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  1. Steve had already mention to me that he loved the idea of a lightweight detector. He really did not want to add any additional weight that a cover might add. I understand his thinking on this subject. Although my complete cover set only weighs 8 ounces. But that threaded port screw is very clever. Doc
  2. Lunk is where I learned about them. I tried a pair, and then got a dealership for them. $95 free shipping. Jennifer insisted on paying full price because she said she was going to do a review. I love them because they are great for everything. The computer, watching smart television is a hoot. It sounds like speeding cars are going right through your head. You can answer your telephone. These things are really neat. I agree that the GPX6000 has a pretty good speaker but I don't like the doppler effect you get when you are swinging that speaker back and forth. It is really bad for me because I wear hearing aids so it is even more pronounced. I hear the sound loud in my right ear then as I swing the detector it switches to my left ear then back again, and I find it very annoying. These Torus give me equal sound right directly under my hearing aids and the sound is crisp and clear. If the wind is blowing I take my hearing aids out and use the ear buds. They also make a small transmitter or receiver that is so small you could attach it to the back of one of my speakers and accomplish what you are talking about. The pair is available on Amazon for $60. These things are slightly larger that a silver dollar. You would only need the receiver and a speaker. Again they are the low latency Qualcom APTX technology. I'll have to play around and see if my speaker and the receiver will pair with the GPX6000. I had to agree not to advertise on Amazon to get a dealership for the Torus -Doc
  3. Love to see pictures of you guys with the Nugget Stalker cover on your new GPX6000. Doc
  4. Hey gang all backorders are filled. Check with your dealers as they have stock on the way to them as well. Rob Allison, Chris Gholson, Gerry McMullen, Bill Southern and Finders Keepers in Kalgoorlie Australia. Listed alphabetically in the U.S. by last name. This was just a fraction of the production run. But I had these shipped by air because I know so many people have been waiting. The balance are coming by boat. Here's the instructions for those of you that want an understanding of the meticulous attention to detail that went into this cover. Special thanks goes to the President of Minelab, Peter Charlesworth, who assisted me along the way with advise, suggestions and gave a thumbs up on the unique blue camo material. By the way the weight for the entire cover set, which consists of 5 pieces is under 8 ounces. There is the main body cover, the arm cuff cover, the arm cuff strap, the head cover, and a detachable shade cover for the head cover. Installation instructions for Nugget Stalker GPX6000 cover. Doc
  5. Link to webpage with battery and skid plates for GPX6000 https://docsdetecting.com/product/gpx6000-accessory-items/
  6. Give me an hour and I get them up there. I'm not very good at programming so it takes me a while. Doc
  7. I'm really loving those Torus AVANTREE. Speakers right by your ears. Very comfortable, and if the wind is blowing, stick the earbuds in. Doc
  8. Hoping by August 15th. maybe sooner. I have skid plates and batteries in stock. Doc
  9. Hey Gang, So as you can see most of us dealers are starting to get caught up on backorders. 15% Military Discount with a DD214. Minelab's rules are you can use your discount one time per year on one machine. Call or text me if you have questions. 702-419-3070 No calls after 7 pm Pacific time. But you can text anytime. Also I got a dealership for AVANTREE. I will have the Torus Low Latency Bluetooth speaker / earbud combo, that are fantastic as well as the LOCK Transmit Receive Low Latency that works on other detectors. Should have the first shipment in a few days. Doc Doc's Detecting Supply 702-419-3070
  10. I'm still the guy. 😆 I just don't carry Coiltek anymore. I still have a few WALCO picks, and I have my own brand of pick, However, it's not like the old Serial Killer pick I designed for WALCO. This is my Nugget Stalker Pick. I still have a few WALCO picks left I think. Doc
  11. MSC, I know, right? Can you talk to my wife and tell her what a high opinion people have of me. For some reason she seems to think I need an attitude adjustment. I think my attitude is just fine, for someone that is old, crabby and senile. 😆 Doc
  12. You waited 12 years, when all you had to do was call me! You never know what I have sitting on my shelves until you ask. Doc
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