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    Problem With Equinox 600

    Thanks man I appreciate your input... I'm going to try and do that
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    Problem With Equinox 600

    Steve. Please contact me at Gmail. nateslucky1214@gmail.com. I am having issues with my Equinox 600 vdi numbers are jumpy and I have my settings on sensitivity 20 ground balance is auto tracking and my recovery speed is 3 am I iron bias is set 2... vdi numbers out of center jumpy and it will stick to a vdi number while I'm still swinging like an undesirable vdi number one pick up and then I'll still be swinging it and it hit another vdi number but then quits and fries on that number and then it's like a x out or something freezes for about 5 seconds dash dash for about 6 seconds and then it'll go to another vdi number what kind of bug is this what kind of issue am I having here
  3. Steve Have you ever heard of this problem and tell me if you think you know what it is... I have a Equinox 600 and I got vdi issues where I will be swinging the Detector hit a signal and then not want to dig that and keep swinging and it will show another vdi and then freezes up while I'm still swinging and then -- will show and then after six seconds or so 00 and then go again and same thing and I have turned sensitivity to 20, recovery speed 3 iron bias 2 and ground balance on auto tracking.... I also will swing over a vdi and it will jump and lower and jump and lower. And on pinpointer mode it sometimes won't have audio but I back out and try again it does. This is for sure a bug. Right?