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  1. When I was detecting the Spanish outpost site I previously mentioned with the Multi Kruzer, sure I was digging a lot of flat iron/rusty tin, and there's a fair amount of small arms discarded shell casings there too (mostly all varieties of .22 caliber). I started not digging those TIDs, then as things started slowing down and I recalled that a U.S. $1 gold coin could easily fall into that range, I started digging them. Sure most were in fact .22 shells, but I also dug a nice 1700's Spanish mesh ball button, and a really old, likely 1600's given how worn it was, pendant, likely a religions pendent, but it was so worn you could only see there was a figure on it and foreign writing, but too worn to really ID it. My hunt partner has a lot more experience at these old Spanish era sites and when I showed it to him, he immediately said it was super old, pre-1700's in his opinion. So it can pay to dig it all, but I agree with Steve, if anyone ever makes a detector that can accurately discern flat iron from non-ferrous targets, these old sites will really light up!!
  2. Good post Daniel. I took the Multi Kruzer on a few trips to my Spanish Outpost site earlier this year, and although it really brought the site back to life, and I made some nice finds, including a super deep 1794 Spanish 2 reale, and a 1844 Cap & Rays Mexican one reale, I was definitely digging a TON of flat iron. The flat iron was mostly that rusty tin, or rusty tin soldered cans, and that kind of iron. My buddy went with me on the second trip there and he too was digging a lot of that rusty tin on his Explorer2, so neither detector was impervious to it. I was really hoping to take the Equinox there in the spring, but ML lagged on getting them out so that didn't happen. I'm hoping we can do another trip there over the fall, I'm dying to test the Equinox there. Now in all fairness, this is one site that has very tame ground, VLF machines like the Multi Kruzer do very well there and go very deep, so the EQ800 has it's job cut out for it!
  3. Cal_Cobra

    The New 9'' And 13'' Coils

    Dilek is the new 9" coil a concentric?
  4. Cal_Cobra

    Some Food For Thought..

    I started to watch that video but the audio was so bad, I moved on. I guess I should revisit it?
  5. Very good report, thank you! Two EQ800's, one with and one without the upgrade would be the ultimate test, I agree. Should start giving it a workout pretty soon at some sires I've been wanting to test it and the MMK at, it'll be interesting to see how it does. I hope it's a button killer, I already know it's a coin killer. Cal
  6. Memory is so cheap, it likely has enough room for multiple images to be stored. I've been used to networking devices having the ability to have multiple images since the 1990's, so it's not a new concept. I agree, why no Equinox app? I remember someone in Europe wrote a nice one for the Etrac (because the factory app sucked pretty bad).
  7. Good points. You know what would be a great test, is if the Equinox was able to hold both firmware versions at once, and allow one to load either one. Then you could do some nice A/B comparisons. Suppose you could accomplish the same thing by bringing your laptop to the field and simply flip between the two firmware versions. The best thing is that it seems like Minelab is listening to it's customers, and they actually released a new firmware update, which as we all know they weren't known to do in the past. Hopefully this firmware upgrade will be one of many to come that can add positive tweaks and bug fixes in the future!
  8. I've been holding off on doing the upgrade until I see field reports . So far I'm seeing a trend that deep square nails and the like seem to come in more like coins then before. I felt they did have a higher propensity to signal as a deep coins with the stock firmware, so if it's increased this behavior, I don't want to do the upgrade.
  9. Looks like an Impact in a Kruzer case: http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp?g=anfibio Nokta Anfibio waterproof metal detector
  10. This year the folks from Nokta/Makro stole the show at Detectival with their SMF announcement, but what was Minelab showing or discussing there? Any new Equinox accessories? Anything at all?
  11. Cal_Cobra

    Beach Hunt With Updated 800

    Glad that the depth meters been improved. Although generally I don't rely too much on it, when deep turf coin hunting, due to the lack of audio modulation in the first 6" of depth, it's pretty important. I'm glad it's been re-calibrated to be accurate on dime, penny, nickle and quarters. No treasure coast treasure was stirred up eh?
  12. Cal_Cobra

    Got A Penny This Morning

    But your detector is water proof.... Nice score on the IHP!
  13. Cal_Cobra

    Help Identify A Small Buckle

    That's a Greek Key design, which seems more likely to be Victorian era vs Colonial IMO.
  14. Cal_Cobra

    3 Rings In The Scoop

    Nice digs! I found one of those jumbo skull rings too, in the most unexpected place. Not my favorite ring, but it's a nice chunk of silver!
  15. Cal_Cobra

    Minelab Equinox Update Released

    It's an issue if you hunt areas that are pitch dark, because your eyes will adjust to the display and not the surroundings. Now if you're hunting areas with some ambient light, then it works quite well. Shame they didn't just make it a red LCD display like FT has on a couple of their detectors, that's what the military uses for night lights and there's a very valid reason behind it.