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  1. Aye true AG, without Bruce Candy`s input the MD detectors we`d be using would be dinosaurs. We`ve turned this initial top humor vid thread into a bitch, but that illustrates MLs approach has made competitors fairly irrelevant. Depends on your thinking, but I believe the price we pay for MLs products giving them funds for R & D is returned in tech superior MDs that in a more competitive market we may not be enjoying, if my thinking is on the money this throws a cloud over our capitalistic competitive market being able to produce the most tech advanced product. With only going back a little, IMO the Z and the 6K are two prime examples of MLs successful R&D funded by expensive MDs approach. You can drive out to your favorite gold field in many different makes or types of vehicle but your greatest chance of success is the wise use of a ML MD once there.
  2. Aye, initially I thought being near the exalted grand Poohbah would be a big plus, but with that fear I`m starting to believe being downunder with a sea of masks between is a massive plus......
  3. Using a VLF to get gold???? Disguises???? Hang your head down, you fellows are a shame to our game..........
  4. Is an amazing tech advance journey, from the beginnings of individual electronic prospecting to todays 6K, just in a short 50 years or so. Most old patches given a new life with each detector advance plus new patches found many not so far from those old "flogged" patches. I can only imagine how many more patches will be found as detectors advance more in the future some no doubt right in close on ground we`ve walked/driven over judging now as not worth the effort. We are a privledged lot to participate in this amazing gold rush on our hunted home ground, imagine the journey in Frontier Africia today and tomorrow further out maybe on asteroids in another short 50 years, crikey where`s that Fountain of Youth.........
  5. Their stirring us downunders again, what ya reckon JP we add a bit of content, literally or hav a tongue in cheek go,...........🤤
  6. I know I have found some very helpful Utube vids made by amateurs that have helped me immensely in completing a task I have not done before, especially when fitting repair kits to a specific vehicles hydraulics on the farm. Of course there is lots of dubious content out there on social media but it has its strength. DP is the most obvious positive site for such content for us who are members, we have Steve to thank for this, I also thank Loren for illustrating this with what I initially thought was just a hogwash thread. There certainly is gold amongst tons of lead.
  7. Interesting trying to get a handle on your perspective Loren, but the very concept of Content Creators is beyond me, a tool like a detector has big time "content" to me but the "content" you are on about is not a tool I can see a use for in my backyard.
  8. Loren which comes first in your opinion the good product or the good marketing? Of interest perhaps, lets be specific and take MLs latest the GPX6000, what percentage of buyers do you consider bought it on performance as you and I buy products? And those that didn`t, did they buy on marketing content?
  9. Swinging a detector for me is not about producing better content, bottom line tis simply about finding gold. Aye no doubt you have failed to communicate maybe because number one Company X to us (in general) is what produces more gold has exactly naught to do with marketing content. Whilst Company X will sell to some purely on their marketing gloss, they will not be around for long unless their product comes up with the goods. Number one company X is simply there because it comes up with the goods has stood the test of time and blown away any marketing "content" by other companies who have fallen by the wayside because they have not been able to advance with todays technology gains. Company X doesn`t have to produce glossy marketing content to me, I just trust their next detector will have the capability to get gold, if they fail with just one detector they lose that trust regardless of their marketing blurp and go down in history as another has been. Emotion doesn`t fill the pocket with weight.
  10. You don`t go there KL, your missing nothing....... social media/social pandemic.....
  11. Gerry has pegged it, tis no secret, applies to all pursuits, persistence not luck but.
  12. Ah go on Gerry, all you successful gold fellas are the same, you`ve got those secret places where it`s just laying around, just a matter of a few swings each time you want a gold hit.....🤤
  13. Tis the only day of the year they work down "south of our border". Aye Merry Xmas all.
  14. I don`t know the go Rvpopeye, is all upside down, Phrunt and JW will be opening their pressies now, over here in OZ in about another hour and up your way closer to the North Pole, tomorrow. No sense in it at all, the literal ones will start talking about time zones etc etc and just confuse us more. Main thing is Santa doesn`t get lost or we`ll all be "up the creek in a barbwire canoe"
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