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  1. Trade for my whites spectrum xlt, 2 coils, and $50? I have it for sale here but I want to keep the Bigfoot coil on the trade. Barry
  2. How does battery life compare? Just had my ml105 run out on a hunt yesterday at 5-6 hours. MC had lots left. Need to check if it’s fw is latest.
  3. Well the AQ and Beach Hog were ready, but there wasn’t any action… The coil works great - good depth in the black sand - again 7-8” at least. I didn’t get technical and run tests. If you sweep it too fast you’ll get a tone with the sweep but a normal sweep rate is fine. I went to north Newport, the Wedge, and Corona Del Mar with it and really found nothing. Had my nickel on a string to verify it was working. Went finally to Laguna Main and used the Manticore and just found a iPhone. Probably over 7 miles walking. King tides plus offshore wind - should have been awesome but wasn’t. I worked both wet and dry. Dry areas had been over-run by rain and tide overshoots. If this hobby now demands hunting when the weather and waves is hazardous to succeed I may have to give it up until summer and fresh drops. The Manticore was finding mostly all sizes of can slaw, the AQ would find BB’s and slaw as well. At least no tent stakes this time out. Maybe that is a sign the heavy stuff is too deep.
  4. After yesterday, I think my efforts would best be put to making an earbud set. The wind noise on the stock phones was pretty bad.
  5. Get anywhere on this? Curious if it’s worth the trouble.
  6. On sale because next version is much better - uses augmented reality and Apple’s VR headset.
  7. Yeah I totally missed the fact that I was sweeping across the coil lengthwise! But really I’m impressed as normally the depth will be the width of the coil - like 4-5”. Actual depth typically can be better than air tests and will obviously be better for larger targets. So I’d say it is about perfect. The majority of targets are in its range and hopefully it will miss some of the pop cans, foil, and tent stakes.
  8. Impulse AQ w/ Beach Hog 18”x4” on Nickel and Gold Ring air test on gold ring (8.5”) and nickel (7.5”).
  9. Here is another video of my Manticore at Newport Beach near Santa Ana River at an area with heavy black sand. I made an earlier video but didn’t specify what modes I tried. This one I do. However the default Iron settings are in effect - I didn’t try All Metal. Also interesting is this guy’s video that’s pretty close to where I was - he’s showing higher than normal radioactivity there! Here’s a short video showing the ferrous content:
  10. I saw one in a local mall but it wouldn’t accept my two iPhones from the beach that had water damage.
  11. Great news! I had the coil wired bassackwards plus a shield was not being grounded. I rewired it and man it runs perfectly in my front yard at least. My front yard usually has a lot of EMI - but this detector is running dead quiet. No jitter, no pulsating, nothing. Not sensitive to shock at all. Can't tell its on unless you advance the threshold. It was detecting who knows what in my front grass. It remains to be seen how it does at the beach. I won't be able to get out there for a couple weeks.
  12. On my trifield meter the all terrain was a high output mode. Maybe you have an issue with the detector or coil resulting in too low tx signal in the other modes.
  13. Got confirmation of n/c to loose pin. The inner coax shield was left unconnected the way I did the adapter. Maybe there is still hope for the Beach hog on the AQ…
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