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  1. It's a made up name which is a mash up of the words Quick, Bungee and Double (double adjustment point). It describes another innovative product from Doc that makes detecting more enjoyable and helps save your arm, shoulder neck and back from undue stress. Just add your own backpack or Hydration pack. This amazing Bungee Support System provides absolutely instantaneous adjustment so your detector is always at the proper height off the ground, even when you are in mid-swing. We use super strong Marine Grade bungee that is stronger than 3/8ths inch bungee that is commonly used for tie-dow
  2. Shipped Priority mail yesterday Mike. Thank you. Delivery says SATURDAY??? Geesh the post office is really dropping the ball. I could throw a rock from Las Vegas and hit Sandy Utah. Doc
  3. Me! I'm the automated assembly line. Only 1700 more to assemble. I can't keep up with orders. Your dealers should have more this week if you have been waiting for the SAGA™. I can't tell you how over the moon excited my wife is that I have completely taken over our dining room table. (Not really.) I have not seen any field reports from people who have purchased the Swing Assist Guide Arm yet. I would love to hear some news. Thanks gang! Doc
  4. We have two females as well. One is a Yorkie, the other is a Silkie. Great guard dogs, I mean they are too little to do anything but they are on high alert all of the time. Never have to worry about anyone breaking in, they hear everything and bark. The other thing is Yorkies and Silkies do not shed. Doc
  5. Beautiful dog. I love the color. Bright eyes, alert. I love dogs. Doc
  6. My favorite. My two studs one was named Astor, and the other was Eiko. They were both Schutzhund III's. Wonderful loving dogs. They both thought they were lap dogs. Nothing like having a big lapful of German Shepherd.
  7. I love Dachshunds. Steve do they like to be covered up? Every Dachshund I have ever known loves to be under the covers. When I used to go to Germany to buy dogs, the big three in popularity were Shepherds Long haired Dachshunds and Rottie's. In fact most of the GS breeders over there also had Dachshunds. Not for breeding but as their other pets. In Germany your Shepherds go everywhere with you. Restaurants, stores, everywhere. The SV which is the registration organization for German Shepherds is extremely strict. If I had a female and I wanted to breed to Gerry's male we would
  8. That is one beautiful animal. I know a lot about German Shepherds. At one time in the early 70's my wife and I owned the largest German Shepherd Kennel in the United States. All of our dogs were imported from Germany. Our two stud dogs were out of the Number 1 producer of normal hips and the Number 2 producer of normal hips in all of Germany. All our dogs had the "A" stamp German certification for normal hips and many times we got them OFA certified too. I revamped the K9 unit when I was on the police department. I replaced all of the dogs with German Shepherds that had Schutzhun
  9. Wow, that's great, that is almost back to normal delivery. Used to take 7 to 10 days then it went all the way to 30 days. Doc
  10. Dave, Jonathan Porter usually handles my products in Australia, and I have 2 boxes of merchandise ready to ship to him. But he has not been answering emails for like 2 weeks. He may be out in the bush. Doc
  11. I agree. If it is at all damp then you will not get gravity to work for you when you agitate the scoop so you have to add water. However, unlike a conventional gold pan, you do not need a lot of water. -Doc
  12. This is a demonstration of the Gold SPOT™ being used as a portable gold pan. It's extremely effective. Don't worry about the first few minutes where I am out of frame. Leo Aranza, my buddy, takes over and the rest of the video is well framed. -Doc
  13. I got a piece of wire stuck up in the area inside the Minelab scoop where the handle is molded into the bowl of the scoop, and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why a scoop that looked empty was giving me a target sound. I have also had rocks get stuck up in therre. I would like it better if they had molded the handle on the outside of the scoop. You may like it because of the pointed tip, it is similar to many gardening trowels. Of course that was before I had Glaucoma surgery and Cataract surgery so maybe I could see a piece of wire now. 😀 Doc
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