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  1. Been a while since I put together a video, but over Labor Day weekend I worked a ghost town putting the Equinox 800 to the test and it didn't disappoint! HH, Cal
  2. Posted on the relic and coin hunting forum, just in case the link doesn't work:
  3. Been hunting a spot close to home its still giving up some cool finds. The wheat penny is struck off center?....only the 19 is visible on the date. Maybe GB- Amateur knows something about these types of coins? The rifleman's badge is stamped sterling and also you can see part of a bracelet in the first photo that is stamped sterling as well. This spot has gotta have a gold ring It's just a matter of time. Been having fun hunting down here in the Bay area but I really need to get up to the peace and quiet of the mountains for a couple days of gold hunting.
  4. I went back to the place we've been hunting all year with the Nox to try some different settings at a spot that we hit several times before. I hit it with the CTX using the 11" and 6" coil and the Nox using the 11" and 6" coil earlier this year. Today I ran the 800 with the 11" coil with these settings: Park 1 Recovery speed 3, used recovery speed 6 the last times. Iron bias 0, have always ran 0 Manual GB this time instead of factory preset of 0 Sensitivity of 23 2 Tones No disc, dug everything from +9 and up All the mini balls and buttons were deep, 8+ inches and gave a repeatable tone. I used a much slower and deliberate sweep this time compared to a faster swing in the beginning. All in all, I was very pleased with the outcome, my plan is to go back and come at it from a different direction next time.
  5. Me and my mentor hit a mill pond in the low country and these relics flew out...
  6. We killed it today at the honey hole... I tagged the plate on the first signal..
  7. Few relics from the hunt yesterday. My buddy pulled all the bullets. I got the 1700s jewelry though!
  8. ^th trench deeper wider and longer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jackshit 1 medieval knife blade lots of sweat for not much...... RR
  9. Just got back from the low country.https://youtu.be/J5OQIc7LGI8
  10. I got out this past Sunday to hunt a place we hunted a couple weeks back to give it another pounding. It's a WW1/WW2 dump site out in the desert, it looks to have been burned somewhere and dumped here and spread out. Just under the surface is powdered ash, some things look burnt, others don't. It's littered with every type of metal you can think of, copper, alum, brass, lead and iron everywhere. I was running park 1, using the 6" coil, recovery speed 6, sens 18, 0 disc, 0 iron bias, 2 tones with my tone break at 17 and ground balance at 0 I decided to go over the same area that me and another guy had hit previously only from a different direction, ? man we both suck lol, it was like we never hunted it before. I spent close to 9 hours going slowly thru all the crap, I was amazed at how much we had missed !! I finally had to call it a day when it hit 104 ? As you can see, it pays to hit a spot from different directions multiple times. My favorite finds are the large rosettes, the 2 WW1 dog tags, the heart rosette and the collar buttons.
  11. So here is my most successful so far,nuremberg jetton Est india company button and other bits hard to describe how cool it is to detect the spoil as you never know what you gonna find.......it s like playing lottery.....using the 9"HF .Pipe was found while reaching the water line to clean the button Enjoy RR
  12. I found this at the same place the 1899 Barber Dime came from, the old farm where I grew up in Wisconsin. It appears to be brass, and the thin strip of metal makes a "bwonggg" sound when plucked. Any guesses?
  13. Anybody tried it? Metal Detecting In The River for Treasure Aug 13, 2017 - Uploaded by Aquachigger Join me as I metal detect and search for treasure in the river. I find a nice Confederate artillery shell and other ... Metal detecting a river full of silver and gold (part 1) Aug 13, 2016 - Uploaded by hiluxyota Went out today with Dirty Dan to a new river site , and we both left today with over 30 silver coins , gold and ... Metal Detecting In Rivers: Tips On Finding Crossings Or Fords Dec 16, 2012 - Uploaded by Aquachigger A little metal detecting adventure. In it, I give out some tips on ... Exploring an Island and Metal Detecting along the River Feb 21, 2017 - Uploaded by nuggetnoggin Nugget Noggin paddles out on the river to explore an island, where many people have camped out over the ...
