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  1. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Yeah mate, could be a tall order that one. It's like letting a dog off the chain in a butcher shop 🤣.
  2. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Well it is official...........l-the Yank is back He rolled up in a new truck all knocked up ready to go detecting-- I think he is staying in my motorhome tonight--Already ate me out of house and home for dinner! Giving him over to Tremain tomorrow. Lol , great to see you back in the North buddy. 😉
  3. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Look forward to catching you up soon mate.
  4. bloodgold2


    Good onya Lunk, nice find.
  5. bloodgold2

    Gold Is Not Where You Find It!

    Hi Doc, yeah I would agree with your post mate. You have done well explaining it in an overall prospective, well written. Cheers Dave.Merry xmas to all.
  6. bloodgold2

    Johnathan Porter GPZ 7000 Dvd

    Hi JW and other members that have watched our vids. Yes you are right mate, we put them out there to show abit of what we do and hopefully some prospectors new and old could get something out of them to improve there chances of finding gold. And yes mate you hit the nail on the head, for NO personal gain.Anyway beside that we seem to have attracted a few unsavory prospectors along with a few mining interests that are acting in a backhand matter to try and secure our tenements.Have heaps of xids, but yeah now very reluctant to share on the web. Gold greed, still amazes me to what lengths some take. Sorry if this reply is off topic. Cheers Dave.
  7. bloodgold2

    I Finally Joined The Club!!

    Congrats mate a good day for sure well done.
  8. bloodgold2

    Bye Bye Dolly Pot

    Hi MT, yeah mate they make life alot easier
  9. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Thanks Trent, mate have had numerous offers over the years from various gold forum members to try my hand in WA . And I appreciate all that have offered there Aussie generosity Having some problems dragging myself off task in the North though, but very interested in the dry blower concept. On some our tenements we have a heavy clay that goes to pug when it hits water in a gold dish, I am leaning towards treating dry as it is nugget ground and would need a serious trommel,/ washer plant to treat some of the ground. Then running the extract fines through a nelson at a separate location as is also very rich in fines x mag 10 in the samples taken. Interested to hear your thoughts on recovery on mega fines recovery from the dry blower mate. Cheers Dave. PS, yeah mate the boozer concept also sounds appealing
  10. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hey mate sounds good, will give the sooby a good run from Cairns to Meekatharra. Have you had a chance to check out the logistics of the distance? Im a tad jealous Paul, never been to WA myself yet, and mate best you get that aircon button looked at. WA, home of the big gold in OZ.
  11. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi Trent, we accommodated Paul to the best of our abilities to have just a good time. To keep pace in what we normally do, no mate way off the mark.Saying that it would be a small percentage in the prospecting community that could. He is a great bloke and and yeah Goldhounds have taken him under our wing in OZ along with Norvic, another successful prospector in the North. Thats a generous offer mate from another true prospector in OZ. Cheers bro.
  12. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Got to agree Randy, some nice pics there Paul..Boy did that little Subaru cover some country in a short period, 5 gold bearing areas in the North of Queensland that I know of.By the sounds he has many stores to tell over various gold fields when Paul finds the time to post. Anyway, all us Goldhounds enjoyed his company in the time he spent with us.
  13. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    lol, yeah the chariot, only driven to church on Sundays
  14. bloodgold2

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hi Mitchel, I carn't assume what Paul will or will not do, but what I can fathom from talk in the camp at night he is keen to apply what he as absorbed with his short time with us back home. I wish him all the best in implying some of that back in the USA.. Cheers Dave.