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  1. I put the above posts in my" Worlds Languages" interpretation program. Now I need three new vacuum tubes and one new rheostat in my computer.
  2. I have strong opinions on many subjects and that makes my life difficult sometimes because I am always correct. But if I get rude to those who are silly enough to disagree with me I would expect and deserve to be thumped by an Australian or shot by a Texan or worse be booted from this forum. So, dangit, there are a hundred ways to get your point across respectfully and politely. There is too much detecting to be done within close range to Reno for Steve to have to sit and babysit a forum so If locking a thread more often adds to Steve's detecting time I'm all for it.....Unless I started the thread.
  3. Great coin! I think I'll try to find one. I hope something similar is minted soon for the California miners.
  4. I have to agree with Fred that Chris did an excellent job of ranking prospecting/mining methods in time-cost -return. There are so many variables involved that the best use of the article mentioned would be for comparison only ( as Chris alluded to). What is great about Chris's article is that he put a big dark cloud of truth right in the middle of many new prospectors silver lining. I fully intent to blow his 40hrs / ounce of gold completely out of the water.
  5. Well Fred, I don't recall weather it really happened or it's just my imagination, but you know with me it's all the same.
  6. There is so dang much that happened gee oh lodge iklee in the Northern Sierras that in a days worth of detecting you could run across a dozen different rock and soil types. Ya just do the best you can with what ya got. There are some spots where the ground is so mineralized with gold that you can't get a detector to run quietly no matter what you do. It could drive you crazy- as it did me.
  7. They didn't have GPS, cell phones, google earth, X coils, trail mix, rain coats, dentists, doctors, or this forum and me to keep them in line. It's a wonder any of them survived much less succeeded. My fathers family came out to Ca. in 1851 from Bangor Maine and started the town of Bangor in Butte county. Thus all the family since has been cursed with the prospecting disease.
  8. I'm with you NE. Ya couldn't help but like a guy with that kind of enthusiasm and belief that something good is bound to happen if you just try hard enough.
  9. And besides that the advertising was written in Australian - or some such incomprehensible foreign language.
  10. Step #1. Dream Step#2. Plan Step#3. Execute Step#4. Boast on Detector Prospector Forum (with photos)
  11. Dang S.E. I could probably get you into all kinds of trouble right here in the Sierras. If I understand your posts, that looks to be one of the objectives, along with finding some gold. Best of luck to you.
  12. A few days ago I was wadding through a blackberry patch because I had to go around a poison oak thicket and woke up a large rattle snake. I was so focused on the snake that I didn't see the bear. Lucky for me a mountain lion chased off the bear. When I complained to a friend about my miserable day of prospecting he told me "If prospecting was easy the smart people would be doing it". I have had several encounters with bears, mountain lions and snakes and as you might have guessed- I survived. so how far would I go? I suppose as far as necessary.
  13. .53 grams found detecting between you and your son are much more precious than any three ounces I will ever find.
  14. Ya can't fool me. That's a picture of a big wash tub with about three ounces in it. So fess up and tell us where you found it.
  15. Would he trade for a 7000? As I recall that's about what I paid for mine.
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