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  1. I looked at the Vid. My thought: By having the sensitivity turned all the way up to 25 AND keeping the coil right on top of the targets, he is overdriving the electronics. I have never heard of anyone being able to hunt at "25" in ground or water [but there is most likely someone who can] . It would of been nice to see results held 6" above those targets, or at 22 sensitivity. Dave
  2. I highly doubt that in salt water, wet sand water contact, target ID will get better. The nox is a batch machine.....get -1, +10, +2, -1, +13...….it is probably a true +8. Dave
  3. Well Lonnie I am with you! There was no reason for Minelab to change a long standing industry standard and try to force everyone to use their crappy headphones. It has caused several hours of delays and chasing around to get my QUALITY Black widows to work. . Even with the supposed correct connectors I still get a crack or blip every once in a while. This is a pure Minelab fail. Dave
  4. I have not used an external speaker in about 25 years. Not sure how important this issue is? Dave
  5. Thanks. Just very curious to see if anyone else responds with targets that went from negative to positive. Also I always say "nothing is the same in black sand" and moving salt water for that matter. Dave
  6. Could you say what the target locked in at once you had it out? Did you try to ID this in all metal before you dug? And what were the results? I am very interested if someone else had a target go from negative to positive after taking sand away? I have not had this happen to me yet, but very curious to see if others had issues? Also, if you had targets that changed were they of any worth? Dave
  7. I have more to add, just returned from three weeks of salt hunting. I still believe in one tone and going to all metal mode for final decision. Many if not all true ferrous targets crisp up and number lock to the minus side better when switching to all metal. I also want to say that even though a true number lock on a target is unlikely [in moving salt water], except for shallow targets, I had no issues with making determinations on digging. With the 1,2 and 5 peso coin being ferrous and reading between -4 -7, there was plenty of iffy signals to sift through. And ALL of those iffy signals I dug, none were of any worth [all ferrous]. Guessing I have several hundred "iffy targets" dug. I am very confident at this point things are not slipping by me using my method of one tone and meter ID. . It leads me to believe that even though I do not get a number lock, the general sound and groups of numbers +1 and better are a working combination. I have always been an if in doubt DIG, person. You really get a raw look at all targets in one tone, and going to all metal really makes decisions easier. HH Dave
  8. No you were clear, but if your an old goat like me and had Sun Rays before the 3030 was even a rough drawing on a napkin.....well you have what you have...….. Dave
  9. My older version Pro Golds, will not work correctly on the NOX with the WM08. Also anyone reading, do not expect good results if you keep the WM08 on the back of a hat. That module needs to be line of sight. Dave
  10. My friend uses his 3030 on the beach...…..?
  11. Well yesterday was the day I had been waiting for in a long time. I have a friend who has a Nox 800 and is very accomplished on land with it. In fact if most of you were to see his colonial silver finds with the Nox you would pass out. YESTERDAY, started working with my machine for the first hour and a half, same issues in moving salt water as normal. Unhooked my machine and plugged his into my phones and the next hour and a half was exactly like my machine. Zero difference in depth, sounds, target ID issues, recovery, lost targets in moving salt water. I also did testing with different recovery speeds and IB, as compared to sensitivity. Worked tracking GB as well as fixed 0 GB. Standing by all of my original reporting and just stating that there are issues with the Nox in moving salt water. I want to give thanks to cjc with help and some special setting that might work. Dave
  12. The potting compound used on coils to protect them and bury the internal workings of the coil is an epoxy. I have learned my method off of forums like this many moons ago by people who have gone to that big test garden in the sky. The excuse of Warranty is just that. MFG's are not turning you down on warranty because you put more epoxy on to protect your coil. However with Minelabs Nox design, I will say it is a real bugger to do. I would rather do 5 Sovereign coils to one Nox coil. Minelab has clearly made a bad design by the 100's of coils that have already failed and the 100's more to come. How about sending your failed coil back with holes in the cover? Minelab can easily state that one allowed the entrance of added weight which exacerbated the failure of the mount. Yes this is about trading ideas, and no one is required to do my ideas. However Minelab should set-up to the plate and do a new coil design on the new batches. Dave
  13. I tried to make this smiley face bold but it will not work...….? Dave
  14. Hey Dew I owned the machine before the up-date. Then the first time I installed the up-date the machine was bonkers, went back to orig. platform for a few more trips out to make sure the machine was operating properly, then re-installed the updates again with a positive note. For me, the update seems much better across the board on multiple levels. So I have not looked back. Also just to qualify NOT ALL targets go undetectable. The large and/or high targets are still able to punch through. Example: I routinely pull 10 peso coins [bigger than a .50 cent piece] at 12-13 inch depths in the wet sand. This will NEVER happen in and around moving salt water. Maybe you will detect this 10 peso coin to 4-5 inches. The sad part is a detector from K-mart can do that If you keep detecting in moving water you do not know what you are missing until you wait for the beach to drain-off. Took me a while to put 2&2 together, but it finally clicked when I would only progress my movement after the beach cleared of water. Then the amount of targets that became detectable increased greatly. Also the frequency of how many times I had to wait to recover the target increased because I could not hear it until the water withdrew. I have been working this beach for over 15 years, so I know its language and know where the targets are. That was also helpful in figuring out this issue of detection depth and lack of performance in moving water. Dave
  15. Pinpoint mode to me is completely worthless. It has a broader spectrum signal than Disc mode and the water seems to drive even more noise/chatter in pinpoint. I have learned to "X" the target in Disc mode and recover. The more important part of the conversation is the loss of detection. How do I go forward with moving water and expect to detect targets? The answer is: I am unable to. Dave
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