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  1. Nice job, what a great story with a happy reunion ending! Too bad W&E went under, they'd print this.
  2. Sorry George. Went through the same thing a few years ago when both of mine went back to back.
  3. Jeff doesn't Midwest return the stones? I thought they used to 🤔 Always heard positive feedback on Midwest.
  4. I always felt that W&E was a class act, but the writing was on the wall when they went digital only. As much as I love technology, I kind of lost interest in W&E when they ceased a paper magazine, as the online forums have been just as interesting, if not more at times. I'll really miss their Best of the Year issues, I was fortunate enough to have some items published, some best of the year finds, even an Ask Mark submission a few times over the years 👍
  5. Always amazes me what we find and where, lots of head scratchers out there haha
  6. Well there is that, but you could sometimes tell as a nickel or similar conductor sounded bright and "excited" vs. an ax head or other large iron implements that tend to have a dull sound. Either way I still dig 13s 🎅
  7. Great buckles! Your dial is reminiscent of one of those old mailbox combination dials or something along those lines.
  8. Congrats, love the treasure pile! 🏆 If beach hunting was always that gratuitous, I'd be a full time beach hunter 🤠
  9. There was a MC on Cabelas yesterday...and EQX900's have been in stock since they came out.
  10. This is also right around where the U.S. $5 gold coin IDs as well, so we dig shotgun shells. They (and other small arms discards) are to relic hunters what pull-tabs are to turf hunters 💣
  11. I was perfectly happy with the TID setup on the EQX800 too. Shame ML didn't offer a user option to select either the original Equinox TID layout, or the new expanded TID layout.
  12. The Tarsacci has been a machine of interest,I lurk on the various Tarsacci forums and the audio is the #1 complaint I've seen on the Tarsacci. If Dimitar would just offer the alternate audio option I suspect the Tarsacci would be far more popular. IIRC it's just an EEPROM or something similar re-flashed with an alternate image from Dimirar.
  13. I'm with you there. After using the EQX800 since it was released, I'm almost thinking I might be happier with the EQX900 vs the MC 🤔
  14. That's where I was on the first shipment 😞
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