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  1. Was good to meet you both this morning. Good luck out there and hopefully I’ll catch you out there!
  2. I found a whole section from someone’s gob a bunch of years ago. You can see the very fine join where the two pieces lock together like a jigsaw puzzle. This was from an old 1850’s gold field though not sure if they date to back then. The workmanship is brilliant. On the underside you can still see parts of the teeth they locked over to hold them in place.
  3. 2nd last picture, is that the granites on Webo station Dave?
  4. We had a team from that show working on our station (left a complete mess btw) a producer wanted me to come screaming in, in my Perentie with my rifle and act like an irate pastoralist.
  5. Every year without fail I have the local police ring saying someone is missing or hasn’t called their wife or family and can I go look for them. We are a million acres. They haven’t even had the decency to let us know they are on the station let alone send us a copy of their 40E permit (if they even have one) so where are we supposed to start looking?
  6. By all means give me a hoy if you do get down this way….you’ve been invited back a couple of times to the same place so you can’t be too much of a unit😀
  7. If you flip it over it has made in Arizona printed on the bottom.
  8. Always get a buzz when I find a tektite. You’d be surprised how many walk right passed them mistaking them for roo poo. How you tell the difference is you put them in your mouth and if you dribble green stuff, it’s not a tektite.
  9. I’d imagine they are counting buckets as they are pouring them into a bulk transport, ie Ute or truck bed. Not physically owning 200+ buckets
  10. If or when WA does open, many parts will most likely be declared bio security risk areas and be locked off still. This will rule out large areas of the gold fields. As much as I’d love to see it open and see my kids and grand kids, it’s not worth the risk at this stage. Laverton Hospital has one ventilator.
  11. That poor lady with the floaties down at Esperance beach this afternoon should have been detecting with one of those. The 3rd shark attack at that beach (that they know of) That’s why the only swimming I do is in my pool!
  12. Yep….I bought a bag of apples last week and bugger me if they weren’t 80cents dearer than the bag I bought 2 weeks prior. I checked and they weren’t upgraded apples, same colour, same shape, same taste and about the same amount and weight. Damn arrogant greedy apple farmers!
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