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    Detecting for Gold Nuggets / Coins / Relics basically anything Treasure, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sights.
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    GPZ 7000 14" Coil, Equinox 800 with 15", 11", & 6" Coils, Gold Monster 1000, Minelab Pro-Find 35, Garrett Carrot , Can-Am Commander 800R

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  1. Don't forget to fill in holes, best of luck to you !!!!!
  2. Welcome, pick a spot , do the research, stay the path, good luck !!! You'll find out who your better friends are when you start moving dirt !!!!
  3. Received it, but haven't filled out yet....
  4. Welcome, good choice on detector and it sound's like wife too !!!!!!
  5. Did not know the Man personally but enjoyed reading his post. My condolences to his family, R.I.P. our detecting Brother !!!!!!
  6. I've had to fly home a couple times this winter, each time it was absolutely Beautiful !!!!!! But I have to admit besides the desert beating me up detecting, you just have to love temps in the 70's...……..
  7. Thanks Lunk, the desert areas have been kicking my butt, but thanks to Lucky Lundy & Mitchell and now your setting's I'm hoping to turn the corner, from being a good desert environmentalist by digging and removing Trash ( Haha ) to actually digging Gold target's. It's been a season of learning dwn here in Nevada ( Rye Patch area ) & Arizona ( Morristown & now Quartzite ) and will be trying out your number's in Quartzite today. Would like the ride back home to Alaska to include some desert Gold...….
  8. When I got into Gold Prospecting I would dig for days on end, so some friends starting calling me Dig It, I thought it sounded Cool so I ran with it !!!!
  9. My Best Buddy Rocco, If I went detecting he was by my side, If I went to the claims again by my side. He was a 115 lb.'s and would let nothing sneak up on me. We had a wonderful 13 years together, and will never be forgotten !!!!! Rest in peace my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dam this was a hard post !!!!!!
  10. Just saw your guys post, I have left Laughlin, found out I'm Not a casino type gambler, Haha !!!! In Morristown AZ. now, gonna hang out here for a while before I head to Quartzite AZ. Give me a shout if anybody's in area, let's detect. Again thank's for everybody's help at Rye Patch, will hunt that area again on my way back home to Alaska in spring... Dig It !!!!!
  11. Steve, sorry it took so long to get back. to you on release date of Vanquish, looks like after the 1st of year. I was just curious because it was a bright red !! Haha !!! My next 2 and last 2 machine's will be the CTX 3030 for the treasure coast beaches and most likely a Gold Monster now that I have seen first hand on how good they are here in the desert's of Nevada & Arizona. But everybody did win some Vanquish swag from Minelab ( Debbie ). For my 1st outing I had a blast !!!!!
  12. Vanquish showed up at Nugget Shooters outing this past weekend. Debbie from Minelab was there with ton's of giveaways & tons of knowledge. She also brought 3 of the new Vanquishes..... Was my 1st outing and I can say it won't be my last, had a great time, met a lot of folks, learned a lot more of something I enjoy Detecting !!!!!! Thanks Bill & gang & a big thank you to Minelab for sending Debbie she must have answered a million question's. Nice Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I just wanted to shout out a Very Big Thank You to Mitchel, Lucky Lundy, and the entire WSPA Club, Mitchel & Lucky Lundy for helping a poor Alaska Detectorist with spot on help with desert detecting for the 1st time & inviting me to a Great Steak BBQ, ( And 1 to go ) And the entire WSPA Club members for a fun couple hour's. Have left the Rye Patch till early spring, am in Laughlin now, anybody wanting to go for a detect, let me know, willing to travel a 100 mile radius from Laughlin NV. P.S. Can't forget to thank the folks at Gold Diggers ( Dan, Uncle Rich, Jamie, Sam ) for a fun month and a half of camping 50 feet from a Bar Door !!!!!! Fun wheeler ride from Dan's camp out to Rye Patch, need a place to camp check Gold Diggers OUT !!!!!!!!!
  14. Nice Mitchel, would that red tractor be the 1 sitting out front of my trailer here at Gold Diggers @ Rye Patch ??
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