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  1. Hi guys. Waz from australia here, Perth. Curious to see if the apex has a niche in our goldfields. I have purchased one and are waiting. I could see it of use on mullock heaps and scrapings for fine gold. Do you agree? What settings would you recommend for this type of detecting given mineralised ground, hot rocks etc. Hoping it will be an ok prospecting detector in this sense, along with treasure hunting and prospecting on salt lakes..cheers waz
  2. My primary-use Garrett Apex sports the excellent 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil that is ideal for most of the places I like to hunt, in town or rural and remote. On my 2nd Apex I keep the really functional 8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil mounted for working plowed fields, similar range-land, or wide-open / sparse-target parks and similar places. I ordered my 3rd Apex just to keep the smallest search coil mounted where it needs to fit in and around and between dense brush, rocks, building rubble, etc., etc. For now I am going to mount the new NEL 5" 'Sharp' DD coil because that is the smaller coil currently
  3. TESTING THE GARRETT APEX ------------------------------- I have followed for the Apex exactly the same procedure already used for the other detectors that I have tested in the past : a) static depth tests , b) field tests . For info I live in the North of France, the soil is low to moderated mineralized there . The iron trash varies from medium to very high. I have used the Apex inland only ( no beach detecting ) During this test, I will compare the Apex with the Vanquish and Deus/Orx that I know very well and which are in the same price category ( Apex 600e ,Vanqui
  4. This is a Garrett forum for people who like Garrett detectors, so they can learn about how to get the best out of them. If you want to compare brands, or just state your negative opinion of Garrett or it's products, please use the appropriate forums, like the Advice & Comparisons Forum. Thanks.
  5. Head to head shootout ..... Ace Apex 499.00 Basic ..Wireless 579.00. Vanquish pro pack 2 coils, batteries, and wireless headphones 499.00. Which is the best bang for the buck in todays market???
  6. I decided to go to my local dealer and buy them..... here is a look at all three...
  7. I had one on loan for a few minutes and decided to run it in my test garden .Here are the results.....
  8. So having used and test the Garrett Ace Apex for a bit now. I've come up with some things I do and don't like about the machine. If anyone is on the fence about buying one this might help you make up your mind. I think Garrett is heading in the right direction with all the modern features they have included on the Apex. Here's what I really like about the Garrett Ace Apex. 1. Wireless headphones 2. Backlight display 3. Rechargeable battery 4. Easy to navigate menu 5. Easy to read display 6. Great sleek look 7. Light weight 8.
  9. People keep saying the Apex cannot be updated over the internet. Can anyone provide a quote from Steve Moore or Brent Weaver saying that it is not updateable?
  10. I put the Apex on eBay a few days to see if it would sell at $340 plus $20 shipping (that's $65 less than the going price new). Got a lot of questions about how I liked it and why I was selling it. Also got a bunch of low ball offers at $250-$300. I assume from this the Apex isn't going to be a hot seller used. When I sold my Vanquish 540 pro package it was gone at $425 plus $20 shipping in a matter of hours. So if I have to give the Apex away I guess I'll keep it and see what additional coils/updates come out in the future. From the 20 hours or so I have on the Apex I really can't see myself
  11. I got my first chance to take the Apex out for a test drive in a local park. I chose U.S. Coins mode because the area I was hunting is home to a Carnival with Rides and Game Booths every year. I must say, it ran fairly quiet until it hit a target. I will most likely use Zero in the future as the “Pre-set” modes may have more discrimination than I’m used to. Or I could “Accept” some of the blocked-out segments to create a “Custom” Program. Overall impressions: Simple, nice and light weight, well balanced, easy to adjust settings plus the Wireless Audio that you can hear your Pin Pointer t
  12. OK new comparison and probably the last one for me. Doing this one because Monte made a comment on another forum about the Apex needing to have iron audio off in order for it to perform better on the nail board test. I thought I would throw the F19 into this video since it's in the price range of the Apex. IMO the Apex is just another choice in the $250-450 price range and it's going to come down to the features and performance you want as to which metal detector you chose. Like Steve, I feel like it's closest competition is the Vanquish 540 at $369 and to me the Apex isn't worth the extra mon
  13. Garrett Ace Apex Review Part 2 Part 2 is the Apex depth test and comparison. Let me say right up front that my soil is 4-5 bars on the F75, so not mild ground. So, you’ll probably get different results if you have really hot ground or mild ground. The multi frequency feature of the Apex is what most interests me. I want to see how it compares against the Equinox (for target ID and depth) and other single frequency machines with similar sized coils. I’ve got a test garden in my yard of buried items, some in polluted holes. They are quarters buried at 2, 4, *6 & 8 inches. Dimes buried a
  14. This is a video that Garrett has done in response to some of the user videos made about the new Apex. It’s possible this was posted before and I missed it... been busy lately! “Iron targets can “mask” or change the Target ID of adjacent good treasure targets. Two examples of target masking are presented, along with a demonstration of successfully scanning coins mixed into a row of nails. Although the presence of iron can change a target’s ID, this video shows how easy the Garrett Apex can pick out the treasures in such trashy detecting environments.”
  15. Hitting a NEW PERMISSION, fields surrounding a Manor House with the Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish and Garrett Apex
  16. Video of the Apex on Monte's Nail Board Test.This is Monte's official Nail Board Test he sent me Years ago.I think for the large size of the stock coil and DD its quite Good!!Test done with factory tone break.Zero Disc.Multi Freq and some other solo freq's at one point for a comparison. Keith
  17. If you want to see the Apex in the action in the field here is a video I did over the weekend. Didn't compare it to anything in this video just got out and hunted with it.
  18. I am an extremely new user and just received the apex as my first detector.....did I make a poor decision?
  19. I want to start by saying that I really hate posting reviews like this when I'm disappointed in the results. Makes me feel like the bad guy or that maybe, just maybe I had the metal detectors setup wrong. Anyway here is a quick review. Garrett Ace Apex Review Part 1 Got a Garrett Ace Apex delivered today, work is slow right now so I got right to testing it out. I’m going to post my review in 2 parts. Part 1 will be about the separation abilities of the Apex. Part 2 will be about the depth capabilities of the Apex. First wanted to say, I’m pretty impressed with the build quality and e
  20. I said I was done with the videos about the Apex but I had to do one more that does show some improvement on the in-line nail coin test. I have no problem admitting that sometimes there's a better way to do things, I would like to see Garrett succeed just as much the next guy, so anything that shows improved performance is welcome. If you're only interested in those results skip to 2:46 in the video. FYI Monte Berry posted somewhat of a review on metaldetectingforum.com that pretty much matches what I've been saying about the Apex. He's also the one who suggested using iron audi
  21. Submitted by Detector Ben in eastern Nebraska. He is an independent user of his new Apex testing on deep targets and his own test bed/iron separation. Comparison with the Nox 800. (I wonder what his iron bias and iron volume settings were on the Nox 800) He actually answered this question on another forum. He had his iron bias on F2=4 and his iron volume was on its lowest setting (which is why we could not hear it on the video going over the square nail). Sometimes the Nox will give an iron tone on deep targets with no VDI. Thanks for the great video Ben!!!! I'm keeping my
  22. In the last 24 hours, there have been some rumblings over on Friendly that a YouTube video was posted showing a pre-production model in moderate iron trash performing very poorly. That video has been taken down by someone.......... Enough people saw it to comment and a couple of them know what they are talking about usually. I did not have a chance to see the video so I can't comment. There have been a couple of recent vids by Ohio Farm Hunter which really put me to sleep (not a bad thing) that showed a tester model which did not impress me. Jeff
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