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  1. That's precisely the reason most dealers don't show up. Because you come there and EXPOSE YOURSELF. LOL (Maybe you could have worded that different Gerry.) 😁 Doc
  2. Retta Atkins, aka The Gold Lady from Kingman, and her partner Darren were murdered in their home. Apparently, the victims of a home invasion. Please say a prayer for the family. Anyone having any information regarding this violent crime please contact Deputy Rider at the Mohave County Arizona Sheriff's Dept. Doc
  3. If it doesn't work for gold, as heavy as it is, I will have to rebrand it as a Osmium Isolator Scoop. Doc
  4. Guys, you might have a better understanding of this technology if you watch my YouTube videos on the Gold Spot scoop. This isn't some hallucination I had when I invented this. It took hundreds of hours to perfect this technology. Please realize this was done slowly so you can see exactly how that nugget reacts. When you agitate the scoop it drops into the recessed channel. Once you get confident with the scoop, the process is really fast because you know you can pull excess dirt out of the scoop and feel safe in knowing that the gold is in the channel. In addition when you pull the dirt out you pull it across the riffles which is a second safeguard to keep that nugget in the scoop. Doc
  5. Until you have used the scoop and understand how it works, you won't get the concept. Once you have used it and gain confidence that by agitating the scoop, whether it be the GOLD Spot Scoop or the new GOLD Pit, the gold is either going to be in the recessed channel, or in the pit. The way you gain confidence is to agitate the scoop, pull the excess dirt off the top, and right on to the top of your coil, so you can make sure you are not losing anything. Do that 20 times and you will have confidence that any gold is either in the recessed channel or the PIT and all that over burden is just that. It's a burden and a waste of time. Doc
  6. I haven't experienced any shipping situation where I have to collect duties up front to Australia. That is happening primarily in the EU countries and it's a nightmare. I will only accept orders from EU countries through Ebay because they already have everything set up to collect the tax and submit it to the country, and I don't have to jump through all of the hoops. Doc
  7. Well I did square off the very front of the scoop, just not as drastically as you have shown. I have seen the scoops out there that are all angular, that is about the only feature they have going for them. I was talking to Kevin Hoagland yesterday. He told me he doesn't even bother trying to isolate small gold he just takes the scoop that has the target in it and dumps it in a bag and takes it home and pans it out. I wonder with really small gold if carrying a battery operated dust buster would work to vacuum the bedrock and then dump it in a container for panning.
  8. The Gold Monster scoop? What is that? The little plastic scoop that comes free with the Gold Monster that you can use to plant tulips? The one where small rocks get caught between the handle which protrudes into the bowl of the scoop and the side wall of the scoop? Not trying to be funny, is that scoop you're talking about? Doc
  9. Hey, I invented the darn thing and sometimes I have the same issue. You can always tell where I've been detecting for gold because the countryside is littered with scoops. Dang, this one doesn't work and I toss it. I keep a case of them in my truck, I know one of them has to work right. I'll find that bugger if it's the last thing I do. πŸ˜‰ Doc
  10. Phrunt, I absolutely agree. It's absolutely obscene what they charge to ship and you know with gas it's going to get worse. I have two suggestions. Get friends to go in with you and order more than 1. The Gold Spot scoop for example, you can order two and pay almost the same amount for shipping. I think you might even be able to get three pretty reasonably. The other suggestions is, Finders Keepers in Kalgoorie carries a few of my items. GPX6000 covers, the Gold Spot scoop etc. Because they order a box full at a time his per unit cost for shipping is much less than sending one. Hope that helps. Doc
  11. Tboykin, Good news is you're right, bad news is you got beat out by Sevastras who answered earlier than you. Send me your address and maybe I'll send you a runner up prize. Doc
  12. CONGRATULATIONS SEVASTRAS! The New Gold Pitβ„’ Scoop will be available soon! Sevastras, please message me with your address. Doc Instruct Sell Sheet.pdf
  13. ***** CONTEST ENDED ***** What the Heck is That? Well it is one of my new inventions that is in production right now and this is a small part of the CAD drawing. The first person to guess what it is going to be will win a free one after the production run is delivered. 1 guess per person, 1 prize for the first correct answer. So what do you think it's going to be? Doc
  14. One of my favorite movies is "As Good As It Gets" with Jack Nicholson, and Helen Hunt. Nicholson plays Melvin Udall a very eccentric writer whose books are wildly popular, but Nicholson is an obsessive compulsive quirky neat freak who barely tolerates anyone. So he walks into an office one day and the receptionist recognizes him immediately and tells him she is a big fan and has read all of his books. She then says, can I ask you a question, "How do you write women so well?" He says, "First I think of a man, then I take away all reason and accountability." So in case any of you want to ask me "How do you write like that?" My answer is, "First I think of a great writer, someone like Ernest Hemmingway. Then I take away all literary skills, grammar, punctuation and act like English is a language I can barely speak, let alone write." Doc
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