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  1. I dug an 1800's San Francisco dog license and sent a photo to the dog license guru just to see if he had anything on it. His only reply was "I'll give you $150 for it!". Maybe I should've sold it, but I've never sold any of my finds and odds of digging another 1800's San Francisco dog license are slim to none, but ya never know I suppose.
  2. Thanks for the reply Simon. I've never gold prospected, so I'm just trying to wrap my head around what one considers successful. Everyone's after the whoppers out there, they do get found, but I guess that's mostly a bonus when it occurs for most hunters 🙂 Kind of like when we find a gold coin or rare date/mint silver coin at an old site, but plenty of other relic finds keep us content, and coming back for more.
  3. I'm more curious how they'll affect depth? 🤔 Love that they added a mineralization meter!!
  4. I'm really looking forward to this update. I have a business trip planned in the wonderful month of August, so I'll do a side trip to one of Tom and I's remote back-pocket Spanish outpost sites. It's been (for me) a good site, but it's getting lean. Let's see if the Legend with the 1.08 update, and a bit of IF adjustment will open this site back up. EVERY Nokta Makro detector I've taken to this site have opened it up with some great finds (Racer, Racer2, Impact, Multi Kruzer), I'm sure the Legend will be no different in seeing things differently then other detectors.
  5. Looks either pewter or iron, hard to tell from the pics although it appears that the shank shows signs of silver gilt. I believe it's a decorative civilian button, perhaps 1830's-1850's 🤔
  6. That's about $25/hour. Is that good for gold detecting? Or just good for having gone over it with other detectors in the past?
  7. Super find!!! Welcome to the club 👍 I've been fortunate to find three in my detecting career, and the last one was with my EQX800. It was deep and the TID was mainly pegging 36, but bouncing at times to 39. I figured it was going to be a deep piece of iron, but it sounded so nice, and was mainly hitting 36, so I went for it.
  8. They probably found more in one episode then all ten seasons of Oak Island 🙂 Thanks for sharing these, definitely added to my "watch list" 👍
  9. Nice hunt, beautiful area! The last item (ring) is part of an old hand held candle stick like this:
  10. Whatever happened to Bryce? He was an exceptionally good detectorist with an Explorer, used to enjoy reading his posts on Findmall (RIP).
  11. Interesting observation. Considering we hunt similar relic sites, I'll have to try comparing Field 2 (my go to relic mode) with Park 1 on some iffy or weak signals to see how it works out. During the hot as Hades month of August I'll be hitting a favorite site of mine (it's conveniently located [more or less] en route to a business conference) where the EQX800 bagged a $1 gold coin after we'd hunted the same site for a decade, as well as dozens of seated coins, Phoenix buttons, and other keepers. I would not be surprised if there was another gold coin there, I believe there may have been a trading post at that site.
  12. Good hunt, nice write up! Love the early barrel tap, and congrats on the largie! I believe the Shirley bit is part of a suspender clip, find them frequently at western ghost towns, although they usually say Shirley President.
  13. Nice dig! I have a Navy Colt cap & ball pistol in my office, it looks similar.
  14. I had a nice XS2 with mods, it was great at the beach. I'd hunt in AM mode and do the reverse disc mode to check, it was deeeep.
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