  14. Hello i m participating to a exhibition inseptember and pictures needed to be taken "in action" so i invited the photographer (Hannah Smiles)to follow me as i was digging. https://hannahsmiles.com https://totallythames.org/event/foragers-of-the-foreshore I m focusing on the black gravel which may contain the oldest stuff for some reason on that patch (same spot as other trenches) the gravel was 2 feet deep not much luck except this Eward the 3rd penny.Using the Deus 9"HF discri -4.0 http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/pics/hamm/ed3/1d/index.html
  15. Spud Digger invited me to a Private Property hunt last weekend with about 25 other diggers. The site goes back to the 1860's. Now I wish all the finds were dated then, but the cabins were used and lived in in the 1900's Depression era too. Yes we find the occasional wheat cent from the 30's, but that is ok. We also get hunt the mining piles for gold nuggets, which makes this exact place a fun hunt for those who enjoy a variety. Anyway, my oldest US coin on this hunt was an 1890 Indian Head cent, as well as a couple Chinese Cache coins, a lead soldier on a horse, a coin size sterling flower piece, a cute little shoe bottom (either a child or a Chinamen?). Also recovered the normal suspender clasps, buckles and a few eye candy glass buttons. Even a non metal knife sharpener was spotted in one of my digs. One of my favorite finds besides the "Idaho City, Idaho" token (I love local history saves), was the tire pressure gauge. But the best find of the trip by anyone (at least in my opinion) was the 1918 State of Idaho Chauffeur #1159 Badge. Part of what made this find so unique is the lady digger who found it, was sifting for bottles and not even using a detector. If anyone can share some light on the badge, please let us know.
  16. Hunting relics in the low country..
  17. Met up with a couple of fellow hunters to hunt a WW1/WW2 dump site, it was a button feast today. Also was able to score 2 mercs, a barber and a wheat. Overall a great way to celebrate Independence Day, thanks for looking.
  18. Yesterday my buddy stumbled onto another hot spot at the 1850's site we've been hunting since the beginning of the year and found a Dragoon and an R button along with a really nice rosette. He wasn't able to go out today, but he gave me his blessing to head over and hunt it today. I'm sure he's not to happy about that now ? I got there at 05:30 this morning and right away period items began to come to light, dropped musket ball, pistol ball, percussion cap and a trouser button on the first pass. That's always a good sign when you start to pull some keepers right from the get go. On the next pass, a percussion cap, 2 pulltabs, a pistol ball and then I get a 21-22 on the Nox 800. We seldom get very many items that hit in the 20's except aluminum slaw or deeply buried aluminum cans, most hits are in the 9 to 19 range. I fully expected to dig a piece of trash and was totally unprepared for what came out, when I saw what it was, I just threw it back onto the dirt pile, stood up and started walking around stunned. A major bucket lister that I always wanted to dig, but just never figured I'd ever see come outta the hole, my first Spanish Reale. My goal for the day was to at least dig a Dragoon or maybe another R button. This was the last thing I thought would ever come from this site, I'm still in awe that I was privileged to find such an awesome coin. Somehow I was able to compose myself and continue hunting for another 9 hours and ended up with some excellent relics to add to my display case once I finish hunting this site. I did dig a lead, 1 piece button, my 3rd from here, anyone have any idea if it's period and what it's from? Once again my settings on the Nox 11" coil Sens 23 Recovery 4 Iron bias 0 No disc GB at 3-6 Park 1 2-tones Tone break -9 to +8
  19. I've been meaning to post this for a while . After seeing the great finds GKman found on the Equinox forum, it reminded me to post this. Here is a shot of most of the brass Native American kettle points we found from an ongoing project. These points were found by 4 other hunters and myself. I get asked a lot of times from people that find their own points, how old are they? and what tribe do they belong to? The time period is easy, early to mid 1600's., but the attribution is more difficult. So we are in the process of starting a data base of points found while metal detecting. Since I am a metal detectorist, first and foremost , I informed them that the exact locations are not going to be disclosed ?. No one is going to give GPS numbers on their finds. The people I have worked with for the past 8 years are excellent people and are only interested in general information and a good, clear picture with a ruler or measurements (length and width). This data base will allow us to see where points are generally found and will eventually be able to attribute styles of points to actual tribes. I have only 1 point that was found at a cellar hole, on my own and have given them the information on where it was found. Only the town and state. That is all they needed. So if anyone is interested in contributing information (anonymously if you choose), I would be glad to log it in. Hope you enjoy the picture. It represents around 10 tribes that fought along side the English, against the Pequot tribe. If you have never had the privilege of digging one of those, I can say it never gets old. I have had the pleasure of pulling a lot of those points pictured from the dirt and the feeling is always the same ?
