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  1. As I told last week, I was preparing the Manti for today's session on the seabed. In a few words, "damn it works"... Even if I abused the machine using underwater the beach LC program, I however managed to take with me three pieces. The second attempt will be with surf and seawater, which I think it is the proper way to use it when diving. Not bad for the day one💣
  2. I was actually wrong saying the camera turned off too soon the last time I had it on my head... So cleaning the card for a new attempt tomorrow, I suddenly found this raw footage. No editing, pure bubbles and fuc#%#g sh## visibility. So this is what I'm usually fighting against. Enjoy the challenge between me and the murky waters.
  3. I recently had some doubts in using the main detector and was pondering the possibility of eliminating some by selling. In detail, I complained of some high ID response that I accidentally dug up in the absence of decent signals. The last victorious session, brought me a 6.49-gram 18K wedding ring and by sheer luck, with an amazing 80, I deigned to dig it out. So this morning I decided to go out with a dear old detector, one that doesn't mess around, and the numbers are shocking considering the spot, the devastated condition of the clay and rocks, and lousy visibility. After 4 1/2 hours on the bottom, thanks to the use of hooka compressor, I flushed out 4 pieces totaling 20 "dirty" grams. The numbers speak for themselves, and I am beginning to have clearer ideas.... I will add no more...
  4. I recently sold my old Garrett Sea Hunter XL500 pulse to a gentleman in San Diego.......he has many old Garrett detectors and is always getting whatever hard to find spare parts from Garrett USA. Anyhow, he was informed that Garrett are in the final production run of the Sea Hunter MK2 models and that model will soon be discontinued. Sounds like get them while you can......crazy new prices for them here in Australia/NZ. They are 50% more expensive than they were just a few years ago. I wish I had kept mine.......25 years of production I'm guessing. I can't vouch for the validity of this claim so happy to hear from anyone else who might be in the know. Tony
  5. After the last three days of waiting, with little pronounced swell but enough to make the surf area impassable, this morning I tried to hang on despite the water still being choppy and the visibility really bad. Once again, a pattern with really tight high and low iron limits selected the few signals worthy of digging. I must say that while limiting the sensitivity, I am afraid it is the only efficient way for me to make an effective session in certain conditions. As usual the cam's battery died before the glory shine and however, just sand suspension and fast water it's been the subject for 99% of the dive session.
  6. In the common imagination, beach hunting is based on the first few feet of shoreline, sometimes at the top, sometimes at the edge of an eroded step, sometimes in flooded pools after a decent tide. All of this in my area is out of the question and being forced to enter the water and totally submerge, today, after three sessions I summarize what I am observing. On the first day, in a spot I hadn't been to in over 10 years, I pulled out a triple ring and amazingly not far from where I found a twin 10 years earlier. Finally, the first piece of 2024🤔. On the second day, a really thin ring, different spot, and really unusual water depth. It all ends today, with the third session in the same spot as yesterday, but this time even deeper at about 5 meters and very far from the shore. A man's wedding ring, after a century of other much thinner and lighter finds. The outer sandbar may remain the final frontier. Rarely, pits can open at such depths, and if they do, it is generally because of a play of currents with which one should not mess around. I am considering a floating platform of the bodyboard kind, to be kept on the surface as a safety device for a return to shore or at least to have something to cling to effortlessly and return to shore with the help of the board and fins. By the way, finally some shines.
