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  1. To recover such deep targets from wet sand, are you using a scoop, and if so a big or a small one? I'm set on a small, round, SS scoop, but I can only imagine how useful it may be on the wet beach...
  2. Is it likely that the Minelab's Iron Bias is the automation (with adjustable threshold on the Equinox) of the MF<--> 10kHz trick: https://www.minelab.com/asia/community/treasure-talk/dealing-with-bottle-crown-caps?
  3. Not a plot and a random source, but it seems that adding copper to silver lowers the conductivity of the alloy in similar fashion to gold-silver/copper alloys, below the conductivity of either pure metal. fichesthesscopag2 (3).pdf
  4. CooB has an interesting 'beach shovel'. Would anyone have any experience using it (or something like it) on the beach (or elsewhere)? http://scoopbycoob.com/?product=new-model-stainless-steel-2-0mm-shovel-for-digging10mm-hexahedron-holes
  5. Many thanks for all these! What would be the minimum useful thickness of a stainless steel plate (excluding rod socket reinforcement) of which the scoop is made? Would 1.5 mm be the magic number, balancing the weight and sturdiness?
  6. I got myself a cheap poly-carbonate sand scoop. It's kind of sturdy, but I already found that it doesn't work particularly well, especially in wet sand, for at least three reasons: it's not as sturdy as stainless steel and digging the gravel is not easy, the holes are not big enough for the wet sand to fall through easily (I think I need a mesh at the bottom somehow), and, for compactness, my scoop doesn't have a long handle, which makes it pretty difficult to dig quickly and often... I was hoping that somebody could point me out to a better scoop that I could either buy online (Amazon, Lazada - the latter is better as there are no import duties in Thailand) or that could inspire me to ask someone here to make for me. The ideal one would be: small in size with the mesh that allows the wet sand to fall through (but, which would also allow or the scoop to be pushed into the sand with one's foot) with a longer handle, possibly removable (but not the full length as it won't be portable enough the way I do it - motorcycling...) cheap... (I know, but one has to start somewhere...). Cheers!
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/12/landmine-hunting-hero-rat-dies-in-cambodia-after-stellar-career?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  8. This has been said many times, but there is nothing like seeing it. I can’t tell the difference between those particular two, in any orientation, either by sound or ID (on Vanquish 440). Are there any tricks of the trade to increase the chance of differentiating the right-size gold ring from a modern beer can pull tab?
  9. Not a review, but a chart of the Vanquish 440 correlation between the target IDs, tone breaks, and the notch bars - which I believe is correct and helpful, but missing from the manual - before the original post is buried deep. The target ID scale on this detector is non-linear, with the middle range between 0 and 20 stretched and both ends compressed. The break points between tones, except for one case of Low-Med in Jewelry Mode, do not correspond to break-points between notch segments. The yellow values, below the target identification guide graphics, represent the standard response (+/-1) for modern (Rama IX/X, 2008+) Thai Baht coins, when the target signal is strong.
  10. Out of curiosity, is the pinpoint implementation on Vanquish 440 similar to the one on Equinox? I naively thought that it works quite well on Vanquish...
  11. Cheers for that! The question was really about the particular choice of Minelab's default notching in the Custom mode, not how to change it. I think I might have figured out the answer: the notching-in corresponds to all modern US (but not Australian) coins with the nickel at around 13 and the rest at 21+.
  12. There is an interesting factory preset for custom mode: based on Coin mode with its fast recovery time and low/medium tone break at ID 2/3 but only ID 11-13 and 21-40 ranges notched in. What may be the intended purpose of it?
  13. Col Dan's 3 tone setup is similar to the fixed one on Vanquish 440. There, the mid tone goes up to ID 17 with high tone starting at 18. What is the logic behind choosing this particular breakpoint between mid and high tones?
  14. Kind of vaguely related to the sound questions above: I found a 'target' in dryish ocean white beach sand. ID 17/18, round, solid signal from all directions. It was a paint can lid (some 20 cm in diameter, ferrous, perfectly horizontal, a little rusty, but it was some 50 cm (20 in) deep! Good lesson.
  15. Many thanks for this. I found this primer on the topic, which reads reasonably: https://nwdetectors.com/blogs/news/how-to-avoid-digging-iron-trash-with-the-minelab-equinox-800 A question(s) on Minelab tones (Vanquish 440 of course, but it's probably not that different in Equinox in limited tones modes). What does the loudness of the sound when sweeping the coil indicate? I'm not even sure anymore if there is a loudness involved or it's just on and off square sound amplitude... What is the logic behind setting the mid/high tones breakpoint at ID 17/18?
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