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Virgin Rookie

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Hi all

As I’m totally new to this pastime I have a budget of €500 and want to know which make and model would you consider the best in quality of build and effectiveness of accuracy. I live in France and some enthusiasts (French) swear by the xp brand, is that because it’s French or something else.

Thank you.

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Welcome from East Texas.  XP certainly makes excellent detectors and  French  enthusiast should be rightly proud of the fact. I’m not sure you will be able to find anything XP within your budget unless it is an older used unit.  I will suggest doing some more research and especially reading the various posts on this Forum.  I know Nokta, Minelab & Quest offer several modern detectors in your budget range. I will also suggest choosing a unit that has Simultaneous Multi frequency operation as it will offer easier & better performance wherever you might use it.  If there is a real brick& mortar detector shop near you visit them in person or telephone them. They will be the best to get you started on a good foundation.

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Welcome aboard Paulobzh !

Soooooo you're admitting you're a virgin to a bunch of dirt pirates ? 🥸

No worries. We'll be gentle with you ! 

500 budget.......and hunting for ? ( I'm guessing coins and relics instead of just gold nuggets.)

If you are challenged by a smart phone and turn on and go sounds like you .

I'd direct you towards the Vanquish 540.

If you dominate your phone , The Legend will do turn on and go too but has more controls to adjust as you learn more.. 







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One downside of the XP brand is service. I have 2 XP's and while the detectors are pretty bombproof they seem to have many cables and do dads that are subpar (break easy/items to lose).

I also own Minelab and cant say enough good things about their customer support. They are always a phone call away. Pretty much around the clock. If USA is closed then I just call Australia.

With all that said, If you gave me just one detector.... XP Deus 2 w/11" coil. Hands down.

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