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  1. Between work and projects I've managed to get out on a few hunts. I bought my buddy an equinox 800 since he has been kind enough to let me run all around his ranches as if I own them myself. He has showed some interest in detecting...he thinks he's going to find a 1 pound gold nugget . After spending some time showing him how it works...I'd mark a target and then have him go over it and then dig it...he started to get the hang of it. So on our second outing he goes and finds a 1855 seated quarter (like Deathrays) but not in nearly as good condition. He was stoked and I wish i had brought my camera with me so I could get a pic of him smiling and holding the coin. Been hitting some other locations near where I live. Old homesites and street tear outs. Day before yesterday was a quick but pleasant hunt. Dug the standing liberty and put it in my pocket so it would not get banged up in the pouch. I never look at items much in the field but wait till I get home. I was glad I put this coin in my pocket. I'm going to have to get it looked at just to make sure but I think it's the real deal. If anyone knows what the sun god thing was? kinda cool digging it and have that smiling back. HH to you all strick
  2. I'm not sure where to start, I had an epic day that I never thought I'd see. There are some things you never figure you'll dig and when you least expect it.... BAM!!! I met up with a fellow hunter to do a little relic hunting at a old fort site. His day started off with an 1846 Mexican 1/4 reale and then an awesome button, which he ended up finding 2 of. I started off with the usual lead and percussion caps and finally a 1846 Mexican reale as well. I was having a frustrating start with my wireless earbuds cutting out and the other pair not working at all. I tried using wired earbuds on the Equinox, but kept pulling them out almost everytime I set my machine down. Jimmy let me use his ML80's and that helped me settle down and get some serious hunting done. Jimmy ended up leaving after a few hours and I told him I was going to hunt for another hour and then head to the house. My goal was to at least find a couple of nice buttons to make a day of it, little did I know the fun was about to begin within the next 30 minutes. I worked my way around to the other side of where we had parked, and started finding more lead and a few more percussion caps. I got a screaming 25-26 hit on the Nox, I dug down about 8" and figured I had hit a can or something. I covered the hole, but, thought to myself..... that could be a buckle. I redug the hole and finally pried out a top of an old aluminum can. About 15 minutes later I get an almost identical signal, 25-27, but, when I pinpointed it sounded different. My thought was I was digging a silver coin at depth, so....I was quite a bit more careful with this hole. Almost 8" down I pop out a huge round thing it didn't register what it was until I picked it up and felt the weight. Then it hit me......no freaking possible way!!! I saw the back first, then turned it over, the front had about a 1/4" of dirt caked on it, I carefully rubbed it and there it was My first Union breatplate, something I only dreamed of finding and now there it was in my hand Thank God I didn't dig it like I had dug the other target, no dig marks on either side. Jimmy had found a US buckle a couple of years before, now, I had me a breastplate, something I never thought I dig.
  3. Pulled a few dodads & a dime. Also something similar to a buckle but has the word REEDS stamped over a bee. Says "Buy Reed Craft Bags", I think? If anyone can tell more about this find I sure would appreciate it, so share to your fellow beepers & history buffs.
  4. Here is a photo of the finds that I had mentioned in a previous post. Nearly all of these finds were found on one small ridge that we had come to think of as being hunted out (using a variety of non-minelab detectors). Thanks for looking, MT
  5. Went on the hunt for a new site I have been researching...
  6. Hit a new spot with S.C. Keith. Keith dug the Block I
  7. Since Steve is looking for more pictures... I did get out Saturday afternoon. Temps said 30 deg, so figured it was a good day to see how my Vista Gold Gain likes colder weather. I have been addicted to using it since trading for it in August, in any site that is not too infested with modern aluminum. The part of the field I was hunting is usually very wet, and hence, freezes very solid...its kind of like frozen mud...once you disturb it...gets messy. The frozen solid layer 2 weeks ago was only about 2 inches...Saturday it was about 5 inches. A brief plug for anyone looking for a new shovel. I have had my Lesche 38 ground shark d-handle for more than 3 years now. It is indestructible. It was taking 3 or 4 jumps per cut to get through the ice layer...then I basically pried using my weight to get the plug up. The targets were mostly below the frozen stuff, so actually pinpointing and retrieving targets once the plug was out...pretty easy. This spot produces its share of buttons...didnt disappoint this time, either. VGG just nails the small stuff as easily as the larger items. The oval is a cufflink, it has a running fox on it...ozzie and I have both gotten multiple of these at this spot now, and I have multiples of the other ladies buttons from other hunts there as well. The object just to the left of the spoon....It is a cast item, as it has a seam. It is a decorative item, as it has two flowers on it. I will post other pictures if I can manage to get it cleaned up any better. Temps have been so low the last 4 days...no shot at detecting now unless it warms up for a week or two...i shall hope.
  8. My buddy digs the War of 1812 button in the video.
  9. Site was slim pickings but coughed this up.
  10. Daniel Teague Published on Dec 27, 2018 - Took the 4800 to the bad dirt bullet site with the new to me DeTech Spiral 15" coil. Also had the Nox 600 with me with the 12x15 coil too, just to play around with it.
