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  1. I went to a beach on Monday that was so littered with garbage that I spent hours digging the same few types of items with a nickel or dime thrown in. With the exception of learning how all the valuable items sounded (since I didn't find any of those), I can attest to those readings. The nickels were reading just like the whole pull tabs, the dimes like small pieces or the old-style aluminum bits. I dug them all to get more familiarity with my GMT, and had to have the sensitivity dialed way down. It's just so sensitive to even the small bits of aluminum. Still haven't bothered to empty the pouch of all the junk...
  2. Oh excellent, so in the BLM report that comes up, when it lists the coordinates, if it then states Subdivision: SW, the actual area claimed is SW or that is the SW corner? That helps a lot though, because if the claim is a 160 acres and is a standard square shape, I know I can track a half-mile straight north or south and stay in bounds, or draw a polygon like you stated earlier.
  3. Thanks Andy! Luckily most of the ones I did so far were in areas that had some good terrain features to help line it up. I didnt know about the polygons though, and I might try those out next. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to find claim points though. Alaska's adfg website is good because it shows the actual claim locations, but places like mylandmatters on list in large section and tell you how many claims are inside it, without specific data. How easy is it to request one, or many of those, from the blm? Is it something you can do on the internet or is there a different location I should go to find it?
  4. Here's my first attempt, overlaying existing claims from adfg near Hope, Alaska.
  5. Woah, that is a much better way to do that. I will do more research before asking more questions about labeling and such. Thanks Steve.
  6. So now that I have a Rino, what's the best way to put claim maps on it? Or do i need to use some of the online map sites and plug my own lat/longs into a custom route? I downloaded the base camp app and have watch the tutorials, its just gonna take a while to build surrounding claims and such by hand.
  7. What kind of external speakers do you mean? Like something that hangs around your neck/shoulders? I've got a small volume adjuster that I can place between them, works as a splitter.
  8. Do you just use a jack converter to make it a normal earbud size? Is the output about right? I much prefer earbuds so i can choose my headgear without worring about the headset going over the top.
  9. Stop it...you're making my fever flare up! Now I need to go dig something up...
  10. Looks like some great options! I'd like to have something where I can preload the coordinates and maybe even map it out on a computer and just upload it. That beartooth device sounds really cool! Might have to get a pre-order in on that while they're cheap. I think I'll start searching for one of those Garmins now
  11. Fairly new to detecting and starting to explore more. Was thinking about buying a small GPS unit to upload coordinates and topographic maps, does anyone have a preferred unit or an app on their phone that does a good job keeping them inbounds?
  12. Still sounds exciting 😛 So let's say I knew someone who wanted to come try some California prospecting around that area, what's the best way to make sure he doesnt end up on claims, BLM off-limit areas, private property, etc, but still find some gold? Anybody making trips down there in May?