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  1. Thanks mate, I was after a 50" and was looking for an RZR in the 570 but nothing available until next year due to covid. I just committed to a Can-am Maverick trail 800, unfortunately will suck a bit more juice than your 570 but should get me a few more places than my Perentie or Landcruisers will get me.
  2. I was advised years ago by a broker that with larger pieces (10 oz +) to not put them on the internet as many buyers will pay a premium for them. Why? I don't know. Maybe they tell their mates they found them. Sometimes it's also just not worth the flack you'll receive from some members of various forums. Another thing I've found is that as prospecting season approaches you'll have heaps of friends who want to catch up but after their holiday you wont hear from them again until their next holiday is approaching.
  3. Bugger Dave! I had no idea, Glad to hear you're on the mend. All the best to you and Ronnie. As for the X-coils, Ricks visit was the first time I got to see one in the flesh and see it in action. I invited Rick and his lovely wife Kaye over to a patch I'm working that has produced a few ounces and is still giving -albeit very sparingly now. This patch is one of the worst hot rock infested patches I've ever come across. I wanted to see if it could pull anything more on this ground which I've hit pretty hard with my standard 14" coil. Nothing scientific, no super duper tests
  4. Was great to catch up Rick and congrats on a successful trip and welcome to WA.
  5. The SDC (like the GPZ) also has durability and reliability. I's a tough little bugger that will take an absolute pounding and keep going and going and going. Whether it's stuffed behind the seat of Cruiser, bouncing around the back of my Perentie or bungy tied on the quad, it just does not fail. Complete confidence in the thing which is a big part of the detecting / prospecting mindset.
  6. YES! This peasant has been screaming larger larger for ages. The 19" is a brilliant coil but it is ground specific. It was not a step it out prospecting coil. It's main drawback was it's weight. The only reason I sold it was because Putin and NF had offerings on the horizon that promised to be much lighter. The stock GPZ coil and my SDC suit me fine for the small stuff I find already so I'm not after a smaller coil...but that's me.
  7. yeah but if I found that here on Erlistoun I think I'd be saying Asia too
  8. Nice water warn bits Miss Peg. Still trying to get my head around bears! They say we have deadly wild life but I think you trump us lot
  9. ahh yes...I should have bought a pick instead of making my own...how rude an unethical of me. I live in the middle of nowhere, somethings you just cannot get out here. Many manufactures and retailers just refuse to ship or prices to ship make it just not viable. You adapt something or make something and I make no apologies for that because sometime the other option - go without is unacceptable. Edit: I am not suggesting anyone go full on manufacturing and selling a replica product, just knock up something similar for personal use. Some bloke on another forum started a year
  10. make one. I mean before I get my butt chewed...make something similar.
  11. WA is not all big open flats Phrunt, some good gold baring ground is comparable to yours
  12. The reason the 7000 weighs as much as it does and looks like it does is because ML built a machine to the specifications of what detectorists asked for on the majority of forums. Battery on the machine, screen, wireless, GPS etc etc… they even told them what they were willing to pay for it. We get exactly what we ask for then complain because they listened and delivered, and we also still accuse them of not listening?? Despite its weight and ergonomics, it's a brilliant machine and you adapt as you do with any machine. I myself have no problems swinging it all day, day in and d
  13. No matter the detector, in rubbish areas it's safer to dig the lot as annoying as it is. Rubbish masks good targets so get them up and out. Had a target in a rubbish strewn area go off like I'd swung over a car door...was a specimen with 7.5 oz of gold. I'd swung over it previously a few times and walked away. This was in an area hit hard year after year by a gazillion detectorists.
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