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    Collecting coins, stamps, relics, metal detecting, woodworking, raising ducks,fishing, camping, outdoors, 1970s Honda motorcycles, etc.
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    Bounty Hunter tracker 1-D/505, 1945 us shovel, us army web/pistol belt.
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  1. Great finds! You should restore that axe/hatchet head. You can soak and sand it, buy or make a new handle, and sharpen it. Those files could also be cleaned up if they are not to brittle. It’s a good idea if you are into using and restoring tools! Keep it up!
  2. Oh, the pieces with the animal is the body of the flask. I didn’t look at it that way. Oops.
  3. It is actually a pin that goes on the right side of the collar. See in picture. I would also love to hunt this yard.
  4. Cool find! I have a few of them in un dug condition. I could be From ww2 up to the 1970s maybe. What year was the house built?
  5. I thought I would share this. A few years ago, my family and I went of a trip to Germany for a week in the summer. My grand parents meet some German folks when they went and we meet up with them when we went. They own a dice of land where a lot of ww2 relics were found before. I took me metal detector and was able to talk them into letting me hunt it. I found a few other things, but this is probably the most interesting one. It is a original ww2 German helmet! I am very happy to have found it. It is in pretty good shape for being so old. Let me know what you think!
  6. The value thing looks like it is for water. Great mercury dime, I have not found of or those yet.
  7. There not odd looking, it just doesn’t look American. I’m American.
  8. Thank you for identifying the button. I thought is was western Pennsylvania railway when I first looked at it, since I am in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t exist. I knew it looked like a railroad button. I am happy to have it. It is neat indeed! Any date you may have in mind?
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