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  1. Better value I imagine for you folks as our $ has been falling steadily.
  2. Yeah I hear you both my WM10 & 12 are on 4 plus years, tis a good life for rechargables.
  3. I`d like to purchase a replacement coil for the 14" once available, whether elliptical or round, thus if you are going to handle their sale in OZ I`ll place my order. Just advise once available and I`ll get the $s to you.
  4. Ah ha, JW just a query have you tried MLs 19", I know you got one. When I first saw your photos, years back, I reckoned it`d be the go in the deeper soil away from that bony stuff. As you know I`d found the 19" beat the 14" on about 2 gram and up at depth and has the sensitivity to almost compete with the 14" on the small stuff, be interesting to see it run with the aftermarkets, although I suspect the aftermarkets will make it redundant.
  5. WTG JW, but you & Davsgold are the devils enticing me away from giving the Coiltek Extreme coil on the SDC a proper go, has me running around like a blue arsed fly. Yeah we`ve gone from bugger all coil choices for by my reckoning the two best gold detectors on earth, to many choices. Plus with the AMD on the way .........…. going from famine to perhaps glut, exciting stuff no...…….
  6. Yeah, ML have been top detector manufacturers but when it comes to coils,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, from the SD`s garbage lid through to the insulation coil wiring that couldn`t handle UV etc etc, I believe they should maintain their R & D speciality developing detectors, let the aftermarket fellows who have demonstrated for many years they have the go when it comes to coils, let them do what ML can`t. A marriage of a sort that has and is working to us the users advantage. I guess it depends on each users need for warranty, with detectors this means little to me, in my 40 plus years use I`ve sent one detector back with a fault, plus a couple of coils, I know of no other piece of tech or machinery that has given anywhere near the return todays gold detectors give in return for dollar. Then if I take into consideration the joy and satisfaction that comes from this great hobby, I can only say ML keep doing what you no doubt do best and let the aftermarket coil manufactures continue to supply us with coils. But I suspect ML are well aware of this and they have no choice but issue their position by distancing themselves because nothing can be made totally idiot proof.
  7. They`ll come fully supplied, beer, extra, tucker, blankets etc, would be also wise to you hide your old Jeep keys and of course the T38`s as well.
  8. Crikey, KL it seems you are blessed with few family members who are normal. My mob are near all normals, who are cursed with very few prospectors. However I am no where near positive that I am more blessed, could we do a trial swap to sort this out for a bit or maybe if I send my lot upover to bless you in that snowed in cabin for a winter or two.
  9. As a mate says all too often "In my Pocket". But if we can round up some keen gyro gear losses who are software design geniuses as well as gold hunters, they`ll design a software operating system for the AMD that will tell us where the gold is. Then not only the mate will have a pocket full.
  10. Good news, kickstarter funding has reached 100% for the AMD. MN, probably we are only in the early days re. Smart phone Apps, what seems clever and advanced to us today, will be ancient tech in 5 or so years. A few projects with the right minds developing them, who knows what tomorrows detectors will be capable of. Who seen MLs 15000 go to todays Z back "last century"? Plus no doubt MLs got something new on the way. Tis an exciting period we live in.
  11. Nah, Prunt your right, only XXXX in QLD, Au is all in Tasmania where Convict Paul is heading...……..
  12. Yeah, Freds spot on "miles to go", tis a frustrating crazy hobby sometimes I think we are all end up touched by the sun a wee bit. The GoG (Goddess of Gold) is a teasing bitch, loves nothing better then leading us "up the creek in a barbwire canoe".
  13. Yeah, perhaps that coil should be treated as just an antenna, whether BT, WiFi or wired, wound however to amplify its particular features and ensure signal "purity", of course impedance matched to allow the receivers CPU (smart phone or whatever) to process via software giving us our GB, Discrimination etc or whatever tech (VLF, PI ZVT etc) that coil is wound for, making the software/CPU the brains. This is a simplified view of course. I`ve supported the Air concept, evolutionary or just gimmicky buh…………. time will tell.
  14. Who knows where this will go, in regards to the use of a smart phone to control, perhaps even might go the way of the cheap SDR radio with the right software to exploit the power of the CPU. I`m an excited old fella.
  15. Good on them, great concept going into the future.
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