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  1. I just posted a classified for the two magnetometers I have. They seem very sensitive and point right to the target.
  2. I have a Schonstedt GA-52CX or CST/Berger Magna-Trak 102. I am interested in a trade for an Equinox 800 or better. May toss in cash for better. I have a 600 but want Gold mode etc. Barry (bklein)
  3. So if we can’t seem to use Doc’s memorization technique do we have dementia?
  4. Keep hyping this topic and they’ll start outlawing shovels.
  5. My ChatGPT enhanced CTX with CF shaft and sodium ion battery: Beep. ”This will be a size 8.5 20 gram men’s gold ring at 8”.” “I dug the target and it’s a pull tab, at 3” ”Sorry, but this is what my sensors are indicating. Perhaps you are mistaken” “No, it’s a pull tab. No other targets around.” ”After further investigation and review of data I see that you are correct. I am sorry for the error and hopefully will not make such errors in the future. “This is my 5th pull tab today you piece of crap!”
  6. Here are some of my thoughts based on experiences with my AQ, CTX, Excal, Dual Field, and Equinox, and some miscellaneous comments: CTX, Equinox Bought it (CTX) used but very new. I wasn’t happy with the 11” and 17” coil performance in my low EMI park and got replacements from Minelab that were better. When I first hunted with the CTX at my local beaches I could rarely hunt with 30 Sensitivity - now it is the norm. I have two backup CTX’s that I don’t use but I suspect the Sensitivity is the same with them but I haven’t done an intense comparison. One of the 3 has newer design parts - haven’t heard of anyone comparing with an older one to look for differences. I am happy with my original CTX compared to all my other detectors - it is my go to unit. Did they lose sensitivity over the years due to aging components or is it that my brain is used to it? When I tried to switch to the Equinox 800 I just couldn’t adapt. I wanted to run the Sensitivity too high. Sold it but later got an EQ600 on a trade and use it as my road trip detector - lighter, so I don’t have to take along the ML harness. Wish it had the gold mode though. AQ I gave up (for now) trying to duplicate others air depth tests on a nickel. I could get a whisper but not the obvious tone I’ve seen others get. I’m told my headset should be replaced with a now custom better one. Thing is that it is a normal test at Fisher and mine passed. Maybe they use an amplifier that replicates the higher sensitivity of alternate headsets. I’d rather they come up with a test saying the obvious 12-13” most of us get is the norm. I’m not going to be finding whispers and digging each at 16” at my beaches. At first I was testing in my garage and the EMI was really hurting results. Calabash often mentions EMI while testing at his home. The effects of EMI will differ with each detector design… Excal Known for finding gold, maybe while totally submerged (which I never have done), air tests of my two Excals really are depressing. OBN has a post tx boost so maybe that helps a lot, but others are doing pretty good with theirs in a normal configuration so how do I check mine against theirs? Dual Field Kind of same deal as the Excal - air test on gold not good but KOB kills it with his and I got great finds with the pi pro I started with years ago. Pinpointers Oh yeah, almost forgot. I won a Minelab pinpointer at a GPAA show. Tried it on a gold nugget. The Garrett Carrot was Much more sensitive! A bad one? No way for me to be sure. Noise Cancel Anyone else concerned that ML NC numbers jump all over each time it is run? Does this mean it’s not really effective? Does NC really work for you - does it repeat numbers and quiet things down? Summary Yeah I’d love for someone to have a comparison site or forum section where we could compare detectors and develop standard tests - but in reality I have too many detectors and need to thin the herd. As far as EMI goes, I bought a Tri-field EMI meter that does a great job at sensing EMI. I drove all over, searching local parks, and finally found one nearby that tested really quiet. I had the best results with my AQ there (but others do just fine in their home or lab…). I don’t know if we would really come up with tests to say one detector excels others (Manticore vs CTX etc.) but we should be able to come up with QC standard tests along with videos that document them. Come up with standard targets and written procedures (settings). Post a video if yours does better and then we figure out why (or just get depressed).
  7. I’ve had a few different types of magnetic locators, like the Schonstedt GA-52CX. It utilizes magnetometer technology. They are cool in that they are very sensitive and work like a magic wand - pointing to the target. Might be great for meteorites. It picked up concentrated areas at the beach but not concentrated enough to have good targets. I would think the gold mode on the EQ800 would be just about as good, or better.
  8. I ended up making my own solution. Could be better but worked. Used pieces of tubing drilled with holes for the headset and mounting screw. Probably a better way to attach to the earcup but it seems to work.
  9. I bought a new middle shaft and a NF 12” coil with lower shaft for my GPZ. The lower shaft clamp is really hard to move but the shaft is held tight. The middle shaft clamp is really easy to move but the shaft is not held in place tightly. Are these things common - any diy fixes?
  10. “This may sound a little crazy but I can't wait to get my hands inside of that monster..☠️” I’m that way too! Please take lots of photos. I figure a hot wire cutter might be a good way to open it. CJC, is $85 your shipping cost or repair cost? I’m still waiting for someone to say what an out of warranty repair will cost.
  11. On my last hunt I kept having to back off on the threshold and wasn’t sure why. Was my hearing getting more sensitive, or annoyed? Or was something in the machine changing perhaps due to battery level? Didn’t have any intermittent problem though like I did with the delay pot. Try the fix I did for that - take the knob off, loosen the nut a bit and listen for intermittents and tighten the knob where it’s good. What did a threshold pot fix cost from Fisher?
  12. My goal was to just verify my AQ was performing as well as it should. I have a CTX that had issues with both 11” and 17” coils, which ML replaced, because it didn’t have the air test performance that others stated. I agree depth can be better for in ground targets. It’s obvious with OBN’s videos as in ground was doing better than his air tests. His air tests were better than mine though - he might have had replaced his headphones by then though. The difference though might be only an inch or two. I’ve decided it’s not a big deal to me but I do enjoy testing stuff regardless. I don’t recall really noticing a difference in behavior with different delay settings. I guess it’s because I’m not looking for whispers and I’m not taking it past knee depth. It’s been asked about obtaining the 8” coil. If you have one, when do you use it and why?
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