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  1. This forum has been running for ten years now. I have never done anything to weed the database down in all those years, and it is getting way too full of stuff that does not need to be there. A big one is people who have registered over the years, but never posted. The so-called Lurkers. That's fine I guess but the reality is there is almost no reason to join the forum if you are not going to post. The content is free for anyone to view without an account, so you are free to lurk all you want, without taking up database space. The only area that is off limits to non-members is in the Downloads area, where I have limited the ability to download the large files to members only. I'm just trying to keep a lid on the bandwidth by keeping outside sites from linking directly to the resources there. Long story short a quick review shows that fully half the members database is comprised of non-posting accounts, going back ten years. I am going to delete all those accounts before the end of the year, except any created in the last 90 days. If you have one of those accounts, and do not want it deleted, you need to make at least one post before the end of the year. This thread will work. Just post anything at all here, and your account will not get deleted. You only need to do this if you have never posted on this website before. If any accounts are being held by spammers, it’s likely to be in this group, so it helps clean that up also. The end result will be invisible to current users, except that the site may get a tiny bit faster once I clear out all the deadwood. These people have never posted, so no actual content gets lost.
  2. Hi all, just an FYI, tonight I received several emails from the site saying someone had attempted to log in with my user name from Mass. It wasn’t me, I changed my password out of caution, just an FYI should it happen to you, you may want to change your password. Jen
  3. OK, new forum is done, threads moved. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/61-xp-deus-ii-forum/ I normally keep detector comparison stuff in a separate forum to stop detector wars. But the Deus II versus whatever videos have been pretty favorable, and not much dissension, so I have moved them all here also. Just seemed like one stop shopping is best. As long as people keep acting like adults it will work. Thanks in advance for that. 1700 posts on day one - that's cheating! By another measure, main Deus/Orx forum is 13 pages of threads, Dues II already at 6 pages; very impressive start for XP on this one.
  4. I used to peruse other related forums daily, then weekly, then…. well, not very often. Just went to take a look, and saw both AZO and Finders are completely gone? Like poof? Is this temporary, or something that’s happened a while ago, and I’m just asleep at the wheel? AZO Finders
  5. New Member Signup - Click Here! Lost Password - Click Here! Forum Tips & Tricks Advanced Search Tag List/Index Welcome to the Detector Prospector forum! Anything remotely related to metal detecting and prospecting for gold may be posted here. Forums for other subjects may be found here. The main goal here - to inform and educate. Please keep threads and posts on topic (metal detecting and prospecting). Off topic posts may be moved or deleted without warning. This is the oldest forum here, at one time the on,y forum. As such it is a catch all for a wide range of subject. However, after about page 6, I move some posts to sub-forums for archival purposes. For instance, posts about specific Minelab detectors get moved to the Minelab Forum, and posts about specific Garrett detectors get moved to the Garrett Forum, etc. This makes it easier for people to find posts about specific subjects in the future, rather than sifting through everything here. The main goal of the forum is to share information. If you see something interesting on another forum or anywhere else, please link to it. Mention any brands you like. The only goal here is to inform and anything interesting or informative is not only allowed but desired as long as it is on topic. While visiting this forum please act as if you are visiting my home. Treat others with decency and respect. Politics is not strictly prohibited, but limit it to items of concern such as public meeting notices, comment periods, etc. Any post mentioning any politician by name is going to be deleted, period. No detector wars - every detector serves a purpose for somebody. For general editorial purposes this forum is treated as if it is a magazine. Do not place ads for your detector or equipment for sale here. That is only allowed in the Classifieds and is only for participating members - read the rules. A note about the Google Ads - I know we all hate ads but they pay for the website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All I can do is to promise not to go overboard with them. Special Note To Dealers - Dealers are welcome here, with minimal guidelines. Please read My Policy Regarding Dealers If you have problems logging in or any other issues while on the forum Personal Message (PM) me or send me an email. Information on other general forum use and features can be found here. Steve Herschbach
  6. I thought things would perk along longer than they have. But companies go away, people move on fast, way faster than I thought. As early as May activity here was high, now almost nothing. But so it goes. If things don’t change, and I doubt they will, I will someday move the contents of this forum. Since Garrett bought White’s, I can merge it all into the Garrett Forum. But more likely I would merge it with the Compass, D-Tex, Tesoro, Etc. Forum, which is for companies that are no longer with us. But no rush to do so, and this is you chance to tell me why I should leave things as they are for now. Posting more might also help your case, even if it’s nothing but “look what I found with my White’s” even a thread a week here would matter, but right now, not one thread in month of June, just two in July. ‘If I do eventually move the content, does anyone have a preference between my two options?
