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  1. I'll see what I can find. I am assuming you want the Toyota because, unlike my Jeep, it has windows, a heater, air conditioning, a radio and brakes.
  2. Now you've made me feel ashamed of myself. I will expect you here sometime between June first and September 30th but first read Mn90403s' article so that you have astronomically high expectations. I will loan you my 2 quart pressurized container of bear spray, a gold sniffing hound, a Jeep with the steering on the right side (which would be the left side), Your choice of a gaggle of detectors and Sourdough Scott.
  3. Good. I don't want you driving over here to my gold fields and discovering how easy it is to become filthy rich detecting the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  4. Another salient point in my disdain for technology.
  5. I hate to dump extra editing work on Mr. H but winter is just getting started here and neither Sourdough Scott nor myself are what you would call "mentally stable" in the best of circumstances and SS has to deal with more snow than I.
  6. Mr. mn90403; Stop coddling the young man. It's high time for him to submit his own posts.
  7. It appears the coil is being used on a GPX 900,000,000
  8. The 4500 is a good detector but my experience with several of them was they were all a bit noisy. The 5000 was an improvement so developing an ap for the 4500 my not be justified. But the concept is interesting.
  9. Well #&((! There's always a *^&#+* to express yourself without using )%&#*@ cuss words.
  10. Wow! So many choices with a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket. So I think I'll go back to my GPX 4000 and put my cash in a safer place than my pocket.
  11. Might I suggest a stout pick, a high quality #2 shovel with wooden handle, 3 different sizes of steel gold pans and a damned good minerals attorney. If a plan approval for sampling is that difficult to obtain do you think you could ever get approved for a mining project should your samples have a positive showing?
  12. But will I still be able to download updates for my 7000? Thanks again for keeping D.P. the best one.
  13. I have had 2 plans approved in 2022 and one still active from 2020. They are all "dig and detect" operations which is a very sloppy way to mine but mentioning water in any plan complicates the process 10 fold. Jim; When I was told this and also told that "ANY depression in the ground that might hold or carry water cannot be disturbed" I demanded that the restriction be presented to me in writing. That seemed to put an end to it (for now) and the plan was approved. This thread and this post could easily devolve into U.S.F.S. bashing so I'll leave it ant that.
  14. I was saying it was due in 2017 but I'm still waiting for the magic detector.
  15. Dang it! Here we have another "comparison" test with planted known targets. How did the coils compare while searching for a target? I have been seeing these nearly meaningless test for years and I have about the same opinion of them as Mr. Herschbach has of air tests. That is not to say I don't have an appreciation for the time and effort involved in making a video that some may find useful. And thanks to Mr. Phrunt for posting it.
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