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  1. Hmm I would think beach2 would do that. Beach1 is noisier for me.
  2. At the beach I am finding that higher recovery speed (6+) can bring on an increase in the channel multitone noise. If I bring the speed down to 3 or 4 it is much better. Sometimes I get a tone at the end of each sweep and I can tweak it out by playing with the recovery speed +/-1 or 2. With this done I can get sensitivity back up to 23+ sometimes. Even so, I take the detector to a beach 5 miles away and the same settings don't work well at all. I don't see/hear much of any benefit of the recovery speed setting other than this.
  3. Having used the EQ800 for several days now (and still haven't mastered it) I think back to the surf PI I started with and how my targets are similar except perhaps for the nail/bobbypin count. I wonder if the pi circuit could be improved so that you use the existing circuit for finding the target but additional added features to then qualify it. If they could get it to detect small gold it would help too - but I think this is a feature that is not always wanted due to the trash it detects.
  4. Anyone else have the stock Minelab protection cover come completely off? Weird.
  5. bklein

    Lost My Headphone Jack Cap

    Is this what you are looking for?: wbdfsma1 (google, made by Amphenol)
  6. bklein

    Minelab Fix For The GM 1000

    I wonder if the detector is sensitive to battery voltage and series resistance. The tech could substitute a lab supply for the battery and run some tests.... anything where you say it worsens in a half hour makes me think this could be the issue.
  7. bklein

    Like New White's Bigfoot Coil Only $525!

    I repeat, for the diagram, what are the .35 and .22 numbers for wire size in AWG?
  8. bklein

    Like New White's Bigfoot Coil Only $525!

    I have a bigfoot for an XLT. I can't ground balance it using the recommended Bigfoot method but it doesn't seem to work. Picks up a quarter at about 4". It does though have extreme sensitivity to movement of the cable stress relief or any pressure on the housing. Does this mean maybe the taped connection to the shield coating came off or something? Easy fix? Also, those numbers in the diagram .35 and .22, are they AWG numbers or what? What would be the DIY maker process on this? How to choose the TX resonant capacitor - max. signal from RX coil on a target, or?