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  1. OK you guys. I guess it's up to me to get this topic onto the subject at hand and keep us out of trouble. So- - - - I wonder how deep that cold be found with a GPZ 7000?
  2. Dang Busho! I hope I don't get what you had by being exposed to your post. A little detecting cures a lot of things.
  3. Just the ones that were too big to fall through the rust holes in the floor---- less than a dozen or so.
  4. I just couldn't figure it out. The old Jeep mysteriously started running much smoother and quieter and became much more stable. I would also say that it's performance somehow increased by 30% or perhaps even 40%. In fact i was so impressed i decided I would invest some time into cleaning it up a bit. As I was mucking out the interior ( forgotten rock samples, sticks and leaves, old sandwich wrappers with sandwiches, dropped nuggets and such) I found Sourdough Scott's missing ferrite ring. I took it out and put it where Scott could pick it up and now the Jeep is back to it's usual squeaky, whinny, worbally self. Mystery solved.
  5. Do they really fire live artillery at ATV riders, motorcyclists and electric bicycles as the signs imply? One of these days we will see little stick-man prospectors under one of them red circles.
  6. I feel ripped off! I was an early purchaser and had to pay $3500.00. That sort of implies the company is more focused on profit than customers. One of these days someone will come out with one that will locate treasure at 6km. that'll show 'em.
  7. Paul; You have to be careful when messing with electricity South of the equator. They use CA electricity instead of AC electricity. I have been told they keep their beer in the oven and bake beans in the refrigerator and the light switches must be installed up side down. Keep all this in mind when charging your detector batteries. Please take notes on tips a and tricks with the 2300 for Sourdough Scott.
  8. Dang it. I have a hard enough time understanding proper Kiwi and Australian and now I have to learn to speak Ethiopian? Whites, Garrett, Fischer--- where are you?
  9. When I know a mans dog I know the mans soul. Quoted from an unknown fillosifer
  10. I just love finding a detecting location with lots of old bullet lead and casings.. It means there were numerous gun fights over the rich ground I am about to detect. An old hasp is always from a Wells Fargo strongbox thrown to the bandits in a stage coach robbery and a treasure is only one detector swing away. Abandon mining tools strongly imply that an old timer struck it rich took, his nuggets to a saloon, was killed in a knife fight and never returned to his rich strike - which I am about to detect. yup, I love history.
  11. Mr. Herschbach; When your through making a better forum for me would yo show me how to ground balance my 7000? Don't know if you have any idea how much us folks appreciate what you do for us.
  12. Mr. PG; Please stay East of the Rocky Mountains. (just kiddin') Very nice work.
  13. I must have a special GPX 7000. I found that I don't have to keep it in a special setting that is automatically locked in place once you use it. With a mere flick of the thumb I can quickly change settings to make the detector do what i want it to do, Including sing and dance. I may change settings and cover the same ground several times thus having a scorched earth policy so that Sourdough Scott won't find anything behind me with his new SD 2300. EMI is a big problem here That I haven't found a good work around yet and I don't have the patience to use the ferrite ring every time I ground balance after changing soil type settings. We are all still haunted by the dilemma of noise tolerance vs missing targets because of a noisy threshold.
  14. I knew it I knew it I knew it! and the photos prove it! Australia is all flat ground covered in manicured grass with puffy white clouds above and gentle cool breezes and just enough trees for taking a brief nap in the shade. Australian gold should only be worth half of the same weight in Sierra Nevada gold. Mr. JRBeatty is right on when he advises to hang on to your GPXs. The GPZ is a good addition to the GPX series but not a replacement.
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