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  1. Hello everyone, this is a subject that I am always obsessed with 😅. Which metal detector has your favorite sound tone? Ps:the sound of my favorite whites mxt all pro sounds very nice 😗
  2. Thank you very much everyone @Steve Herschbach I think you are right.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a user of The Legend and Xp Orx. I want to do a manual and sound-only search and have some nostalgia, but I want a device that is resistant to minerals and has good discrimination, do you think it can be tejon or vanquero?
  4. thank you both @palzynski and @Steve Herschbach the problem was with the charging adapter I replaced it and the problem was fixed, good luck to you all 🙋🏻‍♂️
  5. When I look from the remote, it looks completely full, I will try and observe what you said, thank you very much. Good luck
  6. Hello, the xp orx hf head is charging for hours, the light is on constantly, it does small clippings in between, but as it is written in the manual, there is no flashing that indicates whether the charge is over. I would appreciate your help, thank you.
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