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  1. madtuna

    Pack Your Bags For Scotland

    A scotsman in an Akubra and a Driza-Bone?
  2. madtuna

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    it's always culling season in WA
  3. madtuna

    All-around Vehicle For On/off Road

    Still a big Toyota Cruiser fan but I have to say as a dedicated detecting vehicle my Perentie runs rings around my cruisers. Economy wise I'm not sure of the figures but I know when I picked it up I drove about 4200 klms home and fuel cost was around $450.00au For those that don't know a Perentie is basically a Landrover 110 but built in Australia for the Australian Millitary. Alluminium body with a galvanized chassis and a 3.9 Isuzu diesil truck motor. Fulltime 4x4 with low range plus front and rear lockers.
  4. With Aust post make sure it's registered and insured post. I sent a Swarovski rifle scope off for a service, registered with signiture required. Disappeared into the ether it seems. They've just agreed to reimburse me $50 + postage. Not bad for a $1700 scope
  5. madtuna

    Busted A Fatty Today!

    Well done!!! Was a bit scared to open the thread based on the header but glad I did
  6. Probably as many patches still out there as have been found, just have to look for and walk over them.
  7. Mine turned up yesterday. Haven't used it in anger yet but if it works like it looks it'll be a winner. Could do with a belt clip like my BZ's and as it's rechargeable I'd love a visual indicator that it does have charge in it as you can't just stuff batteries in it if you forgot to put the damn thing on charge (like I often do)
  8. madtuna

    My New Detecting Vehicle

    First run out prospecting today in the new toy. Love it! Can climb a lot of stuff my Cruisers struggle with and seems to do it effortlessly. While the camo stands out in a domestic type environment..... in the bush it just blends in with the surrounding shrubbery, if it wasn't for my friends Val and Karl I'd never have found the damn thing!
  9. madtuna

    Potato Gold

    I've used a potato before as a retort before I got a proper retort. Worked okay but still lose a bit of mercury and damn messy reclaiming the mercury. Made the potato taste funny too
  10. madtuna

    My New Detecting Vehicle

    Thanks folks and there's actually 2 choppers in the back ground. Ashley, yep it's an auction unit. 1991 model 3.9 Isuzu diesel with 48000 on the clock and I put 4000 of those on last week. The funnest trip I've ever had crossing the Nullaboring by far!
  11. madtuna

    My New Detecting Vehicle

    Nah...prospecting only out of this one...unless a feral pops up on the way out prospecting of cause. Have a Toyota ute with drop down front window, large spotty and a shooting bar for feral control. Shooting out of the choppers take a whole lot of red tape and licensing that makes you often wonder if it's worth the hassle
  12. madtuna

    A Lighter Weight GPZ 7000?

    Got to agree. I can swing the GPZ all day without a problem, but the fatigue sets in with the 2300 after only a few hours
  13. Just hope I can find the damn thing when I come back from a wander