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  1. Doc's Rod package for Minelab Equinox. Save your stock 2 piece upper for travel. This Carbon Fiber upper is 2.2 ounces lighter and way more stable. Comes with 2 lower fiber glass rods, Velcro® ties nuts and bolts. I have it listed on Ebay. The Carbon Fiber Upper is drilled with holes in the exact same location for head placement and arm cuff adjustment, so the adjustment that is comfortable for you now, will be the same adjustment you can make with this upper rod. NOTE: The Minelab stock lower rod will not work with this Carbon Fiber rod. For some reason Minelab made the lower rod just a little bit larger than all of their other rods. Go figure. That's why we include 2 lower 28 inch long rods. The upper is 34 inches long. Take care, Doc
  2. I'm offering it as well. I don't think many dealers have gotten their ads placed yet for this special offering. Doc
  3. No worries Fred. Did I remember to put a key chain in there? I meant to. Doc
  4. Unfortunately that was my fault. I wrote the article and submitted it for Dartagnon. I was in a hurry to submit it before the end of the month and at that time I didn't have the information about the rarity of the find. Heck I didn't even know where that mint mark was from, I thought it was Denver. Obviously I'm not a coin collector. When more information came forward on how rare the find was, I went back to the Minelab site hoping I could edit the submission, but there was no way to add more information. So bad news, I didn't get some valuable information in there. Good news is, fortunately this cool find won. Doc
  5. As previously reported in the post: D’artagnon Jackson, Long Time Customer Of Doc, Scores First Beautiful Gold… Dar found a 1852 D gold U.S. dollar. I submitted the find to Minelab for their Finds of The Month January contest. Today Dartagnon received this email from Minelab. Congratulations D'artagnon! Doc
  6. Yes by all means don't do a video demonstrating the capabilities of accessories, like coils. We don't really want to see the amazing performance that innovative products give in actual real life circumstances. We would rather just be fed hype through print advertising that tell us about how the item performs without anything to back it up. My personal opinion is, the medium of YouTube, with it's plethora of informative videos, has led us all to be more informed and educated consumers. I want to know about new innovative products and I am especially excited to actually see them in use doing what they are advertised to do. So, bottom line, Carry on Chris! Doc
  7. Great video Chris. Thank you for sharing. Also that is a really good looking pick. I wonder who makes those. ? Doc
  8. Thank you Fred, A lot of work still to be done getting all of the products input. But I think it will work well once all filled with goodies. Doc
  9. YOW. I know nothing about grading coins. That's amazing. Quite a quandary. Would I rather find a nugget or a $4000 piece of history. Doc
  10. Gold Basin Mining District has a long and colorful history. Starting back around 1861 the road now called Pearce Ferry Road was the trail that took the old timers down to the Colorado River. The River separated Arizona and Nevada. The Ferry was the only way for travelers to cross. Outlaws, Indians, cowboys and settlers heading to California were all part of the local landscape. This is the area where D’artagnon Jackson found an amazing find with his Gold Monster 1000 on January 22, 2019. “Dar” had purchased his Gold Monster 1000 from Doc at Doc’s Detecting in Henderson Nevada almost one year ago in January of 2018. Doc had taken him to Gold Basin for a day of one on one training. Dar lives in the state of Washington, and only gets to Gold Basin twice a year. He joins his brother, J.R. from Utah and they travel to Gold Basin to detect. Dar has been looking for elusive gold nuggets for 15 years with no success. He has owned every low end $200 detector on the market, with no success. However, armed with his Minelab Gold Monster, all of that was about to change. As he was detecting, looking for meteorites , and of course his first gold nugget, if he could be so lucky, he stumbled upon a good target. At three inches he uncovered a pull-tab. Somewhat disappointed, he said, “I remembered what Doc had taught me. Always check your hole before you fill it back in, there might be another target.” Somewhat reluctantly Dar swung the 5 X 10 coil of his Gold Monster over the shallow hole. He got a good target sound, and it was registering as non-ferrous, however the pull tab also had registered as non-ferrous. He started to dig deeper, and the ground started getting more hard packed. Ringing in the back of his head was Doc’s admonition, “When the target is deep and the ground is hard packed, it is less likely to be a trash target.” At 8 inches, Dar saw a glint of gold. Could this be his very first nugget after 15 years? NO! It was something much more impressive that spoke to the unique history of this Gold Basin area. It was an 1852 U.S. Gold dollar with a “D” mint mark. The coin was in amazing condition considering it was 167 years old. Needless to say, Dar, can’t believe that he found such a unique treasure, let alone, it was the very first piece of gold he has ever found. Think of it, this coin is 167 years old and yet this coin was minted only 76 years after the founding of our country via the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Later, after getting back to a computer, Dar found out just how special this coin is. There are only 125, 1852 mint mark “D” $1 gold pieces known to exist today. Valued at around $900 to $1,400 depending on condition and this one looks pretty good. Gold Fever? Yes, Dar has a really bad case of it now. Congratulations D’artagnon!
