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  1. A limited number of QWIPPLES™ are in stock. The other 3000 of them are stuck in customs. they are probably trying to decide if it is some device used in Sado-Masochism shenanigans. LOL Here's the link to my web page. I have about 25 in stock I should have the rest in about 7 days. Thank you for your interest. https://docsdetecting.com/product/qwipple/ Doc
  2. Reports are 50/50? You sure you're not including that first iteration of which all of those were replaced? I have not had one complaint nor one return. All I get are compliments about how much better it is that other Swing Arms. Any complaint about any product you always CC me via email and I don't recall any complaints. I have had questions from people who have never used a Swing Arm before because they are not sure how to use it correctly. Even though we give extensive instructions in color. But as far as customers trying to upgrade from the Minelab Swing Arm, those folks have had nothing but praise. I have had a few people snap the rod holder off when they dropped their detector and we have always replaced the clip no charge. The SAGA not only swings away from the detector rod, it moves up and down. You can't break it. It actually lets you STEER your coil and takes a lot of the stress off of detecting. Doc
  3. Thank you in advance to Steve for allowing be to update people on developments. The number of people waiting for a cover for the Axiom and Manticrore is pretty mind boggling. I know Steve doesn't like to use covers because he says he likes to keep the machine as light as possible. But the Manticore cover weighs 4 ounces and the AXIOM cover weighs 10 ounces. I'm sorry that designing prototyping and perfecting covers for new machines takes so long, but I won't have it made unless it's perfect. What I thought was going to be a nightmare to design, the AXIOM cover actually was not. It was similar in it's weird design to the GPX6000 so that went smoothly. The nightmare was the new Manticore cover. That large protrusion in the back with the flashlight was really hard to work around. If it was a big machine, working with weird angles is not such a challenge, but when you work with covers for smaller machines negotiating weird angles really cause problems for the design team. I've seen some covers for the Manticore being marketed already, they just put a big piece of elastic across the back. it blocks the coil cable plug in, the headphone jack and the flashlight. I suppose you can stretch the elastic out of the way to allow the cable and headphone jack to be plugged in, but what about the flashlight? Anyway here are pictures of new items these were the final approved prototypes, they have been in production now for about 2 weeks. Estimate is 3 weeks total for production to conclude and then probably another 3 to 4 weeks shipping customs clearance etc. The Gold Monster Cover we have in stock now. I am going to have to do a You Tube video on the QWIPPLE™ so people understand just how cool this new item is. I have a plethora of new items being manufactured right now. (Plethora, I don't get to use that word "A LOT") 1. The new Qwipple™ triple adjustment point shock cord bungee kit to be mounted on your favorite harness or hydration pack. 2. New Cover Set for the AXIOM, Head Cover Shade Cover, Body Cover and Arm Cuff Cover all done in the Digital Aussie Green Camo material 3. New Cover set for the Manticore 4. New Cover set for the Equinox 700 and 900 5. New Cover Sert for the Xterra Pro 6 New Cover Set for the GPX6000 in the New Digital Aussie Green Camo material 7. New Cover Set for the Gold Monster in the New Digital Aussie Green Camo material (IN STOCK NOW) 8. New Doc's Nugget Stalker soft real cowhide soft leather nugget pouch. Kangaroo Scrotums are getting hard to get in the larger size, and you can't sell anything made of Kangaroo into California. This new pouch is really nice. A larger size made of genuine soft leather. #1. Let me tell you about the QWIPPLE™. Take the weight off while detecting. With less strain you will be able to detect longer and concentrate on subtle targets better. • Top of the line custom made 50% stretch (most shock cord is 100% stretch) UV Protected Dacron Polyester Shock cord. Durable and tough. Control without all the bounce. This shock cord is specially made to my exacting specifications. This is necessary to withstand the rigors of metal detecting. I had to order 6200 meters to get this shock cord made to meet my requirements because it's not available commercially. • Exclusive ambidextrous heavy duty shoulder clip that allows 1 handed easy height adjustment "on the go." Never miss a swing, no stopping to re-adjust. Attach either looped end to the rod and you can still adjust the height, because both sides of the clip have an adjustment groove. • Amazing, rod bungee connection point fits any detector. You can also adjust the height of the detector here, or, simply use the loop end of the shock cord to attach. If you do like to adjust at the rod adjustment connector, no problem. When you are ready to lay your detector down in the dirt, don't take the clip off at the shoulder, this just allows your shock cord to lay in the dirt with your detector. Simply pop the shock cord out of the side of the rod adjustment device and leave your shock cord hanging on your shoulder high and dry and clean. • Every QWIPPLE™ triple adjustment shock cord support system comes with a RING STRAP included. You can sew the RING STRAP onto your favorite support harness, backpack or hydration pack and you're all set. Doc 1. QWIPPLE™ 2. Axiom Cover 3. Manticore Cover 4. Equinox 700 and 900 Cover 5. Xterra Pro Cover 6. GPX6000 Cover Set 7. Gold Monster Cover, (IN STOCK NOW) 8. New Leather Nugget Stalker® Gold Nugget Pouch