  7. Please note: This detector is waterproof down to 5 metres.. Unless you're some freaky deep sea shipwreck archaeologist, this gives you just the right depth range to hunt your local beaches (thanks to Jaws most people won't swim in waters deeper than this).. $ = Ozzy dollars.. Prices are according to a quick online search.. I'm sure that with a bit of ferocious haggling this VLF scuba detector could be yours for much cheaper, especially second-hand.. Here's the recipe: Slowly lower a lukewarm Xterra Pro ($499) into a huge pot, then swiftly add a stone cold V8X coil ($179).. Don't be afraid to mix things up, adding this coil instead of the one your Xterra came with will transform the flavour of the brew from turf to surf.. Before you add any water make sure you gently stir in a yellow pair of waterproof headphones (various makers - $185).. To test the water integrity of your VLF scuba detector, vigorously swirl the mixture in salty water for at least an hour at your nearest nudie beach.. There you go, a brand spanking new VLF scuba detector for only Au$ 863.. US$ 577.. € 527.. GBP 453.. ¥ 83,928.. Bargain! 😎
  8. I found an excerpt of a session. That day, apart from a huge uncovered surface, almost no targets and a purely luck find. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2XNwsgq7Uu/?igsh=YzcwaDQ2NmIzbXJt
  9. Well my trusty Sand Shark finally died and well we all know Tesoro is no longer with us. I need a new PI specifically for beach detecting wet salty sand, in tidal areas mainly looking for jewelry. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.........thanks! Robert
  10. After some time, we all have a spot that unlike others, we know like the back of our hand, that spot where more than others we had satisfaction and even lessons. It is the spot closest to home, the one you reach with little effort and know with your eyes closed. Well, two days ago I met a diver friend in town struggling with his hooka and having to take advantage of the few days of 0 energy for the last sessions of the year, yesterday I brought a cylinder with me so I could give him air and a few hours on the bottom. The wonder? Entering the water together in the home spot and in the slime that makes the water murky discovering that some god has ripped out tons of sand without anyone noticing yet. I start breathing at an accelerated pace, but I don't care because there is a compressor on the surface and for the next 4 hours I won't dare move away from the pit. I discover with little surprise that the holiday season has already brought the need for another 2kg of ballast to stay down on the bottom.... I can hardly believe it at moments, and although I have moved hundreds of boulders and searched meter by meter in over 15 years at this place, for the umpteenth time Mother Nature surprises me with a new combination of red clay, fine crushed stone, black sand, then orange, shells of all kinds, and large boulders on top of the cake with seaweed topping deposited between the cracks... The scenery tells of a bad current that has dug down to the mother layer as never before, in addition to old waves of a power rare in these parts. But the seaweed reminds me of the late recognition of the closing party. I start with the smile of a child at Christmas and listen confidently for the presence of iron, then silver, coarse aluminum, and dig up nothing but distinct mids... Bang, a reddish snake at least 20 years old appears.... I am sure I am in the oldest section, the most ravaged by dozens of other hunters, and I am struck with nostalgia. I may have seen 20 more of the same shape, but I haven't dug any in forever.... At that point, already happy to have caught a piece just where I least expected it, I insist and move a good 100 meters away catching sight of another really huge pit. It's been almost three hours and I'm starting to stand on the bottom almost belly down.The wetsuit has soaked through to the cells closest to the skin and the temperature has dropped considerably. You can tell by the loss of interest and control that you are about to get hypothermia.... Just before the headache, determined to resurface and already blessed with gold in my glove, another indisputable signal in the 40s stops me.... Bang again... Thin, barely bigger than my little finger and as beautiful as ever, comes a second ring from another time.... There is no way to explain, on balance I don't get to 4 grams total, but the place, the history and memories I have among these rocks, are back together after too long. I leave the beach struggling to get out among dozens of meters of seaweed, dirty and breaded like a schnitzel...I turn around and say, "You got me again..."
  11. Which one of these SMFs would you consider waterproof? I've heard of a mod for the Equinoxes that makes them waterproof and used by divers.
  12. With only three useful sessions this month due to annoying waves along the coast, the last of the three a few days ago was special. A variation to the tone profile proved effective at least for my hearing. Given the difficult environment where I usually research, pitch tone seemed the only solution to the continuous playing on the saline of 2-tone profiles and up. By really minimizing the instrument's chattery behavior, I fear I misunderstood the audio response of the peaks, no doubt overlooking signals that needed to be dug out. I am certain of this, because the same little patch where for almost two hours I used pitch tone without interesting signals, came back on in full tones giving me a hard time...I came to the conclusion that I was probably too used to "Minelabbish" signals, since in Square full tones the voice of the Deus2 sounds a lot like that kind of audio response. In the short snippet of video below, a ring of silver and one of gold jumped out after finally perceiving them correctly in headphones...
