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Found 14 results

  1. "Metal detector finds are on the rise, new Government figures show, as the popularity of TV programmes such as Time Team and Detectorists tempts more people to take up treasure hunting. Statistics released by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport show that the overall number of treasure discoveries rose to 1,121 in 2016, up from 1,005 in 2015. Experts say programmes such as Detectorists, a BBC sitcom starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones which began airing in 2014, have tempted more amateur searchers to try out the hobby." Full Story Here
  2. In the United Kingdom instead of outlawing metal detecting for antiquities laws are designed to encourage and make use of proper metal detecting practices. More than 900,000 historically important items have been reported since the new law was instituted in 1997, including 8,500 designated as treasure. The law has "revolutionized archaeology" in the UK. News article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25748576 Basic explanation of law http://www.dutp.org.uk/laws-on-detecting More details http://finds.org.uk/treasure/
  3. Hello les amis d'outre atlantique. Nous aussi en France on l'attends avec impatience cet Equinox. Nous avons notre excellente marque XP mais ce 800 je le veux. Cette technologie in├ędite (le multi fr├ęquence) va nous permettre de faire des miracles par chez nous. Les petites gauloise en mauvais alliage ne m'├ęchapperont plus, les petites romaines ainsi que tous les artefacts qu'il est possible de trouver sur le vieux continent tellement c'est riche en trouvailles. J'ai vendu mon pr├ęc├ędent minelab et maintenant j'attends la sortie de cette machine (fin d├ęcembre chez nous) C'est pour quand chez vous ? Peut on mettre des photos sur ce site ? Amiti├ęs
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Luca, I'm a new user of the forum and I'm a novice in the search for gold. It's been months for me to read the forum, thank you all, because through your experiences here, I understand many things. About six months ago, I was fond of looking for gold. I bought a plate to sift, at my first exit I found small pieces of gold (picture 1 Found me). A month later I managed to buy a sluice. I went out looking for gold a couple of times, but I did not find anything. I live in northern Italy, here is gold, but it is very small. (picture 2 Found by other people) I would like to use a metal detector to help me in the search. I can not spend the money in vain, so I decided to write on the forum. I would like to ask you, how useful is a metal detector for such a small gold? Using a low-frequency detector, such as a GMT, for example, will be able to detect very small gold? (like the one shown in the pictures) Thank you for your time. Ps: sorry for my English.
  5. This just hit the news over here an hour ago, It is good to see there are still great finds to be made, John. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-40962865
  6. Here`s the video of day 2 of my recent trip to Tyndrum, Scotland, hope you enjoy :D
  7. Heres a short video of day 1 of my recent trip to Tyndrum, Scotland. THe area is very prospecting and holds Scotlands only working gold mine however day 1 wasn`t too great, the following days improved but at least even a tiny bit of gold is still good gold
  8. I decided to give a go at nugget hunting with a detector here in Ireland. I equipped the TDI with a new 6" Miner John coil and off I went. Third signal in and up popped this nugget. Not a monster by other countries standards but here in Ireland it is a monster. I am still buzzing and cant actually believe I found a nugget with a detector, but one this size, well over the moon is an under statement.
  9. Good day everyone, I'd like to tap in your knowledge for my next MD choice. I've been using the teknetics delta 4000,then I saw that a local dealer is offering on sales a Makro Gold Racer and a Makro Racer 2 at the same price. I'd like to find small pieces of gold and the high freq of the gold racer should be ideal and i saw plenty of vids on youtube of its very high sensivity. But on the other hand I don't like the idea of getting stuck in a over specialized md. So my question is the following: is the gold racer viable also for coins, jewelry, or is built only for very tiny gold specs? Is the makro 2 more advanced? thanks!
  10. When people think of Gold they think of the US, Australia and south Africa but very few people realize that Gold can still be found in the UK. Many years ago one was unearthed here weighing around the 2 kilo mark and I have friend that does quite well chasing Gold in certain areas of the UK, Because of it's rarity UK Gold seems to hit values around 10X the price of most markets and here is One such Nugget, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33020195
  11. Steve, I just signed up for a two week detecting trip to Colchester, England this coming October. Since you've been there before I would appreciate your advise on the best detector to take there. I currently own a White's MXT and a Garrett AT Pro but have been considering a new XP Deus due to it's light weight. Your thoughts? Thanks.
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