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  1. Cal_Cobra

    15x12 Fresh Water Beach Hunt

    Yep, beautiful country there!
  2. Is that correct that the shipping is $5 per book? Didn't think it would doubt when adding both books to the cart.
  3. I had and liked the CZ70 quite a bit, it was their answer to the Explorer when it came on the scene and it was my first deep coin detector. I had some conversations with Dave J., and followed his posts, and the CZ seemed to have piqued it's technological limit as an analog technology, even when they tried to design DD coils to work on the CZ platform, they failed to achieve a production ready design (although a few prototypes went out, I remember seeing them on ebay and know a person who has one, and said it actually runs pretty well). I suspect a digital design of the CZ would've been a complete redesign, starting from scratch. I do agree that, IMHO, had Dave been given a CZ 2.0 as a priority project and had the resources required at his disposal, I'm sure it would have come to fruition. With Carl and Dave working there, I'm sure that we'll eventually see something interesting come out of FTP aside from their French PI acquisition that appears to be in the final stages of testing. There were rumors for years of a CZ SMF replacement, even some purported leaked slides of one on the drawing board, but their so tight lipped I could shove coal in their mouth and they'd spit out diamonds. Kind of a pitty to be honest, as I know Dave has hinted to me that their working on cool stuff, but they won't even drop a hint as to what it is. That I don't really understand, I mean, this isn't really top secret stuff, it's metal detecting and if you want to stay relevant in your user base, you should at a minimum give them some clues that your actually doing something innovative, else at some point people move on to someone that's actually making new and innovative detectors. That was my case, had many FTP machines, starting with the Coin$trike, F4, F5, Omega 8000, ID Edge (great little light weight machine BTW), F70 (found my first seated half dime with it), CZ70 Pro (my first deep silver detector), F75 LTD/LTD2 (found lots of great finds with it), and a Euro Tek Pro for the wife,. I could be missing one or two 🙂 Eventually I simply moved on as I found more capable detectors that far outproduced any of the FTP machines in my stable, in my dirt.
  4. Welcome! As others have mentioned, the Equinox 800 is what you should be looking at, it will obsolete those Fishers and has a true threshold based gold prospecting mode. If you check the Detector Prospector forum here, you'll see that the EQ800 has been doing quite well holding it's own, even against many gold machines that are priced higher than the EQ800.
  5. Actually even if this were a discussion about the MX Sport $749 vs the Equinox 600 $649, I'd take the Equinox 600 all day long, there's simply nothing the MX Sport can do the EQ600 cannot, and lots that the EQ600 can do that the MXS cannot.
  6. Perhaps, but it's not uncommon for detectors with 4-AA's to run 30-40 hours on them, their inexpensive batteries, available everywhere, super light so easy to have a spare set in your finds pouch for the field, and there's tons of rechargeable AA battery options.
  7. No interest whatsoever in wireless coils, more points of failures, more potential for EMI injection, and more stuff to charge.
  8. Cal_Cobra

    Can Your Detector Do This?

    I'd bet a Multi Kruzer with the 5" coil on it could do it.
  9. The Ghost Town bible itself!! I met Stan once, was out in the middle of BFE detecting, and a jeep pulled out. An older gentlemen and a nice looking middle aged lady jumped out. I was just getting ready to take off, and though why not say hello.....turned out to be none other then Stan himself! I had my Nevada Ghost Town bible with me and he offered to sign it
  10. Cal_Cobra

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    The irony is that around here half the people I know that are detecting are darn well off, one sold off a storage company to HP years ago (pretty sure he's not hurting), another owns a street sweeper business and lives in Monterey, yep pretty sure he's doing ok, I know several that work in hi-tech, actually pretty much everyone I know that detects either has a good job or is retired. Shows how ignorant the world is I suppose, but that's one reason I don't enjoy hunting around lots of people, it's just not relaxing to me, and god save you if a group of kids starts following you around. Don't get me wrong, I like kids and all that, but geesh it's like having a traveling puppet show - lol
  11. Cal_Cobra

    The Question Even Drayton Can't Avoid

    Yeah I have to agree with that. He was on The Travel Channel on Josh Gate's Expedition Unknown looking for Spanish treasure and Gary pulled out an emerald and gold Spanish ring that he said was valued at a half a million dollars. I know for a fact that Gary didn't find that ring, because it's been on other TV programs from years ago on the same subject. So no idea what was going on there. That said, I'd love to have a crack at some of that treasure coast Spanish treasure !!
  12. To be honest, even if given a MX Sport for free, the likely hood that I'd ever use it is about zero. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a fine detector in its own right, but already having the EQ800 and Makro Multi Kruzer, it simply brings nothing to the table that these two fine detectors don't already have covered. Sadly I think that's the reality for many, if not all single frequency VLF machines out there at the moment. Come on White's, you can do better, give us an updated V3i in a MX Sport like waterproof lightweight housing and you'll have a BIG hit on your hands.
  13. Ordered my 15" Equinox coil from Gerry, it was $250 shipped to California. Great guy to do business with, and he said he has a few more of these if anyone else is looking for one.
  14. You got it Gerry, please hold one for me and I'll give you a call tomorrow after I get to the office to give you my payment/shipping info. Thanks!
  15. Cal_Cobra

    Equinox Single Frequency Users?

    I would think 40kHz would be good in carpet of nails. Come to think of it I should've tried it last weekend, I hunted in multi and it was struggling in heavy iron.