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  1. Good onya bloke! Hope you end up with a ton of it.?
  2. Pete's QED package is a really tight deal and a great battery system, if you were only going to have one coil a spiral/flat Wound coil is the best choice straight off the bat. my choice of coils are the Advanced series and probably the good old Sadie but it all comes down to what ground conditions... its winter at the moment and the ground is damp, come summer I'll buy a flat/spiral something. It's not going to be a real difficult machine to run but you could make it real confusing if you wanted to, good to see your grabbing one for a play Matt I think it will impress.
  3. So... getting back to the original topic, Flat or spiral wound coils in severe ground equals: higher mode settings which will then lead to higher EMI problems. must admit tho in mild ground it will make a nice coil choice for a broader range of target size, wouldn't be my choice of coil to use most the areas I find gold.
  4. Steve' There is heaps of options in reguards to Detector technology here in Australia 70% of prospectors that "require" a detector probably don't need to spend more than a few Grand on a unit maybe less, some require spending $10,000 plus $2000 worth of assesories. iv never required the worlds most expencive detector to wander around the bush whistling a tune, but iv got a few buddy's that do... im able to get the most from a machine that probably equals the least experienced with the top of the range, iv got no need to keep flipping detectors for bigger and better plas
  5. Steve' to be honest the TDI pro has been a fantastic machine for many years but it's started getting a bit boring... I even started spending more time pulling them apart, Iv also had many different detectors the same time Iv owned many TDI's and the TDI was just more suitable for the type of Detecting I have and had time for. Then the QED started to tick all the boxes, lighter than the TDI, more power than the TDI, Sounds like the TDI? Actually cost me less to buy than my very first TDI not to mention similar operating characteristics.... nar probably not' it's a whole new machine ?
  6. Matt, the QED I just purchased replaces the TDI pro I just kicked under the bed and I might give it away yet. for me... the QED will be just the ticket, and I can't wait to go back to more than a few spots. The new version only consists of new updates that can be done on the first version, a GB check button with a new face plate and button arrangement. More than happy with the current model I feel it's a little more compact. Thought you would get a gold monster Matt? What's with that?
  7. Been observing QED topics for a while now since I lost heart the way the monster is behaving in hot ground. Davent seems to be the only one having major problems with EMI and hot ground? Well his unit works in his back yard so I find EMI isn't his problem and I assume it's probably that evo coil on hot ground or atleast a strange mix of mineralization up that way that people have been battling with for years, maybe a normal mono winding such as the good old 11 commander might be worth trying rather than that EVO coil that are noisey even in VIC over hot ground on the GPX. well I coul
  8. Going by the fact that minelab compare quality and performance based on there own existing line up, I'd imagine the new monster performance is compared to the Eureka gold which it will replace... If the monsters performance is better than said Eureka gold I think it will be quite impressive or atleast having the ease of use that every user will get the full use of its performance' unlike the Eureka gold' very few men knew how to shake the power out of it especially in bad ground. id imagine it will still take user skill to determine those small tackers at depth in hot soil.... iv bee
  9. Geez lucky nothing new happened in the last week... iv got extreamly poor phone signal where I am now living' iv actually goto go for a drive up the rd to even check this thread' Gold Monster a week closer tho!
  10. Ha! I'm ordering one the min I find out there's a larger coil option.
  11. Yep I'm the same, got a feeling this one is just what iv wanted for many years... don't know why just do!
  12. There's actually heaps of guys here in Australia that do basic repair work and extensive modifications etc... Few that come to mind is: detectormods: https://detectormods.com/ Minelabmods: http://www.minelabmods.com/joomla3/ Do your own research.... iv used machines modded by both and they both worked quite fine, I'm sure the small cost to repair inc post will still be cheaper than a S/H unit.
  13. Glad someone else brought up the GMZ, I for one have had 3 of these from whites and believe me they all paid for themselfs it's the detector to give to a tag along mate that's just wants a lazy day out or the wife's detector that's not going keep calling you over to check a target out etc... it just works! No frills detecting. when I discovered the minelab monster was going to be a similar audio' well that completely sold me! but for myself not wifey :), once again no frills detecting but even tho few but very cool additions over a GMZ' I can't wait! But man I hope it has a large coil opt
  14. Even better I can use the headphones the monster comes with hiking in or at camp kicking back listening to tunes on my iPhone ? 1/8" jack doesn't really concern me and a 1/4" adaptor is easy to make up to run the lead out under the arm cuff. what am I thinking? I want it wireless anyway.
  15. Yes' I was just refering to a 14" sized larger coil any bigger than that is a pain, the GB2 14" is hopeless in Oz soil but it does work, The GMT 14" works pretty good overall in tough soil. minelab have a tendency to not release products that might fail unfortuantly if the Monster hasn't a large coil option it's going to be In the same boat as a SDC so a larger coil for the monster I believe is almost a must, well... for a guy trying to replace an old GMT with minelabs new tech it is.
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