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    Detecting for Gold Nuggets / Coins / Relics basically anything Treasure, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sights.
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  1. Thanks everybody !!! Again you folks have come through with good solid thoughts and recommendation's !!! I think I can now make a good solid purchase that will work for me ….. Thanks Again !!!!!!! Happy Hunting !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I need a pair of waterproof head phones for mostly detecting in windy / rainy weather mostly, there is a chance of going in water to snorkel & detect, but mostly above water in shitty weather !!!! Are those Tony Eisenhowers the phones with white ear cups ?
  3. Have been looking bck. at past post on waterproof headphones for 800 NOX. Just wondering if there is a clear winner ?
  4. Dig It

    15x12 Fresh Water Beach Hunt

    Hi Chase Goldman, frozen ground is why I bought a Milwaukee Rotary Hammer & bits for this past March, with the pinpoint function on 800 & if I feel I have clean an area of trash, frozen ground doesn't Scare Me !! LOL !!!! Cabin fever makes you do things !!!!!!! Haha !!!!!!!! Happy Hunting
  5. Dig It

    15x12 Fresh Water Beach Hunt

    Hi GB_Amateur, that notebook serves a couple purposes : It carries 2 full manuals Nox 800 / GPZ 7000 with all pages in clear sheet protectors so as I try different settings I can write on each pg. with a non-permanent marker and then erase when finished. Then at the end of both manuals are blank sheets for info I know I will forget if I don't write down. And yes sometimes if you want to detect you just have to bite the bullet & suck it up and go for a swing, even if the weather isn't fully cooperating, otherwise as most of us know, you just can't wait for perfect weather if you want to get out. Although I just realized I didn't order a set of those water proof headphones I have seen on forum. ( The ones that have been mentioned somewhere on forum, that some of you have bought & are happy with. ) soooo the spending continues !! And phrunt you hit it on the head, I am wanting to hunt this beach a few more times before the campers come bck. and trash the beach again, I have been cleaning a ton of trash off this section of beach, and feel there will be some sort of find that will make it all good. Happy Hunting
  6. Dig It

    15x12 Fresh Water Beach Hunt

    Its Dec. 7th and its pouring rain outside, this is Alaska and things should be covered in SNOW & Ice !!!! Maybe the beach sand has thawed enough and I can go for a hunt today. ( Should be receiving my Carbon Fiber Lower Rod Ends today ) I know a few nickels and maybe a ring or 2 have to be waiting for me, and if Mother Nature is gonna give me a couple extra days of detecting, I'LL TAKE IT !!!!!! Happy Hunting
  7. I have seen them at Alaska Mining & Diving, give Brian a shout @ 907-277-1741. Good Luck Happy Hunting
  8. While you guys figure out counter balances, I was happy and pleased with getting ahold of Steveg and ordered 2 of his Carbon Fiber Lower Rod Ends for the NOX 800. One for the 15" x 12" coil & one for the 11" coil , I figured the 6" coil would be fine on stock lower rod end. Steveg had both coming to me same day we talked, and they will arrive here in Alaska by end of week. Nice job Steveg !!!! Not set up for Nevada / Arizona hunts yet, BUT the treasure coast is just a plane flight away !!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Hunting
  9. Dig It

    New Member In Phoenix, Az

    Welcome !!!! A lot good choices out there, and a lot of info for those choices, hope you like reading !!!!!! Happy Hunting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dig It

    Alaska Just Had A 6.7 Quake

    My cabin shook pretty freaking wildly !!!!! Hearing it was 7 miles north of Anch. at a mag 7. That gets the blood running !!! Maybe some new cracks open !!!!!!
  11. Took the 800 NOX out with new 15x12 coil for a quick swing along fresh water beach. And I have to say I was most Happy, this is the same beach I detected when I 1st received my 800 with 11 inch coil in March 2018, then detected again with 6 inch coil. Both of those coils found coins ( 1 1964 nickel ) the rest so far have been newer coins. But when I went over same ground with the 15x12 coils I found 10 more coins ( no silver ) but these coins were deep, I'll say in the 15inch to maybe 20 inches in depth, hard to tell because ground is really wet and water table hasn't dropped much. Was running Park 1 with a little messing with sensitivity. When reading 21 to 32 it was always a coin, to bad I couldn't tell if coins were laying flat or on sides. Now I would like to start digging 13 / 14's to see about finding nickels, I have been cleaning beach up of crap, so maybe a couple of more coins are in my future. Happy Hunting
  12. Dig It

    Long Weekend Hunt

    Very Nice, can't wait to get my 7000 in bigger gold country !!!!!
  13. Well my body was telling me, if I wanted to continue to hunt for gold I would have to change things up. Sooo I had to retool, sold my claim the Rocco, sold all my gas powered equipment, Gans-So Digger ( Mini Bck. Hoe ) Pro-Line Dredge / Highbanker Combo, 8" Drum Trommel, Hybrid Hydro Force System, Keene Concentrate System, Cube Deluxe 4 Stacker. Also sold my Fisher Gold Bug 2. ( When you maintain equipment, it sells ) Kept my Polaris 6x6 800 & ATV Double Axle Trailer and all hand digging tools / Dive Equip. Dry Suit / Mask / Snorkel / Kevlar Gloves still like getting in water. Then I started buying, 1st buy was the NOX 800 followed by the 6" & 15" coils, 2nd buy was GPZ 7000 & 19' coil, 3rd buy was the Mine Lab Pro Find 35. ( Already had the Garrett Carrot ) And besides not having my own piece of ground to go to, I haven't look back since...… My new challenge is getting out of my locale comfort zone & find new hunting grounds. Which will include before spring a new slide in camper for pick-up and trailer to haul wheeler & trailer. Looking forward to my new direction for a couple reason, getting out to stay active & healthy, hunting gold & relics in different ground conditions, and meeting and detecting with like minded folks...….. Always Alaska in summer, somewhere in lower 48 winter months. And just maybe a plane ticket or 2 ??? Happy Hunting
  14. Dig It

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    My season was coming to an end nicely, it was getting colder slowly and water levels in creeks were coming down, very tall grasses were lying down, and ML put out a e-mail saying the new 15x12 was shipping, brown bears were starting up the mountains with just a few black bears hanging around low, all good to this point. BUT then it started to rain & rain & rain ALL water levels came up to flood levels, fields flooded and no new coil yet. Now temps are in teens & as water levels drop the ground freezes and with new coil in arsenal, I will again have to change plans because I am not a quitter, I do detect and prospect year round here in Alaska just doesn't seem as fun as 20 yrs ago. But as long as you have the will we always find a way !!!!!! And my next way will be RV for winter in Nevada / Arizona deserts ….. Dig on ………….
  15. Dig It

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Mine has arrived, but so has the SNOW !!!! ,...….