  7. Simon reminded me I needed to do an update, and boy did I. It has only been exactly a year since the last update, but wow, what a lot of changes! I had to drop the Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold, Nokta/Makro Gold Racer, Nokta/Makro AU Gold Finder, and Minelab GPX 4500 from the list, because all have been discontinued And only one addition, the Garrett Axiom. The field is narrowing folks. There was one big shift in the order, as the Fisher Gold Bug 2 went up $100, and the XP ORX went down $150. That changed my view of the ORX in a big way. It wandered a bit when it came out with coils and price, but now has settled firmly into its' role as XPs nugget detector, and an excellent VLF option at $599. Anyway, it is a first draft, I'll edit again later after my mind clears, but there will be no major change, just tweaks for extra info, and to edit mistakes in grammer, etc. I did add a summary at the end for those that just want a simple, straight up opinion on what I'd use and why, since the listing is still long enough to confuse, with too many options to choose from.
  8. The history of these forums is a little complex. Once upon a time, there was only one, this one, the DP (Detector Prospector) Forum. The website ultimately is an information repository, and I try to organize things so people can find them. There is search. There are tags. But the main way to find things is look for the right forum. I added forums as things got busy, and so we now have brand forums, and activity forums. Coin & Relic, or Jewelry, for example. This forum still is the most popular, and acts as a catch all. However, I do sort it out periodically. After things drift back a few pages, I delete some fluff threads (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, today's weather), and move other threads to other location. If I move threads in the first couple pages, I leave a link to the new location. These links expire after a short time. Older threads I simply move. In a nutshell, if you go back a dozen or more pages, you will only find general prospecting threads in this forum. Discussion of locations, geology, etc. but all threads that are about a model or brand, do get moved to the appropriate brand forum. This has been a long winded way to tell you that if you are looking for old Minelab threads, they are in the Minelab Forum, White’s threads in White’s Forum, Garrett threads in Garrett Forum, etc. Brand specific stuff posted to this forum are welcome, everything is good. This is just a public service announcement to explain why threads may appear to get deleted, when in fact they have simply moved. One of the most powerful ways to find things here are the tags. Click one now just to see.
  9. Anyone signing in from old whites forum site? Just seeing if any of you guys made the journey over here. Sign in here if you did. This is Sleddman , long time whites user. Be safe out there to all and have a great Christmas. Sleddman
  10. Recently, I have been trying to persuade my wife into coming out metal detecting with me. She has repeatedly told me that metal detecting is a man’s hobby, and that women don’t usually go out metal detecting. So here I am today to see what the percentage is to hopefully prove her wrong and get her to come with me.
  11. OK, new forum is done, threads moved. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/61-xp-deus-ii-forum/ I normally keep detector comparison stuff in a separate forum to stop detector wars. But the Deus II versus whatever videos have been pretty favorable, and not much dissension, so I have moved them all there also. Just seemed like one stop shopping is best. As long as people keep acting like adults it will work. Thanks in advance for that.
  12. I've created a new temporary subforum to hold the recent wave of videos comparing the XP Deus II to the Minelab Equinox. The focus on the battle between the $949 detector versus $1599 detector kind of says it all. Once this all dies down I will move the threads back to the Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum, but for now it was overwhelming everything else, so I thought I'd give this a try for now. XP Deus II versus Minelab Equinox Tests & Videos
  13. How do send a personal message to another forum member?
  14. So this pops up in the middle of me reading one of the posts. Am I on the right forum? And NO!!! I did not click on the link.
  15. I was contacted out of the blue recently by Dimitar Gargov, owner and designer for Tarsacci metal detectors. I gave him a call and we were like two kids talking metal detectors! He explained some ideas he has for the future and I decided it was past time to set up a forum for Tarsacci owners to discuss their detectors. The MDT 8000 is a very high performance detector designed first for saltwater use but people are trying it for other purposes to good result. The bottom line is I have always supported competition especially as regards new technology. My main bias is I tend to only feature detectors with U.S. dealers and service. Yup, I am U.S. centric - sue me! Tarsacci as a home brewed detector obviously meets that criteria. So here we go, a forum for Tarsacci and the MDT 8000 and whatever else Dimitar's brilliant mind brings us eventually. Yeah I am buttering him up because I think I have talked him into doing what he never does - appear on a forum to answer questions about his product. Don't expect to get deep proprietary info as it is.... well, it's proprietary! But I hope to see Dimitar here soon. I am sure you will give him all that friendly place to share information we are famous for. Thanks! Tarsacci MDT 8000 Data & Specifications Tarsacci MDT 8000 metal detector at the beach
  16. Enjoying everything but one person’s posts rub you the wrong way? Go to your settings in upper right and look for “Ignored Users”. Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them. Just add the user name you wish to ignore to the list accessed under “Ignored Users”. I prefer people not complain about or directly address other people about their behavior on the forum. Don't take moderation tasks on yourself... leave that to me. If you have an issue contact me directly about it, or use the ignore function.
