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  1. Hey , to get our mits on the new weapon, being excommunicated is but a small sacrifice. 🤬
  2. Now if that`s the HOT spot I think it is, tis going to be a wee problem, heh heh has been "sanitised" with a ZX combo, now I`m certainly not saying tis all got, lots of depth there. Maybe that new ML weapon that JPs testing at the moment might just be the go, what you reckon we put some combined pressure on JP and he sends me one, I`ll give a complete field report and keep you 1/2 Scouts Honour………………..
  3. Spot on 2Valen you nailed it, yeah I should`ve retaken the display with my new much better equipped smart phone rather then use the shot I took when I made the display, then blowing it up would've revealed it.
  4. A search through my Bits & Pieces display, revealed these three. From FNQ OZ
  5. That is a Holloways Ointment Ceramic jar lid,I`d found in one spot in pieces, glued back together except for one piece I couldn`t find. It is marked 2s. 9D (2 shillings and 9 Pence) Address on it 533 Oxford Strand London Now the Papa Smurfs bourbon bottle is simply a modern day airline Chivas Regal nip or two. But it houses a valuable (well to me) Chinese brass "manicure" set , el detecto recovered many moons back. JW, piece of Quartz has very visible "specks" of gold. Now does that help you find it ?
  6. Another project earlier in wet, made this display up of bits and pieces I`d picked up over the years whilst detecting. I`d made this early before social distancing from seeing one a mate had made and had displayed in his lounge room. I noted as a conversation piece for non-detector users it was sort of "yeah" and move on quick if you get my drift, but for detector users visiting is like a magnet, they sort through and examine bits and pieces basically like a "kid in a candy store". Can you see the gold specimen?????? Good fun
  7. Righto, whilst I`m waiting on roads etc to dry out to get this gold season into gear, also to alleviate cabin fever, gears hasbeen maintained and serviced as per norm during our annual wet in FNQ OZ. The old backpack was beyond repair, so scout online for a replacement, Gold Hounds https://eberlestock.com/products/gunslinger-ii was top on the list for a bit then looking through the Camelbak Range up come the KUDU . My old one was a Camelback of the heavier rugged military style as is the Eberlestock, but I got this one https://www.camelbak.com/en/packs/R01069--KUDU_Protector_20_US?color=c94fa6d070d2440099b6a02f53bb242a only con I`ve seen so far is it is not of military style thus will not take the abuse that style does thus will probably not last as long. It ticks a couple of big boxes, it has a 4" or 100mm wide belt that first is a top idea , you tension this by overlapping and fastening at the overlap with Velcro, then you do up the narrower belt. Second tick to the 3l dehydration pack, another big tick to the back support. Now this is removable and would make a top splint for a broken or sprained limb, but it`ll serve another purpose and insulate the water in the dehydration pack from heating up against the back. Wearing this backpack shows the strengths of the wide belt, the back protector and the 2 across chest straps, it just does not move on your back and once adjusted is comfy as. Being a narrow pack and even full providing you are walking upright there is an air gap except at waste and below neck that allows cooling and thus will help stop sweating down the back. Finally the hip stick and pick holder mounts on it as if it were designed for it, with that 20l capacity and the Helmet holder a great place to carry a sleeping bag for those overnights. Made for todays cyclists but applies to our use, now to get it out amongst the weight...………...
  8. Have you government or private mints or refineries in the US who have licensed agents near you. Tis the way here in OZ I`ve used one such agent for many years no drama, complete with official paperwork & assay results. For those nice pendant nuggets, Ebay has worked for me for many years, the US & Germany being the two countries that readily take such. Maybe those US buyers go for OZ gold, but heh save costs if your posting local.
  9. Aye I concur Extra Deeps no slouch, manual GB & pump to GB, the Z is a remarkable productive machine, look outside the square.
  10. No Grey Nomads about, BB `s a genius put em all in isolation.
  11. GPZ 7000 with a 15" or 17"X coil, hip stick and MLs guide shaft, Manual GB, pump don`t swing to GB with the QT button, set to Extra Deep. Would be my OZ choice of current detector, coil and operating mode, found over the years thinking outside the box is most productive, our detectors have become mass consumer products, thus operating instructions target new users. The GPZ 7000 has many features that up its capabilities but suggest you master the initial ML operating instructions firstly with its standard 14" coil.
  12. Never mind our rivalry Phrunt, JWs top factual posts are good to have back, but that don`t mean I wont give you fella ANZACs a wee bit of curry on the odd occasion as is that time of year speeding towards us again.
  13. Don`t like your chances Reg, sounds like you and I`ve wasted a lot of our time on the multitude of theories geological, logical, illogical, moon phases, etc etc and we`re coming to the conclusion, We were always kidding ourselves thinking we had the answers,that old Irish fellow pegged it many moons back Tis where Tis. Maybe we`re getting wise with age or just more scrambled.
  14. Well we have a positive consensus, we are all going detecting....see you out there...…….
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