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  1. I’ve had good luck getting access to ranches to detect by offering to help with work around the ranch. Fixing fences, gates, and helping with other work has gotten me into some very productive areas that haven’t seen a detector. Ive found if you show your willing to take care of the land and leave not leave holes all over property owners rarely say no.
  2. I still rock the 3500 when Im out in open ground thats not bombed with magnatite. I really like the easy operation, its just turn on and go. But when Im working difficult ground where the 3500 loses stability I use a 2300 and 5000. But I still really like the 3500 its the last of the analog machines. Im looking to maybe get the 12in EVO and give it a go on the 3500 and 5K. BTW thanks for the youtube videos!
  3. Gold basin or Franconia would be where I’d go. Holbrook is tough.
  4. I’ve used the Garmin etrex for 10 years and it’s worked well for finding new ground to sample. I would avoid the hunting maps unless you want to contact a private land owner about doing some mining. I use land matters, google earth, and county recorder to research open land to mine.
  5. It’s a two way street. Properly marked keeps the honest folks out but one of my claims got hammered after I put signs up.
  6. Don’t sell your GM1000. You’ll just end up buying another one later.
  7. How do you do it smartmax? I would have never thought of hooking a battery charger into the ground and seeing valuable ore deposits from a distance! And your metal detectors have the thinnest/lightest coils I have ever seen! I do have to say Max is one smart dude. Steve, This was a awesome thread until the LRL crowd spammed it :( DP
  8. I’ve learned on the areas I hunt the most the bigger the crystals the bigger the gold.
  9. Since your new to metal detecting I’d use a Minelab Gold Monster. It’s a very easy detector to setup and operate and is very sensitive on small gold and will also find larger nuggets. Another bonus is the detector comes with two coils and the 5in coil works awesome on bedrock.
  10. Nice Lidar Immage! Did you shoot this from a manned or unmanned aircraft? I’d love to shoot some Lidar on my claims. It looks like there is a older channel in the creek bed, if so I’d check that area. Maybe it hasn’t been hit by the old timers?
  11. Had the same issue with the on/off switch. Sent mine back and got a new detector in return. It was a quick turn with little down time. Minelab has awesome customer service.
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