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  1. midalake

    Wireless Issue

    Since I was trying to hang it on the back of my hat this makes sense it could not make it through my thick skull. Dave
  2. midalake

    Wireless Issue

    Still can't seem to get my @%^&&&() Black Widows to work wireless but OK now wired. Has anyone had issues with putting the module close to the phones? Also mine seems to be falling on it's face in moving salt water, but that is another thread. Dave
  3. midalake

    Nox Headphone Cable

    Yes, already could write a book on it. That is why I am getting a custom cable made for my Black widows. Also getting a longer cable than stock. Dave
  4. midalake

    Nox Headphone Cable

    OK Found where Steve already posted the length [31"] ....disregard. Thanks
  5. Can someone please tell me how long the Minelab adapter cable is to go from 1/8 to 1/4 headphones? Thanks Dave
  6. midalake

    Beach Hunting Recovery Speed

    Everyone has to figure out what works out on their beach, but I personally do not see recovery speed tied to depth, in the 3-6 range. However no doubt the higher sensitivity you can run the better. I think Clive has pointed out how a "high" recovery speed can stabilize the unit in salt, therefore you may be able to run a higher sens. Myself, I HATE a detector that chatters too much on the beach. I find that the time period of the low tide and the ability to cover more ground[sand] FAR out weighs trying to scrub every faint signal/false signal on the beach. In a 3-4 hr period I need to complete 1 1/2 mile section of beach at the tides lowest point, if my detector is chirping too much for me to do this, I will have left possible targets in the sand. Looking at my notes from last season there were 4-6 days in the 45 days I worked that no chatter/falsing would have been mandatory. Dave
  7. midalake

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    Well two things come to mind. Out on the beach and the day before we had a really good earthquake. A lady in good spanglish, dead serious, asked me if I was trying to figure out when the next earthquake was going to happen. My answer....Si, un muy grande in cinco hours. #2 Had the typical stalking heckler following me, Dad and son...getting the beep beep noise [from them] and have you found any gold bottle caps ......blah, blah. Would cha know it, that the scoop I was doing has a medium thick gold neck chain dangling off the front. I looked at them smiled and said "that was a good beep beep"........ If you have spent any amount of time swinging there is no limit on lip service. Dave
  8. midalake


    Do not forget most chains will ring a one as well. Luckily at the beach I work at there is almost no foil. Dave
  9. midalake

    Nox Cuff..... Broke

    Get a Minelab Sovereign cuff, it is also run on other Minelab machines. Once mounted put a metal shim through the bottom slots to close smaller.. Dave
  10. midalake


    Foil would/could ring up as a "1" as well??? No?? Dave
  11. midalake


    For the beach! I am still wondering WHY I would want more then one tone? If it is out of the "ferrous" area and repeats, DIG IT. There is still lots of information that can be garnished from every signal by hunting in one tone like: Size, depth, length, and then comparing every signal in the same tone. Convince me otherwise! Dave
  12. Up to the top! Remember the best Christmas gift is one you can use! Dave
  13. CJC, do these headphones have outside sound damping built in? Like the -28db Black Widows? Dave