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  1. I happen to be the epitome of preparation and organization. I have never forgotten my boots, lunch, water, backpack, batteries, gold bottle, power cords, headphones, dog or detector. At least I don't remember ever having done so. Any post by Strick or Sourdough Scott on this topic which mentions my name is not to be believed. I would have submitted this post sooner but I forgot to push the "submit reply" button.
  2. I just can't comprehend why a popular detecting forum would be discontinued. They are so easy to set up and maintain, there are millions of dollars to be made, they take very little personal time, the members are always appreciative and thankful for what little work that the owner must do to keep it popular and for the valuable information they get, and detectorists and prospectors rarely need their posts to be monitored or edited. Maybe Mr. H. could explain how this could happen.
  3. But wouldn't it be a little less risky to just go out with my detector and pick up a few bits here and there?
  4. Mr. Phrunt is correct. If you have found that you are really enjoying detecting than you now have an excellent excuse to up grade to a better detector. Some of the best detectorist on planet Earth (and maybe the universe) participate on this forum and you can save yourself a lot of grief and money by seeking their advise. Best of luck to you.
  5. Mr. Norvic I would hope you hold out for a little better deal when you find yours.
  6. OK. since nobody else will explain your strange gold specimen, I guess I'll have to do it. It appears to me to be gold formed hydro thermally in a cryogenic non conformity of porphyry in a dot matrics and deposited sometime in the late Precambrian or early Truman administration and commonly known as a rarity yet quite frequently found with Minelab GPX6000 detectors set at 12 degrees before top dead center. I hope you enjoyed finding it as much as I enjoy making a fool of myself.
  7. Phone ring vibrator has worn a hole in my pocket, customers are getting into the end of summer panic mode, every job this year has had significant extra work added so I am way behind. The last thing in the world I need to be doing right now is be thinking about prospecting and detecting. So I didn't think about it and went to one of my claims. 3 nuggets for 6.1dwt. Boy am I gonna catch #&(( Monday. Should I send you one of my portables?
  8. No, I still remember everything you showed me about the care and feeding of my prospecting dog but I can only afford so much tri tip and beer.
  9. Please refer to a post in the coin and relic section titled "A True Story".
  10. Tree root signals don't improve after a few inches of digging but a metallic target will.
  11. Well, you could be correct. It was found not far from my 1891 San Francisco dog license find posted a month or so ago. But they're nice nuggets anyway.
  12. I recognize the relic. it's a special hook for lifting 1000 lb ore buckets from a deep mine shaft. It's about 18" wide by 20" long, made of forged steel and weighs about 25lbs
  13. Mr. Clay Diggins; I couldn't have written that better myself. Probably couldn't have written that at all.
  14. I have often thought that some intelligent person (that leaves me out) could build a pulse inductive detector that could be "trained". Nearly all detectorsist will discriminate targets to some extent by the type of target response heard through the headphones. It's not a very smart thing to do as I can guarantee you will miss gold but you just have to decide if your time is more productive covering acreage or digging a target that sounds just like the last 500 square nails that you dug. I have fooled myself may times when I knew it was trash but it turned out to be a nugget and where is was thinking of ways to spend the proceeds from my sure thing undug nugget but only to be rewarded with another square nail. However there are times when I know for certain that a target is a gold nugget. Can't say if it's a very "trained" ear or if I'm weird,
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