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    DFX300, DFX, CZ20, and now the Minelab EQ800 and bought a Simplex + for my wife!

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  1. Anyone selling a CZ 20 Battery holder and battery door? Ordered from Ebay, never showed up, never replied. Ordered from another company, they sent it to a completely different address and never replied nor sent a new one. Thanks.
  2. Saw them on Ebay for 750.00 Asking 650.00. Mint Cond. Also selling Regular DFX for 500.00 also in exc cond. AA battery holders, Charging transformers and batteries included.
  3. Thanks, I used to teach wood shop but after becoming disabled I sold my own complete wood shop. Just trying to sell them as is but I also thought of the craft path but that is not happening. Thanks.
  4. Not great but ok for an hour out. 1 Wheatie 1930 1 Indian head 1891 1 Musketball
  5. I have 3 batches like this. I just listed one on CL for 175.00. Almost all iron items with some brass, ceramic etc. Priced too low? Too high? Going to be getting rid of all my old finds soon. Any ideas, opinions are good to hear. Thanks.
  6. I am in the same boat as I became disabled and have not hunted for six years but I have a DFX 300 and a DFX which are now for sale and I bought a Minelab Equinox 800 it is like night and day
  7. Loved my DFXs. If I could I would use them solely again. Too heavy for me now. Thanks.
  8. Got out for a little while today before the bad weather coming. This 800 is a button monster! 10 buttons.
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