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  1. Hmmm...so from all that I think what you’re saying is it’s fake?
  2. Perchance I ever found a specimen like that beauty here it would be a keeper. Unfortunately I only ever seem to get the ugly sisters worthy only of the dolly pot. Sort of like how my dating goes🤨
  3. You shower? Sounds like some of you are glamping not camping😆
  4. I agree with taking a bit more time and care to pin point correctly cuts down on unnecessary digging and time. Also just as important is digging the correct hole size in relation to target depth and coil size. Nothing worse than digging down a foot not being able to swing your coil in the hole and then having to widen the hole, effectively digging two holes. Dig it wide enough to begin with so you can continue to pin point as you go down. It’s much quicker and less fatiguing to dig a larger hole to start with than to dig a smaller one then have to enlarge it especially at depth
  5. Speaking of marking, not nuggets but tracks etc... one of the big annoyances with mining companies on their leases here in WA is prospectors using flagging tape. They can’t enforce it but they’d rather you didn’t as it can confuse the hell out of drillers and road crews who rely on it. Best use something else if possible and always remember to remove it when finished and leaving an area.
  6. Just watching it now....the narration leaves a lot to be desired. ”could this rock that looks totally natural be evidence of captain kids treasure, or could it be a sign that the knights Templar buried the ark of the covenant in the money pit or could it be proof oak island was visited by Egyptian tomb robbers hiding stolen booty from king tuts tomb?” three seasons later they still haven’t clicked it’s just a damn rock!
  7. Ahh ok....just where you said “including a box swap” sounded like you used your dads box and still got the noises which left me scratching my peanut.
  8. I don’t understand, you swap pretty much everything including the box and sill have the problem?
  9. Cooked in the coals....won’t fit in the microwave😄
  10. Much like a cross between chicken and rabbit but better than either. Theres a knack to preparing it and cooking it though.
  11. While I have a camp oven and a hot plate, I buy aluminium foil in the caterers roll as most of my stuff is wrapped in alfoil and just chucked in the coals of my camp fire. I just take veggies and a bit of canned stuff and get my meat out there, usually roo or camel or my new favourite bungarra.
  12. Well my next big screen super thin wall hanging tv I’m going to demand I pay no more that 50 bucks! After all they’re just electronic bits and pieces thrown together by a few robots
  13. You lot do it differently than we do then. I’d agree with a nice specimen, but the run of the mill ugly species we tend to get here the quartz is free if it is included at all. Have always had a hard time selling specimens here unless they are exceptional. And if it’s a specimen it is advertised as a specimen, not a nugget and with an SG weight of the gold. if we advertised it here as a gemstone we’d get laughed at.
  14. Sorry to sidetrack a bit, but what are these coffee machines you blokes speak of and are they power hungry? I carry a Kelly kettle and a can of Nescafé blend 43 and while it does the job it’s just not barista quality. p.s. Does anyone know what happened to blends 1 to 42?🙂
  15. Unfortunately that’s not advisable where we are. Digging in a road or airstrip will get you drawn and quartered and could be another nail in the coffin for detectorists.
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