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  1. Not by a long shot if I have anything to do with it I'll be swinging one here within the next week or so. Going to help represent them over here in America and test, review and do some comparisons with the simplex and Maybe the vanquish but I'm absolutely with you phrunt. Love the look. Looks mean. Way more personality than the simplex and I'm sure the have a lot of technical features and simple enough for the beginner detectorist and I'm sure also it is probably a beast in iron littered sites and looks pretty rugged
  2. I am asking for 120 but can take 100 if you can send via cash app or something in that nature
  3. Need a 15" coil for my Equinox..... Definitely can trade and add little cash for a 15" coil. Anyone interested in that hit me up. nateslucky1214@gmail.com
  4. See I keep telling people. Look how professional Dilek is. Sorry but she goes above and beyond. I know some old-school guys are like die hard "Chevy" fans or "Ford" fans and love the products regardless of their flaws and the fact it's USA made and I'm opened minded new school. I'm like I don't care as long as she's a all around good product. And I don't care if it's not made in the USA oh well. Lol. Volkswagen, Ferrari, Subaru. China, Germany, Iraq, Japan and Korea or better yet I'm sticking with the Turkish people on this one. Turkish airlines here I come. Lol. Seriously people open your eye
  5. Dilek is a great customer service representative. She also knows what it takes to run a business. Without sacrifice there is no victory. She puts everything into something she absolutely believes in. She will also make you believe it to. Nokta Makro knew absolutely what they were doing when putting her in the position she's in and that's why they are leading in the industry now. Nokta Makro makes superb products at a cheaper price. They are able to do so because of where they live. Creating a excellent product for half the budget. They capitalized on a opportunity and siezed it. Congratulation
  6. Very low pop coming through volume but upper vdi is Crystal clear. But it's not false signals cause I go over it again and again and same number pops up
  7. I'm sorry. I just frustrated severally... Other vdi come through great. Not lower ones. Can I keep ground balance at zero and just run with it or no on the beach
  8. First and foremost I don't come at me with no bs about why I asked someone to email me. I'm a beginner metal detectorist and have knowledge that I have read. But when it comes to experience hands on it's another. I don't have any other motive than to get why my detector is having audio problems with low vdi numbers.... On beach with auto ground tracking.... So I ain't on no other be Steve. I'm wondering what exactly you mean by that. So what's up?
  9. Hello if you are interested in still helping me can you contact me at my email at nateslucky1214@gmail.com
  10. I agree and the fact is they need to let someone else who is willing to take risk like Nokta Makro and create maybe a simultaneous two frequency detector at a entry level price and about the same features as the Simplex to not go horribly overboard in cost but that would be a smart smart move or even at $100.00 more than the Simplex price.... With a format like the Equinox where you can boost the higher or lower frequency by park one and two, field and beach..... Be really smart..... That's their next move
  11. Yes you are right Steve I talked to Dilek and she said it will be soon and that was last Tuesday. Today is July 4th.... So Anytime now...... ????????... And I can't wait to swing my own..
  12. This is absolutely Dilek. I emailed her recently. Dilek is a very wonderful person and understands what it takes to run a rather successful business. Also to create a relationship with the users of Nokta Makro products and doing so and listening to what they have to say causes repeat customers. Therefore a successful business!
  13. What about the pinpointer. Does anyone have a problem with the pinpointer not working right? I mean I Know how to pinpoint. I turn 90 degrees and go over the item. I believe it's something to do with my machine... Because sometimes it will say it's under the coil. 11" and it's not. It's way off... Like I'm getting kinda frustrated I even bought a EQX 600 and that's sad because i see other people who have problems and some who dont
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