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  1. So a carpenter with his ute full of tools...what's he buying?
  2. Spot on Dave! WA border closed as of tomorrow and I think SA border closed today. Any travellers across borders have to self isolate for 14 days. Reading on a few forums people are planning on self isolating for a few months in WA. But travel restrictions are starting to come into effect across indigenous lands and it looks like soon there will be no non essential travel to the goldfields or Kimberly regions and more areas will surely follow. Anywhere where there is a majority indigenous population. Most communities are rife with diabetes, chronic heart conditions and other health conditions that put them in the most vulnerable bracket. If this did get into the communities it could decimate them.
  3. Certainly have to give the old timers a hell of a lot of credit. Just looking at the old shafts and even the wells on this station it amazes me the depths dug and through solid bedrock with nothing more than a pick and shovel. While there were obviously a lot of knowledgeable folks on the gold fields I'd say a large majority had no idea and it was trial and error, just trying their luck in areas where a discovery was made. They learned as they went. If the American gold rushes were anything like the Australian rushes most of the miners weren't miners...they were bakers, shoemakers, farmers, beggars and pretty much any profession who fled their jobs chasing a dream. Some made it, but most didn't. Not much has changed at all really.
  4. Everyone needs a decent DD in their kit. Seriously thinking of purchasing another 4500 or 5000 purely to run a big NF 25 DD
  5. Loving the aussie price! It's like every morning I wake up with a pay rise😃
  6. Cheers Duck! Didn't think you'd have any wood left over there..thought it all burnt. Got three bits which went about 2oz each from the same area last year but just never got around to going back there. Thought I better flog it before the masses arrive this season. Say hi to Deb for me!
  7. Found a nice little run a couple of days ago, 2 days in a row just over 1/2 oz each day and another 23 grams this morning. Here's a pic of this mornings total.... I don't film many digs anymore, but the bigger chunk had a bit of depth. I was hoping it would be deeper and bigger...but alas, not to be, it went just under 10 grams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpUIZp0f7zQ
  8. I was speaking to a couple who were in the aussie show and they were telling me how once when they were chiselling a small nugget from caprock, either the producer or camera operator got all excited and remarked how it was the first piece of gold he had actually seen dug up. They also told me gold had been buried and dug up sometimes up to three or four times for different camera angles and drone footage. Also mention of nuggets supplied from a dealer in Kalgoorlie and filmed being dug up.
  9. Can't be any worse than that Aussie show. They did a fair amount of filming on our station, didn't even have the courtesy of letting us know they were here. Left an absolute mess! Got asked if I would be willing to come roaring in, in my Perentie with rifles on display and play the role of irrational irate pastoralist.
  10. Did you watch it??? It said so in the first line and then shows a bloke stuffing a detector into it.
  11. One day you'll post something nice about Minelab Reg and it'll be one of two things...you're on your death bed trying to make good with god or your accounts been hacked.
  12. To clarify, what I mean is if you are constantly digging 12 to 18 inch holes in concrete hard rock strewn ground, you need a good and larger heavy duty pick. I'm sure your pick is a beauty and I don't want to take away from that but it looks a bit light on...the blade is obviously the front part cut off a shovel as can been seen by the indent in the middle. I can see some of the ground you've pictured resembles some of ours, and I'm afraid I'd kill that pick in under a week by either snapping the handle or bending the blade. Even if I didn't, frustration and fatigue would see me lobbing down a mineshaft. You need a pick to do the work, not you to work the pick.
  13. Thank god your pick has a lifetime guaranty then....you're going to need it
  14. Jeez JR!! That is dangerous terrain. Must be hard keeping your mind focussed on those faint signals while also listening for that faint whistle of a golf ball heading your way!
  15. got my first lawn happening in over 2 years after we got 40mm of rain. Like a proud father I was.... got up the next morning to go sing to it and some damn roo had snuck in during the night and stole it!!! should have fenced the bugger off!
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