  4. This is also why all the covers I make have a very thin neoprene lining backing the material. It helps insulate the machine from heat. Very much like middle eastern countries where they wrap themselves head to toe in lightweight light colored garments to insulate themselves from the sun. Additionally Minelab has told me they have already put the "NOT HAPPY" on several after market cover designs for the Xterra Pro, The Nox 900 and the Manticore, because they are not allowing an opening for the speaker. This causes two problems. It muffles the sound from the speaker as well as the fact that it traps heat inside the cover and makes over-heating worse. All of my covers are designed in consultation and advice from Minelab to make sure I am designing something that enhances the protection of the machine instead of being detrimental. Attached are a couple pictures of how we design the back of the Manticore and the Equinox 900 detector covers to make sure we get unimpeded sound and proper heat dissipation. I also design the cover with a small elastic piece over the charging port. This protects the gold plated contact charging points, while that elastic allows you to easily insert the charging cable and keep it in place. Doc
  5. Let me caution against black on a metal detector. It's an absolute no no. Black absorbs heat and can cause a screen blackout, so try to stay away from black. Doc
  6. I'm not a big fan of traditional CAMO, but the digital CAMO I think is understated.. I selected it because in the gold bearing desert areas in the U.S. as well as the Outback you have some green vegetation, a lot of browns, beige and rusty color soil. It has been very popular in the Gold Monster cover. We have it in the drab solid green and the Digital camo and the Cam outsells the drab green about 20 to 1. We can't do just one offs because our production runs are usually 1200 to 1500 of one style of cover. Chase I might have missed this but what detector are you using? Doc
  7. WOW that's interesting. Thank you for sharing that. Doc
  8. I won't know until I get the final shipping and the Customs import duty. Sometimes Customs charges me 50% sometimes they charge me 10%. I never know until I can get the final bill and tally up everything. Then I have to add in the prototype design and modification charges, etc. etc, It is not an inexpensive proposition to design and manufacture these covers. Doc
  9. Might I suggest you paint the handle of your pick fluorescent orange? Then you just sit you pick handle up by your detector and you can spot that a mile away. Personally my detector never leaves my sight. Hell what difference does it make anyway? I'm 74, I have a big White Pickup truck and half the time I can't even remember where I left that when I'm out in the desert. Crap I can't find it when I parked it 10 minutes ago in the COSTCO parking lot. Most times I have to push the PANIC alarm on my key FOB so the alarm will go off so I know which way to walk. 😀 Doc
  10. Sorry trying to get out orders in a timely manner and have not had a chance to write instructions as of yet. Here is my suggestion. DO NOT peel the adhesive off the VELCRO. Instead remove the entire piece of Velcro® with the adhesive back protection in place and set it aside. We are going to wait until you decide where you like the shaft adjustment device positioned. That might be high or low on the rod, or on the top of the rod or slightly to the left or right. So take the rod attachment device, and remove the shock cord out of the side groove, so you don't have to monkey with that while installing the rod attachment device. Place it on the rod with the opening of the V groove facing down So turn a "V" upside down and that is the way you want it. The adjustment part naturally faces out and the interior curved part faces the rod. Hold it in place and take the strap and thread it through the empty slot bring it back overlapping the strap and attaching the Velcro to itself.. Now you can put the bungee back in the removal slot and start playing with how you feel you would like the rod adjustment device positioned. Once you have swung your detector for a while and you are happy with the position, then remove the rod adjustment device, but the adhesive backed Velcro back on the opposing patch that is on the strap, peel off the back of the adhesive and stick it to the rod exactly where you have determined you like it positioned. Reattach the rod adjustment device with the strap as before and you are all set. The Velcro patch is there to keep the device in the position you have chosen and keeps it from rotating on the rod. So here is a picture of how I positioned it on my Gold Monster. I swing right handed so I adjust the length of the bungee with my left hand, so I like the rod adjustment to be tilted to the left side of of the rod where it is easily accessible. Hope that helps. Doc
  11. The Qweegle is $24.95 plus shipping of $6. The QWIPPLE will be $29.95 and $6 shipping. The Qweegle is availble now. QWEEGLE™ The Amazing Double Adjustment Point Bungee - Doc's Place (docsdetecting.com) The QWIPPLE in about 10 days. Doc
  12. If you were attaching it to your belt I can imagine it would not work as well. There are two versions of the Swingy Thingy. There is the plain Swingy Thingy which just goes over one shoulder and has not padding, and then the Ultra-Swingy that is padded and goes over both shoulders. I recommend the Regular Swingy for lightweight machines like a Gold Monster and use the Ultra Swingy for heaviest machines or if you detect for more than 4 hours at a time. Doc
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