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    Detecting for Gold Nuggets / Coins / Relics basically anything Treasure, Trout Fishing for Legends, Sitting on a warm sandy beach drinking adult beverages enjoying the sights.
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    GPZ 7000 14" & 19" Coils, Equinox 800 with 15", 11", & 6" Coils, Minelab Pro-Find 35, Garrett Carrot , Polaris 800 6x6

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  1. I think it's hard to beat a Gold Cube Deluxe !!!!
  2. Dig It

    Drive To Nearest Gold?

    Under 5 minutes..... goldwright are those gates on R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Ways ? Maybe a topic for another thread ????
  3. Dig It

    Detecting Shorelines & Being Prepared

    Nice finds !! you bring the thunder I just bring a decent size spark !!!!!!
  4. Dig It

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    Hello Filmalaska, gonna meet up with Grizz12 at Whistle Hill, I'll send a PM.....
  5. Dig It

    1st Swing Of My 800 In 2019

    Thanks guys, when you have a chance to get out when winters approx. 6 freaking months long you take that day !!! Phrunt, I think you would really enjoy a trip to Alaska, nothing like detecting ground that's new and has that yellow stuff !! Chase Goldman, your finds look like we were detecting next to each other, except you get the nod you had a pendant of some sort.. Grizz12 & Filmalaska, snowing now not much expected, but temps tomorrow could be warm enough to clear new snow enough to detect I normally take a drive dwn. to beach just after noon, if nothing else we could do a meet & greet type thing & talk about detecting..... Haha !!! Always up to hear what others have to say about the NOX...….
  6. Cabin fever setting in, was needing to get out. It warmed up to 38 degrees and that's just warm enough to melt a little snow off beach and the warm air blowing through gravels allowed me to dig targets. Nothing special 5 coins and trash, but I've been hitting this beach since I got the NOX last March, cleaning out trash, thinking there should be a ring sometime, just Not Today. I know there has to be one some time. ( Right ??? ) I have to think not everyone thought to take jewelry off before a summer swim. Sure felt good to get out. Kenai Lake / Quarts Creek Camp Ground Beach. Watch out Nevada / Arizona / Florida Treasure Coast next winter, I'm a coming !!!!! Haha !!!!!!
  7. Dig It

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    Very Nice, time for a cold one !!!!
  8. All the above look good, soooo I'm going to add a really good set of gel knee pads …..
  9. I'd like to get my hands on one of those picks...…….
  10. Dig It

    Hello From Lone Pine, Ca

    Welcome Bill, your adventures and discoveries will be mind blowing at times, and this is the site to post and share, also read others and learn. Best of luck to you.
  11. Dig It

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I have charged my 800 just a couple times with my NOCO GB40 was damn glad I had it, but no number on how many charges one could get out of it, with it having a full charge. They sure are a piece of mind if you have one in your arsenal, and you don't leave it HOME !!!!! I wouldn't mind a bigger bad ass type with many tricks but most times I'm on wheeler or hiking in with backpack somewhere and have to think of weight and size. But it sure is nice to take backup power with you these days......
  12. Dig It

    Hello By A Belgian, Now In Arizona

    Welcome to forum, I know they do a bit of Skydiving out of Palmer AK. Good Luck !!!
  13. Bought the GPZ 7000 covers when I 1st purchased detector and really like the way my detector is protected, a must have for an investment like that..... So with that being said, when I win the Best Finds contest I will donate to a good home !!!!!!! Haha !!!!!!!!!
  14. 1st Off, Happy New Year to all, may Good Health & Much Wealth come your way this 2019 !!!!! 2nd part of 3, different creek same Highbanker. Used as a dredge this time no pontoons & very little water. This was on a friends claim year or so before I stake mine approx. 2000 ft above. A dam was built up above and redirected creek water into a pipe line to feed water into a lake for water supply to a hydro electric plant on a lower lake. Yes I have mentioned this in other post. So 1st some prospecting was in order to decide where to dredge. I was lucky & found a corner in creek that was actually a decent hole with the bedrock coming up at end of hole, so making dams was a bit easier, one dam to hold bck what little water the feeder creeks & rain run off would supply, and then a dam for pump supply water. Needed 2 dams because 1 dam would get suck up to quickly when dredge nozzle & water pump ft valve in same hole & I needed to keep my visibility to dredge. ( see photos ) Now my H.B. Sluice M.T. into my intake pump water supply so to not suck up big dirt into ft. valve then into my shaft seal I went shopping for a ordinary desk trash basket with small enough holes to keep shaft seal destroying materials to a minimum & water flowing to pump. At the end of each day I would have to dig out 2nd hole to make sure I was ready to dredge next day, but it also was a great way to check and see if I was loosing any gold out my sluice just by randomly panning as I dug out hole and used material to build up dams. This system worked great, the more I dredge in dredge hole the deeper the water got. It was actually getting to deep to snorkel dredge but this creek the water is crystal clear & the gold would smack you in the face as it fell out of gravels into your nozzle. Wasn't getting rich, but my overhead for the day ran about $40.00 & I would have clean ups of 4 to 5 penny weights averaging $60.00 a penny weight you do the math. Dredge time approx. 6 hrs. a day. Unfortunately I never did get to the bottom of hole, pulled my equip. next spring, my knees wouldn't let me climb up & dwn the 380 ft canyon wall And I was now a claim owner with very little climbing involved. So this is just another use of a Highbanker. Next the 3rd & final part. And a special shout out to my best mining partner ever Rocco may he rest in peace & watch over us all, he would actually check on claim owner once or twice a day & come right bck to watch me. I hope this answers any questions if you are considering a Highbanker I really liked my Proline 3".
  15. I truly hope one day Cal. comes to their senses and allows you folks bck. into the water. They just don't get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!