  13. After the usual three days of weather observation and skipping scouting to confirm bottom conditions, this morning a window of about 3 hours presented itself before new wave energy made the spot where I thought I was done in October impassable... The few remaining signals, are items I have not picked up due to the lack of a net bag, but whenever I find myself on a target I know, I am able at that point to isolate areas where I have already passed in other previous sessions. That said, the day started badly with leaks at the 'air regulator and missing pressure in the tank. I manage to hold the bottom for just 45 minutes and am forced out on emergency for low air. I reach the car by traveling about 400meters with the harness and ballast on and change the cylinder. At that point I screw the first stage back on and open the 'air tap on the new cylinder and hear the unmistakable venting between the tap and the first stage. I unscrew again and notice that the O-ring has blown out. I find it intact on the ground and reassemble correctly. After all the time wasted, I wonder at that point if I should leave the beach, since no interesting targets have come to light and I think I finished already in this spot some time ago. I decide to persevere and although I don't feel like walking with all that weight, I return to shore and dive. A strong current pushed me to the side just before I went out to change my tank, and this time I follow it, letting it carry me slowly toward deeper water. At that point a signal among the 40 draws my attention and a moment later I find this unusual ring in my hands.... Lesson of the day? Insistence can pay off even when it seems over....
  14. After a busy October in a spot I wouldn't have put a dime on, I returned after doing two more sessions on another stretch of coastline and returning home with coins and steel bracelets ready for the dustbin... After more than an ounce here behind me, now certain that I have checked 99 percent of the small gulf reduced to pebbles and clay with a veil of sand, this little pendant closes the party and wraps up November by now as more serious storms loom and I move away from the bottom. I'm starting to take serious note of data and timelines, because while it's not an exact science, the puzzle is composed of too many factors, and creating a pattern intrigues me. Have a great sunday you all.
  15. I have to admit, at the age of 40 my body is starting to tolerate badly all the weight I have carried on my back over the years. As much as scuba sessions are and remain what I prefer as far as standards of safety and effectiveness during research, yesterday morning I chose after four dives and a fifth non-productive one this month, to carry only a snorkel as my air source. The result was significant precisely because of my return to a spot where there was apparently not much left to pull out. With a stay of about three and a half hours before the wetsuit turned icy, I brought a few pieces with me in spite of the appearance of the bottom being battered by other hunters. I am slowly succumbing to the 'idea of an electric breathing system, not only in terms of weight in carrying, but precisely because of the distance from the bottom that generates great difficulty in retrieving the target just with a dry snorkel. The predominantly rocky coastline in my area makes a scoop and standing search a nightmare. So this is what I found ✨
  16. If there is one thing I deeply hate, it is mingling with the crowds invading the beach when with the harness I have to reach the hot area avoiding unnecessary wasting of time with questions I have answered hundreds of times. Now, to paint the picture in detail, imagine something like 81F in the shadow, in October, on a Sunday and the people like flies everywhere along the coast. This time, however, I had to give in to temptation and return to the spot where until Friday I had been scouting about 14 grams🧐... Having to keep away from the vicinity of the sandbar and fu##ng people swimming over my head, I lost at least 3/4 of the available air in the cylinder when on the way back leaving the beach, with now 20 atmospheres remaining, a perfect 40 interrupted me... As usual the camera died I don't know how much time before the almost two hours I've been downthere.🤬 So this is what remains about today🏴‍☠️
  17. Finally, two decent sessions with Deus2 and Ctx, in about 4 hours on the bottom. Maybe the first productive week after a long period without the magical color. Of course, the camera battery was dead😑
  18. I would like to report what I discovered today during a session on the bottom. For a long time I have been complaining about instability in P12 @ 40Khz while in saltwater. So today by changing audio filter to 1 while before it was on 4 I finally got the ability to increase sensitivity and decrease reactivity. It seems that the prolonged tone by higher A.F. in pitch not only makes difficult to locate the signal (even with 9" coil 😒) but increase falsing too. At the moment I am not going to give an opinion as I was going to leave the beach when I accidentally gained audio stability and I will need more tests.I will tell you...
