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  1. I am hunting a problematic beach area. I will try it! Sounds like a good idea! My coil repair is still drying, fishing tomorrow, so won't get out till Tuesday. Dave
  2. Hi everyone. I ordered this orange piece but did not epoxy it on do to being in warranty. That orange piece is made VERY poorly. Mine cracked along with the ear of the coil. Dave
  3. GD, just found my coil ears broken. I also had a ear beef-up installed and that is cracked too. 😡
  4. Not going to roll back my software due to having problems with the new one taking. However, I did not see much of a difference in EMI on the beach I am hunting. It does seems that a recovery speed and IB of 6 does tame it somewhat. STILL have issues with close cell phones from people passing by. Dave
  5. With the water pressure at the beach, I'd break it in two weeks. [maybe less]
  6. What is the Fisher armrest made of? PS. No need for a kick stand on the beach! Dave
  7. THIS: https://www.kellycodetectors.com/catalog/arm-rest-kit-gpx-sovereign-eureka-gold The BEST! Dave
  8. For those who like to know, my Black Widows are 1/4-40 and the boots worked great! Dave
  9. That is the double snake Samurai medallion. HIGHLY coveted, rare, and possibly one of a kind. To bad April fools is so far off! 😉 I have no clue, Dave.
  10. I know this was for the other person, but I have run 0-2 and have not noticed much difference. But things are different at the beach. Also one other point as to why I am testing these bouncing numbers is gold chains. Even though I have not found one with the Nox yet I want to make sure none are getting by. My air testing and even beach testing tells me I should have no issues. However something that has been in the ocean and re-set on the beach never seems to do what a simple bury in the sand target does. Dave
  11. I have not put my machine into negative numbers but I have done 100's of digs on iffy beach signals. Where I detect Mexican Peso coins ring -4to-7. Due to mineralization position in the sand and other factors these want to break the threshold. So lets say I get a breaking sound signal it reads -1 then+2 then -4 then +3. I go in multiple directions then dig. To date with 100's of digs I have yet to dig anything of value. My point is two fold. First these are clearly targets that are NOT masked. Second there is a strong correlation that when you are given a target that won't lock but "wants" to ring up it is most likely ferrous. I will say if you are grouping meter numbers most read as a negative with a few low plus number in the swing. If you get the reverse and you grouping of meter numbers are positive then it is most likely a keeper. How many swings? I would say three back and fourths from TWO different positions should give the information you need. Dave
  12. I think you did great! In Mex, I usually get 7-9 gold rings a 3 month season. Working at least 20 hours a week. I also get 1-4 gold chains too. So for that short of time period and not being able to read the beach better, again, I think you did GREAT! PS I am easily pulling 1-3 gold ring for every "other" metal. In fact his year I will do a break down of the gold rings to others. With chains it is even worse. Dave
  13. For water hunting the stock Nox coil is as large as I want it. I would never take a large coil into the water as they are a pia to pin point under. On my particular beach there is very little of value out of the wet sand. kind of like the condition mn90403 speaks of. Also if you look at the picture Joe D. posted, the beach I work on is always rougher. My tip is: Save your arm/shoulder and pinpointing headaches. Run that stock coil hot. Dave
  14. Well I bit the bullet and ordered the 1/4-40's, will know and post mid January. Dave
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