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  1. I changed ALL settings each outing to try and improve what is happening. Ground balance types, recovery speed, beach one or two, sensitivity down to 17. Iron bias originally used defaults, then switched to F2 zero. Check out the sounds on this video when he steps on the quarter. (Just came out yesterday) This kind of sounds is quite common. Impractical to keep turning in circles to qualify them. On no good target days it’s like this. Kind of makes me toss up my hands.
  2. How does it do over black sand compared to the nox?
  3. Midalake - I run enough threshold to listen for dropouts in it. Gives you an indication there’s something unique under the coil. kac - I wouldn’t say I’m happy with the 11” coil either but probably would prefer it due to lighter weight. The 15” is sensitive to small enough targets, goes deep but the 11” was deep enough. Don’t particularly like digging shaggy sharp pop cans 15” deep. Haven’t found any worthwhile targets with it that deep. I will do same more checking for cracks as time permits.
  4. I would agree but it didn’t seem to occur this last trip. When it happened it was at the coil not the control pod.
  5. I can only get to this beach every couple weeks usually. I want to take some black sand home for my test garden someday. I was thinking being a distance from the car would sort of synthesize a black sand situation.
  6. My problem is that it acts like it is set up for: iron grunt (if horseshoe enabled) target tone (mid tone) falsing or black sand exact same mid tone high tone = quarter, dime, occasional zinc penny Anyone else but me get annoyed that the detector seems to remember the last tone and use it later for any falsing target? Also annoying is a constant tone on every sweep (one direction only though) I found a stainless ring by realizing the target tone was present and the same character as I moved around it. But within a foot were same tone same amplitude false
  7. When I was hunting in the wet two weeks ago there was crackling in the audio when I moved the cable at the coil. Didn’t have that this time, maybe because i was less in the water. my coil cable is like you suggest. Might see so in the video.
  8. I had met my friend a week before and he did a reset at that time. I admit that the differences in ID and tones and even how beach mode 2 missed targets was surprising and I don’t remember experiencing it before. Maybe FE2 set at zero causes it as it was enabled and I didn’t set this until this outing.
  9. This is my second - I had an 800 for over 8 months a couple years ago. I’m trying to get a friend of mine to try it. He uses an 800 and is happy with it. Yesterday I was again trying my 600 with 15” at Laguna. This time I had the low latency Miccus headphones. I was still getting a lot of choppy audio - it seems a battle inside the machine on how to handle the intermittent black sand. Everything was a bunch of short cutoff blips. Very hard to differentiate those caused by the black sand vs the very few targets that are there. Machine set for 50 tones but I’m hearing maybe 3. False targets
  10. I’ll have to do it again but fixate the coil.
  11. Moving the cable should not affect the target response... Is it a ground balance thing that if I were to try a different type it wouldn’t happen? Weird.
  12. I am not liking my EQ600 with 15” coil and am wondering if it’s just my brain is too attached to my CTX, or if something is wrong with the coil or detector. I am noticing that the coil cable is being sensed if moved when I’m detecting so I did this little video test that uses my car as a ferrous background/target. If I move the cable with it in the background it senses the movement. But if I do it in air, no detection of the cable. I’ve never seen this discussed or tried before so don’t know what to think about it.
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