  20. It seems some of the best treasures are right under your feet in places you would not anticipate to find them. I've been having fun hunting for WW2 artifacts 5 min from where I live. Work has been busy so I've managed a couple hours here and there over the last 3-4 weeks. Camp Stoneman was a military base in Pittsburg Ca (the town I grew up in). From what I understand the soldiers in this camp were headed to the pacific theatre. My grandfather used to drive a bus to transport the soldiers from the camp to the ships waiting at the river. When I was a kid I used to hunt jack rabbits in the old abandoned camp with my bow and arrow. Those fields are now gone and so are any remnants of the old camp but I've managed to find some dirt here and there that has not been built over. My favorites so far are the two officers hat pins one silver the other brass. The navy airmans button, the Japanese coin is from the late 1800's, a toasted SLQ, several Rosies and a 1945 silver dime from the Philippines and the Captains bars from a helmet. Being we just finished celebrating Memorial day and now D-Day is upon us once again I thought it a good time to post these pictures. RIP to our brave soldiers who never got to live the life we sometimes take for granted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Stoneman strick
  21. Hello went back to the spot of my latest trench and decided to dig one longer,i left markers last week which were still there on thursday but were gone on Saturday ...........so i left some this time heavy enough that u need a bit of strength to move those rock.......I was equipped with the 9"HF 1 spade ,1 pickaxe and 1 Hodan pick.Weather was ok not too hot. The pickaxe really helped to loosen the compacted gravel,and i think with a bit of practice i will getter better at it.I detected the spoil once out ,and it was very easy with the deus to switch on and off. So i found: -1 Rose farthing -1 Nuremberg token -1 beautiful button from the 4th regiment of the East India Company -1 roman coin -1 strap of some sort probably medieval. I did found anything while refilling the trench(which is good) and i more than happy with the result as i still got 100s of trench to do on that spot but also i am the only one allowed as most of the license holders are scrapping only?.I also found a pretty long clay pipe Enjoy the work out RR
  22. I wanted to get this posted on the anniversary of D-Day. I'll let the picture of this copper plaque speak for itself. The back story is personally significant, but is inconsequential to the recovery itself. I am honored to present it to this forum on this date.
  23. Hello to all went for a bit of digging on Sunday ,next to home.I could not carry all the gear on the motorbike so i walked ,loaded like a Trooper from Easy company on DDAY.....peeps were looking at me i was expecting to hear: -NORMANDY??That way!!➡️➡️➡️!?? Anyway when i am digging alone on the foreshore i decided to do trenches long and not very deep to check the layers of different soils and try i took the GMPwith the elliptical coil on her maiden voyage. It is hard work and i was sweating like a pig ,and i am fit,i stopped at 2.5 feet So on the menu we got: 2 early clay pipes 16/17th century Pieces of crap and a brass bracelet The silver bit was found while testing the coil ,and the best find was what i think is a Pilgrim Pendant with a scallop maybe 12th century/14th century nothing amazing but why got to the gym when you can exercise doing what you love :):) Enjoy RR
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