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  1. Any time. Snowed in now until March - April. Maye Simon would like to drive over and join us. And don't believe a thing you hear about ridding in my Jeep. VAnursepaul is the nervous type anyway.
  2. GC ; I live in the middle of some "you can't hardly miss country" but please don't get the idea that not getting skunked even comes close to being profitable. The 7000 is notorious for taking $20 worth of time for $2 worth of gold - as Phrunt is about to discover. 1 out of 3 is pretty darned good.
  3. I can't believe all of the astute experts here failed to even mention what I consider one of the most important tricks for success with the the GPZ, which is -- -- You must swing the coil over gold. Other than that these folks have covered things pretty well. I don't think I've ever been skunked on a full day of using the GPZ.
  4. We all know GB is "lucky" in his find but let's not forget it took a lot of "not so lucky" to develop the excellent skills he has that are so necessary to be so lucky.
  5. STRICK! STRICK! You must find a rare double eagle very quickly before Mr. Goldbrick becomes unbearable.
  6. Judging by the photos I would say you likely have a million dollars worth of gold on your property. Judging by the photos I would say you likely will will need two million dollars to recover it.
  7. Would yo be willing to plant a nugget and brighten the face of this little kid? great story!
  8. I could send you a map of my little corner of the Sierra Nevada mountains with little red "Xs mark the spots" on it and guarantee that you will find some gold - - - - -and bears, and mountain lions and rattlesnakes and poison oak and mosquitoes and - well you get the point. But your the one that mentioned "adventure".
  9. What's that you say mn Your 7000 doesn't have "fine gold"??? To access the fine gold setting you must go into the GPS settings, turn off the back light hold down the right arrow while pushing the globe icon button three times with the detector inverted. Come up here to do some detecting and I'll demonstrate it for you. - - - -Or I might have not completely sobered up and meant to say "high yield".
  10. I'm the laziest detectorist there is. I avoid putting on extra weight because I don't want to carry the extra pounds. I use the 7000 because the danged heavy thing works. But if a detector came out with equal performance and less weight it would out produce the 7000 by a large margin in that you could detect longer hours, you would be more likely to make full swings thus covering more area, you would more often poke the coil into and under tight spots and you cold more efficiently swing it over your head when working extremely steep ground. The next question would be "what would I be willing to pay for it?"
  11. Welcome! The 7000 can be as complicated as you want to make it but I like simple, being so myself. So here are some things to try that may get you to a good starting point. Turn the danged thing on. wait until you get a tone in your headphones or speaker. bypass the green quick start page. Most here will disagree with this but I can explain why later. set gold mode to fine gold set ground type to difficult. set noise cancel to auto and let it do it's thing. set sensitivity to about mid range 10 to 12. set volume to where you like it. set threshold pitch where you like it. set volume limit about half way. set audio smoothing to high. set ground balance to auto and swing the coil close to the ground (where there are no targets) while the auto ground balance is working. leave the ground balance in auto This should give you a pretty quiet detector with above average performance compared to other detectors. When you get a bit more familiar with the 7000, start tweaking things more to your liking (tones and volumes) and ground balance, ground type and sensitivity for better performance. A 7000 working poorly is still a very good detector but one set up well and in experienced hands can be fantastic. You should also see if you can find any mining history in your area. I do a lot of "prospecting" indoors. This forum is likely the best there is for getting excellent information about detectors and detecting. Best of luck to you in 2020.
  12. OK mn, This is what I want for 2020. I want the "2020 Bifocal"! That would be a P.I. detector with GPX 5000 capabilities and an embedded VLF using common systems where possible such as power supply and audio circuits. Perhaps this could be done with a pair of fold up coils where you swing one down and the other up and it would automatically switch the detector between P.I and VLF. A Gold Bug and a 5000 duct taped together would still weigh less than a GPZ7000. I would like to further explain my "2020 Vision" but my keyboard has become blurry as I seem to have lost my glasses.
  13. What "2020" Vision Would You Like To "See" Insert "40%" reply here ______________________________________________________________ I think I stay outa' this one.
  14. I figured out, way to late in life, that I wasn't indestructible. The last time I took my commercial drivers' medical exam I nearly didn't pass because of hearing loss. The funny thing was, I realized I was more concerned about the effects on my detecting than I was about loosing my C.D.L. J.P. Would you like to have your 2 cents in cash or wired directly to you Swiss account? Thanks for the tips
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