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  1. I'd have named this "Just the Artifacts #5", but again I found some coins (thanks GB 😁) Today was a decent day for March but the wind was unpredictable. At least it got warm enough that I didn't have to wear heavy or electric clothes. I think I found my first "Zincoln", it's the heavily corroded memorial to the right of the unidentifiable penny. Got another handle, again probably a razor. The large disc is gold plated, one side smooth and one has concentric circles. I'm thinking it was on a pocketbook or something. Small knurled ring that at first i thought was an Asian coin, but it
  2. Finished up the farmhouse site today, made a few more passes and found nothing. I went to a new site that I previously plotted using old maps where a building was up to the 60s, and first known in 1917 on a USGS map. Hacked around a bit and found the objects in the photo. I'm not sure if I should grid this spot, I didn't hear a lot of iron. Great way to kill an afternoon. At least this field was out of the annoying March wind. The disc is lead, could be a bale seal, or possibly a weight or game piece. 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It was weird to find a sinker in a farm field about a mile fro
  3. Was out for two hours today to a local football field after a rain. I have detected the field and surrounding area many, many times in the past. However, today there were many more interesting finds than normal! The only problem is, I have no idea what some of them are. The coin, which had an ID of 21, looks like it could be a colonial copper of some sort. I have circled what I think is the word "et"... assuming the meaning is "and." The brass item has glass windows, and was easy to take apart. Maybe a drip feed oiler? It was down about a foot. If you could lend your insight, that would be awe
  4. Second day in this site. It never got over 42 today, the wind was around 20-30 mph all day. I went out dressed like I was yesterday and had to go back for a heavy hoodie and heated socks. Got Reynauds in my hands and feet, unbelievable pain if they get too cold. The reason I went right back is because the first coin I found is either an early American penny or a King George, or not... 🤔 It's 1 1/8 inches in diameter and weighs 9.7 grams. No really identifiable lettering, just the bust facing right. Big coin. The only way to "read" it is the good old flashlight trick. Left to right: s
  5. Great day but windy, 20 with gusts to 30. I could hardly hear my headphones sometimes and the wind kept blowing my spade around. Went to the site of an old farmhouse in my permission, at first I just scouted about but then switched to grid search using my flag sticks. It's not a huge area but will take a few days to search completely. Gotta say I was surprised to find any military objects at all. If you read my other posts your know this area never really saw war except for 1812, and that was only a very short skirmish that occurred nearly in my backyard. But find militaria I di
  6. Another day out in the farm. I am grid searching about 100 acres, only going about 36 feet at a time per day laterally. Every day doing this I have dug interesting relics. Today was no exception, this stuff is as old as America, in some cases older. I wish I could regale everyone with fabulous coin finds and gold, but I find very few coins here. Some are cool though, and again very old. I'm hoping I can piece together some kind of picture as to what was going on here, it will take some historical research. Usually button finds dominate the day. Today I found only one, a two-piece 1800s-is
  7. Got up to 60 today, one of those insane days where it starts out cold (35) and a warm front comes through. Just coins and relics today, but some firsts. Of interest is the smallest button I have found yet, I have dug about 100 of them in the last 4 months in this field. It's only 3/8 inch! Third one from the left in the photo. Testament to the Equinox ability to find really small stuff, but the tiny thing next to the wheat penny came in at a strong 18, I have no idea what it is. 3 Tombacs, one is concave and one is the first cast one I have found. Wheat penny is a 1941. The large bul
  8. Had another good day detecting a rather large hay field. I was using the new superfly coil on the MK, and most of my finds were all ammo related. I found 12 keepers which means no plastic. They range in age from 1920's to the 1940's. the best one, which I have never found before was a Winchester Nublack made from 1905 to 1938. The others were REM UMC 1915 to 1942, Winchester repeater 1896 to 1938, Winchester Leader 1933, Sears unknown 1920's to 1940's, Western Xpert 1914 to 1932. If you ever want to find the head stamp dates (Cartridge-corner.com) is the place to go. I hit up on some bucksho
  9. The last few weekends have been very productive as Calabash Digger and I have been fortunate enough to get on a few good sites that have produced some amazing Colonial and Civil War relics. Check out the pics below and check out the Youtube video of these hunts. Hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for a good weekend of getting out !
