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  1. Well, a bit of info. I was not a squeaky wheel. Knew I would not be detecting until the end of July at the soonest. so I never bugged them. Also the coil and unit both needed replacing, so I really do not know which one had the supply issue?
  2. When I sent mine back in early April it took 6 weeks.
  3. I really like that 3rd scoop in. I too have the stainless lip. I put a lot more holes in it for draining and over the years it has had no effect on scoop strength. Nothing like a rare earth magnet in the bottom. I have other customizing too.
  4. UGH, Hate trying to keep separation. My hunting style is coil glued to the carpet.
  5. Man I got to tell YA. I don't want to find any of that stuff IN FACT the Corona pant is down the street from me!!!!! If this detector can't dial that stuff[I had a few margaritas] OUT. Well then.... Dave
  6. No wonder you do not have as much gold as I...….😁 Think when the Sovereign arrived in the timeline!
  7. I had the combo, coil and detector. They pre-paid a label.
  8. Not a total test. but I probably have 6-7 10/k digs with the Nox. NONE of them came in over 10.
  9. Since the Equinox requires line of sight, it is worthless to me at the beach. There is no where on the front of my body I want that thing. If it is on the machine it is in the splash/wet zone.
  10. Well it has gone both ways with me and "customer service" Minelab really stepped up to the plate with a Sovereign issue [different company then] NOW with the Equinox you tell me? I will try to make it short, lol. My coil ear breaks while in Mexico. Minelab absolutely will not send me a coil even if I pay for one and reimburse me when I get back to the states and return the damage one. [I have two months left staying in Mexico] SO THEN. I go after the coil to make a repair on it with a coil support. I spend about 5 hours on it and it seemed to work. Not 100%, not pretty, but works. Then the next trip out my machine goes down with water in it. When I get home I send in the unit and coil and ASK very politely if they can return the coil that I repaired for as spare when I break another coil ear [because it WILL happen]. Well it gets to the point of them shipping back to me and I am informed "they cannot ship the damaged coil back to me" So I plead my case [again] of hunting out of the country and the lack of options when I break the next coil ear. I ask that this request is forwarded to a supervisor. I even offered to pay for return shipping. Sure enough after weekly reminders and three weeks later I get a response from a supervisor and am informed that the repaired broken coil can not be returned to me. IT REALLY WOULD OF TAKEN SO LITTLE at this point to make me a happy customer. However they stated I could buy a "new" coil to have as a spare. That is where I stopped being polite and told them what I though about the engineering on their coils. Dave
  11. Man I would go back to that spot ASAP! Good Job! Jealous too, I have never dug a Palladium Ring!
  12. Wow, odd. I have hunted with a sovereign for 20 years and never knew what EMI was at the beach until I swung the Equinox. I run the sovereign hot and on the edge too. Heck, I can hear cell phones coming 40-50 away sometimes with the Nox.
  13. Well I have really not read on the topic, because I was using the Sovereign which is very PI like in it's all metal mode.[and still use] Years ago I ran a CZ-21 for a while but could not bring it up to speed where I hunt. Also the only other machine I considered for my beach use was the Dual Field. However I am not a fan of 12" or bigger coils for my style of beach hunting and conditions, also hunting in another country I did not like the fact it used batteries. I am an old dog that can learn new tricks. I have no fear what so ever the AQ will talk a language that I understand. The question might be trade-offs.
  14. Well let take it to the next step, where the machine assay's the target and then it just magically jumps in your pouch! 😁
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