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  1. I am caught up in the same situation as you Steve. I just had the gold ring disclaimed and is awaiting a export license. But I am yet to hear anything about the ingot. So as it stands I have 3 ancient gold finds awaiting for my return. And for clarification, yes I could take the risk and have them mailed to me. But I choose not to, and they are in safe hands with "The Colchester guy".
  2. It's not silver but it's small. It's my Celtic gold quarter stater from my last trip to England. It measures 10mm. This is a picture of it sitting on my pinky fingernail.
  3. 🤣 Absolutely no problem at all Steve!! I'm so glad I was there, and am honored, to be the one who got to take that picture! Like you said when a great find is found and your there to join in on the "great find high" it's almost just as if you had found it. And that was definitely the case for me when you walked up to me and said, "Is this what I think it is?" I immediately started to feel the adrenaline rush! My heart was thumping a little. Elevated heart and breathing rates. I even had the shakes a little lol! And to get an opportunity to touch it and hold it in my hands was very humbling. Su
  4. Well phrunt, I didn't win the Minelab find of the month contest. As a matter of fact, nobody won it. It seems like nobody in November had a worthy entry into their contest. It seems thye didn't give out a voucher at all. Hmm. Funny. Thank you Josh! I am still waiting for the Brithish Museum to either claim or disclaim the items. It seems the BM is currently extremely backed up with finds and recordings of finds. So there not much in the way of progress as of yet. And as I'm sure you read above, I wasn't lucky enough to get anything out of Minelab for the finds, BUT... I did win F
  5. Who's that waaaaay down there hunting along the River Stour? That's Steve! I just realized that I never commented on this thread. Sorry about that! That's a great write up on your trip Steve! And some great pictures to go along with it! I should've stopped to take more photos and videos than I did. And! I wish I would've got the chance to look at your votive offering that you found while I was there. But the powers that be swoop in pretty quickly with the gold items! It looks as if our paths may cross again my friend! Hopefully we'll be blessed with another nice long s
  6. I was there in the spring.The last week of February and first couple of days of March. While we were there in October I picked up my entire pouch from my February hunt. The only item I haven't got back yet is my Celtic gold quarter starter. And that's because it's part of a hoard and is still in the bowels of the BM. But all 10 coins found from this hoard prior to mine have been disclaimed and returned to the finders. So I'm not too concerned. I didn't have to pay anything to bring my finds home. Or have to pay anything on top of my initial investment of the vacation. But I will have to buy
  7. Alot of finds probably do get pocketed. But like Steve said, it's being stolen. Plus you won't find any of these items without permission to be on the land in the first place. That's what the organizers are payed for. Obtaining permissions. Plus handling every single step of processing through the British Museum. I tell you one thing. I don't know how to process a pouch of finds. So its money well spent in my eyes. But I'm honest.
  8. I'm pretty new with this whole process as well. ? But the way I understand it is, that they already infact are considered "treasure", being made of a precious metal and being over 300 years old. If the Museum claims them then a fair market value will be put on them and that amount would be split by the landowner and me. If the Museum disclaims them, then an agreement will be made between the landowner and myself. Either we buy one another out. Or we put them up for auction and split the money. Steve, feel free to correct me if I'm completely wrong about this.
  9. Oh I know the feeling. I had no words but " I'm freaking, I'm freaking out, I'm freaking."
  10. I've returned from my second detecting trip to England and what a trip it was!! I was lucky enough to be staying in the same barn as Steve Herschbach!! The first day on the fields are a half day usually. After the 2 hour ride from London to the "barn" where we will be staying for the next seven days. The "barns" are actual barns that have been renovated into vacation rental units. We unload all of our luggage from the van, find our sleeping spot for the week, dig out all of our gear, assemble everything, jump back in the van, and head out to the first field! My best find that afte
  11. Hello all! I'm a long time forumer, but new to this forum. I just returned from a 7 day metal detecting trip to the UK and met the greatest guy on this earth. Very knowledgeable in detecting and the most down to earth man you will ever meet. I was blessed to meet and hunt hunt with Steve Hershbach!! He invited me to come join in. So here I am! Looking forward to seeing some of the great stuff everyone is finding! Tim AKA. Ill Digger or WisTim
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