  17. Almost all I've read here for several months now is about one detector brand vs the same brand model questions, comparisons, personal reviews and such. I thought most of these should be on that brand forum(which I follow religiously) and this was a forum about showing finds and and talking about new areas, how to and so on..... Sorry If I'm wrong.....please say so and I'll fade away.
  18. Why is question about whites TDI moved and questions concerning Minelab are allowed?
  19. I would like to add a little element of fun for people to encourage posting of finds. What I am thinking is a forum where each month people can post what they think it a nice find, and a story with it would help. I’d set up a winners gallery for the monthly winners, issue a DP certificate to the winner each month by way of a pdf file they can print, frame, and display. Winners would be chosen by employing the “like” system so that the forum membership picks the winner each month. There would also be a year end contest to decide the winner for the year. I have had this idea for some time, but the problem for me was in how to offer a prize, without people trying to game the system. Cash makes people do funny things. Mailing stuff is expensive, and we have members worldwide. Last night I had an epiphany. What I’m proposing is each month, I will make a $100.00 donation the the winners choice of charity. The donations would probably go to a list that we can chose from, and I need to research donation sites to find the best one to work with that offers the widest range of charities. The winner picks the charity, I’ll make the donation. This will be tallied over time so members can see how much total we have given to charity. The year end contest would be a larger amount, like maybe $500.00. I would make the donations personally, and yes, I would write them off on my taxes to help offset the cost. So it would be me making the donation to a charity of the winners choosing. I will post donation receipts just to be transparent. This forum is paid for with those pesky Google ads. The revenue pays the hosting and software fees that run over a grand a year. My time... There is excess that basically pays a couple utility bills each month for me. However, the forum has been growing rapidly, and revenue with it. I do not need the money. So I’d like to start giving it back. If this works, I will employ my industry connections to ask manufacturers to maybe help by providing some additional prizes if they wish, but I have to be careful how I do that, as a contest for a detector could stir up the kind of competitive issues I want to avoid. So I have to think that over. Or maybe they would help with charity donations on top of what I’m doing? Anyway, lots of things we could do, but in general I’d like this to be oriented to charity. It this goes well, I will probably boost the spending as the forum continues to grow, hopefully providing the revenue stream to make that happen. That’s the gist of it for the moment. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.? Some of you have probably done something similar and can see pitfalls to avoid? I think the plan is sound and different than what I’ve seen before, and I love the idea of competing to give to charities.
  20. I go to extreme lengths to bring information on new detectors to this website. Many others help. Trademarks are watched, patents, corporate reports, leaks from overseas dealers.... anything that can be found that offers hints to upcoming product. It is a large driver here as many are interested in the latest and greatest. Many experts here add valuable commentary. The volume of information here can get overwhelming when we are on a roll. I try to bury people with early info. As a result, this is the place to be if you like information. Those that only visit the forum, you are missing out on years of effort put into other parts of this website, and you really should look at those other areas. I've never written a book on this stuff per se, but if I did, most of it would be repeating what comes out here a post at a time. I am also a stickler for accurate information. I'm very well plugged into most things metal detecting, and when I see somebody crossing lines with inaccurate information, I take care of it. Not to brag, but after 45 years of doing this every day, the depth and breadth of my knowledge on various brands is rather encyclopedic. I do not want to create fake machine info as is done on other websites just to attract clicks. It either passes my accuracy filter, or I delete it. You can trust what you see on this site as having a very high degree of accuracy, and there are smart people here to call it out if it is not. And then people show up and talk hype. They literally come here to partake of all this information, and then turn right around and call it hype. I guess it is the sheer volume of information and the enthusiasm they see as hype. Some get caught up in it, and make poor decisions. Then they want to blame their poor decisions on hype. I'm calling B.S. This website by and large is for serious adults, not children. I have no time to waste with people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, and want to throw the hype card out as a cover for their poor decision making abilities. I LOVE INFORMATION and I collect and pour it out here. I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT THE SUBJECT MATTER. I am basically a big kid, these are my toys, and I get all giddy when I get new toys. I've lived for this stuff since I was 14 and I'm 63 now... you sure as heck are not going to change me at this point. If you don't like all that, if it's all hype