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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, Steve, as someone in the know you'd know more than anyone about this and having worked with many companies before you would really know how it works. That's incredible they behave that way, what's the point in having testers if you don't listen to their results. Hopefully Nokta is more responsive to their testers on their PI. Maybe if they have a larger group of testers all reporting the same issues it may help over a small group. I am hoping Minelab isn't using their new Youtube personalities as the only testers and getting rid of the previous testers that were highly skilled detector users going back decades. If I had to pick who I'd want testing my machine I'd pick the likes of JP, Steve H, Nenad etc and not some guy with 100,000 followers on Youtube as people like his videos. Minelab hopefully have learnt a lesson about ignoring feedback on the 6000, a very costly one. In some parts of the World they aren't even doing the EMI Fix, they get replaced detectors, know this from a friend's experience. Testing to me seems a very critical role, they should pay people to do it to get the best of the best, not just people wanting a free detector and a bit of a Youtube following by releasing information first.
  2. This is what we called a big snake in Brisbane, Australia... a 16 footer
  3. Obviously, you've not been able to try the Sphinx 03 as its unobtainable as it's currently my most sensitive but have you tried the TRX, XP Mi4/6 or Garrett Pro Pointer AT, they're the ones I'd be interested in a comparison with when it comes to sensitivity. Even comparing small gold vs the Pro-Find 35 would give an idea of the improvement. The Pulse pointers lack the sensitivity although the size gold in your video they'd probably do pretty good, the Pulses sure have the depth though on target sizes they're compatible with. I can tell by the video the stability is improved, and fast retune should have been there on the earlier models too, a standard feature on other pointers was forgotten on the Pro-Finds, it's lack of availability was made even worse by the older model's instability. Nothing would make me happier than the Pro-Find 40 being a great pinpointer, as then I'd be happily using one.
  4. Thanks for the video, confirmation I don't need one, similar performance to many pointers on the market on smallish gold by the looks of it, certainly not looking like the most sensitive or deepest around. I like the improved stability and fast retune, a viable pinpointer for those in the market for one by the looks of it.
  5. I think they need to expand their testing to a broader range of people in different countries, so many problems go unnoticed until the detectors are released. This isn't to say the current testers were doing anything wrong I'm sure they do a fantastic job but detectors are being released to the public as a final product when they're not ready. The 6000 with its self-generated EMI problem was an obvious one, the twisting shaft another. Perhaps if they only had 10 people testing the 10 all received machines where the EMI wasn't exhibiting itself and their shafts happened to be good ones, maybe if they had 50 or more people testing then the problems may show themselves sooner. Surely for detectors worth so much and so many sales expected having a good large group of testing people is viable. Maybe they already do I don't know. There are plenty of Detect-Spurts now that signed up to do that marketing role and maybe they do it. The Manticore was the same, again released with problems like having ground issues for some, beach issues for others, small gold sensitivity problems all which went unnoticed until it hit the public then they're rushing to fix these things after the detector is out which can be damaging for sales. I'm baffled how detectors get to market with problems as obvious as shaft twisting so I can only put it down to some shafts are worse than others and the limited number of testing units out there all ended up having quite good shafts but once in mass production the problem becomes evident so no amount of testing by the limited number of people doing it would show that up and if more were testing maybe it would show. I would be their worst nightmare as a tester, I'd be complaining about everything I can think of, in hope of a better product at the end. They'd regret having me test their machines and I would be rough with it too, it needs to be durable, I'd be trying to smash down bushes with my coil a bit like those Ikea test machines that crush down on chairs over and over again hundreds of thousands of times to replicate the use of the chair over its lifetime to ensure its durable enough. They even have them on display in stores crushing down on the same chair for years proving its durable. I'd find out if the GPX 6000 coils would have cracking ears long before public release like has happened. Not that I would do it, I wouldn't like the responsibility of making sure the machine is perfect with so many people depending on me getting the job done right, and the fact I'm not qualified for the task outside of the build quality of the machine which anyone a bit rough could do 🙂 so greatest respect for those that do it and I guess they mostly lurk in the shadows as we have no idea for the most part who they are. Nokta (Dilek) has enquired about who to be testers for their unit in the thread on it here, if you feel you're up to the task contact Dilek and volunteer Jason, I believe you'd be quite good at it as you're very critical and also a skilled user.
