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  1. Same here Fred, twas heading for a Doug Stone NT trip across the central "hwy" from WA, the wife I first run across the Cave.(signposted and just off the road) A month or so later through a mutual mate the wife and I spent a few weeks detecting with mate and one of the men that placed those 44`s. Very memorable weeks they were in a magic Central OZ winter.
  2. OZ has vast desert areas, particularly in the middle. Whilst prospecting in such an area many years back, came across a few steel 44 drums, some still had water in them. Later I had the honour of spending some time detecting with a fellow who had placed some of those drums. (a few did so) He had those 44s/other supplies, coptered in so as he could prospect/detect for long periods without having to return to civilization for water or fuel. One of those drums was only a few ks from "Lasseter`s Cave" as per JWs link. Perhaps Lasseter`s Reef has been found in our electronic gold rush, (purely speculation on my part.) GC with the equipment/vehicles/communication etc we have access to these days, properly prepared anywhere`s the go.
  3. Aie Charles Thatcher had the go back then still has. I travelled OZ chasing the heavy stuff on short trips many times, spent 2 years straight in WA, NT & Vic, did OK but found twas golder at home, I just had to adapt. Now Phrunt to put a Bob each way...........True detectable gold is depleting, but that was also the consensus back in the mid 1980s, as I have no doubt will be so in 2080 and probably was so in the 1880s even. Don`t listen to Steve & JR they just don`t want to share 😉 Tis plenty out there with your name on, you just have to adapt.😋
  4. MN, For me as I spend about 80% of my time patch hunting, the Z improved on the 5000 in patch hunting, with more sensitivity, more depth but most of all with a more ergonomically balanced machine with no wires. But going right back to year one, new virgin patches have been the main "payer" of new detectors. In year one there was no detecting patches, new patches around old workings initially were the go, then as they were depleted out away from workings, now way out away from workings, out in the fringes. Sure coil development, always by aftermarket coil manufacturers found gold that "paid" for detectors on old patches, but not consistently. I guess my point is a brutal one, if you cannot find paying patches with stock coils on detectors, aftermarket coils are not going to do so either, tis the operator and to a lesser extent the ground he/she has available and if you haven't that ground be happy just finding gold.
  5. No Flak tis bloody terrible, suffering badly with Cabin Fever, summer heat, Marsh Flies (ask Nurse Paul) and the wets here, be April/May before I can get out on gold. Need a gold hit desperately.
  6. I agree totally with you Flak, let us hope ML are considering this threads posts and can make the GPZ8000 the lightweight, ergonomic, cheaper, discriminating detector this threads consensus want with the power and refinements I and I believe many others want. Alternatively if they cannot make a single gold detector that can satisfy all, they make two detectors and satisfy us both. I`ve had a boo peek at the innards of the GPZ7000 with the aim of modding it to be more lightweight as I did my SDC2300, but I could not see how I could do such as the Zs case is much more lightweight then the SDC, thus putting its electronics in another case would achieve naught.
  7. Reading through this thread, the consensus is towards an ergonomics, lightweight, cheaper discriminating gold detector. I am hoping that ML can produce such but for me I hope they continue to produce a flagship gold detector that continues in the direction that has made ML the worlds leader in gold detection. The GPZ"8000" for me can be in the same box/shaft as it currently is, ( a lighter/ergonomic one of course if possible) the weight/ergonomics as is, is not a big issue for me, no need for incorporating a GPS unless done with say an android color sunlight screen with popular moving map software that allows downloading/uploading/saving of existing/new data offline. I have no need for discrimination, main need is for more power and GB to penetrate deeper in noisy variable ground. In the coil department I go with the consensus, a range from say 8" round/elliptical up to whatever, and ML if you can`t give us those coils let the aftermarket fellows do it, that is the one concession I ask for. The 8000 priced as ML has been tops at, to allow for R & D financing of future flagship gold detectors, a producer as all previous MLs have been. I just hope there are enough potential GPZ8000 buyers who seek the above to ensure ML produce a more powerful refined gold flagship detector as is their tradition since the mid 80s.
  8. Right back from the RB7 in 79 to the Z, only two gold detectors have not paid for themselves and that is my SDC. Not because it can`t but simply because I got it after the Z, because of the magic of the Z I simply have not used the SDC enough. The other was the XT1800, which was too quickly replaced by SD2100, like the SDC the 1800 didn`t see enough use. It is not a necessity that my detectors pay the way, it is just my good fortune to live where I do, the thrill of the chase and find is what drives me to spend many 100s of hours each year chasing that heavy stuff.
  9. On ya MN, WTG, that bright face is the most priceless "find".
  10. Lacky, diverge a bit and go out away a wee bit from those 100+ years ago mined areas, go out into the fringes and find what those old codgers missed...…………... I think I`ll have another rum no bugger it another two or so, that`ll put me way past apologising……………..
  11. Ah ha, tis so allover I remember back yonks ago I answered similarly on an OZ 4M, found naively that I`m indeed a fortunate fella, you`ve got the metal one day you may get the time and inclination, patience grasshopper...patience. A good serve on your birthday will get you in the mood go out and get amongst those coins and stop perving on the "Baywatch" shielas. 😉 Aie Flakmagnet……. jockeys for horses for courses, but most of all may 2020 be a Top Year for you and family......you amateur...……..😈
  12. MN, as you know I`m a very happy X coil user thus I wouldn`t hesitate recommending them to a user but as you appear disappointed that you have not paid for your current Z and its standard coils, I really do not see a X coil changing that, sure it will get you more gold because of it being of a size to give better access plus the performance gain but not to pay the way under your current "nugget hat". Way I see it you either accept the detector and coil purchases will never be paid for with finds or you find new patches.ie. Enjoy it as a hobby as a lot answered in your "paid for ?" thread or get serious and become a prospector rather then a fossicker, but now days in OZ that takes a lot of time swinging and dedication, in the US buh buggered if I know. I suspect that those users that answers show they have paid consistently through the years for their gold detectors with gold finds are all prospectors. My reply may appear somewhat arrogant but as I`ve found previously you can take it, now I want to hear in the future of virgin patches you`ve found, get up off your ass and prospect.…………….
  13. Or at least 40%...……………………….👿
  14. Aie Happy New Year, may the GoG favour you all.
  15. Your not wrong JR, the 80s were in one hand a magical time on the other, dark days. I doubt there will ever be anywhere near an accurate estimate of the amount of gold the electronic gold rush produced. Those green machines may have been less sophisticated than what we swing today, but they produced big time. Now days property owners have become more vigilant in keeping uninvited "guests" out in the early days was gold fever unlimited. I suspect was/is so worldwide.
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