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  1. Back awhile ago I dumped one of my large non-ferrous finds containers. Most where found without the aid of a metered detector. I left the very small non-ferrous and square nails for who ever comes later. The ability to hear is paramount.
  2. Found this Crackerjack Mystery Club coin yesterday with the Vanquish. These were distributed from 1933 to 1934.
  3. Well, I have about fifteen hours in with the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience. All my detecting so far has been in the yard, alley, and parking strip of an 1890 Queen Anne style house in an older neighborhood near the downtown core of Helena, MT. I’m having a blast learning to detect, while trying to unravel the idiosyncrasies of the Nox. I’ve found some cool stuff, the pinnacle of which, so far, is a 1917 D Merc dime, in reasonable condition. (Pics are included) Needless to say I am hopelessly hooked. But… I have questions. Lord do I have questions. 🤣 So I’ve been perusing the forums to try to learn as much as I can from previous questions here, and I also picked up Andy Sabisch’s book, which has helped clarify several points. Following much of the advice given here and elsewhere, I’ve been sticking to the stock settings in PARK 1, and FIELD 1, though I have also played with one of the programs for coin shooting in Andy’s book. (That’s the settings I found the Merc with) So my first two questions: 1. What is the detector telling me when the target signal is erratic? ie. The signal bounces from 21 to 29 to 18 to 39 etc. with the depth indicator also jumping. So far when I’ve dug targets exhibiting this behavior, they’ve usually turned out to be some heavily rusted piece of metal - nail, chunk of iron, etc. What am I missing? 2. What is the detector telling me when I get a strong, high VDI number when swinging one direction, but nothing coming back the other direction, or when swinging 90 degrees to the original swing, the target disappears, but reappears when swinging the original direction. Thanks for any insight you can provide. I know the Nox is pretty sophisticated, and I am inexperienced. I understand I need way more time on it to begin to not only figure out the machine, but also the mechanics of detecting in general! Here’s some of the stuff I’ve found so far:
  4. Definitely copper, and in pretty good shape. About 5 inches down, showed strong 24 -26 in all sweep directions. Nox 800. Pretty stoked!
  5. Did a quick stint at the park this morning and found a Battle of Verdun coin/medallion dated 1916. As you can see from the pics I nicked it with the digging tool. 🤮 I'd like some advice on how to avoid this in the future. I know part of it is just experience, but there must be some techniques or mechanics that will help to mitigate this. I've included an image of a better conditioned coin too. Found a bunch of clad coins along with this. The Vanquish is a sweet little detector. Won't replace my Nox 800, but it is really fun to use! I think I will get the bigger coil for it...
  6. Killed it at the camp. 2 FATTIES , 2 FLYING EAGLE, AND 2 SEATED DIMES.
  7. Was over a lower section that is all fields and first find was the large cent, looks like a drape and of course rough shape being old copper. Musket ball was a pretty cool find and the skeleton key which are my favorites. I included my trash so you guys don't thing I'm some sort of elitist and only find good stuff hehe.
  8. Thought I’d give a quick update and some photos of the (good) stuff I’ve found so far. I have a little over 40 hours of metal detecting on the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience! Thanks to everyone on the forum who has helped guide me. I haven’t included the junk in these photos, but trust me, there is a fair amount! There seems to be less junk dug the more hours I put in though. So far I have found: Currency Two clad quarters Five silver dimes (A Barber, three Mercs, and a Roosevelt) Seven clad dimes Seven Nickels (A V!, two Buffalos, and four Jeffersons) Fifteen Wheat Pennies (Ranging from 1919 to 1957) An old Chinese Coin Jewelry Two enameled pieces (Either broaches or buttons) A Catholic medallion depicting Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and The Sacred Heart of Jesus Tokens A token from an old pool hall Relics A creepy cool stamped metal doll head! Just found this morning at a local park not three blocks from the house! Found the face first, and the back of the head a little deeper. Most of this was found in parking strips in a Helena, MT neighborhood, Except for the doll head… Still looking for that $5 gold piece!
