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  1. Thanks, interesting stuff! It's not plated it has a 10K stamp. The bands are rose gold. There is very little gold weight. I will get the stone checked when I get back home!
  2. Well it has been a dry spell, but finally connected! Besides the gold stamp there is gcic4 stamped in the ring. Does this refer to the diamond? TIA
  3. There is no luck of the draw. Their are going to be lots of broken coils.
  4. Hey Badger I am 100% positive my EMI was communications equipment. I have been waiting for feedback on Electric EMI. So please post, I guess no guarantees? Thanks Dave
  5. You know this is not that hard! The tape is sticky, not peeled it is not sticky. I assembled it so all pieces touching my cover still have the backing on it!
  6. Please go to my fist post [I am the OP]. In the picture is a cage built out of aluminum tape. Some of is unpeeled [not sticky] several layers to give it stability.
  7. ****UPDATE**** I made an aluminum shield out of tape that goes over my cover and can be removed. I have the same EMI outcome. No EMI from cell phones and NO EMI from that communications equipment. Dave
  8. Are things not clear that Minelab is only releasing gold machines this year? What am I missing??/ Also with a 6 month build-up to the release of the Equinox and now with zero build-up, minelab is going to dump a surprise machine on us. UGH, just not their MO.
  9. One source who was on scene tells Arundel.news the man may have been wading offshore to search for items with a metal detector when the cold water likely caused hypothermia. The man was not able to return to the shore on his own. https://www.arundel.news/news/a-a-county-fire-boat-41-pulls-man-from-bay-near-beverly-beach/article_7b76d062-5511-11eb-b855-1fa2fc38b935.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share Dave
  10. GOTTA love a gift one can actually use!!!!
  11. Coinsearch coil SOLD....Thanks!Everything else available!
  12. It was just amazing how I could call target size with my Sovereign!
  13. Being on a beach or river it sounds like you would not have a location where target saturation is a problem. The 6" coils would excel in a target saturation environment. But in all reality the Nox 11" coil is an awesome separator of targets. I just don't see money well spent on another coil. However that money could be used for a nice graphite shaft, coil and screen protector. A decent arm cuff too!!!! Dave
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