil over the hole. If they get a signal on the hole they throw the full hand/scoop away without running over the coil.πŸ™„
  5. You might need a GPZ-7000 to go over done patches, but not for finding a new patch, and I know new patches pay exceptionally well far better than getting missed gold on flogged patches.
  6. Does he have GPZ-7000 with a 19" DOG Coil 2Valen? πŸ˜€
  7. That is old Simon good find. Now I will have to see how old my half dozen are.😎
  8. There is always a way to tell if there is gold.............dolly it and pan it.
  9. If you leave a signal you might leave gold is generally accepted. How ever if the time spent digging junk prevent you from covering a lot more ground with gold in it, then leaving a few nuggets behind might be less than the extra ground give you. Well you can only hope.
  10. JR said "If I come out of this intact I promise to find and post as much gold as possible to make up. Can't bloody wait!" We can't wait either and it good to know they have remembered were you are and drop some pink on the ground between you and the blaze. ✌️
  11. Guess how many bullets was needed to make this much LEAD. 😭 at least it was over a 40 year period.
  12. A guy I got to know in 1980 told me the story of the 36 oz nugget he used as a door stop in his "trash and treasure" shop. He and two other Pro gold detectorist were out one day when he got a large signal his bother saw him and shouted out that's a large bit of JUNK the other guy said I hit that too. George said he dug it up and the other two could not believe what he got.
  13. Have you detected for gold in the Africa Continent, if so I and i'm sure others, would like to hear about your adventures. Best of luck in Arizona and get plenty of gold on your trip.🀞
  14. As Reg said "Galena" that is a combination of lead and silver and usually it occurs in crystal format.
  15. wikipedia has a large article on the 2019-2020 Bushfire. .......Link......
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