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  1. Wow, I seen a few around but never that one, if it had a Troopy in the trailer I`d say it was a proper serious prospector/fisherman for sure, but tis got one of those w`end cowboys Toyotas.... I never said thatπŸ€ͺ
  2. He`s probably sitting on the fence, wait til he realizes it`s barbed wire...... .πŸ˜‰
  3. Seeing as I couldn`t talk JP into donating one or Phrunt into getting one, thus realizing I can`t rely on anyone I blew 3 and a bit ozs and bought one.πŸ˜‰ Dealer said with a wink, he thought I showed much more restraint than usual. Buh tis hopeless when your a kid.
  4. For me detecting has a top future whether the detector has many controls or few, whilst skill in using ones detector is a factor for success, persistence and patience contribute more thus it is not a pastime for the "quick easy fix" type of person more for the dedicated. MLs marketing with the 6000 shows they are going for the customer who wants that quick easy fix in OZ, some will become dedicated detector operators but I see a bigger proportion of 6000s becoming cupboard dwellers then detectors before it. No doubt having a dominant Company with a monopoly making detectors is not health
  5. Mine, the one JPs kindly donated to the cause.πŸ˜‰
  6. I wonder whether this tort & retort you talk of MN is a raw "questioning" characteristic that helped create the ability of Australians to take the lead in the niche industry manufacture of detector and aftermarket detector coils. Perhaps it is also that this "characteristic" is being shown by the X coil manufacturers from Russia giving us coils that are superior in performance on the ground if used in a questioning way. I hope X coils current growing pains lead to even better coil technology and maybe flow over into a competitive detector being built to challenge MLs world detector do
  7. Hmm, you could be right there, but as the great majority of detectors are purchased for recreation use now opposed to say 30 plus years back in OZ when fortunes were being made by some with them as in Africa now, I suspect MLs OZ and US hype is banking on this recreation trend growing. Time will tell, grab a few Codan Shares just in case.πŸ˜‰
  8. With the RV/Camping industry in OZ showing remarkable growth since Covid the 6000 may be an accessory in every ones RV, perhaps we are at the beginning of detecting for gold becoming mainstream. The EQ did this to a certain extent in OZ with coin hunting, the parks a few of us did consistent in are since the EQ hype being done by many. The 6000 with its ergonomics, light weight and easy use may just be the machine to start a new fad. It`ll be sexy and with it to detect gold, the GoG is going to have her work cut out if the hype is an indication.πŸ˜‰
  9. Hey, Gerry do a deal with Klunker, I am sure you could get a partnership going helping him market his golden bird, plenty of downunder managers will be begging for employment once this rebadged Kiwi forces detectors into extinction.
  10. After watching, I was going to comment but Jasong said it all, perhaps ML are giving us a message here?😬
  11. I lean a bit with you Rick, be the first ML gold detector I will wait until i`ve seen how it stacks up against the ZX Combo. I suspect ML of some under hand ruthlessness here.
  12. JoeD, no, no not your bad, mine, as Sheppo has shown I`m a wee behind, although being behind is sometimes a blessing in this fast moving crazy world we live in.
  13. JoeD, had to google Blue Def to see what you meant, now I see, we are just a wee bit behind (or is that ahead) in that stuff but tis getting us too. DPF is currently OK here, but not for long. Go back only 10 years diesel was deemed better for the eco than petrol/gas, but their all doomed, whilst I`ll probably not live to have an all electric powered 4WD, I can just drool over their capabilities once refined with an electric motor on each wheel, no diffs, gearbox etc hanging underneath to get caught up, be able to climb an electric power pole, well nearly.πŸ˜‰
  14. I have used sat nav with aftermarket android vehicle fitted and smartphone with Oziexplorer for yonks, to me they are as important as detector/coils to maximize gold "retrieval", although the Toyota Sat Nav in the Troopy is a proprietary unit thus seems not compatible with android, as a sat nav for getting around the cities and on bitumen it is friendly and easy to use plus its radio has great AM remote reception , thus I`ve fitted my old android setup as photo shows to have the best of both worlds. My troopy is more a work vehicle than a RV, tis what I do for 6 months of the year since back
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