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  1. I love that shaft! Is it custom made or where can it be purchased?
  2. Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragements! I checked the tracking number today and the pod is due to be delivered to ML USA tomorrow. I'm wishing I didn't use their label (UPS Ground) and just paid for USPS two-day! Bob'ke: I moved to the bay area of California a few years ago. I finally purchased the EQ800 in front of my first holiday trip to Lake Tahoe area before the snow came - I lived in the US midwest for most of my life and had enough snow to last me many more years. The Northern Nevada desert was a side trip to see the sites, Carson, Virginia City, and the surrounding desert and some detecting on public land. The beach is closer to home, back in the bay area, as I am still learning both where to go detecting and how to use the machine. The detector does live in the trunk (boot) of the car (collapse the rod) except when I take the pod inside to charge. Not having anything to compare it to, I am really impressed when using the detector. I'm still digging most every target to see what it is (no big finds (lots of garbage, caps, aluminum, iron, pennies, modern coins) but one beach I was at had very few hits. It's a public beach and I am sure detected quite heavily. There is a narrow streak of black sand there, quite a ways up from the shore. It was in this sand (using the stock Beach 1 and 2) that I started to find the coins down about 4-6" and they were in bad shape, which tells me others couldn't find them for some time. Now I'm just waiting (and trying to learn how to research properly to find Northern CA/Nevada sites) to get out there again to look for treasure and do more prospecting
  3. After researching I purchased my first detector Oct. 2, the Equino 800. The second time in the field, fully charged, the display faded to blank. Being unfamiliar with the machine, I thought I did something. turning it off and on again brought the screen back. I was on a trip and doing my first detecting in Nevada sun and it happened again. The audio was fine, screen blank. Got home and went to the beach after 10 minutes, the same thing. Reset unit and it worked for the next two hours just fine. I contacted ML and they sent me a pre-paid UPS ground label to send the control pod unit in for repair. So it appears, just in shipping time alone, the detector will be away as much as I've had it in my hands so far. Of course I'm a bit disappointed in not being able to go detecting and am experiencing some buyer's remorse. I am now wondering if I made the right choice in detectors. Maybe in the mad rush of hype and sales of the EQ, Minelab's quality control is slipping?
  4. This happened to this newbie with EQ 800 when I had a loose wind on the cord and did not tighten the collar locks. Doh!
  5. I just purchased my first detector, the EQ 800, and have been out learning both detecting and the machine. I saw this behavior today while detecting, not because I knew what I was doing, but because I didn't. I was in a dry stream bed in northern NV mountains, detector set on Gold 1, hoping to find something more than the 10+ bottle tops I found on the beach (I'm new at this so I am digging everything). I got a quick blip that read 13-14, after that it dropped out and then no tone. I switched to pinpoint mode, and with each sweep the number went lower and then nothing. I went to all metal mode and it was a -7 for a short second then gone. I dug and found a small square iron nail about 3" long, bent into a circle about 4 inches down. When I got back to my computer to read the manual...(Yes Minelab, I would like a PRINTED manual in the box please!) On page 36 it says, "Pinpoint progressively masks the Target response by reducing the Sensitivity with each sweep until only a very narrow target response remains. This helps identify the exact location of the target." Detector worked here better than the operator. Gold Mode "dropped" the target after a quick blip (just like it says in the manual). Pinpoint dropped the target probably because I kept moving over and over the target. Target came back in all metal mode at -7. So much to learn!
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