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  1. I didn't realize. Make it I'll be there in 2018. I understand it would be a tall task to coordinate an event like this. I mainly wanted to thank you guys for your efforts.
  2. I was one of the crowd around you Steve. It was nice to meet you. I tried to listen more than speak and picked up some great information just hearing what you had to say. I couldn't help myself and did ask a few questions of my own. You were very accommodating to everyone including me and I thank you for that. I also got the chance to meet Chris and again very accommodating and informative. Great presentations all day long and the vendors had plenty of interesting gear to check out. I did spend a few $ too. I even picked up a day for two at the Roaring Camp Mining Company in the raffle. Overall great time! I will be back next year.
  3. I don't get the Mercedes 4X4 reference. Maybe i'm missing something. I can tell you it is a fortune that I got last night from a local Chinese restaurant. Very fitting I thought. I have been reading about lost treasures here in Nevada and it seems there are pots of gold out there to be found.
  4. How's this for a fortune cookie? I don't put stock in these things, but now i'm not so sure.....
  5. Ok let's not get too carried away. Wolves and cougars and black bears are in the neiborhood but you will most certainly not see one. As far as the terrain, I would not call it overly mountainous. There are certain mountain ranges nearby that are much steeper. Coming from the east coast you may disagree with what I call steep or mild. I agree with others, you should check out the gold dredge in Sumpter and the bank in Baker. (I don't know the name either). The weather should be sunny and dry but thunder storms are possible any time. Temps in the 75-85 range is about normal. You should enjoy the area it is a beautiful place.
  6. I was born and raised in Oregon level there almost 50 years. Hunted near that area for 20 years. Snakes are there, you are not likely to see one. I have never come across a venomous one in that area. Ticks, I wouldn't worry about them. Only ones I saw were on the deer and elk I killed. Ants, pretty much harmless. Don't lay down on their nest and you'll be fine. Bigfoot, it all depends on how much you believe.... if you want to see him bad enough you will. As far as what type of detector to use I'm afraid I can't help you a bunch there. I am too new to offer good advice. I have used an MXT there once near an old miners cabin. Found lots of trash as you would expect but no treasures. Hope this helps. Rick
  7. Thanks for the good advice from everyone. I will keep after it and I'm confident at some point it will happen. IDdesertman the band is about the size of a pigeon leg. Other than the phone number there is other letters and numbers on it. Is there a way to determine where it came from? SWOOPS578A0L, then 2005 J.E.M.
  8. Reading the replies to this thread is actually somewhat inspiring to me as a new metal detector owner. I have been to several sites all over the state testing and learning. I have yet to find my first piece of gold so my trash to gold ratio is 100% to 0%. In most of the areas I have been with my detector I have found many small pieces of lead and small chunks of brass. I thought I must not be getting to those places most folks don't or won't get to. Too easy access makes for an easy target range because most people don't hike way off the road just to throw some lead around. Now that I see most of you guys are digging lots of lead it makes me feel as if I'm on the right track. I have limited my ferrous digging, by luck or otherwise I'm not really sure. My coolest find so far was an aluminum leg band from a bird study of some kind. There is a phone number on the band but it was a disconnected number. The date on the band was 2007. Again not gold but kinda cool to find. Next week I will be working in the northern part of the state and hope to get a few hours detecting . I have a couple spots picked out to look at. Might get to the Rye Patch also. Good luck out there everyone!
  9. I have been in Ely all week for work. I would rather be searching for some gold but that's how it goes. I drove to the Osceola district after work today. Got there at dark snow was a foot deep. I read an old post from Reno Chris about the area. Heard it is highly claimed but I'm sure there are places to prospect. Sounded like an interesting place to explore. I will be here again on my own time when the snow is not so deep to check it out. Just one more place to add to the list of must do's!
  10. Thank you guys. I hope you make those interesting finds as well.
  11. Well I got my new GMT today! I had to try it out. I only had about an hour of daylight. I was around an old tailing pile. Lots of trash. I didn't even get my headphones yet but it was quiet where I was at. I'm happy with my first outing. I found one 22 casing, one small piece looks like a rock sticks to a magnet, and one mangled piece of lead. The lead can write as you can see in the pic. Again no real finds but I'm happy in .the one hour I had. I can't wait till I get to really try it out.
  12. One thing I notice about the photo [besides the specimen he is holding], is how little this looks like a dessert. I just assumed the terrain would be dusty sage covered and vast. Not that there is no gold in the woods, I just pictured a different setting.
  13. Hmmm... sounds like I will have to poke around a bit. Looking forward to the year end summary.
  14. Steve, maybe I missed it but I have not found the follow up to this post. 2015 has ended. What was the final talley? The pictures are great! They make me want to hear the rest of the story.
  15. Wow more good info guys! Your Right nothing beats getting out there and covering ground. I have done weeks of research while gathering the money to buy my detector. I think there are a couple spots I will prospect first. There is some good history at these locales. When I purchase my detector I will certainly post it here so everyone can decide whether or not I made a good decision for themselves. Thanks again.
  16. Well said Steve. This really does help narrow it down. I guess the interesting part of the TDI was the selector switch to effectively hone in on either low tones or high. From your response it does not seem to be a large enough factor to sway me away from the GMT. Your right about always looking for the next great detector to come along. The CZX can wait until I'm ready to look at it rather than the other way around. I want to thank everyone for the information you have given me. The amount of info on this Web site is massive. I have spent many hours reading and trying to take it. Rick
  17. I have read his initial report and he does seem to like them. I just don't see the local support. Is there a dealer near Reno?
  18. Thanks Paul I really needed the added choice here...no I'm just kidding about this. I have to say that there is a reason I seem to be partial to Whites. I was born and raised about 10 minutes from the factory and I still have family there locally. If I have an issue with my detector it would be nice to know where it goes to be worked on. The Makro does sound very interesting but I know virtually nothing about this company. I am not sure there is a local sales rep that I could consult on this one.
  19. OK this makes a lot of sense Steve. I do believe it will take some work and time investment no matter what detector I buy. I'm left with just two questions. If I am to learn and get good at using one detector, or in other words, if I were equally as good at using the GMT or the TDI which one would work better for me? The only other question is about the rumors of a Fisher CZT. You mentioned a 2016 release. Would this unit be worth the wait?
  20. Patrick, Im not finding the 2100 and 2200s are you talking used? I saw one 2200 that had sold on ebay for $2300. I need to stick to about $1000 to make it work for me. I do see your point but I don't think I want to wait to make the purchase.
  21. If I go with the GMT2 I could afford some nice accessories to go with it. Would the GMT be better or worse than an MXT for nugget hunting in Nevada?
  22. Thanks for the replies. I don't have the MXT anymore. Wish I did. The SDC 2300 Minelab is three to four times the money, I'm just not there. I have been reading so much information it is making things worse. About the time I think yes I'll get this one...I read something that makes me think well maybe I will like the other one better. I just need to pull the trigger I guess. I am waiting for the one good explanation of one machine or the other that makes me say OK this is the one for me.
  23. I will start by saying i am a recent nevada transplant from oregon. I owned a whites mxt pro but never used it much for nugget hunting. I would like to take advantage of some of what the high dessert of nevada offers and try my hand. That being said I thought I knew which detector I would be buying until I started reading all the information I have found online, including Steve's reviews. I was going to get a whites tdi sl. Now I'm thinking maybe a GMT or waiting for the new fisher czt. Someone please give their best sales pitch and help me out. I don't have the funds to spend more than this so the minelab units are out of my price range. Keep in mind I am new to this so if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about it is because that is true.
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