  9. Hunted Paul’s neck of the woods for 5 hours in search of that gold or bust coin. No luck only dug up the usual targets you find at old settlements.The last time I dug up old coins here was back in 2005 when I dug up a 1816 2 reale which is rare to find here in this part of California (Central Valley) and a 1850 French coin with the explorer Xs. Both coins now at the county museum with Paul’s finds. The ground here is fertilized dirt 700-800gb and the MDT handled it well. The iron isn’t as bad as the dry river dump site where I get overload message on the MDT over large iron. It was great to get out to do some hunting, beautiful weather and weeds were not a problem. Better luck next time. Denny
  10. Just me and Heidi. Found a bunch of cartridges, Six .30 Remington in one small area. (obviously a lousy shot...LOL) One .38 Special...all modern stuff. Then a 40-60 Winchester (black powder) unfired, with bullet intact in case, but the case was broken in two. Primer is not dented.; a 38-56 Winchester (black powder); a .44WCF; Two .45 Colts, but one has no headstamp. An unfired 25-20 by UMC; A flattened bullet, and the best find...some sort of medallion with U S on the front. The front is bronze, and the back is lead about 1/8" thick. If anybody knows anything about this item, I'd really appreciate some help. I used the DFX, Settings were "Coins & Jewelry", Best Data, with the 6 x 10 DD coil. It smoothly ignored all the iron.
  11. Nothing great to report...been doing very little detecting...made it up to the foot hills a couple times searching for that gold coin but it was not to be...raining and windy here in N. Calif this morning.. The Henry Clay pendant is kinda cool learn something new every day with this hobby. Stay safe out there! strick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Clay
  12. I return to the Family Home site this time to Sift through the dirt looking for Family artifacts. Filmed in the Fall of 2019 we uncover a Chauffeur's pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Kathryn's husband William Ernest Thrower. The pin dates back to 1935-36 # 51927 from California. a little bit about William Thrower he was a World War I United States Army veteran having served from March 26 1917 to July 2 1919. Sergeant William E. Thrower 81 Division 324 Infantry, Company K of the American Expeditionary Forces . Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Ca 1895-1965
  13. The day ended up too hot for man nor beast and my hunting buddy and I ended up in the water to cool off. We havent had rain since 1st week of December so relic hunting in dirt is out!!!! The spot we went to was mixture of Black Iron sand, quartz sand and rocks I had to turn over. Iron and nails were in abundant supply but we will revisit here in cooler weather. I suspect people in the past with PI machines have snuck into this spot guaging by the mixed dates of targets found so the finds we were after were not as plentiful as they should have been , however I was happy with what I got and the performance of unit in hard hunting conditions. Photo includes the trash before sussing out cherry picking. Jews harp (broken unfortunately) , musket/pistol ball, 1889 UK penny, Nz pennies 1961,1946, bent apostle reaspoon, button from S.W.Silver &Co, London clothiers, oarlock.....which looks old but I cannot date, square nails which straight away tells me 1800s site and etc.
  14. Just got back from the low country.https://youtu.be/J5OQIc7LGI8
  15. Thursday I decided to hunt a 1/4 acre patch of woods near a old 18th century hotel. When I first started in I noticed a couple of old detecting holes, which had me a little discouraged. Good thing I didn't leave, because after finding the complimentary trash I got a real good hit an dug it. To my amazement it was an 1864 indian head cent. Another 20 minutes later I scored on a colonial button and two old harness buckles. Off to the next spot another woodlot. I was headed across a rather large field swinging as I was headed to the woods and bingo, a great tone. Rifle shell casing in the bag. I walked 30 yards and again a good solid hit. Another indian head cent this time a 1902. Needless to say I never did make it to the woods. When I got home and looked at the shell case, it was a very rare REM-UMC head stamped 256 Newton. These were produced from 1916 to 1921. They were made from old 30-06 brass after WW1 and I believe were replaced by the more popular 25-06. Oddly I was more excited over the shell case. I think its time to grid the field cause its huge. Also it's pretty nice to snipe an 1864 coin from a recently hunted spot!
