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  1. Cal_Cobra

    Vegas Here I Come !!

    Tom I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the 15" coil and I haven't in the past been that found of big coils as most of these sites are so trashy that they don't perform well, but this one is doing a great job, I think you'll like it (and it's pretty light). I'm sure it'll also be a great beach coil and deep silver turf coil as well.
  2. Thanks for watching. To be honest the 15" coil doesn't feel like a 15" coil when you're swinging it. I like that it's a 12"x15" and not a big round 15", I suspect that is why it's doing so well picking silver out of sea of nail environments. Good ground coverage and depth, and did I mention the silver bangs in pretty well with the 15" coil 😁 GL&HH, Cal
  3. Just returned home from a crazy road-trip. We had a work event in Las Vegas last week, and we had some equipment to haul in.The company said they'd pay my gas, so I decided to drive it, and take a few extra days off and go to one of my old Spanish trail sites to detect on my way home. What a trip it turned out to be! Snow blizzard on the way to Vegas. Then from Vegas to California, was one of the worst rain storms in like 50 years...I was out on a little two lane, twisty, curvy road that routes you though the mountains and it started out as just small oozes of mud filling areas of the road, or wet slicks as water filled the roads, but as I progressed higher into the mountains, it was progressively worsening, now small streams and creeks and boulders were taking over the road, then massive mud slides onto the roads. The road would worsen. The roads were washed out and flooded with white water rivers now taking over, filling the road with a debris field of rocks, small trees and brush, and tons of sand. One one occasion I was blasting through what amounted to a massive river flowing across the road, and while trying to blast though it a massive sand bar under the water attempted to trap the car, but luckily the FJ is a very capable off road vehicle, and it was able to make it though this and many more obstacles to come. So after all this, I get to my destination and the motel had canceled everyone's reservations because they had no water or power. Great, now I'm out in the middle of BFE with no place to stay and I'm not driving back through raging water flash floods. I ended up spending the night in my FJ Cruiser in the middle of the desert. It was a weird night, to be made even more strange by the fact that the only radio station I could pick up out there was playing Indian chants all night - LOL Between storms, I managed to get in a day of detecting, but with an even larger storm system nipping at my heals, I decided to head back before it hit the fan! I managed a good day testing the 15" Equinox coil at a site that's been stingy lately. Tom and I hunted it the last time we were there, and neither of us dug a single coin, but for whatever reason the Equinox lit it up (tu) Enjoy! Flickr account is buggered up, else I'd post a still pic, but here's the video: GL&HH Cal
  4. Great history save! The condition is incredible for a 1st century BC find.
  5. Cal_Cobra

    Vegas Here I Come !!

    Funny you mention the weather. Lots of rain and snow out here, and yesterday I met Tom on my way to Vegas to recon a site we'd been researching (site turned out to be lame), we litterally pulled into the site as heavy rains subsided. Hi Dave, I've hunted a little bit at some ghost towns outside of Vegas, but have typically work from Tonopah and areas further North. After this work conference ends, I'll be heading straight to my next detecting areas. GL&HH, Cal
  6. Driving to Vegas from NorCal for a company conference and taking a few extra days to fit in some detecting to and fro 🙂 Nox and MMK loaded, along with 6" & 15" Nox coils, and the 7" concentric MMK coil, lots of iron patches to try, some other areas more sparse with targets, yet great finds have been made in those fields, so hopefully the EQ800 with the 15" coil will light that field back up (Tom bagged a gold coin from it and I've dug a key couple of date seateds). Some other areas I want to try, including an area I suspect may have been a wagon gathering campsite, the 15" coil will come in handy for zig zagging through this area to see if there's any signs of past life to confirm my wagon campsite theory. Another area we detected in the past where I dug a super deep piece of indian trade silver, the type you see more of back east. It was super deep, and the silver was heavily tarnished and kind of crinkled up. I thought it was a junk metal tag from something modern, and it wasn't until I got it home and was cleaning my finds that I figured out the treasure I'd dug. Tom and I detected that site again and didn't find much, so he wrote it off, and I have to agree it's not promising, but given how deep this big trade silver piece was, I think the 15" Nox coil might light up something our 11" coils missed (Exp2, F75 and Racer2), it's a long shot. It's always fun to hit your old sites with your new machines, each one brings something different to the table, finding stuff your other machines didn't for whatever reason.
  7. Cal_Cobra

    The Nox, Part 2

    Doesn't get much better then that!!!
  8. Cal_Cobra

    Gold Ring Or Gold Coin?

    That's a great find!!! I have always considered coins made into decorative items to be in the jewelry dept., and it's a lot different then finding an old gold coin in the wild. I've done both, so I can relate 🙂
  9. Cal_Cobra

    Last Days For Tesoro?

    It would be interesting to see if they auction off the contents of the Tesoro building. Some interesting pre-First Texas Fisher items found their way to ebay not too long after they moved to El Paso (like a CZ DD prototype coil).
  10. Cal_Cobra

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    Nice one, welcome to the club
  11. Nice find, and good on 66 Audio for getting the firmware patch fix. I could see how those would work better with a hat. I've tried APTX LL earbuds, I'm just not a fan of ear buds I guess. The ones I got even have an IPX rating (sweat proof?), but I just don't find them comfortable compared with over the ear headphones as my experience has been they don't fit very tightly in my ear and tend to kind of fall out, or you're walking around feeling like their about to drop out of your ear every second. IPX rated would be nice for the beach, but aside from that I've been satisfied with the ML80's.
  12. Cal_Cobra

    Equinox Up Date

    I was at a park scrape a few years ago, got a really wonky signal (obviously not on an Equinox, it was a Racer2). I could hear a high tone and a lot of odd mid tones. I decided since it was a scrape, I better dig it, and low and behold out came a large twisted up piece of copper tubing or wire (thick), pulled it out, swept the hole again, now I had a banging high tone, pure beautiful you know it's going to be good kind of signal and I dug a barber quarter that was just below the oddly shaped large piece of copper - lol It wasn't that deep, and this park had been detected a million times over the years, so I suspect many others had heard the funky signal, tried to size it and decided it was junk due to it's large and odd size 🙂 You just don't know until you dig it !!
  13. Nice site you're working there Gerry! Never have found a dog tag, that's a good one! Happy New Year! Cal
  14. Cal_Cobra

    User Defined Program

    Nice haul indeed! I think it's tough to make a jewelry hunting program, there's far too many variables. Silver dimes for example, I've had the shallow ones hit at 24, and deep ones hit at 32.
  15. Cal_Cobra

    A Once In A Lifetime Gold Find

    Beautiful find, welcome to the club!