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  1. I do not know why the Equinox is so good at this? It is not only nails, but round targets as well. Where I hunt there are coins with a ferrous and non-ferrous mix. I can identify them at fringe depths 95% of the time. It is not only the double beep, but also the breakdown of response. It is a two-prong approach. For those fringe targets that do not double ring, they might have a serious breakdown of response in a 360 degree look. Non-ferrous targets will NOT have a breakdown of signal response on a 360 degree look.
  2. Can't remember it I ever had a three-gold ring day!!! Outstanding!
  3. I only beach and water hunt and never use the pinpoint button. Just a waste of time. With some practice of X-ing the target, recovery is easy on the discrimination mode.
  4. However, I understand new generations. 🤪 If rocky, hard shell outside would be my choice!
  5. I usually let the women wear the knee pads.....😂
  6. I have no idea. Not even sure it works out of the Equinox 800 Beach 2 mode.
  7. Lots of hard work there!!! Good job on the gold!
  8. If you have a coil cover on>>>>Take it off and clean it. Don't ever put it back on.
  9. Saw this older post. Unfortunately, Hurricane Hillary put a stop to our testing. It will be a while before this testing might happen.
  10. I am hesitant to answer. Discrimination to discrimination Deus 2 wins. The Equinox can work magic when targets cannot TID. An Equinox will beat the Deus 2 every time with single or double beeps off the coil. The Equinox has the advantage in Black Sand too. This is another case of knowing which detector to use when!
  11. I think, time to order a replacement battery.
  12. As a salt beach hunter, I don't think you will be able to use the gold program at all under water. You are correct that the Beach Sensitive program is the only salt mode that has a good shot at chains! I think you should try one different adjustment. First if you're trying to hunt with 95 sensitivity under water>forget it. I cannot even hunt the wet sand in my location at 95 sensitivity. In my testing the D2 did not lose depth until sensitivity 88. I would try keeping your Audio Response at 6 and turn down sensitivity to achieve hunt ability. I am 100% confident an Audio Response of 6 and a sensitivity of 88 will out hunt an Audio Response of 4 and sensitivity of 95 on fringe targets. You will also get a sharper response on small open gold chains. The point I am trying to make> There is no need to overdrive sensitivity to achieve good depth. Another point>Threshold. Running a threshold can amplify crap sounds. I do not see the reason to run ANY threshold. Running a threshold may be a self-defeating adjustment, especially in saltwater conditions.
  13. Yes X-2 Also, after much testing> I recommend keeping Audio Response at 6 and adjust detectability with sensitivity!
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