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  1. Very cool find, but whatever marketing genius that came up with the POMPEIAN theme, obviously had no idea that things didn't exactly work out so well for our friends in Pompei. What did the paper label look like? Pretty sure the last thing on this guys mind was a massage.
  2. Gerry that's one of my favorite type of sites, congrats on the great haul of keepers !!!
  3. Get the Equinox into the right site and it'll open her back up! Congrats on all the great finds!
  4. You gotta love that, congrats on finding that!!! It reminds me of when I found a virgin scout/church camp and me and the guy I hunted with each found ~ 12 silver coins on the first couple of hunts, over the course of a month we dug over 100 silver coins, including four walker half dollars, couple dozen pieces of silver jewelry and sterling silver flatware, one gold ring and some cool relics. Unfortunately the camp site only started in 1940, but ended in the 1960's so there were very few pull-tabs and very little clad, often days your silver count was equal to your wheatie count 😁 Heck I'd run that 15" coil there, no idea how old your zoo is, but you might get some more barbers or break into a seated 😉
  5. Looks like the 15" coil is working find 😁
  6. Looks like you had a good hunt! Did you get a chance to test the 15" coil there yet?
  7. I would not be surprised if this isn't based on a Fisher or Teknetics model as some of the Bounty Hunters are.
  8. Very nice colonial era coppers!! I'd probably detected there all night 🙂
  9. That looks great guys. The only thing that would make it perfect is if the Equinox control housing could fold flat onto the rod, but it's pretty slick as is.
  10. Daniel not only does cow urine mess up a site for detecting, it also heavily corrodes a lot of metal objects, including silver coins. I've observed this phenomenon several times. I just detected a site that has heavy alkali soil. I've done well there in the past with my Racers and Impact, but they struggle, you have to try to coax a signal out of any little tick of audio you get from the detector to try to bring up a signal. Last week I was able to detect there with the Equinox. For about the first half of the hunt, I fiddled around trying to get my go to Field2 to work, but it wasn't cutting it. Finally I switched to Beach1 and what a difference, it started lighting up targets with clean clear audio whereas Field2 was getting tons of falsing, audible ground mineral feedback, and unless an object was practically on top of the ground it wasn't finding much.
  11. Ah ha! I've seen those before in antique shops, but never dug one. I have dug some Victorian match safes, and sifted a beautiful sterling silver Art Nouveau designed match safe at Tonopah.
  12. Love the button, very hard to find in California although I have dug a few. I really like the 15" coil too, it's just as sensitive as the 11" from what I can see and it's impressive in sea of nail areas. I'd love to use it at my union army encampment, but the bushes would probably make it prohibitive. So on the one hand the bushes provide an element of challenge, but on the other hand it's so remote that there's very little modern trash. Usually end up digging a pull-ring and a bit of clad each hunt, but not too bad compared to most sites. Doesn't look like you get too many 3-ringer drops eh? Usually get a ton at the site we found, I enjoy digging them because their just not often found on the left coast, but I prefer buttons and other military accoutrements. Still hoping a belt plate, breast plate or even a bit boss will show up, which to be honest, I'm a bit surprised we haven't dug one yet. I do find the site to be exceedingly stingy with coins. Probably have been there between 6-8 times, and between the two of us, we've dug one seated half dime and a seated half dollar. I guess they just didn't bust out a lot of money in camp, yet they had to be doing something with their pay right?
  13. Definitely wouldn't say the depth gauge is a precision instrument, but it did work better after the last update. I hunt mainly by tones, the audio does modulate once the targets get deep, nothing better then a faint high tone zip zip and a faint pin-point. At one particular park like site that has been hammered I was digging 10"+ deep silver coins and the depth gauge was pegged 🙂 Beautiful country your in, but it does look pretty cold.
  14. No wireless coils, good, not something I want to charge, and just another point of failure (battery swap anyone?). Updates have been available @ Nok/Mak since the Impact. How Xplorer (XP Deus) was able to patent the ability to update a detector is beyond comprehension, almost all modern electronics are upgradable in some way, shape or form. Telescopic shafts have been around for over 100 years, so again, it's probably something unique to their shaft that's patented, not telescopic shafts in general (Golden Mask and others makes telescopic shafts). Besides, patents are good for what, thirty years, and that's even dependent upon the type of patent. Sovereign Series launched in 1991, so that patent is likely expired (was likely filed several years prior to the 1991 public release date), and the Explorer Series launched in 1999, patent filed when? It will expire soon. Lest not forget the multifrequency White's V3i, very capable detector, but at the price of a high learning curve, heavy weight and perhaps not the best ground balance system.
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