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  1. Aye the 6Ks top response is a wee deceptive, gives one the mistaken idea it`s a shallow machine but it aint, love to see an Xcoil CC of about 17"plus on it ( if this bloody FNQ grass disappears). AU have you tried switching back to normal rather than difficult over one of those inverted signals? I have on a number of occasions and it mostly reverts to a normal signal (channel switch) if its non-ferrous, much the same as the Z and the other PIs.
  2. KL, nah nah nah, don`t try and put some blame on OZ for The Outback Tanks foreign lingo, I got him straight off the plane from the US on his first downunder trip, well almost straight off the plane, the folks at the airport kindly fed him and tried to locate his chauffeur but they had no idea what he was on about..... Anyway only words it seems that he spoke we understood in FNQ was "burger with the lot" and "beer". Fortunately he writes English otherwise he`d be still at the the Cairns International Airport hands full of burger and beer.
  3. Crikey that`s got me giggling, probably this trip you`ll start betting on a particular fly walking up the pubs wall in the fly Derby.
  4. Crikey I can hear violins.......... in the background behind all the WA tortured moans and groans..... ah no that Outback Tank`s coming back @#%$!&^$%#@ 😉
  5. Suspect your spot on, just maybe they`ll offer the 6K without a coil.
  6. Yeah, I suspect Covids got a bearing on it, coils... well normally ML make solid but not brilliant performing coils (SD 18" rubbish bin lid mono coils excepted) I think the reason then was stated that the fiberglass resin used in that coils manufacture reacted and took out one channel of the PIs. But I`ve had 2 Coiltek PI mono coils fault too, as in MLs case quickly replaced under warranty. Maybe there is more to our mono coils construction than meets the users eye. No doubt Covids thrown a few spanners in our lives other than catching it.
  7. Now... now... cuz you`d be chasing ya first if it wasn`t for a ML but ya right they had a rep of near perfection, halos slipped a bit maybe they`ll compensate us users by ditching those chips. 🤬
  8. Seem to recall (my recall systems on old fart RAM too!!!) was told initially it was an exclusive club and they`d look after us ..... to give us early adoptees a proper run to clean up before the masses strike but looks like there`s a use by date😉 Its usable still and gets that heavy stuff but the Zs onboard still.
  9. Yeah mate, would have to have another building to house all my detectors if I`d kept them all, have the Z & X coils, GM1000 (use as pointer when swinging big coils), EQ800 and 6K currently and as I`m not using the SDC time someone else did. Note my 6Ks 11" is getting a wee bump sensitive, a glued on PC skid plate seemed to stop it for a month or so but looks like my early lottery win has timed out.
  10. Actually not hard to do GC, hack saw, PVC pipe and ends from hardware store, the SDC CB is very easy to remove and fix, is rugged as, no soldering or alterations to stop one putting back into original case, batteries are just RC LiPo readily available. Another advantage is more stable threshold, I believe the voltage supplied is much more stable and does not depend on the tolerance of the voltage regulator to regulate, not because of lithium batteries used but because there is no longer spring loaded battery connections.
  11. If you want a lightweight, ergonomic, lithium powered super modded SDC23000 (probably unique as could be only one in existence) with two coils, 2 batteries, USB battery charge cable. I`ve mine for sale. Sure could be organized to be sent over the ditch. I found like the 6K it beats the Z/X combos on scraps of low conductivity which are common in my backyard. But it does not have the depth of the 6K.
  12. Yep, same here, the bigger coils are more in demand, and suspect this is because the 11" mono MLs a wee dodgy. Getting that way we`ll be buying detectors like we buy cordless power tools, just the skin 😉
  13. Come on aftermarketeirs CC for the 6K too, although I wait passionately for the ordered Rohans 6K Sadie. The memory of those early magic day 1,000s of scraps with the GM2 and GB2 "fever" drives me, combined with the 6Ks already stellar scrap depth performance, on proviso of course ones fortunate to win MLs Coil Lottery. Big ask, but homemade coils I suspect will just keep on doing it.
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