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  1. Get some electronics contact cleaner spray and spray the whole board both sides and use a toothbrush to scrub the traces around the ICs. Look for broken traces that maybe you can fix.
  2. What if the intermediate knob shafts were to be made of plastic? Also, my detectors and pin pointer will sense carbon fiber. Thoughts on this?
  3. I get 3.5 hours per set of cells. Last Sunday hunted 7 hours, probably 7-8 miles of walking. Not the greatest targets but the right detector for the job as really not too much trash and lots of black sand. I tested this detector against CTX and eq600 in this type of sand and way better depth. Also no pickup of foil.
  4. My gp extreme has a 2-18650 pack from fatshark with fuel gauge, and aptx ll transmitter for audio. Cover it all with a plastic bag and go.
  5. I don’t remember the various setting purposes on the GpEx but I think you were supposed to flip a switch or two for DD’s. Also check the ground wiring at the coil receptacle as it may be hardwired for mono. I have two machines and grounding is different between them. I think I saw a loss of depth with the DD but I may have a collection of bad coils as I bought whatever was cheap on eBay like 6 years back or so.
  6. Please simplify switching from Auto+3 to Manual 30 or whatever and back. Too many button presses as it is.
  7. Try to find a Beach Hog coil for the beach….. awesome. And I liked a mono better than a DD for 11” round. Did you hear otherwise? Add a Fatshark two 18650 pack for the battery and Bluetooth for the audio. Best beach detector but not water resistant. I wrap a bag around mine. I would like another Beach Hog coil to try on a surf pi or DF machine.
  8. I too have a Cleansweep type coil for my GP extreme and love it at the beach except for its complexity with modded battery, audio, and Bluetooth. My coil is a Beach Hog. I have a Cleansweep on a Tejon that is great in the dry. I want to make an adapter for one of these on my CTX or EQ600. A new lightweight CTX with such a coil would be the ticket.
  9. What was the distance on the air test shown?
  10. I’d like to get a damaged CTX coil to try and connect the pcb to a homemade Bigfoot coil. Just succeeding with a Bigfoot coil is hard, digging into a bad coil and making connections to the pcb even harder. So looking for something almost free but I pay shipping. Pcb has to be good so must have been good before you ran your truck over it….
  11. I loaned the EQ600 w/15" coil to my friend that normally uses an 800 with 11" coil. He hunted a different beach, but will be trying Laguna in a few days. I had hunted there with him several weeks ago and didn't really have any issues - just didn't find anything. He went and found a 14K gold chain with crucifix, 18.9 grams! Probably one of his best finds of the year so far. He was in ankle deep water. He did not experience any issues with the detector or coil - said it was maybe even more quiet than his 800. He'll probably sell the find and buy a 15" coil. Sens 20, GB tracking, Recovery Speed 2, F2=1, 5 tones.
  12. I’m not as stubborn and hardheaded as you think. I’ll for sure try it. All along I’m trying what you guys have said. We good?
  13. Hey, I was just going with what I was told to set things at. I later advanced the Sensitivity as I was out of the black sand area. I came back into it and took this video, but it turns out the video I wanted you guys to see, sensitivity 17, and me setting it in and out of Horseshoe mode to hear or mask the black sand responses, didn't really record. I did not set F2=0, it was default FE2=2; max. is 3 on a 600. You think that will make all the difference? I don't. I really wonder Midalake if when you are pushing for 1 tone you really intend to say 2 tones - if you set 1 tone you lose the iron grunt. I don't see a point in that. Running one tone the negative numbers sound like the positive numbers (1 tone) if Horseshoe on. When I disabled Horseshoe, the output went pretty quiet over the black sand. Makes sense as the negative numbers were disc'd out. Wouldn't that make you think there is no falseing issue? No need for setting FE or F2 higher. I agree I was moving the coil fast in that video but in the one I intended to record I was showing slow sweep as well. I just had my hands full and wanted to show the black sand making target tones not grunts that I expected. So looking back at all this, perhaps 50 tones is excessive, but I was not hearing that many different tones to worry about. Just a lot of em. Running horseshoe mode off would kill a lot of this. I was running Beach 1, Beach 2 is for when water is running under/over/around your coil. I'm wet sand only. I disagree that this is a user problem. I expect to find targets in black sand areas - I find them with my CTX and DF. The EQ600 works fine in dry sand and wet sand without the black sand patches. Could be there just weren't any targets in the black sand. I need to test targets in those spots next time out. I still may have a flakey coil - the issues I first saw didn't really come up the second outing though. Hi Raphis, yes you remember me correctly! It is my way of learning to ask questions and point out weird things that don't make sense to me. It rubs some people the wrong way. But they read and comment. A discussion is better than no discussion. And if I start the topic I'm cool with the discussion going various directions like this one has.
  14. I agree about setting to two tones. I didn’t do it because I wanted to give one tone a shot as it was strongly suggested. I didn’t realize that setting to one tone eliminates the iron grunt sounds and makes them the generic target tone. I don’t know how you see my sensitivity setting from that short video... 🙂. I spent the most time at 17 but it caused me anxiety knowing there was room to advance it before the blippityblip sounds begin. I did later advance it but I think it was after this as this was my first video of the outing. (Others were finding targets in less black sand, didn’t post them) My previous hunt I messed with ground balance settings and nothing I did seemed to change things noticeably. I think here I had it on tracking. Next trip out I’ll go to two tones and play with beach1 vs beach2. Also might be able to find my GoPro and have my hands free. I lost an hour in traffic this time as a downed power line closed Laguna canyon road and I got stuck in it.
  15. Here’s what it is like with Horseshoe enabled (all metal). https://youtube.com/shorts/lsC6B7xG-4o?feature=share
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