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  1. Hot rocks, nah not 2-3 feet, 6 inches yes, the 10" conventional wound seems to be the most sensitive to hot rocks but that is norm for a small coil which is extremely sensitive to gold as well, some pieces of such smallness and depth it is mind blowing to see. But Davegolds on the money with his Hot Rocks...…….they are remarkable producing coils.
  2. I have just come out of a magic winter season with the 10,12,15 X coils, I have not used my ML14 or 19 since putting them on. The X coils have made the Magic GPZ7000 a super magic detector. No teething problems, make patch lead, fit and dig gold. How good is that??? Can only say it doesn`t get any better...……...or does it. What will the X coils evolve into ????????? I have no connection to X coil, or to Davsgold except as a customer, top coils, top service and express freight.
  3. Not "beating about the bush" just going by my experience, give the KISS method of GBing the Z a consideration, simply do not use the QT button or the ferrite. Let the Zs very capable and advanced ground balance in either auto or semi have its head. Unscientific simple and it works a charm for me. When I initially put the 3 diff sized X coils on the Z I did not change a setting except found I could use normal over difficult more.
  4. That is my understanding from following this concern also, the matter has already been addressed with a replacement offer.
  5. Going back over the PI years, I believe it isn`t just a maybe, ML just are not good at making coils, whatever held them back in that department 20 plus years ago still is, cannot be skill has to be simply their attitude. I can understand them not letting a product out that they believe isn`t "up to scratch", but that`s just an excuse, as no product has been made that some think is not up to scratch. The GPZ being a fine example, how many have tried it and gone back to the Xs. Steve your opinion is gold on here, and I am sure that`s not just my opinion.
  6. The heats a few months away down here, but having been given the heads up will monitor carefully. Thank you for that Andyy & Jasong..
  7. Maybe even that law is not a certainty, found very productive slope patches with indicator to them being a small nugget in the top 6" layer of 3ft deep sand in creeks, tis dynamic influenced by weather, animal movement (especially relatively recent erosion via cattle movement) etc etc buh whatever. Horse trails through 6ft high grass pushing coil ahead, very little swinging, linear detecting at a pace buh I give up trying to figure it out.
  8. On ya Trent, come on Nurse Paul that`ll stop ya yankin about.
  9. Wow, one retiree refired big time. Makes you shake just thinking of it, imagine digging it...…….
  10. We certainly don`t nor ever will have the whole story. Go the full circle, forget the rules, the geology, the theories, they are mans...………..Tis where tis. On ya JW, may you continue to do ZXin good.
  11. Yeah, he`s confirmed he`s an OZ. Hey, JW is it time the lad was transported to Tasmania????
  12. I`m undercover on the other side, a bit of plea bargaining and I`ll forget you confessed Jin.
  13. That`s a top find story, we must ensure our wives all read.
  14. Norvic from the north of OZ, Vic being my first name. Top thread, interesting info. Like you Phrunt I got into the internet early, built a very crude web page for my business that I believe didn`t stir up an iota of business, formed an early opinion that the internet wasn`t for business promotion...…...wow how wrong was I.
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