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  1. What a fantastic idea Steve! I have just been lent Sourdough Scots Equinox 800 so you have no idea what your getting yourself into.
  2. It would be a terrible shame if Detector Prospector ever devolved to the sad state that so many other forums have and we lost any of the experts here (JP, Steve H. ...). I sill have a lot that I need to teach them.
  3. Looks pretty well healed up to me. I'll pick you up at a little before 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. Pack large lunch and extra water and be sure your 7000 battery is fully charged because it will be a full day. And dress warm - we'll be taking the Jeep.
  4. Mr. G,H. You have just received some very good time and money saving advise. The only thing I might add is I have nothing to add except I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us posted about you up coming adventures.
  5. Sheecan wood is wood hat I bring home that "shee can split".
  6. Mr. delnorter; Are you sure that is Douglas Fir?! It looks a lot like Sheecan wood , which is the only kind of wood that I use.
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eaton Jr. I can see from your post that I now have serious competition for not only multi ounce sun bakers in this area but also for the really big nuggets hiding at great depths. I can also see that I have competition for stories that some Philistines here seem to always have doubts about the absolute truth thereof. I will give you fair warning here and now that I have the entirety of Plumas county under claim. Should you attempt to sneak into my area with a detector (I have spies at the state line inspection station) you may very well learn why there are so ma
  8. Mr. Oostra. Sir! Your fraudulent video has wasted nearly a minute of my life. Furthermore it caused my to book a non refundable passage on the next steamer sailing for Australia. For the lost precious minute I hold Mr. Herschbach responsible and for the cost of my steamer fare I hold you responsible and expect compensation - in gold. There needs to be a firm rule against spoof posts on this site.
  9. Mr. karelian Because I have never strayed very far from my tiny little corner of the Sierra Nevada mountains posts like yours with photos, history and personal experiences are my favorite in this forum. You Aussies might try passing the law that we have here, which is "All poisonous snakes must have an audible warning device attached to their tails".
  10. I want to thank all you ladies and gentlemen and the rest of you for your replies. I am not any wiser but I am quite entertained. But what he heck, you know me, I'll take good entertainment over wisdom any day. Photo credits go to Sourdough Scott.
  11. Do any of you geeolodgik jeanyussez have a good theory for the formation of these nuggets? They were all found within about 50' of each other using an excavator and a7000.
  12. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! My disdain for all electronicalizm is fully justified. Metal detectors excluded.
  13. I will save Mr.H some trouble and self edit my political comments. Here in Northern California the ------ ------ - ----- - --- ---! And therefore ----- -- ------- - ----- -- -, ----- - --- - ------- -- - However we can all ---- - -------- --- - -------- ----- ------- ------ ---- --- but only if we work together by ------ ------- --- ------ ------ ---- ---- and ------- -- --------- ---- - -- ------- -- ---- --. There are still a lot of opportunities here in the Northern Sierras but that is only because it requires a lot of very hard work to take advantage of them.
  14. I don't know how it happened but it looks as though my post "Sourdough Scott Survives Encounter With Big Cat" seems to have been mistakenly read as having something to do with wild animals. Perhaps this photo will provide needed clarification. This beast was a Deese' Ven.
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