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  1. And to be a little more specific... I can run my Excal. in pinpoint mode with a sensitivity around 9 in the saltwater. I can run the Equinox around 20 sensitivity and recovery speed around 3. Any thoughts on which one punches deeper on a coin or ring size object? Thanks!
  2. I am an avid metal detector user and I like always being at it. Just because there is no gold prospecting for me in a given time frame is no reason to not go metal detecting for gold. There are a lot more ways to find gold than prospecting, and so jewelry detecting is very high on my list. If you like finding a gold nugget, I do not see how you could not also be excited about digging up a gold ring. Jewelry detecting and nugget detecting share many common traits, not least being the hunt for gold. Both also require a high tolerance for digging trash items, and both are best done with detect
  3. We went up to White Lake N.C to do a little water hunting with the Hookah system. People have been swimming there for years. My Grandkids love water hunting! Here is a 2 minute video of the trip. Sorry no pictures ... no gold either.
  4. Dear Valued Members, First of all, I apologize for not being on the forum lately... but I could barely keep up with my regular work plus a few hundred messages, emails I get everyday!! I miss you guys:-) Please find below the links for the video commercial of the upcoming Mini & Midi Hoard Kids Detectors: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE:
  5. Looks like Dilek has two kids machines in the works, not just one. Mini and Midi. They are waterproof to boot.
  6. Started like a boring session this morning... Everything ready to do another underwater footage of mine but as usual, almost nothing can be done right as we want. Camera's battery dried up after 3 hours...Coins and garbage at some serious depth with the Tdi...After five hours, leaving the beach really destroyed, the last signal heard with died battery on the machine was the wedding band buried in few sand but too old to be a fresh drop.🤔...Clueless find even today.. So this is the only picture to show...
  7. So I got a good deal on the cz20 as I’ve been looking to start diving and swinging. I only have a few questions. Some of my research has said the pinpoint button has leaking issues? In your opinion is something to be concerned about? If so, should I silicone over it or do a seal refurb? I started at 13 years old with the M scope 1235x and loved it. I saw this purchase as a way to grab a hold of that old magic. I remember seeing this unit in the brochure and thinking how much I’d like to try that high dollar beast! Now thanks to a good seller on here I’ll have that chance! Any other tip
  8. Had a fair season going, too bad it got cut short. Easter is usually one of my best times! Gold is in the front row with the rings on paper clips, silver is in the back and the clumped up picture is other metals zinc, stainless,,,etc Thanks for L@@king.
  9. I’ve been doing some freshwater hunting with the Excalibur lately but I’m finding that the old girl nulls quite a bit due to the lake floor being quite mineralised...it is a clay base. I can turn the Sens into Auto but that really dumbs the unit down and depth really suffers. I have been thinking of getting the Tiger Shark but not sure if the GB will be effective enough and whether it can handle the minerals. The Excalibur in PP is quite effective but there is too much iron junk to contend with. Any thoughts out there....... Thanks Tony
  10. Just found this report online.. it's by the US Department of Homeland Security.. Handheld Underwater Metal Detector Assessment Report (2014)
  11. Greetings everyone If you take diving depth out of the equation and happy to stick to snorkel depths, what are the pros and cons of the pi Sea Hunter versus something like the Equinox 600 for salt water and beach? Cheers
  12. Hello all Has anyone come up with a decent design for a coil/loop stabilizer bracket for the Excalibur coil? Because the coil ears are flush with the side of the coil, the standard design doesn’t work (typical Whites style of loop stabilizer) Love the detector but the thin loop bolt provides very little tightness and I’m not going to ruin my coil but over tightening which is futile anyway. Can’t find much on the net which is surprising for such a popular machine. Thanks in advance for any ideas or pictures (even better). Tony
  13. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts and as much as I love my TDIBH........the coil at 12” diameter is just too big in my generally rough ocean conditions....the swell and waves knock it around too much and with zero visibility due to stirred up sand and white water.......anyhow I have managed to secure myself an unused (outdoors) Whites’s Surf Pi Pro that a very nice person called Eric Foster currently owns. It’s had a few changes too by Eric. The unit will be outfitted with a recently hand made coil by Eric......a 10” centre mount / 3 spoke coil (Full epoxy fill so no buoyancy proble
  14. Trying to get my dive skills with the excal up to speed..
  15. cuál es mejor para el agua salada? "which one is better for salt water?"
  16. For the last 3 days I have been taking a friend's grandson detecting along the Atlantic ocean. He is 11 and was having some difficulty using my Minelab Equinox. It was my lightest detector. He seems really excited to hunt but I can tell the swinging and the digging in wet sand is a bit too much for him. Is there any lighter, cheaper detectors that will still perform well along the surf? He only goes in ankle deep water and mostly hunts the wet & dry sand. Thank you.
  17. Version 4901-0064-6


    Minelab Excalibur II Instruction Manual, 1.02 MB pdf file, 44 pages Minelab Excalibur II Data & Reviews Minelab Metal Detector Forum
  18. Version 621-0505-1 Rev 5/2008


    White's Surfmaster PI Dual Field Instruction Manual, 1.15 MB pdf file, 20 pages White's Surfmaster PI Dual Field Data & Reviews White's Metal Detector Forum
  19. Version Rev 2 092513


    Fisher CZ-21 Operating Manual, 4.04 MB pdf file, 44 pages Fisher CZ-21 Data & Reviews First Texas (Fisher) Forum
  20. Version Rev 4 010715

    1 download

    Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut Operating Manual, 5.62 MB pdf file, 28 pages Fisher 1280-X Data & Reviews First Texas (Fisher) Forum
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