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  1. Unfortunately Mitchell, what the mining company will never know is how much gold the prospectors who submitted their 40E returns actually found or where they actually found it. Also, they will have no idea of where or what the other 50 prospectors who snuck on and poached without a 40E found.
  2. Totally agree Reg, and yep we keep an eye out on him each season. That Lanacoorie (sp?) gold bash thing coming up should not accept his sponsorship
  3. This is the mess left behind here in WA by a well known Eastern states tour company. Crap "reality" shows like Aussie Gold Hunters sure don't help and in fact have caused our station and others no end of problems. That show is so far removed from reality. It seems to attract people who usually don't have two cents to rub together, who think they can get rich quick by picking up nuggets just laying around everywhere. No clue, no grasp of reality, no research, no preparation, no brains and no care taken.
  4. Thanks Reg. Unfortunately having been associated with ML in the past I am banned from joining that forum to ask that or any other questions I have on the QED. I have to ask here and follow all the QED threads closely. I do look very seriously at every new product that might just give me an edge. I have to, as that is how I get my income. This include things like X coils and believe it or not Reg, the QED. I do follow with interest how it performs in WA. Who the tester is in WA might seem irrelevant to many, but the credibility of the tester goes a long way in helping me when spending dollars on detecting gear, especially when I can't pop down to a shop and handle the product or test it myself. Cheers
  5. Hold up there Stu....nobody was lecturing you, just giving feed back as well. It’s reality tv but so far removed from reality it’s not funny. As an example, you mentioned Rick’s break in. If people think someone actually broke in and stole Rick’s battery, then I suppose people also think the film crew with him sat there and filmed him risking his life hiking 40klms into town in 45 degree heat to get a new one.
  6. They do have a right to be there if they have a miners right and permission from lease holders or a 40E permit. It's a pastoral lease on crown land. But they do have obligations under thier miners right and obligations under the various acts that cover the land. A couple of those obligations are to do thier best to notify the pastoralist they are going to be here and where. Also, have the right permission or permits and don't poach or detect illegally. We always read that it is a minority doing the wrong thing, out here it appears to be the minority doing the right thing. Most things are just common sense. Don't steal our solar panels, our diesel, don't cut our fences, don't shoot our cattle, windmills and tanks, take your rubbish with you, don't drive on and wreck our tracks if it's wet, don't bring dogs or firearms and in general just respect the place and don't be a dick. Unfortunately, that's just some of what we have to deal with every detecting season.
  7. In the last couple of years I have come across at least 10 people who'd attended one of Chris and Gregs training course or tours, all wearing identical camo either bought off Chris and Greg or bought elsewhere. Not one of them had notified the station they were here as required, only one couple had a 40E permit though they had not sent us a copy as required. All were detecting illegally.
  8. Not harsh at all it's reality. Maybe I didn't explain it clear enough. It's the people without a clue emulating Chris and Greg in camo on Pastoral leases where we are required to shoot, and where we are tasked with looking for them when they are lost. Nothing to do with Chris and Gregs own lease where they can do what ever they want.
  9. Old thread revisited. When I first posted back in 2017 I hadn't seen an episode. Now I've seen all but the last couple of this season, and personally I wish they'd take the damn show off tv! It has caused no end of problems not just on our station but for most stations where it has been filmed and will be indirrectly responsible for having some areas shut down and possibly someon getting killed. The show is filmed between Sept and Dec each year, every episode refers to "this season". The amount of foreign tourist coming here now who's main or only research is Aussie Gold Hunters and think that Summer is detecting season in Australia is growing each year. They are totally unprepared and sooner or later someone will die! Just on Erlistoun, the mess and damage left by one crew with machinery is disgusting to say the least! Environmental vandalism would be a good term. Chris and Gregs promotion and selling of camo gear may well lead to someone getting injured or worse. There is a reason Hi Viz is worn out here, this is a working cattle station with feral control happening daily. People also get lost here every year, it's hard enough spotting Hi Viz in the scrub, next to no chance in camo. Don't get me started on the BS gold finds! Nuggets supplied from a dealer, nuggets dug up multiple times. The helicopter saviour incident, introducing a drunken poacher as the Laverton Legend etc....
  10. and if I have to have a screen on the handle...I want Farrah as a screen saver
  11. I want my speaker(s) up where my ears are not down where my arm or wrist is though.
  12. Minelab do listen. That's why the GPZ is the way it is. When ever a machine has a few years up someone always starts a thread in anticipation of the next offering. After the 5000 had a few years under its belt there were countless threads asking what was wanted in the "GPX 6000". Most asked for CTX style with battery in the back, wireless, GPS included etc and Minelab gave us what we asked for. We even told them how much we were prepared to pay for it. Not many factored weight in thier christmas list. We got what we asked for then whinged about the price and weight. Me? I just wanted more depth in a GPX style package and better salt handling. I was happy with the GPX format with battery on my back. Battery in a machine adds weight to the machine. Cordless though nice, was not a priority. I don't need GPS in the machine. I have a GPS. I didn't need a screen on the handle, just another thing to knock and break and be unable to read in the sun. As it is mine has lines down it. But dreams and reality don't always come together. I always dreamt of sleeping with Farrah Fawcett and the dumpy blonde from the Dixie Chicks...that never happened either.
  13. Actually no Reg, I've even reccomended it.... "27 June 2019 06:23 pm Hi Lisa and Brian, Some second hand 2300’s about but usually around $2000 - $2500 Another one to consider is a QED. Although I witnessed the QED struggle in WA here last year, there have been software updates since then that may have well fixed the short comings, plus is is continually being developed and shows great promise. I know many have great success with them over east. I was seriously considering one myself, unfortunately it did not suit me for what I wanted of it. One thing in your favour is being different to operate than minelab machines, being new you wouldn’t be trying to learn with instilled minelab habits."
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