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  1. You could try factory reset it and see if that helps 1. From OFF state, press/hold the button; there is an immediate single audio chirp. 2. After ½ second, the state of the LED toggles (off-to-on or on-to-off). 3. As soon as the LED flashes immediately release the button, then quick-press the button N times in a row. Each press will be indicated by a short beep. The number of presses “N” determines the feature selected, described below. Further steps are also listed. N=2: Restore Factory Defaults This procedure restores all settings to factory defaults: Response = Beep+Vibe Sensitivity = 2 Frequency offset = 1 LED = On, 70% TurboOn/TurboOff disabled 4. After ½ second the LED will begin weirdly flashing, indicating success. 5. Quick-press the button to operate, or press/hold to power down. N=6 Calibration & Master Reset This procedure recalibrates the internal DAC which primarily affects turn-on speed. It also executes a factory reset on all settings. CRITICAL: Keep the PP away from any metal during the cal procedure (including watch/rings on hand). 4. Calibration can take up to 10 seconds; when done, unit will beep 2-3 times. 5. The LED will begin weirdly flashing, indicating success. 6. Press/hold to power down. Other than that, we are fortunate to have @Geotech on the forum, the father of the F-Pulse so he may have an idea if its needing warranty or not, if its still under warranty that is. Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer PP_OperationR2 Advanced Manual.pdf
  2. That would be critical to it's popularity if it's a re-release of an older design detector.
  3. That's a good point, they could lighten up the 5000 with a lipo battery in a slightly modified housing to fit the battery which gets rid of the curly cable (extra weight) And the bum battery along with a carbon telescopic shaft and a new light weight ice cream container design Commander "spiral" mono coil and ice cream container Commander DD coil and they have a good answer to the Axiom right there. Cheap for them to do that, surely they'd be able to knock up a flat wound mono coil by now to include with it in the new light weight GPX 5000 housing. It'd hardly weigh much more than the GPX 6000 if they did that. If they were able to lighten up the electronics a bit with modern components they might even be able to shrink the box a bit, A lipo battery may even fit in the existing housing, a bit of room in there. I always felt the housing helped keep the weight off the coil and the early GPX was quite light to swing, especially on a carbon shaft with a lighter coil. Add bluetooth LL or Bluetooth LE and they've got a great detector. Add another timing or two and it'd be even better.
  4. Having an LCD screen makes it so much easier to navigate and use, I really like it. The Nox will feel ancient when I fire it up after using the Manticore.
  5. Almost everyone that gets scammed is because of their lack of knowledge on how not to get scammed, not because big business fails them, I'd be far more confident Ebay can keep an accounts contents safe than a vast majority of it's end users keeping their own accounts safe. I knew that TRX would go quick smart. A new unopened Box TRX is a collectors item, well done to whoever got it.
  6. That's a final release model, the previous ones all had a sticker on the bottom left, it has the proper print.
  7. I hope so too, I want one just as much but I saw what happened with the Equinox, especially for US customers, we had ours a long time before the bulk of the US customers could get their mitts on them and I would say largely due to the shipping times.
  8. Yep, they're targeting the US market with this release announcement, it's the 1/12/22 in the USA. Australia it's the 2nd so the less important market. North America is the big coin and treasure detector market, certainly not Australia or Africa.
  9. As we know they're in a cost cutting phase at the moment to keep profits as high as possible. Until the second much larger batch arrives with sea freight the first batch will be coming by plane. They've secured a great price with a small shipping company to get the first batch of Manticores across to the US by plane, unfortunately freight capacity is very limited on the plane so only 3 detectors will arrive in the US by mid December, the second batch will be much larger coming by sea but unfortunately they can't give an ETA on this batch yet. We've been waiting for months already, what's another few months.
  10. Yes, more coin and treasure detectors. It is clearly the Manticore, possibly rehashed Equinox 600 and 800's and if they want to still sell plenty of their top end CTX with the Manticore coming out and using target trace from the CTX perhaps it's due for a new model too, it's the older of the detectors in question. I would not be surprised if they come out with a pinpointer too, now the Manticore has Bluetooth LE it's possible they'll pop out with the new wireless pinpointer, after all Minelab are really behind when it comes to pinpointers. Garrett, XP and Nokta all have a pinpointer with wireless technology. Minelab have a pinpointer that is a real disappointment to me, far behind the competition in that regard. If I was running the show I'd be embarrassed to have the Minelab logo on that thing.
  11. My guess with the information at hand at the moment is a rehashed Equinox, they know it has a bad build quality from the coil ears to the leaking and everything in-between and with their competitor having a cheaper, better build quality clone of the detector that appears to work just as well they need to do something about it. The competitor has even made a mockery of the Nox build quality to advertise their product along with their advertising being a direct attack on the Nox, more for less! So yes, a rehash of the Nox with these things fixed is required to try claw some sales back from the competition. At the moment it wouldn't be a very wise decision to buy a Nox when the competitors product is cheaper, just as well performing, is actually waterproof and regularly provides firmware updates to improve the detector and fix up it's problems. It is very clear there is no new high end gold detector like the GPZ 8000 coming out in 23 so it's not that like speculated. All they have plans for in 23 is coin and treasure detectors, like they'd said in previous investor reports they are now having a focus on that market as at the moment that's where the money is. Their African sales are declining severely as stated from their report to investors, "In FY22, Africa sales reduced to ~26% of group sales (from 46% in FY21)" Africa – historically Minelab’s largest market – remains materially disrupted. Launch of several new coin and treasure detectors, slated for release in FY23. H1 FY23 Minelab guidance of: • Sales: $75 to $80 million¹ (vs $138 million in H1 FY22) • Segment profit margin: ~30% (from 45% in H1 FY22) They spin it to sound like they've got record profits every year, but that's across the broad business including communications and counter-mine which the war in Ukraine has helped with immensely with big orders of counter-mine products. Minelab if separated is doing quite poorly. https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/ASX_CDA_Codan-Limited-2022-AGM-Investor-Presentation.pdf As I'm going to buy the Manticore I have no interest in a new model of an Equinox. It seems like a sensible thing to re-release though, as they say it's better the second time around.
  12. Those hoping for a GPZ 8000 in 2023 are dreamers! It's not happening! Sorry to disappoint, I personally don't mind, I love my 7000 just how it is and don't really want to buy another one.... https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/ASX_CDA_Codan-Limited-2022-AGM-Investor-Presentation.pdf Launch of several new coin and treasure detectors, slated for release in FY23
  13. Thanks, I thought it'd be something they give to dealers. Love the $ signs. 🙂
  14. You can get it here https://codan.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/ASX_CDA_FY22-Full-Year-Investor-Presentation.pdf The photo even says its their "gold toolbox" with the selection of detectors. Unfortunately if they want to classify them as tools they may have to make them a little bit more robust, I've never bought a tool where I go to hammer a few nails for example even from a $2 shop and the hammer head snaps off 🙂
  15. Nokta are the one that will most likely be able to make a detector at a good price in the worldwide market, if anyone can do the under $2000 PI it will be Nokta, and it will be a lot of bang for the buck too. If they can crack into the African market with it at a good price I'm sure they'll be very glad they made it.
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