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  1. Crikey, I always thought my backyard (NQ OZ) was the safest playground in the world until I read this.
  2. Strong positive vibes from OZ. Us old codgers will do anything to spend time with those lovely female nurses.
  3. Way back last century when the Garret VLFs were Kings of the OZ goldfields, a US Company by the name of Dtek (I think my spelling is correct) made competing detectors and concentric coils that worked on some of the Garrets. Those concentric coils despite all the then negative rhetoric were killers. Now history repeats itself and X coil is bringing us Concentric coils, going by the performance and ability of the X coils to get gold ML coils can`t on my Z, once available I`ll have one for sure. Go X coil go.
  4. There is 100 plus users in OZ that have a bad taste in the mouth from denial and minimization, maybe one day we`ll be all privledged to know the goings on behind the scenes in the X coil saga, meanwhile we`ll continue to enjoy our X coils productive use. I agree Steve, indeed Dave has been very honest throughout this saga.
  5. Elijah, thank you for your product, for the Xmas present you sent me last Xmas and the heavy pocket that your products have given me. I bat for your product passionately.
  6. GB I live in a community that is around 70% Italian descent, my wife and two bro-in-laws are Italian. Broken english I grew up with, and a lot of times it was spoken by an Italian that spoke more correct English then I do. Certainly quoted in jest as they are mostly proud OZies now who show their heritage but with OZ humour, tis a tradition for OZies to take the "mickey" out of each other and the OZies of Italian descent embrace that part of OZ with relish. Check out Con the Fruiterer on the web.
  7. Garret A2B without a doubt for me. Mainly small gold sub grammers in my backyard, Bounty Hunter RB7, Whites 6000D, Garret Deepseekers were OK but the Groundhog/A2B with its high frequency 15Khz (for that time). It was the " prelude" for the Fisher Gold Bug 1 & 2 and the Whites GM 1 & 2.
  8. I suspect I`ll join you Trent and get a 6000 too, I`ve never had a disappointing Minelab detector touch wood.😉 come to think of it any brand detector. Got something out of all.
  9. For the majority of users modding a coil cable as per in this case, is a no no and they are prepared to wait for a coil to be produced that doesn`t require this modding, but for some of us we are prepared to take the risk, in this case I and others have done very well, in other cases in the past it has cost me but that is my thing. No drama with either as we are all individuals, and very entitled to go whichever way we choose. To lighten things up a wee the old Italian saying comes to mind "You taka the risk you maybe pusha the pram".☺️
  10. Yes I don`t know when the first DD coil appeared on a detector but the 15000, which was the first Minelab, I believe had one. I recall taking a 15000 owner to a spot the Garret A2B with a Dtex concentric had scored many nuggets around the base of large rocks in a raised old streambed, the 15000 scored many more because the front of the DD had depth over the concentrics, The concentrics had more depth in the centre but that first example of the DDs wedge type coil field showed a strength of the DDs along with their ability to handle mineralized soils better. The 15000 came onto the scene in aro
  11. Am I a Queenslander??😉 Crikey you ex OZies get slow in NZ, hey phrunt did you watch the Maroons take out the Blues the other night, before the game an ex-blue player named them the worst team in history that we`d put together, did that fire them up???? For US folks, the mighty Maroons being the QLDer footballers the Blues being the NSW footballers, a passionate rivalry exists between our States over here in OZ, drives us all into footy fever when the State of Origin games are on. I can feel a XZ nugget comin on.
  12. Spot on Rick, the range of X coil sizes combined with their top performance have made the GPZ a much more versatile gold machine. This happy Vegemite just loves that comforting weight in the pocket the XZ combo produces consistently eg. the 15x10 with its narrowness allowing it to be pushed amongst the long grass over here in NQ, lots of linear detecting. I can feel a XZ nugget comin on. ☺️
  13. That we have not had a single user complain of their X coil on the GPZ in a thread dedicated to exactly that tells us what?
  14. If it`s a CAT it excretes gold as waste, bloody elementary geologic........
  15. Some criticism has been levelled at the X coils on the GPZ in regards to the coils cable mod bricking the GPZ, myself the two Zs I`ve used for many hours have displayed no such problem, I know of one DP forum member who has reported this problem are there any other users who frequent this forum who have experienced this? Also Dave as the distributor of the Z coils how many customers, in the US,OZ and NZ, no names but numbers if possible who have contacted you with this problem and approx. how many X coils have you distributed, ie how many X coil users are out there in these 3 countries. Whilst
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