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  1. Hey. The girl lost her wedding ring in my city. Posted by .. help !!! Hello, the wedding ring was lost, if someone found it, please return for a fee. Just helped .. Found it and gave it to the girl. found on the playground )))
  2. So said my friend Tony from Florida. He came to me in Russia in search of old coins. Finds Tony.
  3. They just lay in the ground. Big pile. Total Number of Coins 190. 20 coins I gave to the farmer.Coins are with me. Coins of Empress Elezaveta and Catherine. (1754 -1782). This is a copper five kopek. Big coin.
  4. The dog died. She was killed by wolves.
  5. Coins were in one place. It was a treasure (540 coins)
  6. This is my treasure of the time of the Great Russian Imperialist Catherine.
  7. These are coins of the emperor Ivan the Terrible ..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_the_Terrible
  8. Hello! My name is Paul. I live in Perm. It is east of Moscow in 1000 km. My device (1) Garrett AT PRO ... American version. My device (2) Whites Spectra V3i Vision. I have a lot of interesting finds. I'll be glad to new acquaintances.
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