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  1. Not sure who made you aware of what ML thinks but I'd hazard a guess and say nope. Remember ML initially promised a smaller coil, why it never eventuated we can only speculate. WA would be a pin head size of a market, not positive of the size of the Russian market but they'd probably use more Russian built jobbies than ML stuff and the African market is more low to mid range price detectors than 7000's. As for the go big motto..... the first coming offering from NF so far has been a smaller coil, no bigger coil hinted at yet. Coiltek hasn't even entered the GPZ market.
  2. "It seems that Madtuna has the Minelab ear as they think Zed owners want bigger vs smaller." Hi Mitchell, can you please explain what you mean by that? I don't think I want a bigger coil, I definitely want a bigger coil. In many places it would save me getting in a loader and taking a foot off the top and work out a damn sight cheaper. I don't want a smaller coil for my GPZ and I don't feel I need one. I feel the 14" is small enough for my requirements and if I need to go smaller, as I said I have an SDC.
  3. You mentioned grass cover...I had to google it
  4. Starting to think I might be the odd one out...but I'm sure I'm not. As for the detectors, yep they are heavy, but not heavy enough to be a worry (for me) The harness works well and is comfortable (again for me) and negates the weight. I don't feel trussed up or tied to the machine. The proswing runs rings around the old ML harnesses and I quite like it. Just like anything else... cars, tools etc if something is not quite right, I adapt and find a work around until it is. I would have much preferred 7000 performance and tech in the old GPX style set up. But I won't blame ML for giving us what we got. They read forums and listened to what the majority wanted and gave us exactly what they asked for..... CTX style, battery included, GPS. wireless.... They even sold it to us at a price we said we'd be willing to pay. Not what I would have asked for, but it works and works well especially when used in conjunction with the 2300
  5. As the original seller I don't consider myself a loser Phrunt. I found the thing, it didn't cost me a cent. I can't off hand remember what I got for it, but what ever it was, It was pure profit. Ye Reg, I remember the orange roughie saga. I rarely post gold pictures now except small crap I'm selling for pocket money. It can end up anywhere and it often attracts too many stupid comments.
  6. yep one right under each earhole. works for me as I find head phones uncomfortable in summer
  7. I don't feel trussed up like a turkey Reg. 2 clips and it's on. I need to put my duel speakers and my booster somewhere and a harness makes sense and it carries my water too. I carry my pick on my shoulder, so In 42 degrees heat like yesterday the strap of the proswing stops the pick burning a permanent imprint into my shoulder and guards against that horrible burning flesh smell. I can put the detector down and walk away with the harness on. Works well for me!
  8. Until I can produce a photo it's all speculation on my part anyway. The reason I am sure it's the same nugget is because there was a bit of drama with it that made it stick in my mind. It's not the first time someone has claimed it to be their own. I posted it on an Aussie forum not long after I found and it was brought to my attention that some kazoo named Bernie Jasper had it posted on his facebook page. Checking his page myself I saw he had a number of my nuggets claiming them to be his, they were photos lifted from forums. He also had photos of Chris Gholson's gold plus other gold I'd seen posted on Chris's forum. The goose refused to take the pictures down or at least acknowledge they weren't his but instead just blocked me. That nugget was the 1st piece found and the 3rd biggest piece of a small patch the size of a bus that produced 20+ oz. It was 26 inches deep and found with a GPX5000 with a14" spoked NF Advantage running in normal. Another reason it sticks in my mind was because it was a damn good productive day and I could run in normal on that spot. Again this is all just speculation on my part until I can produce a photo which may be easier said than done. I no longer have a photobucket account where it was uploaded to and I'm pretty sure it was prior to this computer. If anyone does facebook it could still be in Bernie Jaspers album. Cheers!
  9. Hi JW, In about 2013 or 2014, I found a piece I swear is identical to that. The weight was also 60grs though I can't remember 60.what. I sold it to the gold shop in Kalgoorlie and it sat in their for sale cabinet for a few weeks. Where it went from there I have no idea. I'll try and find a picture and post it but I swear that's it.
  10. Honestly, no matter how many videos, no matter how many credible testers, no matter how much evidence, there will always be sceptics. If you're the builder or the retailer you have no hope in hell as in their eyes you're biased or a liar and it's all about the sale.
  11. Completely the opposite below the equator. Pretty much the whole of Australia is in drought, and no end in sight.☹️ Honestly the worst I can remember it here. I've never seen camels so bad, absolutely nothing for them in the desert so they're invading the pastoral lands in record numbers. Just reading this morning of the drought in Africa, about the same as here. Horrible pictures of dead elephants bogged in mud of dried up lakes.
  12. I hope so Mark, was good to see you pair again
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