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    Detecting for Gold Nuggets / Coins / Relics basically anything Treasure, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sites.
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    GPZ 7000 GPZ 19 Super-D, Equinox 800 6", Minelab Pro-Find 35, Garrett Carrot , 3" Pro Line High Banker / Dredge Combo on Floats, Polaris 800 6x6

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  1. Dig It

    Calling The Zed Family

    Hey kiwijw, Thanks for the welcome to the Zed brotherhood. And yes I do have the 6" for the 800. It's been a wild last couple weeks retooling to try to become a true detectorist, I needed the 2 top detectors, so I got them and accessories. Now all I need to do is learn the machines !!!! Which is a big task for me !!!!!!! I am sure I will be asking some questions shorty on both detectors. ( I have had the Nox longer since March ) Been trying the 6" then I run the 11" Nox coils over same ground. Then I try the Zed. Having mixed results, still trying to figure out machines. Nox is coming to me quicker then Zed, but I figure just have to put the time in. Any suggestions ? I listen to everything now.... LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19" coil for Zed gets to me Mon.
  2. If A.M.D. doesn't have one you could try Pro Music in Fairbanks. ( Yes I know a shop called Pro Music for mining supplies, You Bet !! )
  3. Dig It

    Calling The Zed Family

    Just received my GPZ ( NOX 800 needed company )looking forward to getting out today for 1st detect session. The 19" coil should be here by end of week, along with the Pro-Find 35. ( Garrett Carrot needs company as well ) Can't wait to get out, road trips in near future !!
  4. Dig It

    Good Day Out!

    Nice finds, were they all found with the GPZ ?
  5. Dig It

    6" Coil Making Me Happy

    Nice Hunting !!!!!
  6. Dig It

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Guess what I got to pick up today thanks to Brian at A.M.D. in Anch. And yes I picked up some new killer gels to finish off the last month & a half, but that not it ….. The NOX 6" ( that I and a lot of folks have been & still are waiting for ) came in and I was more then happy to spend 4hrs rd. trip ( this time of yr. ) when Brain gave me the call. Thank you Alaska Mining & Diving !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Love It !!! Please keep photo's and story going, and Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 1 60plus to another !!!
  8. Hi Mac, What I mean by detectorist site is, it's great of Steve H. to include a link on his site to let us that are into both Placer Mining & Detecting, share some experience's while doing both. And yes it does make it easier to detect any creek bed without water, all that easy gold has long been found though.( I believe some of this was found by Steve H. and his dad ? ) In my situation when water is lowest ( end of season ) I have to get down and dirty and find the cracks and open them up till I either find the gold or solid bedrock, which makes a quality detector a most important tool !!! And yes I am spoiled, live right next to K.River, and it's a short wheeler ride to claim. And yes tvanwho you can find similar machine's, but what made my decision easy was the fact that my Gan-So-Digger is simply made of square tube and flat plate easy to repair and add to. ( stabilizer legs and jaw teeth for grabbing and holding whatever the machine can grab and lift. ) But no matter what machine, like I have mentioned before, they beat a #2 shovel !!!
  9. I bought the mini from Angus Mackirk Mining back when Angus owned the company, and shipped it up to AK. It's a Gans-So-Digger made by a man with mining inmind, simple to run, easy to maintain, easy to fix, Just after I bought mini the builder passed away and from what Angus told me this was the last one built.. Myself and a friend ( another miner ) built the stabilizers for it. I'll build a bigger bucket for it this winter, it will be easier & a bit quicker to clear dredge hole after dam flush. If I had the water to run bigger dredges I would just suck out the gravels that back fill my Dredge holes in, and recover the fine gold that comes dwn. with flush & occasional flood but with a 3" dredge it just eats up to much time. This particular hole is in middle of claim so I will get that gold later !!! ( I hope !!! LOL !!!!!!!!!! ) It's a Federal Claim, and those folks visit me all the time, I don't mind I run a responsible small scale commercial operation, sometimes they bring folks to show them that small scale commercial operations can be run correctly. We ( others with claims on creek ) get along pretty well with the folks in charge. The way it should BE !!!! I understand this site is more a detectorist site, But I do a lot of both on claim, sometimes just to sore to dredge / move more boulders, so I swing one of my detectors and enjoy reading information the pro- swingers post and learn something new all the time. ( I love one of this sights readers name because I can relate to it Foreverteachable ) And as soon as the weather chases me off mountain I return to what brought me to the area, fishing for Rainbow Legends !!!!!!! Thanks for the kind words.....
  10. Keep the faith it all Adds Up !!!
  11. Hello kiwijw, yes these photos of creek & equipment are on my claim, and all is on Plan of Operations and I do find beautiful gold when I get to run material, but working a claim at 64 is not as easy as it once was. Also I am regulated to nothing bigger then 3" equipment due to lack of water. And that means a lot of wing dam building and rebuilding. There is a dam 80ft above the top of my claim that directs water into a pipeline which takes water to a man made lake that supplies water to a hydro electric plant dwn on another lake. And once a week they open a gate to clear debris from grate at pipeline entry point, which releases water into creek and washes away my dams, and the process just repeats itself, and that includes pulling equipment from creek once a week and then repositioning once flush has been completed. That is the reason for the wee bck. hoe. ( still better then a #2 shovel LOL !! ) Just wish I would have bought a real mini around a 10,000lb machine before I retired, the boulders I couldn't see before flood are freaking killing me, all hand winched into place by hand & wheeler. As always gold is on bedrock and in cracks so its not easy gold, but as I mentioned above its Beautiful Gold !!! And I do have on a bright note the option to dredge when everything is in place at right time and or I can clear some bedrock and metal detect, which I have been getting into more & more. Best of Luck to You as well !!!
  12. Dig It

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Thanks Bear, Brian must have had some folks on a list or I would have thought he would have posted something on this site about having them. With that being said I will be dialing AMD as the clock turns to 09:00 am. And I am willing to make the 2hr drive each way to get one if its still there. Thanks Again !!!!!!
  13. Dig It

    Equinox 6" Coil

    OK Stephen newell, I have to ask What Dealer in Alaska !!!!!
  14. Yellow Stuff !! Very Nice !!!!
  15. Thanks, I'll keep on the hunt !! Just trying to get one before season ends, and that's just around the corner here in AK..