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  1. What gives you the impression they'd be dumbed down?? Any "dumbing down" would be done by the user via the detector. If they work in Aust, no doubt they'd kill it where you are.
  2. Very fortunate to detect in areas where there is next to nil junk targets., maybe 49 out of 50 will be gold and the 50th will be a projectile usually in perfect condition except for rifling marks. Now I don't for a minute believe I can tell the difference between lead or gold and as a rule dig every signal. But I have worked areas before where you come across a pile of shotgun pellets and after digging about 5 or 6 you have a fair indication of what the remaining signals are and just wave over them. But then you will get that one signal, sounds exactly the same as the others but something in your mind tells you to dig it...and it's gold. You they go back and dig all the ones you waved over and the rest you would have waved over and they are as you suspected just more shotgun pellets. What in your subconscious made you dig that one target that sounded like all the rest?
  3. fingers crossed for the best of outcomes JR
  4. Fingers crossed for you James. Not that it will help you lot over east but let's hope this cyclone building up on the WA coast brings a heap of rain with it. I've lost count of the amount of cattle I've shot, and the ones already dead. It's a daily thing and it's heart breaking. Even the camels and brumbies are in crap condition and abandoning their young. The roos are switched on, none of the does have joeys in their pouches, holding off until the drought breaks.
  5. We've been pounded by lightning strikes for the last month or so, dry storms with no rain. We got a grand total of 57 mm for the year so every thing is tinder dry just waiting to go up. We are a bit more fortunate than the poor buggers over east in as much as it's remote with minimal inhabitants. The fire just whips through the spinifex and mulga until it burns itself out. I sent the drone up the other day to take a peek and see how far it spread, this is a couple of klms from the homestead. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9zItIT9AZS2pKCVngVrjg?view_as=subscriber Crap video sorry with no sound as I'm still learning to drive the thing.
  6. Probably similar. But you do have a certain amount of rights regarding development , use, infrastructure, roads, dwellings, water etc. Crown land can be covered by a number of different leases at the same time. Pastoral, Mineral etc. Each type of lease is covered by different acts of parliament. Basically, if crown land is covered by a lease you cannot just do as you please, you have to abide by the acts governing those leases. Some times sounds complicated but in reality it is rather simple and quite workable. Vacant crown land is open to anybody, and anyone can peg a lease upon it. However you still have to abide by the regulations in the Crown Lands act.
  7. he recognised it from farcebook, so did his mates...and so will their mates...and their mates.....
  8. That park will soon be on the banned list as every man and his dog will have it looking like a mine field
  9. You would think so, under their miners right they are supposed to do thier best to contact the pastoralist, but they rarely do. With the 40E permit they are supposed to send a copy to us, but they rarely do. What is really disheartening is when forum members who know what they are supposed to do and all profess to do the right thing, travel 3000+ klms across the country yet can't travel an extra 30klms to let me know they're here. Not even an email or a phone call. Yet my name, phone number, email and every detail down to what socks I have on is plastered on the same forums they inhabit.
  10. Watched a yootoob a couple of years ago posted on an Aussie prospecting forum of a bunch of half drunken prospectors at a camp shooting the crap out of anything that moved or didn't move. What a really good look to inspire confidence and trust in the prospecting community. Read on another Aussie prospecting forum where one prospector was saying how when he and his mates go prospecting, if they see a cattle beast without ear marks or ear tags it's wild cattle and doesn't live long. This clown is a minelab dealer and I pray that's not the sort of info he advises his customers to follow. In WA (rightly or wrongly)there's no shooting on crown land like in some states. There's no shooting on pastoral leases without a Pastoral letter. There's definitely no shooting on mining company ground. Half our cattle are wild and don't have ear marks or ear tags until such times as we manage to catch them in a muster. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a mentality with many that because you have a $25 miners right, and because you are in the WA outback and it's huge you can go where you please and do as you please. So confrontations will always be inevitable.
  11. Quite often unfortunately. Often come across prospectors camped at wells who get a bit narky when I make them move camp. Same when I come across them with dogs or guns, have had to involve the fuzz a number of times. Last night I spotted some lights just of the road so chucked a U-turn to check it out as you do out here (and as we are entitled to do being it's our Pastoral station) Pulled up , turned my motor off and yelled "hello! This is Steve from Erlistoun Station, just checking if you're okay, not broken down or anything". Next minute the rear of the van flies open and a raving mad woman comes running at me with what looked like a cut down pick handle. The fuzz are dealing with her this morning. They shoot our cattle, mills, tanks, steal our solar panels, diesel and what ever else isn't nailed down.
  12. Not sure who made you aware of what ML thinks but I'd hazard a guess and say nope. Remember ML initially promised a smaller coil, why it never eventuated we can only speculate. WA would be a pin head size of a market, not positive of the size of the Russian market but they'd probably use more Russian built jobbies than ML stuff and the African market is more low to mid range price detectors than 7000's. As for the go big motto..... the first coming offering from NF so far has been a smaller coil, no bigger coil hinted at yet. Coiltek hasn't even entered the GPZ market.
  13. "It seems that Madtuna has the Minelab ear as they think Zed owners want bigger vs smaller." Hi Mitchell, can you please explain what you mean by that? I don't think I want a bigger coil, I definitely want a bigger coil. In many places it would save me getting in a loader and taking a foot off the top and work out a damn sight cheaper. I don't want a smaller coil for my GPZ and I don't feel I need one. I feel the 14" is small enough for my requirements and if I need to go smaller, as I said I have an SDC.
  14. You mentioned grass cover...I had to google it
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