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  1. It’s a big she. Our last lab was a little over 70 lbs but this one’s mom is 85 lbs and this was a bigger puppy than another female in the litter. If she gets the zombies when she’s older we are in trouble.
  2. Hey got a new yellow lab puppy. Just wondering if anyone has ever named their lab Minelab? My wife won’t go for it….
  3. With my Equinox anyway, setting the iron bias settings will cause it to lose the gold. I guess we are saying we all have a fair shot with the detector we have if set right.
  4. Were you guys able to see a nugget rubber-banded to the shaft? I’ll take your word for it. By listening to the background noise it seems if any iron shows up under the coil it mutes the audio out. I think he neglected to stick the nail under the rubber band with the nugget though - which is the big deal that started all this. I mean some GPX’s give you a honk if its iron - not sure if it only works with a DD coil. The CTX will give you a unique tone but many targets have a secondary content that falls in the “good” target range so its up to you if you want to dig it. If you mask the iron you still get the secondary target indication. Majority of the time these are junk but.... Gold though would usually be an overwhelming wonderful sound. Been a long time.
  5. So this is only with a new design not released yet? A land unit or will beach unit work the same (now, or only new model)?
  6. I got an initial response from foxmd.ru saying they still do the coil chip box to adapt 3rd party coils to the EQ. I wrote back asking cost etc. but no answer. I’d love a Bigfoot on my eq600 or CTX. Maybe the Excal? Damn, I was thinking of selling mine but this might be worth a try. Have you heard of anyone trying it? Has anyone heard if the Legend could take 3rd party coils?
  7. I’m not sure that the beaches he did this testing at were really that overly characterized as black sand beaches. I know what you mean but his tests were in dry sand, pretty far from the water - thus I was amazed at his findings and hope someday to duplicate his process and see how various detectors do. Did you have the same trouble on your 2 beaches in the dry?
  8. There is a SoCal local that does a lot of u-tube videos and uses the EQ800. Although he continually seems to find decent stuff, he has done several videos of the Equinox missing, hardly hearing, or skewing the IDs of targets due to the ferrous content of the sand. I’ve run tests playing with FE1 and 2 that where iron will mask out coins nearby - I imagine the ferrous content of the sand will do the same. So if you can put up with the junk I think you could do better than a Nox on some beaches. Lately though just no targets on my beaches. I’ve been trying different machines with no real winner. KOB just found everything - nothing left. I wonder if many Beach Hunter TDI’s were sold? I don’t get out a lot but have maybe just seen one in the field. I’m curious if it would be as good as my GP Extreme (or KOB’s DF). The GP is not waterproof and a bit complex with the battery and audio solution. The GP also somehow misses a lot of foil. Guess that means it misses chains too. How does your TDI do on chains vs the Nox? oh, almost forgot. My justification using the GP extreme is I use it with a Bigfoot type coil. It goes deep, provides more coverage, better in ferrous supposedly. I prefer my CTX to eq600 for ID’s and audio but I’m told the eq is better in the water. I haven’t found a good water target in months with any machine though.
  9. I just emailed foxmd.ru and they replied next day. Seems they still do this but didn’t provide cost estimates so I emailed back for cost etc. no reply yet. I haven’t found a coil to sacrifice for this yet - each one I get just has a fixable broken tab…
  10. Maybe just an illusion but if the o ring is the orange thing it looks thrashed. Maybe after your attempts at trying to get it out?
  11. Yes, seems like the connectors have issues and need o rings at a minimum. Are you able to open the unit up to gain access to the electronics or is everything sealed up like with the Equinox? Has anyone done a teardown video? I’m asking because I’d love to get one of these to work on someday...
  12. Takes a guy with the right mindset. I’d love the challenge. An opportunity to make a real difference in the company. First step: send 20+ units to the US and have them returned for QA.
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