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  1. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    On ya, enough talkin about the scraps, the bigun show us the bigun.
  2. Norvic

    Do You Remember Your Old Detectors?

    Yeah, Geof I graduated up to the RB10, no doubt it was no slouch although didn`t have much of a following up here in NQ OZ. The Garret A2B was the machine that beat them both at those smaller pieces, until the GM2 & GB2 came along. The PIs...... pffff memories......... and the fever Zeds on, a privilege to live in this electronic gold rush age and of coz lots of fun.
  3. Norvic

    Do You Remember Your Old Detectors?

    Bounty HunterRB7 was my first in 79, couldn`t source a Whites 600D or a Garret Deepseeker in OZ, too much demand. But don`t knock the RB7 it was a producer once the driver got the go, took nearly 3 years and the bloody stuff was just laying around. Recall running across another detector operator in about late 81, he had a pocket full and gave me that go......."slow & low ya not brush cutting" he said with a wink............40 years on and tis still the go.
  4. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Nah, score so far, O2 from young fellas spots, AU+ from old codgers, buh everything's normal gotta hold their hand and lead em to it...........
  5. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Quote.....i think they knew what they were doing....they shifted baby sitting duties to WA....lol Crikey, we give the lad the good oil, go west young fella.......go west........ Dunno...... convicts these days just aren`t like they were once........just not Bushranger material anymore.......
  6. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    That`s better, now get that bigun, get out amongst em. Good luck Trent getting the lad away from that iPad, worse then me blooming g`kids.
  7. Norvic

    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    Hmmmmm, the minds on overload, maybe the adventures with a GPZ 8000????? new Whites??????, ??????? definitely need those coords
  8. Norvic

    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    You animal........ Steve your heading off on a mission like the rest of us animals.............I trust it will be a beauty. We`ll no doubt scramble things a wee bit while your away, mice play....... and all that......
  9. Norvic

    GPS Recommendations?

    Yeah, Oziexplorer officially is not on google play (to my knowledge), go direct tp Oziexplorer AU webpage and you`ll find the android app., but you need the PC version also to scan, download and georeference the map images then transfer to the android device It is a powerful piece of software that allows you to work with images in a fair few formats. I have been using it since the 90s, replacing Fugawi as my preferred moving map software, long before todays navigators. Unfortunately it cannot convert worked maps into a format for the Garmins otherwise I`d have them on my Rino 750, it has a utility that can convert and transfer maps to Magellans, but takes some experimenting.
  10. Norvic

    Hand Held GPS

    My prospecting partner & I have a Rino 750 each, great for keeping in touch and knowing exactly where we each are for safety, but for downright GPS mapping & prospecting usability I also carry my Samsung S6 with Oziexplorer, nothing beats, IMO, having access to both topo & geo maps in the pocket and knowing where exactly you are in relation to geo features. If you setup your phone in airplane mode & just use the moving map app and the GPS you`ll get a full day out of its battery no trouble. The smart phone & Oziexplorer combo is a big a must for my type of prospecting as the detector is, has been for yonks.
  11. Norvic

    Air Metal Detectors

    Yeah, for EMI problems when using my Samsung S6 with the mapping app I set to airplane mode, with the mapping app I set the screen to 1minute on, this allows 8 hours use but that would depend on how often you access the screen. From my use of the S6 (screen on all the time) with my DJI drone 3 hours is max. thus I suspect the screen on draws the battery down quickly.
  12. Norvic

    Air Metal Detectors

    Hmmmm, that is an interesting concept and maybe in a few years we`ll be wondering why not sooner or as Rick explains maybe the cell phone hasn`t got it. I have found the Deus RC screen is more viewable on the LH wrist, rather then on the top of the swinging shaft, thus an app on the smart phone could be the future. I`ve been using the smart phone with a moving map app for many years and other then the screens limitations in sunlight I believe it walks all over the dedicated GPS.
  13. Norvic

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    Had a bit of a go with a scoop years back, it didn`t work for me, just drop material on top of coil and move round with finger, works a treat with the Z on front/top of coil. No troubles just is important to work sensitive edge of the coil once signal is dug out to pinpoint easily.
  14. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good stuff, nothing wrong with bread and butter scraps, they pay the way, the biguns are the cream that are in the dream. Yeah Trent keep that chain short, the lads enthusiasm could see him get a wee disorientated in our big backyards, plus of coz I don`t want him to have an equal chance........ of coz.
  15. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Righto went out for day in back yard today, see if I can score a few to answer THE challenge. Nothing of size but tis a start, centre one is a speci. about a gram in it I guestimate. Ya gotta love the Z, these were all just a slight repeatable signals at depth, in ground that was "declared" flogged out over 30 years ago. Bloody good fun........ Now where`s that bigun ?????????? Whose name is on it Paul or Vic ?????????