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  1. Hey I'm looking for some advice from excalibur owners on how to proceed here. I picked this up for $150, the knobs and lower shaft were broken. I ordered and installed anderson knobs which seem like they are going to work great. The dive shaft is on it right now but I'll get a new shaft here soon. The most obvious fix I need help with is the wires. The battery seems to be working fine for now, we will see once I get out on the beach. All of the connections look in good shape too. Let me know what yall think I should do to get this puppy back up to par. Thanks
  2. I hunt the beaches and water on the Gulf coast of Florida, I have been using an Excalibur II and love it. Is the Equinox a better choice? I hunt in water up to neck deep, wet and dry sand for the most part. Will the Equinox find small gold in the water that the Excal will miss, and is it able to find targets as deep as the Excal?
  3. Or should we call it the Beechnut Forum? https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/64-minelab-excalibur-forum/
  4. Recently had someone ask about replacing the battery on their excalibur so I did a video for them. Very easy and simple to do. Battery can be purchased from ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383287971822 I'll be doing a video on how to make this same battery after christmas (2022), cost is around 25 dollars. Compared to 50 if purchased new. It's almost worth buy new if you only need one but I have several excaliburs that need batteries (4) so it is cheaper for me to make my own.
  5. I have moved most everything Excalibur related here, though I will probably still find a few relevant threads. This is most of it however, one stop shopping for the Minelab Excalibur. Maybe not the most popular in sales now, but still one of the best, and one of the very few true SCUBA use metal detectors. Minelab Excalibur II User Guide Minelab Excalibur II Specifications Minelab Excalibur II submersible metal detector
  6. Or should we call it the Beechnut Forum? https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/64-minelab-excalibur-forum/
  7. I'm sorry if this topic has been already posted (I don't know yet)... Unluckily days ago I found a bad surprise on my BH-01 headphones. Apparently one of the two vibrating or pulsating bonepads isn't working and it appears like exploded for a pressure damage. Honestly I suppose that's a mechanical damage happened not underwater, or at least not at that depth where I usually dive, but I just can't say more. The point is...I want to build an easy diy headphone and I need to know the connector type and possibly the best components to make a good pair of old school's one... Thanks in advance to all of You... Pissed as usual Skull
  8. What's the story? Pulse 8X Metal Detector (jwfishers.com)
  9. A round shaft creates turbulence and drag when swinging thru water , this tires out the detectorist, but the answer swims buy him in the water , coils with openings and 90 degree angles create more turbulence under water this creates more resistance . so shy not make the shaft like a sharks tail feathering to a sharp point so you can swing the shaft and coil thru the water with ease from left to right , and the coil should be like a stingray , no openings but feathered out on the edge, hope you can understand my crude drawing , it would help that shaft and coil just glide thru the water
  10. I'm sharing my last experience during the end of a noisy dive... For those that hunts in saltwater like me, can be a gamechanger talking about noise to signals ratio.. I started with too demanding settings in P11, Sens.95 salt sens.8 audio resp.6 react. 0.5 no filters and notch at all, just trying to do the G.B. here and there where rocks sounded with a solid 25... There's no way to obtain a so low balance, so I just left it around 69 and so... After a couple hours of really annoying background noise (already reduced with pitch tones, but still too much for my taste), I just tried before leaving the area to turn the GB tracking... I also had the black sand accepted cause nothing blackish was around me... Miracle😎...All the noise canceled like it was mute and only good pitched signals above the thin audible treshold that even at 20 is still too low to sound over the bubbles and the hood... No gold to show, but some coins and less headache guys😉... Have someone experienced the same?
  11. I'm finally done with all the mods to dive properly with the D2. Even if I've modified it deeply, I'm still not so satisfied, especially for the money I spent🤔. Almost 400$ and counting, cause the next mod will be an handmade layer between the Doodads clip and the remote to keep it firm once for all. I'm disgusted by the poor quality of the supposed "locking" tape which is leaving and falling in pieces. Only one dive and I can already see the transparent part of the remote to appear 🤐... This happened just removing and mounting the remote on the original clip for testing and program build. Without words now... Just for knowledge. And this is what it looks now, ready for the second dive before the winter (I hope).