to you, you are in the wrong place. I'm not sure what you are looking for. A placid site with no information to trigger that credit card reflex? Heck if I know. What I can tell you is I work hard, very hard, for all of you by working hard for me. I gather information and learn things FOR ME, but I am also very happy to share what I know WITH YOU. If you want, and I assume up front that by being here that is what you want. Given the effort I am making, the easiest way to get on my bad side is to bring up the hype thing. If all this information and enthusiastic forum membership is too much for you to handle, just go away. I cannot understand why people watch the website, see all the info, join, and then bitch about the basic nature of what we are doing here. I have watched for years as the best people, the ones who really know what they are talking about, tire of this nonsense and disappear. You don't think we need that crap, do you? It is the craziest shoot yourself in the foot thing I have ever seen. I envisioned this as a place where those people could come and share what they know, to the benefit of all. But in trying to please everyone I lost sight of that mission. No more. That's my rant. We have a new machine into that I am very excited about. There are world class experts here ready to discuss the machine and have fun with a rare gift - a new gold getting beast. If that's not your thing, you do not want to have fun with all that, please take the debbie downer stuff somewhere else. I'm not trying to make everyone happy, I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm extremely cool with that. I'm trying to collect my tribe here, the people that get it, and want to be part of it. I really hope that is you, but if not, there are zillions of places that may better suit. I set this website up expressly because I wanted a place to play with my friends, and I never put a gun to anyone's head to be here. If you are one of those that like to play the hype card, know that I set this place up to get away from you!! One of the very best things about getting older is being able to let my "grumpy Steve" out to play if I want.
  21. There was an article a few weeks ago about a find that needed to be identified. It was a square pendant with some gold flakes inside. Several people had seen them before and there was a link to the item. I have someone that is wanting to find a couple of them, and would like to point them in the right direction. Thank you, Caleb
  22. I just upgraded the forum to the next major release, 4.5.2. This time they did some changes to the overall look and feel. Most of the changes are improvements but the new high contrast colors and bold fonts are almost too bright, too sharp. The header went stark white so I dialed that back to blue. Anyway, I'll be tweaking the look and feel for a few days. A couple of the old add on modules are now out of date so need to deal with that also. For any nerds out there, here is the forum feature change list. One new thing is there will be a new mobile app. If you visit lots of Invision powered websites (like Chris', Bill's, and Rob's) it may be of interest. The old color scheme. Less bright colors, blue text instead of black and white, more of a gray background.....
  23. It used to be blocking spammers was easy since most were automated bots. Unfortunately most now are real people. They used to be easy to spot due to poor English. So they took to copying real posts and posting them as their own. The tip off always comes in the form of links to some totally unrelated site. They now try and get overlooked by joining and posting for a week or two, usually innocuous posts. Then, they later take advantage of the forum edit function that allows you to edit your own posts to modify their old posts to include the stupid spam links. What they unfortunately do not know is I am always lurking and have a nose for this sort of stuff, so their efforts always go to waste. I not only ban them and delete all their content but add them to the Invision distributed spam list so they get nailed elsewhere. But there is always another one who does not know they are wasting their time here so it never ends. Long story short I have limited the edit function to 30 days after posting, so you can edit your own posts now for a month, which I think is good enough, but no more after that. Be aware though these people are hitting the forum weekly, and I do catch them, so don't be surprised if every now and then an entire thread or portion of thread disappears as I nuke these people. At this time however they are only a mild annoyance so I don't think I have to do anything more about the issue for now.
  24. I enjoyed reading the topics under this forum as I have a couple entry level units un addition to my Equinox. But I have not been on this site for a couple of months and can’t seem to find it. It seemed pretty active.
  25. Hi, Here is a short list according to Alexa. The large number reflects the total internet ranking, Google being #1. Other sites you might be familiar with did not make the top ten but you can go to Alexa to see where they rate. This website has been on a tear rapidly increasing in popularity for some time, and I thank you, the good forum members, for making that happen! Updated 8/1/2020 1. treasurenet.com 295,163 2. detectorprospector.com 552,748 3. metaldetectingforum.com (Friendly) 742,426 4. geotech1.com 1,127,452 5. prospectingaustralia.com.au 1,132,307 6. md-hunter.com 1,357,499 7. metaldetectingforum.co.uk 1,429,423 8. findmall.com 1,514,028 9. mdhtalk.org 4,146,397 10. dankowskidetectors.com 8,832,928
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