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    40 Mile & Fairbanks AK. Districts
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    Detecting for Gold Nuggets / Coins / Relics basically anything Treasure, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sights.
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    GPX 6000, Equinox 800 with 15", 11", & 6" Coils, Gold Monster 1000, Minelab Pro-Find 35, Garrett Carrot , Can-Am Commander 800R

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  1. Sorry to hear bout wife's accident, nice work on the Shiny !!!!
  2. My Bad Back & Knees have been Liking the 100% Gel Pads for years
  3. I've been holding the line with the 7000 with NF 12 inch coil / Equinox with all 3 stock coils / Gold Monster both stock coils. These seem to work for me !!!
  4. What's the Hard Hat For ??? Waiting for the Nuggets to fall from the Sky ??? LOL !!! Have Fun !!!!
  5. I tape the GPZ / Monster coil's, Just gotten into a habit of just pulling off NOX coil cleaning then snapping back on....
  6. Hey Strick, I myself spent 12 years in NakNek / King Salmon area, I know that dump well, Haha !! Operation Manager / Refrigeration Tech for the 2 big shipping companies out of Bristol Bay.. I am a Silver Salmon Derby Winner out of Eddies Fireplace Inn in King Salmon, A lot of Great memories and Experiences from there. What Cannery did you guy's deliver to ? Also crab fish & tendered Herring and Salmon on the Crabber FV Seabrook, Much Younger Then LOL !!!!
  7. Spent many a day at Brooks before viewing platforms, Plenty of Bears.... Would get interesting when hooking a beautiful Brooks River Rainbow !!!! The good old day's !!!
  8. In the 2nd picture you can see a Brass Box, which I read somewhere that is what the Opium was shipped in then broken down into the smaller tins then mixed up in the bottles for sale and use. If you zoom in on photo, you can read the information written where it was found. Will be in Winnemucca NV. area in a month will stop in at museum and take and post couple photo's of their Tin's on display.... This stuff is just plain Cool !!!
  9. Hey Doc, here are the 2 Opium Bottles on display at the Dillon Montana Museum, might have to zoom in to get a better look...
  10. Nice find's, especially on the opium bottle, I have only dug up pc's, hoping my time will come yet.... The Dillon Montana museum has a couple of them on display, then at the Winnemucca Nevada museum they have a couple of the opium tin's that are extremely hard to find because they just rust away, Very Nice Find's Doc Bach !!!!
  11. If you could just Dig up that Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beach Bomb, it make you closer to Rich !!! HaHa !!!
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