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  1. Nice digs!!! Gold can't be far away!
  2. Chinese talents??? That might be a little overreach. Most everything coming out of China is inferior.
  3. I would contact Tony and see how much to ship from Post Office. Tony can make a cable any length you want, so you can keep that 1/8 jack out of the splash zone. Also highest quality connectors.
  4. Yes, the next update will be called Deus 2. It will make the Equinox not work as well as it does.
  5. Without knowing a particular machine my bet would go for 26khz and higher. That is what most beach and gold hunters would say. However most of us at the beach do not get to use, or cannot use single freq do to salt conditions. There is a lot to be said about stability and sensitivity. That may have different freq. choices. Sounds like your testing is pretty well thought out.
  6. I'm not using the factory lower. However, one possibility is taking a little stock off the washer less side and then add a thin rubber fender washer to that end. That may solve the issue. At least you would have rubber on both sides.
  7. Could it be as simple as: The WS6 is a stand alone detector itself and one may only need that cable then? However, the WS6 and coil would need to be charged separately.
  8. There is a used Deus 2 for sale over on friendly forum. $1050 shipped. Someone is going to get a killer deal!
  9. I looked ahead of time. Of the three phones you posted I can only tell two of them: dodiddlies, and Serious. Neither of those phones have "NRR" specifications listed in advertisements, nor ambient dB rating. Here are the only production phones that accept the Ws6 that I know of, are dB rated and state so. -24dB. https://highplainsprospectors.com/products/detector-pro-gray-ghost-xp-platinum-series-wireless-headphones-for-xp-deus-xp-deus-ii?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2MWVBhCQARIsAIjbwoMtJm6_Legs5IUuFAqcKUDSQWzcj98gzliKCQBdktN2T4XO4ayW-WwaAgEIEALw_wcB I have found what I want for 25 years. I use the Original Black Widows [-28dB rated] with Audiosears [speakers] Connected directly to the detector.
  10. That is not the decibel rating I am talking about. I am referring to the ability of the headphones to keep out EXTERNAL ambient noise. None of the headphones you listed have that ability. BTW, a good rating is around -28dB. SO IMPORTANT, to keep external noise out while beach hunting!
  11. I have my Black widows [speaker change out] and 4 jumper cables coming from Tony right now. Hope USPS doesn't lose it! Also, Yes Tony does make waterproof headphones that connect to the Deus 2 and from memory -26dB rated.
  12. To heck with this cheap recharging crap. I am simply getting a jumper cable made to run my favorite QUALITY headphones. I am not sure why anyone would buy any of those cheap non-Db rated headphones to put the puck on. [for beach hunting] I can tell you how many failures I had with my Equinox wireless in 4 years. Zip, Zero, Nada. Because I was connected directly to the pod with a jumper cable!
  13. Sorry to hear. Us beach guys are tough on stuff. We find the weakness right away. Personally those WS6 headphones are junk, I will never use them at the beach.
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