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  1. Your right of course Mitchel but i don't think even Mr. 1864Hatter could top his own photo- but I sure do hope he tries.
  2. Mr. 1864Hatter. Sir. You should be ashamed. I was subjected to the same kind of abuse as a child and so instead of being a normal child I grew up with an appreciation for the wildlands of the Sierra mountains, a love for prospecting and the realization that I had a very special father. And now I am thoroughly addicted to prospecting with little hope for recovery. I am voting for your photo to be the "Best Photo of the Year"!
  3. Good point Fred. Poormans Creek and hungry gulch two extraordinary rich areas come to mind.
  4. Simply find a canyon with course gold in it and name it yourself. There are numerous "course gold" canyons, ravines, gulches, creeks and so on and the name is more useful to me as an indicator of of a good prospecting area as opposed to a specific X marks the spot. best of luck to ya!
  5. That's great news! Let's hope at least one of them is a prospector.
  6. This happens all through most any industry eg. Harley Davidson motorcycles, McCullough chain saws, Brigs and Stratton engines..... They all nearly failed because they profited on their past good name and marketing instead staying competitive by continuous improvement and thus the product would sell itself. Minelab stays on top because of continuous improvement. I should know. I haven't done any self improvement for years.
  7. Rick UK- I'm sorry to inform you that your wrong. Fred was referring "Herschback's Detecting Theorems"
  8. HTD? Who the heck is that? You seem to have oversimplified.
  9. Thanks Beatup! That's right and it's in the back of the Jeep. Now, where the h&!! did I park the danged Jeep.
  10. I would like to expound on this topic but I have to go and find my detector. Just can't remember where I left the dang thing.
  11. That was about as silly of a thing for Minelab to print as "Up to 40% deeper". As a general rule it my be correct but I have had some very nice gold make about every sound that the 7000 can produce , including the first line of Waltzing Matilda, and I have dug hundreds (Thousands?) of sure thing nuggets that were square and made of iron. I only try to discriminate with the GPX when I get lazy, which is most of the time, but I know better.
  12. I sent this piece home with a fellow that knows what he is doing with HF acid.A quick and dirty SG test showed about 4+ozt.I am sure it was passed over many times as trash.
  13. Mr. Condor ; Would you like to barrow my "How To Speak Australian In 137 Easy Lessons" tapes? They are only One hour and fifteen minutes long each.
  14. Sourdough Scotts' teaser nugget from our last trip.
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