  10. The past two days were nasty, 20s to low 30s with wind gusts to 40. Couldn't get out. Today it calmed down a bit with a forecast high of 36 and light wind, so I took the Equinox out for a test run with the new carbon fiber shaft and a new $39 pair of Aksonic BT-80 headphones. They are Apt-X LL and are way more comfortable and tight than the TronD headphones I have been using. Almost no wind noise because they truly fit over my ears. The ground was a bit frozen in spots but not too bad. First pass was uneventful. I'm thinking of calling my metal detectors "tac(k)ometers" for all the bucksh
  11. Me and my buddy hit a new spot yesterday. It was COLD ..Water was 45 degrees and the air temp was 48 degrees ... Oh yeah wind was blowing 15 to 20 MPH... He found the onion bottle I am point at in the pic and I found the rest. They all had some damage but they will display very well...
  12. I went out in the rain today and scored a few good uns. The spot is being developed and will soon be a thing of the past...
  13. Well I am stoked to say the least...I found this today in 20ft of water. 44 degree water and I was not cold after I found it...LOL
  14. Got a break in the weather today, it has rained for the past two. The last two days before it rained I found very little, I thought the field was "drying up". Today I realized why - it had been a week or more since it rained, so I think the ground lost conductance - it dried up! I should probably revisit my last couple of grid walking days. I have been averaging 3-4 buttons a day, and today was no exception. I also find a lot of shoe buckle parts. There was a lot of foot traffic here from the 1700s on, I am trying to find out why. Also learned today to follow more faint signals, especiall
  15. Finally finished a grid search of an 1800s house site on the farm in front of my house. Yesterday was in the 50s, but there was a cold 20mph wind blowing the whole time. I had set up the coordinates in Tect-O-Trak based on some stakes in the field that were really old, and searched around it before beginning to verify, literally found nothing outside the plot I set. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't find more stuff but what I did find was pretty cool for someone new to this. As seen in the photo I only found two coins, a Buffalo Nickel with no date, and a 1930 wheat penny. The Eagle D but
  16. All found on private property with permission. All relics found with the Nokta Anfibio. Except for the Harrison campaign pin found with Equinox 800 just prior to selling detector. I did well in quality but, actually a slow year! Getting old and back issues but, sure is better than the alternative! HH, The Georgiadigger
  17. Got out 2 days before everything froze up around here. Actually surprised at the amount of stuff I found. Couple of good buttons found too, like a great coat cuff size, a few kepi buttons, Eagle D cuff and coat buttons.
  18. Not great but ok for an hour out. 1 Wheatie 1930 1 Indian head 1891 1 Musketball
  19. Hi everybody, I wanted to thank you all for welcoming us to this forum last year. Thanks for the info, the advice and the support. It helped me create an amazing bond with my son. I am grateful to you all. Here’s a little video of some of our favorite moments of the crazy year. Best to you all!
  20. I'm betting that most of you detectorists have found a large number tobacco tags, just as I have. Up here the most prevalent tags are "stars", but from time to time others pop up as well. As a Museum manager I get almost as excited with a tag as a nugget. So, I started a collection of this chewing tobacco advertisement. Most 19th century miners smoked either a pipe, a cigar or chewed. I liked to hear from you guysabout your tag finds, if you care to. I've attached some examples and an ad from the 1890's. Oh, and a little poem from the era: When weary I are, I smokes my cigar.
  21. Earlier last month I attended Diggin in Virginia. It's an invitational relic hunt that takes place around Culpeper, VA that about 200 people attend. The ground is very hot there, as many know, so the detectors of choice are usually PI machines like the TDI, ATX and GPX. Some VLF's work but get significantly less depth than the PI's. I have taken my Deus, Equinox and Tarsacci and found stuff with all of them. This time around I used the GPX most of the time but did pull out the Tarsacci on a rainy day for about 7 hours. I'll give a more detailed report about the Tarsacci in the Tarsacci section
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