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  1. I wonder what they taste like? Not unlike a California Condor but not as greasy
  2. Come ahead on up. But beware of the Sierra Croc! Now there's a nugget digging son of a gun, but you'll have to wait about another year for my report about them.
  3. Photo of a Plumas Kwail as promised
  4. Ornithologists and biologist all believe that they have been extinct for nearly a century but us old time Plumas County prospectors know that they are alive and well and thriving. I am referring, of course, to the Plumas Kwail. This is a very unique bird and is quite important to the local prospectors. It is unique in that it hibernates in the winter and emerges each year about the first of April. it is important to the knowledgeable Plumas County prospector because it is known to pick up and swallow the densely scattered small sunbaker gold nuggets that are so abundant here in Plumas county.
  5. Not far from here is an old town on the north fork of the Feather River with a fabulous history. One of the few residents there posted a sign "Welcome to Rich Bar. A quaint drinking town with a mining problem". I, being a very self disciplined prospector, only drink when I'm depressed because I found no gold or when I celebrate because I found gold.
  6. Goldbrick might show up about then and Sourdough Scott is just up th' road a ' piece. Heck, we could have our own spring break party.
  7. Mr. VAPaul; Please wear your mask when you pass through. I'm not concerned about a virus but your mug scares my horses. keep me posted on your journey.
  8. We have a winner for 2 klunker points. you may turn your points in now for a chintzy prize or collect them for a less chintzy prize.
  9. I have dowsed so much gold that I don't need $61000.00.
  10. If one of them danged things hits my Jeep I'm going to be ------.
  11. Caught me a tertiary trout one time. If your going to prospect the Sierras the above mentioned publications are the place to start. Here is a little secret, but don't tell anyone. These ancient channels were fed by smaller tributaries the same as today's rivers. Some of these are not covered by immense depths of andesite and mud flows and can be very productive. I have my own theories about the age and processes by which these channels were formed but what do I know.
  12. A little bit on Rich Mountain in Polk County.
  13. I have never owned a detector. I do remember walking past a GPX 4000 that was standing in the corner of my workshop when my foot became mysteriously tangled in the power cord. The only way to escape was to take it detecting. So I did. And just the other day when I moved my GPZ7000 my hand became locked onto the handle. I knew it wouldn't release me until I took it out detecting. So I did. I have had things like this happen with numerous models of Minelab detectors. My detectors own me.
  14. My favorites are whatever Sourdough Scott has with him. The quantity varies depending on the quality of my starving prospector act. When I am by myself I carry various forms of salted cholesterol. When I Forget my lunch (with my pick) I resort to pine nuts and acorns. I do always keep a meal or two of whatever will survive for weeks in the bottom of my backpack -sardines, dried fruits, jerky...
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