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  1. Kind of what I'm thinking. It worked the first time but this time I already have an EQX800, so patience will be in larger supply this time around 😁
  2. Looks like that metallic tape they use for duct work, no?
  3. The big question is do they actually sell them? I collect Victorian and Art Nouveau blown art glass, and if I could sell my collection to the price guides I'd be wealthy beyond imagination...okay maybe that well off, but you get the idea. I see some ridiculous asking prices for things on fleabay, so you can ask anything you want, but at the end of the day it's what someone's actually will to pay for an item that matters. I've found quite a bit of iron relics like in your photos, and I typically leave them being as I don't have the space to haul them home. I've brought a few of the more
  4. Looks like you did great, a lot of bucket listers there for most! Although I had to cancel several of my detecting trips last year due to covid, I still managed to find my second gold coin, and a rare one that that. I ended the year with a handful of 1800's and early 1900's coins that totaled in the $10K range, so I cannot complain.
  5. Customer communications has never been s stong point for Minelab, but it seems like they have been listening to customer needs better then ever before. I'm pleased that Tom Dankowski seems to have their ear and we've seen positive results of this relationship, hopefully this continues.
  6. I'm going to order a cheapo control box cover and line it with foil, or maybe I can get some kind of RF shielding material from work...hmm. @PimentoUK Do you think a control box cover lined with this would do the trick? https://www.ebay.com/itm/EMF-RF-RFID-Shielding-Nickel-Copper-Fabric-Folded-12-x-43-of-Material/174128886930?hash=item288ae3f492:g:74UAAOSw0ItbpZ4N I have a couple of intercity spots that are infested with EMI, mainly from unshielded overhead high voltage Muni electric bus power cables that would provide the perfect test ground for a RF shield.
  7. Joe I'm sure that Minelab has performed a post mortem on these design weaknesses, and is cognizant of improving these design flaws in future releases, provided it makes $$$ sense. There certainly has to be a top ten list of opportunities of improvement, like: Better coil ear design Better water proofing Better weight balance (not coil heavy) without increasing weight Better shaft design Better designed button layout ? ? ? ? ?
  8. When Minelab originally announced the Equinox at Detectival, it was only an announcement that it would be available the following year. So while they may be focused on releasing gold machines this year, that wouldn't preclude them from announcing or showing a pre-release version of the next gen EQX at Detectival at the end of this year, for release sometime next year right?
  9. As oddles of Equinox warranty's are expiring, it's been relatively quite on the Equinox forums. On the Dankowski forum there was a call from Mr. Dankowski himself requesting feedback for features to be implemented by Minelab on the next Equinox iteration. He and Steve H. appear to be two of the main beta testers in the U.S. Do we expect to see the next incarnation of the Equinox revealed at Detectival 2021 (if Covid doesn't shut it down a second year)?
  10. Great find there! Are you detecting the same area under water where you found the bottle? HH, Cal
  11. Okay, thought you guys were talking about the EQX, not the GPX, threw me for a loop. All good 👍
  12. Nice hunt! A breast plate, box plate belt buckle, etc., are on my bucket list! Not easy to find on the left coast, but it does happen. Believe it or not, I've found two hammered fractional reales in California at a Spanish site. Both were early 1800's hammered copper fraction (1/4) reales from the same site, one's in great condition, the other is okay. I was surprised when I posted them that Keith Southern posted that they were actually valuable as they were a rare mintage from Sonora, MX. Apparently there's a collector market for them.
  13. I'd be curious to know the source of this information (GB disabled)? That's not what the EQX manual states, it says it's constantly receiving ground feedback with M-IQ to adjust for ground conditions. For me, that's worked so well that I rarely do a ground balance, except for the most mineralized ground.
  14. I agree, I think Minelab missed an opportunity here, an integrated wireless pinpointer that used the audio of the EQX would sell like hotcakes! There's a reason some of the FBS users are holding back and one is the inline probes.
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