  12. At the end of the story, I finally ended up to buy an Anderson dive shaft to use the D2 properly. Nothing to say about the thing and the lovely appearance of it, but just a bit expensive if shipping costs and importation tax added to the base price😬. As usual I'm pissed cause making a total of the money I spent for this unit I'm way over the old Ctx and not to mention that I still want the 9" not available when I bought the detector. I still want to approach the second dive with it😶. After the first attempt with the original shaft I just refused to do it again.
  13. I was wondering if any of you could possibly help me with what setting would be good for a fresh water lake? Im going camping on the 10 and 11th of July and would like to try out the legend in the water.
  14. Picked up this detector several years ago & have yet to use it. In one of my treasure clubs the members detect lakes by wading in the water. My idea after reading a little about this detector is to modify it for u/water use with SCUBA, has anyone done this? I see I can remove the "middle" rod section and then put the bottom piece into the top piece, drill a hole for the bottom piece to "lock" into the top and you have a pretty short unit. A question I have is that I seem to recall(many years ago) reading the "large" yellow coil is very buoyant and this would cause me problems...is this correct or am I wrong? If it is excessively buoyant can the coil be modified to be "negative" in the water? See the Whites is supposed to be able to go to a 100 feet or so depth...correct..any feedback from anyone? I am triple SCUBA certified and I would like to take this to some warm water destinations. I took my EQ800 to Kauai last year and waded up to my neck on beaches recovering change and 1 diamond ring. I think I'd do a lot better using the Whites with WAY LESS effort! Trying to stand on one leg and scoop a target while battling waves (even behind breakwaters) is most challenging... SCUBA seems like the way to go! Thoughts and advice please?
  15. Waiting for a storm and a change in the seabed, a few days ago I went scouting along the coast that I reach more easily. Like me, far too many locals have abused the place and signals have become rare. Even if they came from the wrong direction, the waves still made a fair leveling, barely visible from the shore. I was not very inspired by what I saw, but I was still willing to use new settings and test the behavior of the detector. In almost two hours of session, despite having found a good balance with the instrument, I had no reference points on the ground for an ideal area to start from. On the verge of leaving the area, already satisfied for the test but without decent targets , one last signal caught my attention .... and this is the result ... Happy hunting everyone. https://youtu.be/IH1ZcQjzE70
  16. During the school holidays and Easter long weekend I've had a few recovery jobs.. Last night a lady on holiday from the UK contacted me on my Facebook page to ask if I could recover her phone.. She was back on the mainland but the phone tracker showed the exact location on the island.. I told her to send me a map and went to have a looksee early this morning.. The description couldn't be clearer: along the path next to the big water tank for Horseshoe Bay.. The gps coordinates pinpointed the exact spot.. You couldn't wish for an easier job.. especially as there was a vague promise of a $100 cash donation for my free services.. Anyway, I got to the spot where the phone was supposed to be and ended up using my detector as a rake.. After an hour of raking the slope where the phone was supposed to be and all around it, I still didn't find the thing.. I've let her know..
  17. How many of you have done underwater gold prospecting with the SDC2300 or other water proof detectors? I have never done this but I start entertaining the idea. I am curious to know what experiences you guys have had. As an inspiration I have attached the Youtube clip below. Although he was not metal detecting this video is well done and entertaining. GC
  18. Dear Valued Members, First of all, I apologize for not being on the forum lately... but I could barely keep up with my regular work plus a few hundred messages, emails I get everyday!! I miss you guys:-) Please find below the links for the video commercial of the upcoming Mini & Midi Hoard Kids Detectors: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE:
  19. For anyone interested in underwater use of the Deus 2 here is a link of my test done for a dealer I'm partner with. I tried to push it to the limit with the P11 beach, slightly less blind to thin stuff, on a hot rock site plenty of weeds and trash of any kind. With a sensitivity over 90 and salt sens of 8, the keypoint was to raise immediately the reactivity up to 2 and stay for a good compromise among falsing and true signals. That's an extreme setting just for the purpose of a test. Pure sound, long video. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/r_pO7_Ckzbw
  20. My name is Hank. I have detected for years in both fresh and saltwater with an Excalibur I with great results and I love the detector, but it finally died, so after reading Steve's great reviews on the Equinox 800, I'm thinking of getting one. I purchased a SDC2300 some time ago because I thought I would go out west to hunt for gold, and could also use it in the water back home here in Virginia too. However, I was surprised that although it is waterproof to 10 ft, when I first took it into the ocean, it has a tendency to float! The excalibur would stay on the ocean floor no problem, but the 2300 just wont stay down. I have to keep trying to push it down but the waves coming in and going out make it impossible to hold down and detect. Never had this problem with the Excalibur even in rough water. The 2300 is just as heavy as the Excalibur yet it just bobs around in the water. My question is, can the Equinox 800 perform as stable as the Excalibur in the ocean? It's so light I wonder if it will stay down. Thanks.
