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  1. I don't know what more Greg can say then he has, seed of doubt has been planted, anything he says will just fertilise it. I have taken the stand that JW and Greg are two different people. If this stand is not correct tis no bother as I'm simply a member, whereas for you Steve it is a bother and I respect your view and apologise for starting the thread.
  2. Tis a small problem the rod twisting, I think the simple solution is drill holes and insert the spring loaded holders as per JPs thoughts at length used, but it is not a big enough an issue for me as yet.
  3. True as we age a lot of us become stuck in muds, tis true also not just in detecting but all pursuits, I know I started out with blinkers on and could not see the trees for the forest, now I try not to use preconceived ideas about where gold is, what detector to use etc etc. I`ll put the 6K on a pedestal up against all others as the machine that will introduce more to become successful gold detector operators than any before. Its simplicity, its ergonomics, but most of all its sensitivity because regardless of alternative beliefs, the small sub grammers are the prospectors staple diet wherever. (and while I haven`t prospected wherever I eat beef) It is the Gold Monster/SDC ie. VLF/PI cross that gives both beyond VLF depth and beyond PI sensitivity. Its not just different its MLs evolution, but no doubt they have something else up their sleeve.
  4. Coz it does, nylon tie and Bobs your Uncle.😉
  5. GPD... You`ve gone from the GB2 that proved itself a legend to the 6Ks that`s well on its way to doing the same, WTG
  6. Ohi that'll be tops KL, seems to date only that unsightly raw unprocessed stuff has been found, ah ha 💡 that's why that Nurse fella has been tromping over OZ....
  7. 1,500-Year-Old Gold Treasure Trove Found by Danish Man – ARTnews.com Wow, Eye candy of a different kind ‘Enormous’ treasure trove of sixth century gold found in Denmark - Saudi Gazette
  8. Aye they are 40% deeper and you do......... 🤪
  9. Seems that light colored clothings the go in my backyard for both sun and insect avoidance but that`s 1000s of ks diagonally opposite in OZ from where Pegs inquiring of, plus our winter has few insects, total contrast to WA.
  10. Wasps the big red one are painful beggars, they don`t lose their sting when they hit you thus sting repeat ably. Nicknamed locally Red Barons for a good reason.
  11. Thank you DFG, I hope your post has cleared the air it certainly has to me, aye I am a X coil enthusiast, a ML enthusiast, a NF enthusiast, a Coiltek enthusiast etc etc an enthusiast of any thing that helps in this crazy passion we share. I look forward to your future posts Greg my handle is Vic. I apologize to you JW for having enough doubt to start this thread but at the same time I am very happy I gave it a shot. I hope one day to go over the ditch and visit you folks and flog your patches😁
  12. dig4gold are you JW of NZ
  13. I'm lucky being in a remote area, thus haven't even tried the 14DD, EMF from an occasional light plane and seems strangely, only one of them ( must have a high level MD onboard😉) and no power poles within cooee, but the Zs always handy tis hard to part with the model immediately before until ones sure the newies the go.
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