  19. Well, after updating the software and finding time for a session on the seabed to try out the new scuba program I created, although I have nothing to say about the stability in general, I have encountered a random flaw that occasionally interrupts the audio. Specifically, it happens just after an interference cancellation, or sporadically after changing something between reactivity or sensitivity. In short, you can't change the parameters much otherwise they are indigestible😂. However by rebooting I solved it. Aluminum by the ton and a beach among the most desperate, but at least the conditions were perfect for diving 🙏
  20. More than a few times, someone explained that it is not possible to balance the terrain manually in multifrequency, as it is certainly easier to do with mono. Unfortunately, I have to say that I was waiting for this feature in the new update, considering that on the Orx at the beach on wet sand, a dutiful 25/27 is ideal for quieting saline terrain. Strangely on the Deus2 I get a much more "loaded" balance, ranging between 79 and 87, when in contrast I get false signal on hot rocks and clay around 25/28... Can someone explain how to deal with this thing lowering at the best the G.B. ? I figured out to move the coil higher on the seafloor to capture a different grab, but it works relatively and never obtained a lower number than 70. What are we talking about if the proper setting is usually 25/28 for the wet/salt/sand?
  21. After snatching a couple of hours at the day off for a session, I'm back to pissed off today. The Bh-01 headset to which an earpiece had exploded was barely able to transfer sound even at volume 9. Eventually with a gentle current but a constant wave motion, I was forced to look at the screen to figure out what was going on under the coil. That said I am about to set about building a piezo headphone and end of story🙄. I kindly ask anyone who has already discussed this topic, to direct me to the post link for the male connector and positive/negative pole diagram. I saved screenshots a while back, but can't find the folder on my pc. Thank you all in advance🙏
  22. Today I´m preparing for tomorrow dive in my usual and devastated gulf spot... After the shaft accident with the new toy the last week, Ive been captured by a stupid doubt... What about the use of a single frequency on the Ctx ? I know, this thing isn´t possible due to the kind of machine with an FBS range continuously at work, but somewhere I found a text related to the noise cancel channel and the different frequency in use... So In these years, I think the succesful use of a frequency among 15 and 20 Khz in salty environment it is not a secret anymore but what about this particular machine stated at 1 to 100Khz? So tomorrow morning I want to try all of the 11 channels and manual settings for sensitivity and noise cancel, adding the ground/coin separation that for sure is the more stable giving a less jumpy target ID... Feel free to laugh at this post but I feel like a child again...
  23. Tough times for me lately to edit a whole video 🥲. Shorts seem to be the only way to hold and share the memory of a session. Here, the baptism of Deus2 🔥 Happy hunting to all of You! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CrXhZHQqDpU/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  24. As a longtime Minelab user, I was wondering if with all of the testing that is going on in our hobby if anyone has tested the various phases of Minelab's multi-frequency head to head at a salt water beach. While I haven't done any actual testing, I took my old Explorer II with the Pro Coil out a few months back and was pleasantly surprised to find that it would match signals with my buddy's Equinox. The only downside for me was that I couldn't remember the TID numbers. Well that and the fact that swinging the Explorer felt like I was hunting with a boat anchor due to its weight and poor balance. Of all of my Minelab detectors, to this day I had the most fun and found the most gold with my old Sovereign XS with the white coil. I was the first user in the US of Doc's WOT coil which was great for coverage but the weight killed me after hours of hunting. That white coil was my go to coil. I guess the only BBS detector still in the lineup is the now ancient Excalibur II. I wonder if Minelab will ever replace it? Bill
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