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  1. midalake


    Do not forget most chains will ring a one as well. Luckily at the beach I work at there is almost no foil. Dave
  2. midalake

    Nox Cuff..... Broke

    Get a Minelab Sovereign cuff, it is also run on other Minelab machines. Once mounted put a metal shim through the bottom slots to close smaller.. Dave
  3. midalake


    Foil would/could ring up as a "1" as well??? No?? Dave
  4. midalake


    For the beach! I am still wondering WHY I would want more then one tone? If it is out of the "ferrous" area and repeats, DIG IT. There is still lots of information that can be garnished from every signal by hunting in one tone like: Size, depth, length, and then comparing every signal in the same tone. Convince me otherwise! Dave
  5. Up to the top! Remember the best Christmas gift is one you can use! Dave
  6. CJC, do these headphones have outside sound damping built in? Like the -28db Black Widows? Dave
  7. Many of us who hunt the beach Steve do not want another adapter to keep salt free. What about extra impedance in-line? I like my Salt Water set-up to be as clean as possible which usually means trouble free. Since I never owned a 3030 or GPZ it was new to me. With no explanation from Minelab and flying 1200 miles not being able to use my machine was not a pleasant experience. Dave
  8. There is a technical difference the way a 1/4 jack can be wired. It can be wired to just mono, it can be wired to just stereo, it can be wired to do both. This is in conjunction with the circuit to disconnect the audible speaker when the headphone jack is plugged in. Minelab took it upon themselves to wire their detector out of the normal. QUALITY headphones such as Black Widows, Sunray, Rattlers and others will NOT work because of how Minelab wired their headphone circuit. This is NOT a headphone problem. It is a Minelab MFG problem. Dave
  9. Well yes there is. It's called Stereo and Mono. Since Minelab does not provide 1/4 jack headphones with the 600 or 800 you bet your bottom they should provide an explanation. Zero paperwork in that adapter package.
  10. I returned my adapter from Minelab for a full refund. Dave
  11. Sunray pro golds will NOT work with the Minelab adapter. You will have to go to ebay and buy a cable made by "others" Dave
  12. midalake

    Above Low Tide Line?

    Yes thank you. I have been following tide charts for years. But is does not take into account wind push and storm factors. All of which can ruin the best low tide.
  13. midalake

    Above Low Tide Line?

    Even at low tide I can not get out as far as I would like. Dave
  14. midalake

    Lol.... The Idiot Is Back Guys!

    But there are lots of idiots. My adult ADD makes me less tolerable of this trait. Dave
  15. I am surprised with the "no chains" as well. I have found plenty with my GT hunting in all metal pinpoint. I would estimate at least 10-12 of different sizes without a pendant attached.. I hope the nox will also be able to do that......I agree, everything changes in salt. Dave