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New Rutus Detector Announced

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  • The title was changed to New Rutus Detector Announced

I LOVE the Atrex's performance and features, but the only waterproof machine I have is the Equinox and it's old.  I'm afraid to dunk it since it's out of warranty by a few years.

Maybe I'll sell the Atrex and try out the Versa.


bigtime1973, you can buy them from an overseas dealer and have them shipped to the states.  That's how I got my Atrex.

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Nice looking machine with some interesting features. Looks like the Equinox and the Legend may have a direct contender.

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The Dual Mode & Non Motion All Metal with Tone ID looks very promising. 10 Multi frequency choices also along with many Single frequency options is almost too much for me to comprehend. I like it.

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Am I the only one who did a double-take when first seeing that image?  Lawyers are already toasting their upcoming cases.  :laugh:

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I enjoy seeing what any detecting company comes up with to try and rise above the pack. A good example of this, is Quest and their gyro. Although, that doesn't mean I think the gyro will allow me to find more goodies, and incidentally, I don't. So, when I'm tempted to buy a new detector, I ask myself: Will I find more treasure with it?

So, for you guys that will be purchasing the Versa, are you purchasing it just because it's awesome to have a lot of detectors? (I understand that ?). Or, are you purchasing it because you think it will find more treasure compared to your current flagship SMF? If the latter, how so?

EDIT- One other question: What's up with Rutus using such tiny screens? Is it because their users in a particular geographic location, and particular sites,  don't use the screen much?

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