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  1. A comparison of the manual for 1.05 (which came with my detector) and the new online version for 1.09 showed that the default setting for stability in beach mode is now 5. It was previously 1. There is no reason given for this change. If you are going for small gold at the beach I would urge you to set stability to 1. I can't think of a reason why N/M would change this setting. I do plan on doing a bit of testing with small gold targets to see how they are impacted by the stability setting and will post the results. Bill
  2. This morning I decided to try out update 1.09 at a local S. CA beach. The Legend performed well in both the wet and dry sand. However, I wanted to check the stability setting and was unable to since the "IF' setting had been added in 1.09 and I had forgotten to bring along my update notes. Not a big deal, though given the number of keypad shortcuts in all of these updates I think I will laminate a cheat sheet going forward. it's just too much to remember. Anyway, when I got home and reread the update notes, I came upon the update note regarding stability. Specifically: 1. Iron Filter and Stability settings have been added. When the device is working in Multi frequency, select the Recovery Speed setting and press the pinpoint button. Letters "IF" (Iron Filter) will appear on the right side. Iron Filter (IF) setting ranges between 1-8 and the default value is 8. Default value 8 is the same as the previous versions (v1.05, v1.07) Legend with no iron filter setting. Lower IF setting will increase the probability of ferrous targets to be classified as non-ferrous targets and vice versa. Stability setting (st) is the fine tuning for the IF setting. When the IF is set to 8, the st setting will be inactive in the Park, Field and Gold Field modes. When the IF is set to any value below 8, the St setting can be activated by pressing the right or left button and can be adjusted by using the + and - buttons. NOTE: The st setting in the beach mode is different than this new st setting! Now here is the problem. When I follow the instructions while in beach mode the stability setting that I get on my detector is "5" which, according to the manual, should be a default of '1" to ensure that you don't miss small gold. I did several factory resets to make sure this wasn't operator error (at least in my mind) and each time the default came up as a "5." I had to manually set it to "1." Am I missing something here or is this a bug? Also, just an observation , the black buttons are a royal pain in the neck to see. I was hunting under a pier and the buttons might as well have been invisible. I don't understand why N/M didn't give them a grey color or white highlights (which I may add myself). Lastly, my Legend was the only one on the beach. Checking targets with other multi users I ran into the Legend held its own. I came away impressed with its performance in the wet salt sand. Bill (S. CA)
  3. It appears that Calabash and Nokta/Makro have made up. They are sending him a new speaker to test in the Legend as well as fixing his original one.
  4. I really like your take on Merrill, CPT_GhostLight. His videos are entertaining (well, except for his rapping!) and I do pick up a thing or two about various machines from watching him. I also think he puts a nice face to our hobby by being a genuinely nice guy who likes to metal detect. As to his rating system, to me it is no different than the pre-Internet days. I started detecting as a 15 year old boy in 1972 and I have lost count at the number of self-appointed "experts" who I have encountered over the years who profess to know everything there is to know about metal detectors. To this day I still run into a random hunter or two at the beach who swears that a White's PI will beat any machine at an ocean beach. Whatever. There are a million different ways to evaluate a metal detector and to each their own. Merrill has picked his and if it doesn't work for you then don't pay attention to it. Lastly, as to Merrill's having a lot of metal detectors, so what? I know guys who have five or six cars, a dozen bicycles, etc. You get the idea. Some might call it collecting and I don't see anything wrong with that. I will say that I more than a few myself and I like having them. Not all of them get used much but I have a lot of memories associated with several of them and I value them as much as I do a ring in my scoop or a coin in my pouch. Bill (S. CA)
  5. Hey Jeff, good catch on the nickel ID. Do you know if each update of the Legend has to be done in order or if these new updates include all previous changes? In other words, in the case of 1.09. does it include 1.08? I was going to update mine last night to 1.08 but didn't have time so now I don't know if I should do that followed by 1.09 or not.
  6. Steve, I was thinking the same thing this week. Since all we ever hear from First Texas is silence my guess is that the platform has been abandoned. Reminds me of their multi frequency that was touted and then just vanished. Too bad but as a manufacturer First Texas is no longer a serious player in the industry. Bill
  7. I"m with Chase. Look, we all love Dilek. She has an engaging personality. But at the same time, I think most of us just want to know two things: 1. What is contained in the update? 2. When will it be made available? Powerpoint would be an easy way to accomplish these things. Then Dilek could follow up with that great personality of hers for those of us who want to hang around beyond the facts.
