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  1. The weather may have turned for the better in Northern Nevada. It was time to get out and check how my GPZ 7000, would handle the moisture/salt from the Winter Storms. I pulled into the Burn Barrel to camp, but it was like pulling into a KOA. I unloaded my trusty RZR and hit the trail to find a nugget. I ran into several folks out trying their luck, all had smiles on their faces and enjoying our outdoor hobby. I was told that Gerry was having his training at the Burn Barrel which explained the crowd of RV’s. I did get time for a short visit with Gerry and Lunk, before heading out. The s
  2. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I an investor. I do like a map they have put together. It shows gold 'finds' all over norther Nevada with the center in Winnemucca. They want investors and I liked reading some of the discovery info. What do you think? I took a 'day trip' one Sunday north of Winnemucca leaving from Rye Patch. It is a long distance up there. Getting back I drove on the longest dirt road I've ever been on. I know they are much longer in Australia but this road was a 'short cut' with 80 miles of nothing. I should not have done it alone. It wasn't in the s
  3. Years ago I had a wise customer who was always trying to make things better. He spent much of his free time chasing gold nuggets at Rye Patch, NV in the 90's and early 2000's (when pickings were good). He always wanted to cover ground and chase the big ones. One time he calls me to order some Coiltek coil wiring (extension) as he has long dreams. I seen him out there with his new long shaft and boy was it longer than I had expected. Has anyone seen anything similar or just as crazy? On a side note, this beautiful Horse Nugget of 6 ounces was found in the road at Rye Patch proper.
  4. Today was short and good. While reading about the geology of rattlesnake mountain and getting sidetracked on the census report for the population of Virginia City and 1860 versus 1870, I came across the fact that there was like 11 Chinese people in 1860 recorded, and 711 or something in 1870. How long ago that was, and how bustling those streets must have been as it was as great as paris? Well today, not too far from Virginia City three new kids, half Chinese, could be added to that number. We were really only supposed to go out to deliver some Uber eats. However, sometimes it's really ha
  5. Anyone know of any info on this mine in Storey Co. NV. I have access to it by the claim current claim holder and im trying to find out any history from someone who may know. I have heard there was some placer found there at some point in time.
  6. I’ve heard of folks hunting the Rye Patch area of Nevada. How do they gain access? Do they have their own claim? Are there Open to the Public areas? What about Local Prospecting Clubs? Thanks! Walt
  7. As a few of you may know October in the High Desert is the time to be there! This October, I hardly seen another prospector! Seen, more folks scouting for hunting season than anything. I gave a few Chuckar & Antelope Hunters a pointy finger. But, the Goldfields pretty much empty and to myself. Well, with the Sun setting earlier and 7 pm, just a little early to rack out. I bought a big Black Light Flashlight, to hunt some glow in the dark rocks for our new rock garden area of our backyard. It was fun, riding the RZR around the desert at night shining that light off to the side. Seen
  8. It’s been a busy Summer for Robin and I. We wanted to Escape, Flee the once Great State of California. We hardly recognized it any longer...well in order to do that we needed to spruce up our home to put up for sale, same time find a home in the greater Reno area. Since Reno, was only a little over 100 miles from us in California, we rented one then two storage units and I made runs to storage units using my pickup truck. We only needed to rent a U-Haul for the big stuff when we closed on the home in Reno. We closed on the home in California for perfect timing, thought I was going to have
  9. From Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada, USGS Bulletin 1356, By Maureen G. Johnson 1973 HISTORY OF PLACER MINING IN NEVADA The first authenticated discovery of placer gold in Nevada was made in 1849 by Abner Blackburn, a member of an emigrant train to California, at the junction of Gold Canyon and the Carson River at the present site of Dayton, Lyon County (De Quille, 1891; Vanderburg, 1936a). Parties of men worked the gravels in Gold Canyon and nearby Six Mile Canyon, Storey County, for 8 years before the source of the placers, the Ophir silver lode, was discovered by Peter O'Reiley and
  10. In an effort to convince my wife to move to Nevada, I would like to know more about gemstones and non-metallic fossicking/collecting in the Silver State. If I can show her that the state will be a great place for other rock collecting, it will add greatly to my "gold, gold, no state income tax, gold" argument for a move. We are looking in the Hawthorne/Fernley/Fallon area. I know about the opal mines up by Virgin Valley, and garnets found in the Ruby mountains. And of course the different gold and silver districts, which sadly, she doesn't care about. She is most into roaming the desert a
  11. “The Great Basin has some of the most unusual natural history that's buried beneath its soil. Scientists say there was period either thousands to millions of years ago when woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and prehistoric bison would roam the area that we know today as Nevada. Recently, some of those animals from around and before the Ice Age have resurfaced. Tom Gordon lives in Carson City with his wife. He has plenty of space around his property and enjoys a good sweat from a home improvement project. He bought a couple of trees to plantand began digging holes around his fence. While
  12. Nevada has always been one of my most enjoyable treasure states to visit. Part of why I wanted to make this post (and why I'd like to see others give their input) , is to help guide some of the newer gold prospectors that has joined on with the rise in Au prices around $2000 an ounce. A little history about Nevada and I. I first started detecting Nevada for natural gold in the mid 90's with a local guy from Boise who goes by the name of Largo. He's had some health issues the last few years and not been to RP but promised I'd try to get him down there one more time this Fall.