  11. Here are my best finds from my last two trips with my new Equinox 800. The site is an old plantation that has been under continual cultivation since the 1830's. All detecting took place in plowed fields with over 180 years of accumulated nails, iron farm implements, and assorted trash. Running the 800 with no discrimination sounds like machine gun fire due to the massive amounts of nails and other iron (I wasn't searching this way though!). I was running the 800 mostly in Field 1 and occasionally in Field 2. Field 1 was a touch quieter. I found 6 Tax Tokens, a V nickel, a buff, and one Jefferson nickel; 5 pennies including one IH; one merc and one 1876 Carson City seated liberty dime. I was very excited about the CC dime since this is a Mississippi site and I have never found one before. Unfortunately both dimes have plow marks. This is not uncommon considering the amount of cultivation. Additional finds included a nice flat button, bridle boss, several brass rivets, heel plate, and other whatzits. The smaller rivet was fairly deep. Considering the amount of trash I was very impressed with the 800.
  12. I am curious to know which mode the relic hunters prefer for finding buttons and why. Field 1or 2? Thanks
  13. What's one of the oddest digs you recovered in 2018 that's not a coin/ring? Something unique that's not found often? I've yet to identify this, so if you know or of a site or someone that does, please share. Made of brass and seems to be a child (boy) reaching around a bucket and grabbing a pig. Also be sure to post your most unique find of 2018.
  14. “For the second year in a row, a record amount of ‘treasure’ has been found in Britain’s fields and ditches by members of the public. The latest figures reveal 78,000 archaeological items were found during 2017, with 1267 items of treasure unearthed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland during the year. Treasure is defined as gold and silver objects over 300 years old, or groups of coins and prehistoric metalwork. The growth in amateur treasure hunters using metal detectors has boosted the numbers. More than 90% of the finds registered as portable antiquities were found by metal detectorists and Norfolk was the county which produced the most finds, followed by Lincolnshire and Suffolk.” Full story here
  15. Found this 1861 half dollar this week at the farm using my F70 with the sniper coil.
  16. In recent months I've had the great opportunity to meet many new relic hunters. No young guys all between 50-70 years of age and very avid hunters. Conversations from modern day sites to colonial and everything in between. Being very curious, at some point I ask, what detecting forum do you belong to? Answer 100% of the time has been, none. Thinking, how can it be 100% no. So it got me to thinking, just how much history has been recovered with no record, other than their own experience. One guy even stated he would not post his finds, even if he belonged to a forum because he was afraid someone might see and follow him to his private hunting site. Now that make sense. Just sharing my thoughts and encounters.
  17. Lunk and I were in Nevada last week training customers on their gold machines and when the class was over, I invited him to an old site I like to swing by...before heading home. This Buick plate is really cool and I still can't believe he did not hit it with his shovel. If anyone knows the history or or the approx date of the plate, please let me know. The porcelain one I dug a few years ago has the exact same script design, but I think Lunk's is older? Please share you knowledge of these finds with your friends, car nuts and or clubs to help us. If you have found anything like it, please post pics as I enjoy seeing old brass plates. BTW, Lunk is so cool he handed the plate to me and said "Thanks for the invite".
  18. Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish. Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys. Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too. Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change. Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with. A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin. And one nice little specie 👍🏻 Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it. Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )
  19. Apologies if this is a repeat for some, but it occurred to me that posting this on the Equinox forum wasn't really the best place for a relic hunt 🙄 Tom and I were able to get out and check out a remote site that we researched in the spring. Research indicated that it predated the gold rush by at least 20 years, but apparently it was a gold rush era camp, as everything that we dug was pure 1850's. There weren't a ton of targets there, but everything you dug was old, not a single pull-tab, no clad, interestingly no bullets or shell casings either (hip hip hooray for that!!!), nothing dug by either of us was newer than the 1850's. The first bucket lister was a cast tongue and grove eagle buckle! I dug the male part, and five feet away I dug the female part. Somehow, I lost the female part 😞 The female buckle shown above it in the group shot is smaller, and was broken in two parts, and dug in two digs, but they fit together perfectly so they must go together. Also dug a broken tongue, so must be another eagle to match it out there, and below that is a thin female buckle part that's all mangled up. Hopefully I can find the buckle half that I lost, should be on the surface. My second bucket lister was a decorative powder flask (one side only), also shown is a pewter spoon (pretty rare to find these in California): This early Eagle on an Anchor Navy button was all crudded up, but I could see a glint of gold gilt left, so I used lemon juice to clean it, and am very happy with the results! This a sword hilt!! Cleaned up nicely with lemon juice (tu) Little sash buckle kind of decorative item: Found this token, it's a large size, thought it was a large cent when first dug, but it turns out to be considered the first token issued in California! http://tokencatalog.com/token_record_forms.php?action=DisplayTokenRecord&td_id=8515&inventory_id=8752&td_image_id=33494&attribution_id=8321&record_offset=2 Some misc finds. There were a ton of tools dug at this site, axe heads, chisels, and other misc tools. I dug a bunch of lead and other small scrap/junk conductors not shown. That big square nail is bronze. Planning to return to the site this weekend, and I believe there are other camps there, and larger than this one, so hopefully we have as good of luck with them as this one. GL&HH, Cal
  20. Got a invite to hunt a site with some rough ground (for my area) and the Nox did great!
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