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  1. Both sets of headphones and shafts are sold. Thanks Phil Shorty dive rod and Minelab WM08 Wireless Module and charge cable still for sale.
  2. I concur with all written above. Heck, I have two 800's because one is just not trustworthy enough. 😂
  3. WOW, all sincerity. Get lotto tickets for the next drawing!!!! Great Finds!
  4. The Minelab bolt for a water hunter is junk. The first time I took it apart is was slammed full of sand. Almost a tablespoon in total between the two. No thanks, back to standard plastic bolt for over two years. .
  5. I would not be too hard on your self! The coil ears fail EVERYWHERE because of MFG. DEFECT! Too much pressure will also crack through the bolt holes as well. I know there is only one fix. As guys still break coil ears with stiffeners regardless if their attached with hokey zip ties or not. BELOW, it the only pure fix. 1. Take any coil support that is not made of infill and epoxy it to the coil and coil ears making it as one. 2. Make a custom set of side plates and epoxy them to each side for further support. I have 7 months of full use time on my 11" coils already without issue. 7 days a week 3-4 hour hunts, that's about 760 hours of use. In the worst environment possible , the pounding surf of the Pacific ocean. I have recently completed my 15 Minelab coil. Each coil ear is now 1/2" thick.
  6. I am having this problem right now and heading for a MRI this week. Checking for a fractured something or other. I stepped on a really pointed small rock I never saw coming. Took it right in front of the heel. Was just checking on inserts. Kind of like Joe, thought I was over it, but 4 days of beach hunting put it back on fire. I do doubt this is "vitamin" thing as I regularly take the necessary stuff. Flaring tendons are a "B" to deal with.
  7. Guess I am not quite getting it? Are these waterproof? If not how would it help broken cracking cables? Once it is on/applied how would you know if you had a further cable cracking problems?
  8. You have to watch trade offs with big coils in salt conditions. If your difference is more than two sensitivity level positions it is probably not worth swinging the bigger coil. That said I would not worry if the difference was running at 22 compared to 24 with the 11" coil. However if I was at 20 with the large coil and I could do 22 sensitivity with the 11", the 11" would be my choice for depth.
  9. Run the machine in auto tracking GB at a salt beach. If emi, or excessive chatter starts ,use frequency selector and let the machine run where it wants to. I actually do this in front of a different hotel now every time If it is one tip I want to pass along after all my years it would be: Nothing identifies correctly in black sand and salt water. That is why it is so important to think nonferrous and ferrous.
  10. Right now I can not say this will work in beach 1, so yes please try beach 2. When I get back on my machine I am going to try Beach 1 if I can get it stable in my wet sand.
  11. In beach 2, horseshoe on, IB 6, Recovery 6, auto sensing GB mode, these tent stakes will double ring. They should also give a minus vdi. Even if they are galvanized it should not be different. Put a few on the ground and practice. So one other thing I should mention. Coil control is important. So is centering the target. Impossible to center any type of target at depth unless you are in horseshoe mode. Once centered, move the coil slow enough so that iron can react off both sides of the coil. If you burn the coil fast, you might only get one ring. Also, nonferrous targets do have the ability to double ring, but they will not be deep, and be confirmed by vdi numbers 1 or greater.
  12. Well, it is possible to be with a very high sensitivity level on land [in beach modes] My next trip I am going to work beach 1, and see if it does the same. I only had one other person PM me and said he saw what I was saying about deep non ferrous and ferrous in beach mode. Said he was going to experiment in the other modes, but I never heard back. Let me know.
  13. Are you talking salt beach? Wet sand/water contact I would run at least F2-1 on that 600. One of the biggest issues will be how quiet your machine runs in salt. The higher the IB, usually the more stable. You might be able to up your sensitivity by 1 notch higher too. I know there are some obsessed with "small gold". But frankly, small gold don't pay the bills. Obsessing on super small targets will suck up detector time. I vote for coverage all the time. Even in recovery 6 and IB 6 I have found some amazing small gold items.
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