  13. The nugget shooting world lost a legend today: Smokey Baird of Lovelock, Nevada passed away after a battle with cancer. Rest in peace my friend. http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/smokey.html
  14. Does anyone have a Rye Patch report? I haven't heard anything about gold from there in some time.
  15. Poured rain here all night in Reno. Supposedly 3-4 feet of snow up in the high country - we will see when the clouds lift! We are off to a mild start and I am still out detecting, though I have mostly shifted gears to coin and jewelry detecting. I hope to stay active detecting through the entire winter - if not through mild weather here then by driving to where it is milder. It is heading into summer in Oz. Soon it will be too cold here for detecting in northern areas. And soon it will be too hot to go detecting in parts of Australia! On the other hand temps are just right for t
  16. There are two sites where gold will soon be produced near Elko, Nevada. I think everything is on go with the possible exception of The Green New Deal! https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/2-new-major-finds-may-extend-nevadas-gold-boom-for-years-1972010/
  17. The weather in northern Nevada has been extraordinarily nice this past month, but it's due to deteriorate rapidly soon; time to head for the sunny warmness of the Arizona goldfields. During the last 3 weeks I've managed to scrounge up 43.4 grams (27.9 dwt) of the good stuff from old patches with the GPZ 7000 and stock 14" coil. Largest nugget weighs 7 grams (4.5 dwt) and the deepest bit was close to a foot and a half.
  18. My old friend, Dave , and I spent 8 days in Nevada last 2 weeks. Found no gold, but did find a new area to explore. Gives us a decent place to Iook forward to this winter. I found a .44 Henry rimfire cartridge, my first, and two copper nuggets, my second and third. Dave found several round balls of various calibers, and of course, many spent bullets. We also found some really fresh lion tracks well out from the mountains on the valley floor about 40 miles west of Winnemucca. That was pretty interesting, as the tracks were made in dust, and were nearly perfect. Had to be made the night before.
  19. Going to get cold a month early. Down to 12* Monday morning, and 9* Tuesday morning, and then back to 12* Wednesday morning. Highs in the low 30's. We're planning a trip to the Winnemucca area around the 1st. Hope it warms up a little. The earliest I've ever seen single digits here is the first week of December, though I remember a couple of years when we had 10* about the 10th of November. Both of those years that 10* was the coldest temp of the entire winter. I have a feeling the talk of a Maunder Minimum may be true. We had a cold October last year, and even colder this year. Jim
  20. I'm at Rye Patch getting ready to train customers for 3 days on their gold detectors, and finding a few nuggies to add to my retirement. Interesting discovery. Who put this key under a flat rock and forgot where you did it? There has to be a heck of a story to tell. Luckily it was not your truck key? The Golden pickers were found close by on this trip with my GPZ-7000. Anyone know who the key belongs to, let me know.
  21. So, retiring soon and have held a claim in Rye Patch for several years. Live in Wa State and am interested in possibly partnering with someone in the area to co-explorer the claim. Any interest?
  22. New to group here and just got a GPX-5000 and spent a few hours yesterday playing with different settings and breaking it in at the Rye Patch. Any suggestions on best settings for Rye Patch ( I used Sen Extra w/ 11" mono, slow and quiet with gain of 12, know of any other areas closer to Reno to nugget hunt then Rye Patch? I tried Gold Canyon in Dayton NV today but that place was filled with trash (I was mainly in the lower section).
  23. I began this Rye Patch trip on Thursday morning about 2 AM. It was time to go meet Dig It and see how he was doing there. This time it was a normal trip without the burning satellite re-entry I saw on one trip before. I was treated with a full moon on my way up 395, 6, 95 and I80. We met up without a problem and I headed out to places where I wanted to look and some places where I had found nuggets in the past. I'd say at least half of my trips to Rye Patch get me on a nugget and the other half don't. This is my first trip up here since Australia so I'm wondering what I gained from a
  24. My wife and I talk occasionally of leaving California for pastures more green or gold or even desert grey as the case may be and decided to do it this time instead of just talking about it.The decision did have an unpleasant catalyst of sorts to push us over the edge a surprise letter from the county assessor letting me know that a mistake in the valuation of my home was not in my favor (depending on how you look at it) and the result was around a 1200 percent increase in my assessed valuation and a tax bill for 2 years due in two installments that made me feel a little sick at first, now that
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