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  1. I for one am really looking forward to what Nokta will release when their SMF machine debuts. I for one, do not expect it to be perfect, it will be their .0 release, .0 releases are never perfect, but the fact that their taking on the challenge alone, speaks volumes. I suspect that they didn't realize the uphill battle they were taking on in pursuing this venue, but imagine a machine equal to or better then the Equinox in a high quality, lightweight physical package like Nokta (aka Makro) has released with the Multi Kruzer, Anfibio and now Simplex. I don't complain as most do about the physical package on the Equinox not being up to par, mainly because I'm VERY happy with it's performance, price point and the fact that it's water proof, plus for the first time in the history of Minelab they listened to their consumer audience and finally, made it lightweight. It's good enough, and there's plenty of after market shaft packages to perfect it if you choose. The great thing about the Nokta machines is that starting with the Kruzers, they built a great physical package right out of the gate, and if they can nail their SMF design, with their great physical packaging and keep the weight down, it'll be a homerun IMO. I use to route for FTP, but having seen nothing innovative from them for years aside from marketing spin, I gave up on them. Along came Nokta and I have been nothing but impressed by them listening to us, the customer, world class customer service, and constant improvements. Believe me, I'm not a fanboy, if I buy a machine and it doesn't work or has issues, I will voice my opinion, and thus far, for the most part, my opinion about Nokta/Makro has been quite positive. Their machines covering the same ground as many other top level machines used by both myself and some of the best detectorists on the west coast, have just performed. So with that said, I'm really looking forward to their SMF, sure the Simplex will likely be a great detector for the paltry price point, but I cannot wait to see what the SMF brings to the table. BTW given the Simplex, perhaps the SMF should be called the Duplex, Triplex or some derivative of that based on the amount of frequencies in play :)
  2. The Green wireless headphones with with the MMK Anfibio and Simplex, so I bet these would as well. Perhaps if Dilek is reading this she could verify that?
  3. Interesting that nobody has noticed the Simplex EZ Wander Wireless Module shown in the Simplex accessories page on the Nokta site. Appears to be something along the lines of the WM08 module included with the EQ800 to allow the use of any corded headphone to be used wirelessly.
  4. Nice recovery, seateds are always welcome in my finds pouch!
  5. Nice finds there Dan! I like the “Shell and Flame” insignia Ordnance Corps bits. I found an Ordinance officers coat button at a Civil War Union Army camp we hunt, so far, it's the only one we've dug there, and we've dug hundreds of mid 1800's buttons there (and god only knows how many 3-ringers).
  6. Love the value, build quality, feature set and that high performance Anfibio 11" DD coil in a $299 package, simply cannot be beat. I'm with Mike though, I'm currently in a great place with only two detectors that can hunt it all and are very productive. Still wouldn't mind picking one of these up, wish my wifey would get into detecting or my daughter was older, this would be the perfect machine for them!
  7. Hey Tom, Don't get me wrong, I enjoy finding Merc's but given the oldies that have come from this scrape, including believe it or not a cob, I'd like to get in on the older stuff ? The first two group of coins were with the stock 11" coil, the last group of coins, I was fighting EMI right out of the gate and switch over to my 6" coil. Interestingly out of the four hunters there yesterday, I had the highest silver coin count by over double! The 6" coil is no slouch, although when you first strap it on and start detecting and your buddies are swinging the 11" coil, psychologically you fell like their going to do better, but that wasn't the case yesterday. They keep moving dirt around this site, so you just never know what you'll get, but there's been some epic gold rush era buckles found. One of the guys found a super rare fire pumper eagle buckle, according to the buckle book there's only five known to exist.
  8. I haven't been getting out nearly as much as I'd like to, but I did get to hit an old hammered spot in Alameda when I had some business there and managed to dig these. I was happy with it considering last few times with other machines I was lucky to get a single wheat cent. For some odd reason silver war nickles from this site always have a crust over them, it comes off with a toothpick, it's odd never had that occurrence elsewhere: These next pictures are the better coins I dug from a little scrape project. Some really nice finds have come from it, including gold rush era buckles and seateds, but it's been mostly mercs for me - lol GL&HH Cal
  9. Yep, slow and low, works on just about any detector ?
  10. Always wondered about this, patience is a virtue comes to mind. Thanks for clarifying it Chase ?
  11. That's my kind of hunting, congrats to the finds, the Equinox brings home the goods!
  12. Quality finds all the way around, looks like you have some great history to save where you're located.
  13. I remember when the Sovereign was the hot ticket to have, there was an audio CD for sale one could purchase to familiarize yourself with the audio sounds of various trash and good targets. All that is pretty well conveyed on various YouTube videos. On most of my Equinox YouTube videos I share what the audio sounds like on targets as well as the TID. Problem is, and possibly why some don't take the time to do it is because it does take time. If I'm hunting a remote site, my time's limited, but if I start making interesting finds, I'll generally start recording them, depending on my time crunch, I may or may not have the time to turn off my wireless headphones, rescan the target to show the TID and let viewers listen to the audio. Then you have to repair your wireless headphones and continue detecting. It doesn't sound like much, but if I'm at a good old site, with limited time, every time I do this, equates to less targets I'm going to dig at the end of the day and that next target may just be THE ONE haha
  14. I've tried 2-tone on my F75 LTD2, and Makro detectors, and just never could take to it. When I used beach mode on my EQ800, it defaults to 5-tone audio and I felt I was missing a lot of the audio intelligence presented in 50 tone. I purposely forced myself from day one on my EQ800 to learn 50 tones, I know for some it's a lot of info to take in, but once you train your audio muscle memory to use it, it really does convey a lot of audio nuances that are lost in the other modes. Just my opinion, YMMV, use what works best for you ?
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