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  1. Metal-Detecting Drone Could Autonomously Find Land Mines - IEEE Spectrum
  2. I have not experienced the clipped threshold as have notnoticed, but will pay more attention now you mentioned it. The Axiom like the 4500 requires settings adjustments to suit ground conditions to bring out their best whereas the SDC and the 6K are more "auto". I am like you and enjoy the new machine, it is proving to be very capable and I feel will excel in the hands of users that "tweak".
  3. I also am only new on the Axiom I also have a 6K from when they were first introduced. My thoughts so far on audio re. threshold and sensitivity is volume also should be factored in, as these 3 go hand in hand eg. set the volume on 1, up the sensitivity to full, adjust the threshold to be nice and stable handling hot ground but in doing so you have effectively dumbed down the sensitivity somewhat. A happy medium between these 3 settings is used to handle various ground along with fine/normal. GT off mostly. I use Avantree Torus neckband on speaker with an aptX BT transmitter velcroed on the Axiom as I have grown to love the Torus from use on the 6K.
  4. Well way back a FNQ salesman sold me that dream, a Bounty Hunter RB7, many said I`m crazy then, "you cant find gold with a box of wire and knobs" I am still living that dream and I`ll lay a bet Gerry you have many customers who also live that dream and don`t look back except in appreciation. MN for me your response was spot on, that young fella had a dream, we dont know how far he will go with that dream even if the first step seems flawed to us, it is for him to sort out.
  5. Get it back inside and warm quick, bloody thing`ll freeze out there, tis only made not to melt downunder.
  6. GB the past thread Steve attached to his last post, there is athe Carl/Tye debate.
  7. Here is a bit of a experiment of say your Multi IQ detector, tune an AM portable radio into a weak station down around 600kHz first up, than see how close you can get your detector (detector on) walk around your radio receiver aim coil field at and away, see the effects on radios audio signal. If you`ve an Equinox and a Manticore handy you`ll see which allows you closest with detector coil field in same direction as that distant station transmitted signal. Now try it with the strongest fixed magnet you have handy. I am at a wee loss at Carl/Tye debate, both obviously know what they are on about. I understand as a user the magnetic properties of the detector coil field to some extent, also antennas as a HAM operator, mainly in practical terms, thus can see where Tyes coming from in above thread. My limited radio theory understanding tells me even a light bulb transmits more than just in the light frequency spectrum Practically I know of this as I live in a fringe radio reception area and clearest closest AM station transmits on 558kHz and note detector effects when on because I usually have AM radio on in my workshop when buggarising around with detectors. The Manticore disrupts signal at more distance than the Nox. Tis cabin Fever induced interest fueled by always asking why is it so. Of course this is only a close to receiver effect and no way could it effect a planes receiver 100s of meters away or our detectors would be banned not just limited.
  8. Yeah GJ reckon we enjoyed a similar path, couple of 1000k apart, age wise through a big leap in tech advances, detectors etc we are very privileged to enjoy this electronic gold rush journey. From memory think that first Magellan was around $1200 about 3ozs at that time, an oz hit $2800 AU recently which will buy 3 such much more advanced handheld GPSs.
  9. A query re. InReach use, any users use the Mapshare feature and thoughts on it? Myself I`m a wee hesitant to use.
  10. Tell us more, would love to know the differences in Garretts Monos vs other PIs mono. X coil is involved yes/no
  11. GC your not wrong about Garmin manuals, I started out in GPSs with the Magellans back in late 80s, early 90s. They were more user (read mug😉) orientated manuals and operation. But the Garmin Rino like Strick has found are magic for knowing where your mates are, anyway was the Rino that swung me over to Garmin. I`ve found this site GPSrChive very handy for sorting out Garmins "double dutch". Shame Garmin hasn`t updated the Rino with InReach other than it syncs with InReach devices, I think, Son has my Rino presently working with his Son, getting him infected with gold fever. PIA this Garmin Australia Site sets out the various subscription options for InReach. inReach® Consumer Subscription Plans | Garmin I`ve gone with the $20/mth annual plan. Yeah Strick I started looking at the Mini2 and Messenger then up... 66i, 700i and Tread, finally decided on the 700i sort of still a handheld (big one) display is tops for old eyes. For me the Birdseye view maps overlayed over the Toppo give you a good idea of where to walk into some country, stopped using the Yamaha Viking as the tracks were like neon signposts for others to follow in FNQ AU heavy grassed areas. Gone back to walking about, usually following narrow Brumby trails (wild horse) with detector on, pushing ahead not swinging much, linear detecting which time has proved pays in my backyard.
  12. I wonder how long it will be before an innovator offers an adaptor for all those GPX aftermarket coils for the Axiom, or perhaps for X coils GPZ coils even. Matching inductance is not rocket science, but would they offer anything over the already many coil options Garrett offers?
  13. Back in the 90s switched from HF Flying Doctor comms to vehicle Optus Satellite then handheld Inmarsat, all served me well. However found I have evolved to using email only so have been toying with switching to the cheaper subscription Zoleo or InReach systems. Well I bit the bullet and went with a big screen ie bigger touch keyboard for old eyes and big fingers, got a Garmin Montana 700i back a month or so.... Wow lovely big 5inch bright sunlight viewable colour touch display, Birdseye View map overlay included along with upgraded Toppos. Been happy as using Android phone w/. Oziexplorer plus Garmin Rino 750 when prospecting with Son but this newer tech has replaced the Inmarsat. InReach has shown to be easy as, much cheaper and the added bonus of that SOS button, and syncs with phone/PC either via BT, WiFi or USB. First become aware of InReach on a thread on DP a fair while back so maybe is time to refresh and discuss InReach/Comms again.
  14. Well MN, have ya laid ya money down? or closer to doing so then before you started the thread? we just gotta know, maybe Gerry would send you one of each for trial?
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