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  1. Yes, but I am not sure it would be 30%. I my opinion unless you add EMI or high minerals. Maybe more like 15% with the detectors I have tested at the beach. It takes a lot of black sand to lose depth.
  2. I want to see Calabash test the difference between tracking GB and fixed at the salt beach.
  3. Humm not so sure about that. Everything I have air tested at the beach, tells me I would not make that claim. However, it is impossible to get more from a detector out of the ground/sand than in the air.
  4. I was in moderate black sand and had an iron target about 6" away. I had to work around to center it. Rang in at a 12 on the beach. Just tried it in the condo with some EMI and it was 13-14.
  5. Clearly Aaron is a guy who was ALL-IN. Give him some space, he will be back!
  6. Fresh off the beach! Good to have one of these down early in the season!
  7. No, you lost the target because the Nox has a break-down in detection when: The hole fills with water, and the target may get sideways. It is not your fault. I know, buried a few targets today #%$&$&(*)_(*_$T
  8. I think the makers of the Legend are re-checking to see if they missed any parts from the Equinox. [did I just say that]
  9. WOW, was really excited at the title and first post. Then after reading found out there is no new platform. Does this testing tell you how many hours you will be down for repairs with the AQ? Sheesh.
  10. I enjoyed working the MDT on the beach here. Almost bought one and would never discourage anyone from buying one. It does really work great! I passed because of the dual metal coinage here. There was too much wrap around signal on the 1-2 and 5 peso coin. If that was not the case I think the MDT would of became my primary machine! It stomps the Equinox on how well it functions in the wave wash.
  11. Yes, yikes. It is winter, and I would wait to see how the Deus2 shakes out. If light weight is a concern for you the D-2 checks that box. I am in Mexico working beaches until the end of April. I should have a D-2 in under two weeks. Right now I have everything to test it on EMI, Nasty Black sand, Rough Surf, and even normal beach. I will know if that detector will hold ANY SALT...........SOON! [pun intended]
  12. ME? I use a custom straight shaft that does not use the detector as a grip. My surf is real rough and I would rip all those screws out in a year [or less].
  13. There was this story...................one time..................about a blind squirrel and a NUT.................................. Just Kidding😊 Congrats!!!
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