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  1. Dang. I wonder if the old jeep would make the trip. It would be better than being a kid in a candy store, it would be more like being a bear cub in a dumpster. I guess on site reports with photos will have to suffice.
  2. F.M. I must very respectfully disagree. I use a vertical shaft lawn mower engine to run my high banker pump, a leaf blower to run a dry washer and haul it all in a diesel truck so I see Doc Bachs' post as very relevant to prospecting and see nothing political in it one way or the other. Me thinks I may bee on thin ice here so I'll wonder off a bit closer to shore.
  3. Not necessarily. But it can take a lot of time and money to get permitted which may make a mining operation prohibitive.
  4. Technically yes, though Ive' only heard of one instance of attempted enforcement.
  5. Mr. Wilderland; Sir, In my own defense I must set the record straight. The "bit" part is incorrect. As always. Mr. SS is the official team photographer.
  6. Never ever believe anything S.S. tells you. He is a gold miner and we all know the truth and gold mining don't mix. The truth of his story is he knows that if he skunks me I will feed his dog sardines for lunch and he will have to smell fishy dog farts all the way home --- which smell even worse than me. Mr. Dorado Please refer to a post from late June of last year titled "A True Story".
  7. Many farmers swear to this day that crop planting should be done during different phases of the moon for different crops. My problem with detecting under a full moon is the sudden growth of hair gets in my eyes and it becomes difficult to hold the detector with my paws.
  8. Dang it all. Why wasn't I smart enough to just ask an internet forum where to go detecting instead of wasting all those years doing history research, geologic studies, digging hundreds of pounds of trash and hiking for days on end with little to show for it. Boy am I dumb. That being said; Mr. fartraveller, I truly wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have. Expecting some stories and photos from you soon.
  9. Mr. O.M.C.1; I have analyzed the nuggets and the weight shown in your photo, used an actuary algorithm, multiplied the result by Pi times radius squared and determined that searching for and finding those nuggets has added 1.385 years to your life. Therefore congratulations are in order.
  10. In 1980 my father and I remove 13 pounds. mAYbe ThAtz whY iM, a weE bIt TiltEd.
  11. Mr. OzGold; I have found the 7000 to be unequivalebly the most horriblest, obnoxioustest detector I have ever used for pin pointing. Add to that the fact that it can act goofy around clay and you are working under water where it is probably difficult to see what you are doing I believe the best solution to your problem is to accept your fate and continue forth with good humor.
  12. I'm sorry to disappoint you all but I"m able to post with no problems using crab apple safari.
  13. If I where tecknoelogiclee adept I would post a video of all the faults with this gentleman's method and I'll be danged if I would wear a costume while doing it. He does get Klunker credits for using a steel pan. Mr. Ridge Runner; Sir. I hereby challenge you to a duel on my claim at sunrise, using the gold pans of choice at 20 paces. We can spend the rest of the day detecting. This post should put me slightly ahead in the "Grumpy Old Miners" contest.
  14. Sourdough Scott and I have had the same situation since November. I bring Sourdough cookies on visiting days but I believe the staff steals them as they are afraid to remove the straight jacket.
  15. I just can't imagine what it would be like to find out I was wrong about something. There is a certain sadness in this story on many levels.
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