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  1. Speaking of the Le Trap, I am in the Chicken Gold Camp & the camp next store Gold Panner has 3 or 4 of them for sale in their store. Detecting up at Jack Wade & moving camp to the Walker Fork Camp Ground anybody around ? Only get internet while at the Chicken Camp or while in Tok once every 10 or so days so come look me up lets Detect. Happy Hunting !!!!!
  2. Welcome, Dang I'm still searching for my 1st Ring !!! Very Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Best of Luck to You !! Be Safe and remember to have Fun, Take Pictures & Please Share Them !!!!
  4. Just a shout out & Thank You to Davsgold, pick arrived today !!! Also a Thank You to Phrunt & a few others that mentioned he was on this site. Been wanting one of Dave's picks for awhile. Now ground just has to thaw !! Haha !!! Can't wait to put it to work !!!!!!! I'm sure this pick will Dig It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Got ahold of Davsgold & he got right bck. to me. Just finished money conversion chart for dimensions & money, now trying to figure out which size, and having the 2nd best thing to have if you can't hold one in your hand, is pictures just like you sent kiwijw, Thank You, seeing I'll be swinging the 7000 mostly my 1st nugget hunt coming up in May, unless raining out then the NOX 800 get's the day. So I think as soon as I'm done posting this I will order what Davsgold say's is their Medium size pick that's the 700mm long pick you mentioned kiwijw, so thanks guys, now I'll have the final piece to my conversion to full time detectorist. Thanks again been looking for these picks for while.... ( Can't believe how happy I am over a pick... Haha !!! I know I'm retired now !!!!!!! Lol !!!!!!!!!! )
  6. Thanks Phrunt, , I'll check that out, been looking for one for awhile now, the couple I have just don't " Dig It " for me !!! Haha !!!!!!!!
  7. OK I have what I like to use for a pick holder. But I can't seem to find the pick I would like to use. And that pick is the one I see being used by the folks down under, with something around a 18" to 24" handle, anybody have a supplier here in the states that sells them, or know of a supplier that ships them to the states ?
  8. That was a GOOOD dance !!!! But some bank ice is melting, time to detect some creek banks before water rises to much, and it comes up fast !!!! You In ??? Can't promise there won't be any Ice to Dance On !!!! Haha !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Here's one I found in an old miner's camp, somebody painted it red, was considering stripping paint off to see what might be underneath. It's lucky it wasn't crushed when cabin fell in.
  10. Knocking the cobwebs off myself & machine, didn't really have any problems last season, actually thought the depth gauge was close enough. Most likely didn't adjust properly, I also detect by tones as well, I just wasn't use to depth gauge being that far off. I've about had it with 6 months of winter, more fun when I was younger. Bought a newer full size truck & a toy hauler come the end of August ( after a day or 2 at the Alaska State Fair ) it's off to N. Nevada 1st and then I will let the weather push me south till I end up in S. Arizona meeting up & detecting with like minded folks.... Then drive back to Alaska for summer & repeat. But it wasn't a waste of time, I did get Grizz12 on some thawed ground for his 1st detecting session, & I did find that 1961 nickel, even though I was looking for that 1st ring find, so I'm not worried.... Just have to be ready for my 1st nugget hunt trip come middle of May.
  11. Thx Guys, I'm truly a Blonde, German & Old !!!! Haha !!!!!!!! I print out the Manual & put in binder with pages in Sheet Protectors so I can look up info.& make notes on pages with Grease Pen & with Highlighted Pg.'s Already Marked & it goes on every hunt, BUT DID I BOTHER TO OPEN & READ It ??? NNOOOOOO !!!!!! Cabin Fever is ruthless, plays with your BRAIN !!!!! Watch out Nevada & Arizona next winter here I come !!! LOL !!!!!!!! Seem to work good last season I must have just been missing an adjustment or 2. ( I'll open & Read some Pages ) And get back into the Machines Head !!!!! And yes Phrunt this place I've called home for close to 40 yr.'s is Absolutely Breathtaking !!!! And if at all possible you should make the trip, with your Detector's of Choice !!!!!!!!!
  12. I know I've seen some talk about depth gauge readings on NOX 800 but I never seem to have had any problems until yesterday. Hooked up with Grizz12 and his new 800 & 11" coil for his 1st hunt. Took him & my 800 with 6" coil to that same stretch of Lake beach I've been hunting since last March. Figured it be a good spot for Grizz12 to start, all kinds of targets so he can get to see machine work. So after Grizz12 got fired up ( Park 1 ) I started looking for that ring I know has to be somewhere on beach in the low water conditions. Using Park 1 myself I started my hunt, I've done the update on machine, & using my 6" coil it seemed my depth gauge was way off, targets that were reading 2 to 6 inches were more like 12" or deeper, what am I missing ? Trying to shake the cobwebs off & get going for this season. Any ideas or thoughts ??? Grizz12 had a good couple hr.'s, found normal trash & 13 cents, I still had a good couple hr.'s myself finding a 1961 nickel ( Oh Yah !!!! ) & an unreadable dime. But the depth gauge was killing me !!!! Help !!!!!!
  13. Dig It

    Hi Folks,

    HI Morgan, Grizz12 & myself are going to detect that beach I've been working on and off since last March, if you have time today grab a detector and come join us, I just know it's about ready to give up a ring or 2, the detector god knows I've been clearing enough trash & coins, next object to find in my little mind is a FREAKING RING !!!!! Meeting in Sunrise parking lot around 11am 3/19...
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