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  1. Quality finds all the way around, looks like you have some great history to save where you're located.
  2. I remember when the Sovereign was the hot ticket to have, there was an audio CD for sale one could purchase to familiarize yourself with the audio sounds of various trash and good targets. All that is pretty well conveyed on various YouTube videos. On most of my Equinox YouTube videos I share what the audio sounds like on targets as well as the TID. Problem is, and possibly why some don't take the time to do it is because it does take time. If I'm hunting a remote site, my time's limited, but if I start making interesting finds, I'll generally start recording them, depending on my time crunch, I may or may not have the time to turn off my wireless headphones, rescan the target to show the TID and let viewers listen to the audio. Then you have to repair your wireless headphones and continue detecting. It doesn't sound like much, but if I'm at a good old site, with limited time, every time I do this, equates to less targets I'm going to dig at the end of the day and that next target may just be THE ONE haha
  3. I've tried 2-tone on my F75 LTD2, and Makro detectors, and just never could take to it. When I used beach mode on my EQ800, it defaults to 5-tone audio and I felt I was missing a lot of the audio intelligence presented in 50 tone. I purposely forced myself from day one on my EQ800 to learn 50 tones, I know for some it's a lot of info to take in, but once you train your audio muscle memory to use it, it really does convey a lot of audio nuances that are lost in the other modes. Just my opinion, YMMV, use what works best for you 🙂
  4. That's got to be a rarity in New Mexico, congrats! I've only dug a handful of reales, their a lot of fun to dig! I have my eye on an escudo next
  5. Very nice telescopic shaft kit! That guy could've made that video about 20 minutes shorter though
  6. Definitely looks to be home made so to speak, really reminds me of trench art, which IMO makes it that much more interesting.
  7. You're making some great finds there! That silver officers hat pin came out great. I like that Utah tag too, any idea what it was used for?
  8. Fun times! Those glass eyeball are pretty creepy! We find a lot of porcelain doll parts at the dumps, haven't heard of any glass eyeballs though. BTW those old glass eyes were likely made using the old paperweight techniques in Germany, and believe it or not, people collect them (not I). -Cal
  9. The biggest challenge at the dumps as far as detecting goes is the tons of cans and other big iron out there. I have a nice sifter, but sifting is hard work, you're black with dirt at the end of the day and you may or may not find anything as it's almost impossible to tell what's been sifted or not from over 40 years of people treasure hunting the dumps. I've almost gotten to the point where I prefer detecting and have been more successful detecting then sifting for several years. Sifting is all luck, get into a honey hole and you hit a home run, get in a lame hole and all you got was a lot of back breaking exercise - lol Either way, at the end of the day it's all about hanging out with your friends, and making new ones, being out in the open desert and just enjoying a nice time without the hustle and bustle of work and the big city. The finds are just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned, but they are fun to make! BTW Over 40 gold coins have come out of the Tonopah dump, probably thousands of silver coins and who knows how many tokens (what many are actually after). A friend found an old treasure magazine from the 1970's with an article about treasure hunting the Tonopah dumps and the guy they were writing about eyeballed a Wells Fargo Express enameled metal sign, those days are long gone, but there have been some great eyeball finds (albeit a lot smaller objects!). I agree, a DP group would be fun! HH, Cal
  10. Love the 111 MPH world record for speed Headlight Overall ad! Heck I’ve gone faster than that in my FJ Cruiser LOL
  11. You have better sites to detect in Nevada then I do! Excellent hunt 👍 i had to bow out of the annual Tonopah Memorial Day weekend trip, but heard there was snow, rain, and howling wind. Someone did find a $5 gold coin at the Tonopah dumps though.
  12. Nice, I knew there had to be some silver (or gold) there!
  13. Both the T2 and F75 did not implement a linear scale for gain. Tom D. documented how they were set up, it's not documented by FTP, but there are disc regions of hypersensitivity and other disc regions that're more tame.
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