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  1. For me at the beach the PP button is worthless. By the time you hit the PP button, I have the target out of the sand. Besides it appears [to me] the PP function has a broader signal than regular detection. It is one of those rare "F" scores for a detector. Dave
  2. Before my Nox decided to get wet, I was just in the process of testing "Auto" against set at zero programs in Salt wet sand, water contact. Early indications were "auto" was beating fixed at "0". Dave
  3. H I just bought a used one for $700 with warranty until Aug of 2021. You will have a hard time beating that. In my HO. Dave
  4. I hate whines, would much rather have wines at the end of a good hunt. Have not noticed that on my 800. Dave
  5. 😉 Well......lol...… Won't be 2 years old until July. Not so sure about the intense surf? Yes we have intense surf [here] but that control head has not been under 1" of water once! But that is why I have a metal arm cuff and custom carbon fiber rod. I can tell you when I get my new coil, my coil ears will NEVER break. [will provide pictures]. AND YES, there is no secret and the shortcomings are not pretty. Speaking of rough surf, yesterday a swimmer died from a broken neck when getting dumped by a wave. Going out for the next three days starting tomorrow, gonna be some good digging! Dave
  6. Well I just broke a coil ear, AND when I rinsed the unit off that day enough water made it inside to fry the unit. So minelab will be sending me a new unit and coil. 😡 Dave
  7. 😁 Who said I am machine-less? Sitting next to me is two GT Sovereign's [I learned that lesson 25 years ago] But more importantly I was just getting ready to share what I have learned over the last 5 weeks. [now this complete mfg. failure] I have been running three different programs and comparing "iffy" signals and recording their composition. [Will have to wait] But one tidbit on the Equinox and Sovereign comparison. So, determined to learn the Nox I had not hunted the Sovereign till the Nox failure yesterday. One POSITIVE with the Nox is amount of target digging. For instance, 3.5 hour hunt yesterday 68 coins, and about 12 pieces of trash. Total 80 Digs. To get 80 digs with the equinox it would take me 5 times out or more. THIS EQUATES to more sand and space covered, which could and can mean more items of higher value found. If I can get a used machine to my wife to bring down in a month I should be able to complete the rest of my findings. Dave
  8. Yes I am under warranty yet. Just really frustrated in the fact a detector that is supposed to go down 10ft under water can not be rinsed off without getting water in it. I have ZERO confidence this machine is manufactured to water metal detecting conditions. I already have an RMA on the coil and was working with them to get one sent to Mexico......It now looks I can wait for next years season. 😡
  9. MY UNIT IS FRIED! Evidently the Equinox can not even be rinsed off in the shower after use. What a piece of JUNK. Two months to go in Mexico and I have a boat anchor. 😡 Minelab engineers should all be fired. Dave
  10. I am hunting a problematic beach area. I will try it! Sounds like a good idea! My coil repair is still drying, fishing tomorrow, so won't get out till Tuesday. Dave
  11. Hi everyone. I ordered this orange piece but did not epoxy it on do to being in warranty. That orange piece is made VERY poorly. Mine cracked along with the ear of the coil. Dave
  12. GD, just found my coil ears broken. I also had a ear beef-up installed and that is cracked too. 😡
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