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  1. I already tried to trick him into revealing the location but he was too clever for the likes of me. I think the closest you or I will get to the gold from this spot will be through pictures on this forum, which I expect to see soon.
  2. All right! All right! I concede! The wind made the piles- - - - but the wind came from a dry washer.
  3. Yer right Paul. But I've never seen it stack rocks in neat little piles. My previous post is the only logical explanation.
  4. Definitely Gilla Monster dens. The area should only be detected by a Gilla Monster expert such as myself. Now where did you say this was?
  5. I have a Honda Pioneer 1000. It has been perfectly reliable and has had only a couple of insignificant recalls. I do drive it like a little old man (which I am) but only until I get it off the trailer. Then at times I tread a fine line between crazy and stupid (which I am). It was a toss up between a Polaris Ranger and the Honda but I wanted to get away from the belt, problematic clutches and numerous major do not operate recalls. The Razors are lots of fun but I needed more carrying capacity for my mining gear ---and gold.
  6. I knew it! and this infow graphic proves it. My Dodge will hold more gold than your Chevy.
  7. Alas! I am totally vindicated in my disdain for electronic gizmo-ism. I never trust an electron or apparatuses that manipulates electrons or the companies that manipulate the apparatuses that manipulate the electrons that I don't trust. I am barely smart enough to know that ignorance, sometimes, is bliss. However I truly hope JR gets everything back without cutting into his prospecting time.
  8. OK you guys. I guess it's up to me to get this topic onto the subject at hand and keep us out of trouble. So- - - - I wonder how deep that cold be found with a GPZ 7000?
  9. Dang Busho! I hope I don't get what you had by being exposed to your post. A little detecting cures a lot of things.
  10. Just the ones that were too big to fall through the rust holes in the floor---- less than a dozen or so.
  11. I just couldn't figure it out. The old Jeep mysteriously started running much smoother and quieter and became much more stable. I would also say that it's performance somehow increased by 30% or perhaps even 40%. In fact i was so impressed i decided I would invest some time into cleaning it up a bit. As I was mucking out the interior ( forgotten rock samples, sticks and leaves, old sandwich wrappers with sandwiches, dropped nuggets and such) I found Sourdough Scott's missing ferrite ring. I took it out and put it where Scott could pick it up and now the Jeep is back to it's usual squeaky, whinny, worbally self. Mystery solved.
  12. Do they really fire live artillery at ATV riders, motorcyclists and electric bicycles as the signs imply? One of these days we will see little stick-man prospectors under one of them red circles.
  13. I feel ripped off! I was an early purchaser and had to pay $3500.00. That sort of implies the company is more focused on profit than customers. One of these days someone will come out with one that will locate treasure at 6km. that'll show 'em.
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