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  1. I hear you AG and agree the X coils have added to the Zs magic. I believe it is the X coils ability to handle the ground smoothly set in normal rather then difficult that has made the difference. Heh whatever it works, gets the gold. I`m off again tomorrow a days patch hunting is the go, found a smooth scrap at base of a slope other day, now find the source, or pull my hair out "another one piece patch" nah can`t be.
  2. Dunno JR I got ozs with the 19ML, on ground that had been flogged with everything up to 22" on 5000s. The 19"ML to me is up there with those "faulty" X coils you talk of. Horses for courses and jockeys, but I accept & respect your opinion, there is no definite, what works for one individual isn`t for all.
  3. On ya Strick, spooky lookin mob of animals you mustered up there. I think I`ll stick to a juicy thick tee bone, lightly scorched grilled on a rarin fire. That`ll get Nurse Paul goin, Trent`ll get no sense out of him today.
  4. Hi Andyy, Above is link to my recent review of the 10"X + Z, suddenly we are spoilt with choices.
  5. Well only early days but I cannot see any difference in performance between the SDC with the Coiltek 11" and the Z with the 10"X, both had no trouble on this variable ground patch. Both handled the variable ground and both got small scraps (10 to the gram), felt a wee strange at first swing the Z with a small coil, but I like the SDC with a centre mount coil as per norm. much better. Both showed no "knock resistance" to the being bumped up against the heavy grass or the numerous rocks. This ground had previously been run over with the SDC + 8" standard coil and whilst it got pieces not with the ease the SDC + 11"Coiltek. In regards to the Coiltek 11", the first one I received lasted 20 minutes, my dealer got me a replacement from Coiltek (no cost to me) as fast as. For me it is good to know as I can have the SDC fitted with the 11" and the Z with whatever X coil it has on (suspect be mainly the 15 for patch hunting) just lovely to have these coil choices for both the SDC and the Z. Like kids in a candy store...………...
  6. MN here is why I`m enjoying the X coils especially the 12 & 10, good grass for the cattle but not ideal for the detector, there are barer patches of grass, in fact from the years I`ve learnt there is a silver lining to heavy grassed years, as gold occurs in mineralisation often this can stunt the grass growth, leaving areas that can be detected thus when patch hunting you just go from barer patch to barer patch, giving you less country to do in the line your prospecting on, perhaps improving your chances. I say perhaps because on those years of less grass the gold patches prove this bare theory is sometimes flawed. That quartz rock you see in the photo is an indicator, country is chiefly slates & shales, with odd limestone outcrops and was back a few years all under the sea, lots of years. There are no alluvial (Placer) workings on field, mining was shafts following the reefs down.
  7. MN your cheeky, LOL. Nah I have not used the SDC much at all, in fact it is the only gold detector I`ve bought that hasn`t paid for itself in gold. Until I modded it and put a centre pivoting coil on it, I considered it was just as strenuous swinging it as the Z. Now I`ve the X coils on the Z, Y would I use the SDC.
  8. Seems test yourself is all we as individuals who have spent a few hours swinging for gold to prove/disprove theories. eg. About mild ground, I always thought that the ground in my area was mild, but after chasing the stuff all over OZ from 98 on, I realised some of my ground is as hot as others thus forming the opinion that it is a myth that one state here in OZ has the "hottest" ground.
  9. Having only spent 4 hours behind the 10, I haven`t noticed any difference between it being not spiral wound except I`ve dropped my sensitivity to 8, I`ve assumed that drop was necessary because it is a smaller coil and normally smaller coils being more sensitive require such.
  10. Many thanks Steve, the way to go for sure as I`ve taken the step and gone with the Z X coils and have stated I put performance ahead of warranty concerns, or repair costs seeing as my Zs out of warranty. Plus of course cost is not a great concern to me, and because I assume everyone who reads my threads is over 12 years old, I assume they can make decisions themselves. I am not here to knock any product, but to express my opinion of products I find increases my enjoyment of our great hobby, the X coils do that well and truly. JP or anyone else having his own thread to inform users of their individual opinions is the go, now I`ll go back to answering Jasong with my opinion of X ground concerns, I know my opinion is just that my opinion. Jasong if you wish to have JPs opinion go to his thread please because we all know my opinion is just about as opposite as can be to JPs. My opinion is simply I went with the ferrite and carried it for weeks when it first came out, it achieved nothing for me thus I believe my ground is not affected by the X effect. It now resides on the input end of a SW antenna wired in as a balun. Naturally I have not tried it with the X coils as I took off with the original 15X coil without changing a setting on my Z initially, I changed from difficult to normal pretty quickly as it was very apparent the X coil could run in normal much more stable then the 14"ML. For the technical side of X ground, go to JPs thread, I have not pursued it and until I experience it I wont. If you have any questions of the use of the X coils from a happy X coil user, there I can help. Gets a bit confusing with all these Xs but you get my drift.
  11. 12 month Warranty, I just went back through Davgolds emails, I assume that would be return to him not Russia.
  12. Got me scratching my head, I lean towards the 15 but that`s because I know for me patch hunting is the go. I doubt the 10 will be my favourite, whilst I can swing a bigger coil. The 12 is a good allrounder, but I guess it goes back to which size coil I used most back in PI days and that was the 16 NF, again because that from say 14 to 16 is patch hunting size in my country. For me ML was on the money when they brought the Z out with a 14. I`m off today for a few hours close by, on flogged patches with the 12 because that`s in that sweet size spot for flogging patches that haven`t too much grass on them. Peg, I echo JW, you wont regret it.
  13. I am a betting man, I bet you folks upover in the US are going to be blown away by the X coils, from reading your posts the 10"X is probably the tops but the rest are no slouches. The 12"X, only 2" in diameter bigger but being spiral wound can have the sensitivity cranked up a wee above what is comfy on the 10X. Main thing is we have that range of quality coil sizes now.
  14. Been teaching it how to find gold, the shock of its, too much for it.
  15. Ha, on ya Strick, can I use that disclaimer too...…..please.
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