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  1. I remember the days when Lunk used to go by Krumy Keith, because all he ever got were Crumbs. Gone are those days. Good Onya' Lunk! Doc
  2. Wow Steve, Thank you for that write up. Glad I saw it before I took the Axiom into the field. I like you would rather have that higher sensitivity and not need it, than feel like I needed more but didn't have it. I remember the old Minelab SD2100. We would intentionally manually ground balance it to be positive. It was noisy but it also gave you extra depth. Your ear just learned to pick out real targets from the chatter. Seems like you have put in a lot of time and effort that will benefit anyone who uses this new machine. Doc
  3. There is more to figure into the cost than the price of gas. Usually less expensive to ship out of state than pay the sales tax for a face to face sale. Gas may be cheap in Arizona, but sales tax in Nevada is not. I can send it to Arizona, and it gets there overnight and the sales tax is ZERO. Or you can drive to Las Vegas with cheap gas and pay $334.58 in sales tax. So the detector got put in UPS driver's hands yesterday Tues 11/22 at 3:28pm and she had it in her hands today Wed 11/23 at 2:18pm. And she saved gas and $334.58. Now of course I know she will declare that out of state purchase to the State of Arizona and pay them the appropriate sales tax. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I remember years ago when Gerry Brannigan was the temporary president of Minelab U.S. operations when Minelab was located here in Las Vegas. He was missing his family back in Australia and we invited him for Thanksgiving Dinner. Obviously, not a holiday celebrated in Australia and of course it is peculiar to our heritage here in the United States. Gerry was overwhelmed with the amount and the variety of food and desert. He said they had nothing that even came close to that kind of celebration in Australia. He made us promise that he would have a standing invitation to come back for another Thanksgiving Day meal should the opportunity ever present itself. He was quite "keen" on how delicious the meal was. Needless to say, he has a standing open invitation. Doc This Axion is an impressive package. I love how compact it is. I have to get busy on a cover for it.
  4. Hey Ridge Runner, I resemble that remark! I have been trying though. I had to Co-Vid seclusion weight gain that came from staying home and eating too much ice cream and watching Netflix. I got to 180. So I buckled down and started exercising and cutting out sweets and starches. I am now down to 162, But I would kill for a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Doc
  5. I appreciate all the unsolicited kind words. I have found my niche. I do love developing new products. Keeps my old 73 year old mind from going dormant. Doc
  6. Where do you come up with these delusions? Quit eating those weird mushrooms you find growing out there. Just because it grows doesn't mean you can eat it. 🙂
  7. Well if that were the case I would not have already purchased a crypt at Davis Memorial Gardens. Davis Memorial Gardens, such a pretty name for a place where all they do is warehouse dead bodies. However, Davis Memorial Gardens is at the east end of the west landing runway at McCarran airport. So I will get to watch the airplanes land for all of eternity. They didn't offer internet so a view of the landing runway was my only option. Doc
  8. I too am amazed, or is it amused? But you know me too well, I have never been accused of being a great business man. My dad always told me you'll never be successful in business if your philosophy is. "We lose money on every deal but we make it up in volume." Doc
  9. If that were the case I could retire... AGAIN.
  10. My only wish at this point is the GPZ7000 Version 2. As light as the GPX6000, and with a switch to go into VLF discrimination. That's all I want for Christmas. I'm not holding my breath. I've used the GPX6000, great light weight machine, very simple to use. Nice features, certainly superior to the GPX5000 in my opinion. But I have a love affair with my GPZ7000 and as long as I can swing it, that's what I will be using. I've always maintained that you have to use the machine that you have confidence in. Take someone who has confidence in their Gold Monster vs. someone who has not spent the time learning their GPZ7000 and is constantly monkeying around with settings. The confident Gold Monster user is going to bring home the goodies. Doc
  11. Dear GotAU Thank you for the great pictures. I am very happy with the design. Here are complete instructions, giving several different techniques for use. Every time I use it I am finding there are new things the scoop is capable of doing depending upon how and where you tap it. Kevin Hoagland from GPAA has been using it in water and says it's crazy good how efficient it is for sampling. Doc Instruct Sell Sheet Dealer Actual Photo update correct 081022.pdfInstruction Page Gold Pit correct 081022.pdf
  12. If it doesn't work for gold, as heavy as it is, I will have to rebrand it as a Osmium Isolator Scoop. Doc
  13. Guys, you might have a better understanding of this technology if you watch my YouTube videos on the Gold Spot scoop. This isn't some hallucination I had when I invented this. It took hundreds of hours to perfect this technology. Please realize this was done slowly so you can see exactly how that nugget reacts. When you agitate the scoop it drops into the recessed channel. Once you get confident with the scoop, the process is really fast because you know you can pull excess dirt out of the scoop and feel safe in knowing that the gold is in the channel. In addition when you pull the dirt out you pull it across the riffles which is a second safeguard to keep that nugget in the scoop. Doc
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