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  1. Aye madtuna and Gerry, seems we go down the same track with time, I have put onto gold a fair few in my years watched with alarm as some have exploited this with bad behavior, but now when I`m asked to put someone onto gold I simply reply "after you put me onto gold". It sorts the genuine out but is a hard cynical stand although I admit in the past it has been very rewarding putting people onto gold especially first pieces, the look on their faces usually says it all. A quandary for sure.
  2. Yeah Phrunt I understand where you are, many years back I`d agree and even argued with you 100%, but as Steve states is a quandary I just hope you go through without being "seasoned" as Gerry aptly posts, no doubt you add a lot of positive content to DP, perhaps us old campaigners have grown too cynical, isn`t wisdom at all.
  3. Yeah see what you mean Dave, in water like that tis hard to tell if it kept falling down in the dig but likely it was on/in the clay so a good depth regardless, top going for the prospector and another Xcellent coil.😉
  4. Showing off photos or vids of gold is good for the ego, good for other forum members especially beginners for the confidence other peoples success may give them. Whilst gold brings out the best in mans ingenuity the old saying it also brings out the worst in his nature is unfortunately very true. Thus my reply and I repeat this is my reply to this threads Question, on balance it is not good nor wise to show off gold finds.
  5. Coz I`ve done it often, not a habit that comes with age, have done it since year one. Ya just gotta be slightly scrambled to participate in this hobby, maybe a defrag of RAM would help but I think we are hopelessly but wllingly addicted to this crazy hobby.
  6. Congrats Rick on retirement although think by looks of photos, reFirements the word.
  7. I meant to mention, I have had no trouble with the WM12 dropping out, perhaps because I`ve always had it up high with the speaker aiming for the ear on the shoulder. Maybe the orientation of the WM12 with the bottom facing the Z is the go, but it aint broke thus I`m not trying it elsewhere. The hip stick mounted as I have is clipped up high under the WM12 on shoulder is no trouble at all, its weight carrying ability gives this old fella extra hours detecting each day, even have a spare in vehicle just in case it fails. The mini Monster has not been in any other configuration basically sin
  8. Nah have forgotten the way to WA, FNQs the go for this old fella, plus I don`t think Oneguy needs our hints or anything as he`s on fire as is.
  9. Follow you anyday with a Z, OutbackYank..............😉
  10. I have my WM12 on right hand shoulder in cover as per photo, note the hip stick it is a must IMO, Pack is a KUDU 20 Camebak, whilst not as tough as the military type Camelbak it replaced it is without doubt the best backpack/harness I`ve used, secure as even if you do handstand, 3l water bladder with the back support insulating body heat from bladder, I hang the pick off the waist belt. I know a lot complain the Z picks it up there but not if you adjust your swing to suit. Compromise Grasshopper compromise gets the gold. Note the width of the waist belt and the two chest belts. Pack disconnect
  11. WTG. Don`t get a Z you`d blow us Z users away for sure.😉
  12. Minelab misplaced Chicago???? Have seen RVs called Chicago, have a Pot Belly Stove in Shouse called Pittsburg and made in NZ, but the anticipated GPX 6000 I want one for Xmas Minelab please............... don`t care where its made if it is Minelab quality but please without a coil chip, you make tough coils but not the most productive.
  13. Way to go NVChris, along with the hipstick, a comfy backpack with the bungy hook up high straight off the shoulder and also a guide shaft as per MLs or Docs. Back 40 years ago plenty of armchair prospectors considered there was no patches left, not so then not so now.
  14. I like it, bit like my Kindle Paperwhite, clear as. Digging the stuff !! scoundrel !! no respect these young generators. Judging by the size of the scraps I`m getting I`m starting to wonder if I`m in JWs and Phrunts back yard.
  15. Patience grasshopper, your learning the ropes fossicking, next step prospecting, with the patience and willingness to learn you`ve willingly displayed you`ll find undiscovered patches for sure.
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