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  1. I had pondered the effect of the bolt, especially the large head size. What made me largely discount it was my thoughts on the Fisher F75 etc coil fixing arrangement, with the 11" x 7" bi-axial coil. I think those coil ears are not ideal. The tapered reinforcing ribs are OK, except they should NOT be tapered where the bolt/nut head sits, as the taper causes the bolt to bend significantly as it passes through the ears/clevis. I machined down my ribs to give a flat bolt/nut surface. Back to the Eqx - Clearly the bolt on that will bend easily, too, so ears that are bent inwards will not be a issue. You won't get much problem with excessive force being concentrated on the lower part of the ear, for example, because the bolt head will twist to align with the coil ear. However .. if you fancy some experimentation, here's an idea: Make a thin rubber washer the size of the bolt-head. Make a plastic washer to sit above it. Repeat for the other ear. Fit the pair under the bolt/nut head, rubber against the ear. This will allow more load-spreading. Thin rubber could be salvaged from a bicycle inner-tube.
  2. On another forum, someone questioned whether certain manufacturing batches may be more troublesome than others. This made me look closely at my coils, and I see the month/year are moulded into the underside, along with the plastic blend. 11" stock coil (1): date "4" & "18" for April 2018, material "ABS+PC" (polycarbonate/ABS blend). This one had the broken ear. The blame is placed firmly on the previous owner, with worn teardrop washers, plastic-on-plastic wear. 11" stock coil (2): date "2" & "4" for Feb 2018, "ABS+PC" plastic. This one is also secondhand, but was likely less used ( until I got it ... ) and is still going fine with no signs of cracks. It may be educational, (or not) if users post their coil date code in future chat about this issue.
  3. An interesting product ... I'm in the U.K, so we don't have the same products/brands you US folks do. Is this the wrap you are using? " Glad Press 'n Seal " https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pressn-Multi-Purpose-Sealing-70-Foot/dp/B0041UD2RS You're just pressing it on, I assume, no application of heat needed? Is it like thick 'saran wrap' ? The interweb tells me it has microscopic bubbles on one face, that trap air, which holds it in place? I did find this Baco branded product, a continuous roll, but it's seemingly discontinued. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/17088/Baco-Press-n-Seal From a UK newspaper: "Sadly it is hard to find in the UK - Lakeland has discontinued it while it is sold out elsewhere."
  4. Tucked away on the 'Geotech1 dot Com' forum is an incomplete 'Advanced User Guide' , written by Carl Moreland when he worked for Whites. No doubt a few of you are registered there, so here is a direct link: Link: https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?26512-V3i-Advanced-User-s-Guide Here are the first 7 chapters for the V3i User's Guide" 1-Intro.pdf 2-QuickStart.pdf 3-BasicSettings.pdf 4-OperatingModes.pdf 5-AudioBasics.pdf 6-CustomAudioDisc.pdf 7-ExpertMenus.pdf
  5. Their site isn't quite that unloved, Simon. I found a link in the 'Hobby' section to the: "NEW! 2016 Interactive Catalog" One solution to this 'neglected website' problem is to make the site ridiculously dated, so no-one can tell how old it is. Add some pictures of a moustache-wearing hairy-chested guy in flared jeans detecting the park, or a glamourous Farrah Fawcett lookalike lady in a bikini swinging a big-box unit over the beach.
  6. Quote:" In my opinion, what a waste of time, labor and efforts." If their only other option was discontinue it ( due to obsolete parts ) or raise the price significantly ( due to obsolesent parts , having to get custom-manufactured replacements etc ) , they chose the simplest route to keep it going : change what needs to be changed, but keep the majority of it unchanged, as that's why people like it and find it effective.
  7. An interesting makeover. It makes me wonder if its creation was driven by components becoming obsolete, like the dual-adjust pot? Presumably the main guts are largely unchanged, so it will have the same analogue sound and feel that users like. The headphone socket on one side is 'quirky' , having one on both sides would be better, to cater for oddball lefty folks ( as well as oddball righty ones ). Maybe it's a bit tight for space in there. But it deserves a new name, surely ? Not only to avoid confusion, but to help market it. Goldbug-2D ( D for display ) or -2E ( E for enhanced )? Goldbug-3, perhaps ?
  8. Good news, now you're all set for arguments with angry Lithuanians, Latvians, Serbians, etc. Don't forget to tell them that you wanting finding golden treasure 10 metre dep. For added fun, make your post in Arabic, they appreciate things like that ... he-he.
  9. These big copper coins were commonly re-used as weights for trade. Re-shaping of the rim of the coin was one thing they often did, and your example seems to have this treatment. Here in the UK, it was done to the George 3rd penny, a big coin that weighed a full one ounce ( Avoirdupois ), I have an example myself, and here's a web-found one: https://picclick.co.uk/rare-cartwheel-penny-turned-in-to-coin-weight-254122836629.html As your one weighs just under half-ounce, it may well be the 1799 halfpenny coin. Here's a modified halfpenny: https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/1029106
  10. If a rival has an orange pointer, known as the 'Carrot' , then can't N-M make a cream coloured pointer and name it the 'Parsnip' ? Parsnip Pointer, has a certain flow to it. Or alternatively, name it the 'Neep' , which is colloquial Scottish for turnip. It's not turnip-shaped, clearly, but naming pointers after root vegetables is fashionable currently. The Nokta Neep ... Here's the amusing Scottish Wikipedia page on neeps: https://sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neep
  11. The two coins were 150 metres apart, yet someone decided they belong 'together'. Sure, they could have been dropped together, and one got stuck to the mud of a tractor tyre and taken for a ride up the field. But these details can have implications, affecting whether a find gets officially declared 'Treasure' or not ... with financial / legal procedures / paperwork to deal with.
  12. A great story, and some hunts you'll remember. But as a Brit, I have to correct you on your "KG3" identification. It's actually a William 3rd, it clearly reads GVLIELMVS TERTIVS ( Gulielmus tertius ), and based on the diameter it's a halfpenny. And so that dates it to approx 1700, considerably earlier than the George 3rd coins. Tony Clayton's halfpenny page: http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/pics/halfp.html#w3
  13. A similar topic came up over on the Geotech1 forum. The guy was wanting to know if shallow-ish stainless steel tips from archery arrows would be detectable or not etc. They turned out to be trickier than expected to detect, higher freq machines fared better. Stainless steel is a really poor electrical conductor, which pushes up the target frequency. And long thin items have their target freq determined by the small dimension ( eg. diameter of wire, fastening bolts ) so these tips also favoured high freq machines. A modern Australian-made machine seemed to be capable of finding them OK.
  14. I don't think there's much obvious profiteering in that UK dealer's Coiltek pricing. It matches well with the prices for the standard ML coils over here: Example prices : Main ML dealer, Joan Allen: ML 11 inch: 190 GBP ; 267 US Dollars ML 15 inch: 215 GBP ; 303 US Dollars https://joanallen.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/index/?p=1&q=Minelab+Equinox That's what 9% import duty plus 20% Value-added tax ( VAT ) does. ( that's 31%, to save you the maths ) To be honest, I doubt UK folks are clamouring for these coils. Partly because of the price, partly because they don't seem much different to what's already available from ML.
  15. A little bump to remind anyone trying this 'challenge' that the hunt has officially started. I don't have time to to sort out my old Whites machine, so I'll have to wait until the next such hunt. Maybe a winter hunt next, for those of us who find hot dry summers rather impractical, and softer wet ground more appealing.
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