  8. Steve, As usual, all good points. I do know several Deus II owners who bought an adapter that moves the mount point to the center of the coil and they love the balance. And I'm so glad that you mentioned the silly antenna. I posted about that same issue a couple of months ago and got ripped for being a complainer. Bill
  9. Jeff, I have two friends who have been using their Deus II's at several inland parks and their results mirror yours. These parks have been hit hard by every machine through the Equinox and were considered by most of us to be hunted out. The Deus II has changed the game. My buddies have been astonished how many double digit nickel days they have had over the last couple of weeks. What makes this even more interesting is that many of the nickels, including a number of Buffaloes, have been shallow targets i.e. 6" or less. They have also been shocked at how much old clad they are digging. Thank you for posting your results and I look forward to more from you. By the way, they are both using the 11" coil. Bill
  10. Thanks, guys. I know Monte, haven's spoken to him a while. Be nice to get back in touch with him. Bill
  11. How many read a "1" on the Equinox. When I've found chains with my Equinox they have all read "1."
  12. Just curious if anyone has/still uses a Pantera? I know very little about the detector except that it had exceptional notch discrimination in its day. Bill
  13. George, I just saw this post and you scored! The XS was my very first ML machine. Mine was just like yours except mine had the Minelab meter. Wish I'd never sold it. I've been looking for one myself but the XS is hard to find. I hope you hunt with yours and post a find or two. Bill
  14. I think the Pro Coil was the only difference but could be wrong. The Pro Coil originated with the Etrac and initially was only Etrac dedicated. The coil was so successful that Minelab added it to the SE.
  15. That's interesting, George. A good friend of mine on another forum, Bryce Brown, and I used to playfully argue about which was better, the SE or an Explorer II with a Pro Coil. Bryce swore his SE was better inland and at the beach while I voted for my Explorer II with the Pro Coil. I'm assuming you had an Explorer II at one point. Ever run it with the Pro coil?
  16. Well put, Chase. I will second what Chase is saying here and put it a different way: let's everyone please let Nokta/Makro get the Legend out of the gate. Every time that they issue an update these unsubstantiated rumors seem to surface. Personally I would be very surprised if any manufacturer would release an update on a detector that reduced the depth to 1/2. Look at the Deus II. When a software revision was issued only to create larger TID numbers, immediately stories about reduced performance surfaced that ultimately turned out to be bunk. So please everyone, with the Legend, if you install the update, use it first. For more than an hour in a test garden. Then post some relevant testing or better yet, how about posting what you found? That's what I'm interested in, what the thing finds.
  17. What I remember most about the XS was that huge loud "bong" sound it would make when it hit a target like a quarter. I had never heard anything like it! Funny how small the world is. I went to college at Ashland College (not a university back then) and never heard of Earth's Treasures and Dick Noel until I moved to California. Sure miss that part of the country, it's a great place to live.
  18. I would have to split my vote in two, one for when i was a kid and one for when i was an adult. My White's Coinmaster III TR, which me and my mom bought together back in 1972, was super fun. Nobody back then metal detected. We hunted together, I swung and she dug. We found a lot of cool stuff. In 1994 my mom and I went detector shopping together again. We went to a place called Earth's Treasures in I think Mansfield, Ohio and met a fellow there named Dick Noel. I was all set to buy a Fisher CZ 5 Quicksilver but Dick told me to check out something called a Minelab Sovereign XS. He demonstrated the Sovereign to us and my mother looked at me and said "buy it." That detector was a game changer. Despite all of the innovations since then, I never had more fun as an adult as I did with that Sovereign. At the time there was nothing like it.
  19. Love this mod, perhaps XP will incorporate something similar. Makes total sense. Well done.
  20. I don't have a Deus II yet but a friend of mine does and he did the update. His Deus was very noisy afterwards so he contacted XP directly via email about any changes that might cause this because of the update. He was told all they changed was the large numbers and adding Chinese language. They suggested the problem could be EMI. Hope this helps everyone. Also, I am a little surprised that Calabash Digger hasn't addressed this since he has spoken about every aspect of the Deus II so far. Maybe someone who knows him could ask him his opinion which he doesn't seem shy about sharing, right? Bill
  21. Clive, Nice of you to add your veteran voice to the dialogue. You are evaluating the Legend the way a new detector is supposed to be tested. Keep this relevant info coming!. Bill
  22. Carl, I love the fact that you brought the V3i into this discussion. I had one and if memory serves me correctly I got it when there was a coil issue at White's. My V3i had two bad coils. When I finally got a good coil I did like the detector but like many I was overwhelmed by the number of settings/adjustments possible with the detector. I recall at the time thinking that White's needed to pare the detector back for some users; I had no idea that the VX3 was in fact a reality. I don't know that I would have gone along with the $99.00 upgrade idea but perhaps this concept could have been implemented in a manner similar to the old Coinmaster 1, 2 & 3 series. Or maybe offering a V3I "dual" that would offer the two platforms in one unit. All I know is that to this day no manufacturer has offered anything close to the V3i in terms of ingenuity. It would be cool if Garrett brought the model back. They should bring you on board to make sure it's done right! Bill
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