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  1. I don't know how it happened but it looks as though my post "Sourdough Scott Survives Encounter With Big Cat" seems to have been mistakenly read as having something to do with wild animals. Perhaps this photo will provide needed clarification. This beast was a Deese' Ven.
  2. Call them what you will- Mountain Lion, Big Cat, Cougar, Deese' Ven, Puma..... Until you encounter one real close you cannot comprehend the size and awesome power of these man-eating beasts. Sourdough Scott had such an encounter. I gave him fair warning. As we drove down a steep, narrow trail to our destination I ask him if mountain lions made him nervous while detecting. He said "Not at all. My dog will let me know if anything is amiss." His dog "Rooster" is one of the best detecting dogs Ive ever been with so I didn't worry. When we arrived at our destination the first thing we notic
  3. JA; I will be digging and detecting with one of my excavators at the end of this month. Would you like to come help. The permitting process isn't easy but it can be done.
  4. Perhaps Mr. H. should have a Lost and Found section where you could post things like "Lost . Old black prospecting Jeep. Lost somewhere in the Northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Please return to Klunker." Or "Found peanut butter jar full of large gold nuggets PM Klunker, care of this forum." As we all get older this might be a big hit.
  5. Well Gerry, I would have replied sooner but I misplaced my keyboard. Years ago when I was falling timber I would carry a stout single bit axe for driving wedges. I was forever leaving it behind and loosing it. One day my falling partner said "did you loose your axe again?" I told him "yup. I have a hard axe to follow."
  6. Nope. I was up there yesterday shooting at claim jumpers.
  7. Wow! have an alarm clock that is nearly identical to yours. I us it when I have to get up early for a job that I don't want to do.
  8. Mr. LL; When temperatures and forest fires moderate here it's not that far from Reno.
  9. The magnifying glass looks tiny over that huge nugget! I always enjoy your photos and stories.
  10. mn; From your description it sounds like this person was a human. Humans can be the worst kind of people.
  11. You coin and relic hunters are obsessed! Not a one of you is questioning why he was out detecting when there is a pub nearby. Great story Phrunt.
  12. I learn something new every day- in spite of myself.
  13. The best audio processor ever made is still the one between your ears. But I concur with tboykin that with today's tecknawlogee you would think that there would be a great leap forward in the audio department of a detector. So how bout a trainable detector where each time you find a target it stores all the audio information for each target and you push button that that says "good target" (gold for nugget hunting / non ferrous for coins an relics) or" bad target" (hot rocks / trash) so that after a couple of hundred target digs the detector would be "trained". I think about the
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