  11. OK, OK, Please I don't want to hear, "It's about time." This all started when I payed an obscene amount of money to a web site developer to design my new website. He got it 90% finished and disappeared with all of my money and left me with no instructions. HOWEVER, my guardian angels in the UKRAINE, came to the rescue. If you didn't know UKRAINE programmers are some of the best in the world. I have been dealing with these guys fro 25 years, they are freaking amazing. They actually wrote the enitre DMV software for the Michigan. So it finally occurred to me to ask if they knew a website designer proficient in WORDPRESS. Well of course they did. Enter "MAX" real name Maksim Nikolaenko. Max speaks English as do most of the programmers there. He is a savant when it comes to website design and especially WORDPRESS and Search Engine optimization. So over the past two months, using chat on SKYPE and screen sharing we collaborated to get my new site functional. So Max got me online with the new website, a site I feel is befitting a company that has been in this industry since 1992, http://docsdetecting.com/ But please be patient as I am in the midst of the arduous task of getting all of the content and thousands of items we carry input into the site. In the meantime take a look around. Tell me your overall impression. I would welcome the feedback. If you enjoy reading articles and adventures, at the very top on the left side of the home page there is a link titled Things of Interest. Take a gander. Thank you! Doc Steve's Review of Doc's Harnesses and Covers
  12. Something I forgot to mention about one of the pieces included with the Gold Monster Cover, this is a "CORD WRAP" for the upright where the Coil Cable runs vertically along the upright and then plugs into the back of the detector. Steve referred to this in his writing as, " The Gold Monster cover includes an additional item in the form of a small cover for the upright support post. " It is not just a cover, it has a very important purpose and I encourage you to use it! Anyone who has used the Gold Monster knows that this plastic upright where the coil cable runs has a plastic clip type arrangement where you are supposed to insert the coil cable to hold it in place. This "clip" is very tight and you have to force the coil cable into it, and out of it, if you want to change coils. Well that coil cable is very thin and pliable, and I foresee that in the near future users are going to start having issue with this plastic clip damaging the insulation, or worse yet breaking the wires on the inside of the cable. The purpose of the cord wrap is to eliminate the need to use this "clip" to hold the coil cable in place. You simply leave the coil cable out of the "CLIP" and use the wrap to hold the coil cable in place by gently caressing the cable as opposed to pinching it. Which would you prefer? A caress or a pinch? OK, I know some of you weirdos like to be pinched but that's not going to damage your wiring. ? Recognizing the Cord Wrap is small and could easily get lost, I designed it with a small hole in the middle. Unscrew the little wire cable that keeps you from losing your battery door, un-thread it out of the battery door, run both ends of the wire through the hole in the cord wrap and then back to the battery door. Now you will not lose the battery door or your cord wrap. The CORD WRAP makes changing coils SO MUCH FASTER! Open the Hook and Loop closure and remove the cord, (WHICH IS NOT WEDGED INTO THAT "CLIP") Put your new coil on, run it inside the cord wrap and close the end of the cord wrap with the HOOK and LOOP closure and you are ready to go. (Hook and Loop is the generic name for Velcro® type closure material.) So bottom line, that CORD WRAP is an important feature to protect the performance of your coils. It is not for aesthetics. Doc
  13. I don't want to brag, but the advantage of having someone like myself design accessories is I have been detecting since 1990. I know these machines. I know the things that I would look for in a cover, and the "must haves" accordingly I design my products with features that provide the greatest benefits to the user. That's why it's a very expensive undertaking because it is not unusual for me to go through 10 prototypes and test them before we get to a place of refinement where we can go into production. These covers started back in March. Not only that, but the next run will have more improvements. My users are always very helpful in suggesting things they would like. Someone already suggested maybe a little bit wide straps for the Equinox. But I really appreciate your input Phrunt, thank you. Doc
  14. Yes it's $24.95 plus $4 shipping. I just launched my website, FINALLY, and I have a gazillion products to add so please be patient. But let your heart not be troubled, I have it listed on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323614874891 So you can pick one up there. Thank you! Doc
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