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  1. Less junk dug = more keepers in my finds pouch, I like that!!
  2. At old relic sites I've detected iron tools, like axe heads, hatchets, hoes, picks,giant spikes, and the like and they seem to come in around 13-14 on the EQ800, but the sound is dull not twinkley like a nickel or a nice sized 14K ring around that tid range would come in audibly.
  3. White's has a long history of repackaging their machines, geesh how many versions of the XLT and MXT are there alone?
  4. Nice! As shallow as that area is, too bad they don't make a BIGFOOT coil for the Equinox :)
  5. Just spotted this thread, and wow have you been tearing it up! Tons of silver and a great assortment of coins, love that early Micky pin, pretty cool.
  6. I forced myself to lean and only use 50 tones, because I figured if one focused on the audio, they would learn nuances and clues. Still plenty to learn, but I mainly hunt by tones, although there are certainly patterns I enjoy seeing on the TID display as well. I've seen, and recorded silver dimes ringing up anywhere from 23 - 32, that's a big spread, but they were all depths, angles, orientations, some holed, some holed multiple times, etc., and they all had one thing in common, a tinkly dig me audio characteristic. So while the TID# may not always be the same, the audio is usually telling. Certain sites seem to bring the TID#'s up or down, mineralization, depth, types of dimes (thin seateds vs meaty barbers and mercs?), tough sites with heavy alkali or other mineralization can skew the numbers in any number of ways.
  7. In some of our older sites old tools like axe heads, picks, hoes, etc., tend to ring up around nickle on the EQ800, but they have a dull'ish sound to them vs a nickle which excites the EQ800 to no end. Hard to explain, but if they can properly ID these large iron tools that would be great, although I don't mind digging them, some of them end up going home with me.
  8. Thanks gentlemen. Sunbaker eh? I've been fortunate to find a few cool sunbakers. Some of my detecting friends have eyeballed tokens, coins and other nice finds. I've eyeballed some nice jewelry drops over the years, including a nice gold panda with big ole chain a few years ago.
  9. It's tough hunting, but you can't beat the adventures!
  10. That's what I've always read, so I'm sticking with it until I find out other wise 🤔 Cal
  11. Posted on the relic and coin hunting forum, just in case the link doesn't work:
  12. Been a while since I put together a video, but over Labor Day weekend I worked a ghost town putting the Equinox 800 to the test and it didn't disappoint! HH, Cal
  13. Nice job, love the bracelet
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