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  1. And some other typical 'landmark' IDs on Vanquish on the beach:
  2. The Nox 700/900 seem to have doubled the ID scale resolution. Could anyone offer a guess if this simply means doubling the numerical resolution (as in US nickel moving from 13 to 26 etc.) or also stretching/compressing the scale and thus ID values changing locations (i.e. knowing the IDs on older Nox/Vanquish wouldn't be useful in predicting how items will ring on the extended scale)?
  3. On a personal note: about a year ago I bought the first 'Mental Detector'. It was great: cheap, looked the part, and beeped a lot. Then I found DetectorProspector.com, read archives, asked questions, listened to deliberately supportive answers and got the Vanquish 440. That was revolutionary.
  4. I looked at CTX3030 manual trying to figure out what the 2D detecting screen shows, and I'm still not sure what the vertical scale 'ferrous characteristics' actually show. It seems that its values increase from top to bottom (with the horizontal conductivity scale going traditionally from left to right). So the way I understand it non-ferrous targets should show on top of the screen with the horizonal courser position showing the increasing conductivity (size in a way) from left to right. Is that correct? Is this convention the same in Manticore? i.e. does the vertical scale have the same meaning, with the increasing ferrous component from top to bottom? Somehow I was under the impression that in the Manticore screen the non-ferrous targets would display along the middle line, with those showing ferrous characteristics departing from it up and down, but I'm not sure if this is true.
  5. Though I've never seen it, based on this description the Spectrum display seems really well thought out and helpful (and fun) especially given the user's control as to what it actually displays. I think I could understand and use it quite easily. I'm not sure if I understand how the Manticore 2D display is supposed to be interpreted - what exactly does the vertical scale represent, for instance? Could someone point me out to a clear explanation?
  6. My Vanquish 440 came with a set of wired headphones. They are OK (I think), but kind of pretty hot on your ears in the tropics. I tried bud telephone headphones instead and they seem to produce tones... My question is: what's important in choosing wired headphones and is there anything that I need to know about buds? I haven't seen many detectorists with bud headphones, but maybe it's because I haven't seen many detectorists... 🙂
  7. I realize that there is not a single answer to this, but I just found a local Stainless Steel manufacturer willing to experiment with me. I kind of want a small portable round scoop (to make it easier to make). So perhaps I'll ask for an advice: what would be a reasonable round-hole size for such a scoop? I was thinking between 10 and 15 mm, for wet sand/surf and dry as well, easy to shift sand through but still retain things (maybe not the smallest)? Also figured that 1.5 mm thick plate is plenty? Does it sound reasonable?
  8. Seems like there may be some correlation between the two, perhaps a causation as well? ML in 2014 report appears to also blame unfair competition and borrowing their technology by others for the fall.
  9. Not exactly on topic, but from the graph of the Minelab revenue above, unless I've messed it up, it transpires that in 2014FY there was a $100mln slump that took them some 5 years to recover from. Anybody knows why?
  10. Cheers for that! At one point the author is apparently trying to do something similar to what I tried. He guesses that in the US alone there are some half a million detectors sold each year (is that true?), and that a detector lasts 3 years, and that scanning MD forums is a good way of estimating the ratio of population actively detecting metals, and that people in Florida detect with the same enthusiasm as people in e.g. Minnesota, and therefore there are at least 1.5 million active detectorists in the country (I'm not sure, but I think he's only interested in estimating detecting for relics). A few other countries he considers pale in comparison. It probably needs to be read more carefully to judge the methodology, but I have a feeling that despite a veneer of rigour, it may not be that much better than the order of magnitude estimate method above. p.s. 'Critical' is a gross understatement - he vents his spleen every chance he gets.😀
  11. I took a stab at estimating the answer. It uses 'Fermi Estimation' - a fancy term for breaking up the problem into smaller bits, best-guessing their values, and arriving at the order-of-magnitude range of estimates. The idea is that as long as the guessed values are not all biased in one direction, the estimates will likely even out and possibly give an indication of what a reasonable range may be. In this case I simply used the Codan/Minelab annual reports to find out the revenue from metal detectors sales as a starting point. The rest should be self-explanatory. The actual computations can be found here. You can change the input values in the white cells (possibly to something more reasonable, as mine were mostly wild guesses) and see how the results change and if you can narrow them down. So, it seems to me that there are perhaps some half million active detectorists worldwide (within a factor of ten). Would anybody have a better idea?
  12. How would one go about trying to build MicroVanquish, I wonder? Opps, I just found this link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/373959570273 I imagine that's the most viable option? Don't know how to get it in Thailand at a reasonable cost (shipping and duties will likely at least double the price...) Is it worth it though? I'd love to make the Vanquish smaller when packed. I imagine those shafts are sturdy and well made?
  13. I was recently asked if I knew how popular worldwide metal detecting is, and I realised that I have no idea. Would anybody roughly know or suspect how many people may be involved in metal detecting or how many detectors being used may be out there? I became curious.
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