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  1. So as we sit waiting impatiently for Minelab to bother to release the promised accessory coils for the Manticore it occurred to me that perhaps Coiltek already have the ball rolling in the background at least thinking about which coils they will make for it, assuming like the Nox and CTX Coiltek actually make coils for it. This means now might be the only opportunity we have to try and influence their decision as to which coils they provide.... So hopefully @Coiltek join the conversation and follow on with interest in our discussion. For me personally with Minelab releasing the 8x5.5" I'm not so sure I'd bother buying a 10x5" if they released that size, the 10x5" on the Nox series by Coiltek is a great coil, but with it being so similar in size to the standard offering for the Manticore and the standard coil being slightly smaller I'd personally buy the Minelab coil. I never bought the 14x9" as it seemed more designed for water hunters and was weighted for doing so and the 15" round although I would absolutely love to own that coil I thought it was possibly a bit heavy when compared to the 15x12" standard Minelab coil which I use the most on the Nox. On the CTX I love the 17x13" coil and use it a lot, rarely using the 11" coil so with the Manticore so far appearing to be a very deep machine too perhaps it would benefit from this size also, so in that case my decision would be the 17x13" For the Manticore, along with a 6.5x3.5" especially if it was a solid coil, perfect for prospecting and would be excellent for high trash coin and jewellery hunting too. I wouldn't buy a mid sized coil, the 11" stock does that job well enough. So feel free to do the poll, if I'm missing an obvious one let me know and I'll add it on, and please comment below about your choices and reasoning as I hope we can in some way influence which coils Coiltek make, or at least give them some information from a users perspective which coils we would prefer.
  2. Well, it's been over a year now, so I'm wondering if @Nokta Detectors would be ever so kind and give us an update on the project, if it's in the works yet or not, if it's still on the cards, and if they expect to release it at any point in the near future? Plenty of us are looking forward to this one, myself included.
  3. Is it a case of possibly found somewhere else, wasn't meant to be there so said it was found there maybe? 🙂 There have been remarkably good nugget finds in our "public fossicking areas" here.
  4. As fine gold is one of the settings you will miss that's probably not too big of a deal as it's ideal purpose is finding very small gold in difficult soils, and I am guessing the meteorites you want to find aren't going to be in the very low end of the sub gram weight. Older 4500's tend to run a bit more rough on the threshold than the newer 4500's which seem to be based off the newer 5000 hardware, and the newer ones appear to run similar to the 5000 with that, my older 4500 was much more wild to tame than my 5000 is. How old is the 4500 you would be looking at? Some prefer the older Australian made ones as it's thought they maybe slightly more sensitive/deeper than the newer Malaysian made ones, how much of that is a placebo and based upon the theory the older ones run full power and the newer ones have been tamed to make them more stable. I've done some pretty good testing on my older Aussie 4500 and the newer Malaysian 5000 and couldn't overly find a performance difference in that regard in my soils. The Enhanced timing was slightly improved on the 5000 too over the 4500 which is a timing often used in difficult soils. I don't hunt in very difficult ground so can't tell you exactly how much difference there is, but the 4500 was a very successful detector and appears to have very good difficult soil handling, it sure handles the difficult hot rocks in my area very well compared to more modern detectors like the 6000 or even 7000.
  5. I doubt they will with the aptX LL chipset discontinued.
  6. One of the guys in NZ received one with a scracted screen from factory too, I think he just kept it knowing he's likely to do it himself sometime anyway. I think he was just more concerned about having to wait for a replacement and also the shipping costs to return it.
  7. Did you manage to find some gold Jeff, I've not really seen anyone using the Legend yet to actually find any gold, not saying it's not capable it's clearly more than capable it's just I'm not seeing people use it for that purpose anywhere.
  8. It wasn't that they should have delayed the Manticore further, the good business sense thing to do would be to get the coils ready while the detector is getting eady, they seem to have a pattern of doing coils later than detectors in most cases as they don't focus on coils perhaps as much as they should. Big money can be made in coils, very big money as Steve has already pointed out entire businesses with reasonable size facilities and dozens of staff have been built entirely around Minelab not being good at making accessory coils, all this is money they could have had. Many of these aftermarket manufacturers only make coils for Minelab detectors. They decided to focus on releasing a Nox 700 and 900 as well as an X-terra rather than the accessory coils for essentially their new flagship. They failed miserably at it all as they didn't have enough stock of anything and still don't. People have been waiting for 6 months for Manticores they'd paid for, not Minelab's fault entirely as dealers should never take money like that but Minelab are the ones that said it's coming, it will be soon etc so they can't not take some of that blame, and then if they did release them in quantity when for example I got mine everyone would have before Christmas when they expected to get them according to Minelabs marketing, we've all seen the Mark Laurie video where he said we should be able to have them by Christmas, and the marketing image saying they'll be by Christmas. Releasing 20 detectors to marketing people masquerading as "testers" doesn't cut it, these people by the looks of it mostly received their detector when it was a finished product right around Christmas, they were not there to test anything, just to put videos on their Youtubes and Facebooks to help with advertising. I guess by labeling them testers it makes their videos have a bit more credibility than as marketers. I'm just waiting patiently for my coils, the first decent snow fall yesterday so my detecting time slows right down over winter/spring as skiing takes over for a until near the years end so I won't be needing them as much soon anyway. On a brighter note and for a bit of a chuckle my wife just got back from a holiday to Australia, I didn't want to go, but while doing some food shopping she discovered they seem to be confused over in Australia as to what a chicken nugget is, perhaps it's inflation's fault with the looming recession but they're really going out on a limb with this one.
  9. Here is a more detailed story on it https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/other-industries/victorian-man-discovers-240k-gold-nugget-with-budget-metal-detector/news-story/50e330c1b9bc3dd7ede8219a738faa32
  10. Just give them a factory reset, sometimes they screw up and can't pair... its' happened to me and I haven't used mine much. Press and hold the volume + and - buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds until the LED briefly turns PINK. You'll also hear two "beeps," indicating that the speaker have reset. The speaker should then go into pairing mode and the LED will alternate between flashing RED & BLUE. Also when pairing Bluetooth stuff it's best to hold it right next to the detector so it gets maximum signal strength. You can snag a copy of the manual here https://a.storyblok.com/f/58706/x/e88cf35a24/avantree-torus-nb05-user-manual-v0.pdf
  11. wow, a $240,000 nugget found with a Nox 800.... lucky person there. It seems they really never do get them all, I wonder how many dismissed that target as a giant piece of junk over the years for a guy to wander along and find it with his Nox.
  12. yes, but it was a forced update, it was done due to components no longer existing required to make it in it's traditional vintage form so needed some adjustments to use modern components. I'd much prefer an old model though, I can't imagine many people "upgraded". I think it was more crushing they released it rather than releasing a modern Gold Bug 3, that's what everyone was waiting and hoping for, and by releasing that modified Gold Bug 2 they gave the impression there is not going to be a Gold Bug 3, and that's likely the reality. Just another paint job.
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