  21. Today I´m preparing for tomorrow dive in my usual and devastated gulf spot... After the shaft accident with the new toy the last week, Ive been captured by a stupid doubt... What about the use of a single frequency on the Ctx ? I know, this thing isn´t possible due to the kind of machine with an FBS range continuously at work, but somewhere I found a text related to the noise cancel channel and the different frequency in use... So In these years, I think the succesful use of a frequency among 15 and 20 Khz in salty environment it is not a secret anymore but what about this particular machine stated at 1 to 100Khz? So tomorrow morning I want to try all of the 11 channels and manual settings for sensitivity and noise cancel, adding the ground/coin separation that for sure is the more stable giving a less jumpy target ID... Feel free to laugh at this post but I feel like a child again...
  22. I think XP's Deus II will take a huge slice of the scuba detector market.. I'd even go as far as saying it'll make Garrett's Sea Hunter and Minelab's Excalibur obsolete (maybe they'll find a niche market with marine archaeologists or as historical oddities).. The reason I'm so confident in my prediction is that the Deus II is water-proof to a whopping 20 metres! I know the Sea Hunter and Excalibur have depth limits three times that but when does the average scuba detectorists ever dive deeper than 20 meters? Jewellery, coins and other valuables are nearly always found in much shallower water.. A second reason I like the Deus II as a scuba detector is that unlike the Sea Hunter and Excalibur it has a target ID.. Time will tell if the Dues II in its multi-frequency ‘diving program’ (4 - 14khz) with a 13 x 11" coil will punch as deep as the PI detectors with their smaller coils, but in the meantime the ability to accurately sort out targets underwater will make a huge difference to people about to buy a scuba detector (and for those searching in areas with loads of junk).. This is besides the Deus's touted abilities on dry and wet sand.. I don’t think it’ll knock the Equinox of its perch as my main beach detector, especially with its 15” coil (but if XP made a 17’’ coil all bets would be off).. 😁 But whatever happens to its expensive big brand rivals, I can't wait to get my hands on a Deus II as my main scuba detector (sorry PulseDive, but you’ll always remain my favourite when I venture deeper than 20 metres)..
  23. Well...It speaks by itself... Honestly I was without words...
  24. Final Modified Version of my Excalibur. Was able to silence the machine in rough waters by removing all of the knobs except one which ..and it is sealed from the saltwater by a o-ring and custom easy, fine tune knob. Stability is very good close to shore where water is smacking the control pod and the coil wire... I do need to get a shorter Allen set screw for the sealed on/off threshold knob I made...but for now the allen is coated with aquaseal and the internal shaft on the pot has a plastic cover to break contact with the SS knob shaft. Not real happy about the toggle on the handle which is used to go between PP and disc. But I had a bad batch of the IP68 yellow momentary push buttons ..... had two fail on me.... I was right in the middle of a good hunt and had one go out on me..so I pulled it out and chopped it off to finish the hunt., got home and made more changes to the excal. Hopefully in the future they can get better quality switches. And special Thanks to Steve detector rods for rushing a few of the cam locks for the lower shaft..., so much easier adjusting the coil for the hunt, which is a very important part of coil control and Pin pointing the target..... Picture of the hunt I was in the middle of and the yellow IP68 button went on me.. I can not stand to hunt in disc, which was the mod it was stuck in..chop-chop and all was good..
  25. Hi folks, I've been a couple times diving in two different spots the last week and cause of a ton of new sand, working at a deeper area, less pounded by the most of the army. As usual, my camera was out of service in the moment of glory and there's no footage as I left It once and discharged another time😤... Aniway, two fishes for the week...Too bad...trust me😑 Both 18k bands
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