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  1. GO DAMMIT! Or I will never push the like button on one of your post again.
  2. I always enjoy you reports. If I tried writing a report like that it would be full of mespelings and, puntuation. errors/
  3. This is all I know. The Plumas National Forest minerals officer told me any operation "near" a water course needs to be reviewed by the Regional Water Control Board even if it only carries water a few days per year. I have ask repeatedly for that statement in writing. haven't seen it yet. The California Dept. of Fishy wildlife says that when you pump water out of a steam course you are diverting the stream and a stream diversion permit is required. there is also the Corps of Engineers to deal with. Your claims are in such a visible area and close to town I personally wouldn't try it. You might sneak by using an in-stream sluice. I'll lend you a good detector.
  4. I found the program to be unrealistic with twisted British humor and everyone had a funny accent. And I loved it.
  5. Geof; Could you ship me a couple dozen of them alligator things and maybe a few drop bears. I would like to discourage Phrunt from even thinking about coming to my neighbor hood with his new 6000. After all gold is a finite resource.
  6. I am relatively new at the relic hunting business but I think you need to be a bit more analytical like I am when gold prospecting. So if there are any boot nails found near the spurs keep searching until you find some trouser buttons. Check each side of the trouser buttons an you will find some pocket rivets . Near the pocket rivets should be some coins. Directly inline with the fore mentioned trouser buttons there should be a line of shirt buttons. Slightly above the shirt buttons should be some gold teeth and gold fillings. Just ignore the bones.
  7. Selling for a friend. good condition, battery checks out excellent and has a couple of coils (?). he is asking $2800. If anyone is interested I will get better information for you. I know this detectors history since it was new.
  8. Boy am I glad there's a whole bunch of ocean between you and the Northern Sierra Nevada. I'm terrified to think what you would do an area with larger gold.
  9. Wow! What a great big, huge and beautiful tractor. Not a bad bit of gold either.
  10. Judging by the amount of blood in your photo I'd have to guess "projectile". Sorry but it's cold and rainy here. can't get out to detect so my imagination is my only entertainment.
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