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  1. Humm>It's Nov 30th and we have "rumors" of shipping>LOL. This is just like an airline who pushes off the gate on time, but they wait on the tarmac 3 hours before take-off. Then the airline still claims their flight was "on time"
  2. In my time span of 50 years detecting the biggest gap filler>game changer>versatility was>>>>The Minelab Sovereign! The ability of this detector to master land and ocean was outstanding.
  3. The Black Widows are my favorite for keeping out ambient outside noise. Are they louder??? As you know headphones are limited to audio output of the device. The "NEW" Black Widows are not like the old ones. When I returned an old pair for repair to Detector Pro, they replaced them with a brand-new pair. All good right? NOT SO, it was clear that the new pair were nowhere as good as my other original pair. The speaker quality is junk in the new ones. Fast forward> I had Tony E wire my black widows for the Deus 2 so it could be used in the diving mode, which is VERY loud. Tony stated he knew of the newer speakers and offered to change mine back to original Audio Sears, for FREE! Boy, I jumped all over that. If you wanted to try a pair Rick, I would recommend the older ones with Audio Sears.
  4. Do these have a Db rating, I don't see it? With the cost why even try these? I would buy a pair of Tony's and know it was the best already. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/7823-reviewing-tony-eisenhowers-headphones-for-the-equinox/
  5. I figured there was no way to get one before I checked out for the winter, so I did not bother getting on any lists. My friend in Mexico has some pull and will get one before most people in the U.S. will. Soon as he gets it, we will be putting it through Mutiple tests. But you could still bring one down.....it's a long winter!
  6. Still waiting for you to come down to my winter haunts, the water temp rarely gets below 88 degrees! .....You can bring my new Manticore!!! 😁
  7. Manticore and Go-Find? Can those even be in the same sentence?
  8. I support>>>>"The Purge" in more ways than one!!!!!!!! No "purge" for people who drop gold at the beach!
  9. Hey Jeff In your hot soil, does running a Disc of 40 help tame any falses from hot soil or old iron? Where do you run your iron volume??? thanks>
  10. Many people have had issues with the screws breaking out of the pod mount, especially water hunters. I see this only exacerbating the problem. It will increase the movement allowed and put extra force on the screw mounts in the pod.
  11. The problem is the battery and wireless compartment covers on the bottom of the coil. These are serviceable areas and cannot be covered in epoxy. One can epoxy to these covers. I will be doing that shortly and giving it a try.
  12. I am with you>Hate using it at the beach. Will try to run without this season.
  13. I have EMI from communications equipment. It bothers the Equinox and the D2 has no issues> So there is that!
  14. WHO has theirs>>>>Sound off!!! 😁🙄
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