  16. Was poking around some woods, found this 2 cent 1864 in some pretty heavy iron and this metal plate from something near a very old cellar hole. Think the foundation dates to the 1700's but was occupied through 1900's. Lots of iron, tin sheets and heavy brush so was tough to navigate. I can't seem to find anything about the company. Says Charles A. Miller Co. Maybe from a folding chair or something??
  17. Hunted a patch today, very challenging. I have spent a lot of time in this patch. Testing detectors and using detectors. It is loaded with iron nails. Part of old settlement t dates back to late 1700s. Speed 5 and auto GB used in all modes today. Where multi freq was used speed 5 used and iron bias FE2 set to 0. So I plugged in 40 kHz into park 1. Used it to locate all targets. Would toggle and check with park 2 and also prospecting mode 1. Found a total of 15 nonferrous targets. Crosschecking I would not have dug all the targets based on park 2 signals or the signals behavior. Prospecting 1 mode did better than park2 generally. Use of the single freq 40 kHz tamed the Nox, I could keep my sanity moreso, less falsing. Some located targets did infact sound better using Park 2. But lot easier to get over using 40 kHz in this site today. Now this site has seen previously EQX action running multi freq using park 2 and field 2. I never have found 15 nonferrous previously in this area using park 2 and field 2 using multi. Also loads of Deus action previously by me in this site too, even Hf coils. Just thought I would share. I plan to try this strategy again soon in another iron laden site just across the road from site I detected today. When I go there on all located 40khz targets I will check all using park 2, field 2 and prospecting 1 modes using multi freq. Cheers.
  18. Finally got to hunt a little at a 150 year old church, with permission. Spent an hour surveying the boundary around this old church, but didn't find the hot spot I was looking for. But all is not lost, I have permission to hunt anytime. Next trip, I hope to hunt closer to the actual church but need to ask and make sure it is okay. Now some might ask, what exactly is the hot spot you are looking for? An area where the church members (75-150 years ago) might have gathered for outdoor events and picnics. That being said, I've pondered on what the little shaft with gears might be. Maybe some kind of wind up device!
  19. Found this yesterday while searching a site that previously produced a Civil War cartridge box plate. I don't remember the exact location of that previous find, but the pictured stirrup was found within 30 m of its location. (Hopefully I don't prejudice responses with this tidbit....) As mentioned previously when I posted that find, it's over 100 miles to the nearest CW battlefield. At that time I was pretty sure the box plate was a 'souvenir' drop from a homestead family member who had participated in the war. It is possible there were practice maneuvers at this location, although I haven't found any written evidence that supports such. All I know is that this site was previously a 19th Century homesite and I'm in what was previously a pasture. It's been a municipal park for 51 years so almost certainly dropped before that. The condition is pretty decent but I haven't found a manufacturers mark (and frankly don't know where to look for that). My guess is that this was made in a blacksmith shop and not a mass produced item, but I'm about that least knowledgeable person on this subject. Any help in identifying will be appreciated. Oh, this was a 3 1/2 hour hunt, hoping for some old coins. 7 cents (modern coinage) was all I got in the coin category, so the stirrup saved the day. It TID'ed in the upper teens on the Minelab Equinox.
  20. Jan 25th and 26th. Colonial site. Cuff-link with green stone, flat button, buckles and more. My youtube channel.. My latest video.. DetectorMoe Cuff-link with green stone, I been told it dates late 17th to mid 18 century, buckles and other things.
  21. Looking for anyone who has hunted Civil War locations in the 70’s, 80’ & 90’s in Dekalb county, Georgia that might wish to share locations and help me out. I am looking for Civil War camp sites, river or stream crossing or skirmishes that happened in Dekalb county in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Or if you know someone who has hunted those areas in the past that would be helpful also if you could give me their contact information. Please send me a private message with any info.
  22. I tagged the bullets and my buddy got the S.C. Button....
  23. I have a question pertaining to restoration of iron artifacts. Has anyone used Parrafin Oil at all to say coat an axe head or similar article in rather than using using the hot dip Parrafin Wax method? I have some relics whereby they are delaminating, and wondered if perhaps after wire brushing, spraying with wd40 that I could use Parrafin Oil? TIA for your answers.
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