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  1. Who advised you do do that? What is your setting?
  2. YES!!! Protect yourself from the TSA not even knowing their own rules.
  3. Just in case anyone looks at this in the future. DO NOT put anything with batteries in your checked luggage. Bring your batteries in your carryon luggage. The TSA will throw out anything with lithium batteries. MANY of them can not tell the difference in any batteries.
  4. I can usually tell chain time by what I am digging. Getting keys, key chains and other large oddball targets........it is time to pay attention!
  5. Yes I am running 800's. You get to know the conversion. But there are several important items. I have advocated 1 tone for some time now at the beach. Stop that machine from chirping at you from different tones and listen to actual targets. With all the other ticks and chirps. Not sure where you hunt the most? But until you master the wet sand keep the Equinox out of the wash. Even though I can run 23-24 in the wet sand in my location, stuff that Equinox in the water and all comes unglued. There lies the issue. One almost needs a dual setting at a touch of the finger to do the two
  6. I have lots of thoughts. Who told you to run some of these setting? What is your IB? Think you really need to get down to basics and understand why Minelab recommends the initial settings of each mode. Here is what I run: Beach 2, Tracking GB [a must], 1 tone, IB FE 6, Recovery 6, Sensitivity 22-24. Run in HORSESHOE mode. Anything that shows ferrous scale and double rings, DON'T DIG it, it is iron. ANYTHING that double rings with a plus VDI dig, as well as ANY target that does not double ring or breakdown, as you work around the target 360 degrees. Center target
  7. Looking for Nox Minelab 15" coil. Thanks.
  8. I would like to see a head to head in an established test garden between the two 15" coils. I have seen plenty of evidence that the Minelab 15" does get better depth than the 11". I have heard nothing but complaints so far with the coilteck 15"
  9. Glad you brought this up Chase. I too have found noise issues when lowering recovery. Esp at a salt beach. As other posters have mentioned, I noise cancel quite often. When EMI does exist, rarely do I get any relief from noise cancel.
  10. How do I follow-up to that response???? 😄 I think if going to Rat Shack and I bought a female part, there would be more than one lump on my head!!!!
  11. Why would you want to hunt without headphones Chuck??? I never recommend it.
  12. Anyone have beers with Bruce Halcro Candy?
  13. Well it takes about a minute to wrap a couple of sheets of foil around your detector in the EMI location. Don't need to see the screen to know if it works, you will hear it. BTW I use corded headphones and for this test use corded phones.
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