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  1. Come on, everybody has their price, any number you want. Ok if you don’t, but I really want it.
  2. Would you sell the fishing sinker? Name your price. Reply and let me know😉
  3. Great finds!! That wheat and the Canadian are in good condition. The quarter is nice to have, but it looks shabby. What did you clean the wheat penny with?
  4. Thank you everyone!! Very informative!! I will try the new way to dig!!!
  5. Thank you very much!!! I’m glad you told me!!! I will try to cut a flap in the grass instead of a circle. I will also try the approach for permission. Great information! Very informative!!!
  6. I would like to start detecting neighbors property, but I am not sure how to go about it. Does anyone have advice on asking my neighbors(who I don’t know very well) or asking people in different neighborhoods? How do I tell them there yard will not be damaged. I dig my holes in a circle in my grass and pull up the plug. I then check to see if the signal in in the hole or in the plug. Wherever it is I use a t shirt to put the dirt on and find the target. I them spill the dirt in the hole and place the plug back in the way it came out. It does look a bit brown after I do it, but as time goes by you can’t even tell. I did it in my yard lasted year, and this year you can’t even tell. Is this a good way of digging, or is there a better way? Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!!
  7. Yes the first picture is of the one I bought just like it. I believe they closed in 2012, and the one I bought is made in USA. Well said at the end. I will remember that next time I go on a trip. I use some of the things I inherited from my grandfather who just passed.
  8. Here are most of my good finds of the past year. I have a lot of pennies, a few dimes, 2 quarters, and 1 nickel. I saved a few old pull tabs because they were out of use before I was around. I have a button, a toy car wheel, A few bottle caps, a spoon head, a few keys, a EP co cap, a knife, and a broken toy gun. I have a few finds not shown here. Like an arrow to a bow, a game horseshoe, another toy gun, and a few older coins that went into my coin collection. The gun in the bag in from the 1950s I believe, and a picture of a mint condition one is below. The mason jar liner was un broken when I found it but I hit is with the shovel( I saved it anyway). The zinc cap was to far gone to save. Hope they are interesting to look at.
  9. Hi, thank you. I have bought one of the knives since I found this I put it on my car keys. The yard I found it in is my own. My grandfather bought the rental property in 1980 and must have lost it planting trees or lawn work. I am getting into detecting a lot these days. The house was built in 1940, and if you see my other posts, their are a few finds. I will look into places near me to find more treasure!
  10. I found this in April of May of this year. I cleaned it, my brother put it on the grinder, and showed it to my dad. It looked shiny then, but since it darked and starting to chip. My dad looked at it and said it was probably my grandfather who had lost it in the 1980s doing yard work. He used to wear old jeans and maybe fell out of his pocket. My dad told me used to clean his pipe with this knife. My grandfather had passed in September of 2018, so I never got to show or ask him. It is a Trim pocket knife by Bassett. It was made a producer of beauty products I believe and my grandfather ran his own barber shop. I believe he got it through that business. It will never be like new, but it holds sentimental value. I only wish I could have showed him.
  11. The works was done in the mid 1980s. My grandfather bought the property as rental units and now I own them all. I will check, and I have before, but there is not much left. One side of the house is where he buried all of the plaster walls when he renovated.
  12. Thanks! I found a dateless silver liberty quarter last year in the yard. My grandfather did a lot of moving dirt so somethings may be lost in most of the yard. I found the two coins in a untouched part of the yard. I will keep trying in all parts of the yard. I will try to get permissions because my neighborhood ranges from 1938 to 1958. Good luck to you as well!
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