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  1. Yeah, coil sizes wanted varies on so many things in each users use, circumstances and expectations. X coils range of round and now the elliptical production models are filling that want or need. Between my son and I with the 10,12,15 round and now a 12x15 almost here only an extra large but lightweight coil is needed I would think even 22". Really no change from the VLFs through the PIs to the DVT. Hey, we bitched about MLs refusal to produce coil options, I am not going to bitch about the need of a relatively easy made patch cable nor the fact X coils have had criticism thrown at them for what I feel are minor bugs, I`m just a happy user that is content that finally we have a range of sizes of very productive coils for the Z, which I have no trouble swinging using a hipstick for an old fella swinging day of 4 or 5 hours. I suspect my attitude is tempered by my long time use and adaption of so many detectors and coils, the Z to me is just light years ahead of what we used 40 plus years ago.
  2. For me and my country there is no ideal size, the 12"X & 10"X were my coils choice of 19 because of the massive grass cover from a good wet, thus creek & gully work in confined spaces, amongst rocks etc. was the go, but 20 is shaping up to be a dry year maybe a 22" as I hope might be the go, on the deep slopes and flats where a dry doesn`t allow the grass to grow. 20 may be the year to investigate those flats & slopes above the creeks & gullies that produced in 19, and that is something I long for in the 20 season, because those producing creeks were fed by reefs/veins up on the slopes and that can translate into top virgin patches. But saying that I know where MT is coming from, his country is different and that is what makes our coil size choice difference, tis about ones working environment. Your questions favorite answers will simply be a matter of who answers and their particular environment and some like mine will depend on climate on top of geology/topography, and no doubt other influences that I have not experienced, for me I live on the fringe of the wet tropics which produces either floods or fires, with few years being a balance. IMO X coil produces a top range of sizes/shapes of coils that handle wildly varying bad/ heavy mineralised country in different environments much better then the original. Finally coil sizes that we sought through the VLF, PI now ZVT days, we now have for the ZVT. No doubt a topical question that should give a whole heap of varying answers if enough participate.
  3. Your not wrong DigsAlot, I`ve been digging an Xtra lot since I was Xed……...😉 Soon to be NFd…...
  4. A selection from the golden nineties. Largest (1.72kg) was sun-baking wedged in a small dry waterfall in a dry gully, could`ve been found with a BFO or eyes looking in the right spot. Has been displayed on this 4M before.
  5. Good stuff, I will be participating and if they can get me more gold then the Xs are/have, why not. Just one wee concern, remember NF were said to be trialling a SDC coil back awhile, it hasn`t eventuated, Coiltek beat them. Ah competition brings advancement and Xcitement to this old codger.
  6. Hmm this is the same findings most of us who are using X coils on the GPZ7000 have found, they stand out in performance over the standard coils. All Z Xcoil users I communicate use them exclusively simply because of this superior performance. Like Reg experience over many years using many different brand, technologies of detectors plus coil sizes and different coil brands, we know what we are on about, tis simply just about getting gold.
  7. Righto, I`ve freehanded NZ in, tis that red patch with the gully across the middle just west of Cairns. About the average size of a NQ patch...………….JW the devil made me do it...………...see you at the cricket😉
  8. So very true Phrunt, I am not reviewing a product again on DP, I took a breather reviewed my and other X coil reviews and asked myself why bother, just be an early bird and get the worm. Selfish that attitude may be especially as I believe the majority gain from such reviews.
  9. I`d sell you one but you`ll have to pay my daughter in laws inflated price, she has claimed it since its been modded into probably the worlds only ergonomic SDC. There you are ML an old blind, deaf & unedumacated ex SH Engineer can make one ergonomic that also doesn`t cut out whenever it gets a bump, why can`t you...……………….😈
  10. Yes I did get a 11" round Coiltek for the SDC and reviewed its performance alongside the 10"X on the Z, in another DP thread. Basically I stated they are similar in performance if the X coil is run in conservative settings and thus compares to the 11" Coiltek in "ease of use" but however if one cranks the Z up with the X coil it kills the SDC, but the fair comparison is operating them both at the same "ease of use" settings which is how ML made the SDC to operate at. No doubt for me I`ll go with the Z + 10"X if I need a smaller coil combo because I am prepared to run at cranked up settings, especially in fixed GB which makes the Z Xtra Magic.
  11. Z2 which must be getting close will answer our concerns on this topic but until then, like Coota…….. X Does it for me.
  12. Often wondered about all that copper in the coil cable, from the external cable wound round shaft, whether on PIs or VLFs if not fixed properly the movement would cause falsing. Thus if it`s fixed and not allowed to move in relation to the coil why not lower down connectors too? We often are blinded by blinkers and then a bit of thinking outside the box can simplify something, I`ll be following your performance tests keenly. Many thanks for sharing this with us.
  13. Aie same diff here downunder should be 40C and storms building up not 29C and clear as.
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