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  1. You coin and relic hunters are obsessed! Not a one of you is questioning why he was out detecting when there is a pub nearby. Great story Phrunt.
  2. I learn something new every day- in spite of myself.
  3. The best audio processor ever made is still the one between your ears. But I concur with tboykin that with today's tecknawlogee you would think that there would be a great leap forward in the audio department of a detector. So how bout a trainable detector where each time you find a target it stores all the audio information for each target and you push button that that says "good target" (gold for nugget hunting / non ferrous for coins an relics) or" bad target" (hot rocks / trash) so that after a couple of hundred target digs the detector would be "trained". I think about these things because there is no depth to my laziness.
  4. If they were actually printing it I might be able to snag a little bit of it as it flies by but it's all done digitally - and I hate computers ( except the ones inside nugget detectors).
  5. I am also a native to the community. Barbie was a young blond lady who had distinct, rugged topography. She didn't talk much and could be rather stiff at times. I would often kidnap her and hold her for ransom from my sister. This is a very small community so it must be the same Barbie. Nice find. I love a mystery.
  6. O.K. somebody has to be the adult in the room so I guess this time it has to be me. What did the best gold detector cost in 2011? what did a good beer cost in 2011? What did license and registration fees for my Jeep cost in 2011? What did bail to get Sourdough Scott out cost in 2011? What did my psychiatrist cost in 2011? I submit to you folks that gold was worth more @ $1921 in 2011 than @ $1940 today. However I'll take whatever gold price increase I can get and this time it looks like it could hold.
  7. I'm sorry to give you all this bad news but you will be deprived of my wisdom for two weeks. Does any one here know who has the cheapest air fare to Scotland?
  8. The only hot rocks in this area are the little round ones. and the little square ones ant the big round ones and the big square ones and the red, brown, black, green, grey, yellow, orange and multi colored ones and the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary ones and the.........I'm sure you get my point. A VLF takes more patience than I'll ever have. You might listen for a difference in signal between left to right and right to left. The Minelab 705 worked very well this way in sorting out some of the hot volcanics we have here. Steve failed to clarify that" P.I." is an abbreviation for "pricey investment".
  9. What! Certainly it's related! A comet is perhaps the best omen for prophesying fantastic discoveries to be made by honest hard working prospectors. I wish I qualified. The comet was very visible here and much more impressive than the last one.
  10. Mr. V.A.N. Paul. Thank you for you kind offer of assistance. Few members of this esteemed forum are aware of what a generous offer this is as they don't know just how steep, brushy, rocky, snaky, bear and mountain lion infested and generally dangerous this area can be. Especially when you have to negotiate it blindfolded.
  11. I hope I didn't imply that Goldbrick doesn't spend days of very hard work after he has researched enough to prospect a likely target. To be honest I'm too danged lazy to pocket hunt the way Goldbrick does.
  12. i have a bet with Goldbrick as to which of us will be the first to find a pocket. He works very syentiphiclee, studying history and geology, and methodically and laboriously taking samples (booorrrriinnnggg}. I, on the other hand, go about it like I do all of my prospecting which compares well to slapping mosquitoes - no plans, split second decisions, some hits and some misses. So who do you think will win the bet? I might be getting close.
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