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  1. GC, I think you have gold fever as bad as I have, after my years and finds, digging a 0.1g still excites, especially when it`s in a new area that has had no attention from our electronic gold rush nor any past rushes. I also must admit I went through a few years when I lost the fever, but one trip on a whim got it boiling again.
  2. Aye MN, prospecting's the go, using methods to locate possible areas that have not been used before, geological methods might sound the most obvious and they have been by actual professional geologists but that`s been done by detector operating geologists for 50 years. Most of us are just amateurs with only a very basic understanding of geology. Au, the 6K and now the Axiom have refined PI further, Geo Sense works for me, I use the 6K almost always on Auto+, its obviously handling that circuitry noise better than those before, but still a trade off between noise and sensitivity. I am positively excited about running the Axiom with its refinements that have impressed both Steve and Gerry, in a future PI that trade off between noise and sensitivity will be conquered.
  3. OZ eye candy. The big one was a sunbaker, I was detecting down a dry creek, got massive "biscuit tin" signal at top of about 1m waterfall, looked over and could see it wedged in towards top of rock waterfall. Out in fringe country that had no old fellas working, others from same virgin area.
  4. Nah doubt very much that will be so, he`s been around the ridges for enough detectors to know each and every detector that`s been made/will be made has its detractors and its fans. Nah he`s out there having fun digging up that heavy stuff with another new detector.
  5. Look upover, downunder here the 01/12/22 is next week, ML time, now I`m getting a wee worried about the Axiom Santas bringing me may have some upover DNA command imbedded in it that wont let a downunder turn it on. In relation to JPs uncharacteristic quietness, I have noticed a sort of strange blue cloud hanging over the horizon down over JPs backyard, its been hovering there for months. I`m probably just mistaken its most likely a Min Min light and Steves upset the lad.
  6. Eq upgrade? I have the feeling it`s bigger maybe GPZ 2s release announcement? JP`s been quiet for months, too quiet.... Ah.... I`m falling into MLs marketing ploy? Only a week away and we`ll know or will we?
  7. There has been a Xmas promotion in OZ, an EQ600 thrown in with a new Z and 6K, in the US a Monster but what is the above dramatic vid about? The Manticore and the ??????? . Maybe Garrett your finally taking the gold, good stuff......
  8. Same here, Smigo your takin the fun out of this game, now I`m thinking nah nah stop that tis dangerous.............🤪
  9. Same problem that`s been around since gold detectors were made, many equate full bore to more gold but that is not always so, I think those of us who persisted through the early VLF days are more aware of this trade off. I am looking forward to the complete control the Axiom gives in a lightweight detector and hope Garrett keep listening to you, Steve and Gerry, my only regret is I`ll have the Axiom in hand ready to get some weight but the wet will stop me getting out, be a bad case of cabin fever this wet, so Gerry keep posting those gobstoppers on DP, I`ll be dirty green with envy but entertained.
  10. I`ve a big bag of popcorn on Steves sensitivity sense not being heeded, if you can`t handle sensitivity turn it down.
  11. Much the same here with NF being my choice or of course X coils. But I weakened and bought the Coiltek 10x5 for the 6K, it is a brilliant coil with considerably more depth and sensitivity than the 11" ML mono, which is unusual as I`ve found round coils usually give more depth.
  12. Avantree Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Headphones and Bluetooth MD21 Transmitter (minersden.com.au) Not real sure why you`d want the transmitter if your detector has BT aptx Low Latency but price seems ok. Myself I`ll be seriously considering for the Axiom, rather than a X-linx receiver and a powered speaker, no headphones for me I got spoilt by the Z.
  13. Ya meant to wear em around ya neck not ya waist, girls.😉
  14. Nah, nah, The Phantom of the Goldfields.
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