  6. I think the manufacturers of GPX coils are winding down production, maybe due to sales volumes, X-coils killed theirs off some time ago, Nugget Finder make no effort to put theirs on their website anymore and Coiltek have discontinued many GPX coils over the past couple of years. It's the end of an era as discontinuing the 5000 would only speed this process up, too many coils available second hand from people upgrading to 6000 and 7000's to continue worrying about making new ones. I was hoping they'd refresh the 5000 as a new lightweight GPX 6000 type design but retain the controls as settings controlled on the screen like any modern detector. That would give the Axiom fierce competition and may well compete with the pending Nokta release. It would allow them to keep the 6000 and 7000 prices sky high too. If it still supported the aftermarket coils it would be one hell of a detector especially if the modern design handled EMI better with mono coils. If they made it a bit more sensitive and less detection holes like the 6000 it could replace the 6000 and the 6000 become the cheaper unit being the beginners type high end gold machine. how many of us wouldn't wish for more settings on our 6000's. Hopefully X-coils gave Minelab some ideas of coils they can use on the 8000, and they're open to making it destroy the sales of the 6000 by having small coils available for it along with the big deep gold coils, I'm much like you I mostly only use the 8" and 15" CC on my GPZ and I have a very big range of coils but those two are the ones I've settled on which suit the gold around here and likely as you point out are the best combination for USA too. In Australia I'd have a different selection with a larger elliptical in the mix. The Concentirc coils cut out a lot of EMI too so people swinging the new 8000 would think Minelab have improved EMI handling on the 8000 🙂 I'm in agreement on the 6000 not needing a large coil selection, it doesn't suit large coils and has a wide range of small coils available especially when NF eventually brings out the Sadie. At the moment I think the Coiltek 10x5" is my go-to on the 6000, I quite like the 12x7" NF but I find the 10x5" more sensitive and it has hotter outside edges on small gold and seeing that's what I mostly find it makes sense to use the most sensitive coil. I'm looking forward to the Sadie though but ground coverage suffers. I hope when Nokta make theirs they have listened to the public about their needs and desires for a new nugget machine, it would help with its success.
  7. It's sad to see the 5000 go if it does, that ends the mainstream aftermarket coil market for Minelab detectors except for sanctioned limited in shape, size and type of coil designs, in other words Minelab has full control of what can hit the market to suit their agenda. It's also a shame as the 6000 is by no means a replacement for the 5000, so very different detectors and the 5000 can do well where the 6000 can't. I'm not fussed about new models coming out anymore, I'm happy with my current GPZ + X combo along with the 6000 and the Coiltek 10x5" for my qucik easy portable can't be bothered rigging up machine. I've been a bit disappointed with my two recent Minelab detector purchases so not as enthusiastic as I was once about new models.
  8. I can see the day in the next few years where dealers may still exist but sales will be low compared to the "good old days" as buying direct will become the norm, and big box stores will start taking more sales also especially when the people are more commonly buying online anyway. There will be those that always buy from dealers, especially if they're convenient but when your dealer is half way across the country and the manufacturer sells direct at the same price it makes no difference which you buy through so often people would feel more comfortable buying direct especially if they've never bought from the dealer before. If I had a dealer nearby, I'd be in the store buying my stuff if they had reasonable pricing, but seeing my nearest Garrett dealer is over 22 hours' drive away including a ferry ride to change Islands I just buy from wherever gives me the best price and fastest shipping so I buy all my stuff online and don't overly care who I buy it off as long as the price is right and shipping is available. Warranty is handled by the manufacturer anyway so to me it makes no difference.
  9. Bugger, that got me excited, then I went to buy a 6" Garrett Concentric coil for my 24k and it's for US only. They need to go global, not just local, yes, they're cutting out their local dealers that way making a higher profit or just making it easier for customers but they're not fixing up the international availably problems they currently have on their products.
  10. The airline condition seems to be the battery has to be inside a device to help contain a fire should be there be one, I guess.
  11. All good, you missed the joke in it 🙂
  12. I got scammed, I bought a Pro-Find 35! I paid full price too.... 😭
  13. Golden Eye 007 there used his spy skills to find a monster of a nugget. Very cool, and motivation and inspiration for those that think the days are over for Rye Patch area.
  14. yes, he did point out he normally can't run normal so taking advantage of it while he can I guess 🙂 With me being in very mild soil, likely even more mild than he is I notice the difference between normal and difficult easier, even with the 6000 I see a notable difference in performance. The people who see little difference I think their soil is playing a role in that. some people likely even find normal performs worse than difficult. I just hope the goal of the GPZ 8000 is to provide people who currently have to run in difficult the performance I see in normal in their difficult soils. They've narrowed the gap on the 6000 so fingers crossed they can do it on the 8000 too, it would sure make old ground new again I think.
  15. Yep, I thought the target really brightened up quite a bit when he switched the 6000 to normal, in difficult he had to have the coil pushed to the ground to get a reasonable response. Videos like this are a bit problematic too as he knows the target is there so he can really zone in on it, if you're sweeping normal speed on the search would you see a target that needs a bit of work to find even when you know where it is, if you're cleaning a patch maybe but looking for one, very unlikely. He also pointed out due to the rocks all over the ground it's unlikely he would have been able to find it in difficult on the 6000 as the coil needed pushed to the ground, whereas in normal he said he thinks he would have found it as the extra depth was there. I am wondering if many people can't really see the difference between difficult and normal as if you're trying to run normal in soil it's not working properly in, you're not seeing normal working to its potential. Difficult and normal do appear closer in performance on the 6000 than the 7000 although for me normal is still noticeably better, on the 7000 the difference is significant. for me at least with normal leaving difficult for dead.
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